Prince Harry & Ed Sheeran

Prince Henry of Wales (Henry Charles Albert David; born 15 September 1984), commonly known as Prince Harry, is the younger son of Charles, Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales, and fourth grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Edward Christopher Ed Sheeran (born 17 February 1991) is an English singer-songwriter who is currently signed to Asylum / Atlantic Records. 5.0/5

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Prince Harry vs Ed Sheeran: Can You Tell The Difference? I got 5 out of 5 right! via
I just realized Ed Sheeran looks like if you left Prince Harry locked in a car on a hot day.
Watching and wondering if the kids think Ed Sheeran is Prince Harry
Margot Robbie confused Prince Harry for Ed Sheeran at a party
I want Ed Sheeran and Prince Harry in one beautiful, ginger, English sandwich 😍
if Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran aren't best friends something is wrong
9 things you may not know about me: 1) My two biggest fears are dying alone and falling (obviously a huge fall, not just tripping) 2) when I was an itty bitty child, I hated my name and wanted to change it to Kimberly so I could be like the pink power ranger. 3) I have a 9 month old Pomeranian named Pikachu. 4) I have an obsession with all things British and gingers. Particularly British gingers such as Prince Harry, Ed Sheeran, and Rupert Grint. ;) 5) My grandparents adopted me when I was 8 years old at my own request. 6) my first concert was Demi Lovato, Jessie James, and the Jonas Brothers with Holly. 7) I learned to swim when I was 3 by jumping into the deep end of a swimming pool (without floaties) when my grandparents took their eyes off of me for .2 seconds. 8) I have 5 tattoos, all of which have significance to me, and all designed by me. 9) From the time I started to really get involved in band in 6th grade & choir junior year, up until I graduated, I qualified for district honor band 5 times, di ...
Some say Prince Harry, some Ed Sheeran but in my opinion is the spitting image of Kevin De Bruyne
if I cld have Rupert Grint, Damian Lewis, & Ed Sheeran over for dinner it wld be my life's ambition.Prince Harry can come 2.
is it just me or does Ed Sheeran remind you of Prince Harry
So, tonight I realized that Ed Sheeran, Prince Harry, and Rupert Grint are not the only attractive gingers…
Hi Five a Ginger day? Man if only I was friends with Prince Harry, Rupert Grint or Ed Sheeran. :P
Today I realised that I have a crush on boys with red hair like Ed Sheeran, Rupert Grint and Prince Harry :))
Ed Sheeran, Damian Lewis, Prince Harry and Greg Rutherford are top gingers. There's hope.
Ed Sheeran, Rupert Grin, Prince Harry, Evan Rachel Wood, Emma Stone, etc. All red-heads that can get the cake.
Ed Sheeran, Prince Harry, Greg Rutherford ... is it just me or are British gingers perfect idk
Just saw the A Team video on TV with a "who is your fave redhead" poll. The choices were: Ed Sheeran, Prince Harry, or Emma Stone.
My next article features Ed Sheeran, Prince Harry, Tin Tin and Emma Stone...can you guess what it's about?
Ed Sheeran says the royal princesses told him he looked like Prince Harry: Ed Sheeran says the royal princesses ...
We recently found out that both Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice nearly mistook singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran for their cousin Prince Harry! Well, I know he's ginger, but there's no need for that! But what do you think, how alike do they seem to you?! [Images: PA] Naaahh, we ...
Ed Sheeran is the next best ging after prince Harry
how come British people get gingers like Ed Sheeran, Rupert Grint & Prince Harry but Americans get bella thorne
Wishing the nudes of Prince Harry were of Ed Sheeran.
I got a thing for redheads... Ed Sheeran, Rupert Grint, Prince Harry. It's not okay.
Ron Weasley, Ed Sheeran, Prince Harry, Sheamus & Ann Robinson are all the same person.
Ed Sheeran is just Prince Harry's stage name ffs. Keep up Grampa!
This party TONIGHT will make Prince Harry's Vegas shenanigans look like a trip to the Cub Foods with Grandma. Get to Casper's Party Barn in Eagan tonight to win Jason Mraz, TWINS baseball and Ed Sheeran tickets!! Plus It's the return of the Dynamic duo...Josh Taylor will play ANYTHING you want to hear! It's two levels with pool, darts, bags outside with a HUGE patio and two full bars! Plus of course the sexiest people south of the River! Casper's is off of Cedar & Cliff in Eagan...see you tonight :) xo
if Prince Harry and Rupert Grint had a love child, it would look exactly like Ed Sheeran
"Ed Sheeran and Rupert Grint are the kings of all gingers" and prince harry
Greg Rutherford is such a hot ginger,along with Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran
Rupert Grint, Ed Sheeran and Prince Harry are ginger sex gods .
i have three ginger ninjas tho, Rupert Grint, Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran lol hiya
No Prince Harry, we cannot pretend those pictures were Ed Sheeran..
Prince Harry should just cut a deal with Ed Sheeran get him to take the blame.
Britain does produce some top notch Gingers don't it? Ed Sheeran, Rupert Grint, Prince Harry.
Ed Sheeran, Rupert Grint and Prince Harry are the perfect ginger trio.
Prince Harry, David Gandy and now Ed Sheeran- all we need now is Becks and my night will be complete!!
Awh! Ed Sheeran, my favourite ginger after Prince Harry and Damian Lewis.
Ed Sheeran, Prince Harry, Tom Daley and One Direction are going to be in the same place at the same time. Ooh.
Everyone takes the *** about gingers, yet everyone fancies Prince Harry, Ron Weasley and Ed Sheeran?
Feck off . My Tom is a very handsome Ranga. As is Prince Harry, Ed Sheeran is one, Damien Lewis, Rupert Grint.
Classic quotes from Holly whilst watching the playback of jubilee concert: Her shoes are amazing (Jessie J), She sings like a man (Grace Jones), He looks like Prince Harry (Ed Sheeran), Is that a boy or a girl? (Elton)!!
I'm actually in love with Johnny Depp, Josh Hutcherson, Ed Sheeran and Prince Harry. Judge me world.
Has anyone ever seen Ed Sheeran and Prince Harry on stage at the same time? No? Thought not.
gingers aren't hot? sorry do you live in a world without Ed Sheeran, Rupert Grint and Prince Harry? are you crazy?
3 sexist gingers out: 1. Ed Sheeran 2. Prince Harry 3. Rupert Grint ... oh and there all english ;)
Did Ed Sheeran get a gig at the concert because he is Prince Harry's half brother?
The only four gingers I can tolerate are Ed Sheeran, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson and Prince Harry
does the queen actually know who JLS is? she definitely doesn't know who Ed Sheeran is, she probably doesn't even know who Paul McCartney is. She probably sees Ed Sheeran on the stage and wonder what Prince Harry is doing up there
Ed Sheeran wanted Prince Harry for his 'Lego House' video but didn't know if he could act and so went for Rupert Grint instead.. True Story
Hmmm. You never see Ed Sheeran and Prince Harry in the same room at the same time...strange!
Would love for Prince Harry to come on stage now and for Ed Sheeran to sing Lego House!
Good to see Prince Harry gettin the spirit of things,. my mistake its ED Sheeran
Concert's getting more surreal; Grace Jones nearly 'hula-ed' her way to collapse and now Prince Harry is on stage doing an Ed Sheeran ditty!
Can't describe how much I love Ed Sheeran. I have a thing for Gingers! Ed, Prince Harry, Ron Weasley, Eddie Redmayne.
Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran, the only hot red heads.
Happy birthday to one of the 4 coolest gingers in the world :) with Prince Harry, Ed Sheeran and Rupert Grint :)
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