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Princess Kate

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (Catherine Elizabeth Kate ; née Middleton; born 9 January 1982) is the wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge.

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Prince Harry reacts to Princess Kate's baby news:
Clinton and Barack Obama and Katy Perry and Princess Kate and Lady Gaga and Bill Gates and Rothschild are still runnin…
Princess Kate doesn't have to look far for incredible style inspiration 👌.
Prince William and Princess Kate urged to stop having kids in name of climate change: Progressives…
Prince William, Princess Kate, Prince George, Princess Charlotte land in Warsaw to begin tour of Poland and Germany.
Louise Mensch even focused her hate on Princess Kate in 2014. Hates everyone - if not now, will later!
Princess Kate is all smiles at the after celebrating her sister Pippa’s wedding weekend 🌺
See Prince George get scolded by mom Princess Kate at Pippa Middleton's wedding
Sister, sister! A side-by-side breakdown of Pippa Middleton and Princess Kate's weddings:
Gorgeous girls!. Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte, 2, were twinning Saturday at the 2017 Trooping the Colour...
Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte were twinning at Trooping the Color:
This is the cutest thing we’ve seen!!. Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte make appearance in MATCHING outfits
It only worked with Princess Kate lol
Princess Charlotte and Prince George match outfits with parents the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge ~Love seeing them💛
Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte Are Pretty in Pink at Trooping the Colour Parade
Trooping the Colour 2017: Prince George, 3, melts hearts with bored expression as he grumpily watches the air ... -…
Princess Charlotte steals the show at Trooping The Colours Parade in pink and white smock……
Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte rock matching pink outfits at Trooping the Colour:
Princess Charlotte stole the show today at the Trooping The Colours Parade
Royals on Parade! See Princess Kate, Prince William, the Queen and More in Their Annual Trooping Splendor
Kate Middleton and Prince William were joined by their adorable kids at the parade today!
'It is lonely at times': The power of Princess Kate and the Royal Family's vulnerability
Prince William, Princess Kate, and Prince Harry carry message on mental health to London Marathon
About to tour Kensington Palace...Princess Kate couldn't come out to play so now I'm gonna ask…
Domhnall's big moment: the Irish Guards mascot gets his sprig of shamrock from Princess Kate
Prince William and Princess Kate sip Guinness after a toast from the Irish Guards to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.
U look "cool" 😎in those shoes, Princess Kate yet still appear elegant w/ finesse in running. [cute]
Katy Perry and Oprah Winfrey and Rosie O’Donnell and Lady Gaga and Princess Kate sacrifice our human *** sapiens specie kidnapped sons
and Queen Elizabeth and Katy Perry and Oprah Winfrey and John Kerry and Princess Kate and Rockefeller and Rothschild a…
...if you're not hearin' me about brown-haired white British women like Teresa May or Princess Kate subliminal lead the male PoC...
What's Next for Prince William, Princess Kate: William and Kate are making decisions about their…
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Queen Elizabeth steps down as patron of 25 charities—find out what she handed to Princess Kate
Queen Elizabeth Steps Down as Patron of 25 Charities — Find Out What She Handed to Princess Kate via
See Prince William, Princess Kate and the Rest of the Royal Family in Their Tacky Christmas Sweaters!
See Prince William, Princess Kate and the rest of the Royal Family in their tacky Christmas sweaters! h…
if Kate can do straight so can you... she's a real princess don't you know.
Happy 7th bday to DJ's sister from another Mister 😂. . We love you Princess Kate!!!
Pandoras new rose gold princess ring is a must oh my:
Vampire Princess of New York, Book 2 in the Arnhem Knights series by Susan Hanniford Crowley via
Kate Middleton channels Princess Diana in new photo
owww, such language from a Princess, oh, wait, maybe I have Kate Upton confused with British Royalty, Dan?
Aloha-boys, Kate Middleton is not a princess she isA racist, I stopped Kate's child abuse at campcolorwar
That is quite a hat. I like Princess Kate's much better.
Turns out there was a very emotional meaning behind Kate Middleton's choice of outfit...
It’s in the Eyes: Princess Kate Channels Princess Diana in Arresting New Photo
WATCH: Hero 9-year-old boy swoops in to catch his baby brother who tumbles off changing table
Kate Middleton Draws Princess Diana Comparisons in Remembrance Day Photo -- See the Pics! via
Today I am at the Compelling Beasts Blog with a sample/excerpt from Vampire Princess of New York. Come and enjoy.
34 Times The Duchess of Cambridge Dressed Like Princess Diana Kate has come close a few times! And is a sweet gesture!
Even Princesses go to Prison sometimes!visits a womans prison to help support and unify families
Princess Kate and Prince William join the Royal Family for the Festival of Remembrances:
Updated story of Princess Kate's visit to a prison; and a support centre for vulnerable women
Princess Kate in coat by Mulberry and skirt by Dolce and Gabbana arrives at the Nelson Trust in Gloucester
Princess Kate in dress by Self Portrait arrived at premiere of A Street Cat Named Bob.
When will you stop calling The Duchess of Cambridge as "Princess Kate"? Her rightful title is that of a Duchess & name is Catherine.
Prince William, Princess Kate to visit Francis House - children's hospice center that Princess Diana opened in 1991.
Prince William, Princess Kate to follow in Princess Diana's footsteps at children's hospice https…
In the news UK Gov wants to use Princess Kate to go on a yacht and get a good Brexit deal. Actual news, not Daily Mash. W…
By erinhilltimeinc Kate in Kate! Princess Kate stepped out in a pretty pink rose print Kate Spade dress for World...
Naomi Watts' birthday celebrations and Allison Williams' teary goodbye: this week's best A-list Instas…
Even the Princess Kate wears cowboy boots yall!
Prince George and Prince Charlotte visit city farm while Kate Middleton and Prince William spend night in Yukon.…
All about Princess Kate's $385 cowboy boots, & flashback to when she popped into Kings Rd store via
Princess Kate's look of love! 7 moments that prove she's more smitten with Will
Princes can be dukes too - eg Prince Andrew is the Duke of York. Kate isn't a princess until she's Princess of Wales.
📷 My coworker Kate went to Boko Bakery and saw this and was like yeah, I have to get it :) I saved the...
Princess Kate’s $385 cowboy boots are not the royal re-wear they appear
Princess Kate and Prince William snubbed by Canadian indigenous leader: via
Of ot keads yo yhr sfina onadus in greece
Sure has fttn gem far abd the vatherine mrehan ha wring fsmky info
Googled 4 news of Hoboken crash w ppl dead & injured. has photo of smiling Princess Kate with…
Take a look back at past royal tours to Canada
'Playing all afternoon' Prince George and Princess Charlotte showered with gifts in Canada
Photos from Prince William and Princess Kate’s Tour of Canada
Behind the scenes imaginings with Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Kate... .
A radiant Kate and William visit Montana mountain in during the . http…
Princess Charlotte will carry out her first official engagement today at a party with military families on the lawn of…
Prince George and Princess Charlotte (pending no last minute temper tantrum) are confirmed to attend today's children's…
Catherine, waves to well wishers as she tours in Canada.
Prince William & Princess Kate Link Up with Trudeaus to Meet in Vancouver.
The Royals continue on their Canada tour! Check out how Prince William & Princess Kate travel in style
All of Kate Middleton's cutest mom moments!
Prince William and Princess Kate. I got to meet them in hometown Victoria .So proud of them
Up, up and away! Princess Kate wears Alexander McQueen to take a seaplane with Prince William:
Prince William, Princess Kate arrive in Canada with Prince George, Princess Charlotte for royal tour:
10 things that have changed since the last time Prince William and Princess Kate went to Canada https:/…
How Canada-bound Prince William and Princess Kate stack up against the glamorous Trudeaus
your footage of Princess Kate shows her talking to Todd Woodbridge why no mention?
Princess Kate, and Naomie Harris all channeled serious bridal fashion vibes:
car karaoke with Prince William and Princess Kate.
I'm supposed to be studying. Instead I'm watching a documentary on Prince William and Princess Kate's love story. 😍
Lovely story, except she's not "Princess Kate" or "Kate Middleton." She's the Duchess of Cambridge. Why can't journalists get it?
Do I still have time to try and live Princess Kate's life?
A Brit thing? Princess Kate or Charlotte, now Prince George is pictured in some garb & the whole country needs 2 rush out & buy it?
Is it me or does it look like Princess Kate is pregnant again?
See Princess Kate's jewelry collaborator's latest design for the Queen's birthday
The First Lady and Princess Kate together make me so happy. Two of the most timeless classics - in style and grace. https…
//Very much tempted to have Sabrina's engagement ring as signature Princess Diana sapphire and diamond. Might as well since Kate is my FC.
Princess Kate needs to be more publicized so that little girls learn to look up to her instead of the Kardashians
Happy day with our communion princess Kate...💕
When Princess Kate Goes Bollywood - . Check out these stunning looks from Kate Middleton's tour of India
PHOTOS: Prince William and Princess Kate Hosted President Barack Obama and Wife: It's safe to say Prince Georg...
Disney's first Latina Princess Elena of Avalor will debut Fall 2016, & make appearances at Disney parks ❣❣❣
Princess Diana looks over George in new photos of William and Kate's living room.
Princess Diana photo takes pride of place in William and Kate's front room for Obama's visit https…
Princess Diana looks over Prince George in new photos of Kate and William’s living room.
Prince William and Princess Kate go on a royal safari in the Indian wilderness!
Hello to Prince Harry Prince William and Princess Kate from king Douglas in Australia like to see you all in Australia Canberra some time
Princess Kate and Prince William Meet the 'Will and Kate of the Himalayas' – the Dragon Ki…
Prince William and Princess Kate's new family photos are 'a dream,' says Rosie Pope
I'm going to pretend I'm Queen Elizabeth, not Princess Kate. That makes me more fancy right?
Pippa and James Middleton arrive in St. Barts -- but where's Princess Kate?
By Maria Mercedes Lara, Princess Kate's younger siblings spent the holiday in the Caribbean...
Let the Vacation Begin! Pippa and James Middleton Arrive in St. Barts Just in Time for New Year's Eve: Princess Kate's younger siblin...
Such a contrast between Albert with twins and William out of it !
My daughter has drawn this of Princess Charlotte , hope you like it
is that Kate Middleton what is happening are you a princess?
Princess Kate is a benefit scrounger, what a complete tossa... Don't even know who this guy is?!
Princess Diana and Kate Middleton’s Similar Style Black and White Princess Diana arrived at the Ro
2015 has been ALL about Princess Charlotte - here's her Royal Family Photo Album:
15 times Kate Middleton's style was inspired by Princess Diana
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"I'm a princess too but I'm not stupid" . lol okay Emma
Who's been crowned most STYLISH woman in Britain - Kate Middleton, Sam Cam or Holly?
Who's been a bigger *** to Princess Leia? The Empire or Rupert Murdoch's empire?
Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen have sold more albums in the U.S. than Demi Lovato has sold worldwide
Sunday best: Princess Kate Middleton steps out in Michael Kors Collection.
I need an update on Princess Kate and Prince Will's daughter asap plz
tbh it's kinda telling he only ever calls her 'kate' in s2 but I KNOW WHATCHA MEAN (princess in their hearts)
idc if he only called kate princess once it's pRINCESS FOREVER all the time always
This is news??? Oh boy! Pinky Out! Princess Kate Has a Signature Wave
In what galaxy far far away does some basement-squatting cheeto-dusted *** get the balls to try and tell Princess Le…
A look back at William, Kate, Prince George and Princess Charlotte's top 10 moments of 2015
does this include Princess Kate giving birth?
Kate Middleton proved that she's every inch a princess as she looked traditional in a conservative suit when she...
Prince William, Princess Kate, & baby Prince George 2 yrs ago, a killer whale last yr. What will we be this year?! 😉
Princess Kate and Prince William and Prince Harry. More photos at
All purpose parts banner
In reality Charlotte is still very much connected to her late grandmother The 3-month-old royal shares her name http:…
Planes flying overhead will not be waking Princess Charlotte from her afternoon nap
Kate Middleton with her daugher Princess Charlotte -May 2nd 2015 . So cute !!.
Just as beautiful as you're Princess William (Kate) I want Cressida for Harry.
I just got told I look exactly like princess Kate
HEY YOU! My name is EMMA ROSE DUCHESS KATE EBONY PRINCESS. Whatcha doin with my name?
ILYSM! It would be my honor. I'm thinking soft, romantic and very Princess Kate
"It's such a historical place and not to mention in front of Prince William and Princess Kate. That's gonna be really cool."
Took me a while to notice how nice Kate Middleton's hair is. I wonder how much it costs to have hair like a real-life princess.
Trying to get princess Kate out the royal car is a joy
Me being a princess ft Kate scared of the camera 👑😂😂😂
Princess Diana by Julia Samuel the royals & thier sons or Kate Middleton have none of diana's empathy.
Why Are Will and Kate's Kids In Hiding?: When pictures emerged last week of Prince George and Princess Charlot...
My sister finally has a boyfriend and my cousin was awarded Homecoming Princess. Very proud of Kate and Regan. ❤️❤️
Kate Middleton shows off her less princess-y facial expressions at the World Rugby cup:.
Princess of recycling! Kate Middleton wears familiar dress to World Mental Health Day event:
Royal Family: Will and Kate to stop camera drones: Prince William and Princess Kate have imposed a no-fly zone...
Hanging out w/a friend's kid, watching a show called PRINCESS SOPHIA which reminds me of Kate Hudson's nickname for "member."
The princess will have another kid!. (Ang bilis lang omg but anyway, congrats Princess Kate!)
The most spectacular wedding dresses, from Grace Kelly in lace to Princess Diana in tafetta htt…
Srsly Kate Middleton? No uterus break after a month of giving birth to a princess! Congrats then..third Royal baby on the way :)
Especially like belle where I marry a hairy animal(basically my dog) and become a Disney princess.
Or Cinderella where I work all day and I finally get invited to a party and I become a Disney princess
I want to be Rapunzel and start painting walls until there's no space am I finally realise my life was a lie and I'm a Disney princess...
Kate Middleton pregnant with royal baby No. 3 only months after giving birth to Princess Charlotte
Reports say Kate Middleton is pregnant with her 3rd child! Princess Charlotte arrived just 4 months ago. htt…
5 of 5 stars to The Princess and the Pony by Kate Beaton
Ice Princess Update: Kate Hudson Snuggles Up to Jennifer Aniston in Selfie, Starts Campaign to Get Her on Instagra...
You can't believe till u see it for real but.
So sick of people referring to Kate as 'Princess Kate' or 'Kate Middleton '
Trump demeans it's appalling. He does it to Angela Merkel or Princess Kate, it's war.
"Aw! Pippa Middleton's lock screen photo is of Princess Kate and Prince George
Did you see Nicky Hilton's dress? Here are 6 who have echoed Princess Kate's vintage bridal style.
Princess Kate is in Alexander McQueen dress coat and matching hat by Jane Taylor.
Prince William and Princess Kate's daughter will be christened on July 5.
Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Prince William and Princess Kate had a tea party on Friday.
Princess Kate ;) Poor Duchess Catherine with all this names given to her.
we agree here in the she's HRH Catherine Duchess of Cambridge or we like to call her Princess Kate /Duchess Kate.
my name was "Queen Laney" bc before we met Scott we had them in our house, Ty was Lord Tyler, Kate was Princess Kate & I was Queen Laney.
Best baby-naming websites/apps: In just a few weeks, Prince William and Princess Kate will be welcoming their ...
for teens - Masters Teen Mashups - From Princess Grace to Princess Kate -
It's official, besides Princess Kate, Shakira is my favorite pregnant celebrity:
Smh at Melo with these hats. Bruh you trying to be homies with princess Kate or something?
Prince William & Princess Kate loves you everyone loves you
Kate+8 is a h8ter of sisters. That's a PA princess for you.
Update your maps at Navteq
Princess Kate Middleton can feel her baby kicking. Aw. So cute! :)
So I guess we already know that Vivica will be bringing Shawn and Kate back into boardroom.
Lmfao this is the second week in a row Kate was under fire for being out shopping lol
OK Prince William and Princess Kate are the cutest couple ever
Director of early childhood service Northside Center, Harlem said : "The children thought she (Kate) was the Princess from Frozen."
Kate, the Duchess of , reminds me Diana, Princess of ...
Princess Kate looks stunning today!. is LIVE from London with the details
Princess Kate left a 2-year-old speechless, like we're surprised
Princess Kate leaves toddler speechless and shares how her baby is kicking via
even when u was struggling yu was like tht 💁 u always thought of ya self as a *** PRINCESS ctfu
Princess Kate: I feel the baby kicking, moving 'all the time'
Princess Kate can feel the baby kicking! All together now: Awww
The kids waiting outside Islington Council for Princess Kate are singing nursery rhymes to keep warm...too cute
At -- Princess Kate in a tweed suit by Rebecca Taylor 💙💙 she has worn this suit a few ti...
Kate is so pretty!!! 😍😍 Princess Kate where's Prince William 😂
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Prince William and Princess Kate did something amazing and patriotic at the September 11th memorial. You will love it, as they paid tribute to the thousands of Americans who died because of Islamic terrorists: On Tuesday, the final day of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s brief but jam-packed U.S.…
Get over it. Princess Kate didn't seem to have a problem with it, and when on American soil, royal protocol takes...
Google Search Michelle "HOPE" Walker Speaks about First Lady Michelle Obama taking Princess Kate to Harlem to View Video
Prince William and Princess Kate receive a warm welcome in NYC: via
Britain's royal couple arrives in New York for US visit: Britain's Prince William and Princess Kate arrived in...
VIDEO: Prince William, Princess Kate arrive in NYC for 1st visit -
Good morning to everyone in the UK. Most of all Queen Elizabeth, Princess Kate, Prince William, Prince George, and Prince Harry. Have a great day. From Linda Crocker in South Carolina.
Prince William and Princess Kate, who will be in the United States from Dec. 7 ... - ESPN
HQ |1|2| The boy (Harry) meeting the Princess Kate at the Royal Variety Performance tonight (Nov,13, 2014)
Cavaliers: Prince William & Princess Kate to watch "King" James take on the Nets Dec. 8 in Brooklyn via SportsCenter
Princess Kate would be treated like royalty by Kathy Lee and Hoda. And have a few laughs while there!! .
Liam said meeting Prince William and Princess Kate was the most nervous he thinks he's ever been in his life.
Prince William and Princess Kate expecting their second child in April. (NBC)
Sweet: Children write to the Queen and Princess Kate – and are thrilled with royal replies (via
Check out my magazines for sale on 's Rosamund Pike, Abbie Cornish, Vanessa Paradis & Princess Kate!
S/o to my two little 4x8 mermaid princess babies & on making HC court. So happy for you two💕👑🐠
of course she is... Now that Princess Kate is expecting.
I just canceled my upcoming subscription renewal specifically bc you continue to call the DoC 'Princess Kate.'
There's no love lost between Camilla Parker-Bowles and Kate Middleton, and our royal sources tell us that Cami...
One day Falcao been here, Princess Kate already with bambino in her tampon tunnel... Sometimes I over friendly, sorry Q…
Kate Middleton is on her second baby and thanks to her I have not even had one and I am a Princess.
He? Kate Midleton pregnant again? 2nd child ne. Prety fast. like Princess D.
I came across this repliKate on eBay. It's $52 with free shipping worldwide
Amen aunty Kate and so shall it be unto u too
Princess Kate just hear me out. I will give you four dollars and the rest of my pumpkin spice muffin to name your second born Daphne.
Soo Beyonce's pregnant , Kim K is pregnant , Kourtney is pregnant , & Princess Kate is pregnant 😄 .. idk why I'm so happy…
well she was the people's Princess. If Kate has a girl she better name her Diana or I will punch her in the face.
Princess Kate is pregnant again. Your move
Pregnant Kate Middleton suffering from What it is - ht…
becauseee you're running for HC princess out of memory
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Someone tell me what happened on Riverside
Princess Kate is now available for adoption! This female Siamese is 1yr 3mths old. Learn more at
The fact that you mentioned the Bayou and I'm watching Princess and the Frog...😍😍😍😍
Kate loves the Puerto Rican princess Joseline Hernandez & that makes me VERY happy 😂😂😂
I think we all knew that was coming.When Princess Kate was expecting I knew KK would soon follow. She seems to think she's royalty.
Life would be so much easier and happier if I was a mermaid or a princess. either would do
(EMAIL SENT TO ALL US BNSE PERSONNEL on 9/11/2014) Hello everyone, Thirteen years ago I was driving to work and heard on the radio an airplane had crashed into the World Trade Center. Didn’t think much of it as New York City has a long history of airplanes crashing into buildings including a B-25 that crashed into the Empire State Building at the end of WWII. Shortly later I saw the second attack live on television. Declared or undeclared, the United States of America has been at war ever since. Our service here in this remote theater is little recognized and overlooked amongst the history sweeping around us today: Ukraine, ISIS, Syria, Yemen, Ebola and Princess Kate is pregnant again. People are fickle consumers of news. That is to be expected; peacekeepers and nation-builders are unheralded and soon forgotten. Yet what we do here is vitally important to victory in the greater war on terror. This region has been at the heart of world conflict for 3,000 years. Only 100 years ago the Balkans ignited WWI ...
Congratulations Prince William & Princess Kate on your pregnancy news. Prince George will make a great BIG brother ♥
Congrats on the early announcement of Prince William and Princess Kate's second baby on the way. I wonder what the gender will be this time around?
This just in: Prince William & Princess Kate announce they have a new clump of cells.
This is VERY cool, but the 1 pic the Program chose is 1 I posted that looks like Princess Kate is going down on Prince William- lol
Looks like Prince William and Princess Kate are considering for England's heir to the throne!
Marcel Kittel Crossing the finish line, AND HRH Prince William, HRH Princess Kate, and HRH Prince Harry, popped down to the TDF finish line.
Really a royal podium at - wearing white jersey with Prince William and Princess Kate
One month to go before TRH Prince William & Princess Kate are in and to commemorate
Can you start calling the Duchess of Cornwall, Princess Kate instead of Kate Middleton? She's been Kate Windsor for a minute.
Me mam and dads been me rock tonight but the fact she was in a room with Robert Winston, Princess Kate and Prince Will makes me so jealous.
Have fun on your London adventure! Run into Princess Kate and take a picture with the guards for me! 🇬🇧👑💂
Pippa Middleton, sister of Princess Kate, is to pass through Vinton County as a participant in the Race Across America cycling event.
Im watching "I wanna marry Harry" Prince Harry that is and some of the gals that they have on the show looks like hoochies and they really believe that the young man on the show is Prince Harry. LOL! Poor things.all they have to do is look at Princess Kate and compare themselves. Do you ever see her with her belly showing or having on shorts?? Umm sorry but I cant see some of these women walking around the palace or talking to the queen.
Our new family member shes called Princess Kate!! We just have to get our Prince William!! And have a little baby Georgie Porgie Turtle! Pmsl!
today was an indeed an important day of my life, so was it to the Duke And Dutchess Of Cambridge, Princess Kate and Prince Charles coz its the day they got hitched. mmm... does that gime something? well, we will see. and as if to end my commemorable day hapilly, Chelsea have just been kicked out of UEFA Champions League. WOW, IT CANT GET ANY BETTER, Time to rest...!
There are two types of people in this world: a) Those who don't deserve to be clubbed to death by angry trolls and b) Those who gushingly follow Princess Kate and baby Prince George fashion trends in the media and consider this to be "the news".
Some people from Gaia were chosen to meet Prince William and Princess Kate at the arboretum! We talked to them about our enviro group and why young people care about protecting our safe climate future. We gave them a framed letter on the behalf of Gaia and baby George a turtle stuffed toy.
Princess Kate and Prince William have nearly completed their official engagements but our Lumen Princes and Princesses are just about to get started! Have a wonderful night at the ball Year 12s and make sure you post up some photos on this FB Wall!
I don't care what other people think...I love Prince William , Princess Kate and baby Prince George...the really seem so lovely and genuine , regardless of their upbringing...Princess Diana would be so proud of her boys and how they have grown into such caring and sweet people :-)
The royals can't get enough of our Special Olympics athletes! This afternoon 10 South Australian athletes attended a reception hosted by the South Australian premier in the suburb of Elizabeth, where they met and spoke with Princess Kate and Prince William. Proudly wearing their Team Australia uniforms, the athletes who attended were Toby Sutherland, Joshua Maddeford, Nadia Procter, Katie Williams, Brodie Wegener, Tryhena Nicolai, Laura Hester, Bradley Bettens, Krystal Pugsley, Keenan Georg-Dent. They were accompanied by South Australian State Manager Lisa Hester.
Take two at downloading. A very bad copy of the live stream from Channel 9 outside the Playford Civic Centre. Please excuse my excited babble (and the ladies next to me) in the background. Krystel managed to speak to Princess Kate for some time and asked how baby Prince George was. Princess Kate told Krystel that he was 9 months old now and had his first swim the other day. Princess Kate liked the Olympic medals and asked Krystel how long had she been playing Basketball for. Krystel thinks Princess Kate is very gorgeous. Keenan said that she was a really Gentle person and she immediately recognised that he was a Basketball Player because of his height.
Wow what an amazing day! Face to face meeting Prince William and Princess Kate! Such beautiful and kind people. So grateful to have conducted my placement at Northern Sound System. Everyone laughing and asking why the royals would visit a place like Elizabeth, well it's because they are passionate about youth mental health and they are interested in the organisations who spend all their time helping kids achieve their goals in life! 💕
Taylor is about to go see Prince William, Princess Kate, and possibly the baby! How neat! They are visiting Australia and are just miles from her house!
Prince William and Princess Kate were wise not to take little Royal Baby George to Uluru. We know all too well how that scenario turns out.
Prince George of England, looked into he's mothers eyes (Princess Kate) and said "Awimbawe Awimbawe" ...
One afternoon @ Taronga Zoo when Kids were made up catching a glimpse of our fave couple, Prince Will, Princess Kate & baby Prince George {mummy quite happy with The view of those hunky SAS Men..}
Can't wait to meet Prince William and Princess Kate! Hopefully I get to see baby George!
cause the royals are here. Princess Kate is the best thing to happen to the Royal Family since lady di
Today I had the pleasure of representing RSL QLD at the State Reception for their Royal Highnesses Prince William and Princess Kate. I was lucky enough to meet Prince William and talked briefly about the RSL and my service in the Army. I also met lots of people representing other not-for-profit organisations which made the occasion even more special. Colleen RSL (Queensland Branch)
Great afternoon at the State reception for Prince William and Princess Kate. Had great chats with some awesome people including an Order of Australia Medalist, paralympic gold medallist and a couple of great business people. Can't say much for cucumber sandwiches however. :-P
On our way to Manly Beach to see Prince William and Princess Kate! :)
Very exciting day! Prince William and Princess Kate at the easter show..and confirmed to be stopping by for some delish Loomas Macarons! Our special box of goodies is ready to go..
Waiting and Anxious to see the Royal couple Princess Kate and Price William
Prince Harry & Princess Kate of England caught holding something you'd never believe.
Got the once in a lifetime opportunity at the Opera House steps today - seen the Royals come into Sydney!!! It was so exciting!! With 3 hours of waiting and waiting, News reporters, got taped and put on the news updates and my kids and I were part of the huge crowd, we had a ball!!! And no I'm not that really short - Melissa Doyle is just really tall OK!! Princess Kate is beautiful!!!
Prince William and Princess Kate arrived in Australia n baby Prince George is cute as ever.
can someone tell this guy it isn't Prince William and Princess Kate? They are the Duke and Duchess, be nice to get it right.
Would love to see Prince William & Princess Kate with a bottle of red at NSW Government House this evening
Prince William & Princess Kate visiting Opera House today & Agape Organic Food Truck will be right there. Opera House Steps till 4pm
Ok so apparently Prince William, Princess Kate and chubby bubba George will be in Springwood tomorrow. I won't be home and not to fussed but I can say the Royal Family has been to my home town. I think that is pretty interesting.
Prince William, Princess Kate and adorable Prince George are on their way to Australia this afternoon. How exciting!.. Who else likes following the Royals?
Since I am not British, and I really don't care about the Royal Family, can someone please explain to me why the top news on Yahoo is about Princess Kate wearing the same outfit three times in three days? Seriously? Is this what the news has come to? Who cares? So the lady is on a trip and wore the same outfit more than once. Is anyone going to check to see if she had fresh undies too? Give the woman a break already!
Random Thought: Do you think Prince William and Princess Kate get in the bathroom and hit the mirror practicing photo smiles? And how does one teach a son to do that?
How adorable is Princess Kate? We got her through our Community Outreach & are looking for a rescue partner!
... Feel so sad for little Prince George ... Growing up without the comfort of his mummy & daddy ... Actually I have lost respect for Princess Kate ... Palming her son off to galavant around ... What happened to being "hands on" parents?
She has not been Kate Middleton since she was married to Prince William - she is either the Duchess of Cambridge or Princess Kate.
Prince William and Princess Kate were at the Viaduct earlier. Dang! I am just few meters away. Bale o, wa man gud lamang ko texti.
Add: attempted royal selfie with Prince William, Princess Kate and lil Prince George to that list below today!
Another style repeat! Princess Kate rewears a blouse for her family portrait:
Princess Kate, The Duchess of Cambridge, wears far too much eyeliner for a royal. FAR TOO MUCH!!
Tried sleeping. Dreamt I was a paparazzo following Prince William and Princess Kate. Plot twist! I was secretly documenting the indecent methods of the paparazzi. -shrugs- You okay there, brain?
A moment's reflection: tomorrow Jessica and I get the very cool opportunity to take our kids to Europe for Spring Break. I am thoroughly excited to see the vacation through their eyes--their first time on a double aisle airplane (777), seeing the Queen's and Prince William & Princess Kate's homes, experiencing the vibrancy of Central London, hitting the Harry Potter studios, Maddy's and Neve's predictable adoption of a goofy faux-British accent ("I sound like Hermione!"), Sebastian's wonderment of the London Eye, my bonding with Maddy on the history of London as the two peas in pod that we are, having to stop Neve from buying every item she happens to see, and one major surprise they, including Jessica, don't even know about that will happen on Tuesday. I feel incredibly fortunate that Jessica's and my hard work over the years and fiscal discipline has allowed us to take such an amazing vacation with the kids. I didn't make it to Europe until I was 29 years old when Jessica and I went to Paris for our hon ...
Princess Kate is pregnant with twins. Can this day get any better?
Emily had a mini horse as a child & she named it princess muffin fluff 😂
"How Princess Diana Revolutionized The Royal Kitchen" and how Kate is following suit... -
there's another princess above. She loved you.
Got three questions in jeopardy. Solid. Although I did answer one with "princess what's her face" aka Kate Middleton
Whew!!! Found it!! I might be a little biased but - wow! No pics until prom but let's just say Princess Kate would approve!
Westminster Cathedral where both Princess Diana and Kate got married!
Jamming to Kate Nash with billy b princess👑
Drag yo feet thru our numbers again. YOU GON LEARN TODAY, Princess💪👏
thank god I'm so sorry I missed the wedding princess kicked my ***
Kate and I had a wonderful baby shower today thanks to Ashley Barnett and Lacey Lokey Hughes! Thank you ladies for all of your planning and hard work! It was absolutely wonderful! We are very lucky to have so many friends and family members to help celebrate the arrival of Princess Kate! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
I feel like a princess in my prom dress 😍💗👑
Kate Middleton sparkles in diamond choker and takes a fashion cue from Princess Diana
Going to a Disney princess party for Kate's birthday next week, I am so excited.
Proof that Kate Middleton is better than a Disney princess via
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