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Prince Philip

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (born Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark 10 June 1921) is the husband of Elizabeth II.

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Las Vegas shooting: Queen & Prince Philip send condolences to victims of 'terrible attack' .
A message from Her Majesty and Prince Philip about the tragic shooting in Las Vegas. Please keep all the victims...
The Queen and Prince Philip have sent a message of condolence to US President Donald Trump over the Las Vegas shootings
And my ex looks like a young Prince Philip, which is why I'd think he's a hunk, too.
When a opens a door for his wife, it's either a new car or a new wife - Prince Philip 😂
A message from Her Majesty The Queen to the President of the United States of America. Prince Philip and I were sa…
The lifeguard at my placement reminds me of a live version of prince Philip ... like I cannnot 🤤😭
I wonder if is still keeping time with his 2k quid watch that was a gift from a Saudi prince?
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip released a short statement.
The Crown season 2: Matt Smith SHOCKS with bearded new look as Prince Philip
Princess Marina, The Duchess of Kent and Princess Alexandra with Prince Philip in the box at Wembley Stadium…
Prince Philip and the Queen - and their pit pony - when they lived in Ashington in the 1960s.
Abbott: When I become PM, I'm going to give Prince Philip a knighthood and make Bronwyn the Speaker. Abetz: Go home Tony, yo…
It seems like Prince Philip disliked Blair as much as everyone else
Prince Philip 'told Blair spin doctors to f*** off when they said William and Harry should walk behind Diana's cof…
If only Prince Tampon kept it in his pants .
Prince Philip's four letter fury over Diana: via
Prince Philip told Blair's people to 'f*** off' over princes walking behind Diana's coffin
Prince Philip the Greek - the doner kebab of the exotic food world...
Prince Philip's gaffes from decades on royal duty -
Coronation ceremony of Elizabeth II from 1953. The first live royal broadcast on BBC arranged by Prince Philip.
The Duke of Edinburgh reportedly told Tony Blair's communications team to "f*** off" during a row over Princess...
Prince Philip told No 10 officials to ‘f*** off’ after it was suggested the princes walk behind Diana’s coffin 👸🏼
As Prince Philip waves goodbye, perhaps it's time for Queen Elizabeth, too
The Independent: Prince Philip told Tony Blair’s team to ‘f*** off’ during row over Diana’s funeral…
Princess Diana apparently treated like a dog by the queen prince philip and Charles they were saying in pub everybody agreed
Prince Philip never learned the lesson that "silence is golden" and, apparently manners regarding his filthy mouth!
The royal family arrive for a church service in Balmoral Family Royals Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip
Nice to see Prince Philip, Ann Hathaway and Alan Bennett enjoying a game there
Prince Philip 'told Blair spin doctors to f*** off' over Diana funeral procedure.
Prince Philip acting/talking like an ignorant, pompous moron. What a shock.
Prince Philip's four-letter fury over Diana and how he told Blair spin doctors to 'f*** off'
Prince Philip told Tony Blair's team to 'f*** off' during row over Diana's funeral
Prince Philip 'told Tony Blair's team to f*** off' over Diana's funeral
Prince Philip prepares for final royal engagement The pig should do the world a real service by comm…
Prince Philip ranted at Tony Blair’s spin doctors when they said 'William and Harry to walk behind Diana’s coffin'.
The Queen and Prince Philip sent a message to the President of Sierre Leone Ernest Bai Koroma expressing sympathy.
What the *** is Adam Hills doing? Why is he defending Prince Philip like this?!?!
Prince Philip is the size of Tom Thumb?
Grave error: Daily Telegraph reports death of Prince Philip by mistake
A french 🤡 pure and simply compared to Prince Philip.
Prince Philip has always been a little irascible, controversial, outspoken and forthright, but always funny too. . https:/…
People have been getting excited about Prince Philip doing 22,000 engagements since 1952. It adds up to average 9 weeks…
Brigadier Richard Spencer shows off commemorative coin given to Prince Philip before his last solo public engagement
In DailyMail today: Prince Philip, 96, conducts his last official engagement and Prince Charles - in shorts! - as h…
Buckingham Palace has shared an intimate photograph of Prince Philip alongside The Queen.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Prince Philip doffs his hat and heads off into retirement
Three cheers for Prince Philip & a final wave from him, as he ends his last public engagement at Buckingham Palace https:/…
Aug 2, 1965 - Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh walking with his son Prince Charles at Smith's Lawn in Windsor…
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip with their children, Prince Andrew, Princess Anne and Prince Charles at Balmoral C…
Prince Philip retires after 65 years of service.
is insufferable since joined - interviews with Rees Mogg,Trump supporter & friend of Prince Philip
News: Prince Philip to make final official appearance
Palace says, 'Now we have Bojo to insult foreigners, Prince Philip can retire '.
Thank you Prince Philip for adding a casual 31 years onto your retirement age. By far the most entertaining member of the…
youre SO right, whatever they say, Prince Philip has wicked sense of humor, maybe he had enuf :)
What does Prince Philip mean to you? Maybe you've met him or been involved with the - share your memories wi…
Prince Philip retires: 65 years of service by the numbers
Duke of Edinburgh: A timeline of royal duty for Philip
So much mean spirited carping about HRH Prince Philip.must be the school holidays.
Thank you, Prince Philip, for your lifetime of service
'As the Prince Philip tribute on enters its third hour...'
Today, I bought a can of Simpkins candies with a picture of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip on it.
Good he is finally retiring. He embarrassment to the UK. Cringe. Prince Philip's gaffes from decades on royal duty -
Now Prince Philip is retiring, let's talk about getting rid of the monarchy entirely
Looking forward to the unveiling of the new Prince Philip later today.
Prince Philip had better take the opportunity to be hideously inappropriate on his final day, otherwise what is he even for?
Prince Philip retires today, such dedication to the job over the years
Re Prince Philip: "He's been such a stable character in all of our lives"...would be laughable if we weren't all paying for him
Prince Philip begins his retirement aged 96...
I met Prince Philip in 1999. What a legend.
Prince Philip's calling it a day. His final official engagement takes place later ahead of his retirement. h…
Live footage of Prince Philip's last official engagement before he retires
At 96, Prince Philip begins his retirement via
HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh 'retires' today at the age of 96
Did Nick Robinson really just compare the average Briton's actual working life to Prince Philip's "duties"?.
Prince Philip would knock him out flat!
Prince Philip, the 96-year-old husband of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, will retire this week
Many 90+ year olds with wry senses of humour having served their country would like Prince Philip's huge social security sup…
As announced earlier this year, Prince Philip retiring from his Royal duties today.
Prince Philip retires today. Tells country: "I'm not your boss anymore! Call me Phil! I always liked you."
Prince Philip to carry out final official engagement
is full sycophant mode on Prince Philip. Looking for a gong to go with his BBC salary!
66 times Prince Philip was the best troll ever as Duke of Edinburgh performs his final public engagement
Prince Philip retiring at 96 is no big deal. . It's the same age the Government will eventually raise it to, anyway
Prince Philip ends 65 years of service with final solo engagement
After a lifetime of public service by the side of his wife Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip finally retires at 96
Way too much time being wasted on this Prince Philip fluff piece!
Prince Philip is trending.has he gone in to
Hoofing effort. Finish line this afternoon with Captain General HRH Prince Philip, what a way to finish this challe…
Thanks for the memories, Prince Philip!. The Duke of Edinburgh is carrying out his final official engagement today
Prince Philip hasn't retired, he's just been replaced .
40 years ago this week Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip visited as part of the Silver Jubilee celebrat…
Felipe & Letizia offered Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip a copy of the correspondence between Queen Ena and King Alfo…
King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain officially welcomed by Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Prince Charles and…
The Queen and Prince Philip arrive on the royal pavilion at Horse Guards Parade
What about wrapping Buckingham Palace in flammable cladding and giving Prince Philip a blowtorch to play with? Just an idea.…
and just so you can see what I mean... Prince Philip...
I don't think Camilla should become queen. Prince Philip had much more right and has been consort his whole life 1 step behind !
Dad at a Charity football match with Prince Philip and Eric Morecambe
Britain’s Prince Philip, the world’s greatest plaque unveiler, is calling it quits
The Queen and her husband Prince Philip lead the royal family as they mourned the loss of Prince Charles'...
"Crown Estate increases profits as royal accounts reveal Prince Philip spent £18,690 on train trip to Plymouth"
awkward interview with Stephen Frears Reminded me of Fiona Bruce and Prince Philip . You &Peter did ok
Prince Philip is seen in public for the first time since hospital stay Queen Elizabeth II and Her Majesty
*somehow* I initially understood 'Philip' to refer to beloved royal consort and casual racist Prince Philip
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I rather saw you taking Prince Philip's place as Consort
The Queen of England's royal consort, Prince Philip, is back in the hospital with an infection. via
Prince Philip admitted to hospital with infection, says Buckingham Palace
Prince Philip admitted to London hospital but in ‘good spirits’ Buckingham Palace
Prince Philip,was admitted to the hospital for precautionary reasons, according to Buckingham Palace. As it...
FOX NEWS ALERT: Prince Philip hospitalized as a "precautionary measure," Buckingham Palace says he is in good spirits ht…
Prince Philip was hospitalized Tuesday night "as a precautionary measure," Buckingham Palace announced
Full statement from Buckingham Palace on the illness of Prince Philip, which will result in him missing the opening of Parli…
Queen Elizabeth's husband, Prince Philip, has been hospitalized for an infection.
Prince Philip, husband of UK's Queen Elizabeth II, admitted to hospital.
Queen's elderly husband Prince Philip in London hospital
Prince Charles on Prince Philip: he's getting better. He's getting better.
WATCH: Prince Philip hospitalized overnight for an infection and is “in good spirits”
Queen's elderly husband Prince Philip in London hospital.
Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth II's 96-year-old husband, was admitted to the hospital as a 'precautionary measure.'
Prince Philip admitted to hospital. says "He's 96, it's very hot weather and he probably just needs to take a…
91 year Queen Elizabeth, her husband Prince Philip taken to hospital. In parliament doing her duty. Love the woman.
Breaking: Prince Philip in the hospital. Palace says he was admitted for treatment of a pre-existing condition:
Wishing him a speedy recovery! . Prince Philip, the Queen's husband, admitted to hospital.
We boutta lose Prince Philip i think. He retired not long ago and now he's in hospital with an infection. Age 96. I wish hi…
There is horse named Prince Philip in the race? 🏇🏻
Medical science has a responsibility to commission a longevity research on both the Queen & Prince Philip.
BREAKING: British media report that Prince Philip has been admitted to a hospital; not attending Queen's Speech.
If the GOP has their way, Prince Philip definitely shouldn't visit the US. He'd have a hard time getting health ins…
⚡️ “Prince Philip admitted to hospital due to infection”.
Amid Prince Philip's health concerns, Charles, William and Harry will increasingly be seen by the queen's side
Prince Philip admitted to hospital "with infection from pre-existing condition" hours before
Prince Philip was admitted to hospital yesterday, Palace says 'as a precautionary measure'
England's Prince Philip has been admitted to hospital and diagnosed with an Infection
Contrary to ceremonial programme for State Opening, Prince Philip will not be accompanying Queen due to his admission to hospi…
Full statement from Buckingham Palace on Prince Philip's hospitalisation. (via
Buckingham Palace says Prince Philip is in "good spirits" & sad to be missing State opening of Parliament and Ascot
Palace says Prince Philip is in good spirits. Adds that Queen "will attend Royal Ascot as planned”.
Prince Philip admitted to hospital with infection
Ridiculous of course to suggest that Elizabeth Saxe-Coburg-Gotha or her husband Prince Philip of Greece might in any way…
Prince Philip is infection free, Boris Becker is of rich and famous ...Healthy & Hazardous ...!!!
Prince Philip admitted to hospital due to infection
U.K. Queen's husband Prince Philip, 96, hospitalized with infection via 💰Part of his birthday's presents.
Prince Philip Hospitalized With Severe Infection - Prince Philip has been hospitalized due to a nasty infection...
Prince Philip, the elderly husband of Queen Elizabeth II, has been hospitalized with an infection. https…
Prince Philip has been admitted to hospital. Apparently he'll do anything to avoid seeing Theresa May form a Government.
My thoughts and prayers are with HRH Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh!
Prince Philip hospitalised with infection but is in "good spirits"
Prince Philip taken to hospital with an infection. Believed to be acute inflammation of the 'don't want to spend hours in par…
Prince Philip in "good spirits" after being admitted to hospital & disappointed to miss palace says. https:…
Announcement from Buckingham Palace: Prince Philip in hospital and will miss State Opening and Royal Ascot. Said to be i…
Queen snubs Trump as she opens parliament despite Prince Philip being hospitalised -
The included no mention of U.S. President Donald Trump's invitation for a state visit.
STORY: Britain's Prince Philip admitted to hospital with infection: .
Prince Charles is obliged to move into Caernarfon Castle as his home in Gloucester is sold to pay for his father Prince Philip's nursing
Prince Philip hosts charity youth club in grounds of Buckingham Palace
ANNE: Anne, Princess Royal, is the second child and only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of…
Prince Philip did not blow himself up killing people
Catherine & spoke to the Duchess of Cambridge, Princesses Beatrice & Eugenie and Prince Philip about t…
Queen and Prince Philip set to tour Chelsea Flower Show ^ITV
British Royalty Royal Tour To Jordan Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip with King Hussien and Queen Noor in Janua…
The king of the Netherlands may be a secret airline pilot, but Prince Philip drove a London cab for years.
Watched the crown last night. Does anyone else feel bad for Prince Philip? It seems the badness wore off on Charles after listening to RFH
The Queen and Prince Philip host first garden party of the year with William, Kate…
Prince William and Kate Middleton Attend First Royal Garden Party of 2017 With Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip -…
This was Prince Philip yesterday at a London event. Buckingham Palace has announced his retirement from royal duties https…
Philip shut up I have never heard that
When nana Lizzie says philip you hear yes dear but when know who wears the pants if you have pictures prove
Prince Harry is set to become head of the Royal Marines. Current head Prince Philip is retiring from public duty 😎
I added a video to a playlist The Real Prince Philip Exposed
Prince Philip reveals how he took up carriage driving aged 50 via
I am surprised that this article asserts that Prince Philip is misunderstood. I expected to read that…
Prince Harry to get grandad Prince Philip's job
- Prince Philip rides horse and cart at Windsor Horse Show, ... via
What Prince Philip's Retirement Means for the Queen and Royal Family via Beautiful
Maybe Prince Philip retired so he could focus on investigating Trump full time.
Prince Philip retired from public life. Steve Harvey basically retired from professional life with this company wide email…
I was Prince Philip's 'mink knickers' woman via
News post: "Prince Harry is set to replace his grandfather as head of the Royal Marines after Prince Philip’s deci…
What retirement? Prince Philip, 95, takes the reins as he rides a horse and cart at the Royal Windsor Horse Show.
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The incredible life of Prince Philip, who just retired from public life at the age of 95
Prince Philip admits he used to smash up royal carriages and even crashed one into a lake 
Heah .. come to Seattle for a visit..More whacked than Trump staff is the idea of Pr…
96 next month. but Prince Philip certainly doesn't act like it. Always great to see him so active
Prince Philip gives his first interview since announcing his retirement - and reveals how he started carriage racing at the ag…
Why the Queen and Philip rarely kiss in public
British newspaper declares Prince Philip 'dead at 95' - there's just one problem: Members at…
Prince Philip was in good form today as he took his 🐴 carriage for a spin around the grounds of Windsor Castle…
Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, is retiring from royal duties this autumn.
Milt Kahl. Prince Philip and Samson in finished color. Sleeping Beauty (1959) Compare with the penc…
Milt Kahl. Prince Philip and Samson pencil animation. Compare with the finished, full color scene. Sleeping Beauty (19…
Prince Philip started carriage racing when he was 50 -
Prince Philip makes film debut in Lethal Weapon remake
Prince Philip is worshiped in this remote island village. Could they soon face a crisis of faith?
Prince Philip has been by the Queen's side for decades. Learn more about his role in public life:
Tribe for Pacific island of Tanna despair that their idol Prince Philip may never visit
New Letters from Bloomsbury Square on the remarkable life of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh…
(Mail Online):on fear Prince Philip retirement : The people of the village of Younanen, on..
Prince Philip 'can't stand up much longer' after decision to retire from public duties (pic: AP) https…
Thank you Ma'am- Scotland and the UK thanks you & the - best wishes to Prince Philip on his retirement from R…
Vogue editor Anna Wintour hails Prince Philip an 'inspiration' as she is made a Dame
King Faisal II and his uncle, Crown Prince Abdul Elah, with Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Prince Philip.
Prince Philip: Cyclone coinciding with retirement 'likely to cement God status among cult who worship him'
The Queen doesn't waste any time in helping Prince Philip fill in his free time during retirement.
Sally Bedell Smith: There's much more to Prince Philip than unveiling those plaques
I love the old footage of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. Almost 70 years of marriage is pretty amazing.
Prince Philip reveals the real REASON why he is stepping down from Royal duties
Prince Philip, 95, keeps calm but won't carry on royal duty - Washington Post
After seven decades of service and gaffes, Prince Philip puts his feet up via
Prince Philip's retirement shocker isn't all that shocking
BBC Archive can exclusively reveal that Prince Philip is retiring from royal duties to train a new generation of Royal Tidd…
Prince Philip in 1995, talking to a driving instructor in Scotland: 'How do you keep the natives off the booze...
Remembering when Prince Philip asked a Scottish driving instructor if natives stay sober long enough to get a license 😂😂😂😂
I have a feeling that Prince Philip may have been the last man still active in public life who fought in the Second Worl…
The typical reaction of the Scottish public on hearing news reports that Prince Philip had a job to retire from.
Arsene Wenger will look at Prince Philip & think: 'Great, I've got another 27 years at Arsenal!'
Prince Philip retiring from royal duties and Arsene Wenger still refusing to say if he'll stay. Surely we can see what's…
Queen Elizabeth's husband Prince Philip to retire from royal duties via
Prince Philip, 95, retiring from royal duties - Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, will step awa...
Queen & Prince Philip will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary in November, after he retires from public life
95-year-old Prince Philip is retiring from royal duties after 70 years by Queen Elizabeth’s side https:…
Buckingham Palace: Britain's Prince Philip will no longer carry out public engagements from this fall.
Prince Philip just avoided having to meet Donald Trump by retiring
Prince Philip, 95-year-old husband of Queen Elizabeth II, is to step down from public life, Buckingham Palace says
Prince Philip, the gaffe-prone but grumpily endearing husband of Queen Elizabeth, is stepping away from his duties
All you need to know about Prince Philip in one handy guide!.
My heartfelt wishes go out to Prince Philip upon his retirement today, you've more than earned the time off. Thank you for…
Prince Philip retires: Duke of Edinburgh steps down from public duty at 95.
This announcement is only about 70 years too late... Prince Philip to retire from public engagements, says palace. https:…
Prince Philip made a big announcement today - read the full statement from the royal family explaining:
BREAKING: Prince Philip retires this autumn: Duke of Edinburgh steps down from public duty
[Orange Country Register] Britain’s Prince Philip, 95, to retire from royal duties
Confirmed that Prince Philip's duties, travelling the world being racist, are no longer required given Boris Johnson is…
Prince Philip will retire from public engagements this fall, Buckingham Palace says | Toronto Star
Prince Philip wants to retire I wasn't aware he ever worked. In other news Paul Burrell is still ***
With his outrageous statements, I've always considered Prince Philip the Anthony Mundine of the Royal Family
Prince Philip is going to wake up full of beans + learn that the world . a) thought he was dead + . b) didn't know ***
Prince Philip, 95, at Lord's cricket ground, uttering one of his favourite lines:
I cannot sleep for another 45 minutes to know if Queen or Prince Philip has died or any big Palace ne…
But everyone in New Zealand has been informed that Queen and Prince Philip are A&W
Queen calls 'all staff' meeting at Buckingham Palace, about herself and Prince Philip | London Evening Standard
Smart move by May, sacrificing Prince Philip to make the republican Cronyn look bad before the election.
Buckingham Palace confirms to that neither Prince Philip or Queen Elizabeth have died
Praying and hoping for the best. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.
Reports from say official speaks. "you could safely assume the Queen and Prince Philip are not dead".
It's going to be awkward if Prince Philip is perfectly fine and the Queen just remembered something important overnight.…
Again acknowledged, maybe a change of heart due to age/health? She's 91 & Prince Philip 95.
Rumours so far: Prince Philip has died and hasn't died: the Queen of England has died and hasn't died: nobody has died: som…
I'm really sad, I hope these rumors of Prince Philip's death aren't true. Look how happy he makes Queen Elizabeth 😭
This is what happens if.repeat if... Prince Phillip has died. .
People saying that Prince Philip hasn't been seen for a while missed the news of him being at Lords yesterday then.…
^^^ RIP - Prince Philip. Duke of Edinburgh. Husband of the Queen of England. . God save the Queen.
637 Reasons why Prince Philip is still alive. I wonder how big the largest listicle that worked was?
Prince Philip gives out the best advice! Love him!
In honour of Prince Philip please take a moment today to make a racist gaffe while acting as an impotent symbol of a dea…
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Prince Philip is prince consort not King. Queen Elizabeth would have to die for Charles to be crowned king.
Doesn't sit well when I read serious media journos sharing "Prince Philip my have died".
I guess until we find out, Prince Philip and/or the Queen are both alive and dead.
You guys it's ok. Even if Prince Philip died he'll just regenerate into Peter Capaldi.
Emergency meeting at Speculation Prince Philip has died. Announcement expected 8am (flag wouldn't be 1…
French media report Prince Philip has passed away. Announcement likely to be made at 8 AM. He was certainly a character. If true, RIP 😢
UPDATE: Reports Queen Elizabeth or Prince Philip have died are not substantiated. Reason for emergency meeting is unkno…
Buckingham Palace flag NOT at half mast after 'emergency meeting' sparks fears for Queen and Prince Philip…
UPDATE: The Queen and Prince Philip are 'alive and well' according to Royal press office, amid emergency meeting at Buc…
unconfirmed reports that Prince Philip has died. just today, he cut the ribbon at the opening of Warner Stand.
French Media reports Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh has died at Buckingham Palace. He was 95.
Spare a thought for Tony Abbott who will be praying Sir Prince Philip hasn't least not before he's appointed Go…
i do not like waking up to Buckingham Palace and Prince Philip trending worldwide
People are either equal, or they're not. Put an end to the charade of "monarchy" Buckingham Palace Prince Philip
Prince Philip’s death denied after royal household staff ordered to London
domain names
I wonder that French media reported that Prince Philip is dead but didn't report Macron having a case of tax evasion.
BREAKING: French media reporting Prince Philip has died at the age of 95
Emergency meeting at Buckingham Palace. Reporters say Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, 95 has passed away. https:…
Just talked to press office. No comment on reports of urgent summit. "Her Majesty and Prince Philip are a…
'no death' but BIG ANNOUNCEMENT today
Social Media is awesome. Within an hour prince Philip had died and been resurrected. *** that's good. Took Jesus three days.
Both the Queen and Prince Philip appeared in good health today - Her Majesty meeting Teresa May and Prince Philip at Lord…
Rumour mill is going into meltdown over Buckingham Palace emergency meeting. . Unconfirmed reports Prince Philip (age 95) h…
My sources tell me Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinbugh, and husband of Queen Elizabeth, has died at Buckingham Palace at…
Queen Elizabeth II calls all staff to EMERGENCY MEETING at – fears for Prince Philip
Waiting on word from Buckingham Palace (re: possible Prince Philip news) like:
BAZ BAMIGBOYE: How Doctor Who has turned Prince Philip into 'a bit of a lad' in The Crown 
Woman on Pointless Celebrities doesn't know the Queen is married to Prince Philip 😲 OMG
Kylie Minogue gets royal nod from Prince Philip via
🏆 NEWS | receives Britain-Australia Award from Prince Philip : check out the pictures ! •
Royal Central's story about receiving award from Prince Philip featured on BBC Radio 2
.shares a giggle with during her visit to Windsor Castle:
Pop princess Kylie Minogue poses with Prince Philip as he hands her award:
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