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Primary Election Day

New Hampshire Coos County General Election

I voted today! Have you? Early voting ends August 24. Primary Election Day is August 26. Let your…
Primary Election Day in WI! If you live in the. 97th Assembly District, please cast your vote for Scott ALLEN!!!
Tomorrow, Tuesday, August 12th is Primary Election Day. This Primary is very important for Milwaukee County and communities all across Wisconsin. I've had more than a few people contact me wondering who I will be supporting at the polls. If you wish to consider my choices, you can add that into your decision making before you head to your polling place tomorrow. Please take the time to decide for yourself who you will support based on where you stand on key issues. The polls are open 7am-8pm. Remember, you do not need an ID to vote, but will be asked to sign the log book. Here’s who I am supporting and why... Mary Burke for Governor – Mary has been running a strong, positive campaign for Governor against someone who has divided our state for his own political gain. This primary won’t be very close but giving your vote to Mary will provide some good momentum going into November. John Lehman For Lt. Gov. – John is currently a state senator and good friend. Before being in public office, he was a tea ...
Tuesday is Primary Election Day in Nevada, and there are many choices in the Reno Mayoral Race. With so many people running, the chances of a tie are higher than usual. News 4's Ashley Cullins shows us how a tie would be broken.
Today is Primary Election Day! Get out and vote for Richard Cash!! Our Youth Brigade and other volunteers have been working tirelessly to help Mr. Cash replace Lindsey!
Make no mistake, the campaign for the Blaine House is close. Really close. Tomorrow is Primary Election Day, and every single poll shows it to be a close two-way race between Mike Michaud and Paul LePage. Make no mistake, this governor’s base is as motivated as ever to elect him to a second term. Will you chip in $5 or more right now to ensure we're going strong into the General Election? Governor LePage and the outside Tea Party organizations supporting him are dead set on turning back the clock on women, working families and Maine's most vulnerable. And if you think Gov. LePage has been bad over the last three and a half years, imagine what he’d be like in a second term, knowing he never had to run for re-election again. We simply can't allow him four more years in Augusta. Please chip in $5 or more to help us hit our $10,000 goal before midnight tomorrow. Thank you for everything you do for Mike and our campaign. -Matt PAID FOR AND AUTHORIZED BY MICHAUD FOR MAINE Michaud for Maine PO Box 1590 Portl ...
June 24th. Is the Primary Election Day in Maryland. I strongly endorse William Feuer for the Balto. Co. Republican Central Committee. He has been my Alternate for a couple of years and has experience, integrity and a level head! Thank You!
Voting information for Primary Election Day - BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (— With the primary on Tuesday, WIAT 42...
Today’s Primary Election Day in New Jersey! There’s only a few more hours left until polls close at 8PM tonight – so head to the polls now and support your local conservative leaders up and down the ballot. If you’re not sure where to vote, click below to find your polling location:
Today is election day in Montana, please take the time and do what many have given their lives for. June 3rd.Primary Election Day! Montana House of Representatives Dist 93 candidate, Democrat
Today is Primary Election Day! LIKE this status if you've already voted for the Ocean County Republican Team in Column A!
Primary Election Day is finally upon us, and I just want to say thank you to all the hard working Iowans that are willing to take the time to stand up and be counted. God bless you all!
Please remember, Tuesday, June 3rd is Primary Election Day in NM. And while people aren't paying that much attention, this is a critical election because we're picking the Democrat who will be facing susana la tejana in November. So we need to make sure we pick the candidate with the best plans, the most resources, and the ability to take it to susana where it's going to hurt her the most. It'll also keep HER occupied enough that she won't be able to work on state House or Senate races - let's make this rising GOP star a fading glory come November by VOTING FOR ALLEN WEBBER FOR GOVERNOR. No matter who you choose, PLEASE go exercise YOUR right to vote - it DOES make a difference!
Primary Election Day tomorrow. Don't forget to VOTE for Richard Leonard of Roseland for Republican Essex County Board of Freeholders.
It's Primary Election Day in Pennsylvania. We're wall-to-wall on the flagship website and social media outlets.
It's Primary Election Day in West Virginia. Do you think the water crisis will have an impact on how people vote today? Weigh in now on
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IF YOU HAVEN'T VOTED YET Remember Tuesday, May l6 is Primary Election Day in North Carolina. In the nonpartisan races, I urge you to vote for Justice Robin Hudson to stay on the NC Supreme Court, and for Martin for District Court Judge for District 28. If voting in Democratic primary, please vote for Todd Williams to replace Ron Moore as District Attorney for District 28 and Will Stewart for U.S. Senate to send a message to Kay Hagan not to forget the regular people who can't afford to write a big campaign check.
Reminder this coming Tuesday, May 6th is Primary Election Day. Be sure and exercise your right to vote.
Doing my Civic Duty...Picking up my Voter Kits I will be working several Precincts in Pike Township! On Primary Election Day! Tuesday May 6th!
Ohio, let's get out the vote on May 6, Primary Election Day!
Early voting in GA is April 28th - May 16th. The primary election day is May 20th vote early or vote on the 20th but just VOTE
I am honored to receive the endorsement of .Primary Election Day is 3 weeks from today!!
Want to affect local ed? Take part in primary election! Early voting taking place now. Election day May 6
Polling in N.C. Senate GOP primary shows momentum for Thom Tillis: A week away from Primary Day, the Republican...
Early voting for the 2014 West Virginia Primary Election begins TOMORROW! You can vote early beginning April 30 at your county courthouse or courthouse annex. Here is a great link on the Secretary of State's website that lists contact information for all 55 county clerks, in case you have questions about voting locations and hours. If you can't vote during the Early Voting period, Primary Election Day is May 13!
Friday, May 2nd is the last day you can register to vote at the Douglas County Election Commission office before the Primary on May 13th!...
Primary election day approaches. Are you ready for May 6? Do you know where your polling location is? Do you know who will be on your ballot?
BTW, Ohioans -- one week 'til primary election day! Thanks to office for reminding me.
In case you're wondering, primary day polls open in 20 days, 17-ish hours. General Election day polls open in 188 days, 17-ish hours
One week from today is primary election day in Indiana. There is no greater duty you have to a democracy than to cast your vote for your leaders. So if you are registered to vote next Tuesday please vote. If you are not registered you can still vote in the General Election in November if you contact your county clerks office and get registered. Many have fought and died for this country, our values and beliefs. Now its time for us all to do our part! VOTE VOTE VOTE
California: The last day to register to vote in 6/3’s election is May 19. If you’ve moved, you need to re-register.
Friends in Early voting is June 12-19th at the Miller Library, Ridgely's Run Community Center and the Bain Center. Primary Election day is June 24th. If you are like me, that first week of summer break is a little crazy, so early voting is a great option. Hope you join this event, and for those in District 1, please consider voting for Wendy Royalty - Candidate, District 1, Howard County Council!
Primary Election Day is 1 week away for NC! Meet the candidates on your ballot:
You know what it is! It's $10 Tuesday and Primary Election Day is 3 weeks from today. On this $10 Tuesday, it is a true testament to privilege that there are political leaders who oppose a $10.10 minimum wage increase. I support raising the minimum wage because far too many of our neighbors work for poverty-level wages. If you support me and can afford to contribute, please follow this link to donate $10 this Tuesday. Thank you.
ATTENTION all my Bowling Green and Toledo Friends!!! Would you like to see Toledo make history? Toledo has a ballot initiative that would reduce all fines/jail time/prison time for cannabis related offenses in Toledo to ZERO. NW Ohio NORML and the Ohio Rights Group are launching a joint effort to collect all 6500 signatures needed to put it on the ballot in November in ONE DAY by collecting signatures from voters leaving the polls on Primary Election Day. PLEASE step up and help out with a few hours or a full day. PM me or comment here for info. We need about 20 more people to make this happen. If you want to be involved in this please connect with my friend Lissa Satori!!!
One week until Election Day. Have you voted yet?
Last day to register to vote for primary election! You can register online.. go to our site for link -->
Volunteer Opportunity! Please let us know if you are able to help us during any portion of Primary Election Day.
Poll workers needed for the Primary Election Day
OREGONIANS: April 29, 2014 - Last day for new voter registration and change of political party for May 2014 primary election.
Tuesday is the last day for new voters to register for the May 20 primary election, and the last day for...
How do U have a Primary Election VOTE So Close 2 the General Election? SAME DAY?
The final day to register to vote by mail in the primary election is less than two weeks away, and Secretary of...
Getting ready for last Now a week to go before May primary election day.
Texans: Today is last day to vote early in TX GOP Primary! Please find your polling place & cast your ballot:
Tomorrow: last day to register to vote in the May 20 Primary Election. Register online at
“Tuesday last day to request an absentee ballot for Primary Election. u can scan and email request!
Early voting in the Primary Election begins on Wednesday, the same day we'll release our candidate scorecard on legal reform issues.
Primary day is May 6th! Watch the Republican U.S. Senatorial Candidates Debate at 7PM on w/
3 weekends left until Primary Election Day in PA -- Vote Tuesday, May 20th.
There are 8 days until Primary Election Day (and 5 days left of early voting) and there's a lot going on with the...
Today is the final day to register to vote for the May 27 primary runoff election in Texas.
Early voting for FISD bond proposal starts today; last day to register to vote in primary runoff election
Today is the last day to register for the Texas primary runoffs. Election day is May 27!
A week & a day 'til Primary Election. At your property page go to the levy tab to see what new taxes will cost you.
Primary Election Day in Indiana is 19 days away. Marion County staff is testing voting equipment this morning.
Write Me in on the ballot SOON! May 6 Primary Election Day. get your absentee ballot app now
Today is Primary Election Day in Illinois. Polls in Chicago now open. Get to know the GOP candidates for governor:
NBC Chicago: It's Primary Election Day in Illinois. Did you know: for the first time some 17-...
NBC Chicago: It's Primary Election Day in Illinois! Polling places in Chicago are now open.
It’s Primary Election Day in Texas! For more information on the candidates running for office, visit:
Primary Election Day is today! . Good luck to Jon David Bruegel for Lubbock County (TX) County Commissioner and...
Travis County polling places will not open until 11am tomorrow -- Primary Election Day.
The State Board of Elections has announced that I will be the first name on the ballot for the office of Judge of Circuit Court, 13th Judicial Subcircuit in the Republican Party Primary Election on March 18th. Given that there are three candidates, some say that first ballot position may give me a 2 to 3 percent advantage. On to victory on Primary Election Day!
It's Primary Election Day in Pennsylvania! Remember to go out and vote today. -Pat
Tuesday is Primary Election Day in Pennsylvania! Please consider giving your support to the following candidates for Daniel Boone School Board: • Region 1 (vote for 2): Rich Martino (Republican and Democrat) • Region 2: Carol Beitz (R and D) • Region 3: Suzanne Dungan (R and D) A write-in campaign is underway for Steve Miller in Region 1. Although I have not met Mr. Miller personally, he seems like somebody who will bring a lot to the table. I ask that you support him as well.
Only 34 days until primary election day!
"Only 731 people voted on election day, and several hundred others voted in either the Southwest or at-large...
WIFR-TV: Primary Election Results: It was not a good day for voter turnout and it was a v...
Snow day vote:“Here are final Wyco County primary election results for mayor and 3 commissioners.
Just a reminder: One week from today, Tues, March 5th, is primary election day for Missouri cities. The big one...
What a day for a primary election! Voting slowed about 3 pm to a crawl... little wonder. Now we are sending staff...
From Slow day at the polls: URBANA -- Tuesday is primary election day around the state.
Snow slams Cicero on Election Day: A primary contest is also being held for town president in Cicero, and...
Primary Day: Bad weather, few races: Primary election day opened Tuesday in Aurora with high winds, a ...
Kelly Leads In Poll, Is From New York: A roundup of Election Day news in the 2nd District primary.
Primary day in IL-2 special congressional election to fill Jesse Jackson Jr.'s seat. 14 Democrats, 5 Republicans.
Today is Election Day in the primary for Vote McKinley to root out corruption and stand for conservative principles.
The primary hasn't had a great turnout so far, but election officials hope calmer weather later in the day will help.
Remember to vote today at Good luck to on this primary election day!
Today in primary election day for local municipalities all across Kansas. Be safe on your way to the polls today...
It's primary election day in If you're in a contested ward, get out and vote. It's critical!
It's Election Day in the City of Urbana - there is a Democratic Primary. Urbana residents don't forget to vote!!...
It's PRIMARY DAY! Vote from 6am-7pm at your local poling place for a 2-year Council Candidate Do it...
Today is a Primary Election for the suburbs, better known as "Nobody is Voting Day."
Good morning K-State! Todays the day for primary elections! Please follow the link below and let your voice be heard!
It's election day in Learn about District 1 candidates visions here & District 2 here
Let's make this the greatest voter turn-out EVER!!! Today is Primary Election Day. Please vote for Kevin Frost...
Be careful out there this morning (Tuesday 2/26) Primary Election Day around the State. Town of Normal and...
Today is Primary Election Day in select parts of Cook County
Where, How To Vote Tuesday: Today, Tuesday Feb. 26, is primary election day. If you live in Morton Grove, all ...
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OPINION: City voters, head to the polls: Today is primary election day in Salisbury to narrow the field for two...
Confusion over rule change: Two candidates move on after primary : Tuesday is Election Day. Please vote!
Weather could effect primary day turnout: Election officials concerned that winter storm could effect primary day...
AJ Polling Places: Tuesday, March 12, 2013, is the city of Apache Junction's primary election day. City voters...
All Election Day voting in Ward 2 primary to take place at Merriam Christian Church
It is the day before the special election primary in Illinois! Join us tomorrow as we update as information comes in:
On Election Day, Feb 26 all voters in Ward II Primary will vote @ Merriam Christian Church 9401 Johnson Drive Merriam, KS from 7am-7pm
here's how I know...I joined to get information about Obama's Ohio primary campaign. Nov 2 is basically General Election day.
Primary Election Day is Tomorrow, Tuesday Feb. 26. If you are concerned about getting to the polls due to the...
With PPM primary looming, their internal feuds will not subside before election day. This is so awesome.
Saturday, February 23 - Last Day for Early Voting for the North Chicago Mayoral Primary Election. Vote:...
I know people who do ;-) "accumulating snowfall" is what I heard for Monday; hopefully clears out for Primary Election Day??
Per Election Bd. Last day to request an absentee ballot for the Mar. 5 Primary Municipal election is Feb. 27:
The Last Day to request an absentee ballot for the St. Louis City March 5th Primary Municpal election Is Wed Feb 27!
Governor of Osun State, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, in this interview, explains how he has been running the state, and why he will like to seek a second term as governor. Excerpts: We understand you will soon bring in another 20,000 youths under the Osun State Youth Empowerment Scheme (OYES) and dismiss the first set of 20,000 youths you recruited at the early stage of your administration? We must first of all situate these things in the economic reality of the state. A major factor or characteristic of a state is its sub sovereignty. A state cannot print currency no matter how it wants to be autonomous. That is one thing a state in a federation cannot do. It might have authority over its affairs but economically, it’s not totally free to determine its fortune. It can only work within the existing economic rules in a federation. There’s a limit to what a state can do particularly in social arena. Within the limit of our capacity and resources, the state of Osun must be praised and commended for the coura ...
I'm very confused about the date. I was watching CNN and they had a whole bunch of interviews from the Republican Primary and now Conan O'Brian says election day is tomorrow. WTH?
Facts not rumours! Keter charles wil move and resided in brooke (kch town) after being elected as senator. He is bored with the impassible kabianga road during raining season. Swali ni je, mpona hakutengeneza hii barabara when he was an mp. Tujanjaruke
How a Pope is Elected... Conclave veterans say most 'electioneering' happens out of public When it comes to electing a pope, there are no Iowa caucuses, no candidate debates, no conventions or platforms. The "campaign" is more analogous to the 2003 California gubernatorial recall than a presidential primary -- a quick sprint that flares up unexpectedly and is over before it even seems to begin. Conclave veterans say most of the heavy lifting involved in electing a pope happens out of public view. Cardinal Franz König of Vienna, in a July 2001 NCR interview, said the real work is done in behind-the-scenes meetings of three and four cardinals, perhaps over glasses of wine and cigars, as opposed to any of the formal events. "An external observer would think that nothing is happening," König said. "All the conversation happens in private." These moments in which the fateful decisions are made tend to come in two stages, before the conclave and during. Pre-conclave politics Theoretically, the cardinals are n ...
FISCAL CLIFF - This fiscal cliff "deal" should serve as a reminder to Everyone but especially Conservatives! The same Government you preach to others doesn't really care... is the same Government and Representatives that JUST FAILED YOU TOO! It's going to take ALL OF US despite our differences to truthfully make a difference! I'm an Independent for a reason!!! HELLO AWAKE YET?
Paul's Puttin Place will soon shut it's doors as the Decatur Park Board plans to build two brand new put put courses in Nelson Park. Details at ten. Thoughts? We may share some of your comments on air tonight at 10.
I find it fascinating the the GOP thinks the voice of the people is "no". and the general consensus I see and hear in the media, amongst my friends from both parties and via the last election is "compromise". Hm.
Any Feedback??? Suggestions?? I'll be a guest on The David Webb Show tonight at 10:30pmEST on SiriusXM Patriot 125 talking about Rubio's NO vote on the fiscal cliff as well as any new Florida Congressman we need to watch. Any feedback???
I read yesterday that teaching penmanship is fast becoming a thing of the past. I find that appalling! If the youth of today are not taught penmanship how will they ever be able to read it? There is so much in a signature. That is one of the first proud accomplisments young students have, when they achieve the skills needed for cursive writing. And it is part of self esteem and their identity.
COMPULSORY VOTING OR NOT; THAT IS THE QUESTION. I’m in two minds about this. My first reaction is that there should be compulsory voting because as I have noticed from some comments, voters are apathetic. So I believe that if you have to vote, then a large portion of those apathetic voters will make an effort around election time, to look into the candidates and their policies. Sure, there are those that will still vote along family history lines but I think they are a minority. If we don’t have compulsory voting, then the party’s focus will be wasted on how to get voters into the voting booth like it is in America, where it is not compulsory to vote, instead of policy. I believe this will then create a climate of inducement and bribes by the parties, more than we have now, to get you to vote for them. You know like free phones, etc, similar to what the stores do to get you to buy from them. (If my American followers would confirm this, that will be great.) Having it not compulsory to vote will incr ...
NIGERIANS DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH THIS GOVERNMENT IS ROBBING THEM OF! The total allocation for agriculture in the 2013 budget is aboug billion, the total allocation to a state like Ekiti will be about billion for the whole of 2013, but the government is using billion to buy handsets/phone for farmers this year. If the spend billion out of the total budget to buy phone, they will now use the eyes and nose to buy tractors, *** procesing machines and storage facilities. The phones will start planting, harvesting and storing farm produce, when many farmers do not have electricity in their places, even those that have do not see power supply so the farmers will use their mouths to charge the phones. Very soon Jonathan will appropriate to buy phones for primary and secondary school pupil to enhance learning. At least this one make sense pass the one for farmers. Be the judge. Is this government sane. Azuatalam
In what may be the first salvo in the race for John Kerry’s Senate seat, U.S. Sen. Scott Brown wondered yesterday whether longtime Congressman Ed Markey, who wants Kerry’s job, even lives in his hometown of Malden anymore.
I've finally figured out what "Entitlements" really need to be cut to "Save our Country from the Fiscal Cliff".   Congressional pay 122 days, That's how many days Congress has scheduled for the next (the 113th) Congress.  Congress is generally in session between 130 to 180 or so days per year. The days that members of the congress don't have to work on the Capitol Hill, they may be working in their home states / districts, or if an election is coming up, campaigning or attending fund-raising events. Therefore it is hard to determine exactly how many days a congressman / woman works per year. However it is safe to estimate that members of the US congress work approximately 200 days a year. The current salary (2006) for rank-and-file members of the House and Senate is $165,200 per year.*   A new report from Scholastic and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, called Primary Sources: America’s Teachers on the Teaching Profession, finally quantifies just how hard teachers work: 10 hours and 40 minutes ...
The primary sin of “Django Unchained” is not the desire to create an alternative history. It’s in the idea that an enslaved black man willing to kill in order to protect those he loves could constitute one.
So they strip away the right to negotiate and force a contract on the teachers using Bill 115, but then promise to repeal it asap because it's "polarizing". And they're hoping this will smooth the waters and encourage teachers to resume all the extra-curricular clubs and activities they don't get paid to run. I'm sure that will work out just fine.
Spring election update: Filing deadline for the three trustee seats in the VILLAGE OF HAMMOND has been extended since incumbent Eric Arthur did not submit candidacy or non-candidacy papers and incumbent trustee Erin McComb filed candidacy papers for Village President (challenging incumbent President Anthony Bibeau) but not for a trustee seat. Signatures can be collected through Saturday, and papers must be filed by the end of the business day Monday! Those who have filed for trustee are incumbent Doug Doll, Sandy Brecht, Michael (Mack) Kamm, Laurie Gruber and Lynn Pabst. If there are more than 6 candidates (two per seat) the field will be narrowed down by a primary on Feb. 19.
Really you are going to re-elect the RINO Boehner? Really... He sold us out and voted for a bill to increase spending... משה
Can someone possibly explain to me why Steve King would vote for John Boehner for Speaker? I can think of a few reasons, but none of them are good. Why not just present?
How Marketable Is Governor Sule Lamiso?When the news of endorsement of the duo of Governor Sule Lamido and his counterpart in Rivers State, Chibuike Amaechi by former President; Olusegun Obasanjo to run in 2015 for the post of President and Vice, under the umbrella of the ruling People’s Democratic Party [PDP], a mixed reaction greeted the information. Though, Obasanjo later denied endorsing both men.The truth of the matter is that Lamido/Amaechi 2015 ticket has elicited interest from many quarters. Of note however is that political scientists,researchers and analysts have directed attention to Sule Lamido as a person, ostensibly to see his marketability. But in truth, is this man, Sule Lamido marketable in all ramifications as far as Nigeria Presidency is concerned? The answer to this question is simply YES.Politically conscious Nigerians as well as political scientists will easily tell you on enquiry that Obasanjo himself became President of Nigeria two times not because he put food on the tables of . ...
Maybe Republicans need to replace the elephant with a piranha.
A day after relentlessly slamming John Boehner as “dismissive, cavalier and indifferent” for skipping a vote on Hurricane Sandy aid, New York Rep. Peter King took a different tack Thursday. Live on TODAY, he called the House Speaker a “voice of reason” fo …
Do you really know where your own congressman stands on most issues? Do you know where his general governing philosophy is? Do you know his name? My congressman is Harper (MS3). He is a member of the Republican party. When I ask him he will tell me he is conservative. When he is campaigning in Mississippi he is conservative. When he votes on highly visible bills he is usually conservative. Those are not how you really judge a congressmen. You need to know how he votes on bills and amendments that are not as visible. You need to know what he does in committee rooms. You need to see how much pork he bargains for. Some people who know Harper much better than I say that he is not half as conservative as even the people in his home county believe he is. The primary races prior to the 2014 General Election are coming soon. We need to take a very hard look at all of our congressmen and congresswomen before rubber stamping them in the primary races. Comments are welcome.
What do you think was a significant event in 2012? (1) 2012 Olympics, (2) 2012 Presidential Election, (3) Sandy Hook School Shooting, (4) Republican Presidential Primary, (50 Hurricane Sandy, (6) Supreme Court Ruling on ObamaCare, (7) President Obama supports *** Marriage, (8) The last Space Shuttle leaves NASA on the back of it's transporter headed for Los Angeles, (9) 9/11/2012 Embassy Attacks and Video (including Benghazi Embassy attack), (10) Attempted Recall of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker
The advantage of having our simple splitting algorithm draw the congressional districts is obvious. There is one and only one drawing possible given the number of districts wanted, the map of the state, and the distribution of people inside it. Which of those people are Liberal, Conservative, Republ...
OUR FOUNDING FATHERS OBJECTED TO TAXATION without representation ~ HA! ~ they should see it today with representation. My advice to Republicans is that LOW INCOME PEOPLE should pay taxes at a lower overall rate because the first $10,000 of a person's income is subsistence ~ the bare minimum cost to provide food, clothing and shelter. Assessing income tax on that income could mean that the government would gain a few hundred dollars in revenue ~ but the low-income taxpayer would be forced into starvation or homelessness.
( – The U.S. Senate voted 89-8 to approve legislation to avoid the fiscal cliff despite having only 3 minutes to read the 154-page bill and budget score.
Buffalo Grove Trustee Andy Stein, who is running for a four-year term on the April 2013 ballot, has filed an objection to Jeff Battinus’ candidacy.
WHY the CLiff dive would have been the Best thing for America, No relationship works when ,one side or the other ,keeps changing the rules , !!! the crap smeared along the way won't just go away FROM SALON: Lindsey Graham, who isn’t a member of the House but who is scared of a potential 2014 Senate primary challenge (and therefore has an incentive to channel the ideology that drives House conservatives), summed up the opportunity that the right now senses the other day: I’m not going to raise the debt ceiling unless we get serious about keeping the country from becoming Greece, saving Social Security and Medicare. So here’s what I would like: meaningful entitlement reform – not to turn Social Security into private accounts, not to take a voucher approach to Medicare –but, adjust the age for Social Security, CPI changes and means testing and look beyond the ten-year window. I cannot in good conscience raise the debt ceiling without addressing the long term debt problems of this country and I wil ...
First day working for Aneesh Chopra's campaign for Lieutenant Governor! Give Aneesh's page a like to receive updates from the campaign.
OGDEN - Utah's House delegation voted 3-0 Tuesday against the Senate bill that prevented the nation from going over the fiscal cliff.
No Al they did not. I would love to see the election process simplified. One primary on one day. That is it!
A question to everyone out there that thinks the people on Capitol Hill are *** and we need to get rid of all of them... How do you propose we get better candidates? (This is an honest question.) Don't say we need to pay them less, because the truly great minds in our country are in most cases already refusing to run for office at the current financial compensation, so why would they suddenly run for office knowing they'll get even less. Don't say term limits, because again, nothing attracts good people like telling them to drop their already great career (and possibly lose their pensions if they have one) to come work a crappy job that is guaranteed to make people hate them and kick their *** out the door after a fixed period of time. Don't say civic duty, because that option has been there all along and it hasn't done squat to improve the quality of the candidates. So seriously, aside from increasing their financial compensation (which I admit isn't guaranteed to work, but has been shown to work in ...
Numerous news outlets have reported that the 112th Congress was the least productive — as measured by fewest bills passed and signature achievements — since 1947, when such statistics were first kept. Since our Congress has been dysfunctional for so...
In statewide specials, time for a primary is more democratic, as is scheduling voting on Election Day to MAXIMIZE PARTICIPATION.
state wide election law could increase participation by lengthening it for a primary, &scheduling vote on Election Day
+1: "Hypocrisy alert: WI Gov. Scott Walker’s son used same-day voter registration in GOP primary" by
The recently concluded federal budget agreement could raise the tax bill for people with incomes over $250,000 by thousands of dollars.
Speaker of the House? John Boehner doesn't deserve that title. Emergency funds for Sandy victims not essential? Is he kidding? Did he dare look at the destruction the storm caused at the Jersey shore? How about Staten Island? Breezy Point? Seriously this is the third most powerful man in our country turning his back on those people who lost everything. I bet he thought Katrina was just a little rain. I think it's time for a little Clockwork Orange. Let's put Boehner in a room, wire his eyes open and force him to see videos of the destruction. Because this moron cannot see what this storm did to millions. He has some nerve being an elected official never mind the Speaker of the House. It's ridiculous.
Special thanks go out to members of Congress and the POTUS for passing a "cliff" averting bill that creates hundreds of billions additional deficit with massive new spending AND raised payroll taxes to boot. We clearly elect the lowest common denominator to send to Congress. There's not a single "leader" among them. Which begs the question, which are the bigger *** the elected officials who create larger deficits under the guise of addressing the deficit or the electorate for sending the same cheats, liars and thieves back to Washington time and time again?
PRESS RELEASE Following the notification issued by Election Commission of Bhutan on 1 January, 2013 approving Druk Chirwang Tshogpa’s application for registration, the key members of the Party convened an Executive Committee Meeting on 2 January, 2013. During the meeting, members were briefed on the notification issued by ECB and discussions revolved around the way forward. At the meeting, several working committees were formed. The responsibilities were identified and divided amongst the working committees for implementation of various planned activities leading up to the General Assembly and Primary Round. The Working Committees formed at the meeting include i) Candidate Selection ii) Membership Registration iii) Media & Public Relations iv) Dzongkhag/Gewog Coordination v) Women & Youth vi) Research and Development vii) Planning & Program. It was agreed that DCT will receive its Certificate of Registration from ECB on 5 January, 2013 as it is an auspicious day followed by press conference. The meeting ...
Decision on MIM MLA Akbaruddin Owaisi hate-speech today January 3, 2013 Bhagyanagar (Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh) : After hearing arguments over maintainability of a memo filed by Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen MLA Akbaruddin Owaisi's counsel on his alleged hate speech, the chief metropolitan magistrate on Wednesday said the order will be pronounced on Thursday whether or not the court will take cognizance of the petition against Akbaruddin. Akbaruddin is the younger brother of MIM MP Asaduddin Owaisi. An advocate, Kashimshetty Karunasagar, had filed a petition against the MIM MLA for his alleged hate speech against the Hindu community in Nirmal in Adilabad district. In his complaint, Karunasagar said he happened to stumble upon Akbaruddin's hate speech - uploaded on youtube - made at a public meeting at Adilabad on December 24, about 300 km from Hyderabad. Among other contentious things that Akbaruddin said was Hindus have so many gods and goddesses, and every eight days, there are new gods coming up. "We kn ...
Operation Matope Out and Mabati Out on the walls of some of our primary schools ,a model school to nature talents in every constituency-these will be put into practice through your votes.If County governance will not have a positive impact upto our villages then we haven't got it right.BC
Does compulsory voting make us a better democracy?
So you’re a liberal fan of republican Chris Christie? Not so fast…
Let's give this man a round of applause, so good; "Let's look at the Australian system and why it is better in every way than the American system, of which "compulsory voting" is a significant part. If I could change one thing about the American system it would be to institute compulsory voting as there are a bunch of run on effects and requisite structural changes that are required to make it functional. The parts in total are: Compulsory voting. Preferential voting. Australian Electoral Commission. Voting infrastructure. Pen & paper voting. Before we begin you also have to understand that in Australia you don't vote for the head office. You vote for a local representative and if the party that representative is in wins the most seats the representatives vote for the Prime Minister. Technically. In practice most people vote for/against the leader of the government and the leader of the opposition, with little attention to local representatives. But, and this is important, it means that the Prime Minister ...
Anyone else besides me feel this way about TODAY'S U.S. Government? :)
I am so sick of Obama referring to my social security and Medicare as an entitlement. I have been putting money into this "so called" entitlement since I was 18 years old (50 years this August). Yet I haven't heard one word about taking away the REAL entitlements! Such as welfare & food stamps. The way I see it, if these people would get a job like those of us that DO work, then these entitlements could be eliminated and tons of money would be saved. If these people want a check, then get up and go to work! Too many freeloaders out there!! Welfare and food stamps were intended for those that are not able to work, not for those that are too sorry to work. Okay, I feel better now! Going to bed, so I can get up and go to work tomorrow!
Convention on the Rights of the Child Text in PDF Format Adopted and opened for signature, ratification and accession by General Assembly resolution 44/25 of 20 November 1989 Entry into force 2 September 1990, in accordance with article 49 Preamble The States Parties to the present Convention, Considering that, in accordance with the principles proclaimed in the Charter of the United Nations, recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world, Bearing in mind that the peoples of the United Nations have, in the Charter, reaffirmed their faith in fundamental human rights and in the dignity and worth of the human person, and have determined to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom, Recognizing that the United Nations has, in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in the International Covenants on Human Rights, proclaimed and agreed that everyone is e ...
After careful inspection of the Congressional record, to see who voted to increase taxes and increase spending,.I could not find one Libertarian that voted for it. The only ones that voted for that mess, were Republicans and Democrats. Tell me again how voting for a Libertarian is a wasted vote.
"There is only one group to blame for the continued suffering of these innocent victims: the House majority and their speaker, John Boehner."
As I prepare to retire from Congress, I’d like to suggest a few New Year’s resolutions for my colleagues to consider. For the sake of liberty, peace, and prosperity I certainly hope more members of Congress consider the strict libertarian constitutional approach to government in 2013.
From our fine Senators of North Carolina on the "FC" Vote... Senator Richard Burr: “While the deal we voted on tonight was far from perfect and not as comprehensive as I had hoped, I supported this proposal because it protects 99% of Americans from increased taxes, it provides permanent certainty on the estate tax and Alternative Minimum Tax, it provides one year of protection for the reimbursement of doctors, it extends unemployment insurance for one year, and the net result of the deal provides over $600 billion that should be used to pay down our national debt.” Senator Kay Hagan: “While I believe it is unacceptable that Washington has once again waited until the eleventh hour to find a solution, and though I would have preferred a comprehensive, balanced solution to avert the fiscal cliff and begin reducing the deficit, I voted for the plan put forth tonight so that we can stop a tax hike on middle class families in North Carolina. The average family in our state will see their taxes increase by ...
You know your parents are Cameroonian when you ask them for money to buy party shoes and they'll tell you they don't have money, but when you ask them for money for school books,they'll automatically have it. lol Feel free to add yours.
I need Jeff Jenkins or Charles Stewart to explain the speakership election rules to me? I can't follow what Dana Bash just said.
Strolling through the halls of the state Capitol past, literally, her first public office, U.S. Rep.-elect Tulsi Gabbard admits that even 10 years ago, as the youngest elected state representa
Daniel asked me to post this. It is important info: For the King and Liberty, Daniel Courter Since the tragedy at Sandy Hook we have all seen an increase in anti-gun rhetoric; even moderate Republicans and Democrats have hinted that they might support new gun laws. Obama recently stated that gun control is going to be an important objective in 2013, and there are specific gun control bills that will be introduced to the legislature by Senator Dianne Feinstein and Representative Carolyn McCarthy (summaries here: Assault Weapons Ban is so draconian in its intent and so impractical in its execution that it makes McCarthy’s High-Capacity Magazine Ban seem reasonable by comparison. Gun-control advocates who reluctantly oppose the Feinstein ban over its sheer bureaucratic impossibility will be eager to support a lesser bill instead. Marginal Republicans will be tempted to see the magazine ban as a less-controversial gun law that could win them points in more liberal states. This "good bill/bad bill" tactic is ...
So who will/should be the new Speaker of the House?
Two Months To Heal by Michael O'Loughlin Seven-hundred and thirty-three million dollars. That’s how much the Washington Post estimates the two candidates spent on television advertising during this presidential election. Of that, just shy of $658 million was spent on negative ads, both President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney choosing to use their money to tear one another down about 90% percent of the time. And did it work? We feel divided, bitter, and cynical. (Note: The total spent by candidates, parties, and outside groups in this election will add up to some $2.6 billion.) This morning, I suspect, half of us are happy and half disappointed or angry. It’s now clear that Barack Obama will serve a second term as President of the United States. But unlike in 2008, when he rode into office awash in a sea of triumphant enthusiasm, when the electorate, though perhaps divided, seemed generally to take pride in electing the nation’s first black president, 2012 finds Obama limping across the finish line, i ...
Today is the first day in preparation for the Next Primary election to clean this thing up. Dump the losers in both parties.
Fix Special Election law: Schedule it for Election Day; allow time for primary. MT I want a primary.
Candidate (fillin the blank) says he/she has caught up and may be in the lead as election/primary day near
Started a new tradition for my self during the 2012 primary- I bake all day on election day. Calms my nerves & ppl like it.
Romney strategy questioned by experts from the Primary to now - He hold his own in the polls and romps on election day
Saturday is Council Election Day – place your vote at Moreland Primary School. Other locations
"Naomi White wanted to vote in Arizona’s primary in August, and wants to vote on Election Day in..."
One National Primary Day in June, the conventions in August & final election in November. End of story. Suck cash out of special interests.
[Romney] who described himself as “severely conservative” in February, offered a moderate message Wednesday in Virginia
If you are voting this weekend, head along to Gordon Primary School they are having an Election Market Day!
The Romney campaign is mulling whether to shift resources into blue states. I say "Let's do the *** thang!"
Batch of toffees made for the election day cake stall at Arawang Primary
1 primary season, 2.5 weeks from Election Day, 3 debates in + you are STILL not sure who you want to vote for? by undecideds
Primary campaigns allowed in May-June, have a nationwide election day for primaries in July, then the conventions as usual ;)
Happy Northern Cheyenne Primary Election Day!! Dang, came back from downtown Lame Deer for lunch, had pisole', Menudo, homemade tortillas, roast, hamburger, potatoe salad, of course fry bread...And heading back up at 3 for dry meat! Lol Good luck to all the candidates...Enjoyed visiting and eating with everyone in the pow wow atmosphere going on today! Going to head back down for supper downtown & handgame at the college this evening! ;D
Today is NYC Primary Election Day. Please Vote today. Vote for James Sanders for Senate District 10 Residents of Richmond Hill, South Ozone Park, Ozone Park and Jamaica are asked to vote for James Sanders for NYS Senate District 10. He assisted the residents of Richmond Hill in the following areas: 1 Rezoning of Richmond Hill - he was the only City Councilor that did not agree with the Down Zoning 2 He has funded the only Voter registration drive focusing on the Indo Caribbean and South Asians in Richmond Hill, Ozone Park and South Ozone Park 3 He is focused in improving Richmond Hill and John Adams High Schools
From Frank Yesterday. If either candadate running for this office under the Republican banner wins, we all win. We just cannot go back to Carole Porter. When that moonbat was in office she never responded to anyone that questioned ler lockstep voting record of the Democrat Party (C.P.A.) Please don't put her back in office. It was an embarrasment. Granite Stater, Tomorrow is Primary Election Day and we must send a strong message to former Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter for November. As mayor of New Hampshire’s largest city, I took on the task of restoring order and discipline to Manchester’s finances. I did that by cutting spending, successfully fighting for the city’s first tax cut in a decade, and slashing municipal borrowing by 50%. As a result, Manchester’s economy grew and the Queen City became a better place to live. In a broken Washington, I’ve tried to bring that common sense approach to my service as your Congressman. As I see it, my job is to bring more New Hampshire thinking to Washi ...
Today is the State Primary Election Day. Get out and vote!!! Here in Coos County, please vote for TANYA BATCHELDER for Register of Deeds. If you live in State SENATE DISTRICT 17: Allenstown, Chichester, Deerfield, Epsom, Loudon, Northwood, Nottingham, Pembroke, Pittsfield, Raymond, and Strafford; please vote for HOWARD PEARL!! Thank you!
Tomorrow is Primary Day. Salem has 18,000 registered voters. About 20 % will turn out to vote. That means less than 3600 people will determine the future of NH Government for Salem, because in Salem , whoever wins the primary, will probably win in the Fall. There are12 candidates for nine seats. That means the winners will only need approximately 1200 votes, or more, to be elected, a very small number. Right now, any one of these candidates can win this election. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial that all my friends and constituents turn out to vote. Because of new rules, more PAC money is being spent to elect a candidate than ever before. Many important issues are at stake, but THE biggest one for Salem in terms of savings on property taxes is the gambling issue. Eight candidates favor gambling, four candidates do not. Make sure you know where your candidate stands on this issue before you vote. That issue also includes the Governor's race as well. All 12 Candidates are Republicans, and ...
Primary election day Tuesday. I will vote to honor the Americans killed in 9/11 and the military who give us the freedom to
Primary election day tomorrow means my 3 day weekend just turned into a 4 day weekend!!
Trying to study but am suffering from a case of the blahs. Primary election day in Delaware tomorrow. I will be glad when all the nasty political ads are over
Tomorrow is primary day in Delaware!!! Let's get out the Vote!! There are a number of HOT races for the House of Representatives, Senate, County Council and Wilmington City Council, not to mention the Wilmington Mayor's race with 7 democratic candidates. This election sets the stage for November. Let your voice be heard!!
Tomorrow is Primary Election Day: Click here to find out where to vote!
Election day is almost upon us, have you made your mind up who you are going to vote for in the New Hampshire Primary and why?
Tomorrow is the RI state primary election day! Turnout is usually low, but most races do have more than one...
Tomorrow is primary election day in Delaware. Vote for Bryan Townsend.
Gubernatorial candidate Maggie Hassan to campaign along Main Street in Nashua Tuesday afternoon, one day before primary election.
Polling places are located throughout the city. You can vote ONLY at your designated polling place. Make sure you are at the correct polling site and Election District/Assembly District (ED/AD) for your address. Polling Places open 6:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M.
Application for emergency mail ballot to vote in Primary due today 9/10, 4:00PM Emergency mail ballots due Election Day
Tomorrow, Tuesday, September 11th, is Primary Election Day in New Hampshire. Get out and vote!
Tues. is Primary Election Day: Tuesday is the Primary election – but this will be … Read the full story
Sigh, Election Day for the primary election is fast approaching and I still have not received my letter for my assigned poll location.
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because you touch yourself at night. Its primary day so they use the school as an election place
Primary election day should've been tomorrow
Well friends as Primary Day draws nears, I am amazed at all the new people I have met on the Gjonaj campaign, hopefully I will remain friends with many of them as time goes by .It's also interesting about all the different personalities that join together in a common cause . On the Down Side of course, you always now and then might meet a Individual who really ,as they use to say on ]Report Card Grades, when I was a small child in school "Does Not Work and Play Well with Others", But I guess that's life. After the Primary Election this coming Thursday Sept.13 and after Mark Gjonaj's Victory I hope To be able to be even clearer about the Fine, Wonderful and Kind people that I have had a chance to work with during the Campaign . As they use to say on the New's Broadcasts" Stay Tuned for More Folks" .And please,please remember to vote for Mark and to ask a friend or neighbor to join with you on your way to the polls to vote.
Only 2 days left until Primary Day. Only 58 days left until Election Day.
Is it just me, or does anyone else think its kind of weird that primary election day is September 11th?
Remember everyone voting isn't just for election day, also remember to vote during the primary's.
As you may or may not know, this is my husband. He is running for re-election in Goffstown to be your state Rep. We would appreciate your vote on Sept. 11, primary day and again in November if he is fortunate enough to get through the primary. If you don't see his name on your ballot, feel free to write him in. He works harder to be your state rep than anyone I know. And all for a lousy $100 per year. Thank you.
Paper of record endorses in 'nuff said. Election day is this THURSDAY, Sep. 13.
Today is Primary Election day in the Virgin islands, so to all my local fans, GO ROCK THE VOTE!
Today is Primary Election Day in the I'm actually excited about voting for the first time
Today is Primary Election day and encourage my fellow Virgin islanders to go to the polls. There are open from 7 am to 7pm! Your Senator-At-Large!
Just voted in local election at primary school polling place. Great sausage sizzle. Now chillin' in the schoolyard on a sunny day
We Love the Kennedys here in MA. Little Joe won the primary election by a landslide. I hope he wins in the November election. A new Dynasty begins.
Right now in Massachusetts, there are Democrats cheating the vote on Primary Day. Every election day spend some... htt ...
No changes vote recount: After a day of recounting votes from the Aug. 28 primary run-off election, the Wagoner ...
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Back at my primary school to vote. Local election day (@ St. Andrews Public School)
I was working this precinct on Primary Election Day and what a pleasant surprise it was when Gabby came in to cast her vote.
Council election day. I'm only going for the possibility of a sausage sizzle. Don't let me down St Nick's primary school.
Tuesday is Primary election day - I have filed for my 20th time as Cheshire County Register of Deeds - Democrats amd Independence, I would appreciate your support - The Register's position is not about a parry idealogy, but an adminstrative posistion that is responsible for preserving and protecting the most complete historial data of each county. Thank you to all who have supported me the last 38 years - This is the most wonderful insecure job a person could love and I do - I hope I am worthy of another term -
Tomorrow is the last day to postmark your ABSENTEE BALLOT APPLICATION FOR THE 9/13/12 Primary Election:
Election Day is just two months away --
Thank You to the Albany Chapter of the NAACP for hosting our Canidates Forum last night at 200 South Pearl St. More importantly Thank You to those who attended to listen to both the candidates in this very imporant election. Thank You also to our dozens of volunteers in North Greenbush last night who we stopped to visit as we wrapped up our GOTV efforts. Less than a week today to Primary Day!
Primary election day reports circulating in of heated exchanges between supportrs of ColleenGarry, CathyRichardson. Already. Game on
mentioned in The Fix as part of what to watch in the primary
Confusing: primary election day on a Thursday, and the Democratic ballot was red.
A late reminder that today is Primary Election Day in MA. If you have yet to vote, please consider casting your vote for my friends Bart Timilty for Governors Council in District 2 and Congressman Bill Keating in the 9th District. They both deserve our vote and will do a great job. Thanks!
Happy Election Day! It's your voter guide for Polls open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. ...
Polling Places and Voter Information for Election Day 2012 in Bozeman: Will you cast your vote in the primary el...
Massachusetts is holding a primary tonight in which two House Democrats face opposition. has your preview:
It's primary election day in Massachusetts - here's our guide to let you know the races in your district -
Primary election day! Dont forget to vote. Find your polling location here...
Good news - it is Primary Election day today. While the page stays away from politics as a rule I am not looking...
Today is Election Primary Day here. Today's a great day! Happy Thursday!
What kind of state holds a primary election on Thursday after Labor Day? A one-party hack-opoly protecting Dem incumbent ...
Today is Primary Election Day in Mass. Polls are open from 7am-8pm. Get out & vote! ...
Don't forget to vote! 5 things to know about today's primary:
I apologize for inaccurate information that was posted earlier today about polling hours. Today is primary day and the polls are open from 7 AM - 8 PM. More info: accept my apology for any inconvenience this might have caused.
Don't forget: It's election day in Massachusetts! Our primary preview courtesy of
Primary voting is underway across Massachusetts today in a state where the majority of registered voters do not align themselves with any political party. However, under state law, an unenrolled person can still have a voice in the primary election by choosing the ballot of one political party at th...
Today is the primary election day in Massachusetts, please get out there and exercise your right to vote.
Primary Election Day today in MA . Get out and vote !
Today is Primary Election Day here in Massachusetts - please VOTE!
Massachusetts, today's primary election day as well as first day back to school. It's moved up from Sept 18 due to Rosh Hashana falling on the regular primary date this year. Rock the vote!! Thanks, Vince!
Primary Election Day! VOTE! (if you live in Massachusetts) I sent a really long email very late last night to folks in Belmont and parts of Arlington & Cambridge who might be in the 24th Middlesex State Rep district. But I just realized that there might be more of you who want to get some info on this race and other races on the ballot. That there might be many of you in the same Governor's Council &/or Register of Deeds district as me. So here is my whole email. Use it for your own purposes in voting today, or send to anyone you know who you think might want to have this info. And if you don't know where to vote, go here: Subject: Vote! Today is Thursday, It's election day, primary election day! If you haven't been following the local political scene, the Primary Election ended up being today due to the DNC, the Jewish holidays, or some other supposedly good reason. But whatever the reason, the day is here. Polls open 7am to 8pm If you know anyone who needs a Ride to the Poll ...
It's Primary Election Day in MA. Please get out & vote. I'd appreciate your vote & so would Sal Lamattina, Terrence Kennedy, & Michael Donovan. And everyone in Danvers, Peabody, Salem & Topsfield VOTE SLATTERY FOR SENATE!!! Thank you!
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Today is Primary Election day in Massachusetts. Exercise the right and privilege we have as Americans and cast your vote!
It's Primary Election Day!! Please Get Out and Vote!! Do your civic duty and make your voice heard!
Don't forget that tomorrow is Primary Day! My friend, State Senator Sal DiDomenico is up for re-election! Please remind your friends and neighbors in Allston-Brighton, Cambridge, Charlestown, Chelsea, Everett and the West End of Boston to vote for Sal DiDomenico tomorrow poll's are open from 7am-8pm.
Just to let you all know there's no school this tuesday of next week, It's primary election day, it has been awhile cause' we get that day off every 4 years. ^^
tomorrow is primary day in MA, and the deadline for registration for the election in November is Oct 17!
Sept. 4 The Post: Simply stated, why should voters elect you? I believe that I am the best candidate for Senate District for many reasons. One is that during my two terms as State Representative, I did not forget where my primary responsibilities lay with serving the citizens of East Providence. In this capacity, I have demonstrated courage, compassion and leadership. Courage – I have stood and spoken against the state house democratic leadership whenever I thought it was the right action. Yes, I did vote against the Pension reform bill that was supported by the leadership because I believe that it was the wrong way to proceed. It was introduced into the House without proper examination of other alternatives and without input from those directly affected – the members of the Employee Retirement System of Rhode Island. Subsequently, the City of Providence negotiated with the members of its pension system and reached an agreement. Due to this action, there will be no expensive court challenge. One cann ...
Friends in Massachusetts: Tomorrow is Primary Election Day. Regardless of your political affiliation or core beliefs - this is your constitutionally guaranteed opportunity to put democracy to work. Please get out and vote tomorrow. Our country, state, districts and towns all become stronger with each of our votes. Don't pass up this important opportunity to participate in the American Dream. Many have died for this right. See you tomorrow at the polls!
To all family and friends. Primary election day is tommorrow Sept 6th. Polls are open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm. Precient 2 and 3 voters are now voting at the Senior center in Lord Pond Plaza next to the new Library location. Please vote for Rebecca Bialecki. She truly the future for the 2nd franklin District.
Do you need a ride to the polls? The Friends and Supporters of Patrick Simeon Sprauve are helping those who would like to participate in the Democratic Primary get to their respective polling stations. Call Team Sprauve at 998-9237 to arrange for your pick up this Saturday, September 8th –Primary Election Day. Unsure of where you are voting? Team Sprauve reminds all Democrats that the following polling stations are open: on St. Thomas; Charlotte Amalie High School, Addelita Cancryn Jr. High School, Curriculum Center, and Oswald Harris Court. On the Island of St. John, Julius Sprauve School is the only polling station. If you are unsure of where you should vote, call 998-9237. Team Sprauve is offering transportation on St. Thomas and St. John call today to make your appointment!
This is a State Senate 3rd Middlesex District Debate which took place in Chelmsford, MA on AUG 28, 2012, with the five Democratic candidates: Mike Barrett, A...
The Friends and Supporters of Patrick Simeon Sprauve and Nosh will host a Meet and Greet today, September 5th at Nosh on the Waterfront (former Down Island Trader location). Join us for complimentary hors d'oeuvres, music and a cash bar from 6pm to 8pm. Come out and meet Patrick Simeon Sprauve on your Primary Election Day ballot.
what have I been up to? Ed has been busy on the campaign these couple of weeks since Field Days. Ed has started the door-to-door (D2D) close to home, Munger and Cobble in New Haven. With huge thanks to Bill Brooks, the 'McGuire for House' banner proudly hangs next to a gigantic American flag and 'Bernie for Senator' banner on the his barn on Route 7. Ed swung a hammer as part of the St. Stephen's team who worked on the Habitat for Humanity house in Cornwall. Ed with help from Jo, Bob, Chris and Mary was out for 'honk and waves' in Bridport, Weybridge and New Haven on Primary Election day. Ed just received the official Certificate of Nomination by the Democratic Party for Addison-5. Ed enjoyed meeting Bridport supporters at the Ice Cream Social. Ed has attended several community meetings and has scheduled several more through September and October. Ed and Mary had hot dogs and beans at the Bernie rally in Middlebury. Ed has a couple of 'meet-the-candidate' events coming up. Details will be sent out soon. ...
Haven't mailed back your early ballot? Do it tomorrow to make sure it gets to the Election Office by next Tuesday, August 28th. If you don't want to mail it back drop it off at the Elections Office or in the white ballot drop box in front of the Coconino County Health and Community Services Building on King St. in Flagstaff. You can also drop off your voted early ballot at any polling place next Tuesday, August 28th Primary Election Day. Early ballots must be received by the Elections Office or dropped off at a polling place by 7 pm on Election Day. Only 34% of the early ballots issued in Coconino County for next Tuesday's Primary Election have been returned. Make sure your vote is heard - VOTE!
10 days left until Primary Election Day! If you haven't filled out your early ballot remember to vote Anthony Gonzalez for Pinal County Superintendent of Schools & tell your friends!
10 days and counting...Primary Election Day is August 28. Thanks to 93.5 Flagstaff Country and Charlie Hicks for yesterday morning's interview. Please visit my web site and listen in on the interview as you consider your choices for Coconino County Supervisor, District 1. Above all, cast your early ballot now, or vote at the polls in the Primary Election on August 28!
Tuesday, August 28th is Primary Election Day. Can you help? I need volunteers to man voting locations. Do you have 3 or 4 hours that you can spare to help me that day? If so email me at clarkjv
Thank God for Friday. It is the catch up day! Hope everyone is planning a fun weekend. Still warm and humid. A nice rain would be nice. It is the count down til Primary Election Day. Vote your mail in ballot now or take them to the County Recorder's office. Only 11 voting centers in Yuma, if you go to vote there, pick the one closest to you work or home and give yourself plenty of time to learn the new voting machine, hope the lines are not too long. Have a good weekend.
Busy week for politics! I had Bill Keating in the office yesterday and his Democratic rival Sam Sutter this morning. Look for their profiles next week in the Enterprise Newspapers (and if someone could nudge Adam Chaprales, I'd thank you for that). In today's paper, look for the latest news on Cape Wind, the reason why Primary Election Day is two weeks early and on a Thursday, a look at Falmouth's new regional emergency shelter, and learn about a thorny situation facing residents of Gunning Point Avenue.
12 days until Gilbert's Primary Election Day. Have you filled out & mailed your early ballot?
It's Primary Election Day in Florida. U.S. Rep. Connie Mack is favored to win the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate.
Hello friends and supporters! Remember that today is Primary Election Day, you have until 8:00 p.m. to hit the polls and get your vote in. And don't forget to join us for election night at the VFW, 179 E. Main St., Evansville at 7:30 for pizza and good fun! Thanks - Janis
Today is the Primary Election Day in Minnesota! Exercise your right to VOTE!
Tomorrow is Primary Election Day...Polls are open at 7 AM Tuesday, August 14, 2012, until 8 PM. These places to vote are the Red Lake Center, the Ponemah Community Center, the Redby Center and the Little Rock Center. Absentee voting can only be done at the Beltrami County Court House...
Clawson Precincts Report Steady Traffic on Primary Election Day: In 2010, there was a 28 percent voter turnout f...
Today is Missouri Primary Election Day! Why, as a New Yorker, am I so interested in this particular election? Missouri is like a second home to me, as I spend so much time there. I spent the beginning of this summer in Missouri knocking doors, hammering yard signs, and going to campaign events with ...
Today is Primary Election Day! Please vote Remember you must only vote under one political party! Please for the sake of students and teachers in public education vote today on the republican ticket Lisa Posthumus Lyons Has actively been anti education and votes according to party lines only! You may vote for the candidate you believe in come November, but today Is critical! Choose Tom DeVault!
Primary Election Day! Check out the Wichita Eagle's voter guide:
Southwest Michigan: Today is the August Primary Election Day! Polls open at 7AM EST. Lets go to the polls and let our voices be heard!
Next Tuesday is Primary Election Day and there is a big election in Plymouth Township for all the elected local...
Primary Election Day is Tuesday, August 7. Don't forget to mail your ballot by then if you haven't already done so. And please allow me to make one more plug for Jennifer Forbes for Superior Court. and for
Reminder: Aug 7 is Primary Election Day.and if you get all of information from 1 source, or political party, you're not allowed to vote
The republican Mother: Primary Election Day in TN!: Primary Election Day in TN! Keep this guy in your prayers - ...
Tennessee Primary Election Day is upon us folks! Please remember to vote and vote Brad Staats for the 5th Congressional seat in Davidson, Cheatham and Dickson Counties!
Today is Primary Election Day. I am running for the Republican Party nomination for Chairman of the Douglas County Board of Commissioners. Thank you for your support and for your vote. Join my family and me tonight as we watch election returns (on dctv23, of course) at the Downtown Douglasville Conference Center after the polls close. Lots of fellowship and food! Polls open today from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Lawn Signs can now be placed at your home or business! Because we have a primary battle, we need as many lawn signs placed as quickly as possible. Don’t forget — Primary Election Day is Tuesday, August 14th! If you would like a lawn sign, request one by clicking here. If you can assist in …
Good morning FB friends and family, had a great day at EMS on Wednesday, now to have a great day at the store helping brother. Hope everyone has a safe weekend, stay cool. You have 2 days left to early vote, Lincoln Center is open for "EARLY VOTING" 9am-5PM, July 31st is Primary Election Day, see yall at the polls.
Need volunteers to put out signs at voting precincts on Primary Election Day, July 31st. DM me, or sign up at
July 31--Primary Election Day is fast approaching!! Early voting is taking place now. Pray hard about the issues and the candidates . . . let God lead you to vote in accordance with His Holy will and as God guides GO and vote!!
As Missouri's August Primary Election Day fast approaches, I often think of the candidates (and their volunteers) campaigning door-to-door in this terrible heat. Most of the heat-related weather records in the St. Louis area (being tied or broken this year) are from either the summer of 1936 or the summer of 1980. The latter was my first campaign for the state legislature, and by the time I knocked on my third door I looked like I'd already been out all day. Glad I did it then, glad I'm not doing it now.
dreams of a day when the U.S. American electorate becomes both socially conscious and politically savvy, engaging everyone in legislative processes, rich and poor, young and old, cross-culturally in (A) community organizing & economic development, (B) electoral organizing, i.e. political campaigns for office, (C) legislative advocacy, i.e. lobbying. Voting is fundamental but not nearly enough. Vote NO to the 2 constitutional amendments, vote for and campaign with progressive candidates, and hold the mediocre, status quo establishment candidates accountable by replacing them with better representation. Voters should not rely on candidates to run campaigns; voters should be mobilizing their personal networks of relatives, friends and neighbors to vote not only on the November 6, 2012 General Election Day, but also get out to vote early on the Primary Election Day, Tuesday, August 14, 2012!
Key races and questions will be decided by all registered voters on Primary Election Day, August 14th, so, yes, you do need to vote. Please. And there is always the option to loop the loophole. More on that in a moment.
32 Days till Primary Election Day! Our next filing deadline is in 2 days! Please donate and volunteer!
Primary Election Day is August 11! Deadline to register to vote in it is 7/12. If you aren't registered yet:
This is Primary Election Day - Do your duty, Exercise your Rights, VOTE!
Its Primary Election Day, polling places will be open until 8 pm. More info :
Vote today! Primary Election Day in Utah is today. Got to to find your voting location.
Primary Election Day in Get out and vote for
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