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Priti Patel

Priti Patel MP (born 29 March 1972) is a Conservative Party politician in the United Kingdom. First elected in the 2010 general election, she is the Member of Parliament for the Witham constituency in Essex, and an officer of the Conservative Friends of Israel group.

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Prince Harry talks with UK's Secretary of State for International Development, Priti Patel. "Let`s make Landmine Free 2…
ITV do Newsnight. New show starts tonight with Priti Patel and *** icon Emily Thornberry
The one thread running through Priti Patel, Michael Fallon and Boris Johnson's speech is that they are really, really ratt…
Michael Gove and Priti Patel back plan for post-£350m NHS funding
How can Theresa May sack Boris but not Michael Gove and Priti Patel who back him? How can MPs keep his name off the final 2 on ballot paper?
Boris Johnson's blatant leadership bid has the backing of Michael Gove and Priti Patel? This is fascinating. Can Theresa May sack them? No!
Michael Gove and Priti Patel back Boris Johnson plan for post-Brexit £350m NHS funding
Michael Gove and Priti Patel back Boris Johnson's bold Brexit vision to claw back £350m NHS cash
Come on! Leasdom, Johnson, Duncan-Smith and Priti Patel, hardly people you trust.
there asian women in the conservative party for example Priti Patel, Sikhs in UKIP and EDL, *** to…
Honorably Priti patel madam my name Jaimin Patel I come from Gujarat India me your Big f…
Priti Patel is another Stone-faced Brexiteer who is driving us into Brexit no matter w…
Priti Patel is back at Westminster and the good news is £3 million to be invested in emergency hospital services
International Development Secretary met members of UK’s International Search and Rescue team in Colchester today
6th witness Sudha Patel clarified conspiracy but why court is still neglecting her statements?. !
It was a pleasure to show Priti Patel around our USAR station yesterday. She met our firefighters and dogs Kirby an…
Remind me again what party the former CONSERVATIVE Mayor…
If nothing else comes from this PMQs, this is a very positive image of politics in 2017. (And Priti Patel is on the frontb…
Hon Priti Patel backs in our village
Priti Patel is another nasty piece of work
Priti Patel met members of the on visit to Essex Fire & Rescue Service in Colchester today
Priti Patel visits British soldiers in Catterick about to support UN Peacekeeping mission in South Sudan
Priti Patel refused to rule out her running for Tory Party leadership ..still be the NASTY PARTY
Chris Grayling, Alun Cairns, Gavin Williamson and Priti Patel all remaining in situ. Few boats being rocked
Alun Cairns, Jeremy Hunt, Chris Grayling, Gavin Williamson and Priti Patel stay in the non-shuffle
In not particularly surprising news Priti Patel, Chris Grayling, & Gavin Williamson all keep the same jobs as before the e…
Priti Patel doin' her Alf Ramsey impersonation as usual. Teeth-grindingly irritatin'.
Strong message given to President Kiir of South Sudan on this week's visit by Priti Patel - conflict must…
This week, Priti Patel met with President Kiir of urging an end to conflict causing famine. Read more:…
Priti Patel says South Sudan violence is tribal genocide
Priti Patel on The Andrew Marr Show earlier, sounding not very keen on military intervention in Syria: "Parliament…
Prince Harry has arrived at the reception and meets Priti Patel, International Development Secretary…
Priti Patel announces a tripling of to end the threat of landmines at an event with Prince Harry
Priti Patel: Now is the time for UK businesses to seize the opportunities offered by Africa
Bringing peace to Afghanistan will end Afghans' exodus, says Priti Patel
British MPs urge Indian-origin Cabinet minister Priti Patel to oppose recent decision of
Priti "Let me be clear" Patel thinks EU negotiations are like a poker game. I thought gov't is playing Russian roulette with British heads.
I do like Priti Patel . Supports the death penalty and is authoritarian
1. Poker players don't need to be democratic. Democracies do. 2. Hard to keep our economy "quiet". . 3. What hand?.
Brexit negotiations as a poker game, with Priti Patel. "Oh, sorry, is it my turn? What do the different coloured chips mean, again?
This is Priti Patel though, so we can safely discount it as nonsense, we really can.
Priti Patel Tory MP for Witham has the system boxed off.£650,000 expenses over the last six. A great big Boil on taxpayers ar…
I added a video to a playlist Priti Patel Government is focused on delivering Brexit
Nick Clegg and Priti Patel on in the morning. Worth remembering Clegg voted with the Tories 99.6% of the time he…
Tories like Priti Patel only want us to leave EU so they can bash the poor - Mirror Online -
Do you trust government to play poker with your future? Yep, a Tory just compared Brexit to a game
Priti Patel says she 'doesn't want to show negotiating cards' - I didn't know UK Govt had *ANY* cards?
Like saying Saddam has WMD but if we tell you how we know, we give the game away, so just let us get on and invade. ht…
A poker hand? Is it all just a card game to the government? A high stakes gamble.
WATCH: - "The British people have spoken and we're going to deliver"
MPs plotting to delay Brexit with Commons votes are 'subverting will of the people', warns Priti Patel
Priti Patel has accused MPs plotting to delay Brexit of "using Parliament to subvert the will of the public".
"The job of the government is to deliver the result of the referendum." - Priti Patel
Oh dear. A negotiation is a compromise, not a zero-sum game like poker. We need divorce lawyers, not gamblers ...
Patel: Commons Brexit debate would be like showing poker hand. But in poker, do opponents get to veto your hand?
Priti "Let me clear" Patel thinks the UK has great poker secrets the EU must not know about.
Priti Patel~She of PRfluff ad nauseam,never answering direct question&sounding like Stepford politician on tape loop
Priti Patel declares Britain is now an OPEN economy as PM sets up new trade links
Priti Patel spouting on about immigration. Immigration is NOT the reason people need foodbanks. To clarify, her party are.…
They lied about what would happen, and then refuse to tell us what they are planning. (i.e. taking back control!)
In other words the Brexiters have no idea what they're doing. Marvellous. Headless chickens. .
debate in parliament would give game away to Brussels, says minister. > puerile comment from .
I'm an *** with no understanding of how trade deals are negotiated, says minister
The EU already know the UK is holding 8 high in its poker hand. They hold all the aces. .
Saw Priti Patel on Andrew Marr, the woman who wants to replace European NHS workers with S.E. Asian curry cooks.
Priti Patel is the proud subject of some of the best Wikipedia vandalism I've ever seen
debate..."would give game away". Perhaps, but that is how public accountability and democracy works
Why is not nailing Priti Patel on this pledge?
Priti Patel was fantastic on this morning - an interview worth watching!
Margaret Chan tells Priti Patel "stunted children, stunted economy. Thank you for your leadership"
Priti Patel pledges millions to deter 'mass migration'. More soon from about how this may be doomed to fail
Question: How much money can Priti Patel squirrel away from the world's poorest to rich businesses across the globe?. ht…
A letter to Priti Patel, the new International Development secretary
LATEST: Brexit campaigner Priti Patel put in charge of foreign aid spending
Boris as Foreign Secretary, Priti Patel on International Development, Jeremy Hunt in situ: is Theresa May our greatest satirist?
If you care about Int. Dev. you should be scared, very scared. Priti Patel, who is in charge, has previously called for Df…
Andrea Leadsom could be the Tory version of Jeremy Corbyn, says Priti Patel -
Priti Patel is backing Theresa May for British PM. . Who would you like to see as Britain's PM. A - Theresa May . B…
the Priti Patel who refused refugees despite being from a family of Ugandan Asians who were refugees? Her?
Bookmakers odds average suggests Priti Patel as having more chance of becoming PM than George Osborne.
If we vote to leave the EU, what are the odds on Priti Patel tabling an early day motion at 9am Friday morning to bring back hanging?
Boris Johnson and Priti Patel faced off against Alex Salmond and Liz Kendall for a 90 minute debate.
EU Debate: Viewers award victory to Boris Johnson & Priti Patel in head-to-head with Alex Salmond & Liz Kendall...
Remain want to brand all Leave voters as knuckle-dragging, little England *** James Dyson, Priti Patel, Gisela Stuart support
No, Glen, he's in "bed" (though not literally) with Gisela Stuart, Priti Patel and Boris Johnson (b. NYC).
Just look at the leaders of Rupert Murdoch, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Priti Patel, Nigel Farage.What a b…
Commenting on Amber Rudd's attacks on Boris Johnson, Priti Patel says: "I thought it was totally unnecessary, absolute…
Tories like Priti Patel only want Brexit to bash the poor says Terry Christian
Amazing Vote Leave rally in London this afternoon with Priti Patel, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Sol Campbell.
Brexiteers Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Priti Patel vow to block low-skilled EU workers from coming to Britain
Priti Patel is really hot. Terrible style though. She needs Gok Wan
Immigration 'chaos' can only be stopped by Britain leaving the EU, says employment minister Priti Patel | Express
taking down BoJo for rhetoric over reason. Exactly what Priti Patel and Nigel Lawson do, day in & day out.
Gang of three Brexit Conservatives Will Quince, Priti Patel and Bernard Jenkin at the Colchester Council elections
You are free to believe that IDS, Priti Patel, Phil Davies, Chris Grayling, Boris Johnson are all conscientious
Maria Miller experimenting with Priti Patel like sponsor product placement, do they pay correct wages & tax Ms Miller? Ms Patels don't
If this is the start of a Cabinet civil war, I suspect that Monday should see Gove, Grayling, Oliver Letwin or Priti Patel go.
Jeremy Hunt thinks he's Nye Bevan - Priti Patel thinks she's a suffragette - And George Osborne think he's in the sky with diamonds.
Jeremy Heywood’s unconstitutional act threatens the reputation of the civil service says Priti Patel
Priti Patel - Norman Tebbit 2.0? The return of the 'hang em and flog em' Tories:
Witham MP Priti Patel 'has what it takes' to succeed David...
Forget Boris: if Iain Duncan Smith and Priti Patel think Brexit is a good idea then it can't be. No further discussion …
Why people should vote In - because Theresa Villiers, Michael Gove, Chris Grayling, Iain Duncan Smith & Priti Patel want Out, that's why.
Remember to vote Michael Gove, Priti Patel, Chris Grayling, Ian Duncan Smith, John Whittingdale & Theresa Villiers out in the next GE!
Iain Duncan Smith, John Whittingdale, Theresa Villiers, Chris Grayling and Priti Patel are expected to declare 'Out' despite Cam…
Sources say Priti Patel, Michael Gove and Bojo will be joining the Vote Leave camp...
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The person to watch for leadership of the Leave campaign is Priti Patel
Hypocrite Priti Patel boosts her own expense claims by £20,000 via It's legal. That's it?
I hope IDS & Priti Patel lead Only way we'll stay in: "Cameron to face MPs over EU renegotiation plans"
Evidence: Trade Union members already pay tax to fund MPs like Priti Patel who claim excessive expenses.
If UK is sick man of Europe it's because we can't afford MPs like Priti Patel.
Priti Patel,. U claim was responsible 4 your made-up 'benefits culture'. Ironic then U just claimed £145,000?.
The moral message being CLAIM as much as you can eh Priti Patel?.
Don't "comrade" me. YOU 'donate' money to Priti Patel who just claimed £145,000!.
Priti Patel,. Your expenses of £145,000 are too much. Does 'staff' still include your husband & his Tory Cllr chums?
some talking up of Priti Patel going on.
Every right wing THUG in the Tory Party (eg IDS & Priti Patel) needs to read THIS:.
Have you ever dreamed of becoming your own boss? Find out more about the help available:
Isn't it time someone questioned this woman (and Cameron) about her claims?
Duncan Smith, Fox, Grayling, Priti Patel, Cash, Redwood. That's your team. What kind of country will we get with them?
Duncan Smith, Theresa Villiers, Chris Grayling, John Whittingdale, Michael Gove, Priti Patel and Oliver Letwin are all sa…
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Looks like Rebekah Brooks was there too yeah. And Priti Awful Patel 😒
So why aren't we suing Employment Minister Priti Patel for libel?
Being Arrogant and merciless are positive attributes for an MP. Priti Patel will bring true Conservatism back to the UK.
The next Thatcherite PM of the UK... Priti Patel? The left fear her, and they should. Priti Patel will bring Thatcherism back to the UK.
. Even though some think I'm a Tory in Labour's clothing I have been blocked by Priti Patel . Love it
Yet more holes identified in data collected & kept by Priti Patel's office. Do they keep any data?.
Simon Danczuk and Priti Patel each cost taxpayers £500 a day on top of salary cost just over 2p. Value for money?
Wasn't Tory Priti Patel doing exactly the same with people who contacted her as MP!
Hollis is not fooling the victims of her lies as a Minister in the same DWP where David Fraud and Priti Patel are doing the lies she did
Is Priti Patel pregnant, or has she been on the Eric Pickles eating plan?
Priti Patel gets the crown for Miss Universal Credit 2015 - her title winning speech: sanctions are not punitive.
Priti Patel, IDS etc represent a new low amongst many very low, lows in the Tory Party right wing Nasty Party.
In Priti Patel la la land; anything that hurts poor people helps poor people: double-speak!.
Our Movement is TELLING Priti Patel that she OWES a full answer, word for word, item by item, allegation by allegation to everything those
What Priti Patel has not shown awareness of is that the MESSAGE that is now passing among [admittedly a smaller number than it should] MPs
Update your maps at Navteq
All the SNP MPs spoke with force of evidence and the Neo Cons' Priti Patel. stayed stuck to the IDS-Dracula-DWP's Killer project
Does Priti Patel get the message that has begun to pass among "MPs"
"Country" is doing anywhere in 'the civilised' [!] world! But Priti Patel has accepted the role and by all signs
If Priti Patel didn't want to be associated with the cruellest project being made even crueller by the Neo Cons now, she had the choice
Why does she think that she, Priti Patel is at all a minister in the Dracula DWP? She and the proven liar David Fraud are among the least
Over to an evidential UPDATER event concerning the lies that Priti Patel has been made to back for the sake of HER career as a toughie CON!
Right wing sociopath worked for defender of cheap labour tobacco
DWP Minister worked as spin doctor for tobacco giant that paid workers £15 a month
isn't it time Priti Patel got back on ward and downs her meds?! Idiotic dimwitted scumbag.
Being a festive elf is okay. It is not okay when Priti Patel try's to suggest it will lead to other work!
Lucy Allan, IDS, Osborne, Cameron, Priti Patel, Theresa May to name but a few of these vile, inept monsters that are governing us
... Priti Patel is unworthy of being classified 'human'.
Welcome recognition of valuable work of by Employment Minister Priti Patel at YEUK's recent conference -
Priti Patel explains why, in terms of monetary help, she doesn't give *** about parents whose children are very ill. ht…
Disgusting MP,voted to get rid of Tax Credits yet she claims £150,000 in expenses.Priti Patel abusing her position
Priti Patel doesn't have a caring bone in her body
I'm not sure who's worse, Priti Patel MP or Lucy Allan MP, but I do know Margaret Thatcher would be proud of them
Priti Patel's family was given refuge in the UK from Idi Amin. Her lack of empathy is breathtaking.
And I thought Priti Patel was bad last week, two own goals on the trot by the Tories. Very pleas…
Chris Grayling relies on trying to intimidate, while Priti Patel simply repeats memorized slogans and soundbites ad nauseam
Priti Patel regularly talks *** and is another Nadine Dorries without the charm.
Lisa Nandy, rising star. Articulate, smart, and wiping the floor with Priti Patel
Puffles (*falls off chair laughing*) at Priti Patel's answer on Why not say it was a instant tyre-screeching post-election U-turn?
Priti Patel putting Jobcentre plus into schools
Priti Patel denies Tory childcare policy was stolen from Labour
People are not dying because of benefit decisions, says minister Priti Patel (From Herald Scotland)
Priti Patel "Racist attitudes do persist within the party..>publicly claiming that British workers are lazy..… …
Priti Patel publicly claiming that British workers are lazy.right-wing of the party.…
...ahem, probably yes, otherwise Priti Patel would know what's going on in the police service
Priti Patel she is ideologically located on the right-wing of the party.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
A brilliant spoof of the nonsense released by the DWP; nonsense made up by IDS & Priti Patel.
Nominations for political crook of the year are: Priti Patel, and most of the Tory Party, and the winner is Priti Patel.
not forgetting his obnoxious sidekick Priti Patel
Minister Priti Patel's austerity 'SACRIFICES' include, 152K in expenses, up 15% and employing her husband for 50K.
Probably NOT the sandwich board Minister Priti Patel, "the most expensive MP in Britain" wanted to wake up to. . http:/…
That would be 112 hours pw in private sector as Priti Patel said NLW cannot be enforced for a public sector worker
Do these peaceful disabled constituents of Minister Priti Patel look like 'THUGS' to you? . . http:/…
Always thought Priti Patel was one of the worst Tories. Challenging Duncan Smith, Osborne and Gove for the top spot.
Must be all that life experience Priti Patel is relying on: Uni, to Post Grad, to Tory central office researcher...
Priti Patel: Honoured to host Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee in the UK on a landmark visit
Sir Gerald Kaufman tells Priti Patel she "needs to learn about" courtesy, after bad tempered exchanges in Commons re fit-…
Have put on my £1500 wibble cancelling headphones in preparation for the nonsensicalisms about to emanate from Priti Patel's pie-hole.
Morning all at the lets get everyone talking about the in campaign here
Thank you to all joining so far, only numbers will get us heard about Please keep sharing
thank you for starting the review for Now let's get it right
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I'm afraid that she went to school with Priti Patel; tells you everything, really.
Check out our campaign to get sign the petition if you agree and want to see a change.
Why free is good news for business as well as
Priti Patel accidentally let's slip that Tories have no idea about the effectiveness of their apprentices policies!.
We are trying to get fairer Early Years funding - you can see full details and sign our petition here:
Amazing how many MPs and scribblers (eg Priti Patel,David Aaronovitch) block me.I have had interaction with very few.Some "democracy"!
Is Priti Patel the most expensive MP in Britain?
I see that went to the same school, at the same time, as Priti (awful) Patel. Now THAT explains a lot.
Gd to meet up w/ new Empl Minister Priti Patel earlier. industry up for making UK best jobs mkt in the wld.
I think your description fits Priti Patel except you missed out thick
MP throws her support behind a referendum
Watch out 4 Priti Patel SUDDENLY supporting the EU as Cameron indicates ministers face sack if they back EU exit LOL. h…
Priti Patel asks witnesses what level of public confidence in crime statistics is appropriate
Nasty Priti Patel sitting on the Speaker's steps like a cat who has somehow got the cream.Better than serving in a corner shop.
SamBalls published Witham MP Priti Patel votes for EU referendum in House of Commons: Witham MP Priti Patel ha...
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Find out how Govt is making childcare more affordable for working families
Weird how Osborne doesn't mention the 1000 jobs a day creation that Priti Patel loudly boasted of - you'd think tories were lying...
Priti Patel furious after being asked about death penalty support via
The Tories dispatch uber-right winger Priti Patel to attack food poverty blogger:
Priti Patel, the new employment minister, wants to bring back the death penalty
Minister for Employment, new Tory MP Priti Patel, attacks facility time
An employment minister who refuses to state she doesn't believe in the death penalty... Priti Patel more evil than McVe…
How much is the deficit? The new employment minister Priti Patel won't answer the question
- IDS and now Priti Patel are absolutely despicable pieces of scum!
Tory MP Priti Patel tells Cameron to slash spending in Scotland - Patel should be the 1st byelection!.
Priti Patel is Minister of State for Employment. How would she feel if one of her relatives was executed?
Instead of asking Stella Creasey what went wrong, why not ask Priti Patel what went right
Priti Patel says, "the death penalty could still act as a deterrent even if it means innocent people occasionally get executed".
Essex MP Priti Patel to sit at cabinet table while Therese Coffey ...
Priti Patel on Question Time. I think with her condescending vocal tone, she may end up being more hated than...
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Some more background on new Minister of Death Priti Patel via
Congratulations to graduate Priti Patel on her appointment as Minister of State for Employment
Priti Patel has been appointed employment minister. Here's what she thinks about British workers
Congratulations to Priti Patel who has been promoted to Minister of Employment, making her the first female Indian cabinet minister!
Sajid Javid and Priti Patel two big winners in 'Blue Collar' reshuffle. via
Priti Patel's appt as Employment Minister is a clear message to the trade unions: we're coming to get you. Be prepared to f…
Priti Patel : Who is the new Treasury minister who supports death penalty and rejects plain packaging for cigarettes?
Re Priti Patel and the Death Penalty- Anyone who has seen Prison Break will happily explain why it's wrong.
Priti Patel showing she has the credentials to ensure the Tories maintain the title "The Nasty Party"
Priti Patel, new Minister of State for Employment, is on record as saying she wants to slash Scottish spending
Priti Patel Appointed Minister Of Death At my MP everyone. I'm gonna be a thorn in her side 😀 via
Priti Patel, Member for the Witham constituency, put into McVey 's vacant post. Supporter of capital punishment...
Here's the thing Tory defenders, Priti Patel doesn't just have it in for unemployed/sick/disabled people. She thinks YOU …
Priti Patel is in charge things like low pay. IDS in charge of ravaging benefits. Who gets -Dr Shipman?
Anyone trying to claim that Priti Patel is an inspiration or a role model for young British Indian women - stop, and stop no…
Priti Patel appointed employment minister at Department for Work and Pensions, No.10 announces http…
Esther McVey replacement, Priti Patel MP, described the British as among the worst idlers in the world!.
Priti Patel as employment minister!!! If you ever needed a reason to join a union- this is it!
Priti Patel replaces Esther McVey. She wants the death penalty reinstated. So does Gove . . . . .
It's great to see get cabinet rank in David Cameron's Conservative team .
Priti Patel MP becomes Minister of State (Minister for Employment) she will attend Cabinet http:…
Help! Priti Patel wants to restore the death penalty.
Tory MP Priti Patel sparks backlash after claiming independence debate is great opportunity to slash spending in Scotland
Nope, not yet. Priti Patel has Employment but no word on disabilities as yet.
Rabid tory right-winger Priti Patel MP replaces Esther McVey as DWP Minister.of Employment.
. Lets help rid us of Priti Patel. Help by getting trending
Priti Patel says John Mann's questioning to Osborne yesterday over Tory VAT rises was "for show".
External Affairs Minister's address at the Youth Pravasi Bharatiya Divas January 07, 2015 Hon’ble Minister of State for Youth Affairs and Sports, Sarbanand Sonowal ji; Hon’ble Member of Parliament from the UK, Ms. Priti Patel; Members of the diplomatic corps; Senior Officials present here; And above all my young friends; It is a pleasure to join you all for the inaugural session of the Youth Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas. As India’s External and Overseas Affairs Minister, I get the opportunity to meet statesmen and leaders from across the world. Most recently I was in South Korea. But I must say it is a special joy to interact with this gathering of youth from across the world who share a special bond with India, a bond of the heart. It is also very appropriate that we should be meeting so early in the new year, which always brings tidings full of hope and promise. So let me wish everyone present here a very happy, fulfilling and prosperous 2015. Let me also take this opportunity to welcome you all to Guja ...
Proud to see Hon. Priti Patel at the WESTMINSTER. Happy Diwali to all present at 10 Downing st today.
Give that man a ceegar! After all,without Idi Amin,Priti Patel would now be be behind the counter in a Kampala shop!
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Priti Patel, Philip Davies and Andrew Turner support *** s campaign to bring back the death penalty | Conservative htt…
Priti Patel the New Baroness Warsi? Her foot in mouth tendacies will trip her up but joins the group of I can shout over you women.
Cabinet Reshuffle - a clear move to the RIGHT. Some, I don't know who mind, say that Cameron's reshuffle was to bring more female voices into his cabinet. If you are one, don't be fooled as there have been more men on the moon that women in Tory cabinets. What's abundantly clear is it's a move to the RIGHT as every female listed are strong right wingers. There's education secretary, Nicky Morgan for one. Then there's the darling of the right wingers, Priti Patel, one of David Cameron's 'A-list'. If you don't know who she is then she's the MP who caused outrage in a speech to the Institute of Economic Affairs in November 2012, saying: "Scots are basically getting a better deal than the rest of the country…These are considerable sums of money which should be reduced as part of the deficit reduction plans." If you then add the fact that Cameron has also sacked Attorney General Dominic Grieve, who was a euro supporter, then you can see the reshuffle is far more than a makeover. If none of that alarms people ...
is it true you're off to be Priti Patel's special adviser on how to get rid of the
Who cares that has a new PA "12:25pm: Priti Patel becomes Exchequer Secretary at the Treasury."
Very warm welcome to Priti Patel who joins Treasury team as Exchequer Secretary - strong addition to our excellent HMT team
my money is on Priti Patel to fill the Sarah Palin role.
I call "Conservative" voters who vote for aliens such as Nadhim Zahawi, Sajid Javid, Priti Patel, traitors, who will eventually be punished
British MP Priti Patel criticises BBC for potraying Narendra Modi in negative light during election coverage - A British Indian MP has strongly criticised the BBC for a programme on India's new Prime Minister Narendra Modi that she stated was not objective. In a letter to BBC Director General Lord T…
WITHAM MP Priti Patel is calling on commuters to arm her with some tough questions to put to the MD of Greater Anglia at a meeting next week. The Conservative politician is set to come face-to-face...
NEWS RELEASE FROM THE SOUTHERN AFRICA LITIGATION CENTRE 17 APRIL 2014 Dark Day for Women’s Rights in Lesotho as Highest Court Upholds Discriminatory Chieftainship Act Johannesburg, 17 April - Lesotho’s highest court today struck a serious blow against women’s rights and gender equality by upholding a discriminatory section of the Chieftainship Act, which denies daughters the right to succeed to chieftainship solely due to their gender. “This is a dark day for women in Lesotho. Through its judgment, the Court of Appeal has re-affirmed that women remain second-class citizens in Lesotho,” said Priti Patel, Deputy Director of the Southern Africa Litigation Centre (SALC), which intervened as a friend of the court (amicus curiae) in the matter. “In recent years, Lesotho had made significant strides towards eradicating gender discrimination, by ending male marital power among other things. But this ruling sends a clear signal that it is still permissible to discriminate against women solely because t ...
Coalition Should Be Ditched Now, Say Senior Tories - The Conservative-Lib Dem coalition has "effectively expired" and should be ditched to allow the Tories to campaign for an outright majority, two senior Conservatives hae said. Witham MP Priti Patel said that the reason for the coalition's existence has no -
The Coalition should be broken up because the public want more Conservative policies, according to Priti Patel, a member of the Downing Street policy board
Current Affairs for Competitive Exams & Interviews: IBPS PO Interviews and IBPS Clerk interviews will take place shortly. We will suggest you to prepare for these interviews in best possible manner. Questions provided here are very important for all competitive exams and interviews. Also go through the Current Affairs for the last six months given in this website, to prepare well. - - - Dayawati Modi Award: Anjolie Ela Menon, a contemporary artist was awarded with Dayawati Modi Award for Art and Culture and Education by Dayawati Foundation. Priti Patel: Priti Patel, an Indian Origin British MP has been honoured with the prestigious Asian Trader Editor’s Award. Nisha Desai: Nisha Desai Biswal is in news as she sworn in as the US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia, recently. Sachin Tendulkar: Indian Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar has been appointed as UNICEF's first brand ambassador for South Asia. International Cricket Council (ICC) People’s Choice Award 2013: Mahendra Singh Dhoni ...
Lord Prescott backs votes for prisoners FORMER Labour Deputy Prime Minister Lord Prescott provoked outrage yesterday by declaring that he wants some prisoners to be allowed to vote in ­elections. By: Alison LittlePublished: Mon, January 27, 2014 53Comments Lord Prescott warned on 'rights' [ALAMY] Britain’s ban on votes for any convicted prisoners is being contested by the European Court of Human Rights. Lord Prescott is one of Britain’s representatives on the Parliamentary Assembly of the 47-nation Council of Europe that runs the Strasbourg court. He said giving some prisoners a say in society was part of rehabilitating them and that Britain could not “opt out of” obeying the Human Rights Convention. Lord Prescott insisted to do so would send a “terrible message” to countries with questionable human rights records and betray the principle of the “free and just” society. Conservative MP Priti Patel said: “Parliament was very clear when it voted against giving prisoners the right to vote. ...
UKIP party policies are examined in a debate with party leader Nigel Farage and Conservative MP Priti Patel, after an explainer from Jo Coburn
From an article in the Braintree and Witham Times about Thursday's parliamentary debate on food banks entitled: "MPs: Why we refused to back food bank motion" I quote the first few paragraphs: "MPS have defended their decision to vote against a motion calling for less dependency on food banks. Both Braintree MP Brooks Newmark and Witham MP Priti Patel have dismissed the motion, put forward by Labour on Opposition Day, as nothing more than a “political stunt.” Shadow environment secretary Maria Eagle said that the number of people using Trussell Trust banks had increased from 41,000 in 2010 to more than 500,000 since April this year- one third of which were children." So the plight of those of her electorate, unfortunate enough to rely on the support of food banks, is simply a political football for our MP Priti Patel. What is she actively doing to help them?
People don't like it much when you behave with them exactly how they behave with you ~ - SO TRUE ! crtsy~ priti patel
I've no time for Priti Patel, but I just can't help being vicariously proud of my niece; runner up in xmas card comp!
An evening with Jon B, with Raj Patel Priti Patel and friends
Priti Patel MP: What the Autumn Statement did for and | Conservative Home
Priti Patel MP speaking at the Women Empowered Networking Event that debated the issue of "Is it still a man's world?"
San Jose friends.think of me as you claim your mega millions :) (Priti Patel, AleeCya Rez, Kin Man Chau, John Rees, Dawn Raab)
The truth about UK immigration: HALF of the foreign-language section in Corby’s public library is taken up with Polish books. “Alicja w Krainie Czarów” (“Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”) sits near “Agresor”, a translation of a military potboiler. A decade ago this town in the East Midlands had hardly any east European bookworms to cater to. As in many other places, its residents have been surprised, and at times perturbed, by what has happened since. Poles, who have been able to live and work in Britain since their country joined the European Union in 2004, have already become the second largest foreign-born group, after Indians. The 2011 census counted 579,000, a tenfold increase from a decade earlier. Many more have come and gone: since 2002 almost 1.2m Poles have been issued with National Insurance numbers. But that still leaves a lot of settlers. In 2012 Polish women gave birth to 21,156 children, more than any other group apart from native Britons. They have ventured to rural marke ...
happy birthday to the funniest and the most amazing person i know, my mummy! happy birthday mom!!! :) Priti Patel
A health worker from Bihar on 6 November 2013 won the global UN Award or her commitment and dedication to eradicate Polio in India-Martha Doodray • The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on 8 November 2013 has allowed third party payment for - the export and import transactions • A doctor of Indian origin was selected for the prestigious Outstanding American by Choice award for his contribution to US health sector - Rahul Jindal • UNESCO on suspended the voting rights over Palestine row of - United States and Israel • A Senior IRS officer was appointed as the Secretary General of National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) is - Parvinder Sohi Behuria • Who won the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals title after defeating Rafael Nadal is - Novak Djokovic • Benigno Aquino on 11 November 2013 declared a state of national calamity to speed relief efforts for victims of Typhoon Haiyan is - the President of Philippines • MTNL (Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited) signed MoU with a firm of US on 12 November 2013 - L ...
Start with Priti Patel, Tory, stated in WM that if Scotland votes no it'll be a mandate to cut Barnett.
well deserved honoured to true genuine person Priti Patel
Britons loathe immigration in principle,but like immigrants in practice Agree with Priti Patel
Daily mail are and Priti Patel ain't much better via
Priti Patel managing to cram xenophobia and union-bashing into one short sentence, impressive
I should have preferred, 40 years ago and now, to end the flood of Indians and Pakistanis into the UK... esp. Priti Patel and the like
"Tory MP Priti Patel last night said the Labour leader was ‘too weak’ to stop union influence.". She genuinely is a moron…
One of the unjust results of FPTP voting and the "safe seat" culture is useless greedy ignorant MPs such as Priti Patel and Nadine Dorries
13.12.13 TIME TO DISTRACT THE PUBLIC FROM THE RICH GETTING RICHER AGAIN. Here we go again, the media are about to bombard us with information on Benefit Fraud again to distract the public from the REAL CAUSE of our financial predicaments. THE TAX AVOIDERS.• Tax avoidance costs UK economy £69.9 billion a year .98 of the 100 companies in the FTSE 100 are at it. • Research has found that the UK's biggest public companies have more than 8,000 subsidiaries or joint ventures in tax havens in 'clever' accounting ruses to avoid paying their fair share of tax in the UK. • None of these schemes break any UK laws and are entirely legal although morally corrupt. NOW FOR THE DISTRACTION take their minds off poverty and MP's pay & expenses. The Department for Work and Pensions and the Crown Prosecution Service did not pursue legal proceedings against more than 35,000 people who were investigated by the fraud inquiry arm of the department and found to have received a “recoverable overpayment” during 2012-13. ...
MPs including Tory Priti Patel, pictured, vented their anger at the figures which admitted there was 'a lot more work to be done' to clamp down on fraud.
Feeling thankful that I gave myself permission to work from home today and not get out in the cold or the awful traffic I keep reading posts about, on the other hand, started feeling nostalgic, and took the last package of tamales from the freezer my sister brought me from Texas last Christmas Nelda Burch, help...tamales, a holiday tradition for my family! Of course, I ate them, yummy with Priti Patel Griffin's salsa over them! Trying to not have eaters remorse!
Braintree Chronicle published Witham MP Priti Patel picked for new government role MP PRITI Patel has been given a new role of strengthening links between the UK and India by the Prime Minster.The Witham MP accompanied David Cameron on a trip to India ahead of the Commonwealth summit in Sri Lanka.Her new responsibility as the UK Indian Diaspora Champion will cover building partnerships – economically and culturally – between the UK government and Indian communities.Ms Patel said: "The Prime Minister has made it his personal mission to strengthen the bond...
Interacted with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron today morning along with young MPs cutting across party lines. The group comprised Shri Baijayant Panda, Shri Deepender Hooda, Ms. Agatha Sangma, Shri Manicka Tagore, Shri Anurag Thakur and me on the Indian side while the PM was accompanied by a UK MP of Indian origin, Priti Patel and the High Commissioner as well as other officials. It was a frank conversation on issues ranging from youth participation in Indian society and polity to the future of the Indian economy and Indo-UK relations. In light of the recent positive move by the UK Government in scrapping the UK Visa Bond proposal, the short visit by the Prime Minister, his third in as many years should yield positives for both countries in enhanced trade, and cooperation in energy, technology, education and defence. In any case, it was refreshing to meet a young leader who is so well adjusted with his workload, status and responsibilities and has a positive and motivating person ...
More reshuffle news: Ipswich MP Ben Gummer is education secretary Michael Gove's new pps and Essex MP Priti Patel joins Tory policy board.
Ian Duncan Smith, at the jobs fair, thanks Priti Patel
At the job fair hosted by Priti Patel, with Ian Duncan Smith visiting. Lots of great people wanting to work!
Priti Patel is my MP extremist right wingers like her will only support if convinced will be Cameron'…
Hugh Muir's diary: Never mind the cost of government, what about the cost of Priti Patel? | Guardian
Tory MP Priti Patel, pictured, accused the broadcaster of being biased in favour of the protest led by the Left-wing Right To Work organisation.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Oh dear. Priti Patel on 'We've paid down a quarter of the deficit.' No come back from Jo Coburn.
Human rights challenges and legal battles mean the authorities cannot deport criminals after doing time in jail. Tory MP Priti Patel called for the Human Rights Act to be scrapped.
Each time I see that Ian Hislop clip on capital punishment I wonder if Priti Patel has the foggiest idea what she's on about?
"The SNP is warning that a No vote in the independence referendum will leave Scotland’s most vulnerable at risk after a Tory MP called for cuts to the Scottish block grant. The nationalists were responding to remarks from Priti Patel, after the Conservative MP for Witham in Essex, claimed that Scots cost the UK government billions and get a better deal than everyone else."
A few positive headlines on BBC Scotland website on today's reading folks. - Record High for Police Number - Sturgeon Unveils Yes Vote Vision - Scottish NHS recieves Winter Cash -Sea Network May Be Worth £10Bn. Interestingly, scottish tory deputy Jackson Carlaw admits Scotland IS about to get more powers in the Yes Vote Vision article. Considering this and the recent rumours over what the Prime Minister is doing to try to win the next election, there is great evidence that IF Salmond does a deal that the referendum vote will be between 'yes' and 'significantly more powers' - either devo max or devo plus. Many will be hoping that he doesn't, although what would be the riskiest, to agree to deal or not? Also tory backbencher Priti Patel has claimed the indy debate is a great reason to slash spending in Scotland. Somewhat criticised by scottish tory's. But, probably the most interesting developent from todays reading (from the Scotsman), is that labour MSP John Park is to quit Holyrood to work as a trade un ...
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