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Prince Charles

Charles, Prince of Wales (Charles Philip Arthur George; born 14 November 1948) is the heir apparent and eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

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Prince Charles leads tributes to war dead on Remembrance Sunday - The Guardian
Prince Charles 'transition to King starts TODAY' as Queen STEPS DOWN from duty
Royal family facing turmoil if Prince Charles replaces Queen as public reveals feelings
Children from Lajpat Nagar 3 school had the unique opportunity to meet with HRH Prince Charles yesterday on the l…
Remembrance Sunday brsngi ttsae of kingship for Prince Charles
Prince Charles becomes latest person to be dragged into Paradise Papers leak
Prince Charles has millions in off-shore tax havens, Paradise Papers reveal Greedy Royals .
Privileged to meet HRH Prince Charles today. Chatted about British democratic traditions before being ambushed by an obn…
Prince Charles's private estate appears to triple offshore investment in about a year
The anti Royal BBC is claiming Prince Charles wanted to make a few quid on a company he had shares in . The BBC is…
Prince of Wales, Prince Charles arrives at Royal Malaysia Air Force (RMAF) base in Butterworth.
Paradise Papers show Prince Charles is guilty of conflict of interest, profiting from his position. http…
Prince Charles lobbied for policy changes that he would have profited from offshore
Prince Charles's estate made big profit on stake in friend's offshore firm
If only Prince Charles had managed to talk his own Dad (Prince Phillip) from "hunting out in earlier in his life
So if CHARLES is lined up via his DAD's also be "MAHDI" (via Mohamet) Phillip also a 'Jew'...making Prince Charles "Cerebus"!
Prince Louis Charles of Prussia, second son of Frederick William II, was born on 5 November 1773
Why did Crown Prince Jared bin Charles meet with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman right before 11 pri…
Bishop Peter Ball who establishment figures fought to defend…
Is Prince Charles some sort of Time Lord now?
You and Prince Charles are both cheaters and Charles should not become King! Idc if you’ve been waiti…
"Prince Charles would be a good one." He laughed and sipped on his tea, unable to hide the small g…
Flood in Penang should be made as an example by Prince Charles to stress on climate change.
Wait, will Prince Charles and his wife going to Penang tomorrow? because the flooding got pretty bad.
HRH Prince Charles having a chat with delegates of the Commonwealth Youth Summit during his visit to Malaysia.
Cousin Yin sent these pictures from Georgetown. hit by worst floods in decades . Prince Charles & wife due…
November 5, 1985: Prince Charles & Princess Diana at the Melbourne Cup races in Melbourne, Australia.
5 November 1981: Prince Charles & a new mother-to-be Princess Diana attend a private lunch with Lord Mayor of London a…
Prince Charles appears a reluctant Time Lord as he tries Doctor Who's time machine 
Prince Charles pays solemn tribute to Second World heroes
HRH Prince Charles was warm and friendly when we met at the Opening of Commonwealth Youth Summit. DSG seen in the middle
Prince Charles take care of the Princess
Friends, a shiny blogpost is here ✨ Prince Charles Delivering the Keynote Speech at the Global Our Ocean Summ...
Project 70: will Prince Charles be on the throne by next year?
Idk what kind of police my pak su is but hes guarding Prince Charles & Kate Middleton right now in Kuala Kangsar. Bestnya. Kate is so pretty
The wedding of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Camilla Parker Bowles took place in a civil ceremony at Windsor Guildhall, o…
wait? isn't that prince Charles suppose to be at Georgetown tho?
Prince of Wales, Prince Charles & Sultan Nazrin Shah attending the WWF Conservation Round Table Discussion in Royal Belu…
Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales & his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, arrive in Perak as part of their 7 day…
His Highness Prince Charles at War Cemetery in Taiping, in remembrance of those warriors who died during the 2nd World…
We had no idea Prince Charles dated one of Princess Diana's sisters before her 😱
2 Nov 1605:Thomas Percy Gunpowder plotter in at large in tracking Prince Charles' movements - aiming to kid…
SCHOOL VISIT: Temasek JC students meet Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, who's in Singapore with husband Prince Charles ht…
This is North Wales emergency response officer Aimee Thomas meeting Prince Charles who thanked the RC for supportin…
Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall kiss in rare show of affection
All the pious drivel about Islam Prince Charles has spoken for years does not protect his grandson for one second. https…
How Prince Charles disrespects his constitutional role via
Prince Charles meets athletes at start of Singapore visit - Channel NewsAsia
Butler who stole Picasso artwork, Faberge eggs and £1.9m of jewellery from friend of Prince Charles is jailed :
Prince Charles returns to Singapore for first time since 1979 as he starts Asia tour with wife Camilla
Prince of Wales in Rangoon 1921. Had been saving photo for Prince Charles's visit, but he's now not coming as part of just…
Britain’s Prince Charles speaks to people after laying a wreath at the Cenotaph war memorial in Sing...
Prince Charles and Camilla Share Rare Public Kiss as They Reunite to Start 11-Day Trip in…
Has that lineage been inbred down to prince Charles? lol don't hump your cousin .. blue bloods
Butler to friend of Prince Charles stole Picasso painting and Cartier watches to fund 'exorbitant' gambling habit…
Prince Charles and Camilla arrive in Singapore. via
👱 Royal visit: Prince Charles and Camilla to arrive in Singapore on ... ⚡🌟
So I intended to be normal..then Prince Charles decided that tomorrow's a good day to visit.
4/... tell ya Queen & prince Charles. Need to stamp out the Magna carter and rule like dictatorships.…
Prince Charles loves his corrupt dictator's friend Ali Bongo of
Prince Charles and Camilla Share a Kiss in Rare Moment of PDA
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Singapore Prime Minister welcomes Prince Charles and Camilla at the Istana http…
Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles were just photographed kissing for the third time ever: https:/…
WATCH: Prince Charles and Camilla meet with President Halimah Yacob, PM Lee and *** Ching at Istana
HAPPENING NOW: Singapore President Halimah Yacob receives Prince Charles at the Istana https:/…
[CNA] President Halimah Yacob welcomes Prince Charles and wife at the Istana
HAPPENING NOW: Prince Charles and Camilla attend wreath-laying ceremony at the Cenotaph https:…
Prince Charles and Camilla kick off Asia tour in Singapore
Prince Charles & Duchess Camilla begin their 11 day tour of Singapore, Malaysia and India on Monday. (30 October - 9 Novem…
Hundreds line the streets in Ontario to meet Prince Charles, Camilla: They will stop in at……
Prince Charles praises the high street stores’ drive to save wildlife paradise
May 2014: Prince Charles is presented with a Stetson as worn by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in
Lord Louis Mountbatten was Prince Philip's uncle and Prince Charles's Great Uncle. He died when an IRA bomb destroyed his yacht.
Queen STEPS DOWN from Royal duty as Prince Charles takes over We may have a King Regent soo…
'Queen asks Prince Charles to lay her wreath on Remembrance Sunday'
Queen asks Prince Charles to lay wreath for her on Remembrance Sunday
The Queen asks Prince Charles to lay wreath on her behalf on Remembrance Sunday
Queen hands over Remembrance Sunday duties to Prince Charles . By
What do Prince Charles, Al Gore, David Rockefeller and Edmund de Rothschild have in common? .
Princess Di was allowed to be murdered by the British government because Prince Harry is not the son of Prince Charles.
Prince Charles proves just how out of touch he is with reality and with the will of the vast majority of the public.
Prince Charles claimed was “romantic" as he tried to persuade Tony Blair NOT to ban the cruel bloodsport h…
Prince Charles is at odds with saying catastrophic hurricanes are the consequence of climate change.
Prince Charles spoke out out today - urging the world to turn its attention to the failing health of the oceans or risk our own…
It's all people who look like they still haven't gotten over Diana. The type to own Prince charles commemorative plates
'Supreme wake-up call': Prince Charles urges action on ocean pollution
Prince Charles warns 'plastic on the menu' in world's fish
'Supreme wake-up call': Prince Charles makes threat to oceans a priority
Watch Prince Charles, in a Suit, Release Sea Turtles into the Ocean as He Warns ‘Plastic Is Now on the Menu’ h
HRH Prince Charles highlights the importance of coral reefs and urgent action to save them, calls for a blue economy
Prince Charles and Camilla cancel trip to Burma 'over ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims'
Prince Charles says he "couldn't possibly" face his grandchildren if he didn't try to help protect the environment:
Prince Charles and Camilla CANCEL visit to Myanmar amid Rohingya 'ethnic cleansing' Why we feel sorry for this?
A quick very good download of day 1 at
This is how crazy these fools be sounding in Th News like they have Rights on land. No Ye lease land via Prince Charles, Kin…
Prince Charles: "pirates have done wonders for our fish stocks". Charles for King & Boris for PM &UK wins the double
Met and talked to a woman tonight who is from England & used to nanny for a family who would hang w Princess Diana & prince Charles
Slightly off topic but Prince Charles only got 5 O levels, obtained B and C grades at A level, got a place at Cambridge and go…
During the day, FM exchanged views with Prince Charles of🇬🇧 and High Representative of
The deep passion of His Royal Highness Prince Charles for is inspiring - cooperation is the way…
Prince Charles is Calling on the World to Save the
Prince Charles warns that 'plastic is now on the menu' due to the amount ingested by fish.
Prince Charles has issued a warning about the critical problems growing mountains of plastic are causing marine ecology…
Prince Charles on ocean pollution: "Don't wait until it's a total disaster before you do something...we're testing the…
"There is now, at last, an increased awareness of the plight of the ocean" says Prince Charles at summit
Prince Charles to visit India, invite Modi to Commonwealth leaders’ meet
Prince Charles to Susi: You are a pioneer.
The deterioration of coral reefs is both a "tragedy" and a "serious wake-up call" says Prince Charles at summ…
Prince Charles says Somali pirates inadvertently helped protect marine life in Somali waters
Prince Charles We must act now to save oceans
Prince Charles makes plea to save our oceans
Glad to see Prince Charles using his platform for our ocean, .
I liked a video How Diana 'cried and kicked furniture' when Prince Charles left her alone
I added a video to a playlist Prince Charles begged Camilla to call off her wedding, wept the night
'is indeed now on the menu' - HRH Prince Charles at the Conference
Prince Charles hails PIRATES for an ’explosion’ in marine life due to scared fisherman
Prince Charles makes plea to save our oceans euronews
Prince Charles hails pirates for an 'explosion' in marine life during a recent Malta visit | Royal | New…:
to when Prince Charles presented the prize to Clive Richardson at the
A picture of you and from the 2009 BBC Richard Dimbeby Lecture by Prince Charles.
Prince Charles will visit Malta today to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the George Cross
It was really rude when he told Prince Charles "news not on the telly yet, punk? I am Mr…
Prince Charles is called to public debate by designer Richard Rogers.
The internet has such weird wonders waiting to be found:. Prince Charles, Vera from Corrie, Jennifer Aniston, Steph…
Prince Charles 'wants to give up Buckingham Palace to public when he becomes king'
Prince Charles apparently doesn't want Buckingham Palace as his future home, & has discussed plans to turn it into…
Prince Charles won't live at Buckingham Palace as king, says report
Prince Charles to turn Buckingham Palace into a museum when he’s king
Prince Charles wants to give up Buckingham Palace as a royal residence. Perhaps he could rent out the 775 rooms by calling…
Prince Charles 'will give up Buckingham Palace as the royal residence'
Prince Charles ‘doesn’t want to move into Buckingham Palace when he becomes king’
Prince Charles 'won't live at Buckingham Palace when he becomes King' via
Prince Charles wants to turn Buckingham Palace into THIS
People will go on about HRH Prince Charles; when I think of single fat…
Here's Prince Charles exploring the Coppergate Dig with Richard Hall and Peter Addyman
Michael Jackson meets Princess Diana and Prince Charles during his Bad Tour at Wembley Stadium on July 16, 1988. https:…
Prince Charles and President Michael D to be joint patrons of Institute of Irish Studies. Nice.…
Move over slavery, the rape of Nanking, the Mongol invasions, Prince Charles' still not being king, Apartheid, and…
Prince Charles was named as the new royal patron of Old Vic theater in London today.
Prince Charles right now: Why won't she just die already, please die so I can be king.
This is what Prince Charles really wanted to name William and Harry
ARCHIVE: 20 years ago the Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry were at Balmoral when Princess Diana
in 1996, Britain's Prince Charles and his wife, Princess Diana, formally divorce
Princes William and Harry defend Prince Charles and Queen's decision to shield them following Princess Diana's death
REVEALED: Prince Charles in despair ahead of Princess Diana death anniversary
20 years on and there are still three people in Prince Charles's marriage
Before Diana and Prince Charles divorced and before the Camilla Parker Bowles affair, the princess fought bulimia…
Camilla Parker Bowles sized up Princess Diana before her engagement to Prince Charles? starts…
The moment that Prince Charles told his sons that their mother had died. New documentary. https:/…
Prince William & Harry's new interview (airing Sunday) about their father Prince Charles on front pages. . Pics
Princess Diana was sized up by Camilla Parker Bowles before her engagement to Prince Charles? premieres Tues at 8/7c.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Monarchs reign until they die! Charles doesn't have the moral ascendancy to be King - skip Charles the…
Princess Diana shared the agony of her ‘grim’ divorce from Prince Charles with George Michael and blasted the royals.
The Queen 'will not step aside for Prince Charles', sources say
Prince Charles was interested in Princess Diana's sister first:
Anyone who has studied her would never consider this a possibility anyway.
No he just didn't want to honor Prince's D. Charles is not a good guy either.
'Not a loving family' Princess Diana pours heart out over 'grim' divorce to George Michael .
Queen will NOT abdicate throne for Prince Charles – and THIS…
Royals put on united front for church service after Queen refuses to give up throne for Charles:…
SUNDAY TIMES FRONT PAGE: 'Queen will not stand down for Prince Charles'
and Prince Charles who soon takes over help fund the mosque in North Lon…
The Queen has no plans to let Prince Charles take over her royal duties
Both Prince Charles & Melania T are great believers in homeopathy, so there's got to be something to it, right?
My 10 year old is very worried about a prince Charles that may never be king.He says imagine waiting your whole life for your life😂😂this boy
Queen: How does one keep an *** in suspense? . Prince Charles: Mummy, when will one be King? . Queen: C…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Can anyone confirm me plz Prince William and harry date of birth and the exact date when diana met with charles
The Queen has no intention of stepping aside for Prince Charles. Is it time we abolished the monarchy altogether?
Prince Charles being the antichrist is a good point? 😂😂
Do you think Prince William should be king over Charles?
REVEALED The Queen will "NOT abdicate throne for Prince Charles"
I love Princess Di, but I've never noticed this before! Now I can't unsee it.
Secret tapes show them and decisive response to war neither in my run against them out! Join Michael
There have also been discussions of the crown "leapfrogging" Charles. But Prince William said there was "no question" of it happening.
Queen will not abdicate throne for Prince Charles declaring "the nation comes first"
Getting your A-level results? Remember Prince Charles only got a B and a C yet still went to Cambridge and is next in l…
Secret tapes show Princess Diana sharing agony of divorce to pal George Michael
Came across these today. 1969 Prince Charles investiture I've still got the uniform 😂
DID YOU SEE? A first for Prince William and Prince Charles -
Prince Charles has proved prescient, informed and effective about every cause he has promoted. If that's meddling, then brin…
Queen will not stand down for Prince Charles | News | The Times & The Sunday Times
Meet Black Singles 300x250
charles I think that when prince charles and diana met that was 2 lakh fifty thousand years ago I swear of God I amiss only using
Diana secret tape REVEALED: Princess MOCKS Elton John in shock call with George Michael
Our top story today: the Queen will not stand down for Prince Charles ht…
Revealed Prince Charles and Camilla image is badly damaged by Princess Diana’s: via
How old is Camilla Parker Bowles, could she be the next Queen and when was her wedding to Sir Prince Charles - The… htt…
Prince Charles came on to Diana "like a bad rash . . . following me around like a puppy"
Prince Charles and William have made a rare appearance together for a night: via
Smiling Prince William steps out with Prince Charles for Edinburgh Military Tattoo.
Prince Charles and Prince William have attended the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.
When David Beckham met Prince Charles with a durag on, want this picture in a museum
If this is true, I think it's great.
I've learned the last 2 nights Prince Charles chose a young, beautiful woman to use as a brood mare to have heirs then dumped her for a hag🐖
Princess Diana deserved so much better than that cheating lying pathetic so-called a prince Charles and she should…
Westmount is dark. I've heard Prince Charles is out too.
Power out in Prince Charles, not even very windy here
I had met Prince Charles when he flew with us at RAF Lakenheath and had found hi…
I wonder what Prince Charles thought about Princess Diana's relationship with Dodi Al-Fayed.
A busy morning with 2 more participants enrolled. Thanks to the Prince Charles and Royal Hobart Hospitals.
Surprisingly good move by their Queen. At least she didn't send Prince Charles to the tower as in olden days.
a REAL fact: prince charles is a monkey
"Pardon me, madam. I'd be ever so grateful if you would place your hand betwixt your legs. Brilliant! And there we are…
Why did Princess Diana divorce Prince Charles? Why the royal marriage was doomed to fail
Watchin & playing in the back was Back To Black x Amy whinehouse when they discussed prince Charles cheating RIP chuck lmao
I bet Princess Diana was sending a secret message to get back at Prince Charles while plotting for life after him.…
The Diana bomb...first the Prince Charles documentary then the famous Diana dress.
Princess Diana had a naturally disgusted look towards Prince Charles!! I don't blame her
I'm not surprised that the Queen didn't choose Prince Charles for the throne lol
The Queen ordered Diana killed. Prince Charles had Diana killed. Paparazzi had Diana killed. Camilla had Diana killed…
9 August 1986: Princess Diana and Prince Charles on a photocall with the Spanish Royal Family at Marivent Palace, Majo…
.must think their readers are bigger *** than Prince Charles.
Personally, I can't imagine Prince Charles filling up anyone's tank, but that's just me.
Prince Charles is/was an *** Princess Diana was stunning yet he couldn't get over Camilla??? HA gtfo Charles 🤚🏼
If prince Charles was my father, there would be a 0% chance of us having any sort of relationship.
Prince Charles and the entire royal family tried to gaslight Diana so hard.
Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay and the Duke of Cambridge will attend the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo
Prince William should be king. Prince Charles is dull and a dope!
Men who want women they can control are cowards, Prince Charles is a coward
The Story of Diana by ABC is living up to the hype. Also, officially dislike Prince Charles.
Via People Magazine: “He was regarded as so dashing, so handsome,” Diana’s friend Lana Marks says of the young...
Why Princess Diana and Princes Charles really got divorced, according to her ex-butler
Let's be real no one would be checking for Charles if he wasn't a Prince
I think the documentary has definitely helped shed a new light on the opinions of Prince Charles...
We shared exclusive clip w/ in anticipation of our doc airing 8/14, Diana: In Her Own Words
Horoscope reveals THIS was written in the stars for Princess Diana and Prince Charles: via
Prince Charles is a prat. I guess that particular ailment isn't too uncommon in royal men...
Order Miche Bag Online!
Wait, no crown for Prince Charles? I feel bad for him but happy for Kate and William.
We are proud to have played a part in the restoration of the magnificient gardens after storm damage. https…
Mostly for the benefit of our American followers: Can Prince Charles be skipped in the line of succession?
Prince Charles to be guest of honour at Edinburgh Tattoo
1 patient stable to Prince Charles Hospital with leg injuries after vehicle & pedestrian incident on Cashmere Lane, at 9.46am
The idea that Prince Charles was ever any sort of sex symbol makes me feel every sort of icky imaginable.
Prince Charles is a disgusting cheating *** and Diana deserved better
Prince William & Kate soon to be King & Queen of England; Prince Charles skipped over, bummer! 😱…
[Author: diana-pearl] Before he met and married Princess Diana, Prince Charles had quit...
I really like Patriot Games, though I suspect it has made me fond of Prince Charles for fictional reasons
think shd interview Prince Charles as he was v close 2 his uncle Viceroy ❤️to here w8 stories he was told ab8 da
We all believed Uncle Jimmy Savile friend of Prince Charles and Thatcher was the n…
I actually can't believe how awful Prince Charles and Camilla were to Princess Diana.. what a woman she was👑
Prince Charles isn't fit to be a king and Camilla a queen? I hate them! RIP Princess Diana
Princess Diana said she developed bulimia after discovering Prince Charles' affair with Camilla Park
‘It was odd’ Princess Diana tapes reveal confessions about sex with Prince Charles
Why do I still see news items about Prince Charles and Princess Diana?
My Name is Prince Harry, i was born on 15 September 1984, and am the son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.
Charles and Camilla enjoy billionaire's hospitality on £49m yacht and stay at Lord Rothschild's villa on Corfu
Prince Charles stands up for making in
Prince Charles & Theresa May arrives for 31st July to meet descendants after special ceremony…
what's wrong with you? u allow James O'Brien to say Prince Charles is a dead beat Dad, he is not, disgusting.
Some of the photos of Prince Phillip on the front pages look like Charles Dance if he'd just been unearthed from a sinister sarcophagus.
HRH The Prince of Wales donned 15 medals & badges for the centenary of Passchendaele - explains all:…
New post (Gurinder Chadha about Partition 1947: Prince Charles told me I needed to ...) has been published on -…
Prince Charles and Camilla holiday on superyacht - Royals swap British weather for Corfu https:/…
AT A TIME when warns over dangerously full carriages This benefit scrounger has no such worries!!
In DailyMail today: Prince Philip, 96, conducts his last official engagement and Prince Charles - in shorts! - as h…
I will never forget that day that Princess Diana and Prince Charles married, it was spectacular and a big deal.
1-on-1: DeAndre Smelter versus Prince Charles Iworah. (He caught it.)
Breast Cancer Awareness
Hear about the time I met Prince Charles & learn about the making of the famous Cheers "Bar Wars" episodes:
I was watching Sky TV recently when I saw Prince Charles. Why was he born in the Royal family while some of us...
Charles and Camilla's superyacht summer holiday via
Lady Di and Prince Charles? . Britney and Justin. surely it must be impressive or Paul wouldn't keep saying it, would he? 😏
Prince Charles and Camilla Show the Casually Dressed on Greek tycoon's S... via
Princess Diana and Prince Charles 22CT gold plated Coin and Chain
My "dead" Prince Nikolas has washed ashore and poofed into Salem instead of Port Charles. *** you 😩
The Diana tapes prove we have to abolish the monarchy.
So... if Prince Charles hadn't have cheated, their marriage wouldn't have fallen apart, and she'd still be alive today.
In Her Own Words tapes: Princess reveals Prince Charles was 'like a bad rash':
Prince Charles dad retired before his mum. 2020...thats not how it's supposed to work. Poor Charlie
Prince Charles' NHS offering free holistic care to assist patients battling a range of illnesses.
In 2012 Prince Charles, called for the NHS to recognize ‘the core human elements of mind, body and spirit’, as...
Prince Charles,run her crazy that why she dranks two gallons a day
The Queen waves as she leaves Parliament with Prince Charles after delivering
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
HRH, Prince of Wales and TM, King and Queen of the Belgians officially open the UK Poppy Garden:
Staff lined up to greet the Prince of Wales and his wife on board the luxury yacht  via
Latest news from Prince Charles and Camilla on Greek tycoon's superyacht
Aug 2, 1965 - Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh walking with his son Prince Charles at Smith's Lawn in Windsor…
Prince Charles in foul mood after wrong parent retires -
Watching a Princess Diana special and Prince Charles didn't like that Harry had red hair 🙄😒😠
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip with their children, Prince Andrew, Princess Anne and Prince Charles at Balmoral C…
A couple of timelords ago, Prince Charles paid a visit and met the man who would later play his father, and had...
July 31, 2017 - Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales and Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence lay wreaths at Artillery…
29th July 1981, A helpful policeman snaps the procession-route crowd on Diana & Prince Charles' wedding day.
Henry ... the Prince of the Clowns im Zirkus Charles Knie
Can you believe it was 36 yrs ago on 29th July 1981, when 32 yr old Prince Charles, married 20 yr old Lady Diana Spenc…
The wedding of the century, between Prince Charles & Diana Spencer took place on July 29, 1981
Nice summing up of averting 'years of planning being thrown out of the window'
Pretty useless to publish now, then. Why rub Prince Charles' nose in his weaknesses? He bent t…
She walked down the aisle as Lady Diana Spencer and emerged from St. Paul's as Princess of Wales...
Princess Diana wedding: What happened to the royal party?
(1981): More than 700 million viewers around the world watch Prince Charles marry Lady Diana Spencer at…
Last chance Kamloops! The Jungle Book has a pay-what-you-can matinee at 2pm and an evening performance at 7pm in Prince Ch…
On this date in 1981, over 700 million people worldwide watched the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana.
OTD in 1981, Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer at St Paul's Cathedral. They would divorce in 1996.
TODAY IN 1981—Hundreds of millions watch the storybook-romance wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. S…
HISTORY. Today in 1981 Britain's Prince Charles marries Lady Diana Spencer in a glittering ceremony at St. Paul's Cathedral in London.
29th July 1981 (36 years). One billion viewers in 74 countries tune in to witness the marriage of Prince Charles to…
1981: Prince Charles and Diana Spencer are married in St. Paul's Cathedral
Lady Diana married Prince Charles on this day 36 years ago.
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