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Prince Henry of Wales (Henry Charles Albert David; born 15 September 1984), commonly known as Prince Harry, is the younger son of Charles, Prince of Wales and Diana, Princess of Wales, and fourth grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. The Atlantic Council is a Washington, D.C. think tank and public policy group whose mission is to promote constructive U.S. 5.0/5

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2012 Atlantic Council's Annual Awards Dinner Honoring HRH Prince Harry. Prince Harry joined a black-tie dinner in Washington to accept a humanitarian prize for his work supporting charities that help injured British and US military personnel. Harry, 27, arrived at the Atlantic Council fund-raising dinner to a small bevy of young female admirers, who he neglected to acknowledge as he stepped inside the luxury Ritz Carleton hotel for the gala.
Wed, 2012-05-09 12:08 Prince Harry rolled in and out of Washington for a quick visit this week. The Prince of Wales went to no bars and caroused with no ladies, sticking to the British Embassy and the Atlantic Council's Awards Dinner at the Ritz-Carlton on Monday, where he was honored with a h...
I sometimes feel like Prince Harry appears to feel in this photo; but, I'm quite sure I'm made up of different "stuff", "DNA", or whatever you'd like to call it, than Harry. Emotionally.
Happy Wednesday! Here are some photos of Prince Harry at the Atlantic Council dinner. Wearing a tux. You're welcome:
Receiving a humanitarian leadership award from the Atlantic Council in Washington, Prince Harry recognises wounded servicemen and women and those who paid the ultimate price, and calls on the US and UK to care its veterans and their families.
Prince Harry was presented the Atlantic Council's 2012 Distinguished Humanitarian Leadership award by former Secretary of State Colin Powell, left, on Monday, after meeting Dr Biden, right.
Video: Intro of HRH Prince Harry by a humorous SOS Colin Powell @ Atlantic Council
Atlantic Council President and CEO Fred Kempe appeared on msnbc's Morning Joe to discuss the recent French and Greek elections and their wider impact on Europe. The Atlantic Council's 2012 Awards Dinner was also featured in a segment on Prince Harry and his charity dedicated to helping wounded warri...
Highlights of Prince Harry at Atlantic Council Awards Event in Washington DC, where "Prince Harry was Awarded...
Prince Harry Honored For Humanitarian Work: Prince Harry was this week awarded the Atlantic Council’s 2012 Award...
“You fasten the triggers for others to fire, Then you sit back and watch, When the death count gets higher. You hide in your mansion As young people’s blood Flows out of their bodies And is buried in mud.” (“Masters of War”, Bob Dylan, 1941- ) Humanitarian Awards are surely taking on a whole new meaning. The end of April brought the obscenity of the announcement that Madeleine Albright, a woman prepared to sacrifice children by proxy(i) was to be awarded America’s highest honour, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, for her role as a long time champion of democracy and human rights all over the world. In the same twenty four hours, an announcement was made that Britain’s Prince Harry is to receive a special award for his “humanitarian work.” The ”Distinguished Humanitarian Leadership” award: “recognizes outstanding achievement” and is presented annually by the Atlantic Council. Prince Harry and his brother, Prince William, have been jointly nominated, with Prince Harry traveling to ...
Prince Harry accepted an award on behalf of himself and his brother, the Duke of Cambridge, from the Atlantic Council for their work in support of veterans and military families.
WASHINGTON, May 8, 2012 The top U.S. non-commissioned officer shared the spotlight last night with fellow honorees U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Prince Harry and other luminaries as he accepted a prestigious Atlantic Council leadership award on behalf of all enlisted service members.
Congratulations to Prince Harry for being awarded the "Distinquished Humanitarian Leadership Award".
Prince Harry: Atlantic Council Awards in DC: Prince Harry speaks at the Atlantic Council’s Annual Awards Dinner ...
Prince Harry&First Trip To D.C.: WASHINGTON -- His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales, better known as Princ...
WASHINGTON -- Prince Harry will be in the nation's capital early next month to receive a humanitarian award from the Atlantic Council for his ongoing work to help wounded servicemembers.
Prince Harry has received the Atlantic Council's 2012 award for distinguished humanitarian leadership for his charitable work with wounded service members.
His partying antics in recent years have earned him the name of the 'playboy prince'. Today, however, at an awards event put on by the highly-respected Atlantic Council, Prince Harry will be recognised for his contribution to a more serious cause.
VIDEO: Prince Harry receives humanitarian award: Prince Harry has received the Atlantic Council...
VIDEO: Prince Harry receives humanitarian award (
Prince Harry, Henry Kissinger, Colin Powell, Ban Ki-moon, and others in Washington at Atlantic Council dinner.
Princess Diana would be proud to see her son, Prince Harry. He's all grown up. Very impressive speech at Atlantic Council.
Just another day in Washington DC . . . just saw Prince Harry at the Wounded Warrior tribute at the 50th Anniversary Party for that Atlantic Council . . . and no I did not take picture . . .
Lovely speech re:US and British war vets by Prince Harry, speaking off notes, not teleprompter like everyone else at Atlantic Council dinner
Gen Colin Powell introducing Prince Harry at Atlantic Council 50 dinner in DC now. Very warm comments.
Colin Powell to present Prince Harry with Atlantic Council award.
I&looking forward to Atlantic Council&50th anniv dinner tonight honoring Prince Harry. He&now in DC.
Prince Harry gets Atlantic Council Award for Distinguished Humanitarian Leadership for work for hurt service personnel
Just announced, Prince Harry to visit Washington DC (7th May) to receive the Atlantic Council’s 2012 Award for his work supporting veterans
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