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Princess Margaret

Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon (Margaret Rose; 21 August 1930 – 9 February 2002) was the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II and the younger daughter of King George VI.

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talk about the breadth of across UHN while walking from…
Conrad Black is such a useless, self-absorbed, pretentious princess that he makes me ashamed to be white, male and…
"Man, am I glad to see you, come to rescue me from this sex-crazed princess. She accosted me, dragged me up here, y…
Elizabeth arriving at The Royal Variety Performance for her first show as The Queen back in 1952, with her sister P…
Queen Victoria & 2 of her grandchildren-Princess Margaret of Connaught & her brother Prince Arthur of Connaught
Actress who plays Princess Margaret is presented with keepsake via
Miyah Margaret. 24 November 2017. The day my princess came into this world. Blessed.
Great visit today with students in Grade 4/5 civics class at Princess Margaret Junior School in
Princess Margaret. A woman for the modern age.
The Crown's Vanessa Kirby on Princess Margaret: ‘I could feel her isolation and fragility’
The show home has been won! Check out what the lucky winners now own!
The outspoken actor, Matthew Goode, is rising in the world — from Downton Abbey to playing Princess Margaret’s husb…
I downloaded this app called Libby last night that finds ebooks for you, and the first thing it gave me was history…
Final winners announced in the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre's 2017 Fall Home Lottery
It includes an hour in the bath and a “vodka pick-me-up” at precisely 12:30.
June 9-10, 2018, I will be participating in The Enbridge® Ride to Conquer Cancer® benefiting Princess Margaret Canc…
Country manor where the Queen and Princess Margaret partied in the 1960s goes on sale for £1.5million but you’ll n…
Another from Chris's archives! Princess Margaret visits St Saviour's, Torre, the 'Mother Church' of Torquay.
Nov 10, 1965 - Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon on set in Hollywood with Paul Newman and Alfred…
Oct 21, 1968 - Princess Margaret received purses at the Founders Day Festival of the COE Children's Society at the
Now THIS is a sick burn--Maurice Bowra on John Betjeman's attraction to Princess Margaret .
Princess Margaret's husband leaves secret love child out of his $5.4m will, reports
Was that princess anne or Princess Margaret? Charles sister or aunt?
Famous insult to Princess Margaret by Armstrong-Jones: "you lo…
July 17, 1995 - The Queen and Princess Margaret attending a Concert at the Royal College of Music
July 11, 1935 - The Duke and Duchess of York with their children Princess Margaret and Princess Elizabeth at…
Princess Margaret at a fashion show at the RUAS Balmoral Show, Belfast, during a royal visit to Northern Ireland on…
While Im sure Princess Margaret was fond of Patricia Mountbatten Im still a bit surprised she rose from the dead to attend he…
24 June 1981 : Charles, Diana and Princess Margaret at the Premiere of James Bond's For Your Eyes Only, Odeon Leice…
2002: Manchester hosted the and both The Queen Mother and Princess Margaret died in this year.
One of two surviving crowns of this period. This belonged to Princess Margaret, daughter of Edward IV Elizabeth Woo…
"Norman Hartnell dresses worn by Princess Margaret, the Duchess of Kent, and Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, for…
Then Sybil Burton said to me, 'I'll have to move you. Princess Margaret is coming'. …
Princess Margaret looking at her sister- Queen Elizabeth II- as she curtsies at her wedding, 1960
Princess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong Jones,the 1st Earl of Snowdon in 1960
in 1960 Princess Margaret, sister of Queen Elizabeth II, married Anthony Armstrong-Jones at Westminster Abbey in London
Today in In 1960 More than 20M viewers watch 1st televised royal wedding when Princess Margaret marries A…
Princess Margaret married Anthony Armstrong Jones, today in 1960. He became Lord Snowdon.
1960 Princess Margaret married Anthony Armstrong-Jones in the 1st televised
On this day in 1960: HRH Princess Margaret marries Anthony Armstrong Jones, later Lord Snowden
OTD 6th May 1960, Princess Margaret married the photographer Anthony Armstrong Jones in a ceremony at Westminster Abbey.
Princess Margaret & Anthony Armstrong-Jones left for their 7-week long honeymoon right after their wedding-…
She is very pretty and down to earth along with her brother. Princess Margaret's daughter Lady Sarah is great too x
'Cross the Divide' by Rick Kirby was unveiled by Princess Margaret in 2000 and stands outside St Thomas’ Hospital i…
April 18, 1959 - Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret set out for a ride on their horses from Badminton…
Support the Ride to Conquer Cancer this Saturday. 10% of all sales goes to Cancer research at Princess Margaret ***
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Every answer will either be Russell Brand or Princess Margaret...
Lord Snowdon, Princess Margaret's former husband, has died peacefully at his home aged 86, his family says
Feb. 9/2002 - Princess Margaret passes away. Youngest daughter of King George VI & Queen Elizabeth I and the only sibling…
Get an intimate, pre-throne look at the relationship of Queen Elizabeth and her sister Princess Margaret.
Princess Margaret leaves the King Edward VII Hospital in London after contracting Hepatitis, May 1978
Vanessa Kirby who plays Princess Margaret in The Crown reminds me of you.
OTD in 2002, Princess Margaret died at King Edward VII hospital, at 71, after suffering another stroke. She had had…
What does Princess Margaret, The Queen ,Carrie fisher, and Dame Kelly Holmes have in common?
Peter Sellers home video made in 1964, featuring Princess Margaret, Lord Snowdon and Britt Ekland.
. "Princess Margaret wears Poltimore Tiara in the Bath" (1962). Good ol Tony! the Peter Lawford of the…
What, Princess Margaret did marry at the end? That's quite a spoiler for the next seasons of "The Crown",
Forgot how much I love this picture of Princess Margaret - taken by the late Lord Snowdon.
RIP Lord Snowdon - beautiful shot of princess Margaret. "Photography is for people who can't…
Cracking colt by Australia out of our Princess Margaret winner Princess Noor born this morning
Lord Snowdon, former husband of Princess Margaret, has died.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Lord Snowdon: Princess Margaret’s husband and first royal rebel dies aged 86.
Snowdon's bathtub snap of Princess Margaret is the best royal photograph ever taken. No contest
Lord Snowdon, ex-husband of Princess Margaret, dies at 86
Princess Margaret's former husband Lord Snowdon has sadly passed away at age 86:
His Lordship, Earl Snowdon, husband of the late Princess Margaret, Anthony Armstrong-Jones has…
R.I.P. Lord Snowdon - Princess Margaret's ex-husband - who died peacefully in his home aged 86 h…
(FIXES spelling to Snowdon): Lord Snowdon, photographer who was the ex- husband of Princess Margaret, dies at 86.
(LONDON) — Lord Snowdon, the former husband of Princess Margaret who was also a…
Obituary: Lord Snowdon, photographer whose marriage to Princess Margaret captivated... by via
(The News Tribune) ex-husband of Princess Margaret, dies at 86 : Lord Snowden, the former..
BBCArchive: Lord Snowdon has died. In 1960 normal programming was interrupted as he and Princess Margaret made …
Lord Snowdon, former husband to Princess Margaret has Died .
The just turned 18, future Elizabeth II (joined military at 18) here with her sister, Princess Margaret - 1945 https:/…
Letters reveal Princess Margaret and Margaret Thatcher's candid views and friendship ^ITV
I agree. Par example, if Princess Margaret hadn't died, neither would have the Queen Mother.
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Prince Harry and Meaghan Markle are the Princess Margaret and Peter Townsend of today
I'm enjoying The Crown, but I'm still waiting for the episode where Pete Townsend quits pining over Princess Margaret and starts The Who
Norman Hartnell ensemble worn by Queen Elizabeth II at the wedding of Princess Margaret to Antony Armstrong Jones https:/…
Vanessa Kirby as Princess Margaret and Eileen Atkins as Queen Mary are great as well!
How magnificent is this photo of young Princess Margaret?
Im obsessed with this photo of a young Princess Margaret .. it's so chic and current.. total…
OTD in 1955, Princess Margaret called off plans to marry divorced Peter Townsend. She married Anthony Armstrong-Jon…
Emma Swan. Princess . Looking for a main David and Mary Margaret for parents . Ships SwanQueen or chemistry . Help a Sa…
In honour of Halloween- Royal Flashback- October 31- Queen Elisabeth II and Princess Margaret in costume, 1944:
My children are not royal; they just happen to have the Queen for ...
When my sister and I were growing up, she was made out to be the g...
Princess Margaret must have been there?
Lady Sarah Linley, Princess Margaret, QEQM, Lord David Linley, Prince Andrew, at polo match at Smith's Lawn,…
1958 - Pan History - on the occasion of the visit of Her Royal Highness Princess Margaret, the Government of...
We seem to have Young Princess Margaret staying with us. A life of Gin, international playboys, headscarves & publi…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Watch out for Vanessa Kirby as Princess Margaret in "The Crown" on Netflix from Friday 4th November
Pictorial proof that is the forgotten royal style icon
Rare photograph of Princess Margaret not holding a glass, a cigarette or a man. My favourite royal.
Pictorial proof that Princess Margaret is the forgotten royal style icon
Princess Margaret best looks: As the American-British drama series The Crown prepares to launch on Netflix on...
MARGARET ME($1200): Princess Margaret was born in 1930, 4 years after this sister
Princess Margaret Rose, younger daughter of George VI, was christened on 30 October 1930
Notable things: 1, he's good at this, 2) British construction industry truly are scum; 3), at 9 minutes, Princess Margaret opens my estate
9-Princess Margaret Rose /The Endless Sorrow ! Why do I face an eye for an eye for the incident's of ENGLAND on beh…
7-Princess Margaret Rose /The Endless Sorrow ! . I truly don't know ROLE OF Prince PhillipS,that why I was kept. unde…
Good Grief! A contestant on the lottery quiz thought that Prince Phillip and Princess Margaret were the Queen's kids.
Great turnout at fundraising for The Princess Margaret.
5-Princess Margaret Rose / The Endless Sorrow ! . Why can't I see my family, both are my immediate family members, p…
4-Princess Margaret Rose /The Endless Sorrow ! IRAQI- EGYPT-Foster mother hid all of the truth of my biological fam…
2-Princess Margaret Rose / The Endless Sorrow ! . As my biological mother was also BRITISH, I lived under the GREEK…
Are you sure, given that Princess Elizabeth would have been 6 years old and Margaret only 2?
.Just read your fascinating article about Princess Margaret.
Princess Margaret wearing the Poltimore Tiara and the Teck Circle Tiara as a necklace.
Princess Margaret's gems up for sale - World -
already hating on Princess Margaret's character. Jalus!
We all know a princess called Sarah
All elective surgery cases at Nassau's Princess Margaret Hospital will be discontinued on Wednesday, October 5 due to Hurricane Matthew
House Party, anyone? is hosting The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation on Oct. 5th and is a proud sponsor!
More than 100 employees took part in this past weekend in support of Five years, $1M raised:…
We're so lucky to have Dr. Irish at The Princess Margaret!
Thats worth a Golden Crown or two, she looks a bit like the Queen and Princess Margaret dont you think.:)
Benjamin Moore inspired colours for this years Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Welcome Home Lottery, designed by...
BREAKING: Trump releases his Global Bangable In Memoriam List - Princess Di, Mother Theresa and Margaret Thatcher are just a few.
Enjoying this beautiful sunny morning Princess Margaret bound with…
Click here to support Princess Theaters of Mayfield, Ky by Margaret Clapp Faughn
Right its Prince Phillips turn . Who would you shag, marry and kill? . Princess Margaret . The Queen . Princess Diana
That Nazi salute with the Queen, Queen Mother, Princess Margaret and Uncle Edward was very revealing.
I suspect Princess Margaret's life was a lot less fun than it appeared to the public poor lady...
I'm off to a bad start, can't imagine for a moment Princess Margaret ever wanted to be in Birmingham!
Waiting waiting for miss Chlo - got her a present for when she's out @ Princess Margaret…
Want a cute movie to watch night out about Princess Margaret and Princess Elizabeth at the time during WWII
Join cause to support Princess Margaret Cancer Centre! check out our Pi…
Flag halfway down the hall on the left (looking at the boys) hides a plaque commemorating a 1952 visit by Princess Margaret.
He's lucky there was no cars on Princess Margaret Boulevard. Could've been a head on collisions.
Just finishing up the design for Princess Margaret Lottery cottage. Get your tickets for a chance to win!
A motto I have run my career by (that and What would Princess Margaret Do?)
REGAL ROLE "Margaret was needy. she never stopped being a princess" Stephanie Beacham on playing Princess Margar…
Congratulations to Dr. Rama Khokha who is now the Interim Research Director at the Princess Margaret!…
Proud of our team for helping raise $2.5 million today for The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.
Achingly pretty 1952 Christian Dior chiffon day dress worn by life-long Dior client Princess Margaret…
Lynn's family was involved in the Princess Margaret's Road Hockey fo Conquer Cancer event on the weekend. Check...
Some of the most famous pieces of and some of the more unusual have fascinating stories behind them...
Hospital parking rates NOT going down if you're trying to park at Princess Margaret: CBC News
grade 1 student In is cutting her hair for Wigs for kids,raise funds for Princess Margaret…
Who does the little princess look like ? The Queen ? Princess Diana ? Princess kate ? Princess Margaret ? all are…
Oh wow, I am across half a block or so at Princess Margaret! Really small world.
yep I said the same thing earlier in the week. Far more Lady Sarah/Princess Margaret than the Queen
The Queen is the only person who can put on a tiara with one hand, while walking down sta
Princess Margaret Hospital is a big BBC clinic
I would like it to be known that I have decided not to marry Group Capt. Peter Townsend.
.raises funds for the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre’s OneWalk to Conquer Cancer: http…
Hospital parking rates going down, but not if you're going to Princess Margaret
Stephanie Beacham stars as HRH Princess Margaret: Kensington Palace, 1993. She was the Diana of her day. That...
2. funding. Only one new hospital opened before Bevan died (Princess Margaret, Swindon)
OTD in 1930, Princess Margaret was born to The Duke & Duchess of York at Glamis Castle. She would have been 86 today h…
3. government funding of hospital repair / expansion dried up. No new hospitals until Princess Margaret in Swindon
January 26 1956 Princess Margaret talking with Janette Scott (Thora Hird's daughter) at premiere of "Helen of Troy".
Royal Portraits by photographer Marcus Adams. Here is Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret in 1939.
."If you look very closely at Andrew Lloyd Webber you see Princess Margaret!"
Princess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong-Jones at the time of their engagement in 1960
Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret on MTB 309, an American Elco 77 ft, in 1947
Thames mudlarking find from this pm - miniature tea cup with Princess Elizabeth & Princess Margaret (I think!).
in 1920 Princess Margaret of Connaught, daughter of Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught, died.
The Queen's first visit to the Museum was in 1938 to see our Children's gallery with Queen Mary & Princess Margaret. htt…
Queen Elizabeth II with her sister Princess Margaret the Countess of Snowdon.
How Diana's letters to Queen Mother were burned by Princess Margaret... and unseen royal...
Abbe Davis of Princess Margaret takes heat 1/2 under-18 girls 800m in 2:31.77 ahead of Maddison Coleman of Island...
A diamond brooch owned by Princess Margaret is set to fetch £20,000 at auction
Princess Margaret's dazzling diamond and sapphire brooch set to reach £20,000 at auction
At one of my Mayfair Sporting Club events with Princess Margaret's daughter Zara Phillips & Mike Tindell.
Hamilton Collection
Tuesday 16 Feb begins week 5 of radiation - will have treatment number 19 of 30. Princess Margaret is a terrific hospital.
Even Tricia is paying the children from Princess Margaret Hospital a visit
OTD in 2002, Princess Margaret died in hospital in London. She suffered poor health including strokes in 2001.
in 2002 HRH Princess Margaret died peacefully in her sleep at the King Edward VII Hospital
Lillian Liu: very interesting talk on the experience of the Princess Margaret Hospital with IMPACT/COMPACT
Princess Margaret is held by her grandmother Queen Mary on the balcony of Buckingham Place in 1935 http…
Beautiful Princess Margaret was a fashion icon of her day thanks to hand-me-downs from her older…
Happy to present a Community Places grant to Princess Margaret School in front of their cool new play structure!
Our pick of the 8 of the best royal dresses - from Princess Margaret to Princess Eugenie.
Jan 15, 1882 - Princess Margaret of Connaught, Princess of the UK, CP of Sweden was born at Bagshot Park in Surrey
This is KRRISH-3 in digital cards.Enjoy but keep supporting Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.
To Team KRRISH-3; Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation; The digital card, can be used on valentines day too.
Bauchle. Remember seeing Princess Margaret once. Pal said she looked like a "wee bauchle".
Another exciting role has opened up at The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation - Manager of Business Development...
The TRUTH about man who claims he's Princess Margaret's love child | Daily Mail Online. LOL
Order Miche Bag Online!
Quit it! Our smoking cessation program helps cancer patients kick the habit.
A manager's guide to the design and conduct of clinical trials [2006] available at our Princess Margaret site
Life of the Princess Margaret, Queen of Scotland, 1070-1093 by Cowan, Samuel ...
Today in In 1882 Princess Margaret of Connaught born. Crown Princess of Sweden as 1st wife of the future King Gustaf VI Adolf.
Remember BBC Death of a Princess.Even in the 1980 the west was crawling to the Saudi Regime. Margaret Thatcher and Son, war mongers
so that's Dan Hannan out, Greg Hands, Princess Margaret, Prince Phillip & 12% of the Army
Princess Margaret of Connaught, daughter of Prince Arthur (third son of Queen Victoria) and his wife, Princess...
in 1882 Princess Margaret of Connaught was born to Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn,...
1882 princess Margaret of Connaught, future Crown Princess of Sweden, is born at Bagshot Park.
standing back up. She gave Mary Margaret and nod. "You too, Princess." Emma commented. "Don't worry about it, Ms. Mills." +
Out today in the USA - The Lost Tudor Princess, a life of Margaret Douglas, Countess of Lennox.
How MI5 raided a bank to get pictures of Princess Margaret .
The profession of Princess Margaret's husband was which of the following?
alert.. || Princess margaret home lottery cash calendar 2014
A special day at BDS! Our first new arrival - a New Approach filly out of Princess Margaret winner Princess Noor.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
is shaving all this off for the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation! .
of headshave for Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation Please donate
Looking up peeps who died on my birthday. Princess Margaret in 2002. I remember that. I was sad 👑
'doctor relaxes in the Caribbean in a pose like princess Margaret'
I'm actually reading a book of her archived letters at the moment! Hm, either Elizabeth II, Princess Margaret or Queen Mary.
Here's the full awesome scoop on Jorn Weisbrodt & Rufus Wainright's story
Dr. Frances Shepherd of Princess Margaret Cancer Centre named Officer of the Order of Canada for treatment leadership Cancer Canada.
Princess Margaret of course took Jeromes hand gently and climbed down the tower with him, removing his mask and walking-
king made his way up the tower towards Lady Anne and Princess Margaret. He went to grab Margaret but the second his eyes-
talks to son of Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth's sister.
Kwantlen 77 Chilliwack 45. Vernon defeats Prince of Wales 74-42. Princess Margaret and Chilliwack in Game 5 right now. Some great ball today
Review: "It’s lovely, romantic & liable to leave you as giddy as Princess Margaret..."
Hong Kong welcomes QAT, after successfully setting up new distributor & installing PCI at Princess Margaret Hospital
every place Princess Margaret went ,they renamed it after her ?
During the 1920s Princess Margaret & Elizabeth lived at 145 Piccadilly with their parents
Look who came to visit Swan Valley. Princess Mary was so close to us at Perth Vineyards Holiday Park on the weekend.
📷 Princess Margaret at film premiere by bukovscan016 Charlie Chaplin & Claire Bloom are congratulated by...
In the 1920s both Princess Margaret & Princess Elizabeth lived at 145 Piccadilly with their parents x
The diaries of reveal his outrageous drinking binges & stories of Princess Margaret - warts and all htt…
Movie being shot around Clarence House today. Trailer for Philip Mountbatten and Princess Margaret!
one block over from princess Margaret school is like the quarry dr speedway!!
Style of dress & sophisticated look was loved by Princess Margaret ... it's timeless. Later version car woul…
Lol thank you for telling me which not to take 香港 @ Princess Margaret Hospital
she blushed as he did so. He always treated her like a princess and she loved it
Princess Mary & Prince Frederik make surprise visit to Margaret River Chocolate Company, in Swan Valley htt…
Princess Mary of Denmark thrills with Sunday visit to Swan Valley chocolate factory: .
Does Princess Mary enjoy the free samples from the Margaret River Choc factory: Find out here:
Princess Mary’s Perth chocolate treat: SWAN Valley chocolate connoisseurs got the shock of their lives when…
Princess Mary's Perth chocolate treat: Princess Mary of Denmark makes a surprise visit to the Margaret River C...
The Queen of England is HM Elizabeth II, not Princess Margaret as reported. HRH Margaret can represent the sovereign at Ooni's coronation!
Yay, happening 12 noon this Wednesday @ the Princess Margaret's amazing atrium reception area off Murray Street!...
📷 Vintage photo of Princess Grace and Prince Rainier dining with Princess Margaret, 1965
Autopsy pending on death of inmate admitted to Princess Margaret
So wonderful to see the dresses worn by Diana Princess of Wales, the Queen, Princess Margaret and Queen Victoria at Kensington Palace! 😊
University Health Network (North York ON): "human resources responsibilities in collaboration with the…
Tonight honouring one of Canada's most renowned cancer researchers Dr. Tak Mak of Princess Margaret Hospital.
Calling all volunteers: Attend Volunteering and Beyond on October 21 from 5 to 7 pm at Princess Margaret Secondary and find a fit for you!
Princess Margaret's wedding will be private
Dream cottage could be your new home in Princess Margaret lottery
I've just done a Princess Margaret. My feet are in agony.
Just finished my group of 500 Gr. 9/10's at Princess Margaret Sec School. What a great group of engaged geniuses! Very impressed.
really? I gave a purse to Princess Margaret there when I was 4
Heading out to speak to 400+ Grade 9/10's at Princess Margaret Sec. in . Topic: Change Your Brain, Change Your Future
Off to Princess Margaret Hospital i go...this is gonna prove to b a lng day
Paragon Princess Margaret Rose matching Tea by littlecleoathome via
Her Royal Highness Princess Margaret visiting Carisbrooke Castle & on the 10 May 1994
Grateful to be in this wonderful City! Floored today by the world-class professionalism experienced at Princess Margaret U!
Clarence House issues first official statement as Margaret visits Peter at cousin's home in country
Example from Princess Margaret - what if all hospitals treated patients like important guests?
Death of Jenifer Monro Skelsey, stepmother of the Earl of Snowdon, ex-husband of Princess Margaret of GB
Margaret Hamilton is the Xena: Warrior Princess of programming. If you're a programming problem you whisper her name in fear.
I am buying some shares of this new cancer immunotherapies ETF today! Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation
Volunteering and Beyond is on Oct 21 from 5-7 at Princess Margaret.There will be over 50 organizations to speak to!
So bcuz your own company & makin money u runnin from place to place - soo u iz d princess Margaret ehh Are we seeing you on Sat?
Mary and Franc Mosbaugh are performing at [Princess Margaret - Music in the Atrium] today - noon!
Years later, Princess Margaret wrote that she nearly married him but his Roman Catholicism would have been an issue.
His step-father was LG of BC and it was that connection that JT had a brief relationship with Princess Margaret.
Hornets! Come support your Senior Girls tomorrow at their first home game! 6pm vs Queen Elizabeth and 8pm vs Princess …
I met Princess Margaret when she came to Toronto 35 yrs ago. I held the door open for her ;-O
October 13th 1986 ~ Princess Diana at Dr Barnardo's Princess Margaret School for the pyhsically handicapped, Taunton h…
"Bioinformatics identification of mutations in TF binding sites" seminar by 10/22 Princess Margaret Hospital ht…
Looking forward to speaking in Toronto on 22 October at Princess Margaret Hospital
Princess Margaret in the bath by her husband Lord Snowdon
Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon peer out the Mansion window in 1965
On tour of the Princess Margaret with a few of our fundraising teams. Showing where their dollars go.
Lady Diana leaves the Ritz Hotel after attending Princess Margaret's 50th birthday party in 1980 http:/…
Today in In 1930 Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon born. Youngest daughter of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.
Brylcream will do the trick all the time! It got Keith Miller into bed with Princess Margaret!
On Aug 2, 1958, Princess Margaret opens the Ottawa City Hall on Green Island, at the mouth of the Rideau River;Ottawa
Today in in 1958 on the mouth of the Rideau in Princess Margaret cut the ribbon to open City Hall.
Princess Elizabeth was educated at home with Princess Margaret, her younger sister.
Princess Margaret presenting a Tony Award at the Mark Hellinger Theatre, New York, 1969
1950 - Princess Margaret with Mayor E. Norwall, during a visit to Stoke Newington to open the new Amwell Court estate
Princess Margaret followed in Queen Elizabeth’s footsteps with an elegant design
You look so beautiful as Princess Margaret, Nami-chan! Many blessings your way!
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Omar Sharif and Princess Margaret at the London premier of 'Mackenna's Gold' 1969
Great gig today at the Princess Margaret Hospital with Amanda Tosoff and
Vintage photo of Princess Margaret standing. -
My friendship with is solely based off 3 things:. 1) the princess diaries. 2) one direction. 3) chocolate
Princess Margaret (cancer hospital) will give you a pager so you can go get a coffee, sit downstairs or somewhere quiet.
The Oddballs charity classic is quickly approaching! All proceeds go towards the Ride to Conquer Cancer benefiting the Princess Margaret.
Beautiful day for lunch and jazz on the rooftop at the Princess Margaret!
Donald Trump was a toad who, instead of kissing a princess to become a man, snogged Margaret Thatcher and became a liv…
that's not a nice name for princess Margaret!
Looking forward to playing the Jazz for the Soul at Princess Margaret Hospital tomorrow with Jon Maharaj and Morgan Childs.
The new novel is THE PRINCESS, the 3rd in the YOUNG ROYALS series from Youngest royal Margaret gets her time in the sun.
Final confessions of 'the last gangster': Book by Charlie Richardson 2004 movie stars
thanking everyone for their continuous support and raising funds at Joe Finley Centre at Princess Margaret
From Queens of England: Eilzabeth II and Princess Margaret with their mother.
Congratulates at PMH for being named to for her leadership in cancer care!
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
More about grad Dr. Mary Gospodarowicz, from the Princess Margaret CF news
Congratulations on being named to the for her leadership in advancing
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