Prince Harry & Queen Elizabeth

Prince Henry of Wales (Henry Charles Albert David; born 15 September 1984), commonly known as Prince Harry, is the younger son of Charles, Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales, and fourth grandchild of Queen Elizabeth Ii and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Elizabeth Ii (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary; born 21 April 1926) is the constitutional monarch of 16 sovereign states known as the Commonwealth realms, and head of the 54-member Commonwealth of Nations. 5.0/5

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What is Prince Harry's top priority after the birth of the third royal baby? Queen Elizabeth reveals.
As a little girl, Queen Elizabeth referred to herself as 'Tillabet
Queen Elizabeth reportedly approves of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's relationship
Exclusive: The Queen is "fully supportive" of Prince Harry's romance with Meghan Markle — get the details!…
Prince Harry receives Queen Elizabeth's blessing for engagement with Meghan Markle; Kate…
Boom! Queen Elizabeth's and Prince Harry's reaction to the Obamas' Invictus Games challenge is hilarious
This video of Prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth smack talking the Obamas is hilarious
Prince William, Prince Harry and Princess Eugenie tell what grandmother Queen Elizabeth... https…
First Lady met the Queen Elizabeth & then she met Prince Harry with Mr. Bennett! She's loved for who she is ❤️
Queen Elizabeth,would Prince Charles son,Prince Harry,pretend to be fooled by Anna Johnson in the Streets of London?
Prince Harry cycles between venues on a Brompton bike during the Invictus Games at Queen Elizabeth p
London England: HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY to Harry Windsor the Prince of Wales: Prince Harry, known as Captain Harry Wales in his military role, is the younger son of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Diana, Princess of Wales. His paternal grandparents are Queen Elizabeth Ii and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.
Happy 30th birthday, Prince Harry! 30 reasons in photos why we love the royal rebel *The fourth in line to the British throne turns 30 today, September 15, 2014. In an interview with ITV News, the royal reflected on the moment, admitting he felt 'old!' 'I think 30 is one of those first milestones when you drive through a village and see the 30 mile per hour sign,' he told the outlet. 'It's that constant reminder going 'I am actually quite old.' Harry may feel 'old,' but a few years certainly hasn't done anything to hurt the dubbed 'party prince,' who appears to have come into his own of late -- or at least his charitable jaunts have made it seem that way. So what does the prince want for his birthday? According to NBC, 'a Labrador and a country cottage' -- two simple requests considering the riches he's set to inherit on his 30th. Like William, the prince was left 6.5 million pounds by his late mother, Princess Diana, according to multiple sources. According to City Wire, Diana had granted them access to ...
Prince Harry looks so regal while wearing his top hot for day one of the Royal Ascot on Tuesday (June 17) at the race course in Ascot, England. The 29-year-old royal was joined by a bunch of his family members, including his grandmother Queen Elizabeth, his aunt Princess Anne, and his cousin Zara Ph
Sometimes, somehow as Christians, we forget that we are Royalty. Funny, because I'm sure Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry don't wake up forgetting the power and authority they have. We are joint heirs with Christ.
News may 7 Prince Harry to visit Rome Prince will attend event at MAXXI British royal Prince Harry will visit Italy on 18 and 19 May to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Monte Cassino during world war two. On 18 May Prince Harry will attend a Polish commemoration ceremony where he will lay a wreath on behalf of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. The prince will then visit the Abbey of Monte Cassino where he will meet wounded Italian veterans, some of whom are taking part in the upcoming Invictus Games in London this September. Launched by Prince Harry two months ago, the international paralympic-style sporting event is designed for wounded soliders. Later that day the prince will attend a New Zealand commemoration service at the Cassino Commonwealth war cemetery where he will lay a wreath and meet New Zealand veterans. Prince Harry then returns to Rome to attend an event at the Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI Secolo MAXXI where he will unveil the winning design for the UK pavilion at Mil ...
Prince Harry, the grandson of Britain's Queen Elizabeth, was looking for a quiet ski getaway. What he got instead was condemnation -- for accepting a luxury trip to Kazakhstan, sponsored by clos...
Some Royals Have Pretigious Education If you read through wikipedia, it seems that some royals have attended extremely prestigious university such as Cambridge or Yale. Where else mine after St Andrew Junior College, all other examinations were catered by the Gifted Education Program. Some I attended lectures in campuses which might set aside lecture theatre and tutorial classes just for me and some other royals. Other lessons were from magazines, documentaries, work experience, news, travelling and life experience. Until I achieved my professor of Emeritus status. I usually answered my exam question with a laugh because most of the education already covered. I only have to search my memory and interlink the answers. The difficult ones will be the ones I need to ponder upon. Even then I did it within 4 hours. Same goes to Queen Elizabeth, Queen Margrethe, King Willem Alex, Price George of Hohenzollern and Prince Harry. I might have missed some other royals but you will get my gist. So when you read about ...
Queen Elizabeth Ii and Prince Harry on a styrofoam? England is underwater. In the last century, England was never inundated like this time. So the Queen is evacuating Buckingham Palace? Hehehe!
LONDON, Dec 19 (Reuters) - The phones of Prince Harry, Queen Elizabeth's grandson, and Kate Middleton, the wife of his elder brother Prince Wil...
The phones of Prince William's wife Kate Middleton and Prince Harry, Queen Elizabeth's grandson, were hacked by staff working for Rupert Murdoch's defunct News of the World tabloid, it was revealed in a London court on Thursday. Prosecutor Andrew Edis told London's Old Bailey criminal court that rec...
Prince Harry has made it to the South Pole to compare the temperature there to how cold Queen Elizabeth's heart is
LONDON (Reuters) - Prince Harry, grandson of Britain's Queen Elizabeth, reached the South Pole on Friday after a two-week trek across Antarctica with wounded soldiers to raise funds for military charities,
KATE & WILLIAM: Numerology Reveals the Life and Destiny of the Royal Couple - What Does the Future Hold for Kate and Prince William? WHEN WILL KATE AND WILLIAM HAVE THEIR FIRST CHILD? WILL THE NEW ROYAL COUPLE BE HAPPY? Billions of people watched the Royal Wedding in Jolly Old England. The solemn ceremony in Westminster Abbey and the followup balcony kiss enthralled romantics around the world. Kate Middleton and HRH Prince William, the elder son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana, grandson of Queen Elizabeth, and eventual heir to the thrones of the United Kingdom, Canada, and other Commonwealth countries, gave the world an uplifting Fairy Tale story. After the wedding, Prince William and Duchess Kate's royal reception at Buckingham Palace was truly a night to remember. Prince Harry reportedly made a joke about William wearing a thong under his uniform in the day. He made fun of how romantic William has been with Kate, and said that he knew it was a serious relationship with Kate when William, w ...
Just had a super sarcastic conversation with my mom about how well Queen Elizabeth and I would get along at my fake wedding to Prince Harry
LONDON (Reuters) - Andy Coulson, an editor of Rupert Murdoch's now defunct News of the World newspaper, instructed a journalist working on a story about a celebrity to "do his phone", a jury trying Coulson and three others for conspiring to hack phones was told on Friday. The trial was also told how a phone call from Queen Elizabeth's grandson Prince Harry was hacked, and fellow ex-editor Rebekah Brooks authorised payments at Murdoch's Sun tabloid to military figures for a picture of Prince William in a bikini and details of soldiers killed on active duty. Coulson and Brooks are the two most high-profile figures among eight defendants on trial on various charges related to phone-hacking, illegal payments to officials for stories, and hindering police investigations. They all deny the charges linked to a scandal that shook the British establishment. After leaving the News of the World, Coulson went on to be Prime Minister David Cameron's media chief. Brooks, a close confidante of Murdoch and a friend of Ca ...
Christening of Georgie Porgie It was the Christening of HRH Prince George Alexander Louis. The Prince wore a replica Royal Christening gown and looked just adorable. We all anticipated what the Middleton sister would be wearing? The Duchess of Cambridge wore a stunning Alexander Mcqueen dress coat, while sister Pippa went for a similar shade wearing a Suzannah Crabb Trapeze coat and Paris dress. The Christening had been a very intimate occasion with only 22 in attendance which included HRH Queen Elizabeth who wore a staple colour cornflower blue cashmere coat by Stewart Parvin. The Prince had Severn Godparents which did not include Prince Harry or Pippa Middleton, or the traditional foreign dignitaries but close friends and family. Best wishes to Prince George and Family. (Source E! And Elle Magazine)
In the year 1066, A passing Comet Caught the eye of Warriors fighting In the battle of Hastings..Takin g the benefit of The distraction a young man From Normandy Killed King Harold..and This Young man Then Further created The British Monarchy which Comprises of Today's Queen Elizabeth,Princ e charles,Prince William,Prince Harry..and Lady Diana..This comet is called as the'halley's comet'and it will pass in front of Your eyes Once in a lifetime..Once every 76 years..Telling You the story,How a Certain William Become a Conqueror of England.
Queen Elizabeth, Prince William, Prince Harry as an infant, Princess Diana and Prince Charles.
"Eleanor Calder is pregnant and Tomlinson is the father." Did this happen during my vacation with Prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth?"
Afghan warlord seeks revenge and brands Britain's Prince Harry as a drunken warlord "jackal" killing innocents (Video). An Afghan insurgent warlord branded Britain's Prince Harry on Wednesday as a shameless, drunken "jackal" out to kill innocent Afghans while on duty as an attack helicopter pilot for NATO forces in the country. Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, a former Afghan prime minister who leads one of Afghanistan's main militant factions, told the Daily Telegraph in an interview that Queen Elizabeth's 28-year-old grandson was a relic of the colonial past. "It seems that some British authorities still dream about the times of the 18th and 19th century and they want their ambassador to be treated like a viceroy and their prince to go out in uniform to hunt for human beings and play the Satanic role that they used to play in the past," Hekmatyar said in translated comments. He said Britain had gained nothing by entering an "unjustified, useless but cruel conflict" to please its ally, the United States, speaking in ...
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Prince William and Prince Harry both pranked Queen Elizabeth when they set up her voicemail for the first time.
Don't think I'll be watching Queen Elizabeth arm-wrestle Prince Harry - because that's basically what this VP debate is equivalent to...
redheads... 1. Red hair is the rarest hair type in the world with only 1-2% of the population boasting red locks. 2. Red hair is more commonly found in the United Kingdom and Ireland with famous leaders like King Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth, Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Prince Harry sporting red hair. 3. Historically King David and Judas Iscariot in the Bible are thought to have had red hair. 4. The genetics behind red hair was discovered in 1997. 5. Redheads make up 2-6% of the population of the United States, giving the US the largest population of redheads in the world. 6. It has been proven that redheads require more anesthesia during surgery. 7. The red hair gene is recessive and requires both parents of a redhead to carry a copy of the gene. 8. Redheads have a lower threshold when it comes to thermal pain. 9. 40% of the population of Scotland carry the redhead gene making it the country with the highest proportion of redheads in the world. 10. Other famous redheaded leaders include ...
First, Prince Harry... then Lady Kate... Queen Elizabeth Ii, come on girl, it's your turn now, Mardi Gras style...
Lisela asked me last night what Queen Elizabeth's last name was and for that matter Prince Charles, Prince William, & Prince Harry? Without looking up the answer can anyone think of the Last Name? Have you ever heard them referred to by both names? I spent 2 years in Australia (Royalty is still a big deal in Australia) and never remember hearing them referred to by both names.
Sir Paul McCartney is one of the most famous entertainers of all time since he performed with "The Beetles." He is part of Great Britain along with Prince William and Kate, Prince Harry, Queen Elizabeth along with all of the Kings and Queens who preceded her. Check out the site by Sandra Stengrim Hicks.
Prince Harry has told his father and grandma Queen Elizabeth Ii that he fear's he may be killed in Afghanistaan.
Big ups to the massive massive for all the birthday wishes!! Princess Kate, Prince Harry and I were planning a birthday suit photo shoot, to showcase the royal jewels and all. But Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth would not allow it. Keep Calm And Carry On!
Seth Doane sat down with Prince Harry back in March for a rare, in-depth interview about his grandmother, and her Diamond Jubilee, as well as some intriguing...
The Royal Family has threatened to sue a French magazine after they published nude photos of Kate Middleton sunbathing. Poor Queen Elizabeth! If it's not Duchess Kate Middleton it's Prince Harry's Middle-Leg.
They're trying to get Prince Harry! Move him Queen Elizabeth, your majesty . . . before it's too late!
Taliban: Afghanistan Attack Linked To Anti-Islam Film KABUL, Sept 15 (Reuters) - Afghanistan's Taliban claimed responsibility on Saturday for an attack on a base which U.S. officials said killed two American Marines, saying it was in response to a film that insults the Prophet Mohammad. Camp Bastion, in southern Helmand Province, came under mortar, rocket-propelled grenade and small arms fire late on Friday in an attack in which several servicemen were wounded. "The aim of this attack was revenge against Americans for the anti-Prophet movie," said Taliban spokesman Qari Yousuf. U.S. President Barack Obama has vowed to "stand fast" against violence which has spread since the amateurish film of obscure origin triggered an attack on the U.S. consulate in the Libyan city of Benghazi that killed the ambassador and three other Americans on Sept. 11, the eleventh anniversary of the al Qaeda attacks on the United States. Britain's Prince Harry was at Camp Bastion at the time of Friday's attack, but was unharmed. ...
Afghan base where Prince Harry is posted attacked by Taliban, 2 dead Reuters | Updated: September 15, 2012 08:22 IST Kabul: Two U.S. Marines were killed and other Americans were wounded on Friday during a Taliban attack on a base in southern Afghanistan where Britain's Prince Harry is stationed, U.S. officials told Reuters, speaking on condition of anonymity. A spokesman for NATO-led forces in Afghanistan said Harry was on the base at the time of the attack but was unharmed. "Prince Harry was never in any danger," spokesman Martyn Crighton said, adding that the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) would investigate whether his presence on the base had motivated the attack. The attack involved rocket-propelled grenades, mortars and small-arms fire, with insurgents breaching the perimeter of Camp Bastion in volatile Helmand Province, U.S. officials said. Crighton declined to offer that level of detail or give the nationalities of the victims. Crighton also did not say precisely how many ...
Two Marines killed in Afghanistan in the wake of the violence that kicked up on Sept. 11, they were located at the same base in the Helmand Province as England's Prince Harry. The attack is suspected to have been apart of an effort to kill or capture Queen Elizabeth Ii's grandson. How much longer are we just going to sit here and wait for more people to die because of a region's inability to simply act like adults?
Dear Queen Elizabeth, Please get Prince Harry out of there!! How can one hide a redhead, especially in Afghanistan? !!
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Alright, so Prince Harry was been posted naked, Duchess Catherine (idk the proper title) has been posted naked... you know what that means folks. Next up: Queen Elizabeth herself. Or Prince Charles. Alright all you above the age of 100, you're about to get a treat.
Well, guess y'all heard. Blake Lively married my ex Fiancee (Ryan Reynolds)... All is good- Queen Elizabeth thinks I am a perfect match for Prince Harry!
The Royal litter has arrived! 5-princesses 4-princes :) here's the order they were born Queen Elizabeth , Prince William, Princess Diana, Prince Harry, Princess Patricia, Princess Kate, Princess Anne, King Edward and last the prince who came into the world *** backwards Prince Charles. (alexa was sad as she learned we could not use Princess Alexa since the only royal Alexa is in the Mattel Barbie line:))
Why is Queen Elizabeth demanding a DNA test from Prince Harry?!
I wonder if Queen Elizabeth Ii will outlast Prince Harry and Kate's child too.
Prince Harry, third in line to the British throne, flew into southern Afghanistan on Friday to begin a four-month combat tour as a gunner for an attack helicopter.
Queen Elizabeth on Prince Harry's Vegas pics: "That's what happens with a gene pool as shallow as ours!"
interesting question from my daughter..who is Prince Charles's, Prince Harry, Prince William's, Queen Elizabeth's surname?
Queen Elizabeth Ii's Fake Diary - On the web: Plans to make Prince Harry a Knight of the Garter look lik…
Prince Harry Drug and Sex Tape Rumors Swirl: If the latest Prince Harry rumors prove to be true, Queen Elizabeth is certainly going to have her knickers in a bunch. Do You Believe They’re True?
Prince Harry is cuttin up! Lol. Princess Diana is turning over in her grave and Queen Elizabeth is about to have a fit! Lol. o
This Day in History-8/28-On this day in 1996, after four years of separation, Charles, Prince of Wales, and his wife, Princess Diana, formally divorced. On July 29, 1981, nearly one billion television viewers in seventy-four countries tuned in to witness the marriage of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer, a young English schoolteacher. Their first child, Prince William, was born in 1982, and their second, Prince Harry, in 1984. Diana and Charles announced a separation in 1992, though they continued to carry out their royal duties. In August 1996, two months after Queen Elizabeth Ii urged the couple to divorce, they reached a final agreement. In exchange for a generous settlement, and the right to her apartments at Kensington Palace and her title of "Princess of Wales," Diana agreed to relinquish the title of "Her Royal Highness" and any future claims to the British throne.
***Prince Harry dumped by Cressida Bonas after Vegas nude photo scandal -* Wrong move! She should have stuck with him, and then she'd definitely have gotten married because the press would have been on her side and so would the Royal Family. If I were her "well, although I don't approve, I don't condemn Prince Harry. I know the press is always rampant to find negativity, but I have been with him and know his character. Let's put this behind us and move on. Thank you" Click Click Click (photographers taking my picture to be plastered world wide the next day with headlines "Wonderfully diplomatic.) Ring, ring, ring. (Queen Elizabeth calling me to say how gracious I am and that she'd be delighted to have me as a daughter-in-law) If a silly thing like this sets her off, she doesn't deserve Prince Harry. A heckuv alot more press will come down the pike, and if she can't handle this, forget it!
Hmmm! Prince Harry by stripping naked. His grandmother Queen Elizabeth was strict bout him.
Is there anybody else out there tired of hearing so much about the Royal Family of England? I have had enough of hearing their news as if it is top news over here, it is not for me. There is no Royal Family in my book, because for me the only thing ROYAL is God/Jesus. As we can see Prince Harry, is just another human being and so are the rest of his family of "Royalty". All due respect, but this is the truth. Queen Elizabeth and her family have to answer to the same God as I have to in the end, and they will not be any different than I am when the end is here. It is just sickening some times to keep getting news of their every burp and all. We have enough going on over here in America anyway than to be letting them headline our daily news. Paul Revere must be turning in his grave. Just saying.
I liked a video Prince Harry reflects on his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth ll
"What did you bloody do, Harry?!!", said Queen Elizabeth Ii to Prince Harry.
It's said that Queen Elizabeth was upset about Prince Harry's pictures because they didn't show anything "good."
If Queen Elizabeth allowed images of Prince Harry & Prince William to be reproduced, Sales would end
Calls for the end of the British Monarchy are ringing out again this morning after Queen Elizabeth’s drunken punk of a grandson, Prince Harry, managed to get himself
Queen Elizabeth at least relieved that Prince Harry is not *** NEWS IN BRIEF - WORLD…
Prince Harry has some explaining to do to Queen Elizabeth about those nudes! He is still one hot red head!
Queen Elizabeth is going to beat the tar out of Prince Harry when he gets home.
Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall during the conversation between Queen Elizabeth and Prince Harry?
Well Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth Ii, maybe mad at one of her grandsons.Thanks to leaked photes and TMZ, Prince Harry's royal derrière can now be seen, via the internet.LMFAO
For the first time since the War of 1812, The United States and Great Britain might be marching off to war against each other, after Queen Elizabeth Ii, the constitutional monarch of Great Britain, threatened the US with military action in the wake of nude photos of Prince Harry having been leaked t...
Ck out TMZ Prince Harry is butt naked. Poor Queen Elizabeth. Wow.
Well...y'all already think I'm crazy.meh, perhaps...but I don't think so. Now I'm gonna reach for the stars and rattle your brains a bit. When Christ walked the Earth the first time, he was mocked, scourged, and nailed to the cross by the Romans and pharaohs of that time. Honestly, I think the only thing that has changed abt these ppl is the advance in technology. The anti-Christ is suppose to and will rise out of Europe. When Queen Elizabeth succeeds from the throne and passes it forward, they will crown a king.who will it be?? Well, Prince William is the next in line, but he has a brother.Prince Harry. Btw...upon Princess Diana's death in '97 she was trying to publicize the info that Harry wasn't Charles son, many believe her "accident" was in fact a murder (I agree). I think we could have a Cane and Able incident on our hands when it's time to crown a king. Would not surprise me in the least bit if Prince Harry was our anti-Christ and places upon the world the NWO. if u looked it up u would find that t ...
Yes, the Olympics were great. The coverage was better than it's been in the past. But despite all the athletic drama, the great stories, the over-hyped commentary, the highlights will always be Queen Elizabeth becoming a Bond Girl, and Prince Harry singing -- and whistling -- along with Eric Idle to "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life." Priceless!!
Adieu London; Welcome to Rio London: London bade a flamboyant and madcap farewell to the Olympic Games with a romp through British pop and fashion, bringing the curtain down on more than two weeks of action that ended with America topping the sporting world with 46 gold medals. There was another sellout crowd at the 80,000-capacity athletics stadium in east London late on Sunday for the final act of the tournament, and 300 million people were expected to tune in on televisions around the world. Actor Timothy Spall read from Shakespeare's "The Tempest" dressed as war-time Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and after a London "rush hour" featuring real cars and trucks, Prince Harry entered to represent his grandmother Queen Elizabeth. The Spice Girls, Take That and George Michael were among the acts taking part in an exuberant finale that sought to sum up Britain's enthusiasm for the Games despite reservations about the 9 billion pound ($14 billion) cost. During a special eight-minute segment, the stadium wa ...
Why wasn't Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles or William at the closing ceremonies? Prince Harry was there.
Prince Harry on behalf of the Queen Elizabeth 2 Her Majesty for the
I see why Prince Harry is repping Queen elizabeth... It is party time
A huige Shout-out to London for hosting the fabulous Olympics. A job tremendously well done. It was great to see Prince William & Kate and Prince Harry at so many events. Didn't see Queen Elizabeth tho since she jumped out of the helicopter at the Opening Ceremonies. Hope she's OK, lol.
His grandmother Queen Elizabeth often travels in elegant carriages but Prince Harry chose a less regal method of getting around London on Friday night
My mom and brother. No one EVER denies them. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Harry. Smh.😌
Wonderful, stately and beautiful Queen Elizabeth! What a celebration! And Prince William talks about the "Queen" and Prince Harry talks about his "Grand mother" - I loved it!
Good night friends...may Jesus give you sweet sleep. This afternoon after getting home from church, I overdosed on Queen Elizabeth and the Diamond Jubilee. I just love Prince William & Prince Harry... Princess Di would have been so proud.
I can honestly say I feel like a QUEEN! I watched the Katie Couric special about Queen Elizabeth.. She was interviewing Prince Harry and asked him what he called his "grandmother".. he said "GRANNY"... That's MY name! :) I love my grand kids!
Watching a special on 20/20 about Queen Elizabeth and the Royals. Very very interesting! Just love Prince Harry and Prince William :)
9pm ET - To the world, she's Queen Elizabeth Ii, the beloved British monarch who has reigned for 60 years. But to her grandson Prince Harry, she's just "Granny."
Prince William has said he thinks Queen Elizabeth has done a brilliant job being his grandmother, even though he and Prince Harry are "cheeky" grandsons.
Queen Elizabeth has reportedly invited Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, to spend some time with her at Balmoral during her annual summer holiday. .Ptcture shows: Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry, agree to a photo opportunity at the start of their holiday in Balmoral, in exchange for ...
FILE - In this April 12, 2006 file photo, Britain's Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, top, laughs as members of the Royal Family including Queen Elizabeth Ii, bottom, and Prince Philip leave after the Sovereign's Parade at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in England where Prince Harry, received ...
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