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Prime Suspect

Prime Suspect is a British police procedural television drama series directed by Christopher Menaul and starring Helen Mirren and made by Granada Television for the ITV network in the 1990s and 2000s.

Lynda La Plante Jane Tennison Helen Mirren Sheridan Smith Dame Helen Mirren Richard Hawley

Colour me surprised:the prime suspect in the stabbings was not a teenager, but a grown man of 23 or 24. Was…
I'm not lightskinned tho. You're the prime suspect, no dey cover up. Judas.
There's a conspiracy when a Congressional inqui…
Why was banned from the set of ITV's production of her Prime Suspect prequel?
Prime suspect, Larry? Or should that be Prime Suspect Larry!
Prime suspect : the desperate years
Uhuru Kenyatta, your multi agency team have a 16 yr old as prime suspect in Chris Msando murder. I don't know what you a…
The recast Prime Suspect looks like it’s not going to be a patch on the original
We've got a 49" Smart TV to give away every week with TVNZ 1! You simply have to watch 'Prime Suspect: Tennison'...
I suspect those mocking Conor's effort have 0 respect for who Floyd the boxer is. That's one of the best ever. No shame i…
Yes.. An eye opener indeed.. That rogue should have been prime suspect, he became prime minister
Oh wait, I lied. Kirsty isn't dead, she's "missing.". And OF CORPSE her husband is the prime suspect, I guess.
A new version of Prime Suspect meets Yes, Prime Minister.😁
What's wrong with Nigerian police self, someone got missing, you went to the police to report and they made you a prime susp…
Next week on Prime Suspect, DCI Tennison is sent to investigate something called "The North of England"
The twist is that SHE'S the prime suspect
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
A Fifteen year old girl from Awendo village in Migori County - perfectly framed - is now the "prime suspect" in Chris Msando m…
Dame Helen Mirren to be replaced by total unknown in Prime Suspect 8,
Prime coup suspect took three domestic flights after July 15: report | Turkish Minute
Somehow, William Ford Jr. became the prime suspect in his own murder. a Netflix documentary film, September 1…
If you loved "Prime Suspect" with Jane Tennison, try the prequel on PBS. Great early 70's music such as Eric Clapton &…
Patricia Clarkson as a homicide detective? Shades of Helen Mirren in Prime Suspect. In other words, I'm there.
Enter this prize draw to Win 'Prime Suspect: The Complete Collection' on DVD.
Just had to endure . Makes Midsomer look like Prime Suspect. An hour I can't get back 😞
Nice glass of Jameson and Prime Suspect football!
An old Prime Suspect. Really top quality drama
I know! I wept through an episode of prime suspect 1973. I HAD DRIVEN ALL THOSE CARS.
Pt 7: Prime Suspect. His owner makes statement, "Wilder is not physically able to go up and down the ladder." Charg…
Just completed the Prime Suspect cannon utterly brilliant thanks for making it available
/No I mean like if you think about it, she is sorta prime suspect. she prepares his food which is m…
"No I'm saying we should investigate Chisa as a prime suspect since she does prepare the food that was poisoned"
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Authorities in Belize have named 54-year-old John Deshaies of Canada as the prime suspect  in the death of a U.S...
Prime suspect episode 4 never appeared on normal catchup. Will not stream or download.
Pt 4: Owner of prime suspect was out of town. Convenient. Her friend was home taking care of the dog. {Taking the friend into questioning.}
Pt 2 of mystery: Prime suspect: roommate's Doberman. Only problem is he is big and has trouble on stairs. He would…
Prime suspect who is real son is being interrogated by police teams...
Cops' prime murder suspect has links. He could be on the island. Share. Big reward to snare the killer
You are the prime suspect Greg, do not shift the suspicion
Obviously the Hamburglar is the prime suspect.
Eugeena stumbles upon her estranged neighbor’s dead body and her daughter is a prime suspect. Where is she?
Ross is the prime suspect in case atm. Guilty until proven innocent
I still believe Federation Force with Prime Trilogy's art wouldnt catch so much heat. I s…
the Drink The District festival in the park next door is my prime suspect.
What level of stupidity does the prime suspect is using. Ughhh so annoying
One thing is clear—we have not seen the last episode of new West vs Russia conflict.
GERMANY - Nigerian refugee (22) admits rape of 16-year-old girl and is prime suspect in another rape case.
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Moment British backpacker Joanne Lees realises she's prime suspect in murder
An everyday tale of suburban criminality. Who squashed agapanthus? Prime suspect is denying everything.
Missing sippy cup last seen on my desk and our prime suspect is
I suspect that Mr. Dunners is behind this account. What white man is his right mind brings a Black Women Are Trash mug…
Her mom the prime suspect. "Don't you come home if you get suspend"
A terrible crime. He's in love with the prime suspect. Multiple award winning
continues campaign to destroy liberal democracy hacking in bid to help Must be prime suspect?…
What happens when an homicide detective falls for his prime suspect? Find out in "Taken".…
On its a race against the clock in London to solve 2 murders after their prime suspect is found dead. Channel 10 at 9PM.
"Not violent". *shot two cops and is the prime suspect in the murder of a third cop*. Not violent though...
So Jane Tanner is prime suspect and about to be arrested
Singer Gary Numan is 59. NBC news anchor Lester Holt is 58. Actor Aidan Quinn (Elementary, Prime Suspect) is 58.
Dear Lethal Weapon without Mel Gibson & Danny Glover is not Lethal Weapon, Prime Suspect without Helen Mirren is not Prime Suspect
ITV are doing Prime Suspect 1973. Presumably it starts with Helen Mirren getting hit by a car playing a David Bowie song.
Yo are a shameful partisan liar and prime suspect in today's shameful media.
It's always the one you least suspect making them the biggest suspect meaning the one you least most suspect is the prime…
Great screening of Prime Suspect 1 tonight still utterly compelling 26 years later. Thanks to all wh…
first stole a game winning touchdown pass from Russell Wilson. Now he should be the prime suspect in the missing jersey case.
Tom Brady creates 'suspect board' would be my prime suspect he scooted off that stage pretty quickly
Now on Series 5 Prime Suspect: how many times have we gone "oh, it's him/her" as we recognize a young actor who went on to become well known
I rather be the prime suspect then the victim of a homicide💯
Wow. The real Jane Tennison? From Prime Suspect to Prime Candidate, or even Candidate in Her Prime! :-)
My ramblings about Morse are connected to the fact that I have seen they doing prequel TV show to Prime Suspect. Never seen Prime Suspect!
Just heard interview - blimey; she was progressive long before first female boss 👌
Looking good next week. Prime Suspect 1973. Although the prospect of more Broadchurch has got my wife running off screaming.
Murdered girl captures suspect's photo, voice on phone: (DAILY MAIL) This is the prime suspect in the murders of…
if my iCloud ever gets hacked you're the prime suspect
What about when the missing persons report comes out and ya girl is a prime suspect?
A survivor of an abusive childhood, Kit Griffin cherishes her new life of freedom. But when her tyrannical mother...
1970's policing as the much anticipated prequel to the hit series Prime Suspect premieres on ITV next week
Disappered on and off ? Ufo check singapore prime minister ? He already convert to islam right ? Main suspect . From isis. No wonder why
I'd rather be the prime suspect than the victim of a homicide I'm traumatized
POLICE: This picture of ISP's prime suspect would not exist if it wasn't for Libby.
Prime Suspect 1973 star says her Jane Tennison will NOT be like Dame Helen Mirren
Inspiration for Jane Tennyson goes from Prime Suspect to confirmed Commissioner - congratulations to Cressida ***
It's amazing what "Prime Suspect" did for women in the police force. Lovely name.
thx. indeed. In between shooting Bates and CM was a show called Goliath too. And The Divide and Prime Suspect years ago...lucky
Confirmed: Prime Suspect 1973 starts Thursday 2 March at 9pm on ITV
I suspect BJ would be Monty Pythons ideal Prime Minister oh yes he would oh no he wouldn't oh yes he would
Stop blaming everything on one child. Every family has the one child when something is wrong they are the prime sus…
Thinking he's been the prime suspect for 8 months.
Probationer WPC Jane Tennison become immersed in her first murder investigation as Prime Suspect 1973 premieres
March 3rd DCI Banks returns. So looking forward to this one Prime Suspect will tie me over till then.
Meet the wonderful the new Jane Tennison in Prime Suspect 1973.
Autopsy results revealed in the Karen Ristevski case, as husband Borce is named as a prime suspect. 7News
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Officer Marks: Our prime suspect is this individual. She's a community leader. Eliza: I'll look for her tomorrow night.
The husband of Melbourne mother Karen Ristevski has been named the prime suspect in her murder.
Karen Ristevski's husband has been named as the prime suspect in the murder of the Melbourne mother.
How to prime your brain for creativity? I suspect this works better for some than others, but still interesting.
And I honestly think one of the RAs is a prime suspect but whatever not my tea lmao.
Typically you don't want to invite your prime suspect (NK government) to help you conduct a criminal investigation.
TONIGHT | Karen Ristevski's husband named as a prime suspect, as her family breaks their silence.
Cops seeking prime suspect in fatal beating of Lethem farmer
Prime Suspect is coming back on our Television Screens soon
Are we all acting surprised that Karen Ristevski's husband is the prime suspect for her murder.
She was the last person who apparently talked to her. She's the prime suspect!
*N407 Newspaper*. Prime Suspect - Bugsy !!!. Victim - Choi Siwon. He was bitten on the nose by bugsy.
Aidan Quinn, Alisha, wife and me at some Prime Suspect party thingamajig.
“MY WIFE WAS MURDERED BY A MAN IN A YELLOW SWEATER.”. Well, I'd be the prime suspect in that case.
I am knackered. ..tried to watch an old Prime Suspect but can't keep awake 😧😴
All purpose parts banner
Prepare for more possible French on French crime in the Fast 6
thanks for the heads up, I'll be sure to report you as prime suspect if it ever happens x
Martinez looking a prime suspect for the sack
My mom is still asking about her god *** knife. I feel like there's been a murder and I'm the prime suspect lol.
As was Thatcher I suspect that if becomes President she'll be great for the top 10% of wage earners ht…
Makoto seems to be the prime suspect behind Sayaka's death… Is he or is he not the culprit?
BREAKING The Senate District 23 vote has more ballots cast than people credentialed. is prime suspect.
You should make this your very first one. Case Of The Missing Chicken. There Is A Prime Suspect Already 😂
its the elites who brings nation to wars,like america-england war and South africa -England guess who was the prime suspect
thank you! We will ignore him but I suspect his meddling is at the encouragement of our half-witted Prime Minister 😉
Prime Suspect UKITV3: Prime Suspect - The Final Act. Helen Mirren stars in the last-ever episode of the ground...
if anything happens to David be warned, you will be Prime Suspect!!
If Clare went missing that night you know you'd be prime suspect don't you Kaz ;-)
The kids pants and socks have gone missing this morning. I'm currently with the prime suspect.
So, If Aimee is going to kill the prime suspect, will you remove that merc from the game? Suddenly Vassili seems a good choice.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Apparently the prime suspect is RONNIE PICKERING!
As a gansta rapper u can't publicly threaten or have beef wit anyone, cuz if sumn happen to em u the prime suspect off da rip.
Sherlock suspects Morland of murder in an episode directed by
When a white girl dies but you don't want to be the prime suspect
A very very young Lesley Sharp and Robert Glenister in a superb episode of Prime Suspect on ITV3.
this Ep of Prime Suspect is so old, Zoe Wannamaker is a convincing tart
and the le Carré TV series Tinker Tailor and Smiley's People - it is Prime Suspect before that even happened.
A girl is the prime suspect of her fiance's death! Don't miss this episode!
Kurdish woman murdered at a wedding in Germany after refusing to marry her own cousin
Kurdish woman shot dead after rejecting arranged marriage in Germany welcome to the EU
And Did I mention Austin City Limits, American Masters, Nature and great serials like "Prime Suspect" and now "Downton Abbey" 👍😎.
Lynda on why she's revived Prime Suspect's DCI
Lynda La Plante: why she's revived Prime Suspect's DCI Tennison via - one of my all time fave characters
Lynda La Plante on why she's revived Prime Suspect's DCI Tennison
If you liked Prime Suspect, here's a first look at Tennison by Lynda La Plante -
Quick! Win tickets to see Prime Suspect creator Lynda La Plante at the
Probably checking out George Gently next. Prime Suspect and Luther were also winners.
MGN-AFRICA»» pin:7ffa8acc Phoenix freeway shootings: detained man not the main… pin:7ffa8acc
Too Late! He already is a criminal AND an illegal on social media. Great Job
Man questioned in Phoenix freeway shootings not prime suspect
Why did Director of CID give his investigative report to Waiguru, the prime suspect instead of DPP, Mr. Tobiko as required by …
Police: Man detained in freeway shootings not prime suspect:
"A man questioned in a string of Phoenix freeway shootings is not the prime suspect and investigators are...
Phoenix freeway shootings: detained man not the main suspect, police say
Police say jailed man in Arizona road shootings isn't prime suspect
I saw Ralph doing a bit part in Prime Suspect when he was a young'n
I suspect at this stage of leading the polling for preferred prime minister is
LRT: That investigation into Parliament and child abuse cover-ups now has *a former Prime Minister* as a suspect. Clear enough for you yet??
I suspect my daughter has been using my Amazon Prime Video account:
Fil-Am teen is prime suspect in murder of 8-year-old girl in California
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Amanda is the prime suspect when, one by one, her childhood abusers are murdered. 99p/99c
Sometimes the prime suspects can be the people you least suspect. Brand-new starts this Thursday...
Helen Mirren came face to face with a prime suspect at
it seems the blast was a game changer...Prime is a suspect of the Sunday blast.
Suspect identified in Turkey suicide bombing that killed 30 activists near Syrian border on Monday, prime minister says.
'Scream: The TV Series' Episode 6 ‘Betrayed’ spoilers: Promo videos tease Audrey as the new prime suspect: Det...
"too dark to make positive ID on the prime suspect" ...who knew the NOT shills have the power to see through witnesses eyes?
Top of the morning Gerry aka SMITHMAN aka Prime Suspect
Shayne Ward's Corrie family revealed: Prime Suspect star Richard Hawley has been cast as Aidan’s father Johnny...
Richard Hawley from Prime Suspect is joining to play Johnny Connor, Aidan Connor's (Shayne Ward) dad
he was great in Prime Suspect, in Undercover Heart and of course Muppets Christmas Carol. The Criminal from 1999?
True John guilty pleasure of mine is Suchet/Poirot, Prime Suspect and Robbie Coltrane ***
So I'm watching SVU and Ryan Dunn is the prime suspect!
The demoic acid is prime suspect for the mammals. Lamprey affecting Salmon. No evidence of radiation
no it wasn't - Cooper is my prime suspect.and we want him as a manager?
Albi - classic episode - up there with the Prime Suspect Episode with "the street" in it
Yes, and Prime Suspect and numerous others !
Hold my calls I'm binge-watching prime suspect until further notice.
Prime suspect in the spiking of Wes Welker drink goes to.Rick Ross and U.O.E.N.O
FREE until today. Thanks Vickie McKeehan. Just Evil. By Vickie McKeehan. Kit is the prime suspect in her mother’s...
In Theft of 90 Rolex Watches from Delhi Showroom, A Child is the Prime Suspect: Nearly 90 Rolex watches worth ...
the man featured on Crimewatch hasn't come forward.. He is therefore prime suspect in the case.
Ma'am unbiased biography of ZAB by Stanley Wolpert tells the story, ZAB was a prime suspect in fall of Dhaka, period.
Found traces of my lost ice cream in the kitchens dustbin that everyone denied seeing it. Prime Suspect: The complete joint family system
All alone at the girlfriends and I discover one of the chickens has died. Looks like I'm prime suspect number 1 🐔💀
Opens Friday, Oct 3, 2014A husband becomes the prime suspect in his wife's disappearance after she ...
MISSING: last night Stickman disappeared. Do you know the person in this pic, this is our prime suspect! RT
Cuyahoga Falls Police Chief Jack Davis just told me there is no arrest or Prime Suspect at this time in Amanda Russell's murder.
Just remembered Prime Suspect. Helen Mirren as a gruff, alcoholic, emotionally damaged, abortion-having detective is my spirit animal.
Btw its been gone since prom so if I hung out with u at all that day then your a prime suspect and I will violate your home looking for it
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Anyone who correctly predicts a crime is a prime suspect in the conspiracy. .
I suspect that's why they haven't dropped by, some version of the Prime Directive
My awesome lady detective marathon continues with Prime Suspect
finished it. loved it. reminded me a lot of Prime Suspect.
Deleted computer data can be recovered as long as IRS not involved. Flight MH370 Captain is prime suspect
-Lerner is th Prime Suspect in a plot within our own Govt to subvert th democratic process by which gov’t is chosen
Sometimes all you want is a little Helen Mirren prime suspect and doesn't work. The one job it has is to work it fails
Only call NSW Police if U have a prime suspect, smoking gun & dead victim. Alleged confessions don't cut it.
The prime suspect in the Christmas Eve mall murders could face the death penalty - more on what happened in court on
You wish lol :p"ezzatly, and u are a prime suspect sonia 😒 “I see they've hacked you account ^^ ayyah.
That Castle episode where Castle is the prime suspect of a ritualistic killing...
I personally still think Angus. My mum initially thought Angus was prime suspect also.
So a major suspect in the phone hacking scandal, let off scot-free, is represented by the elder brother of the Prime Minister.
he's winning indy 500s and championships. No reason to take a flyer on a suspect situation while in prime
We seem to be watching a German version of Prime Suspect or something. How thrilling
If I get death threats through the post is prime suspect now ive given her my address
. I'll release a photofit of myself as the prime suspect & still there will be no arrests!
Humidity the prime suspect in most shootings in the summer time
If this appears on the printer tomorrow Hannah, you're my prime suspect!
Chippy munch and Prime Suspect with the Family.
Mikel and Onazi disappointing. Mikel the prime suspect
Mimi gonna be the prime suspect of a hit & run. 😩💀
or a deliberate planting of the spider. I would look at chris as the prime suspect.
Flight MH370: Missing jet pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah is prime suspect because he cleared his diary
DEXTER DOES: There's no soul in 'Soul Suspect': 'Murdered: Soul Suspect' is a prime example of ...
by the Spymaster. His prime suspect = the woman he loves. THE DARLINGTON INCIDENT. UK
Not consciously. I'll break it down after the game's over. Let's see if my next prime suspect is correct.
Totally random, but Maria Bello's PRIME SUSPECT didn't have the time to find its legs. Showed a ton of promise.
MH370 pilot simulator: Files from flight simulator put pilot as prime - Jun 25 @ 7:59 AM ET
"When there is FART in Public...the Ugliest Person around is always the Prime Suspect.☹☹☹"LMAO
I suspect we're going to find out soon exactly how many episodes of "Games Of Thrones" the prime minister has actually watched...
True that - though I see he is a prime suspect in the Redknapp 'didn't want to play' to-do
On again off again Malaysian minister refutes report Zaharie is prime suspect
Lls my cousin just told this girl "You a prime suspect of giving every *** the neck" 😹😹😹
drug related the prime suspect I guess
Wife of captain and 'prime suspect' claims he spoke final words from ... -
Prime suspect has pervious weapons charges. This was by the book. Unfortunate that the baby got hurt.
I'll be to cunning and clever as a criminal to get caught though. And my acting ? From prime suspect to distressed witness.
As someone who loves Prime Suspect and Lynda La Plante's other work I'm rather excited that she'll be joining us on Wénd B'fast 2UE next..
1) I didn't write Prime Suspect, that was Lynda La Plante 2) Happy Valley was an original drama
You guys think I'm exaggerating when I say Prime Suspect has everyone in it, but this episode has JOHNNY LEE MILLER WITH AN ENGLISH ACCENT.
NEW SHOWS:: WEtv has dropped a trailer for its first original scripted drama The Divide. Written by Richard LaGravenese (Behind The Candelabra) and co-created by LaGravenese and Tony Goldwyn (Conviction), The Divide explores the personal cost of morality, ambition, ethics, politics, and race in today’s justice system through the eyes of Christine Rosa played by Marin Ireland (Homeland, Boss, Side Effects), an impassioned caseworker with The Innocence Initiative, and Adam Page played by Damon Gupton (The Newsroom, Prime Suspect), an equally passionate district attorney and political rising star. The eight-episode series, produced by AMC Studios, premieres on July 16th.
Prime Suspect reboot to be starring Zawe Ashton and James Nesbitt.
now that you mention it Viola Davis would wreck Prime Suspect just as much as Helen did
The most amazing creators of the TV entertainment are succeeding to the LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR in taste, by removing some of the finest shows, such as Emily Owens m.d., the final series of Deadwood, US Version of Prime Suspect, just to name three. Why do those that brought these superior shows into being given in to the POOR TASTE of what could ONLY be described as rather ‘sad’ individuals, who would jeer at any quality production as would be of the quality of Shakespearian, or Chekhovian drama. It was suddenly disclosed, yesterday, that Mob City was on its last legs, despite that is probably closer to the reality of those violent days, and was like so many productions that come out of the States, extremely well acted, and every performance a CAMEO PERFORMANCE, whether of the LEAD or the smallest part. Are those that have managed to come forward with SUPERIOR quality lost their CONVICTION in their own capability? Might they not permit patience to inculcate in their viewers the good taste which m .. ...
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La Plante developing Prime Suspect prequel: Lynda La Plante is to begin talks with broadcasters over Prime Sus...
Crime writer Lynda La Plante is writing a prequel to her hugely successful TV series, Prime Suspect
Lynda La Plante writing Prime Suspect prequel for TV See Special Guest live in Harrogate this July!
6.20 to 10 . Interview with Lynda La Plante re Prime Suspect prequel claiming leaks from police
Get excited. A prequel to Prime Suspect is being written
Gsy Lit Fest bag crime queen Lynda La Plante just as she announces Tennison, her Prime Suspect prequel – see in tomorrow's Press
Prime Suspect prequel in works - British crime writer Lynda La Plante has revealed she is writing a prequel to Pri...
Prime Suspect author Lynda La Plante is coming to Guernsey 15 May 2014
Ever wondered what happened to DCI Jane Tennison before Prime Suspect?
Your name should be put forward for this BBC News - Lynda La Plante pens Prime Suspect prequel
Photoset: duckodeath: Google Drive link for Prime Suspect 3 (1993) In my quest to keep the filmography...
Lynda La Plante has revealed plans to make a prequel Prime Suspect TV series. Who steps into Helen Mirren's shoes?
She is former girlfriend of Ron Burt who was murdered by Glen dehart JOE Whiteman and mark Johansen in oct 2003 after a fight with him as former boyfriend when she cheated him on a marijuana deal so he went back to get back some of his things from her so she called whiteman and crew to go after him and teach him a lesson before calling the sheriff who were in collusion with this drug dlr in Ocean Park to kill Ron Burt by covering up the crime and destroying the evidence so Glen de Hart did not look like prime suspect as washed the blood off his clothes. They later made money and bought more property in Pacific County using Ron Burts parents trust fund account so they could be more wealthy than they were before and at home as committed welfare fraud so were arrested for that along with Nadya Suleman as did not report their income to show not eligible for public assistance as were receiving a stipend from Bill GATES TO HELP PEOPLE BUT PAID IN CASH SO NOT TRACEABLE AND MADE TO APPEAR TO BE PART OF Hawala net ...
didn't the USA make a version of Prime Suspect? Thought it was ok, not as good as UK version though.
Lynda La Plante writing Prime Suspect prequel: Writer to adapt her new novel, called Tennison, for TV in 2016,...
If they make a prequel to Prime Suspect it will star Sheridan Smith. I am tempted to put money on this.
Lynda LaPlante confirms she's penning a prequel to Prime Suspect | Mail Online OMG can't wait
There'll be a short list of one for the Prime Suspect prequel & Sheridan Smith will be on it. Versatile is an understatement!
Not feeling "Sparkly" bet them kids did suspects
Rather be the prime suspect than a victim of homicide
Sheridan Smith is going to be in the Prime Suspect prequel isn't she? Because, well, she is in everything.
12 Years a Slave named Best Film at BAFTAs Steve McQueen's visceral, violent story of a free black man kidnapped into servitude in the 19th-century U.S. South was named best picture. Its star, Chiwetel Ejiofor, took the male acting trophy. The force of Gravity was strong at the British Academy Film Awards on February 16 -- but it was unflinching drama 12 Years a Slave that took the top prize. Ejiofor thanked McQueen, a visual artist who turned to filmmaking with Hunger and Shame, for bringing the story to the screen. Holding the trophy, the British actor told McQueen: "This is yours. I'm going to keep it -- that's the kind of guy I am -- but it's yours." McQueen reminded the ceremony's black-tie audience that, in some parts of the world, slavery is not a thing of the past. "There are 21 million people in slavery as we sit here," he said. "I just hope 150 years from now our ambivalence will not allow another filmmaker to make this film." The prizes, coming two weeks before Hollywood's Academy Awards, are w ...
A Prime Suspect prequel is coming, with a new actress in the role of Jane Tennison. Heads for Sheridan Smith, tails for Suranne Jones?
WATS UR STRIPPER NAME: Jus watchn Prime Suspect on tele. According to a stripper on the show who'd changd her name since her last 'bust', u get ur stripper name by taking the street u grew up on and adding the name of ur first pet. I grew up on :Moore' Street in Coogee (I immediately knew that could only end badly - and my good friend from across the rd there, Suzanne Palmer, knows wats coming here) ... adding the name of our family Cocker Spaniel, even made me cringe ... RIP 'Beaver'! :-/
Last night I watched ‘Prime Suspect’, the first of that iconic long-running television series starring the brilliant Helen Mirren. This episode charts Jane Tennison, the female DCI’s gradually earning of the support of all but one of her…
A Very Special Announcement Hello everyone, I am delighted to announce that I have decided to write the prequel to Prime Suspect, a project I am calling TENNISON. You can click through to the NEWS section of the website and read the press release, you can also watch me on ITV - This Morning today a...
Yay there's gonna be a prequel to Prime Suspect
Police have interviewed the widow of the prime suspect in the Madeleine McCann case – four years after his death.
Ryan on Castle: "The prime suspect in the bank robbery was one Xiangzu Chen..." Me talking to mom: "His name makes me want Chinese food!" Lololol! Darn you Chen!!!
The person of interest wanted by Pasadena Police is now the prime suspect in his girlfriends' murder...That story coming up on ABC 7 Eyewitness News at 4 & 6
Im surprised biggy smalls wasn't a prime suspect for the world trade plane crash because of his song juicy
Sierra Club Canada ACTION ALERT / February 7, 2014 Tell the Senate to Speak Out Against Neonicotinoid Pesticides The Senate Committee on Agriculture and Forestry is now holding hearings on widely-used, bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides. The committee has invited beekeepers, grain-farmers, and scientists to present evidence at the hearings. The Senate Committee will undoubtedly hear a repeat of what the Ontario Bee Health Working Group heard last summer -- that something was wrong and the beekeepers want a moratorium on the prime suspect: neonicotinoid pesticides. Noenicotinoids are sprayed on almost all the corn and soybean seeds grown in Canada (roughly 1 million bags of corn seed in Ontario alone). Beekeepers and scientists -- armed with massive amounts of both scientific research and direct experience --have clearly illustrated the devastating effects of neonicotinoid pesticides on bees and other pollinators. These experts, as well as others concerned about neonicotinoid poesticides, hope Senators w ...
Today it is Sweba, tomorrow it may be me or you. if we do not rise up and fight this injustice to day we will not have moral courage to fight it tomorrow. The prime suspects resist an arrest and it seem normal and when the victim expressed frustration he is been beaten like a common criminal for disturbing the peace. Peace is an up sent of mental anxiety. What about the mother's peace who is been traumatize? How can anybody be made to tom-print documents of her suppose dead child when the death is not being satisfied by a doctor? And authority from the hospital who has lost their sense of thought want to use such documents to buttress their point. In any case, we are told that the mother collapsed upon receiving the news and within that moment she was made to tom-print those documents without a single member of her family. You are a mother, you are a sister, you are a father and you are a brother. You know how it's feels. If we allow excesses to gain roots in our society, it will destroy the moral fiber t ...
TEKETRIA BUGGS 12YRS (KB-Steven Carrington-Step Father) A packed house of more than 300 people attended funeral services for slain 12yr old Teketria Buggs as police continue to investigate her death. The congregation at Pilgrim Journey Baptist Church gave the two Fort Bend County Sheriff's detectives working the case a small statue of an angel in appreciation of their efforts to solve the crime. Teketria's body was found December 15th in the Brazos River not far from her home in the rural community of Orchard on the county's west side. She died from either blunt trauma or stab wounds, according to preliminary autopsy results. Her stepfather, Steven J. Carrington, is considered by police the prime suspect, although he has not been charged. Carrington, 31yrs, is jailed and charged with murder in connection with the 1998 shooting of his cousin, Corey Brooks, 21yrs. All the pews of the church, just a few hundred yards from the Fort Bend County Jail, were filled with friends, relatives and classmates. They lis ...
When B lost in alphabetical order or squence its A and C wil be the prime suspect.
It's an evil combination. Israel feeds lies to the US, which then uses its dominant military power to harm Israel's foes. Never mind that Israel is the only country to attack a US naval vessel since WWII! Zionists tricked Britain into helping them get a foothold in Palestine. When the Brits opposed them, the Zionists bombed the British HQ in the King David Hotel. Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982. The US and France sent peace-keeping troops to discourage the Israeli advance. Their barracks were truck-bombed, killing 300 troops. Nobody is willing to say it, but the prime suspect in the bombings is Israel. One day the US will realize how we've been used and deceived by zionists,... Israel will pay a very heavy penalty.
I hope all this is just rumours about GI having favourates,Tshabalala has been prime suspect ene
Archive Video - Young Ethiopian Murdered in Canada, Her Husband is prime suspect...
So not put any chat from the new job but here is a topper . Talking about various Bafta winners and I said Helen mitten is awesome she made Prime Suspect . Lassie in the office :- aye my mum watches that it looks ancient !!! I feel ancient !!!
Tiffany Sessions has been missing since 1989. Earlier this month, Alachua County deputies named Paul Rowles the prime suspect. Rowles died in prison last year. Tonight hear from Tiffany Sessions brother, Jason about why the family will never give up on the truth about what happened to Tiffany.
Tonight: Castle on ABC- high-school mean girl is killed & the prime suspect is a student with possible telekinetic powers
Just heard on the news that a 1 tonne rock was stolen from melbourne gardens last night. Detectives say special lifting equipment must have been used. Alana Whitfield said "If thats all tge brains it requirs, maybe there is a chance I could be a detective after all." No chance for me though, my initial thought was Fo Ki was a in the area and prime suspect.
Hear me out, I think Lizzy was the one who was feeding the zombies at the gate at night, mutilated that rat and (possibly) killed those sick people. They never found out who did it and after she tried to smother Judith, prime suspect.
Home again. .. in honor of Helen Miran's BAFTA, watching her television series, "Prime Suspect."
Muddying the waters far from home Carl Hiaasen chiaasen@ Your tax dollars hard at work: The state of Florida has joined a lawsuit aimed at blocking a massive cleanup plan for Chesapeake Bay. The Chesapeake Bay. And, no, you can’t make this stuff up. Last week, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi filed a brief — paid for with your taxes — attacking the legality of the Chesapeake Bay Clean Water Blueprint. The plan was devised by six bay area states, the District of Columbia and the federal government. Its mission is to improve water quality in the rivers, streams and estuaries of the Chesapeake region. A federal judge upheld the terms of the so-called blueprint, which will limit the amount of pollution being dumped, but the ruling is being appealed. Why would the state of Florida try to obstruct the cleanup of public waters hundreds of miles away from our own? Because Bondi and Gov. Rick Scott are complete tools. They aren’t suing on behalf of the citizens of Florida; they’re suing ...
Apparently, some music was just killed. Prime suspect: Jason Moran.
I can see why he's missing and presumed dead. Usually the wife is the prime suspect! LMAO!
Did anyone else think Dame Helen Mirren looked so elegant and spoke so eloquently receiving her BAFTA award tonight? From a big fan of hers. Love you Helen loved you in Prime Suspect. Woo-hoo!! :-D
I much preferred Helen's performance in prime suspect than that long winded affair !! Yawn
I rather be the prime suspect then a victim of a homicide
Reason why I like British cop shows - whether you witness a crime, are the victim of one, or are even the prime suspect, everyone is always politely offered tea at the station. :)
MISSING PERSON: Liverpool have put up a £12,000,000 reward for Daniel Sturridge who was last seen warming up at the Emirates today before the FA Cup clash between Arsenal and Liverpool. Authorities have named Laurent Koscielny prime suspect, as he had carried Sturridge in his pocket during the 90 minutes, and seems to have stolen him from the Scousers. -DA
Please help in finding 2 missing kids from Love county Oklahoma thousands of people have written in if not more there is corruption amongst law enforcement these families need help! It's been over 7 months the last time one parent heard from their child was a 911 call for help from a 17 year old girl named MOLLY MILLER that was never dispatched?! That decision was made by the sheriff whose nephew is the prime suspect and last seen with these 2 kids!! This is the short version! Please help and the fb pages for you and your viewers are operation find Molly miller and justice for colt! Please help these families viewers that are seeing this comment please help us spread the word to this network and other affiliates!! This case needs national attention immediately! The power your network has could literally break this case wide open and get justice for the families and the community, that is a big deal! This is small town Oklahoma trust me ya can do this so please help!!! This particular family does as they p ...
Am scared for my life, somebody took out a life insurance for me without my approval. So, just in case i die mysteriously, he'll be the prime suspect.
I was hoping I could maybe get some advice or feedback. I'm working on my pitch (I *hate* pitches) for the amazon contest, and was hoping I could get some constructive criticism? This is what I've got: "100 years ago mortal earth shattered in an event called the Sundering; the world as it is now is permanently fused with the realm of Fairy in a chaotic patchwork quilt of realities. In a small town in this new world where mortal earth and Fairy overlap someone is torturing and killing young women. The police don't have any good leads but they know that ritual magic is involved so they turn to Allie McCarthy, occult bookstore owner, to help them understand the ritual behind the murders. Allie wants to help, especially since one of her roommates is the prime suspect in the killings, but solving murders isn't her forte - old, rare books are what she knows best. Unfortunately for her it seem that a book might be at the center of it all, and she is the key to catching someone who definitely doesn't want to be c ...
Thanks to the local paper, we have a photo of the prime suspect. Not sure I like hearing that he's extremely violent and shouldn't be approached OR the fact that the guy who survived the attack is in an undisclosed hospital because the police are concerned for his safety.
Prime suspect in US journalist Daniel Pearl's case, Omar Sheikh, tried to commit suicide in Hyderabad Jail, case registered
When Dr.Bawumia had his Own Accident bk in 2013. . npp General Secretary. .Sar' Gbeshi. .Came Out to Confirmed it That it was the PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF GHANA. HIS EXCELLENCY JOHN DRAMANI MAHAMAH. was responsible. .Today he Sar' john is WANTED and on the Run as a Prime Suspect of Mr.Paul Afoko's bloody Car Accident.
Prime suspect after what happen lastnight in my boss 's house . . . .sinister forces behind my life
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Found out something interesting today.. the investigation team which gave clean chit to Modi is also.. accused of allowomg Babu Bajrangi to be bailed, Bajrangi is a leader of Bajrang Dal and is a prime suspect in the massacre at Naroda Patiya
Sometimes you can be so close to evil, you can't even see it.Police detective John Grayson's worst nightmare comes to life when he investigates a chilling double homicide and discovers that his best friend, David Vincent, is the prime suspect. As John unravels the mystery and trails the killer a...
Shashi Tharoor must be detained immediately as the Prime Suspect lest not he tamper evidence but alas the Indian Police
RBBC IS FOR LOVERS As a special treat, we have arranged for Valentine's to be on Film Club night this year at the RBBC. Film Night Valentine’s Day Special Friday 14th of Feb '14 7.30pm for 8.15pm for romantic film start Accompanied by Heart shaped ice creams in the interval and Pink Cocktails served by our very own Cupid! Arrive early if you want the back row to yourselves. The film?... isn't it obvious? Shakespeare in Love The ultimate historical/literary/romcom, number one in a field of one. Made in 1998 with Joseph Fiennes (quite good-looking apparently) starring as a old-fashioned play writer, possibly based on a real character. But don’t let that worry you. It’s also got Judi (bless’er) Dench, Gwyneth Paltrow, the utterly brilliant Geoffrey Rush, someone called Colin Firth, and Simon (‘im again, but not being Dickens this time) Callow. The director, John Madden ( of Inspector Morse and Prime Suspect fame) got an Oscar nomination for his effort. The script is by Tom ‘brain the size of a p ...
TV COPS: She's detective chief inspector Jane Tennison in the "Prime Suspect" series on PBS (500)
we're not hating. We just know that if any of us were to end up missing. A sag would be the prime suspect.
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