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Prince Henry of Wales (Henry Charles Albert David; born 15 September 1984), commonly known as Prince Harry, is the younger son of Charles, Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales, and fourth grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. A royal family is the extended family of a king or queen regnant. 5.0/5

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The person whom I admire most in the Royal Family. .
Prince William, Kate and Prince Harry will re-dedicate the grave of Princess Diana this weekend https…
'I felt I wanted out,' Prince Harry says of Royal Family
In yet another interview, Prince Harry reveals he ‘wanted out’ of the Royal Family - Royal Central
'I wanted out of Royal Family', Prince Harry reveals Princess Harry isn't forced to be part of the…
Prince Harry speaks candidly about the pressures of being a member of the Royal Family
Exclusive: Prince Harry on Chaos After Diana's Death and Why the World Needs 'the Magic' of the Royal Family
Prince Harry suggests no one in Royal Family wants the throne ^ITV
Prince Harry's shockingly honest answer on future of the Royal Family
Prince Harry: No one in the Royal Family wants to be King or Queen
The Duke and Duchess and Prince Harry will join members of the Royal Family at Remembrance events across…
People are all sympathetic towards Prince Harry and kicking up a fuss, but I see it as a Royal Family move to appear more like 'one of us'
Prince Harry is like the Gronk of the Royal Family.
Do we have the British royal family on the Carson Wentz looks just like Prince Harry
Prince Harry and the Royal Family by Trevor hall Hardcover 1984
Prince Harry for King. William lost my Vote (Oooops remembered cannot vote for members of the Royal Family.)
Prince Harry blows 58thousand pounds on his four weeks in Australia no austerity cuts among this Royal Family
Would Adams shake the hand of a serving British Soldier?. A Royal Family member like Prince Harry for instance?. No way
Prince Harry showing members of the Royal Family around the at yesterday
Prince Harry wants to bring back National Service. Shows how out of touch the royal family are. Imagine if we did this with Iraq!?
Prince Harry wrestled a giant crocodile in Australia: Never mind the army or being part of the royal family, P...
Prince Harry providing yet more proof that the royal family is complete scum.
Prince Harry saying we should bring National Service back. Can't wait for every single member of the royal family to die.
Prince Harry: 'I'd love to have kids right now': During visit to New Zealand teh royal revealed that seeing his brother’s family cont...
Prince Harry admits Royal Family are Arsenal fans by
Prince Harry is going to Stewart Island today - he will be the first member of the Royal Family to visit the community…
. Prince Harry confirms most of the Royal Family support 😉😜👍: .
Quote from Prince Harry in NZ.Harry, who is now fifth in line to the throne , also told them most of the Royal Family supported Arsenal
.wants to see a certain member of the Royal Family doing his dance...
KensingtonRoyal "Prince Harry continues to support the work of The Queen & The Royal Family though a programme …
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived hand-in-hand for service at St Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham. They were joined by Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Harry and other members of the Royal Family for annual service. Kate's younger siblings, Pippa and James Middleton, and her parents, Carole and Michael, also attended. Duchess of Cornwall, was absent on doctors' advice after she 'put her back out'.
Royal family opens Flanders Fields Memorial Garden Queen Elizabeth, along with other members of the Royal Family and King Philippe of Belgium, laid a wreath at the newly created Flanders Fields Memorial Garden, in honour of all those who fought and died for their countries and our freedom in the Great War. The Flanders Fields Memorial Garden has been created with soil taken from the 70 battlefields and Commonwealth War Grave Cemeteries in Flanders. Prince Harry also paid tribute and visited the Westminster Field of Remembrance in London. Read more about it here: courtesy of the Associated Press
The new thing seems to be members of the royal family photobombing us normals. Prince Harry's turn:
Gotta love the Royal Family and their photobombing lol. First the Queen now Prince Harry. Love it
Breaking News. A philandering Belgium waffle maker, once employed by the Royal Family for his culinary skills, has come forward an announced that Prince Harry and soccer player De Bruyne are his illegitimate children. Scandal!
I keep seeing ads on the television for a new program "I Wanna Marry Harry" with a group of young women from the US who think they are in a contest with the winner to marry Prince Harry, fourth in line for the British Throne. I suspect this may be worth watching just to see the stupidity of the contestants who think they actually are competing to become part of the Royal Family on the basis of a US 'reality' television program. I couldn't give a rat's *** who he marries but are they really THAT stupid?
So apparerently Prince Harry is a feminist. ...Does that mean I have to be nice about the stupid Royal Family now?
Matt Hicks is a Prince Harry impersonator on Fox's reality show, 'I Wanna Marry 'Harry'.' But how much does he really know about the Royal Family? Access Hollywood Live's Billy Bush and Kit Hoover ...
Something tells us the Royal Family would either hate or LOVE this:
Reality Show Tricks Women Into Dating Fake Prince Harry We'll never be royals, as Lorde reminded us in her breakout single. And neither will any of the 12 American women participating in I Wanna Marry Harry, Fox's new dating show that tricked the singles into thinking they're fighting over Prince Harry Yes, that Harry — the royal brother of Prince William, son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. The Harry lookalike is Matthew Hicks, described by Fox as "an average English bloke," who will pull out all of the romantic stops worthy of a fairytale ending — not that his dates are likely to get one See also: Hulu Earns First-Ever Emmy Nomination With 'Behind the Mask' Read more... More about Entertainment, Prince, Tv, Fox, and Royal Family
I keep reading about how normal the Duke and Duchess of Cambridgeshire are, and how normal Prince Harry is, and I find it well annoying. They're the Royal Family! If we are going to have a Royal Family, they should be a bloody Royal Family, and ride around in gold Rolls Royces, or on the backs of emerald encrusted dragons. I want them to eat caviar and champagne for breakfast, and wear massive crowns and ermine trimmed cloaks, and be forever having their portraits done and then having tea with the King of Spain. I don't need them to be going down to Majestics for a case of Rioja, or having a normal time at the cinema going to see 'The Last Airbender' with normal not diamond 3D glasses. We've got 65 million other people who can do that. Be out of a fairy tale, your highnesses.
Well done to Prince Harry and all the wounded soldiers at the launch of the Invictus games. Like the page Prince William, Kate and George for updates about the Royal Family.
From Kate Middleton giving birth to the future King Prince George to Prince Harry trekking to the South Pole, it's been a big year for the Royal Family. Clarence House have shared their top ten moments of 2013.
we will all be following you Prince William Prince George and Prince Harry. We love the Royal Family!
This WILL have Prince Harry as an uncle, which by royal-family standards is like getting to hang with Bowyer eve…
Increasingly one of the Royal Family's best assets, Prince Harry "saved" a soldier threatened with homophobic attack.
I love Prince Harry, he goes out + explores, which other royal family members would do that? He does so much
A spokesman for the Royal Family declined to answer when I asked if Prince Harry is visiting the Jersey Shore
Royal Fashion Show benefit Sentebale, Prince Harry's Personal Charity Cake Buzz will serve up to Brits Royal Family Feb.2nd. check it out!
Tuesday June 5, 2012. The Queen and Royal Family, including Camilla Parker Bowles, Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince Harry and Kate Middleton appear on the Buckingham Palace balcony as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations in London, England. © SolarPix,
the-british-royal-family: Prince Harry at Eton. Photos courtesy of Camera Press.
We are in Nova Scotia! My bucket list is getting shorter!!! If you dream something long and hard enough it comes true. Oh, and if you just happen to be married to Ellis it helps a lot! Thanks, Babe! First we have the welcome sign, then the lighthouse at Peggy's Cove. Next is the Royal Family, minus Prince Harry. Oops! I guess he's there after all. The town of Mahone Bay is having a scarecrow contest and they are really creative.
Prince Harry is so fit though let's get some black into the Royal Family yeah
So Kate and Pippa Middleton run around w/o their tops on from time to time. Does anyone really believe this upsets anyone other the stuffy side of the Royal Family. I guarantee you Prince Harry doesn't mind and I will even bet William could care less. Something for the press to use to stir up a mess. Who Cares?
The Queen makes her acting debut as a Bond Girl in July, Prince Harry sets records as the first Page 1 Sun Boy in August, and now the Duchess of Cambridge has been launched as an international model. Hmmm... the Royal Family is getting famous.
Beady Eye frontman Liam Gallagher has said he'd like to party with Prince Harry after the Royal Family member's notorious antics in Las Vegas. I'd
Everytime i see the Queen i feel like roundhouse kicking a swan - Royal Family are apart from Prince Harry, the rest can
***Prince Harry dumped by Cressida Bonas after Vegas nude photo scandal -* Wrong move! She should have stuck with him, and then she'd definitely have gotten married because the press would have been on her side and so would the Royal Family. If I were her "well, although I don't approve, I don't condemn Prince Harry. I know the press is always rampant to find negativity, but I have been with him and know his character. Let's put this behind us and move on. Thank you" Click Click Click (photographers taking my picture to be plastered world wide the next day with headlines "Wonderfully diplomatic.) Ring, ring, ring. (Queen Elizabeth calling me to say how gracious I am and that she'd be delighted to have me as a daughter-in-law) If a silly thing like this sets her off, she doesn't deserve Prince Harry. A heckuv alot more press will come down the pike, and if she can't handle this, forget it!
Weve a jammed packed show this weekend. Prince Harry has been a naughty boy. TMZ snapped shots of him partying it up is Las Vegas with a woman that wasnt very well clothed, more the fact that she wasnt wearing clothes at all! What does this say about the future of the Royal Family? Well discuss. An...
Prince Harry, what a legend. At last a royal family we can be poud of, love it.
See this whole crap wiv Prince Harry people need to gt a grip n stop complainin about him he young n he was on holiday give him piece everyone is shocked about him n that he is shown up the royal family.if u remember at the olympics he turned up at the vlosing ceremony to represent the family not the queen or charlie or william it was him so if he wants to live it up in vegas then let him
Prince Harry, save the Royal Family any more shame by revealing who your REAL father is.
Now i aint a fan of the royal family in any way shape or form but i will say this . Prince Harry is a geezer and he,s alright by me
Prince Harry is the Charlie Sheen of the Royal Family and I'm okay with that.
ye. very much JAZBAATH with beautiful girl.. Royal Family has ..warned not to publish nude photo.
Prince Harry proves that in every family (even a Royal Family) there is “a drunk uncle.” Avril Lavigne is going to wed some dude from a terrible early 2000s “Alt” band (again). And Kristen Stewart walked outside for the first time since CheaterGate 2012, and the tabloids are pisse…
Prince Harry is the 'Boris Johnson of the Royal Family'
Methinks the Royal Family are going to experience the 'Streisand Effect' over Prince Harry and his Crown Jewels.
Reported nude pictures of Prince Harry partying in Vegas turn up on the internet, the Royal Family has confirmed they are real.
Even the Royal Family are backing Team Jamaica in the London Olympics.Lol
Ben with Prince Harry. Thank you to both of you for what you are doing. Great to see a member of the Royal Family getting involved. Prince Harry is following his mothers example. I met Princess Diana when she was in Chicago and I will never forget it. I met her at Northwestern University and also saw her motorcade past by our home when I lived in Chicago.
So er news just in that Prince Harry and the royal family will be in Stamford tomorrow. Crying. 👑
I am watching Katie Courics interviews with the members of the Royal Family. Prince Harry is fun. Very well presented so far on ABC15..
It's official. The 'dance music craze' has even penetrated the Royal Family. First, Prince Harry now Charles Cox.
4Music - News - General - Gary Barlow: Prince Harry is Robbie Williams of Royal Family
Prince Robbie: Take That's Gary Barlow says Prince Harry is the 'Robbie Williams of the Royal Family' - The Sun -
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.says Prince Harry is the of the Royal Family. So who is the Gary?
On May 29th, watch ABC for sit-downs with Prince William and Prince Harry.
This series has been featured on the TODAY show and ABC World News Tonight. The attention of the world is aimed squarely at the Royal Family as the wedding of the century hits, and now it's time to fo
NOVEMBER 23--According to British tabloids, Prince Harry is hoping to book hip-hop star Snoop Dogg for a 2011 engagement party celebrating his older brother Prince William’s marriage to Kate Middleton
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