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Price Tag

Price Tag is a song by English singer-songwriter Jessie J, featuring American rapper B.o.B. It was released on 31 January 2011 in the United Kingdom as the second single from Jessie J's debut studio album, Who You Are.

Anti you have a Price Tag on you Morata.
"You can't putva price tag on love, but you can on all its accessor es." - Melanie Clark
Manchester United told to pay at least £22m for Anderlecht midfielder Leander Dendoncker. >>…
Anyone selling an OG or any 3 letter gamertag just want the tag not the account, looking for a cheap price will pay to change gt
Happiness comes with a price tag. If you are smiling, you have already paid for it in past. . MAYWARD . OneTeamOneLOVE
Elon Musk gets the $35,000 Tesla Model 3 price tag he wanted — but extras cost more
Its not about the money money money. We don't need your money money money . We just wanna make the wor…
Why r fans still bothered by price tags u didn't hear many talk about Ederson or Walkers price tag after t…
Bt d pressure go dey more on Lukaku bcos d man u fans go xpet am 2 perform fast considerin his price ta…
I just want to be able to look at something without looking at the price tag
Family, Friends, Health & Time dont come with a Price tag!. Its only wen we lose them that we realize their true value!!. Gud morning!!
Hada Labo has a higher price tag at RM52 but has additional cocktail of good oils, much 👌🏼…
At the price tag it is a very big IF ...
How well do you rate Morata's performances thus far , has he lived up to his price tag?
$3000 for a bottle of fizz to spray. 🍾😮 Wonder if it's actually nice to drink, for that hefty price tag!
Get the lowest price here: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Nintendo Switch) Used and new!
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
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The new 4K Blu-ray of Terminator 2: Judgment Day has dropped in price to $16.96. Releases on Oct 3. Pre-order now: https:/…
99c. How much money would you kill for?. Ten million was someone's price point.
STATS | Mitch McGovern's price tag is growing by the minute with 3 goals in the 3rd term.
So they've put a price tag of 180m on mbappé. Wow
'£80m for Coutinho would be good business for Liverpool', says Danny Murphy.
HealthCare is not a God given right or a right born at birth. People have to work! There is a pric…
Every single price tag in this supermarket in France was digital. It's the future!
Time, Friends, Health and Relation,. Don't come with a price tag. But when we loss them. Then we realize the cost. Goo…
You will be happy with Riera, although he comes with a much higher price tag than P…
when I saw the price tag on this lens
THIS IS COOL! . Just under six months after announcing its Solar Roof, Tesla has finally put a price tag on those...
My sister convinced a cashier that a down bed spread was $30 and not $139.99. (The price tag was printed wrong)
Ahh Kovacic got a goal and assist ffs can't be having him add more value to his price tag or we won't pay up
Tesla to sell Model 3 at $35,000, but extras, including improved battery, will cost thousands more: $TSLA
maintain an interest in PSG's Serge 🇨🇮 but they want to bring his £22m price tag down. | via
I still find it crazy how you can buy water reservoirs. Like who put a price tag on the earth we live on?
Price tag: $5. Me: It's only $5!. Also me: You don't need it. Me: But it's only $5!. Also me: You only want it cuz it's on sa…
According to reports in Italy & Spain, Juve are ready to consider offers for Dybala & have placed a price tag of €120m…
That's a big fat price tag, jesus christ
Rudiger Stories. All five in one collection at a reduced price. US: UK:
Some apps deserve to be bought. Some don't. Just because it has a price tag doesn't mean it's worth it.
It doesn't say online and I could find a price on the tag but I'm gonna guess: a lot
There are people who value money to the extent they have no understanding that the important things in life have no price tag.
When I saw a beautifully carved bookshelf I wanted at the antiques store, and the price tag said $4,250.00
The best stuff come with a price tag. Is it worth it to you?
Get the lowest price here: Nintendo Switch - Neon Red/Neon Blue Used and new!
Switch well worth the price tag for what it does, breath of the wild is 10/10. WiiU price drop & Switc…
The $1,600,000,000 is just a mere down payment on estimated $70 billion price tag.
It must be great to shop without even thinking bout the price tag
Public housing residents shut out of redevelopment plans: does democratic participation now come with a price tag?…
Four Greek books for the price of a cup of coffee!
Still can't believe that Coutinho cost £8.5M in 2013 and now Liverpool has put the price tag £133M 😂
Ocean Sciences Article of the Day - Putting a Price Tag on the Great Barrier Reef (Triple Pundit)
The Natalie's Edge Series. by now at a lower price on Amazon. .
just a thought if Hightower price tag isn't to high!!!
Fresh details - and a £1.65m price tag - confirmed for new 2019 BP23 hypercar. It's gonna be mega... https:/…
Not sure 8 mil is the new price tag per se. Miami may be trying to lock him up for that,but his open market value is different
I wouldn't be mad at Pryor for the same price tag as Djax. What you lack in exp. you get back in youth. Speed is comparable.
No CBO score for Trumpcare- lawmakers are getting a bill from w/out the price tag. Tomorrow a bill will be introduce…
Tag on your soul everybody's got a price
What's behind the $1.9 billion price tag for NFL stadium in Las Vegas? via
Want without the price tag? These high street will fool the sharpest eye:…
Terelle Pryor should be their next target.His price tag should be cheaper.
Nick Perry would be good move for but that price tag is pretty hefty. How do you feel about S. Thomas at 6 instead?
Men\'s Speedcross 3 Trail Lower price avaliable. Check it out here
Happy International Women's Day!. We got you this card! It's from all of us. And these pretty flowers!. ::takes gas station price tag off::
Classy...I like it. I wonder what the price tag on that thing will be
And in all the goodness happening, OWN THE WIND is on sale for $2.99. Catch it at that price here:
Price tag of homelessness in Orange County is nearly $300 million, UCI study finds
Babygirl will do just about anything if the price is right... RT
BUILD A WALL? . Yes! - never mind the price tag!. HEALTHCARE?. Repeal & Replace! - helping ill Americans is too expensive!…
GOP leaders are taking the politically risky gamble of pushing a health-care bill without an estimate of its cost.
If Eagles can sign the new price tag of 8mil for K.Stills, do you think that'd be better than getting B.Cooks?
Clive certainly has a luxury price tag 😂
Tyrod staying in Buffalo does nothing to Garoppolo's price tag. are only real suitors and potential landing spot.
.0-6844, Putting a Price Tag on International Trade Use of State Infrastructur... via
Xhaka has been shocking all season and has done nothing to warrant his price tag
he could just be using an O Lineman in that slot instead for a much lower price tag
Six books. For the price of 3. mouth-watering recipes. And quirky charac…
bro! That was after 8 years of the 360. This a 5 year turn around with that high *** price tag
It is now clear that Brexit comes with a hefty price tag.
At the same time, couldn't the fact that the 49ers are no longer desperate to bring him in lower his price tag?
You get what you pay for: Why you should invest in paid
Everything that you "want" from Me has a Price Tag on it. I make the price. You pay it or you don't get it. LITERALLY…
Not looking at the price tag when shopping
Its free if you ignore the price tag
idk because they had the chip price tag of being 50 cents but I hope
The received a special rabbinical exception, apparently. I'm sure it came at a hefty price tag, like my get.
yerp, allegedly hyper cut from Canada coming down is a major problem--cheap price tag as well
price tag is $12-15 Billion. What are the pros/cons? Tune in for Wall talk tonight at 5p on
"Billon $ price tag" in the news today & in Fire class tonight! $14.3 B in property damage due to fire in 2015.
blimey!! Read it quickly and missed that price tag. Dave's offer looking quite good. 😧
yes it is. But isn't very much house for that price tag.
Yes, South Sea Pearls are expensive. I just find the price tag to be such an extravagance.
Breast Cancer Awareness
I never buy things without looking at their price tag anymore. Gone are those days
You think they will sell the same amount with 20% higher price tag, did you take economics you dope
What's the franchise tag price for a WR?? 🤔🤔
In 2010 Republicans tried to shut down healthcare for 9/11 first responders because the $8.4 billion price tag was "fiscally…
Price gonna keep going up if we tag Kirk again. That's why we should've paid him last year.
NHL CHEAT SHEET: Always an offensive threat, is Brent Burns worth his high price tag against the Edmonton Oilers?
Looks like an automatic one click to me!. Love,. HJB. Sale price---$1.99
My review: Good. Chicken is nice and spicy. Good sauce. A bit small for the $3.00 price tag. Overall an 8 out of 10.
Overwatch Collector's Edition price down to $79.99 on Amazon
I added a video to a playlist Yowda - Price Tag
It's like the pretty AP without the price tag... 💕
Our 2017 is to release a new Robomow that will shake things up with a price tag of 499💶 What is…
Highlights: Dissecting the variable price tag of rooftop solar panels
I had a dream where I got a Corsair K95. Yes, regardless of the $190 price tag I still really want this keyboard
Thierry Mugler's Alien perfume is so basic? why the hefty price tag 😐
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Transformer robot be ready at your service price tag 1.5 M
5 Steps to Get Big Analytics for a Small Price Tag - icrunchdata News (press release) (blog)
I have seen this photo before, I love it. I used to work for John Lewis so I can imagine the price tag!
A must read for and Chapters on observation & evaluation worth the price.
Me: This will look so good on me,. *checks price tag*. Me: Ohh never mind!
He can't justify that price tag. He is balling now tho
Is Pogba doing the bare minimum or has he justified his price tag?
Is there is price tag for Melania Trump to show up with Donald Trump? Is she being paid to stand next to him like a…
The PowerForce Helix is a great value! It cleans up everyday messes without the high price tag.
11. yo this song made me want to get rich so I'd never have to worry about the price tag ever again
from raising operational hurdles in hosting regular cricket or potentially devaluing the price tag on the next cycle of IPL rights
He's trying to prove doubters wrong. To justify the price tag
Next time please put the price tag. They are nice.
Good news! My Connected is now a lower price AND available on :) https:…
Why are modest clothes so expensive like I'm trying to attain high level Jannah but the price tag is the shaitan here
Jokes about Pogba's dabbing, haircuts and price tag
What price are you willing to pay to survive? "This may be one of the best in the series."
it's like the old folks say 'no price tag? Must be free!'
Food check comes: $35 . Me: wow I stayed under 40 impressive . Clothes/makeup price tag: $35 . Me: eh but is it really worth it??
When deportation is more expensive than than the estimated price tag of the wall
we have to say prove the price tag. Ppl want to see the books. It's easy to claim a huge price tag as the AF says $1mil per hr for AF1
Life is a small price to pay for the woman she loves. 10
Tag on your soul, everybody got a price
RIP to the 711 iPhone charger. It lived a full 9 days, well worth the 14.99 price tag :)
True love doesn't come w/ a price tag but well-priced whips and handcuffs make it that much easier.
How much is paper costing your organization? "Putting a price tag on your paper"
Death pertaining to the fashionableness bartering price tag good terms galactic acts: KUOkG
how could you put a price tag on friendship! You Grinch!
NFL case will expose the inner workings of big sport/player injury thinking and cost big bucks from every direction
. The price tag will be obscene. Our people in harms way abroad.😡
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Don, throw in a 100 million price tag for your pal Justin, so he looks conservative spending the 38 million instead
the price tag on Dennis Wideman would likely be a 2nd round pick at the least
DEAL: Many 3DS and WIi U games are still on sale at Amazon including Luigi's Mansion 2 and Pokémon X & Y.
Torino boss Sinisa Mihajlovic laughs off suggested £75m price tag for Andrea Belotti amid interest from Manchester United…
It's a good weekend for a binge read. W/a best selling . 6 books for the price of 2 https:…
Kanye: This Haynes sweater is kinda nice. Kanye to Kanye: Put a Yeezy tag on it and resell it for 100x the price. https…
Putting in work cuz I gotta price tag on my head
I be online filling up my cart, then get to the store and rerealize that everything is smaller than I thought with an even bigger price tag
Hot on the high street: Liberty London for Uniqlo - Liberty prints for a fraction of the traditional price tag?...
Price tag on Trident nuclear missile fleet still unknown but rising
for the price reported price tag Id have expected manager to know where to play Mason, to start him & have an immediate impact
I don't think people know how to value stuff unless it has a price tag or they lose it
Bernie Sanders' convictions have a price tag. He doesn't approve of charity except by his wealthy Vermont crony.
The Rational Male by Rollo Tomassi audiobook $1.99 Price reduced for another day!
Football Tipster: Football expert strikes gold with new bettin...
That price tag on the pat McGrath highlighters tho...
Batman Arkham Knight for Xbox one costs an arm and leg with a price tag of more than $150.
"I never feel any extra pressure at all": Uniteds new superstar opens up
Million dollar price tag for new car park via
Richie didn't mention it does baguettes as well as loaves! Totally worth the £90 price tag ...
! "true religion is nasty in my opinion. Overpriced slogan that doesn't provide the quality matching the price tag.”
Just found the first LP I bought. $8.99 price tag on it. What year was that again?
New lower price on the STANLEY 210 mechanics tool set
If you've been looking for an Otterbox at a fair price, get it now for $17.22 (reg $50)
Nonuplet facility up price tag up ahead myself luck the scrupulous inbound need bowman: apJL
Price Tag by Jessie J is in Bowlplex Tower Park, Poole. Download it now at
It's not about the Money Money Money 💸💸💸 ♫ Price Tag (Live) by Maddi Jane (at —
Would you say Anthony Martial been able to banish the pressure of his Price Tag?
Always know your worth dont let anyone bring you down. Put a Price Tag on yourself. People cant drive you crazy if you dont give them key.
Price: Too low to disp . More Info & Buy:
PRICE NOW! "The best book I've read this year" great gift for one you love. EVERY FIVE MINUTES.
Only bad thing about this game is wilkersons price tag is going up
Price tag of Liberal's refugee plan to hit $1.2B over six years: government document
My goal is to be able to go shopping and not look at the price tag
Dd they miss their chance to get him at a semi-reasonable price tag this previous offseason?
The Jehovah's Witnesses, is selling its headquarters and other properties for an expected price tag of +$1 billion
The Spartak Trigger, "Pulls you in, makes you think, entertains your senses" https:…
There's a lot more that goes into the cost of a car than the price tag.
I just wanna be a *** who doesn't have to look at the price tag when i go shopping
oil prices: The Price of Oil: The Price of Oil
. Teams would be foolish to kick the tires on that price tag
Was gonna add a adidas xeno jacket to the cop list til I saw that price tag
Spoil the beautiful w/ cherishable gifts from her wishlist:
Comfortable, lightweight, and great looking at an affordable price
Not at that price tag. Salary cap does not turn off in real life.
He's just excited that Perez put another £5m on his price tag for next month.
Great don't need a hefty price tag, like these wallet-friendly presents from
Can't wait till I can go shopping without looking at da price tag 💯
PRICE NOW! Ideal gift for one you love. EVERY FIVE MINUTES. Heart-breaking, heart-warming.
Conundrum price tag attorney is powerful insofar as alter: NWers
ICYMI: price tag for resettling Islamic refugees is over $64k per person - (WE DO NOT WANT ISLAMIC SCUM!)
You know you're obsessed with VS when you don't even care to look at the price tag of the bras you buy anymore 👀👀😁😁
GM Brad Treliving might want to extend this Johnny Gaudreau kid as fast as he can because man, the price tag jus…
I lowered the price of Under the Wall by $2, permanently. Maybe now people will read it?
• When evil strikes, a warrior detective will rise Special price of $3.45. Enjoy the ride!
I took dad to Neiman to see if he would ditch his usual Savile Row, for some Kiton suits...then he saw their price tag.
"You can't put a price tag on love. But if you could, I'd wait for it to go on sale.
See a lot of people lobbying Minister Varadkar to approve CF drug Is anyone lobbying Vertex Pharma to reduce t…
Historic Mill Valley Estate Has Big Views and a $7.495 Price Tag: Homes like the historic Sherman Estate at 166…
A Flame Rekindled: The love that reunites (Contemporary Christian Romance suspense)... - Today's Deal Price is $2.99!
Wanted to buy Apple at shoprite and on the price tag was N500. I was like."Shey Na Adam and Eve Pluck am?"
Both released in 2011,Jessie J's 'Price Tag' WW sales still couldn't manage to sell as much as 2NE1's 'I Am The Best' http:/…
price tag guarantees nothing Martin;Yours might just be a superstar 👍 good luck with her.We've a S Indian filly too🍀
All cheap dresses for women for sale online with the wholesale price and the... 25% Off or More !
price tag: what Shell could’ve spent $7bn on, in stead of their oil exploration program off Alaska
Apple Watch Price on Rs 35,000 - Rs 69,000 ( some are FulFilled )
Buy online party dresses for women at cheap price. 25% Off or More !
...the 5p price tag on plastic bags in all shops is a great idea. Been a success here, and helps reduce environmental horror
Do you want me to put a price tag on your head ***
until i saw the price tag and no tech specs on the nvidia GPU... $2700 for a laptop?
National Car Rental Field price tag: $158M over 20 yrs. Farmers Field price tag: $700M over 30 yrs. Commonality: no stadium/no owner.
Fell in love with this little prospect till I saw his price tag 😭
If how much he spends on you on dates matters so much to you just wear a price tag so he knows what he dealing with boo
Dartein has to choose, the blood of his love or the blood of his people..
Have you ever seen something really cute, then looked at the price tag and say "it's not (insert dollar...
Bike Travelling Man: a life with two motorcycles - Today's Deal Price is $0.99!
Christmas edition Regency Quintet out now! 5 romances for price of 1!
BMW has unveiled its M4 GTS. 493bhp and a £121,770 price tag for ultimate M4. Details here.
You are worth your weight in gold...remember to raise your price tag!
Pride has no price tag, never settle for something less than you deserve. Never allow to be taken cheap.
Stream price tag in relation with incisive indexes – the producing ascent in reference to pink slip immigration:…
my land has been in my family for 50+ years; there isn't a price tag on it. Many others feel the same
I wonder if plans on making a slightly simpler base model for the Model X so that the price tag can appeal to …
unlikely to bid for star Coutinho due to hefty price-tag
Times change: a 1Gb hard drive from 1981, weighing in at 34kg (75lbs) and a price tag of $81,000
Yeah lmaoo when you power up after the break up. Ain't a price tag on dat.
"Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition - Pl..." - $16.46 Price History:
Check out the price tag on this bad boy.. the price you pay to look legit
Vancouver now sports a $1.7 million average price tag for a detached home http:…
*Goes into store*. *Thinks "I'd like some cute sweats to wear to school"*. *Looks at price tag*. "BUT NOT FOR HALF $100!".
about as nostalgic, Bert's patch is ripped price tag. Whoops.
is a great site for purchasing authentic images and videos at a £1+ price tag
How long y'all gonna let Jordan sell u the same shoe but with a higher price tag every year?
Spurs chase "new Eden Hazard"; £40m price tag for Chelsea to push out Mou. Transfer Talk.
Knitting for Beginners: Knitting Bag Tutorial for Beginners: Learn How to Knit Tren... - Today's Deal Price is $2.99!
Take a look at for great digital images without the hefty price tag.
"What's the price for a black man life?⁰I check the toe tag, not one zero in sight"
$2 price drop for One Tiny Lie by KA Tucker .
Netflix is now worth 900x the price they offered to sell to Blockbuster for in 2000
- Trying to Put a Price Tag on Emission-
The day I hear Carrie Brownstein's verse in Price Tag live is the day my life will simultaneously begin and end. (aka in 80 days)
please would you cover Price Tag by Jessie J- it would be so good! Also I love your band so so much, you do awesome covers xx
"Price Tag" by Squatters "Death to Arabs" on the walls of a # of Palestinian homes & buildings north of Safed today http:/…
Price Tag on a Brooklyn Park Reaches $225 Million, and That’s Only the Beginning
Expenslve Dog in World is Tibetan Mastiff with Price Tag of $2 million
A Man Walks Into a Gun Store and Is Chilled to the Bone by What He Reads On the Price Tag. via
When did I mention a price tag? I'm talking about who he added into the squad to secure these draws
I'm by no means saying Ozil has repayed his price tag etc but to call him a flop is premature IMO as he's still only 26,
Radamel Falcao fails to live up to his £50m price tag once again - PLAYER RATINGS
Replace your Starbucks with Djehuty Energy Booster Tea (at 33% less than the Starbucks price!)
Love Ozil, great player, but to say he has lived up to his price tag (so far...) is a bit silly. Alexis has shown what that truly means.
"Where do you see yourself in 5 years?". Not looking at the price tag when I'm shopping.
Tottenham homegrown star Harry Kane is the man of the year after ...:
Specs for Dell Dimension 8400 Packed with the latest technology and carrying a 3,000 price tag when it was
Harper Lee: To Kill A Mockingbird Low Price Unabridged Cd: "When he was nearly thirteen, my brother Jem got his arm b
Louboutin style nails without the designer price tag at just £12.99.
play the inform players not the price tag . RVP-Falcao not really gelling
Bummer about Anthems. Yay for Price Tag. Surface Envy better than Conan or same? Damnit that's last q for real.
Those afraid of losing out are the easiest to troll. Pitiful, because novelty is more than a brand and price tag.
In the run up to Global Day, the push for divestment from exposures is growing steadily
A Celtic Tapestry Boxset Eight in for one low price!
On his day Özil is a delight to watch and a special player, but as of now he has in no way lived up to the hype and justifie…
U r crying over style of play n price tag on d bench cuz u r 4th. Try supporting attractive teams in 6th n 7th. U'll love it
are obviously biased. I wonder if it's possible to find a neutral observer who believes Özil has justified …
There's a price tag on everything you do. Pay now or pay later but I assure you one thing and that is you will pay!
Play Herrera CM & get wazza up top instead of Falcao. Show Falcao the door in May, hasn't done near enough for the price tag.
Forex Price Action Scalping: an in-depth look into the field of professional scalping - $30.32
Fun concert last night. Highlights: Ubi Caritas, Palestrina, Only You, Price Tag. Eclectic or what?
All the News That’s Fit to Eat: Whole Grains Get the Axe, ‘Super Bugs’ Price Tag, and Sam Kass Says Goodbye: R...
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My article's number of shares looks like a price tag. I feel fuzzy.
Best buy is in the shape of a price tag 😱
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Price wars and power plays over oil supply [Sale ]
the price tag on my Mac Pro still stings when I think about it.
Little Giant Ladders
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Big Ben playing great isn't even driving up his price tag. All this terrible QB play is driving up his price tag
Black fridays a joke honestly one day after you're suppose to be thankful for things and your family and not things with a price tag people trample and kill each other to get a good deal seems legit
It's funny how it's the little things in life that mean the most. Not where you live, what you drive, or the price tag on your clothes
Everything now have a price tag because of the power we have given money,it is only few and to an extend that can resist it, tell me what things in your life can you not tag a price on ?
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If youre not being treated with love & respect check your price tag maybe you've marked yourself down its u who tells ppl what you're worth
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You bite me and I bite, I choke you cuz you like that. Ill roll 2 joints then we light that, you don't gotta worry about the price tag
As mentioned a few minutes ago, I have had a pretty productive night - all because something has been bugging me for a while, made even more noticed since the holiday season fully hit. We as a whole seem to have forgotten that giving really is better than receiving - and the receiving seems to have started to expect a larger price tag every year. Well, I decided to make a small change this year - even if it's only within our home ... after all, new traditions have to start somewhere ~smiles~ Welcome to our new "Homemade Holidays!" As a start, I made everyone here Christmas stockings - and learned that up-cycling jeans might be a bit smoother if they are not 'stretch' styled (silly me ~smirk~) Hope you like my new creations!
NEW PRODUCTS THAT YOU MAY LOVE... STUNNING ROSE GOLD FILLED- CHUNKY NECKLACE AND BRACELET SETS Great for those ladies with sensitive skin. These beautiful necklaces have the weight of real solid gold without the price tag. They won't tarnish or lose their colour and if taken care of, they will last for years. A FAVOURITE PIECE OF MINE :)
I can't wait for the day when I never have to look at a price tag again 🙅💰
I mean who looks at the price tag ? Ctfu na Im jp but Idc it doesnt matter to me
I'm working on the vids, it functions similarly to these vids : (except without the crazy price tag)
Price tag in deference to dial in regard to bite sdlt-320 catalog card shove: NMmLkEOm
BLACK FRIDAY STARTS NOW!!!. Lowest frisbee price you will ever see! Tag a friend that needs a frisbee!. Get up to...
What's the price tag on Braxton Miller? I'll take that 1 year flyer.
Holiday like Richard Branson... without the huge price tag!!!
10 Books from NYT Bestselling Authors - 1 low price
New hit thing: MENS BRACELETS (the price tag of this would hurt your parents feelings)
Hurry Playstation 4 Bundle only 399.99! This is their black Friday price so it won't last long! via
This is a GREAT price on Gears! Would make a perfect Christmas gift. (aff. link)
."The lowest price tag I've seen on a new condo in a long time" yet ad says 18% ROI!!!
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