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Pride Parade

Pride parades for the LGBT community (also known as gay pride parades, pride events and pride festivals) are events celebrating lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) culture.

San Francisco Justin Trudeau Orthodox Jewish Prime Minister New York City Elmwood Ave Stanley Cup Grand Marshal

Join fellow New Democrats this weekend at 🏳️‍🌈 March in the Pride Parade:
Friday June 23rd is the Trans* Pride Parade located in Cal Anderson Park.
Who was their anger directed at? The *** Pride Parade changed its name to The Resistanc…
Democrats Abroad Western Sweden marched in Pride Parade in Gothenburg today.
Today was full of love, pride & celebration of progress at the Pride Parade. And we will continue to march on.
Proud to be marching in Boston's Pride Parade! Happy Pride! 🏳️‍🌈
Pride Parade is slated to begin at noon in Copley Square, with more than 300 groups marching
Pride Parade kicks off day of LGBTQ festivities in Boston - The Boston Globe
I don't work the day of the Pride Parade...should I go? It'd be my first Pride fest.
Every year, our GSA volunteers at Philly's Pride Parade. Pride for us is coming together as a community and celebra…
Morning rain with just scattered showers for a Pride Parade afternoon.
TODAY in Harrogate - Pride Parade & Party in the Park!. Parade starts at 12PM on Montpellier Hill,…
Mayor Charlie Clark will be Grand Marshal at this year's Pride Parade in Saskatoon.
Mayor Charlie Clark says he'll be the Grand Marshal at this year's Pride Parade.
Yay! I'm going to be in town for Chicago's Pride Parade!
Lucknow in India had its first ever Pride Parade it's so so beautiful I'm crying
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Bebe Rexha shows off curves at Miami Beach *** Pride Parade
New Zealand's capital celebrated its first Pride Parade since the 90's. 🏳️‍🌈
VERY EXCITED to be one of the Event Producers to this Event! DAY PARTY After the *** Pride Parade on ❤Sunday June...
*Blasts Madonna* Don't just stand there, let's get to it! March with us, there's nothing to it!
The NYPD Cop who twerked at a Pride parade dies at age 44
Their words to not show respect to me. Do not give in to a group that kicks cops out of a Prid…
Irish Pride in the Aer one week early for party/parade!
NYPD officer Michael Hance, who danced at *** pride parade, loses battle with cancer.
L.A. Pride is Swapping the Parade for a Protest March This Year:
LA Pride Parade to be replaced with protest march this year
NYPD officer, 9/11 first responder who shot to internet fame in viral Pride Parade video dies
"We're resisting homophobia, xenophobia, sexism and racism."
NYPD officer in viral Pride Parade video dies via thoughtful obit by
'Resist March' to take the place of LA Pride Parade this June
really it's not. Hmmm *** pride parade are just for show. Maybe in the back woods u live In but rest of the country yes
Hamilton Collection
Wait is there a pride parade in Wellington??
Michael Hance, NYPD officer who danced in viral Pride Parade video, dies at 44
Thank you for your twerking and your service, Michael Hance. Thoughts to you and your family 😢
“He was the life of the party,” said his brother Peter Hance, 45, of Bethpage. Wherever he went, Michael Hance...
These people will kill the LGBT movement. Turning celebratory days into a protest or "anti" day is not Pride. Fools.
Incredibly sad. Rest in peace and thank you for your service. via
NYPD Officer Michael Hance, remembered for twerking at *** Pride parade, dies of 9/11-related cancer
The officer who drew national attention when he twerked at the New York City Pride parade in 2015 has died of cancer
Man heading to LA Pride parade with explosives and weapons ordered to stand trial via
Yesterday. Ponsonby up to Karangahape Road. Auckland Pride Parade. From in the parade.
OMG we are back in a dress, going to Pride Parade on Ponsonby Road. — feeling nervous
for possible delays around Ponsonby with road closures & parking restrictions from 4pm for AKL Pride Parade tonight ^TP
Question: Why does the Pride Parade take precedence over a Canada Day Parade on Canada Day - especially a 150th?
Honest question to you.should the Pride Parade be the same weekend as Canada Day Parade 150? It's one or the other.
A fun little clip of the Long Beach *** Pride Parade @ Long Beach,…
I can't wait for the pride parade in palm springs 💓
Nearly 50 trucks participated in the first Peterbilt Pride & Class Parade last week in Denton, Texas.
ICYMI: Wildcat pride was on full display at last week's Mount Si homecoming parade. Photos:
I think there is an Eccles Pride Parade.certainly some sort of parade here in Brighton
I almost started my response, "Do you rain on every parade you see or just the pride parades?" but decided to go easy on the fella.
TOMORROW is the last day to register for the Frisco Community Parade. Honor Veterans & cel…
Come celebrate city pride and salute our volunteers at London Bridge Days Parade this Saturday, 10/29 10am-12:30pm!
I hope that all voices will be heard wrt corporate inclusion in the Pride parade ... not just the loudest ones/ ciritcal ones
It's a tough choice which is more fun or Parade ! Love them both!!!
Come to Orlando and join in the Pride Parade on 11/12. The Central Florida Freethought Community is marching as a...
Syrian refugee & speaker, got to thank at the Pride parade for the refugee policy // https:…
The Stonewall Columbus Pride Festival and Parade is moving back to the Downtown riverfront - "a beautiful setting...
While talking on the latest situation of LGBT rights in Turkey: 2016 Pride Parade, Hande Kader,…
Rainbow RV has just received its marching orders for this years Palm Springs California Pride Parade...
Thank you, MISD PD and City of McAllen PD for making this parade possible
Reminder the author once whined that banning racist UKIP Party from a pride parade was "ignorant" http…
Congrats to the PRIDE OF LH 1st PLACE last night in the Halloween Parade! LHMS Band also won 1st PLACE for the middle school bands.
BREAKING NEWS: Stonewall Columbus Pride Festival and Parade will be moving back to the riverfront from their...
Well..its almost the weekend! - Check out our boys from the Pride parade... see you on the first weekend in...
were showing their pride at the Red Ribbon Parade
Gee, looks like Atch will finally have time to attend Pride parade.
Ecclesiastical hostility. That is the end of the pride parade in Trump’s America. I will not be a president with moralizing theories.
I need a big group of *** to hang out with at the pride parade next month
2bring the political parties 2GETHER to find RESONABLE solutions4this country as opposed the PRIDE PARADE going on!
The more moslems in society the more chances of *** being beaten up. Try a *** Pride' parade on Brick Lane, London. Pat Condell.
Today at - Spin-In Movies with the Crawfords, pet costume contest & parade uptown, pumpkins & pride and MO…
BIll Clinton's rapes and assaults have made him a Dem hero. They want to throw him a Rape Pride Parade!
We love this picture from our parade this year. Filling Manchester with Pride! 🌈
Greetings everyone in our community, We shared some more information about ASL & Deaf Pride Parade! Time for...
Great. And maybe you'll come to Tel Aviv, show people around the Pride Parade & some of the awesome things in tech were doing.
OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Pride in London Parade 2017 will take place on Saturday July 8!!
TAFE can't hide their Panther Pride! We really enjoyed character/parade day!
Support the HK Pride Parade, no matter what your gender/sexuality are.
Official announcement: The Pride in London 2017 parade will be on Saturday 8 July...
Spain will not participate in the pride parade this Saturday in the biggest event in Asia. Pity
Trump is not a Role Model, I know that. & Here's Crooked Hilary at a PRIDE parade.
(cont) ...& I parade them around in peacock victory & maternal pride like a *** relieved of from the duties of repeated rape & torture...
I want all of them gone, some are racist, another one dares to go to pride parade while closeting someone, some do cultu…
The best defense against the musket carriers is a *** pride parade. Nothing frightens these wack jobs more.
Sure, NASCAR needn't stop b/c of a pride parade & vice versa. Regressives L or R tend to see other cultures as direct threat tho
Love this... "supporters left the parade with pride in their bodies and joy in their hearts"!!!
If you're out, join a local pride parade!
Dunno bout U, but I Prefer 2C Praise Parade than Pride Parade on my Street Any day
Well you never have to worry about having to participate in a *** pride parade again.
Look on the bright side , you have plenty of time to attend pride parade now.
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Wait. Does that mean a mayor will finally be attending a pride parade?
Sounds like ol' Donny boy will have lots of time to march in the Pride Parade now
Thanks for your years of service You won't have to RSVP to next year's pride parade.
I'm calling it now, the mayor of will be at the PRIDE Parade next year
Meet us at First Unitarian Church of Dallas at noon to shuttle down to the Pride Parade float! We'll have...
Alberta's Premier marches in a Pride Parade one day and then flips burgers at a Labour Day BBQ the next. I like this new…
Wolf Pack - Join at the Pride Parade at 10 a.m. at the corner of Calif. Ave & Virginia St. https:/…
Hundreds of police officers to be deployed for Jerusalem *** Pride Parade - Jerusalem Post Israel News
BLM Vancouver demands removal of police float from Pride Parade
Black Lives Matter wants police to withdraw from Pride Parade
: a clip during the Pride Parade in San Francisco . Credit to jairdjaimes...
As a straight guy, one of my favorite world events is San Francisco's Pride Parade. Happy people. Yet, anyone finds it easy to target LGBTs
Photos of the LGBTQ Pride Parade in San Francisco on June 26th.: If you missed this year's Pride Parade, but ...
Justin Trudeau becomes the first sitting Prime Minister to participate in a Pride Parade:
Justin Trudeau made history and became the first sitting Prime Minister to march in Toronto's Pride Parade. http…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Primate Minister Trudeau & Mayor John Tory (Toronto) march in Pride Parade. So proud to be Canadian
.to march in Pride Parade this Jully!
Lake County residents show support for LGBT community at Pride Parade
here in toronto we have Pride Parade this weekend,jazz festival, African Fest & my favourite TIFF film fest!
The day after HRC's LGBTQ support drops by double digits in the polls, she shows up to the NYC Pride Parade, like it's an…
NBA & WNBA become first pro leagues to march in New York City's Pride Parade.
Watching this morning *** Pride Parade that started at the Embarcadero in San Francisco towards the Civic Center...
Photos: Chicago's 47th Annual *** Pride Parade: Chicagoans came out in force to celebrate the LGBT pride, reveling,… https…
Chicago: Participants, spectators revel in festive but respectful Pride Parade
Show your PRIDE. My first time at Chicago's Pride Parade. It was a beautiful day.
Chicago's *** Pride Parade kicked off Sunday with a moment of silence for the victims
For an organization that is generally tone-deaf, the trading Andrew Shaw right before the Pride Parade is appreciated.
We'll be at the Pride Parade tomorrow with Pick up some of our rainbow bagels to prep for a long day!
The NYPD won't just be marching in the Pride Parade, we'll be protecting it too. Looking forward to a great day ht…
Police officer in London proposing to his boyfriend who is also an officer at Pride Parade ❤️🌈💍
Black Lives Matter pulls out of the San Fran *** Pride Parade because Police will be there keeping the peace. Smh https:…
2011 Mayor Naheed Nenshi led his first Pride Parade in Calgary, Canada. Not quite London, but a major city here.
A police officer stopped the London parade so he could propose to his boyfriend:
Watch Live: Pride in London parade gets underway -
I marched as an ally in the Pride Parade here in 80 and 81 when it went from the Village and up 5th Av to Central Park. Rich…
All the roads are blocked off bc they're having a pride parade 🤔🤔
Nifty new Google Maps feature: today it's showing the route of the SF pride parade
Experiencing the Pride Parade in London was something else 💚🇬🇧
Apparently today was Dublin's *** Pride parade! Only caught a bit of it, but it was super fun!
Thousands attend Pride parade in central London |
This weekend's NYC predicted to be biggest ever.
Great to see so many companies involved in
the pride parade here in peru is next week but everyone celebrating today GO HAVE FUN AND BE HAPPY :))
By the numbers: San Francisco Pride's impact on our local economy
Just went to my first pride parade. It was absolutely amazing!
I'm at the *** pride parade. Hard to believe that this will be replaced with a giant Corpus Christi procession in just two years.
Queen City Pride Parade wraps up weeklong festival -
"I be New York City pride parade floatin" are actual words I just spoke. please don't sue me
*** & *** Support the Migrants on today's Pride in London Parade:
The Russell For Sheriff clan at the Pride Parade in Salem!
A Pride proposal! The whole parade just stopped for a policeman to pop the question to his boyfriend at https:/…
*sees old, white, straight men protesting at Heartland Pride Parade about how hard their lives are*
The Chronicle is marching in the Pride parade. Join us, and get your gear here >>
Morning links! BAR birthday, Supes' budget squabble, Pride parade will not be televised.
Extra security moves honorees to withdraw from pride parade (from
Thousands attend Pride parade in central London
Met officer proposes to his partner in the parade at
Mixed feelings about going to pride, but I'll be in the parade alongside the Rice University float!
SURPRISE!!! Marina will also be at the NYC parade this upcoming Sunday, June 26th!!! (via snapchat) htt…
Seattle celebrates Pride weekend with festivities downtown and on Capitol Hill. Details:
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Spreading some wings to everyone at the pride parade downtown! It's amazing seeing so many people come together
Pride Toronto to dedicate Pride Parade to Parade will begin with moment of silence, reading of names killed, injure…
Bob Dylan, and more things to do in Chicago this weekend.
I believe we have a police proposal at the pride parade! |
The annual is tomorrow in Here's what to know before you go!
Can't make the Intactivist contingent at the NYC Pride Parade? Watch here tomorrow for pictures taken en route.
.on the time he marched in NYC's *** pride parade with the First Lady of the United States in 2000. https:…
Cops stopped London's Pride parade twice today - to propose to their boyfriends.
writes about WCPT's coverage of Pride Parade. Scott Duff rides float while Ellen Miller does play-play
Brexit - Twilio - Melee - Unicorn Chaser - Rainbows - Pride Parade. Great team effort on the transition! 👍
DCCLGBT Staff Network positioned 3rd @ Pride Parade, meeting point outside entrance to Gate Theatre on Parnell Square East at 12.30pm on Sat
Brothers from Kappa Chapter and Omicron Rho in the Pride Parade this morning with AD Gene Smith & other students
Expect delays in from 11a-12p on Jackson Ave, *** St & Clinch Ave for Pride Parade. Areas of no parking on *** St, 9a to 1p.
So thrilled to hear Cappy, the Capital University mascot WILL march in Cbus' Pride Parade.
The band I'm in is marching in Portland's Pride Parade this Sunday. Wish you or Maria could come.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Source: Man with weapons, possible explosives arrested in Santa Monica, said was going to LA Pride Parade - LA Times http…
York Pride Fest is hosting York Region’s fourth annual Pride Parade and our Marching Band is performing! Details:
L.A. puts on a show of force for its *** Pride Parade: Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti was joined by local an...
Iowa State Rep leads the Pride Parade in Des Moines as Grand Marshall
This attack and NOW arrest in LA has me wondering if and will heighten security for the Pride Parade in August
I'm marching in the LA Pride Parade today! Be on the lookout for a pipe band bass drummer. :)
Volunteers needed! Join CTS at the Circle City IN Pride Parade and Festival on June 11. Sign up here.
LT supporter of LGBT rights.In '83, during his first term supported the city’s first ever Pride Parade
Pride Parade today begins at Elmwood Ave and Forest Ave at NOON!
Pride Parade on Sunday: Takes place on Elmwood Ave from Forest St to Allen St at Noon.
Going to *** Pride Fest and *** Pride Parade this year. Didn't go last year so ppl are makin me go lol. It better be sum sexy girls there ❤️
You can walk with the PM during the Pride Parade.
Anti Israel, anti *** groups to rally in Toronto a day before the Pride Parade. The ...
emails me he's attending Pride Parade in Toronto. That's good. Bad is his demand for donations to Liberal Party to reward him
Saskatoon mayoral hopeful Charlie Clark weighs in on priorities, pipelines and the Pride Parade.
With the Pride Parade in Toronto all I say is ... I respect my *** friends but I will never understand ...
feminist *** activist removed from Pride Parade for not recognizing str8 men as ***
What will keep the Blackhawks from bringing the Stanley Cup back to Chicago's Pride Parade?
Lambda Alliance's Pride Parade and Pride Carnival were a HUGE success! Thank-you to all those…
Iggy Azalea Joins Miami Beach *** Pride Parade: Iggy Azalea will take part in the eight...
Pride Parade kicks off today at 12:30 p.m. in the Half Dome Quad. Carnival to follow.
Why is it that the Pride Parade is welcomed and a religious celebration is frowned upon by the media, discriminating at its worst.
It's on the last week of Sunday in June, I believe. And Toronto's Pride Parade is a week after.
AP / The *** Pride Parade today, sponsored by Dole, was led by a dude cross-dressed as Carmen Miranda, CHICA CHICA BOOM! CHICA CHICA BOOM!
Stephen Harper had ten years as Prime Minister to walk in a Pride Parade and never did. Trudeau is doing it in his first…
is the city reimbursed for costs associated with Fleet Week, Pride Parade, or Chinese New Year?
When they stop decrying Winston McKenzie but advocate for UKIP to be part of Pride Parade because "free speech hehe", I won't generalise.
Jogging: When someone's talking * to you on your way to the pride parade.
When you're working at 7.00 and you have make it to *** pride parade at. 7.15
You want to be the church equivalent of a horse that looks like it just came from a *** pride parade? Bold call Bisop T...
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When your parents are proud of you. *** pride Parade, New York City 1974
DIY rainbow bling for a Pride parade (or any ol' day!): Add some rainbow bling to your…
In time we will have a pride parade.
It was a cosplay float at the pride parade that somehow did *not* include a couple cosplaying as Utena and Anthy
No, the Mermaid Parade isn't like News Yorks Mardi Gra. It's more like the New York *** Pride after party .
Maybe you'll have some African Pride to parade with your tribe I pray. You are an insult to the very holy people you mock
Remember that time I slipped on a packet of lube on the sidewalk at the *** pride parade and fell down? I do!
poe: WHAT? YOU'VE NEVER BEEN TO A PRIDE PARADE IN THE CITY BEFORE???. rey: there were literally 5 *** people in my hometown
Dear straight pride people: let's trade. You can have a *** parade and I'll be safe, accepted by society and be seen as…
*** wolf holds Chicago pride hostage until the straights get their own pride parade
wait till the first pride parade,invite pos Trudeau, and Whinny
If you're not homosexual, why the *** are you at the *** pride parade? Anybody looking in gonna think you're homosexual lol
Can we organize a giant Pride parade instead? ...
Plan to shorten parade at oldest July 4th fest draws fire -
Confirmed my room reservation; I will be in NYC on Thanksgiving Day to watch The Pride march in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2016!! 😊😍
Happy Pride everyone. I once accidentally led a Pride parade by being the last car through before they closed the road…
And Many times I want to parade or take pride in my ancestry as I would killer abs
Fancy yourself as 'Pride 'Vibe' Manager this year? click through and apply!...
do you know your dates for Pride 2016 yet (pride week and parade?)
In other news, shows pride at parade, rally -
I can't wait for summer, blunt cruises downtown, pride parade, drunk nights at the beach, chance the rapper on replay, ain't nothin better.
The GU10 Justice & GU10 Pride showing off their holiday spirit at the Auburn Bay Parade of Lights!
Portland shows Timbers pride at parade, rally via
Chicago Christians apologize for homophobia in the church at a *** pride parade
Amidst growing political support for LGTB rights, Delhi holds its 8th *** Pride Parade
There was a nutter who atacked pride parade attendees in Israel this past year. He killed people.
This young woman called back in August:
.with awesome photo gallery of Southern Fried Pride parade in Hattiesburg, Mississippi
im more than likely going to be IN the *** pride parade next year you guys ive leveled up so fast
I hope Murphy gets his feet run over by the Manhole pride parade float
Boys at my school all wear Nike and under armour and then there's Dan and Phil who dress like they came back from a *** pride parade
Enter your pooch in the popular pet parade at Canberra SpringOUT Fair Day
I would love to go to New Orleans for the Pride Parade or Mardi Gras. Both would be epic 💃🏼
the pride parade is a great celebration. But being civilized is universal. Put your *** away pops.
Bc i miss her and summer and bc we looked cute asf for the pride parade
New, black Captain America attends *** pride parade. But can his impenetrable shield protect his neg hole from HIV? http:…
Building floats is a great way to get volunteer hours and be involved, lets blow Zephyrhills away with our parade! 🐾
Remember when I screamed Trudeau's name at the pride parade and called him daddy? Me too
I saw him at the Pride Parade here in Van in the summer.
Remember that time we went to a *** pride parade with my brother we were so cute
Police in Turkey try to stop Pride parade with water cannons, accidentally create rainbows
Wow that was offensive. This guy on Celebrity Name Games just did the limp hand thing for a pride parade clue.
Photo: haveagaydayorg: (source) People at what appears to be a pride parade, some with signs, some with an...
Have I even been to pride in the last 5 yrs? And yet here I am, watching the Hollyoaks *** pride parade murder mystery, screaming internally
Justin Trudeau participated in the YVR Pride Parade, received a warm welcome.
But when is the next pride parade? I had the time of my life in Houston!
Ima let you coordinate the first republican pride parade 🌈
It was wonderful to once again participate in the Atlanta Pride Parade.
Shout out to Whole Foods Market | Winston-Salem for the best float in the Pride Winston-Salem Parade. Great job!!!
We see swimsuited beauties on TV and movies everyday, but one Pride parade and “that’s way too flamboyant"
Forgot to show you guys this cutie I found at the pride parade!
to at the Pride Parade back in June.
Show your pride by joining us in the parade walk this Sat.! Register here:
excuse me sir but I do believe there is an lgbt pride parade on your head
Fab fact: 1st Canadian PM to have marched in Pride Parade, here w/ Bugs 2013 https:…
We're at Central Arkansas Pride! Come by and see us after the Pride Parade.
Riot Fest, Lollapalooza, Pride Parade, Blackhawks rally: How do you count a big crowd?
are you trying out for the Grand Marshalls job in next year's Pride Parade? Lol
Photoset: bebopthecorgi: This past weekend, Bebop had the opportunity to walk in San Diego’s Pride Parade!...
McKellan and Jacobi were the Grand Marshals in this year's NYC Pride Parade!
You know things are bad when journalists and pundits reporting which politicians attended/did not attend a Pride Parade.
Nearly 400 people gathered to march in this years Pride Parade in Uganda. htt…
Photo: helixstudios: Evan Parker relaxing in the back of the Jeep before the San Diego 2014 Pride Parade.
Excited to be at first ever Pride Parade! What a great turnout on a beautiful day!
.your dress is serving up 'Pride Parade on a Greek Island' realness.
Thanks to OutReach LGBT Community Center and all the sponsors of the Pride Parade in Madison. A great group of...
In 1997, she was honored as the Grand Marshal of the San Francisco *** Pride Parade, along with Dennis Peron.
Floor directing coverage of the 37th annual Pride Parade! # dontmess
Pride Parade 2015: Hundreds of thousands slapped on the sunscreen to take in the 37th annual Pride Parade. As…
Ultra-Orthodox Jewish man stabs marchers in Jerusalem's *** Pride Parade, police say, as he did in 2005.
6 Stabbed at Jerusalem *** Pride Parade by Ultra Orthodox Jewish Assailant read more:
Yishai Schlissel, an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man, has stabbed six marchers at Jerusalem's annual *** Pride Parade.
DRAMATIC PHOTOS: Ultra orthodox extremist moments before stabbing & wounding six people at Pride Parade in Jerusalem. h…
Walking in the Pride Parade with ReForest London (@ Western Fair District in London, ON)
St. John's Pride Parade this Sunday 2pm starting from Harbour Side Park. Join us and march with our fabulous NDP...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
WGN Radio and Chicago Blackhawks to feature Stanley Cup in Pride Parade
were at the Pride Parade & ran into For more great photos visit
1 of our own chatting with at the Pride Parade!
And, there's a Pride Parade in Brockville, Geek Garage Sale and K-Pop competition
Join all kinds of Liberals as they march in the Pride Parade in St.Johns on July 26th!
Congrats to W's Pres Rick Welts, named Celebrity Grand Marshall at LBGT Pride Parade. Now, if he had any guts he'd …
Lot's of elected Democrats at Pride Parade today: Jason Kander, Bill Otto, Lacy Clay, Jake Zimmerman, Scott...
Police intervene in LGBT Pride Parade with tear gas, water cannons
CHP deputy climbs on TOMA to urge police stop LGBT march intervention.
"Where's the Straight Pride Parade? The rainbow flag offends me. As a straight person, I don't go around throwing it in *** people's faces."
There should be a straight pride parade
Turkish Police Disperse Parade With Water Cannon. (2 steps forward, one step back this week it seems. 😭)
The police violence against Istanbul's Pride Parade was stoked up by AKP politicians, who used Ramadan as their excuse
Bronx priest reports getting spit on after today's *** pride parade in NYC
Caitlyn Jenner stuns in skirt as she arrives NYC for *** Pride Parade [PHOTOS]: Caitlyn J... via
Good times marching in the TO Pride Parade today with PC Leader Patrick Brown!
Flashback to marching in the Osaka pride parade, 2010 or 2011.
Thanks for the support! Our song was used on FIVE *** Pride Parade floats worldwide this weekend!
NEW PHOTO: Darren Criss during New York Pride Parade . He is so cute and gorgeous at the same time!
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