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Princess Diana

Diana, Princess of Wales (Diana Frances; née Spencer; 1 July 1961 - 31 August 1997) was the first wife of Charles, Prince of Wales, whom she married on 29 July 1981. She was also well known for her fund-raising work for international charities, and an eminent celebrity of the late 20th century.

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This would mean, of course, that the bodies buried in Princess Diana's and Dodi Al Fayed's graves actually belong to some…
Princess Diana listening to Gatwick Airport’s ATC in 1988 - the London Airport celebrated its 81st birthday today http…
reminds me so much of an american version of princess Diana it's unreal 💝
Princess Diana was murdered for loving a BROWN MAN: a conspiracy theory thread
Princes William, Harry celebrate 20 young people who best embody the ideals of their mother, the late Princess Diana
17. Princess Diana's accidental death was a ploy by the monarchy and Queen Mother so Prince Charles could remarry
Unfortunately, the fairy tale wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles did not lead to a happily ever after mar…
Prince William follows in the footsteps of Princess Diana by making a visit to Europe’s largest cancer hospital:
Prince William follows in footsteps of late mother Princess Diana by visiting Europe’s largest cancer hospital.
Princess Diana's former lover is fighting for his life in hospital
Seems Prince Harry's father is no longer 4 this world. Princess Diana's fmr love James Hewitt left fighting for life
Princess Diana's former lover James Hewitt is in hospital in a serious condition - full story here:…
Princess Diana"s exlover James Hewitt "fights for his life after heart attack"
Princess Diana's lover James Hewitt fights for life after heart attack and stroke
New Tumblr post: "Kurt Russel and William Baldwin meet Princess Diana at the royal..." Kurt Russel, actor, handsom…
"Well there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded."-Princess Diana: shade & dignity at its regal be…
Susan B. Anthony and Princess Diana promoting women's rights today!!!
As the 20th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana nears, a look back at her final days. Tonight 9/8c on
Princess Diana shakes hands with an AIDS patient without gloves. This was a profound gesture at the time, 1991. https:…
Poetry Foundation Pres Henry Bienen on his friend Princess Diana as the 20th anniversary of her death approaches
7 May 1990: Princess Diana attends a dinner given by the President of Hungary at the Parliament Building in Budapest h…
Princess Diana is getting the HBO documentary treatment with the help of her sons.
Honestly the world did not deserve Princess Diana
Diana was giving us a flirty look. Lmao. Yasss princess.
Topic of the Week: What In *** Do You Want? (A Small Tribute to the Late Princess Diana)
1996: Wearing a red Valentino dress and matching red silk shoes by Jimmy Choo, Princess Diana poses for a portrait by Pa…
A look back at Princess Diana in Chicago via
I am Diana -- Princess of Themyscira. charot. I'm just Diana, a wonder hooman
Princess Diana used the papz fascination with her to bring light to her charitable causes & show the world what was REALL…
Find out who really wanted to dance with instead of
If you find someone you love in your life, then hang on to that love. (Princess Diana)
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I believe Princess DIana was in Bosnia with Ken Rutherford on her last trip.
I was a kid when Princess Diana died. . Relearning this story as an adult is wildly intriguing. She was really a royal rebel.
This is actually a culturally/historically important dress. It's the first thing Princess Diana wore out after her divor…
Princess Diana tried to warn us about Donald Trump. FYI...He gives me the creeps too.
26 April 1983: Princess Diana attends a reception at an art gallery in Auckland, New Zealand during the 1983 Royal Tou…
Princess Diana's last 100 days and a vodka an Arnold happy place right now.
Prince Harry admits he sought counselling after failing to cope with Princess Diana's death
Diana is a Saint to me. Can never express my love nor how deeply I admire & miss our special, caring, brave…
Well, the episode on Princess Diana was wonderful. I last had the game on when it was 3-0. Huh. How about that.
thank u for such a good program on Princess Diana. It took me right back to that time and brought back a lot of memories.
God Bless you and keep you Princess Diana . You will never be forgotten . 💔❤️.
Being a princess isn't all it's cracked up to be. Princess Diana Edge Consultants Transition
Princess Diana helped create a better future for her sons and all people. She is an angel. She was my hero. She still…
Watching Princess Diana special.20 years later, and still crying over her death. :(
The White Garden, planted to honor Diana, Princess of Wales, has opened at Kensington Palace. htt…
I'm sorry but the only person that I feel bad for is Princess Diana. .
Too bad the Dateline isn't really a new murder mystery...just about princess Diana.
Paul Gascoigne kisses the hand of Princess Diana before the 1991 FA Cup Final.
Will catch investigation into Princess Diana's death. I can only imagine what life would be like if social media were around.
Princess Diana died about 36 hours before I was born. Am I her reincarnation?. We may never know
Absolutely riveting Dateline tonight about Princess Diana. What could have been!. William and Harry are truly her greatest Legacy.
im so close to crying, *** Princess Diana, that card that says "Mummy", oh god that got me.
Last official portraits taken of Princess Diana by Mario Testino go on display at her family home and resting place.
She's Princess Diana of Themyscira. She needed a hero so that's what she became ✨
always so interested in Princess Diana
im tired of hearing about princess Diana
I watched the Princess Diana Friday night special & 2 things at least were wrong. The note on Lady Di's casket was from Harry
As explains, it's hard to believe it's been 20 years since the people lost their princess...
Prince William and Prince Harry honor legacy of Princess Diana
Thanks for showcasing a true gem, Princess Diana. Teared up during that final 30 minutes. Her legacy lives on. She IS missed!
The world morned the death of Diana, Princess of Wales i could only think of her boys they William n Harry were the true losers
Ed Franklin Mint Princess of Style Diana of Wales plate by Drew Struzan
Is anyone else staying up till midnight watching this Dateline NBC piece on Princess Diana too? Lol I'm pretty lame
How sad! I feel sorry for Princess Diana. She was naive & troubled. She expected love & romance but was really just a baby maker
The must-see Princess Diana Special Event everyone will be talking about– The Last 100 Days of Diana –Sunday at 9/8c on ABC https:…
The life and death of Princess Diana... 9/8c
Maddie McCann has been found with Princess Diana in the Tower. Lord Lucan blew the secret.
Prince William and Prince Harry to celebrate Princess Diana in an documentary:
Prince William & Prince Harry will talk openly about their mom, Princess Diana, in a new project from
Compare these to the gorgeous, classy MET gowns we saw on Princess Diana and Jacqueline Lee…
Prince Harry reveals that he sought counseling after "total chaos" following Princess Diana's death:
Unmasked, Edward the Nazi King of England: Princess Diana's biographer reveals the Duke of Windsor's collusion...
22 April 1987: Princess Diana attends a fashion show at the Ritz Hotel in Madrid Spain during an official visit with P…
Duke & Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry talk about death of Princess Diana in new film
Royals talk with Cockney accents and describe 'trauma' of losing mum Princess Diana.
Prince William and Prince Harry opened up to Kate Middleton about the tragic death of their mother, Princess Diana.
You ever get sad that the last generation has Princess Diana and all we have is Kate Middleton?
Reagan had Alzheimer's while in WH. In 1986 exhibiting confusion, he called Princess Diana, Princess David.
An insightful piece by Princess Diana's private secretary & author of Patrick Jephson:
reveals he sought support following the loss of his mother, Princess Diana
Prince Harry said he suffered for years after Princess Diana's death, before finally getting counseling 3 years ago
Princess Diana's son, Prince Harry, reveals he had a tough time coping with her death.
Prince Harry opens up about struggles after losing Princess Diana when he was 12.
"I have probably been very close to a complete breakdown on numerous occasions..."
Prince Harry reveals shock mental health battle left him ‘Close to complete BREAKDOWN’
Garden dedicated to Princess Diana opens at Kensington Palace.
All that glitters are not gold. The rich also cry.
Princess Diana memorial garden opens in
Prince Harry revealed he sought counselling to cope with the death of his mother Princess Diana.
Of course he would! Princess Diana didn't die of "natural causes"! She was in a car accident, while being chas…
Prince Harry reveals he sought counseling 4 years ago to deal with the grief of losing his mother, Princess Diana
Prince Harry reveals struggles after Princess Diana's death
Prince Harry reveals he was close to 'breakdown' years after Princess Diana's death
Prince Harry reveals he sought counselling after Diana's death *
Prince Harry reveals mental 'chaos' as he battled grief over Princess Diana via
15 April 1997: Princess Diana wearing a Versace suit visits the Royal Brompton Hospital in London to see Cystic Fyb…
See an unguarded Princess Diana at her most laid back in five rarely seen photos.
Spock meets Princess Diana: Canadian quiz master cult following undeterred by his defeat…
Born Vamp Shift Queen Elizabeth II is my first mother at heart. Princess Diana is my first Real mom. And Sarah Ferg…
Prince Harry and Prince William to speak "in detail about their recollections of the days following Diana's death"…
You would hope Camilla had the dignity to not wear Princess Diana's jewelry, . especially considering how frumpy she looks…
My poem 'Callous Driveby', about the time I was crually snubbed by Princess Diana. Seriously.
Exciting news for the Disney obsessed 👙
Princes William and Harry are honoring Princess Diana with two TV documentaries:
Friends and family members to speak in two forthcoming documentaries about the life of Diana, Princess of Wales: https:/…
I don't go by the rule book. I lead from the heart and not the head. -- Princess Diana.
Prince Harry & Prince William are set to share memories of their mom in two new documentaries: htt…
Keenan went on a trip to an exhibition on the late Princess Diana and asked his Uncle Kevin what he thought of her.
Prince Harry honors Princess Diana in landmine speech:
Sensational claims are made about Prince Charles' relationship with Princess Diana in his new biography. Watch here:.
Prince Harry praises late mother Princess Diana in anti-landmine fight: ‘Please help me keep her word’
Prince Harry is asking for help in keeping Princess Diana's promise:
Prince Harry follows in Princess Diana's footsteps as he calls for landmine-free world by 2025. https…
Prince Harry pays tribute to Princess Diana at powerful charity appearance
creator spoke with us about tonight's Oscars recreation, S2's Princess Diana casting and more https:/…
Princess Diana's niece Lady Kitty Spencer wows in a little black number as she enjoys a day at the polo…
Princess Diana niece Lady Kitty Spencer enjoys a day of polo in Perth | Daily Mail Online
I'm watching Princess Diana: Behind Closed Doors Actually, watching the one on First Lady Jacqueline...
Princess Diana death anniversary 2015: Top 10 heart-touching quotes from Lady Di via
Old photos of Princess Diana and Prince Charles are blowing everyone's minds: via I thought NO Wedding Ring.
Michael Jackson and Princess Diana at his concert for the Prince's Trust in 1988. Two beautiful souls and hearts.💛
"I never really thought about death until Princess Diana died. That was the saddest funeral ever. That and my siste…
Inspired by Princess Diana, National Kindness Day is this week. Nominate a kind person for recognition:…
A look at the historical rooms in Princess Diana's former home:
Prince Charles reportedly wept the night before he married Princess Diana:
Princess Diana and Prince Charles were actually the same height
neither did Prince Charles and Princess Diana lol both pairs were/are useless
There's one thing you may not have noticed about photos of Princess Diana and Prince Charles
On his latest royal engagement, Prince Harry followed in Princess Diana's footsteps by championing an issue close...
Prince Harry follows in Princess Diana's footsteps, visiting an HIV charity in Leicester that she visited in 1991.
There’s something very wrong with this stamp of Prince Charles and Princess Diana
season 2 is going to deal with Prince Charles and Princess Diana.
‘The honeymoon was a perfect opportunity to catch up on sleep’: Princess Diana wrote after marrying Prince Charles👸🏼 htt…
Prince William and Kate's poignant visit to Paris, 20 years after Princess Diana's death:
Congratulations to William and Katherine on the birth of Princess Diana.
The media is releasing random Princess Diana stories to counter the wikileaks 'assasination by car' theories circulating.
Just finished watching about Princess Diana's life, brought back a lot of memories... remembering the past, you forget how young she was!
And also because Princess Diana died in a car accident and the things that I talk to are usually
I saw one slightly longer tail near to my neck was princess diana dragon soul right ?
Dodi Fayed's Father believes that Princess Diana and his Son were Murdered - what do you think?
Princess Diana's lover James Hewitt denies rumour he is Prince Harry's father
Princess Diana's ex denied in a recent interview that he's Prince Harry's real dad:
Yeah yeah.alls I'm sayin' is.there's no ginger in the Windsor family. . ✨😂✨.
Diana was 'easy to fall in love with'.
Paul Burrell claims Kate Middleton has 'an easier life' thanks to Princess Diana via
"Yeah, Princess Diana died on my birthday.". *messes up her own birthday*. ***
IMAGE: Princess Diana in 1991 shaking hands with an AIDS patient without wearing gloves, which was widely considered da…
When you are happy you can forgive a great deal. ~ Princess Diana rt
I added a video to a playlist WATCH - Princess Diana’s Former Lover James Hewitt on Rumors He’s
Princess Diana's former butler Paul Burrell reveals he is
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Did you know this? You might want to grab a box of tissues.
Princess Diana's former lover James Hewitt speaks out. .
+Princess Diana's former lover James Hewitt speaks out
springing from the limousine like a gazelle after Charles's Bashir interview .
Diana, Princess of Wales, 36, Died in a Crash in Paris. It is such a shame that we do not look after such great ind…
Princess Diana still visits her butler Paul Burrell in dreams
Feud exclusive: Ryan Murphy talks the latest episode and casting Princess Diana for season 2 -……
Princess Diana's former lover, James Hewitt, has spoken out about the rumours surrounding Prince Harry's...
New post (James Hewitt made bold headlines just before Princess Diana 20th death ...) has been published on Vi ...…
'I've got Princess Diana letters you've NEVER seen' Paul Burrell drops BOMBSHELL
Princess Diana's former lover James Hewitt denies he? Can we not leave this now! 😡😡enough! 😡
Princess Diana created Kensington Palace 'mancave' with beer, football and a massive TV for heart surgeon lover - …
Princess Diana's former lover speaks out on affair
Princess Diana created Kensington Palace 'mancave' for heart surgeon lover
'I'm not Harry's dad' James Hewitt opens up ahead of 20th anniversary of Princess Diana's death
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
I see this & wonder what Princess Diana would have thought. Or Katherine Hepburn. You know, tasteful, elegant authe…
Amazing! thinking about past auto accidents with the latest Wikileaks ?!?! . Just to name a couple Princess Diana and Paul Walker?!?!
Guarding Diana: My Journeys with Diana, Princess of Wales by via
FUN FACT: was the late Princess Diana's favorite band. They played at the memorial concert for her at Wem…
Princess Diana's butler Paul Burrell is to wed lawyer Graham Cooper after divorcing his wife Maria last year, according…
How do we know princess Diana had dandruff? via /r/Jokes
Paul Burrell to marry his boyfriend. .
3 March 1988: Princess Diana & the Marchioness of Douro at The Cafe Royal for The Guinness Trust Annual Lunch
Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward ... - Princess Diana
Princess Diana's butler Paul Burrell comes out as *** and set to marry lawyer boyfriend via
“Family is the most important thing in the world.” -Princess Diana. We agree! keeps families close in > 60 countries.
Paul Burrell, former butler of Princess Diana is marrying his *** lover nine months after splitting from his wife .
Season 2 of set to follow Prince Charles and Princess Diana
Ryan Murphy will take on Prince Charles and Princess Diana's split in next Feud series
Everything we know about Ryan Murphy's new show about Princess Diana and Prince Charles.
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March 1, 1991: Prince Charles & Princess Diana with Prince William on his first official engagement~St. David's Day in…
'Feud' Renewed for Season 2, To Focus on Princess Diana & Prince Charles via
Feud season 2 will focus on Prince Charles and Princess Diana.
FEUD season two will follow Princess Diana and Prince Charles; Tony nominee Jon Robin Baitz to pen script
So... They're making a season 2 of Fued that's going to focus on Prince Charles and Princess Diana... I'm shook
'Feud' to focus on Prince Charles and Princess Diana next season
Holy s--t, season two will focus on Prince Charles and Princess Diana. (MY DVR JUST SET ITSELF)
Tony nominee to write 2nd season with Ryan Murphy about Princess Diana & Prince Charles
Princess Diana and Prince Charles will be the subject of Season 2.
Princess Diana’s Dresses on Display at Kensington Palace via
Dresses that tell a story: Princess Diana’s life in fashion
Princess Diana's most famous outfits on display at Kensington Palace. Report on 7 News at 4pm and 6pm.…
Incredible look inside the wardrobe of Princess Diana, with some of her most captivating gowns about to go on show.…
Princess Diana's dresses go on display in London, 20 years after her death
Evolution of Princess Diana’s Style from designers who knew her
RIP Steve Hewlett, presenter of The Media Show and producer of Panorama's interview with Princess Diana.
In addition to Nostradamus prophecies written about Taylor, . Nostradamus also wrote prophecies about Princess Diana
*insert Elton John, Princess Diana, Elizabeth Taylor, Pia Wurtzbach, this is a fundraising for HIV awareness gif.
New post (Cutest Moments of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana her face expressions ...) has been published on -…
For those that are confused - I found the 4th Mazarin on a waxwork of "Princess Diana" (who?) and quickly discovered that I…
Prince William and Kate to make poignant visit to Paris, 20 years after Princess Diana’s death
Grace Kelly-inspired gown worn by Princess Diana to 1987 Cannes Film Festival to go on display in Kensington Palac…
See the Fingerprints Prince William and Prince Harry Left Behind on Mom Princess Diana's Dress via
Princess Diana's stunning gowns to go on display at Kensington Palace
Here is your exclusive first look inside the much-anticipated “Diana: Her Fashion Story” exhibition at Kensington. https…
- Princess who wore her heart on her sleeve: Diana's dresses, Diana: Her Fashion...
Society beauty: Princess Diana's niece Lady Kitty Spencer stepped out at the Julien Macdonald c…
I always loved Princess Diana but not so much Diana Prince.
OMG just to think Princess Diana and Prince Charles...
the only WW I cape for are Sandra Graham, Princess Diana, Lea Michele, & Leighton Meester. 💗
Princess Diana’s most memorable outfits are going on display
"Everyone needs to be valued. Everyone has the potential to give something back.". - Diana Princess of Wales
Added princess Diana on Xbox, but she spends most of the time on the dashboard
Princess Diana's most memorable outfits go on display at palace by
A new exhibit in London traces Princess Diana’s style from a shy earl’s daughter to an international fashion icon. https:/…
Princess Diana's fashion legacy to be celebrated at Kensington Palace
'Royal uniforms'The Kensington Palace exhibition will bring together clothing from throughout Princess Diana's life.
Princess Diana's changing fashion style explored in exhibition
Prince Harry behaves so normal for a British royal. Princess Diana's spirit lives on.
They did that with Princess Diana (I think) and Elizabeth Taylor and those were trash too, like, stop
Princess Diana, David Bowie, George Michael & Elton John at the "Feed the World" Live Aid concert at Wembley Stadiu…
Princess Diana's diamond necklace is on sale and could be yours. If you have a couple of millions to spare >>…
Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued a 'call to action' to British citizens to announce Princess Diana was...
Advice on wedding dress shopping from David Emanuel, designer of that dress for Princess Diana. via
Katrina Kaif joins the league of Princess Diana, Scarlett Johanson, Angelina Jolie, Kate Moss - here's how
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
BREAKING: A statue of Princess Diana will be erected in the grounds of Kensington Palace this year at the request of Princes W…
Princes to mark Diana anniversary with statue
Nice to hear a statue of Princess Diana is being put at Kensington Palace. She was truly the best. 👏🏽❤️
⚡️ “Princess Diana statue commissioned by her sons”.
New statue for Princess Diana Harry and William pay touching tribute 20 years after death
with ・・・. A statue of Diana, Princess of Wales will be…
It's hoped that the Princess Diana statue will be unveiled before the end of 2017.
Princess Diana: Sons to commission statue for 20th anniversary of death
‘Our mother touched so many lives’: How Princes William and Harry will honor the late Princess Diana:
Prince William and Prince Harry commission statue to mark 20th anniversary of Princess Diana's death
BBC News - Princess Diana: Princes commission statue 20 years after her death
UK Princes William and Harry say they will erect statue to late mother Princess Diana
Princess Diana to receive a statue at Kensington Palace, 20 years after her death.
My brother tags me in anything related to Princess Diana's death just to make me sad and angry
1. With the support of The Queen, Prince William and Prince Harry are commissioning a statue of their mother, Diana…
I've been speaking to her through the power of rooster meditation and Princess Diana is not happy with how things are going with TrumpBrexit
Princess Diana statue to be erected at Kensington Palace
Click here: Diana Hayes - Lovely princess proves she is no longer shy
Princes to mark 20th anniversary with statue of Princess Diana
In memory of Princess Diana a floral tribute of white roses & forget-me-nots called The White Garden will be plante…
Princes William and Harry to erect statue to honour Princess Diana at Kensington Palace. via
Prince Charles & Princess Diana ride the Nut Mobile at the Big Pineapple, 1983
How the new permanent memorial to Princess Diana could look at Kensington Palace
20 years after Princess Diana's death, her sons are commissioning a statue built in her honor at Kensington Palace:
Royals commission Princess Diana statue 20 years after her death via
Princess Diana statue to be erected on the grounds of Kensington Palace
Princes William and Harry to build statue in honour of Princess Diana at Palace pic:AAP ht…
01-23 Prince Harry opens up about late mother Princess Diana...
Prince Harry 'regrets not speaking about Princess Diana's death'
According to a batch of newly discovered letters written by Princess Diana, Prince Harry was "constantly in trouble at schoo…
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Meghan Markle cuts short India trip with Princess Diana charity over security fears
The fall of the Berlin Wall, aged 10 later the death of Princess Diana, two weeks before my debs.
I've seen posts comparing Ivanka to Princess Diana and Melania to Jackie Kennedy. Excuse me while I vomit.
I think Mr.Archer is referring to the 100 Sachin scored in the Princess Diana memorial match. Hes too big of a fan…
I think the biggest disease the world suffers from in this day and age is the disease of people feeling unloved. Princess Diana
I'm sorry but you're not about to compare her to princess Diana to someone who steals an entire speech from a more…
Kensington Palace, Princess Diana's house check out the back garden 😂
'Princess Diana was my gateway drug to life-long clothes addiction’ —
“He gives me the creeps” - Diana, Princess of Wales on Donald Trump
Let me introduce you my niece ❤️ she is Diana, she's 4 days old 😍 she is the cutest little princess 😊she stole my heart…
Princess Diana, loud social activist, is rolling in her grave
Here are some facts about the late Princess Diana Death
Sachin did score a century (125 runs) at Lord's in Princess Diana Memorial Match in July 1999. 😀😝🙏
Blasphemy. Princess Diana was in a league of her own.
PLEASE. Do not compare her to Princess Diana.. It's insulting to the UK 🙈
he will not make the 4 years. He will be bumped of Princess Diana style of JFK.
Just heard on that is being compared to Princess Diana
Today is a good day to be kind! Carry out a random act of kindness..." Princess Diana
Can't believe y'all comparing this harlot to Princess Diana
Jackie Kennedy and Princess Diana would have worn a broach with that suit- that's all.
In fact Sachin did score a century at Lords. It was princess Diana memorial match in 1999.
They've been salivating for this crap. Seeing Princess Diana comparisons too.
Princess Diana receives an E.T. doll from Drew Barrymore, Henry Thomas, Robert MacNaughton and Spielberg at the London E.…
Unseen letter to a friend from Princess Diana revealed her fears over her biography
hmm... I think it may be Selena's death. But very vague memories. Lewinsky, Princess Diana, and Elián González I re…
Prince William and Harry Support Diana Award in Honour of Princess Diana's 20th Death Anniversary
Kate Middleton channels Princess Diana in a cobalt blue Eponine London coat... by via
Meet Lady Kitty Spencer, Princess Diana's niece and the most entertaining royal today:
Princess Diana letters to a palace steward have sold for loads of money in Cambridge.
This is very troubling to read about the Late Princess Diana .No scruples .
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