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Prime Minister Julia Gillard

Julia Eileen Gillard (born 29 September 1961) is the 27th and current Prime Minister of Australia and the Leader of the Australian Labor Party since 24 June 2010. She is the first woman to hold either office.

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Prime Minister Julia Gillard called for him to be charged with treason. 🇦🇺
Turns out that, even knowing she was the only female Prime Minister, she couldn't guess that she was Julia Gillard.
Julia Gillard, ex Prime Minister of Australia, worked on Hillary's campaign and she cried the sexist…
We’re happy to welcome Julia Gillard, Former Prime Minister of Australia, Chair of the Board of Directors of the...
Same thing happened here in Australia with our first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.
Dare I suggest Julia Gillard, who at the time was actually Prime Minister of Australia. Eq…
what about the Msg by Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard
= What we did to our first female Prime Minister Julia Gillard
Msg by Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard. "please do not create noise pollution by using speakers a…
On 4/20 watch Mission w/ Julia Gillard Former Prime Minister of Australia. Post your qns…
Mr Turnbull said Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard's "attack on 457s strikes at the heart of the skilled migration system". 2013
It didn't work for them the last time they tried it
And in tradition. No one to my knowledge know one in power has publicly apologised to our ex Prime min…
Julia Gillard became Australia's 27th Prime Minister and the first woman to hold the office. She was elected unopposed by the labor party!
Prime Minister Julia Gillard a chance to defend her broken promise, she chose to scurry from the Antipodes Festival in Melbourne.
Great moments in Aussie history: "The Prime Minister Julia Gillard was hit with yet another sandwich" https…
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I liked a video from Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard's Misogyny Speech
Ex Aussi Prime Minister Julia Gillard on multiple workings of sexism and against vs.
New research confirms the media was when covering Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard.
Prime Minister Julia Gillard - Australia: "Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law told to get out of Australia"
Australias 1st female Prime Minister Julia Gillard was subjected to the most shameful misogynist vitriol imaginable Malcolm Gladwell
How One Nation's new Senator, Malcolm Roberts, addressed his Sept. 2011 letter to Prime Minister Julia Gillard
" The Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, for example, was variously described by some of her opponents as ‘deliberately barren"
Education can't wait - Julia Gillard, Former Prime Minister of Australia at Women Deliver
"I studied statistics and I love a good deviation" - Former Prime Minister from Australia Julia Gillard at WD
here is one from Wayne Swan - former deputy prime minister under Julia Gillard.
Better Education Will Mean Better Health for Young Women and Girls: - Fourth grade stu...
Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard enjoying life in Adelaide, new job, and loyalty to Western Bulldogs
Could have been describing ex Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard! Why are :Left Women so corrupt?
An educated girl is less likely to get HIV & more likely to make her own choices about her family -
In honor of a pic of Sec. Clinton with Australia's first female prime minister, Julia Gillard: https:…
The partner of Australia's Prime Minister Julia Gillard was known informally as 'The First Bloke'.
The once upon a time Prime Minister, Ms. Julia Gillard in conversation with my sis, Shruti Nargundkar, three...
Julia Gillard was the most productive PM in Australia's history. A fact lost on revisionists.
If we invest in girls' schooling, health benefits will follow and impact future generations
Julia Gillard was the most productive Prime Minister in Australian history - despite the mysogene attacks on her.
Julia Gillard most productive prime minister Julia Gillard has highest rate of passing legislation ahead of Hawke
Was Julia Gillard the most productive prime minister in Australia's history?
Ex-Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard highlights the need to invest in education amongst refugee families
Quality education is the best tool we have for keeping our girls healthy -
Used your time well, Dr Rayner. Refreshing clarity! I look forward to more like this:
Former Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard, says is her ultimate goal. Let's talk
A copy of Julia Gillard...the Prime Minister who totally TOTALLY stuffed Australia.
Julia Gillard former Australian Prime Minister on misogyny in politics - BBC Newsnight
Michelle always referred to Julia as 'Ms Gillard'. Couldn't bring herself to say 'Prime Minister'.
You don't think Michelle was biased against Julia Gillard, Katherine?Never called her 'Prime Minister'
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Julia Gillard was Australias' First Two Half Term Female Prime Minister. I wrote to her about corruption and...
On this day in 2013, just three years ago, Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced a September 14 federal election.
Famous Misogyny Speech of then Prime Minister Julia Gillard in 2012 has in 2014 been put to music
Hooray for Prime Minister Julia Gillard of Australia. I can't say that I disagree with a word she spoke.
Honoured to meet the first female Prime Minister Julia Gillard today at the Women's Leadership Forum with
Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Canberra
Gillard’s ‘mixed feelings’ about Canberra: Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard says she has “mixed feelings” a...
First Aus female Prime Minister Julia Gillard honouring the leaders of today
this camp in 2012 by then Prime Minister Julia Gillard and immigration minister Chris Bowen has resulted in two asylum seeker deaths. +
Former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard wore the exact same outfit for a panel talk alongside Michelle Obama and Charlize Theron in
Short Memory... Must have a... Taxpayers spend $450,000 on establishing Adelaide office for former PM Julia Gillard.
Taxpayers spend $450,000 on Adelaide office for Former Prime Minister Gillard | The Advertiser
The YBF had the honour of hosting Former Prime Minister The Hon Julia Gillard last night. With over 100 leading...
Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard with tennis great Martina Navratilova at the Women's Initiative…
Former Australian Prime Minister says Australia has "gone backwards" with the political gender gap
Former Prime Minister says the 'unconscious bias' against women must be tackled.
Frmr Prime Minister Julia Gillard reveals she's had to undertake compulsory lessons in laundry
: Julia Gillard says women still have to overcome cultural stereotypes Former Prime Minister Julia Gill…
Ex parte bishop: "MPs including Prime Minister Julia Gillard tripped up by travel perk rules Stood down I think not.
Spotted former Australia Prime Minister Julia Gillard at launch. Stoked to see…
"Tony Abbott called for then Prime Minister Julia Gillard to make Peter Slipper resign over a travel expenses"
Former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard received a warm welcome when she returned to her homeland of Wales earlier this week.
Prime Minister Julia Gillard the greatest one we've had?. I'd say yes, Murdoch destroyed the glory years of ALP, Rudd included.
I don't watch *** like him who crucified a good Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard
As if the former Aussie Prime Minister Julia Gillard went to the same uni I'm studying at ✌️
On the International Women's day - an article worth reading by Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard on...
Prime Minister Julia Gillard has smacked down misogyny on behalf of all women. You don’t have to take it anymore! NO! Never! …
Even former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard is not safe! (RKO!)
Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard - who opposed same-sex marriage while in office - has admitted that equal marriage is inevitable in Australia.
- it with our Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard.
How -- And Why -- The International Community Is Rallying to Educate More of the World's Children
Former PM Julia Gillard on the importance of Education in conflict via
It's essential responses in conflict areas protect
Hmmm approval rating just recently hit all time low…
MT Why “Education cannot wait for better times” via
Education is a critical element of a humanitarian response via
Read why “Education cannot wait for better times” via
Is speaking two languages a must for today's students?
You either loved her or you didn't, but Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard certainly received her fair share of...
Why is so crucial in humanitarian response? takes a look:
PM reminds us on we must remember the importance of equitable learning for all
Former Australian PM says during crisis and conflict
Well said "School should be where children feel secure and experience normal life" in conflict
Education a critical element of humanitarian response blog v
"A quality education for every child - no matter how difficult the circumstances" on
Great piece by on importance of keeping kids learning during crisis & conflict
Good piece by in about importance of education
Every child in this world should have access to quality education,. former Australian PM blogs
Prime Minister Julia Gillard was not "a failed experiment" in my book.
Julia Gillard offered secret deal for Greg Combet to become Prime Minister to fend off Kevin Rudd Fascinating
Nicholas Reece was former senior adviser to Prime Minister Julia Gillard !. How is he feeling today? Anniversary of her STABBING
Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard did not cry when she was deposed, a year ago today. via
Julia Gillard's new challenge: Former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard talks about her new role as Chai...
". "Forced adoptions have been a major issue in Australia. In 2013 their Prime Minister Julia Gillard offered a...
Idahoans meet Australia's first female Prime Minister Julia Gillard in DC achieving
Former Prime Minister and first FEMALE prime minister of Australia, Julia Gillard speaking. Let's replenish the GPE!
In session with Julia Gillard Former Prime Minister of Australia at in Washington DC
"Education is the thing that transforms lives...[leads to empowerment]" -Julia Gillard (former Australian Prime Minister)
Julia Gillard - Australia's Former Prime Minister speaking at the .
FEMINISM AGAIN RAISES ITS JEZEBEL HEAD.Last week Hilary Clinton was interviewed by an Australian journalist.on the ABC ..also a hard line feminist. In the interview on the Australian National Carrier of radio and TV media Clinton spoke about 'sexism in politics' and supported the former female Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Without mentioning the name of Gillard's political counterpart (Tony Abbott) she got her facts wrong...but spent the whole interview speaking about how strongly she opposed sexism in politics. The interview was in fact a covert promotion of her recent autobiography. There was no discussion about Obama's recent loss of Iraq, her husband Bill's adulterous behaviour and the fact that he lied to the American people about his hijinks with a 21 tear-old (female) intern. She wasn't asked about the other world conflicts eg Syria,,the Benghazi massacre, and not only the geopolitics ..the domestic. Issues such as the massive unemployment in the US (15 percent) illegal immigrants who four year ...
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Julia said that Peris was first indigenous Australian to be a federal parliamentarian
First of all i believe, today a person must know at least 3-4 international language for better communication, But if India is promoting Hindi and its culture, there is nothing wrong in it. My question to those narrow minded people, who lives in India and getting more benefits than, so called its majority community people, that why they always oppose India and its sentiments? Recently, when former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard said, Australia is Christian country and those who want to stay in Australia, they must respect its culture and must speak English, And British prime minister David Cameron followed her with the same statement for UK, why you all people were silent at their statement.? And i believe also, there is nothing wrong in David Cameron's and Julia Gillard's statement by stating so. But why all those narrow minded mongers, opposing Indian culture and Hindi language.? What is wrong in it.? Naveen Patnaik Banned Hindi in Orissa.? But Orrisa locals says, Naveen Patnaik can't speak any ...
Great interview with the Former Prime Minister of Australia on education and girls, and being a woman in power.
on being Australia's 1st female Prime Minister & her work w -
Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard says she tried to 'shine a light on sexism'
And don't go get all upset...I made the same demands Re: treatment of Gillard:
Is Julia Gillard a fan? She talks education, disabilities and girls on
Disgraced Aussie ex-Prime Minister Julia Gillard big noting herself as feminist to US audiences, might explain her betrayal of Kathy Jackson
Full interview with on Diane Rehm Show (sadly not with Diane Rehm): .
talks on US radio that her attitude on changed during her time as prime minister
Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard imprisoned refugee women and children on Manus Island.
Akerman: The ABC’s "principal goal is to protect Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard from any fallout" and Labor.
Gillard says she needed to 'shine light on sexism': Former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has revealed...
"How can you achieve the Goals of EFA without youth participation, and if we say that the youth will…" — ibrahimbow
Great conversation today on The Diane Rehm Show with Julia Gillard...
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A Conversation With Julia Gillard, Former Prime Minister of Australia on [Comments are fascinating ...]
Former Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard stuck in Washington traffic on the radio
Julia Gillard, the Former Prime Minister of Australia joins The Diane Rehm Show. A conversation about being the...
Our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard lost her dad (John Gillard) 2day. Our thoughts and prayers with rest of the family. Peace!!!
Julia Gillard on investing in a child's right to learn - Highlights: Former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gi...
1: Julia Gillard, Australia's first woman prime minister, was pilloried for being female, unmarried and childless.
Holy moly! Australia’s Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard is sitting ten feet away from me as she talks to
Thurs at 11/10c: on being Australia's first female prime minister and her work with
Wait is the prime minister of Australia Tony Abbott or Julia Gillard I should know this bc it's my country but oh we'll
A Conversation with Julia Gillard, Australia's Former Prime Minister Australians, do your duty.
You were there as a Senior Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard ?.
A new survey has revealed that Prime Minister Julia Gillard is one of the two most admired individuals of 2013. Seriously Australia- NOW you're missing her?
An airplane was about to crash with 5 passengers on board and only 4 parachutes. The first passenger said, "I am President Obama, the chosen one. The world needs me, I cant afford to die" So he took the first parachute and left the plane. The second passenger, Abbott said "I am the Prime Minister of Australia and I am the smartest man in the Pacific, even my people dont want me to die" Abbott took the second parachute and jumped out of the plane. The third passenger, Angela Merkal said, "Im the German Prime Minister as well and Germany needs my help" she grabbed the parachute next to her and jumped. The fourth passenger was Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard. she turned to the fifth passenger, a 10yr old school girl, "I have lived a full life, served my country the best I could. I will sacrifice my life and let you have the last parachute" The little girl replied, "Thats ok Madam Prime Minister Theres a parachute left for you. Australia,s smartest man took my school bag
ANZAC Day meant a lot to our previous Prime Minister Julia Gillard, & she means alot to us too ♥ We won't forget 🌹
Facts Analysis team report on messages saying Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has asked Muslims to get out of Australia.
The Israel Lobby's Goal Is Silence By Stuart Rees As Bob Carr's diaries reveal, the Israeli lobby has consistently tried to silence critics of the state and shut down discussion of the human rights situation in Palestine, writes Stuart Rees In the much discussed memoirs from his time as Foreign Minister, Bob Carr revealed the "extraordinary influence" that the Israeli lobby has on Australian foreign policy. His work details how Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard would not criticise Israeli West Bank settlements for fear of the anger such criticism would provoke. "So we can’t even ‘express concern’ without complaint," wrote Carr. For decades, the narrative about Palestinians being savage and uncivilised has been controlled by Israel — but under the influence of the world wide, non-violent, Boycott, Divestment Sanctions (BDS) movement to assert Palestinians’ rights to self-determination, that control is being challenged. A week ago, a public forum in Sydney’s Footbridge Theatre was subtitled "A ...
Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard's resignation speech after being defeated by ... -
Contrast the respect Tony Abbott's expressing for Korea's President Park with what he dished out to Prime Minister Julia Gillard.
Aussie Prime Minister Julia Gillard to Muslims: Live with our beliefs or get out - but Obama, Dems are jihadists!
Shorten must stand tall to succeed BILL Shorten will be finished as Opposition Leader if he doesn’t soon find his courage – and his heart. I’m presuming he has a brain, but as yet, there’s little sign he’s using it. I’ve long thought Shorten a mere machine man – another Labor lawyer needing someone better to write his brief. Even as a union secretary, he seemed a functionary. So I didn't think Shorten was being just a smart-alec when as a minister he said of then Prime Minister Julia Gillard: ‘‘ I haven’t seen what she said but let me say, I support what it is that she said.’’ But now the public is on to him, too, and his poll ratings have dropped like an anchor. The core problem? Shorten is insincere and can’t fake sincerity. Voters can’t trust a leader who is insincere, yet there’s Shorten trying to flog patently trashy policies like they were gold, and looking as fair dinkum as a pope selling condoms. There he is still defending the unpopular carbon tax that Labor before t ...
Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard has opened up about her new life in Adelaide, her new job, and her old loyalty to the Western Bulldogs.
National Apology for Forced Adoptions National apology for forced adoptions logoOn 21 March 2013, the Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard apologised on behalf of the Australian Government to people affected by forced adoption or removal policies and practices. It's still happening??? Care and Protection Services are still removing children against their will and placing them in the hands of Corporations??? The Abbott government is going to make it easier for the rich to adopt the children being "STOLEN" ??? Have we learnt nothing from the past!!
The Chinese Yuan/RMB - Is It The Next World Currency? As the U.S. Congress has come to a decision about the debt ceiling and kicked the can a few months down the road, we hear a significant amount of noise about the U.S. dollar losing its reserve currency status. The U.S. dollar has been the world's de facto reserve currency for almost 90 years and this financial dominance may be nearing its end. In recent years, China's been floating the idea the Yuan should take on the dollar's role as the world's reserve currency. In Australia the old Prime Minister Julia Gillard signed a pact with the Chinese so that our trade could be direct Aussie Dollar to the Yuan without the USD in the middle. This was an interesting Bilateral Trade Deal, In fact, the Chinese have already negotiated numerous bilateral trade deals that completely bypass the mighty greenback. Politically they (The Chinese) have no shame in calling their efforts a de-Americanisation of the global economy. Whatever happens, China's economic rise fore ...
The Altona house owned by Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard has been sold for more than $200,000 above the expected price.
Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has been charged with Acts of Treason before the Courts of Australia. This is being concealed by the Governor General Quentin Bryce, the Judiciary and the Press ... who are also implicated in the treason. Brian Shaw, a farmer who resides in Ms Gillard's electo...
In this handout image provided by CHOGM, (L-R) Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Queen Elizabeth II, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar pose for the official female heads of state photo at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Mee...
Statements falsely attributed to Australia Prime Minister Julia Gillard advise Muslim immigrants to learn English and adapt to Australian culture or leave the country.
Did you know that on March 21, 2013, a national apology was delivered by Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard...
Abbott's treatment of Prime Minister Julia Gillard lowered threshold of decency...: via RT
the unbelievable treatment of a Prime Minister Julia Gillard by pure animals of society a must see heartbreaking.
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Chinese Vice President Li Yuanchao met with Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop in Beijing. Bishop is in Beijing to attend the annual Foreign and Strategic Dialogue between China and Australia. The dialogue is part of a series of annual bilateral consultative mechanisms established during Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard's visit to China in April of this year, when leaders of both countries agreed to upgrade the bilateral relationship to a strategic partnership.
Koukoulas was economic policy advisor to the Prime Minister Julia Gillard. It shows.
Just met Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard - looking fw to her speech!
Former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard will sit down with CNN's tomorrow for a wide-ranging intervi…
Queen Elizabeth II is joined by Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, left, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, centre right, and Trinidad and Tobago's Prime Minister Kamla Persad
Rachel Griffiths to play Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard in TV drama
In a discussion with a fortunate coterie of Georgetown University students last month, former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard made common cause with one of this publication’s predominant th...
News: Rachel Griffiths will play former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard in biopic
SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! The 10 November 'Credit Where Credit is Due' event - featuring a keynote address from Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard - will be livestreamed so everyone can gather and not miss this important address. For more details go to
Rachel Griffiths will pay ex-Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard in upcoming TV series:
Ben chats to Prime Minister Julia Gillard - questions about AWU-WRA slush fund
I believe all of you have read it , I received this in mail months back. Prime Minister Julia Gillard- (cont)
Devastated and sad to hear that the Labor Party is wavering on pricing carbon. What has happen to the courageous and visionary Party that I was once a member. The Party that strives for social justice and fairness and believes that our fragile environment needs to be protect. The Party that leads the debate in important public policy issues. It appears that our principle and courage left the building at the same time as our wonderful and passionate Prime Minister Julia Gillard.
1.Omotola and former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard get pictured at the Wise summit(World innovation Summit for Education)in Doha where she is to speak...NOLLYWOOD NEWS.
The federal government has appointed one of Foreign Minister Bob Carr's oldest friends to represent Australia at the Vatican. Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Senator Carr confirmed weeks of speculation that long-term NSW Labor lawyer John McCarthy, QC, will be Australia's next ambassador to the Holy See. Mr McCarthy is expected to take up the position in September, replacing the former deputy prime minister, Tim Fischer, who left the job in January. Read more:
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Sydney’s week-long military extravaganza foreshadows new wars By James Cogan 11 October 2013 In November 2011, the former Labor Party Prime Minister Julia Gillard stood beside US President Barack Obama to align Australia with Washington’s military and diplomatic “pivot” to Asia. American and Australian strategic documents have been explicit about the purpose of this “pivot”—to position air and naval forces that will be used to wage war against China, and prevent the Asian power from attempting to supplant US imperialism in the Asia-Pacific region. Behind the backs of the Australian population, the Australian military is being integrated into the US military’s AirSea Battle doctrine. Under this plan, US forces will launch attacks on the Chinese mainland, while Australian forces will cut off China’s maritime trade links with the Middle East and Africa, starving its economy of oil, gas and other essential resources. To this end, the former Rudd and Gillard governments committed to acquiring ...
Summed up well by Andrew Bolt 'Here is the real explanation for Abbott's "surprising" success. Pssst: he was never the blunderbuss so many journalists falsely suggested, and has in fact shown diplomatic finesse. Most obviously, Abbott paid Yudhoyono the respect due in Asian societies to an older and elder statesman. Moreover, he kept confidential assurances Yudhoyono gave him last year at a long private meeting, despite Labor and many Canberra journalists jeering he'd lacked the "guts" to raise then his turn-back-the-boats policy. Abbott has been just as discreet about having returned boat people to Indonesia, refusing to boast about it or even comment. He has not risked stoking nationalist sentiments in Indonesia or embarrassing Yudhoyono. Further, Abbott has reassured Indonesia that never again would Australia unilaterally cut off its food supplies, as Prime Minister Julia Gillard did by stopping live cattle exports overnight. It cannot be a mystery why Yudhoyono would consider Abbott a more reliable an ...
Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard discussed the challenges and final days of her prime ministership live on stage this week and she had some valuable advice for the young people in the audience.
Former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, the country's first woman to hold that office, sought to break her public silence since her defeat by Kevin Rudd earlier this year through a series of public forums. At one of these events recently held at the Sydney Opera House, a young boy took to th...
Former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has made her first public appearance since being ousted as Prime Minister in June, and when asked, blamed her opposition to equal marriage on her 1980s feminist politics.
Prime Minister John Key will catch up with former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard in New Y...
Gillard to tell all in her own words: AUSTRALIA'S first female Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced her ...
From the moment then Prime Minister Julia Gillard uttered the words ‘tax’ when explaining Labor’s carbon pricing model in February 2011, the political walls began caving in around her.
Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has lost the leadership of the Labor party to the man she ousted in 2010, Kevin Rudd -- BBC
Ousted Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard: 'Losing power hits you like a fist'
Kevin Rudd says he will not challenge Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard for leadership of governing Labor party (via …
New blog will be posted in the next hour, moving away from the election and focusing on the media and Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard
Did you know that the former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard is a huge Game of Thrones fan?
In June 2013 it was revealed Prime Minister Julia Gillard had been a woman the entire time and she was promptly removed from office.
Families lose out as Prime Minister Julia Gillard scraps $600 boost to family tax
Just concluded a conversation with random coffee shop guy, in which I admitted that fmr Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard was "hot".
Tony Abbott quotes Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard - "If you're against cutting the company tax, you're against jobs."
I think former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard is riding the 8:20 train to Hornsby with me...I don't know what to do.
This is how Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced the 2010 election on July 17, 2010:
They are just a pair of mongrels who were *** bent on putting the boots into our Prime Minister Julia Gillard.
Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard suffered from HPV in the past
Have they no shame? Bookies are now taking bets on what Adelaide suburb Julia Gillard will move to!
Hmmnnn as far away from me as possible!!...
Bookies taking bets on which Adelaide suburb former pm Julia Gillard will choose to live in
I was blocked by the Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard and therefore have nothing left to prove and shall rest on my laurels
News . com . au > Gillard plans to live in Adelaide - Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard is coming home to live i...
Julia Gillard's plans to move to Adelaide, write a book
weird that a newscorp website (Advertiser) would link to a story from Fairfax (The Age)???
Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard planning to return to Adelaide, reports ... - The Daily Telegraph
Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard has reportedly signed a book deal. The deal is apparently with Penguin books.
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Gillard 'planning to return to Adelaide' - Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard is set to return to Adelaide, accor...
Julia Gillard and Tim Mathieson at Government House in Canberra. Picture ... -
"Who could not be horrified to discover Chris Bowen, the apotheosis of vacuity, as Treasurer? A front ... "
I like to pay tribute to Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard, an inspirational leader making efforts to see a better and fairer Australia.
Dina Halkic with our supporter Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Thanks for your support.
A Voice for Men's new article re: "sexism" & "misogyny" in Australia surrounding ousted Prime Minister Julia Gillard
Some news to Cheer! Believe it or not, France introduced a "men-women equality" law, The Telegraph reported July 3. The bill proposes to mandate men's usage of parental leave, reserve 40 percent of private board positions for women and supply an equal number of male and female candidates for public positions. A long-sought rape suspect, a police chief known by the initials N.Ş., who was allegedly involved in the gang rape of a 14-year-old girl in northwestern Turkey, has been captured in Bosnia and Herzegovina, reported Today's Zaman June 30. Thirty-four men and boys, including two police officers and 32 high school students, are accused of sexually assaulting the victim in June of last year. New Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd unveiled his cabinet, bringing in a record number of women, Al Jazeera reported June 30. The number of women in the cabinet climbs from nine under former-Prime Minister Julia Gillard to 11. SandyO says: Though gender-equal progress is inexplicably glacial, it IS progress. We ...
On the afternoon of June 10 , I had the wonderful pleasure of creating , what will now be regarded as the last ‘formal’ portrait of then Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard. This unrestricted commission came about when, sitting at a table on Easter Sunday, Anne Summers asked if I would be interested in photographing the Prime Minister (if she agreed) for her very informative online news magazine The Anne Summers Report - naturally I Jumped at the chance to work with Julia again. About a month later I got the call saying that it was on - Anne wanted me to create a portrait that symbolised her Prime ministerial focus and to also try and capture her like she has never been seen before. So after nutting out some random ideas I came up with the concept of chalk boards as the set which symbolises her huge focus and achievements in education and the bare globe in the background, symbolising her progressive nature and governing. Julia Gillard would have to be one of the most engaging , down to earth prime ...
History will show what an incredible Prime Minister Julia Gillard was.
On The treatment of Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard is "a new low" in Australian politics.
Kevin Rudd more popular with social media than Prime Minister Julia Gillard -
Happy 4th to you all, No post today except the for . Prime Minister Julia Gillard - Australia. Quote:...
No I am no trying to drum up sympathy for Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard. No, I am not campaigning for...
28 June 2010 Prime Minister Julia Gillard took the goods lift at Queanbeyan Coles after her first street walk as PM
I love how its Prime Minister Kevin Rudd! Why didn't MSM afford that courtesy & respect to Prime Minister Julia Gillard?
Paul Wiles: First Nations rights campaigner Michael Mansell says outgoing Prime Minister Julia Gillard will be remembered in the context of Aboriginal Affairs as a woman who did nothing for his people. Mr Mansell said, under Gillards leadership the government extended the Northern Territory Interven...
Next week it will be Prime Minister Julia Gillard all the way to the next election and beyond Feb 2012
Gillard to meet Governator - Prime Minister Julia Gillard meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Hyatt Perth for...
Yeah, fantastic. This hung parliament "wasn't going to last three weeks". Three years later.
Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard's message to Muslims in Australia (Post is reported to be a hoax, but
Hwoarang was removed from the Tekken4 video game Australian version because it was thought he resembled Prime Minister Julia Gillard.
Doctors, police warn Prime Minister Julia Gillard of asylum time bomb | Herald Sun
President of the United States Barack Obama has phoned in calls from Air Force One to the two leaders who just won’t give the leadership contest a rest, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard.
Why has disrespecting the PM become a national pastime?
U-S President Barack Obama has telephoned Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard from Air Force One to wish her well in her future endeavours.
Australian PM Gillard ousted by Rudd in party vote via
Outgoing Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard speaks to journalists following her defeat in the Labor Party l ...
After ousting Australia&first female Prime Minister Julia Gillard last week, Kevin Rudd has unveiled a ca ...
The entire period first female Australian Prime Minister Julia was in office ie;'ditch the witch' Disgusting.
The media was relentless with their attacks on Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard & those attacks took its toll on the…
WOMEN IN POLITICS - Helga Burns has asked: My question is for Sophie Mirabella. Sophie, as a leading female politician having witnessed at first hand the well documented misogynist and sexist abuse of our first female Prime Minister Julia Gillard, how would you advise young women contemplating a political career in our country, to overcome these shameful attitudes from our politicians? What do you think? You can stream live here:
We're angry not upset about the treatment of ex-prime minister Julia Gillard.
Gillard has never done what most of us might have - she's never wept like a woman wounded. She never will.
Interested to see the implications for climate policy: "Kevin Rudd ousts Australia Prime Minister Julia Gillard" http:/…
That would be "Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard" not "Julia" Show some respect for once.
Great write up by on how Social Media helped bring down PM Gillard
so you haven't been reading about the Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard's uniquely effective properties then?
Advertisers fear $20m hit from polling-day doubts: Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard's announcement of a Sep...
Abbott has nice words for out going ALP members but nothing for Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Say a lot about him.
Stand by your words Mr Rudd... WikiLeaks Party statement on the Election of Kevin Rudd as ALP Leader June 26, 2013 The WikiLeaks Party congratulates Kevin Rudd on his elevation to Leader of the Australian Labor Party and Prime Minister elect. We would urge Mr Rudd to stand by his early defence of WikiLeaks Editor-In-Chief and Victorian Senate Candidate Julian Assange, when he tempered the now infamous prejudicial, inaccurate and hyperbolic statements from Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard, when he made the following statement on 13th December 2010: "First of all, in Australia we are a nation of laws and therefore the normal procedures which apply to any such matter would be first of all obtain a report and recommendations from the AFP and other Australian judicial and regulatory authorities.” The WikiLeaks Party now calls on Mr Rudd to exercise some of Australia’s considerable diplomatic and political capital to insist Swedish investigators use the mutual legal assistance protocols to interview Mr A ...
Please sign the thank you letter to our fmr Prime Minister Julia Gillard... ACLW acknowledges and appreciates...
Consistent to the final drop: In her farewell speech, outgoing Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard said that s...
Kevin Rudd is Australians preferred PM, polls show days after her repaced Julia Gillard (VIDEO) by
Tony Abbott is all kinds of white male privelege, has done nothing but attack our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard on a personal level.
Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard. The country is ranked 0.88 out of a perfect 1.0 and is the tops in Asia Pacific as far as limited government is concerned. 
The Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard gives a rebuke to Tony Abbott on October 9 2012 after the opposition leader opened question time by seeking to ha...
For decades until about the early 1980s, Australia forced the adoption of babies born to unwed mothers. From the 1930s until the early 1980s, Australia practiced forced adoption for unwed mothers, a period referred to as the white stolen generation. Due to the stigma during the time for children born out of wedlock, some Australian hospitals believed that these children would be better off being placed with married couples. Single women were often drugged to force their signatures on adoption agreements or were deceived and told that their babies had died. The exact number of forced adoptions for unwed mothers during this time is not known, but there are estimates of as many as 250,000. In 2010, the first government apology was given by West Australian officials, and in 2013, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard issued an apology on behalf of the country as a whole.
I have previously mentioned how recently ousted Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard was born in Wales, I am now astonished to learn the the Leader of the Opposition (Tony Abbot) was born in London! It seems to me that Australia didn't really shatter the shackles of British rule so much as casually shrug them off a bit...
Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd on Wednesday ousted in a party vote the woman who replaced him as leader of the Labor Party in a 2010 party coup, Prime Minister Julia Gillard.
Prime Minister Rudd said this, Prime Minister Rudd said that. Why did we never hear what Prime Minister Julia Gillard had to sa…
Euro Falls Below $1.30 on Draghi Pledge; Rupee Drops to Record The euro fell below $1.30 for the first time in almost a month as European Central Bank President Mario Draghi said monetary policy will remain stimulative, dimming the relative allure of assets denominated in the currency. The dollar remained higher versus the 17-nation currency even as Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond President Jeffrey Lacker said he expects U.S. economic expansion to remain “sluggish” for “a couple more years” and that the central bank isn’t close to reducing its bond holdings. Australia’s dollar rose as Prime Minister Julia Gillard lost a ballot for the leadership of the governing Labor party to her predecessor, Kevin Rudd. India’s rupee plunged to a record versus the dollar. “The euro weakness today is being driven by comments from Draghi,” said Eric Viloria, senior currency strategist for Gain Capital Group LLC in New York, in a telephone interview. “It’s all about market perception of which directi ...
Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard enters the chamber for Oakeshott valedictory
Former PM returns for Australia - Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard will call for a vote to challenge her own leadership in her Labor Party on Wednesday, she told journalists. If she loses, she will be replaced as head of government.
Gary Gray apologises for telling dinner guests that Nelson Mandela had died by: Jessica Marszalek From: News Limited Network June 27, 2013 7:56AM A Federal Government Minister has apologised for killing off Nelson Mandela. Resources and Energy Minister Gary Gray said he is "deeply sorry" after last night relaying incorrect advice at an official function that the former South African president had died. Nelson Mandela on life support "I apologise unreservedly and am deeply sorry to have relayed what I thought was reliable advice," Mr Gray said in a statement released today. Mr Gray made the comments while addressing a Minerals Council of Australia dinner in place of Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard directly after the ALP leadership spill last night. The dinner was at Parliament House. Mr Gray has also apologised to the South African High Commissioner over the embarrassing mistake.
Federal Member for Bendigo, Steve Gibbons, has hit out at his ALP colleague Bill Shorten, for Shorten's switch of support from Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard to Kevin Rudd. Yesterday, Gibbons - Gibbons hits out at Shorten; says rumoured caucus petition
Gillard resigns as Australia PM Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard resigned Wednesday after the Australian Labor Party voted her out of its leadership. She had called for the vote herself after months of inner-party friction ahead of a general election due in September. Her rival, former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, takes her place as party leader, after winning the internal ballot in a 57-45 vote, according to an ALP spokesman. He is now Australia's de facto prime minister and could be sworn in within hours, if Australian Governor-General Quentin Bryce approves him for the office. The governor-general represents Queen Elizabeth II as head of state. Rudd, who was elected in 2007 but was ousted by Gillard in a leadership challenge in 2010, said he returns to the office of prime minister with "humility, with honor and with an important sense of energy and purpose." Julia Gillard: Admired abroad, vilified at home He said the negative politics holding Australia back in recent years "must stop," and that he ...
CANBERRA, Australia (AP) -- Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard was ousted as Labor Party leader Wednesday by her predecessor, Kevin Rudd, in a vote of party lawmakers hoping to avoid a huge defeat in upcoming elections. The ballot took place three years and two days after Gillard ousted...
So I finally got what I wanted for the past two years or so. Prime Minister Julia Gillard being removed. And strangely, I'm not gloating.
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