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Prince William

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge (William Arthur Philip Louis; born 21 June 1982), is the elder son of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Diana, Princess of Wales, and third eldest grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

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Sep 14, 2012 - Prince William speaks at a business luncheon hosted by the British Malaysia Chamber of Commer…
Oh I love this . First day to school .Prince William and his dearest son Prince George. Love you Princess Diana.
Chris Jackson shot this handout photo released by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge showing Prince William, the Duke…
First day high! UK's four-year-old Prince George arrives on first day of school with father, Prince William
Prince William holds 4-year-old son Prince George's hand as he walks him to his very first day of school.
WATCH: Prince George walks hand in hand with Prince William on his first day of school
Happy first day of school, Prince George! 📚✏️ See the little royal arrive alongside Prince William. htt…
Britain's Prince George has started his first day of school. He was dropped off by his father, Prince William, the Duke of Cambrid…
Tell ya what Prince William barely waits for Kates stitches to dissolve before his sticks his ginger pipe in again does he…
French magazine ordered to pay €100,000 in damages to Prince William & Kate’s published…
on board! Congrats to Duchess Kate, Prince William, Prince George and Princess Charlotte!
Princess Kate & Prince William expecting baby no. 3!
Like any good American, I bet you knew that Prince William and Princess Kate are pregnant with their third child.
Prince William, Princess Kate's 3rd baby to be 5th in line to throne
What happened in your brain when Prince William & Princess Kate announced baby no.3?
Prince William and Princess Kate expecting 3rd baby
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Prince William says things were 'a bit anxious' at the start of Kate's third pregnancy:
Heh, Prince William and Harry made Trump look like a little chump today...$100 milli…
No he did not. He said he would. But no check yet. But funny Prince William an…
"Very, very happy" - Prince Harry reacts to news that Prince William and the Duchess are expecting their third child
LIVE: PM Narendra Modi hosts musical lunch for Prince William and
IT'S OFFICAL! Kate Middleton and Prince William have JUST announced baby news... 👶❤️
Kate Middleton, and her husband Prince William have officially announced that they are expecting their third child
There's another royal baby on the way: Kate Middleton and Prince William are expecting their third child!
There will soon be a third royal baby! Congrats, Prince William and Kate!
Are you accusing Prince William of rape you evil horrible bloody beastly ghastly thing you!!
FULL VIDEO for the culture. People that live in the Prince William Town Center neighborhood WATCH OUT FOR *** LIKE THIS…
Non-working woman in public housing pregnant AGAIN. All depends on how you frame argument, doesn't it?
What did prince William whatsapp you with the crack like?
Royal siblings George and Charlotte will be having a new playmate in a few months’ time.
Prince William and Kate are expecting baby 🎉🎊🎉.
Congratulations are in order for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
The road is now clear we will vote u u are our president Peter Munya. Prince William and Kate. National Assembl…
Prince William and wife Kate expecting third child
Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton are expecting their third child...
Is this the moment Kate cheekily revealed she was pregnant with baby number three as she joked to Prince Wills?
Just stating now that I think 'Prince William and his 3 children' should instead be known as 'Baldilocks and the 3 heirs…
Palace announces Prince William, Kate expecting third child (from
Here good to see where england and wales went to they are lost!. Britain's Prince William, Kate Expecting Third Child
Prince William & Kate Middleton will soon have 3 more children than the elected leaders of France, Italy, Germany & UK c…
Prince William knowing his paternity leave is coming as the World Cup kicks off.
say what you want about Prince William but he looks like he packs a king sized white pudding
Me: Prince William and Kate are having another baby. Wife: So?. Me: Maybe we should, too. Wife: Become a prince and…
Congratulations on the 3rd expected child of Prince William and Kate Middleton!
"People assumed she would want to have three" - the latest on Prince William and Kate Middleton's news on
Kate Middleton is pregnant! The Princess is expecting her third child with Prince William. Watch more on PEN:
Another is coming! Here's what Prince William and Kate Middleton are really like as parents—>…
Prince William & Kate Middleton are expecting baby Can't wait for the cute pics à la Princess Charlotte
HUGE baby news! Kate Middleton is PREGNANT with her and Prince William's third child 👶
Kate Middleton and Prince William are expecting a third child.
Another royal baby on the way: Princess Kate, Prince William expecting again
Princess Diana was not your typical royal mother -- and that had a huge impact on Prince William and Prince Harry
20 years since the death of Princess Diana. My love goes to Prince William and Prince Harry today. 💖.
Prince William admits "I wanted her to be proud of the person I would become"
Prince William and Harry make surprise visit to scene of Diana tributes, 20 years on
This is how much it costs to live like Prince William, Prince Harry, and Duchess Kate for a year
Prince William & Prince Harry leave tribute to at the gates of Kensington Palace. 📸 /Shut…
Prince William and Prince Harry pay tribute to Princess Diana before the 20th anniversary of her death: ht…
Thank you, Prince William and Prince Harry! You are true humanitarians!
ARCHIVE: 20 years ago the Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry were at Balmoral when Princess Diana
Prince William and Prince Harry visit the many tributes to their mother, Princess Diana, at the gates of Kensi…
WATCH: Prince William and Prince Harry reveal why their mother Princess Diana was so special
This impromptu tribute during Prince William and Prince Harry's visit to Diana’s White Garden will break your hear…
BREAKING NEWS: Prince William and Harry donates $100 million to Hurricane Harvey Victims
Prince William's sexy ski dancer Sophie Taylor lusted after Harry in schoo
Prince William and Prince Harry lay flowers outside Kensington Palace, in memory of their mother Diana.
Prince William and Prince Harry to pay tribute to Diana with statue in Kensington Palace
Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge as a young child in a garden of his home, Kensington Palace
These three will never serve their country in the military. Unlike Prince Harry and Prince William of Great Britain…
Accident: NB on I-95 at MM153 in Prince William Co. 2 travel lanes closed. Potential Delays.11:22PM
You would love to be even half the chopper pilot His Highness Prince William is.
I hate it: Prince William Windsor been criticised for saying he cannot recall a catchy tune.
Prince William has actually being working in the Air Ambulance service no…
Princes William and Harry defend Prince Charles and Queen's decision to shield them following Princess Diana's death
Princes William and Harry have opened up about the traumatic events surrounding the death of their mother.
‘NUMB’: Prince William speaks for the first time about his mother Princess Diana’s tragic death.
Prince William and Prince Harry want to highlight their mother's incredible charity work
Much respect to the future king of England, Prince William, and his brother, Prince Harry.
Prince William of Gloucester is killed in the crash of a Piper Cherokee Arrow during the Gordonwood Trophy race.…
'Numb' Prince William recounts his feelings on hearing about death of Princess Diana
I actually feel for Prince Harry and prince william, when they talk about their mother every year
That wedding was better than prince William and Princess Kate
Prince William 'felt Diana was walking beside us' after her death 20 years ago
Prince William opened up about his mother's funeral
Watching this I feel so guilty we the public asked so much of Prince William & Harry at such a traumatic time https…
20 years ago, Prince Harry and Prince William's mum Princess Diana died. This is how Newsbeat covered that day.
Prince William: the fight against 'murderous' gangs 'must be won for the sake of all of us'
Get the feeling Prince Harry has been waiting 20 years to say what he's saying about the press. Much respect to him & Wil…
Prince William's moving account of how his mother's death, in a car crash 20 years ago, affected him. 📺 Diana, 7 Days, 7:30pm…
Prince Harry and Prince William's candid interviews reveal what really happened after their mother's death.
Prince William`s son looks just like Princess Diana`s brother , it`s crazy!
Prince William and Prince Harry open up about the days following their mother's death.
All the sentimental jewelry Prince William has given Kate Middleton:
Prince William and Kate Middleton might be expecting a third baby! Get the TEA on this royal couple!…
Prince William: Queen shielded us from public grief after Diana's death
The further away from UK, the more incredulous this sort of gushing sycophantic dross looks. Shame on .
Prince William warned to 'keep an eye' on kids' eating disorders
Prince William 'hid behind hair' at Diana's funeral -
Prince Harry: Charles 'was there for us' when Diana died . by
young prince william looked like he belonged on gossip girl. my girlhood is trembling.. SKSNSN
"Prince William speaks about Diana's bulimia for the first time:
I added a video to a playlist Emotional Prince William takes Kate, George and Charlotte to Princess
As for Prince William if Charles cared for Diana he should of said so when she was alive n none of us peasants asked u to vigil in public
Disabled Vehicle: WB on I-66 at MM47 in Prince William Co. Right shoulder closed. Potential Delays.11:46PM
Prince William is proud of his mother for speaking out about her eating disorder 22 years ago: ht…
Until tonight, my sister had no idea that Prince William & Prince Harry were the sons of Princess Diana 😵😑😤
The Royal couple - Prince William and his wife, Catherine arrived in Warsaw [LIVE]. .
How Prince William and Kate Middleton bucked tradition on their royal German and Polish tour.
23 August 1993: Princess Diana on holiday in Disneyworld Florida with Prince William and Prince Harry
Prince William 'understands' why Diana went on Panorama via
Prince William of Gloucester is a historical hottie that needs a thread 😭
Prince William and Harry reveal reaction to Diana's death via
'You didn't even know her': Prince William on his confusion over public grief for Diana -
12 times Prince William and Kate Middleton engaged in a rare round of PDA:
Prince William reveals SHOCK at 'grief-stricken' mourners after Diana's death .
Harry and William Open Up About the Moment They Learned of Diana's Death — as They Defend Their Father
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Are on Holiday With the Queen
William reveals he 'hid from thousands of mourners behind his hair' as he walked behind coffin at Diana's funeral
Prince William says he is proud that his mother, Princess Diana, spoke about her battle with bulimia.
Prince William & Harry's new interview (airing Sunday) about their father Prince Charles on front pages. . Pics
Prince William, Kate and the Queen are all vacationing together in Scotland
John Boyega might have just confirmed Prince William and Prince Harry‘s appearance in
BBC documentary Diana, 7 Days could be 'the last time' Prince William and Harry speak on Princess Dia…
Prince William and Prince Harry have given their "final word" on Princess Diana in new…
Do you think Prince William should be king over Charles?
DID YOU SEE? A first for Prince William and Prince Charles -
Prince William broke royal protocol for an important reason
Ever wonder why Prince William isn't supposed to travel in the same vehicle as his children? Here's your answer!
Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, the Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George and Princess Charlotte on the…
The one royal rule Kate Middleton Duchess Of Cambridge and Prince William always 'break' with Princess Charlotte……
Great evening at the Prince William County Fair with my babies!! And yep...we ate our way around the fair:...
Prince Charles and William have made a rare appearance together for a night: via
The royal family isn't really supposed to fly together:
The one rule Wills and Kate break with their kids via
Board of Education to all schools in Prince William county. You are not one to be around children, and t…
Take a lesson from Bonnie Prince Charles. Just a pat on the back for William.
I added a video to a playlist The reason Prince William isn’t actually meant to fly on the same
Dominion may seek to build power lines along I-66 amid opp. to route in Prince William near descendants of ex slave
[Daily Mail]The pair were seen tasting a dram of whisky to mark the opening of tonight’s…
Prince William police have found skimming devices at 5 ATMs in the Woodbridge area in the past week!
That's the spirit! Prince William puts a brave face on as he downs a dram of whisky: ผ่าน
NEWS JUST OUT !!! Prince william and kate to take the throne of England( and you know what that means!)
reflects on funeral in new documentary: ‘I felt she was walking along beside us’…
Smiling Prince William steps out with Prince Charles for Edinburgh Military Tattoo.
(Prince William regarding trophy hunting) claims it is OK if the animal is infertile or past... - Morrissey https:…
Princes William and Harry have spoken candidly about their mother's funeral, as part of a new documentary marking...
Come to Prince William Forest Park’s annual Heritage Festival on Saturday, Sept. 16 at Cabin Camp 4 to celebrate the heri…
Prince William County School Board Chairman Ryan Sawyers wants to change the names of a high school and middle...
Disabled Vehicle: SB on I-95 at MM152 in Prince William Co. Left shoulder closed. Potential Delays.9:20PM
Police find five ATM skimming devices in Prince William in a week
A look at the best jewelry Prince William has gifted to Kate Middleton over the years:
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You and William are my nephews, I am sorry I grounded you both. All of our lives are in danger. We keep to ground for now.
“It felt she was almost walking along beside us to get us through it,” said Prince William.
Good time at the annual Prince William County Fair outing and the demolition derby with emw.76…
Prince Charles and Prince William have attended the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.
The reason Prince William isn't actually meant to fly on the same plane as George and Charlotte…
& make a joint appearance tonight at Castle..on the Blog 🤣
It's past time to remove Stonewall Jackson from schools in Prince William County
Prince William felt Diana with him at her funeral
- Sophie Taylor: The model who lunched with Prince William, Australian model Sop...
This is my favourite picture of Prince William.
Surprisingly good move by their Queen. At least she didn't send Prince Charles to the tower as in olden days.
So, I heard that The Queen has stated that Prince William will be the successor ? Is this true ? Have you heard ?
The Prince William County Fair begins on August 11th. Many of us have such great memories attending as a kid!... http…
If William succeeds Elizabeth and something happens to him, Prince George will become the first child leader of a nation sinc…
Description: I-95 at MM 158.2 - County of Prince William, Potential Delays - - disabled vehicle. The SB right shoulder is closed. Last…
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Prince William And Kate Never Hold Hands In Sharing this because for some reason I found this rather unusual. ?
No, Queen Elizabeth did not pass the crown to Prince William via
Join the Prince William County Leaders and community at Let's Talk About It---next month!!
So the Queen of England has declared Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton to be the next king and queen
No, Prince William is not the king of England yet
Is the Queen really naming Prince William and Kate as her heirs?
Prince William should be king. Prince Charles is dull and a dope!
Prince William & Kate soon to be King & Queen of England; Prince Charles skipped over, bummer! 😱…
Queen Elizabeth officially announced that she will be passing down her crown to her grandson Prince William and... https…
Prince William and Kate cheer Wales to victory at Rugby World Cup
Prince Harry and Prince William's brotherly love will make you all 😍😍😍
Two women are accused of cutting a man multiple times at a hotel in southeastern Prince William County.
That's the Daily Star saying that Prince William is shagging his maw in the body of another woman.
last one of the set. Not a bad day all-in-all. Must put me in the lead in our little game?! 😉
Here are some pictures of Prince William and Prince Harry twinning while playing polo:
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
How William and Harry are following in their mother's footsteps.
title collage, bottom right wide shot of EAAA with HRH Wills sat on floor of chopper.
Everyone is OBSESSED with what Queen Elizabeth drinks - and there's a very good reason why
Juno winner William Prince talks songwriting, fatherhood and more in our 20 Questions blog series. htt…
Someone should tell Anne Green to mind her own *** business. . via
Prince William supervisors hear options for new animal shelter
Prince William, and Prince Harry get real about grief and mental health:
Prince William and Princess Kate urged to stop having kids in name of climate change: Progressives…
Does Prince Charles pick up his duties or Prince William?
O, only way autocratic dictatorship of can be removed is thru ARMS (fact not suggestions)
Taxpayers dodged a bullet on that one. There’s no reason they should be forced to subsidize sports stadiums.…
Battle of Britain hero who once gave Prince William a ticking off dies aged 99
Perfect time for to be entering into as the county has been booming with data center space:
Abolishing the monarchy is something we need to do
Gone Fishing! Don't you wish you could hang that sign on your door instead of working? Well, we're not telling you…
If a sports team really wants a new stadium, taxpayers shouldn’t be stuck footing the bill! .
Princess Charlotte of Cambridge's royal life in photos:
Good news! Orphan rhinos rescued from monsoon floods are doing well in Kaziranga, India
Rural residents sue to prevent mosque in Prince William County | WTOP via
The Diana tapes prove we have to abolish the monarchy
I was impressed with this documentary and how Prince William and Harry both talked about their grief for their...
Princess Diana's former butler, Paul Burrell, says the controversial tapes will upset Prince William and Prince…
The first time I met her, I was playing golf at Balmoral. Prince William talks about his mother - Princess Dianna.
I'm already a wreck watching this Princess Diana show. Prince William and Prince Harry are so eloquent and brave to…
UK's Prince William steps down from ambulance job to become full-time royal - Daily Mail
Prince William retires from air ambulance service
DavidJo52951945 "Prince William steps down from his air ambulance job to become a full time Royal
Prince William (35) will begin his last shift as an air ambulance pilot today. Worried about your retirement date…
Prince William prepares for final shift as rescue pilot Breaking News
What an honour it's been. Thank you for working with us. http…
Prince William and Prince Harry recount their final conversation with their mother, Princess Diana.
Prince William has his final shift as an air ambulance pilot later before he carries out royal duties full time
Prince William leaves pilot job for UK royal duties
Today Prince William will work his last day as an air ambulance pilot before committing to his royal duties full-time
Princess Diana’s brother hits out at ‘Palace lies’ which led to Prince William and Harry’s…
Prince William tells of 'pride' as he prepares to hang up his flight suit ahead of his final shift as air ambul...
EXCLUSIVE: Prince William shares his 'profound respect' for East Anglian Air Ambo colleagues ahead of final shift
Prince William is to retire from the air ambulance service in order to turn his full attention to royal duties
Serco beats US rivals to Obamacare contract in Prince William, Virginia owned by Prince William in England.. why?
Here's how you can apply to work for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry
Duke of Cambridge prepares for final helicopter pilot shift ahead of full-time royal duty
Dallas Cowboys player Lucky Whitehead charged with petty larceny, failure to appear in court in Prince William...
Prince William and Prince Harry reveal their regrets over final phone call with late mother Princess Diana:
Princess Diana's death was 'like an Earthquake', Prince William remembers
Prince William tells us why he & Harry spoke so openly in Diana documentary & why they'll never do it again https:…
Prince Harry: 'She was one of the naughtiest parents': Prince William and Harry open up…
Prince William and Harry reveal heartbreak of cutting short final phone call to Princess Diana.
Prince William and Harry deeply regret their last conversation with mum Princess Diana.
William and Harry discuss the rawness of talking about mother Diana
'They spat at her': Prince William on Diana's paparazzi
Prince George is four years old - here's what Kate and William need to do now.
Prince William reveals how the paparazzi treated Diana
Does anyone else see toddler Prince George in this pic of young William?
William reveals how ‘cheeky’ embarrassed him with supermodel surprise at home
Prince William and Harry reveal the final time they spoke to their mother Princess Diana vía
Princes William and Harry give candid TV interview about their grief for Diana, 20 years after her death | WATCH
The heartbreaking last call between Diana and boys
"A tribute from her sons to her" Prince William opens up in 'Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy'
‘I’ll regret it forever’ Prince William reveals heartbreaking last call from Diana
"It was her speaking from Paris, I can't really necessarily remember what I said but all I do remember..."
Prince William and Harry regret 'rush' to finish phone call with Diana on the day she died.
PRINCE WILLIAM and Harry have opened up about their mother Diana to celebrate her life and legacy. Daily Express...
Prince William and Harry admit losing Diana is ‘still raw’ in tear-jerking new documentary
I have utmost respect for Princes and who lost too young and do her memory proud every day.
10 photos that prove Prince William and Prince George look exactly alike https:…
- Latest from the Chronicle 'It sticks in my mind' - Prince William and Harry speak of last conver...
Harry and Will’s regret over final chat with mum via
Princes William&Harry open up about their Mum in this new doc.
Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry reveal last phone call with mother 20 years after Princess Diana's death
Prince William, Kate Middleton, Charlotte and George's royal tour: The highlights from Poland and Germany…
All the highlights from Prince William and Kate’s royal tour of Poland and Germany
Photos: Prince William, Kate wrap up royal tour
Kate Middleton and Prince William share loving look in Berlin dance hall visit | Royal
Prince William and Kate toast rowing showdown with local lager on busy German tour .
Kate and Prince William shared the sweetest moment today after going head-to-head in a competitive race...…
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PICS: Prince William and Duchess Catherine learn to make pretzels.
Prince William punches the air as he crosses finish line beating Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton and Prince William laugh as they go head-to-head in boat race during Germany visit…
Kate Middleton swaps her sunny dress for stripes as she competes against Prince William in…
Kate Middleton's VERY different life before marrying Prince William and becoming a member of the royal family……
Prince William trounces Kate in boat race in Germany
Prince William, Kate Middleton on a three-day visit to Germany...
Prince William and Kate Middleton grin as they hug and high five mob of children at garden party in Germany ♥️
Prince William promises firm friendship with Germany post-Brexit
Kate Middleton and Prince William just matched–and this may be the prettiest color Kate Middleton has ever worn
Kate Middleton and Prince William prepare for second day of German royal tour
Prince William and Prince Harry will speak openly about their mother in the forthcoming special.
Kate Middleton and Prince William royal visit to Germany and Poland
Prince William and Kate Middleton Take the Family to Europe: Their Royal Tour of Poland and Germany Every Step of…
Duchess Kate jokes with Prince William about having 'more babies'
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Here is what Kate Middleton and Prince William have been up to in Poland this week:
Kate Middleton and Prince William visibly moved by Nazi camp horrors after seeing 500,000 executed prisoners’ d
Prince William and Kate Middleton visited the Stutthof camp in Poland today. Learn about one survivor's time there: ht…
This is happening too:. Kate Middleton and Prince William visit Gdansk during tour | Daily Mail Online…
Prince George steals the show - Britain's Prince William and his royal family are touring Poland and ...
See how Prince William is away to Germany? Is Harry banned from Germany now?
Hold on to that! Hold on tighter than Prince William and the wisps of hair!
he looks better than Prince William... Now that's a guy who didn't age well at all.
“We admire Poland as a remarkable example of courage, fortitude and resilience.".
Royal family: Prince William has launched a charm offensive in Poland: via
Trending: Kate Middleton and Prince William 'joke' about having another baby. see more
"We in the UK value our links with Poland enormously," says Prince William at a garden party in Warsaw to mark the Quee…
📷 thecambridgees: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge arrives with Prince William, Duke of Cambridge to...
Kate Middleton & Prince William: The royals have some laughs at a Tech…
Unbelievable experience!!! I got to shake prince William hand and I was able to talk to royal highness for few minutes! 💥💥💥 ht…
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Princess Diana's LAST CHAT with sons revealed as expert lifts lid on Harry still grieving | Daily Star:
Prince William, Kate on Brexit diplomacy tour of Poland, Germany -
Prince William: Poland a token of courage and determination. . 🇵🇱🇬🇧
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