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Prince Daniel

Prince Daniel, Duke of Västergötland (né Olof Daniel Westling; born 15 September 1973), is the husband of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden.

Crown Princess Victoria Prince Carl Philip Princess Estelle Prince Philip South Korea Royal Palace Princess Madeleine Sofia Hellqvist

You can't beat Pablo if your work ain't selling...
I can't even breathe after and now THIS!
I personally know someone who looks more like than the guy that's playing in the movie 😒...
When Justin licked Mary Jane's back immediately after unzipping that dress lol
great way to end, MJ needs to be selfish at this point, no or get yours!
I'm sure that Justin didn't maliciously get Kara fired...he just got MJ in the chair like he said he would
What a Prince of a Human being. He looks like Daniel Craig lol Bond People are Awesome aren't they.
2. The NYPD has been withholding the disciplinary records of Daniel Pantaleo, the officer who killed Eric Garner
Danny and Daniel are twin brothers. INSANE talents. Danny on guitar - I heard Prince, Hendryx, The Verve in his fin…
'Daniel Tiger,' but Prince Wednesday dies gruesomely every episode like Kenny in 'South Park.' . I could support that show.
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Poster Movie M 11x17 Daniel Radcliffe @ niftywareho…
I will agree with Tony on this one Daniel.The coaches has made it obvious that they do not think much of Rozier.
Dont tell me youve ot heard this new song??! "Sugarboy ft Kissdaniel - Kilamity"
You need to listen to this new jam "Sugarboy ft Kissdaniel - Kilamity" Dope!!
Coat-of-Arms/HRH Princess Estelle of Sweden, daughter of Prince Daniel and Crown Princess Victoria
Nah why they got Jafar looking like Prince
Fave people on twit? — Ben, Bamford, Anup, Prince, Daniel, Krista, Joody e...
"And at that time shall MICHAEL stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people:" (Daniel…
If daniel imtiaz lived alone in your heart, could he forget that he was her prince?
Daniel is 10 years old today and if we didn’t mention it, you will never know he is autistic.
9. We started Daniel on Language and Behavioral Therapy. Those days were some of d most emotionally tasking periods of our l…
Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel will then meet with Chief Economist Robert Bergqvist at the Royal Palace.
We talked with Britt Daniel about new album, and how Prince, Bowie, and Trump inspired it
The worst thing a person can do is get in their feelings when they're WRONG, no one that's legit is gonna get you out of them ✋🏽😒
Daniel 12:1 At that time Michael, the great prince who protects your people, will arise. There will be a time of distress such as has not
fresher than the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.
I want Daniel to pick me up more when we kiss i feel like a princess/prince idk 🤴🏻👸🏻
Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel and their kids go hiking in annual Christmas video -
Today Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel arrived in Rome for their official visit
📷 Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel visit Pau in southern France to visit the birthplace of...
Happy birthday to these three royals Prince Harry, Prince Daniel and Queen Letizia!
Crown Princess Victoria celebrates her 39th birthday in Sweden with Prince Daniel, Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar
Happy 6th wedding anniversary to Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden!
Happy 6th Wedding Anniversary to their Royal Highnesses Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden!
BTW, I think you got him mixed up with Prince Daniel, who married , his sister, Crown Princess Victoria in 2010.
Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia are not programmed to attend the State Banquet tonight.
Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel and the children are currently enjoying a short holiday in their holiday home on…
Crown Princess Victoria, with husband Prince Daniel and brother Prince Carl Philip.
slashsound goes to Philly with Daniel Rhode's music featured in Kun-Yang Lin Dancers Home Season at the Prince...
Prince reportedly rushed to hospital after private jet emergency landing:
📷 dailyscands: 11 April, 2016 | Prince Daniel talks about what he and Crown Princess Victoria have been...
I liked a video from DISNEY PRINCE ADELE HELLO (COVER) | Daniel Coz
"I think Oscar is a combination of both of us. But I hope that there will be more and more of mom on him to come." -Prince Daniel.
Prince Daniel says Princess Estelle is very proud of being a big sister and that she and Prince Oscar are very similar to each other.
As he rests, Daniel's red hair flows in the wind as he slept like a prince while Evan was levitating and practicing his sorcerer-
Prince DANIEL . can you be my Princess?.
I am doing a skydive on the 14th May and I'm raising money for and 😊 please find out more on
You guys want to be mad @ her so bad that you're listening to anything, I'm looking at those videos trying to figure out what the F is he on
Why are we entertaining Orlando Brown's allegations against People use the most famous person they know to gain attention 😒
That difficulty is not meant to defeat you, it’s meant to promote you. A setback is simply a setup for a greater comeback.
legends Ricky Hatton and Prince Naseem Hamed... on the same day called
Prince Puma pins Johnny Mundo to move the dream team on to the next round in the Trios Tournament! https:…
NB + FYI;..u've shown & proven yourself to be a "Prince of Persia" & the same fate that befell him will be yours if
Queen's note on Philip love auctioned: A letter written by the Queen revealing how she and Prince Philip first...
In the book of Daniel it says "The Prince that shall come shall confirm the Covenent with many for 1 week (7 years in Hebrew)" He is "ROMAN"
it's okay, sweet prince. Mickey will never let you down.
So I'm watching NXT and thinking... Finn Balor/ Prince DeVitt is as bland as they come. Basically a prettier Daniel Bryan.
Hamilton Underwriting at Lloyd’s has named Daniel Prince as Head of Professional Indemnity
Thanks Prince Daniel and M. Wallenberg for inviting me to join your trade delegation to Germany!
2005 hardback 1st Edition of Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince by JK Rowling, signed by actor Daniel Radcliffe
This Kobe game sadder than the last episode of fresh prince
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
My Prince Daniel quote shirt came today. Let's pretend it was a reward for finishing the edits…
Daniel Zavala is wanted by the for a string of armed robberies in Tennessee:
"I thought that said twilight of the Prince of Bellaire" -daniel
Hamilton Underwriting has appointed Daniel Prince as head of professional indemnity
Congratulations to Daniel R. Prince, our newest partner. Cloutier Global can now manage your employment needs and is a truly full service…
Hamilton hires PI head for Lloyd's platform: Hamilton's Lloyd's arm has hired Daniel Prince as head. of profess...
Prince Daniel opens children's books exhibition in Berlin.
What an honour: Today Royal visit, Prince Daniel of Sweden himself
Prince has not committed any crime & must be freed. No weapon fashioned against Prince can psoper.
Royal visit Prince Daniel of Sweden in the house! Coming tomorrow: King Willem of the Netherlands
Prince Daniel and Princess Estelle went to Östermalm, Stockholm on Thursday and ate pizza at the Ciao Ciao Grande Restau…
Prince Daniel, Duke of Vastergotland and Princess Estelle of Sweden - Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Get
Championship matchup set. See you in Arizona.
Remember th Prince of Persia n the book of Daniel? There exist many P's of P over th governments (Ephesian 6:12)
It's finished and it's beautiful. . (via featured in NBC s Science of Love
/ For real though, Daniel Sharman as a Disney prince.
🏥| Jordan Williams, Jack Dunn, Lloyd Jones and Daniel Cleary still out injured.
Shout-out to Prince Emmanuel Daniel. Today is his birthday.
(background info) all we do is score.I got the big head, Daniel got the big eyes, and Chima is the Prince of Darkness, so you know the flow🔁
Why did they FIGHT the Prince of PERSIA before getting to DANIEL? What were they DESIGNATED or ASSIGNED their for?
yes! And so did prince Daniel at Wiktorias wedding 😄
Daniel Tiger just went to Prince Wednesday's Birthday party riding Trolly...this show sounds eerily familiar...
Prince Daniel becomes an honorary member of the PGA Sweden National :
Daniel Sprong's return to Charlottetown from NHL good news for fans Daniel Sprong returns from NHL, brings new leadership to the Islanders Charlottetown Islanders fans…
We're halfway through Beauty already! Tonight, our charming Prince will be Principal Artist Daniel Gaudiello 🌹
Prince Daniel♡ : teentop_princeM,, Did Y0u know that u could get an iPh0ne 6s without buying it? Check my bi0. Thx
are you happy with your move to Atlanta, I've been debating it for when I graduate to try some things out in entertainment?
Whew, why is it 11pm, I have to get up early tomorrow to get some more done & a haircut...
lol okay 😒 I'll trust you, it is a good show, first time seeing it today
I'm pretty sure that is related to but Judi playin tho
&& who knew that was such a good show, I will be looking into his work on that Phoenix was A1 😍
In tears right now, I'd just wanna thank &the whole franchise for reminding me to never give up ON MY DREAM, bcuz any1 can get signed
SS Prince Edward from Charlottetown with a cargo of oats & sheep for Plymouth bunkered at the GM Association pier. North …
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (2009) Official Trailer - Daniel ... via best movie
Happy Birthday for today goes out to Prince Daniel Ley! Have a great day bud ☺️
Prince is a chu***. End of conversation. Keith Winning Hearts
Parke-Davis Kwadwo Fkay Bedi Azeez Daniel Bright Ellis Dake Eunice Prince Kwaku you guys have in your own...
yes xD Actually, except 1 lents made specific for a prince of Qatar, these are the most expensives one on earth.
No one does fresh prince like the Kreider kids
Cover of Bunte with Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria & Prince Daniel at visit to karlstad
King of Sweden, CrownPrincess Victoria,Princess Sophia,,Prince Daniel attend meeting for Nobel Prize at Royal Palace
Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel and Princess Estelle visited a Christmas market today.
Crown Princess Victoria & Prince Daniel of Sweden on the front cover of w/ Twin Rumors
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel today visited the AstraZeneca pharmaceutical headquarters in Gothenburg
Prince Daniel seems to think might have a future in programming:
Today it's the 5th wedding anniversary of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel. Happy anniversary!
Swedish royals unharmed in car accident - Princess Victoria and her husband Prince Daniel were involved in a car c...
President Pranab Mukherjee, CP Victoria and Prince Daniel were unharmed, but 9 people they were travelling with were taken to hospital.
President Mukherjee safe after car in his convoy crashes in Sweden: Sweden's Prince Daniel, President of India...
Daniel 3:24. The 3 Hebrew boys, after being put into fire because of their refusal to worship the prince of this...
Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel were in Norway this weekend visiting CP Mette-Marit and CPHaakon
Yep! It's about Daniel Tiger and his friends, King's Son Prince Wednesday is Daniel's friend.
Congratulations to and to William and there new wee baby girl . Happy days for them ahead
Ice Prince shares new photo with his girlfriend |Via
Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel and Crown Princess Mette-Marit were spotted today at a gas station in Norway.
PHOTOS: Prince William and Kate show off their new born daughter |Via
Got some pretty decent of the on my if you missed…
When you all state your just remember that both of them made this much off of the…
Daniel 10:20-21. 20“Then he said, ‘Do you understand why I came to you? Soon I’ll return to fight the prince of...
BREAKING: Prince William and his wife Kate have announced that Alan Barnes will be the god father of their newly born daught…
Prince Edward Island Mussels. Prepared by Twisted Laurels Chef Daniel Bangert, today's mussels were sauteed with...
.../Where the King of the north comes to his end at the hands of Michael the great prince. Eze38:16-18, 22, 23 Daniel 11: 45 - 12:1
Just get back up when it knocks you down.I don't wanna make the same mistakes I did, don't wanna fall back on my face again
When Prince George Alexander Louis was born, I predicted his name would be George Daniel Alexander Louis. I was 75% accurate.
Prince William and Kate Middleton share first photo of baby via
Britain's delivers special message to Prince George
Daniel Wang, Filippo Moscatello, Daniel W. Best and myself tonight for the American Roller Disco at Prince...
Prince George, you are the cutest thing ever.
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Neighborhood All-in-1 Playset with prince Wednesday bb ok
VIDEO: Prince William 'very happy' with baby: The Duke of Cambridge says he is "very happy" following the birt...
Ilona Daniel on Instagram: “Summer on the shelf. Time to come down I think.
I don't have the to be however, I do have the to be
I hate Daniel Tiger. He's not tigertastic, he's cloying and creepily overly sincere. And don't get me started on Prince Wednesday, son...
Saturday is hoppin' on . Reason 2 Funk w/ Funk Protectors, Red Prince, Daniel Forrest...
Killa Sin was so good. 9th Prince got beat up by Warcloud (Holocaust)
Relationships ain't even that hard. People just don't know how to be loyal anymore.
Basically if you need to look yourself in the mirror and ask why(?) Bcuz odds are youll continue to lose good ppl for that reason
I am a great person to be around though, as long as you don't cross me, you probably wouldn't want to spend a day without me
Prince Daniel, Duke of Vastergotland & Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall at The Prince Of Wales And Duchess Of Cornwall -
Swedish royals Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden and her husband Prince Daniel have been praised for setting 'an...
On 23-26 March, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel paid an official visit to Korea invited by PM Lee Wan-koo.
Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel visited the Hankuk National Rehab Center on their last day in South Korea
Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria & Prince Daniel visit GCF at 9th Board mtg. to be updated by Hela Cheikhrouhou.
Day 2: Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel met with the President of South Korea at the presidential palace
Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel on their last day of their visit to Korea. Read more:
Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel continued their 4day visit to South Korea. Read more:
Photo: 24.3.15 | Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and Prince Daniel of Sweden pay a silent tribute during...
Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel at the border in the demilitarized zone in Panmunjom, South...
Swedish Crown Princess Victoria lands in Seoul with husband Prince Daniel:
March 23- Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel arrived in Seoul, South Korea for their …
Speaking of Victoria with her hair down!!! CP Victoria and Prince Daniel are currently on a state visit
Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel started their 3-day visit to Korea. Read more:
Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, and Estelle will all be in the palace courtyard on March 12 to celebrate Victoria's Name Day at 12pm
Photoset: royalwatcher: Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel on their first day in San Francisco. The...
A new official picture has been released of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel
Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel visited Ericsson's Plant today on day 2 of their visit to Estonia
Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel have got to be the best-looking royalty anywhere in the world. , I take off my hat to you.
Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel are visiting on a two-day visit. Picture:
This evening, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel enjoyed a dinner hosted by the Swedish ambassador to Estonia http:/…
The King,Queen, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel had lunch with the former government at the Royal Palace. They received the former Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and Ministers in the Princess Sibylla’s apartments. Rumors growing stronger, you see a bump under Victoria's dress? Or it's just imagination? :D
On Thursday, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel visited Umeå2014, the cultural capital of Europe. The Crown Princess is patron of Culture year in 2014. They visited an art gallery, a sculpture park, the Guitar Museum, Umea Music School, …
Uncle Leo took Prince Daniel to summer sch.hope he doesn't cry.(^_^)
Photoset: royalwatcher: Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, and Prince Carl Philip at an official...
Anonymous said: Hi! I read from one of ur ask that Prince Daniel and Crown Princess Victoria had faced...
My only hope for the future is that Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel have some more babies... >
Do you ever make a fanmix for Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel's wedding anniversary tomorrow and just get all the feels?
Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel were invited to dine with The president and first lady at Bessastaðir.
Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel are on a 2-day official visit to Iceland. They met the President today.
News Photos :. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden + Prince Daniel of Sweden. On my website : Royal Events
of course I shipped Aurora and Prince Philip long before that, and Barbie of Swan Lake with Prince Daniel. ;) Xx
Sweden's queen, Silvia, celebrated her 70th birthday with a party surrounded by her family and friends including: Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, pregnant Princess Madeleine, Chris O'Neill, Prince Carl Philip and his girlfriend Sofia Hellqvist.
Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of at the Royal Swedish Academy of War Sciences' formal gathering
The Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia hosted a lunch at the Royal Palace for King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima during their visit to Sweden, October 14, 2013. Royal Family members Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel and also attend.
At Our Open Training Session on Monday 28th October Sleeping Beauty and Prince Daniel are going to attend from
My cruise is getting really excited. Guess who I met at here? Prince Daniel of Sweden, he was really amazing. :D
lol Prince Daniel is visiting Finland and there's no-one there welcoming him :'D
Will be showing HRH Prince Daniel of Sweden our kid-friendly exhibition at the today
They changed prince Siegfried to prince Daniel. Wat.
This is the manifesto of Prince Daniel
I think too. So now, they're King Chad, Prince Daniel, Prince Mike and Prince Ryan. It sounds very good.
Fredrik Bäckhed from Gothenburg University receives 6Msek- worth prize, from Prince Daniel, for R&D work related to …
Checking in at Digital Health Days with Prince Daniel of Sweden,
Michael Clifford and the Half Blood Prince. Daniel radcliff better watch out.
Awww I miss my little prince Daniel he so adorable 😍❤😔
STEPHANIE OKEREKE’S BROTHER RELEASES SINGLE: Prince Daniel Okereke who is a chattered banker, business man dec...
Prince Daniel:. l my brother some IGBO name long like my ONYEDIKACHI b4 oyibo man will write it finish my time...
Swedish royal wedding: how country boy Daniel Westling was transformed into Prince Daniel via
Honoured to have The King, Queen, Crown Princess, Prince Daniel, Prince Carl Philip & Princess Madeleine at service for Princess Lilian.
So,Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel and Princess Estelle are in Solliden ,almost probably, with the King and the Queen, Prince Carl Philip is in Goteborg (He will race this weekend)and Princess Madeleine and Mr Chris O'Neill enjoy their honeymoon in the Seychelles. and Where are you? :) (Ale)
Prince Daniel and Prince Carl Philip whisk Princess Madeleine's fiancé off for stag do...
Photo: Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden If you don’t know about these two, check their...
Good night fair Queen of sASs! May your sleep be full of dreams of the delicious Prince Daniel and the adorable Prince Phillip
royaltyasiseeit: quatre1six: Prince Daniel of Sweden delivers an admirable speech to his new wife, Crown Prin…
I can't get this "Doc McStuffin's" song, out of my head, thanks to my babes, Princess Brendaja & Prince Daniel!!! Your Ninue loves you!!!
howictheroyals: Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel at today’s wedding!
I'm a proud mother of an eight months old handsome baby boy(Prince Daniel) and each time I look in his eyes my heart melts and I get all emotional(sob),how can people hurt babies...I love my son to death and I thank GOD for every second spent with him...Prince Daniel you're my reason for living and working so assidiously to let you enjoy the finest and the best things in life...Thank you JESUS.Big ups and thank you to uncle Leo Elliott you're the best uncle in the world and his nana Joyce(my mom) GOD bless you both...Love you both, I couldn't have done it on my own...
new2royals: “If only Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel would show up less on my dash” said no one eve…
Prince Daniel of Sweden (R) and Prince Carl Philip of Sweden look on during the men's Double Trap Sh
Prince Daniel of Sweden and Prince Carl Philip of Sweden attend Shooting fi...
I spy with my little eye the Swedish crown Prince Carl Philip and Prince Daniel supporting Dalhby at the shooting event
Sweden celebrates biggest royal event since wedding of Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel as... via
Prince Daniel, Akesson and Christian Party leader in room ,nobody knows who is who ," fyffaan ,we are all the same"says Jimmy"
New figures show that the Swedish public has less confidence in the royal family than ever before, despite the recent wedding of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel.
Barbie of Swan Lake KEN as Prince Daniel + Lovely Swan for you!
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