Pretty Woman & Julia Roberts

Pretty Woman is a 1990 romantic comedy film set in Los Angeles, California. Julia Fiona Roberts (born October 28, 1967) is an American actress. 5.0/5

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Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman is my Cinderella Story. That just shows you can make a *** a housewife.
Answer this question for a chance to win a pair of tickets to see August-Osage County at Celebration! Cinema Mt. Pleasant. Julia Roberts stars in this movie just as she starred in the movie Pretty Woman which came out in what year? (18 and older please.August-Osage County is rated (R))
Spending Christmas with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in Pretty Woman along with my one really good Christmas gift--Nachos.
Julia Roberts was pretty hot in Pretty Woman.
Julia Roberts is so stunning in Pretty Woman it hurts.
When Richard Gere apologizes to Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman... Ahhh why can't men really be like that?!
Is this Pretty Woman?? Am I Julia Roberts and you're Richard Gere because bby the way you pamper me😘🙏
few things as fabulous as Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman
Meanwhile, "Pretty Woman" is on and Julia Roberts is giving me LIFE!
Julia Roberts is pristine and I love Pretty Woman more than anything
I want to go shopping like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.
Pretty Woman with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts never gets old.
Pretty Woman is on... My mom's fav movie☺️ Gotta love Julia Roberts!!
Pretty Woman is one of the best movies. Julia Roberts is absolutely perfect.
I've hated Jason Alexander after he slapped and tried to rape Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman" . ***
WHY DO UGLY MEN ALWAYS ATTRACT PRETTEST WOMEN? If the face you see in the mirror each morning makes you wince, take heart. And while you're at it, throw away all those beautifying pills, potions and creams in the medicine cabinet and cancel your subscription to the gym. Because being ugly may actually help you attract the opposite sex, scientists believe. They have found that having an 'unusual' appearance can be a good way to charm a mate. It might help explain, for example, why Pretty Woman actress Julia Roberts found the somewhat facially-challenged Lyle Lovett alluring enough to marry. Or why balding, bearded author Salman Rushdie - no Adonis in anyone's book - managed to beguile the stunning model Padma Lakshmi. Lead researcher Dr Rob Brooks said: 'Ugly individuals can sometimes do better than good-looking ones.' His conclusion is based on animal studies. These showed that some prefer mates which the majority find unattractive, rather than always chasing the best-looking members of the opposite sex. ...
I feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman walking down Rodeo Drive... Only it's Shaftesbury Avenue and I've got a primark bag and a JD Sports drawstring bag... You can take the chav out of Glasgow but...
At first I thought I was Julia Roberts from Erin Brockovich but now I find out I'm Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman!!!
Did You Know That. Vivian Ward in "Pretty Woman". Julia Roberts captured hearts across the nation with her...
"This look worked for Julia Roberts in 'Pretty Woman'." She played a prostitute in that movie..
"I feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman... Except for the whole hooker thing."
Allison Mack for me on a personal level! Her character Chloe Sullivan in Smallville is my 2nd favourite female character of all time seriously personally for me her character is immense! She makes Chloe Sullivan timeless! My number one though is Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley! My number three is Julia Roberts as Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman! My number four is Patricia Arquette as Alabama Whitman! My number five is Whitney Houston as Rachel Marron in The Bodyguard!
Photo: Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in a promotional photo for Pretty Woman, 1990. Pretty woman
I'm sick of walking through Canoga Park and men looking at me like I'm Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Every. Single. Night.
Or when Chandler went out with Julia Roberts AND DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE - we're all like "Dude, it's Pretty Woman"...
Deleted opening scene in Pretty Woman: *camera zooms in *Julia Roberts is blowing a truck driver who hasn't showered in 9…
"Hollywood Squares" is four degrees of separation. It's played with either 2 or 4 people. If 2 are playing one starts and they take turns but the other has to complete the "square". If 4 play (foreplay?) someone starts and whoever wants to goes next etc. but the last one must finish the square---WTH??? Here's an example: Shirley Mclaine was in Terms of Endearment with Debra Winger--who was in An Officer & a Gentleman with Richard Gere--who was in Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts--who was in Steel Magnolias with Shirley Mclaine. If my movies are too old school I'll try to get more current but I haven't seen anything new in a long time. I'll even let you go first. Maybe I have too much time on my hands, huh? If you don't start the game then I will, putting you in the cleanup position!
Can you make a *** into a housewife? We are discussing here one of the oldest, yet most ignored rule known to mankind. Something that is so simple that you would think it was the 11th commandment, something as idiotic as saying the sky is blue. You can never turn any girl who is a *** *** hooker or, in lighter terms, a girl who sleeps around into a housewife.It is an impossible feat, one that no man has accomplished or ever should try to do. Pretty Woman is a terrible example of such nonsense: Julia Roberts would never walk the streets as a hooker, and if she did then you should not be stupid enough to pick her up and think she would be a suitable bride.Once a *** always a *** Old habits die hard, even when her sexual promiscuity was for money. If she was a free hooker, a woman who has sex for the fun of it, your attempt to sway her into fidelity is about as hopeless as convincing someone the 2008 mortgage crisis was a good thing.The one weakness all men have that supersedes a Porterhouse from ...
5 Romantic Movies of all Time Here are five romantic movies of all time (my personal choice): 1. Pretty Woman Richard Gere and Julia Roberts played the role of the modern Cinderella where a rich millionaire falls to a woman in the street. Just like the prince and Cinderella, they lived happily ever after. Pretty Woman is the first romantic hit movie of Julia Roberts then it went on with a series of successful movies. 2. The Wedding Singer Remember Julia Gulia? That is the name of Drew Barrymore if she had married her boyfriend. Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore teams up for the first time then later on with “First 50 Dates” movie. The Wedding Singer is a feel good movie with a great song sung by Adam Sandler himself, “Grow Old With You”. 3. Dirty Dancing This movie was a big hit in the 80’s with Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey in leading role. They played a modern Romeo and Juliet, a romantic drama where love is against all odds. Patrick Swayze is a prolific actor and dancer which was gone too s ...
PRETTY WOMAN was originally called "3000"; which was the amount Julia Roberts character was paid for the night. RT
I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman today.
I just bought a book .See Julia Roberts sending the snail shell flying in Pretty Woman? Well that's me too
Miley Cyrus and Emma Watson both channeled Julia Roberts in the classic rom-com 'Pretty Woman' with their keyring, midriff-baring dresses. Cyrus was seen
That's Julia Roberts' rule in Pretty Woman. You think it was based on voting?
Oh that's fine I can do that love driving we can get a car like Julia Roberts drove in Pretty Woman!!
I don't think Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman should be anyone's fashion idol.
. 'I feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman minus that whole hooker thing.'.
The combination of Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in 'Pretty Woman' is PERFECTION ♥
Julia Roberts is so so mint in Pretty Woman
Julia Roberts hair in Pretty Woman is LARGE & fantastic! I want it. 😍
Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality lead list ... -...
Julia Roberts had an amazing body in 'Pretty Woman'.
Pretty Woman, one of my favs. Julia Roberts and that red hair (**,)
Today I went shopping with my dad... I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman ♥_♥
TICH: In the first of our Golden Years today Julia Roberts and Richard Gere were starring in the film Pretty Woman. What was the year?
Julia Roberts is so gorgeous!! she was perfection in Pretty Woman
I wanna be Julia Roberts in pretty woman minus the prostitute thing
You May or May Not Want to Know This Movie Trivia of the Day: Debra Winger has been in some good films (An Officer and a Gentleman, Terms of Endearment, Urban Cowboy), but she may just be both the king and queen of turning down great roles: From IMDB She became notorious for turning down worthy roles in many popular films, such as Jodie Foster's roles in Taxi Driver (1976), The Accused (1988) and The Silence of the Lambs (1991), Brooke Shields' roles in Pretty Baby (1978) and The Blue Lagoon (1980), Daryl Hannah's role in Splash (1984), Linda Hamilton's role in The Terminator (1984), Kathleen Turner's role in Peggy Sue Got Married (1986), Susan Sarandon's role in Bull Durham (1988), Michelle Pfeiffer's role in The Fabulous Baker Boys (1989), Jessica Lange's role in Music Box (1989), Julia Roberts' role in Pretty Woman (1990), Demi Moore's role in Ghost (1990), Geena Davis' roles in Thelma & Louise (1991) A League of Their Own (1992), Sharon Stone's role in Basic Instinct (1992), Meg Ryan's role in Sleeple ...
Women who gift their man a tie but don't do so the way Julia Roberts did to Richard Gere in Pretty Woman. . What the fuc…
Definitely got treated like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman today when I went to this fancy swimsuit boutique today.
On a scale of nun to *** you're hovering at Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.
It's like Pretty Woman with baseball. And Susan Sarandon isn't nearly as cute as like Julia Roberts.
Watching Love this film! Julia Roberts is stunning. I so wanted to be like her... Well, Maybe not her in Pretty Woman tho.
Jemima looks like a dirtier version of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman
"I love Julia Roberts." Pretty Woman will always be one of my favorites
I had that dream again where I was Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman and I stayed at the hotel and dildged with Richard Gere's fine combs.
I wish I had the relationship that Richard Gere and Julia Roberts portrayed in Pretty Woman. True love.
My mom just told me I look like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman...
The way Richard Greene looks at Julia Roberts in 'Pretty Woman', a man shall look at me like that one day IJN
Julia Roberts time: Pretty Woman, Runaway Bride,Notting Hill and Steel Magnolias...Good Sunday to all
Never had a bigger girl crush than Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.
Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman makes me want to cry with jealousy, flawless
Richard Gere & Julia Roberts look so good in Pretty Woman ☺
Sorry but if you don't make me feel as special as Richard Gere does to Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman then there's just no way
Never realised how much of a *** Richard Gere is to Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Ok that really is the last one lol
Gotta admit, Julia Roberts was absolutely smoking in Pretty Woman.
I want to be Julia Roberts :( Pretty Woman is my fave and Richard Gere is divine!
Weird how Richard Gere falls in love with Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Aside from the prostitute thing, she's also INCREDIBLY ANNOYING.
Currently watching Pretty Woman. I'm not sure what creeps me out more, the size or Julia Roberts' mouth or Richard Gere's sheer perviness
Pretty Woman.hmmm.and this was our idea of a fairytale comes true...admit it all wanted to be Julia Roberts...bizarre when you think about it!!
Updated: Trying to think of movie actors from any genre who have reunited in a film years after first making their mark together, like Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson coming back in The Internship after doing Wedding Crashers, or Pretty Woman's Richard Gere & Julia Roberts doing Runaway Bride. (Thanks, Farzana Jamal.) Thoughts?
Interview Emma Watson for W Magazine : What is the first movie you remember seeing? Pretty Woman. I was 7, which was way, way too young. That was when I started loving Julia Roberts and American movies. As a child, I loved being onstage. I loved singing, I loved the lights, I loved the adrenaline. I even loved learning lines. I was completely obsessive. A friend of my mother’s found a tape of me auditioning for Hermione. I wanted to get really, really good at my lines. There was reel after reel, take after take, of me doing the same thing over and over again. How old were you? Nine. I was crazy. I did eight auditions, and I would literally sit by the telephone in my house and wait for each call. When they had me in for the ninth audition, I was like, Wow, nine! They called me into the producer David Heyman’s office, and he said I was the “preferred” candidate for the role. Before I could obsess over what “preferred” meant, they took a photograph of Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and me, and i ...
Good Morning, peeps! Happy Monday! The weather seems to be improving, but rain still threatens. Feline companions seem to have divided the apartment into the spheres of influence, although Sniff, in a true democrat fashion, continue to break the convention. Alton Brown was talking about meringue, and Ina was cooking something delish with cream on one side and flavored butter on the other - yum!!! Emma Watson claims that she does not care about sex appeal - what about W cover and that over cover "channeling" Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman? Trending at "Stewart Pattinson split" - poor twyhearts, the seesaw you are subjected to! Trending at "Bieber Gomez" - these ones seem to be attached for now; they were even sitting together at Billboard Awards with Taylor Swift towering over them (in more ways than one) - so, I guess what happened in Vegas did not stay in Vegas, and Jelena is back on for now. Selena also "dared in diagonally slit dress" at that star-studded gala - this is what's passing for empowered wo . ...
Julia Roberts' eyebrows are like crazy thick in Pretty Woman.. Crazy thick.
Who do you think was more affected by La Boheme, Cher in Moonstruck or Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman?
Laney Boggs: I feel just like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. You know, except for the whole ...
I can work the Julia Roberts circa pretty woman look 👙👠
Y'all dingbats wanna be Julia Roberts from pretty woman so bad not kissing during sex like a prostitute
My first reaction when Julia Roberts & Richard Gere kiss in Pretty Woman is, "I wonder what kind of diseases she has.." My second is "aww."
My friends have Pretty Woman on, and I can't help but think Julia Roberts looks like Lana Del Rey.
Laying in bed watching Pretty Woman. I love this movie. Julia Roberts is one of my favorite actresses. & Richard Gere is pretty hot in this.
In love with Julia Roberts movies. Pretty Woman. Run away bride. Steel Magnolias. Step mom. Something to talk about. Etc etc.
The phrase "Color me happy", from Julia Roberts character in Pretty Woman just makes me laugh. :)
Feeling like Julia Roberts in that Pretty Woman scene where she's ignored at the boutique. Kothay logh. Unimpressed.
Emma Watson is on the cover of GQ wearing the same outfit that Julia Roberts wore as a prostitute in Pretty Woman.
Watching Pretty Woman in bed. Brilliant film! Julia Roberts is just stunning! Julia Roberts in the 2nd half of Pretty Woman.
I wanna get a tight, long, red dress like Julia Roberts' in Pretty Woman 😍
Can I look like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, please?
"I feel like Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman. Without the whole hooker thing."
Did anyone else know that Julia Roberts was 19 in Pretty Woman?!
PMS + La Traviata's tragic love story = me having a total Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman moment, ugly crying & almost peeing my pants.
U know, Julia Roberts starred in Pretty Woman blockbuster movie w/ Richard Gere.
[Ella says they can only be strippers if they're like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman and stop doing it after a while XD]
Im in a Von Maur with old women and piano music.feeling like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman right about now
So... I want to do a street hooker shoot.. something like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman...
it's a Julia Roberts night for me apparently. Steel Magnolias and Pretty Woman :)
I added a video to a playlist Pretty Woman - American Romantic Movie Julia Roberts Richard Gere with
Julia Roberts in 'Pretty Woman' is so asdfghjkl.
“Jackie doesn't even kiss her.” I just don't kiss her on the lips. I'm like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.
Throwback Thursdays: got to love Julia Roberts' portrayal of a naive and utterly romantic woman in Pretty Woman.
*** don't kiss on the mouth." - my sister thought Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, I thought Jayne in Firefly. Fundamental differences.
in the words of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, your Liverpool show was so good I almost peed my pants xxx
I went to Harvey Norman with $600 cash in my wallet to buy a washing machine. After 15 minutes of waiting while the shop keeps kept serving couples and families that came into the store after me, I left. Now I know how Julia Roberts felt in Pretty Woman when the ladies in the designer clothing store wouldn't help her because she was a prostitute.
Pretty Woman is my favourite ever film. I wish I could be Richard Gere and make love to Julia Roberts over and over again.
All the girls dressed like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman tonight. Before she met Richard Gere tho.
GREATNESS OF JULIA ROBERTS: Born on October 28, 1967, in Smyrna, Georgia, Julia Roberts made her debut on the television series "Crime Story." She starred in "Steel Magnolias" in 1988 and earned an Academy Award nomination. Her most iconic role was in "Pretty Woman" with actor Richard Gere. Roberts won an Oscar for "Erin Brockovich." She has been one of the highest paid actors and biggest box office earners in Hollywood.
If you watch Pretty Woman backwards, Richard Gere robs Julia Roberts of everything so she becomes a prostitute.
BOAZ AND RUTH Before Romeo and Juliet, Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts and Richard Gere or Bella and Edward; Existed Ruth and Boaz, around 1000 B.C. The Book of Ruth, located in the Holy Bible and tells the story of a young woman name Ruth, a Moabite and foreigner to Israel, Ruth has recently been widowed and has chosen to follow her mother-in-law, Naomi, to her native country, leaving everything familiar behind. Ruth and Naomi have become destitute, having no men to care for them, forcing Ruth to pick or ‘glean’ for left over barley, which was commanded as a charity for the nations poor. Ruth picks barley in the field of Naomi’s relative, Boaz. Boaz notices Ruth and has compassion on her. He inquires and learns she is a foreigner and a widow, living with his relative Naomi. He also notices her hard work and tells his workers to let her ‘glean’ barley with his servants, protecting her from potential outside dangers. Boaz admires Ruth’s commitment to Naomi and her trust in the God of Israel. He sup ...
So I have a theory about chick flicks, and Nicholas Sparks novels, and it goes like this. The only reason that women find them romantic is because the lead characters are attractive people. For example: Pretty Woman-handsome Richard Gere Picks up Julia Roberts, it's a fairy tale and all romantic. But replace Richard Gere with Will Ferrell, and it becomes creepy guy picking up a prostitute! Now the next time you see an ad for the new romantic comedy, picture an unattractive person running through the airport after the girl, and it loses all romance and becomes a creepy stalker movie!!
I wish I was Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman because Richard Gere and Rodeo Drive shopping.
for real!! I've been making that joke ever since I saw Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman
I Just finished the movie 'Pretty Woman' with Julia Roberts and Richard Gear. This movie always makes me feel good!! I always come away with something new every time I watch it. Please share your favorites for movies!
is this the Candy Heart that Richard Gere left for Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman?!
TOI rated `Top romantic movies of Hollywood' out of these, I have watched `Pretty Woman' by Julia Roberts and Richard Gere; Titanic Took a note to watch this: Love Actually This movie captures 10 different love stories with a big cast. Spanning all classes and ages, this movie shows that love cannot be bound by anything. Falling in and out of love, these characters play their parts perfectly. The different love stories made this movie a hit as they were easily relatable to the audience and all actors played their parts with supreme ease. As the story progresses, the characters and stories get interlinked. Happy Valentine’s Day.
Biography About Julia Roberts One of the few bankable female stars of the 1990s, actress Julia Roberts remained an iconic figure whose assured, winsome performances underscored her undeniable public appeal. Following a breakthrough role in "Mystic Pizza" (1988), Roberts earned critical acclaim and award recognition for her portrayal of the ill-fated Shelby in "Steel Magnolias" (1989). But it was her performance as a hooker with a heart of gold opposite Richard Gere in "Pretty Woman" (1990) that propelled Roberts into the upper tier of Hollywood actresses. Roberts quickly became one of the highest paid stars - male or female - in the world, eventually raking in $25 million for a film. Equally in the limelight for a torrent of high-profile and often rocky romances, Roberts managed to maintain an output of projects that consistently topped the box office. While sometimes accused of lacking the chops to be a serious actress, she erased all doubts with her Oscar-winning performance in "Erin Brockovich" (2001), ...
When Richard Gere looks at Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman my heart just melts.
My curl job from this morning has gone from Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman to David Coverdale in Whitesnake in record time today. :|
Had some retail therapy moments today,felt like Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman",ok Edinburgh Kinnaird Park, isn't LA but hey,I have a good imagination.
Hit LIKE if you have watched the movie "Pretty Woman" with Richard Gere, Julia Roberts.. (stupid question but I need this answer for a discussion coming up.. )
Pretty Woman is the worst movie. Can u even picture Richard Gere and Julia Roberts haggling over bareback?
Just watched Pretty Woman again and couldn't stop thinking about Young Julia Roberts. Called it here first.
My wife beater is so long it looks like a sluty dress. Add hooker boots & I'll be Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.
You cant make turn a *** into a wife, this isnt Pretty Woman and she aint no Julia Roberts
If you watch Pretty Woman backwards It's about Richard Gere turning Julia Roberts into a prostitute.
Which Classic Beauty Icon Are You? You're Julia Roberts 1990s down-to-earth, classic all-American sweetheart Physically stunning, you’re a radiant natural beauty whose features — be it your dreamy eyes, megawatt smile, or statuesque long legs — make you stand out from the crowd. Forever our pop culture’s “Pretty Woman,” Julia Roberts always makes a splash on the red carpet, but she may be even more beautiful when she’s sporting casual jeans and a tee — and the same goes for you. People are attracted to your simple elegance, good-natured humor, and down-to-earth charm. Your modern-day kindred spirits include Amy Adams, Freida Pinto, Rosario Dawson, Sandra Bullock, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Alexis Bledel.
Pretty Woman at 1 am because Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. Ily
So after last nigh's episode of Bachelor, I realize that one of my picks, Tierra, is a little crazy! However, she made a MAJOR impression on Sean as soon as she stepped out if the limo on the 1st night and he DID get a rose last night!! I am really starting to like Sarah, her story warms my heart and so does AshLee's. As for Lindsey who went on the "Pretty Woman" date with Sean, you for sure are NOT Julia Roberts, cause Richard Gere NEVER let Julia go!!! Looks like LOTS of drama next week and we get 2 nights of it.YEAH!!!
Private shopping spree on Rodeo Dr like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman! Oh yea, and there is an absurd diamond necklace! Only on
We had rain, snow, sleet and hail all in one day.but stayed in and we never lost power and this morning I let Toby out and it had warmed up so much everything had all they say the begining of the week we will be near 60 again. Go figure why my sinuses are going crazy...but glad with the ice we didn't loose power. Just last night I started watching the movie Runaway Bride, got sleepy, shut off TV and when I woke up...turned on TV and SAME movie on..just about where I left off so finally seen that movie...a sort of a let down for a movie to put Richard Gere and Julia Roberts together again. I would have expected something better, oh it was an OK movie but would rather watch reruns of Pretty Woman. I am still VERY sore and bruised from the falls I took the other day. But moving about...all this melting and if it gets real cold at night will be bad news...have a safe and fun week end all..
Pretty Woman,Julia Roberts and Richard Gere,my old time favourite,,what's yours?
I feel completely worthless and lazy this AM. I haven't moved out of bed and so I decided to Netflix this Snow White movie starring Julia Roberts. It's awful. Her manager should be shot. Pretty Woman - epic! Erin Brockovich - Oscar win! Mona Lisa Smile - so great! Mirror Mirror - bullet to the head horrible! I need a drink.
Why can't I guy meet a nice *** and fall in love like Richard Gere with Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman and Denzel Washington witb Milla Jovovich in He Got Game.
A toddler is dressed as Julia Roberts from "Pretty Woman". SHE PLAYS A F***ING PROSTITUTE, YA *** MOTHER!!!
Pretty Woman the movie with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere has got to be the best movie of AL TIME!
You know that part in the movie Pretty Woman where Richard Gere says to Julia Roberts, "You know, I have never treated you like a prostitute." And when he walks away, Julia Roberts says, "You just did." My last status update was a bit like that. Sorry.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I always thought that scene in Pretty Woman, where he snaps the jewellery box and Julia Roberts laughs like a horse, was a bit lame. I thought there was no way it would work in real life and even if it did no one would think it was adorable. I just saw a homeless guy pull the same trick on another homeless guy using a pizza box. I would like to formally apologise to Richard Gere.
Anyone else know Molly Ringwald was supposed to be Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman?! Glad she passed that up... she regrets it though
You Go Big Daddy...Reminds me of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman...When the women at the store refuse to sell her a dress n then Richard Gere took her
I promise to not look like a drunk Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman or let any surrounding panic/tension make me an mf'ing rude drunk 👍
I asked my mother to help me pick out what to wear tonight. Jill Fudge "Do you want to look sexy *** ie, sexy classy, or sexy sophisticated?" Me "I think I want to look sexy sexy classy" Mom "Oh NO!!! You can't do that because two sexys make a *** ie and the only one that can pull off *** y classy is Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman" Welcome to my life! Chelsea Sappenfield
If I try to do 'New York' I end up sounding like that hooker from Pretty Woman. Not Julia Roberts. The dirty one.
Julia Roberts portrays her life story - Pretty Woman
"Pretty Woman? It's about a prostitute, Richard Gere, who goes out with a pretty woman, Julia Roberts."
.George tries to rape Richard Gere's gf (Julia Roberts) and... Oh wait, that's from Pretty Woman
Sherri took me To Beverly Hills for shopping. I feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.
Does everyone remember how the sales people treated Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman? Well the sales people at Alyson Jon treated me that way today. They don't know how big a sale they missed out on!! Big Mistake!! BIG BIG Big Mistake!! :)))
Is it weird that I want the life of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman? 👩👗💄💎
To all you who "tan", I don't and neither did Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman" and she looks amazing! Yeah!
the scene of pretty woman when Julia Roberts walks out in the red dress >>
If I become a hooker will my life turn out how Julia Roberts did on pretty woman?
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laying in bed watching pretty woman... i love Julia Roberts
The red dress Julia Roberts wears in Pretty Woman when they go on their date >>>>
I stand correct! "Pretty Woman", is and always will be one of the best movies ever! Julia Roberts still ranks on my list of actresses :-)
I know u *** wish you could end up like Julia Roberts on pretty woman
Watching "Pretty Woman".absolutely love this movie :). Julia Roberts and Richard Gere are great in this movie! I love this weather. Perfect for staying home watching movies and drinking hot cocoa but going to the casino would not be so bad either.hehehehe.
My favorite part of Pretty Woman is about to come on: the scene where Julia Roberts is sitting in the chair waiting on Richard Gere with nothing on but a tie baby!! Oh yeah!
If someone told me I'd turn out like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman I'd move to LA and be a prostitute in a heartbeat
Roy Orbison's all time classic song "Oh, Pretty Woman", from the movie PRETTY WOMAN ( 1990 ) with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. Enjoy it ! ... and of cours...
It's actually really pretty. I feel like Julia Roberts in pretty woman.
Pretty Woman is such a great movie! Richard Gere was sexayyy and Julia Roberts was stunning!!
When I saw the first draft for "Pretty Woman" I thought it was disgusting. I said that in order for the movie to be a success, Julia Roberts' character had to be the prettiest, loveliest prostitute in history. I think I was right. Go see "Pretty Woman." First it was "Happy Days," then it was "Love American Style," and now it's this. Through it all I believe that Gary Marshall is a great director, and I think this movie has served as a milestone in my relationship with him. Part 4: (2:00 - 3:00)
Julia Roberts on the Lancome advert is even younger than she was on Pretty Woman.
You know that bit in Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts asks Richard Gere why he doesn't sleep nights?
Julia Roberts is just sensational in Pretty Woman.
For many of us, our only experience with “flip glasses” was that scene in Pretty Woman in which Julia Roberts (as Vivian the prostitute) goes to the opera, ineffectually swings her limp...
I love Julia Roberts' reaction when she eats the mint leaf at dinner in Pretty Woman.
Definition of irony.My Father making fun of me for watching the Oscar winning Walt Disney classic, "Mary Poppins", when on the prior evening, instead of watching "The Godfather", he watched "Pretty Woman", which, in turn raises the question for the day.What is more realistic.. *** van *** dancing with cartoon penguins or Richard Gere playing a millionaire who falls in love with a L.A. hooker played by Julia Roberts? You decide.
Julia Roberts coloring in the scuff mark on her boot with black Sharpie in the opening credits of Pretty Woman; I feel you.
In Entertainment today, Emma Roberts - neice of Julia Roberts - is thinking about playing her Aunt's character - Vivian - in a remake of Pretty Woman. Would you like to see it or should they leave well enough alone?
So jealous of Julia Roberts body in Pretty Woman
Sean Connery would have made £283million if he had played Gandalf. Martin Chilton looks at some other greats parts, including 007, Indiana Jones and Pretty Woman, turned down by stars.
I just want to be Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman... Only I don't wanna be a prozzie...
"U are nothing but Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman dipped in chocolate." my friend to me just now
If I don't look like Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman" when I'm older, my life would not be worth living. Soo pwetttyy :')
You know that part on Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts is shopping and they won't help her and tell her things are to expensive! That's how I've felt the last hour trying to buy a dresser! I need a dresser and I have money to spend!
Pretty Woman was based on a script written by J.F. Lawton called 3000 (the amount of money paid for a week’s worth of the hooker’s “company”). In the original story, Julia Roberts’ character was not only a prostitute, she was also a crack addict. When Disney bought the script, they hired new writers to lighten it up a bit, and they decided that 3000 sounded too science fiction-y, so a new title was chosen – one that luckily allowed the producers to use Roy Orbison’s signature tune to accompany the obligatory Julia Roberts-trying-on-clothes montage.
Just saw a young woman who literally had the wig on that Julia Roberts wore in Pretty Woman when she was the hooker...
Wow..silly me, chose to stay home instead of movie night with the girls..guess what I was doing instead?? Yep cleaning toilets! As Julia Roberts said in Pretty Woman:) Big Mistake!!
Delena and sugardaddy "d" is like Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman"
Have just reenacted the shopping scene from Pretty Woman, if Julia Roberts was on a budget & Rodeo Drive only had H&M & Primark.
A night in with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. I love Pretty Woman.
Who doesn't remember the movie which is my favorite "Pretty Woman"? Richard Gere's role was Mitt Romney in real life buying businesses that are facing hard times take them over and destroyed them leaving thousands/millions without jobs. Difference is Julia Roberts character changed him to care about people. Remember her line in the movie his business was like stealing cars and selling them for the parts.
Did u know?on Pretty Woman poster,Julia Roberts was too short to stand next to Richard Gere.So,Stacey Michelle'body used to replace Roberts'
Last night in chat someone mentioned waking up with a hooker and it was commented on that hookers don't traditionally spend the night so waking up with one would be rare.except in the case of "Pretty in Pink". brain wobbled, tried to see Molly Ringwald as a hooker and couldn't manage it...but because of the gaff I could NOT remember the name of the movie to save my life! I KNEW it started with a P...could 'see' Julia Roberts and Richard Gere...but my mind couldn't get past the gaf! (when one gets to be my age one seriously starts questioning the efficiency of one's gray matter) I went to sleep telling myself to relax, I was making it worse trying too hard. Yep! FIRST thing this morning "Pretty Woman" popped into my head. Sheesh!
Good Morning everyone. That surely is a nippy one out there today. There has been nothing new (or interesting) around here. Same old, same old. Just wanted to wish my one and only best son-in-law Brian Mehaffey, a Very Happy Birthday today and hope that he is having good luck on his hunt. I had a very good day at the church yesterday. 2 bags full. INTERESTING FACTS: OPERA NOTES: `Here Comes the Bride,`from Richard Wagner`s 1850 opera Lohengrin, was first used as a wedding march during the Civil War. The female lead in an opera is the prima donna. The male lead is a primo uomo. in 1955, Marian Anderson became the first African Americn to perform at the Metropolitan Opera in New York. The record number of curtain calls after an opera performance, was Luciano Pavarotti with 165. In `Pretty Woman`(1990), the opera Richard Gere takes Julia Roberts to is La Traviata...which is about a prostitute who falls for a wealthy man. That should keep you singing all day. It is supposed to warm up today. H ...
Julia Roberts movie marathon- but Pretty Woman, Notting Hill and Erin Brockovich are done and don't rate the others. No disrespect JRob ✌
Is anyone else sick of these political calls hounding you for your vote or polling what your vote is going to be? enough is enough if you dont know who you are going to vote for and what does it matter to anyone what the outcome is until the last vote is counted for anyway! In the words of Julia Roberts "Stop calling me"!!! I love the movie "Pretty Woman".
Oh what a beautiful day . My children are ecstatic !! saw John Cleese at the Hotel (Faulty Towers) - Saw homes of (huge walls around, with huge gates) what a thrill . Madonna, The Beckhams, Elvis's last home, (Julia Roberts' Hotel Pretty Woman - where Richard Gere arrived in Limo and dropped down ladder) Christina Agulera, Carol Burnette, Billy-Bob Thornton, Khanya - amongst another 30 stars.Tomorrow having lunch at the Beverley Hills Hotel (Polo House) George Clooney was there last Sunday.hope he's there again.They are staying 3 blocks from Rodeo Drive.So much excitement, just loving every moment - L.A. never sleeps and says it's very very loud, speakers on the streets - can hardly hear them at times...Getting back to reality. taking Micayla to Homeleigh farm for lunch !
Obviously Julia Roberts never researched her role in Pretty Woman. Ive NEVER met a hooker that friendly
I just spent five years at the opera. And that was Act One. Daniel and I left at intermission; by the time the show let out we figured we'd be retired. Luckily, at the Elgin, if you slide your legs under the row ahead, your head is at back of your seat. It's easier to sleep than on an airplane. (We go once a decade hoping that maybe we've missed something... after all, Julia Roberts loved the opera in Pretty Woman. But we always end up n...u...m...b.m.
Intellect-wise, I'm the scene in Pretty Woman where George Costanza slides his hand up Julia Roberts' leg.
Make her feel like Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman." You've got a great "opera-tunity" next weekend!
I have to say of all celebrity costumes, Emma Roberts dressed as Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman had to have been the best!! Lol
Good Morning Last night I took out our little champion out trick or treating "Rey Mysterio" she had fun but was getting cranky in the end and then Virginia and I dressed up for the dance as Pretty Woman and her John (Julia Roberts and Richard Gere) Movie...We had a fun even though we didn't win we had fun together. Remember to love and live life to the fullest cause you never know what news you will wake up to and remember that he does hear our tears and prays even if we are "bad people" no matter what love what you have and who you have in your life
"he treated me like Julia Roberts in 'Pretty Woman' ...not like Richard Gere · Jason Alexander!!!"
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Rodeo Drive..I feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman 😍 lol.
I had 6 kids tonight. I think out of all the costumes, the 12 year old girl who was dressed like the female character in Pretty Woman (Julia Roberts). When I asked her who was she dressed as, she responded 'I don't know...' REALLY??? I really didn't mention it when it happened...I think it didn't hit me until now. Some people's children.
I am supposed to be a 80's girl but turned being a cross between Madonna and Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman tonight! Either way I look like a 2 cent *** .lol now all I gotta do is keep struttin' my stuff, maybe I will run into Richard Gere! Lol
Off to London tomorrow night for a long weekend & Dan has just told me he's in the mood for spending money!! As Julia Roberts said in Pretty Woman "Big Mistake - HUGE!!"
Movie Quote: "I feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, only with out the prostitute part" Who said this or what movie???
So if you wanna get technical, Julia Roberts character from Pretty Woman is a Disney Princess.
Posted on Julia Roberts and Richard Gere's FB Fanpage, for the past two month s and STILL, getting a lot of LIKES and feedback, maybe this might gain interested? TDS Studios Concept design, another vision of mine, as I am sure many have had, 25 years ago launched an underdog romance movie, "Pretty Woman", yet many rumors came about over the years for a sequel, my vision here, where the roles are reversed. Many discussions of a screenplay but nothing came to fruition, perhaps this may give Touchtone a vision UNCOMMON LOVE, Story of Edward and Vivian.
Little piece of useless info...did u know Julia Roberts was 21 when she starred in Pretty Woman
A belated Happy Birthday to my "Pretty Woman" girl Julia Roberts who made 45 yesterday. Hope you had a great day with your beautiful family!
We'll never forget going to the local movie theater in 1990 to see Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman." We've seen the film countless times since then, and we still laugh at all the same parts.
Happy Birthday Julia, you are "ALL, THAT" "Pretty Woman", & all that, believe in you, will "Eat Pray, Love" for keepz, as the unhappy, weep seeing that, "America's Sweethearts" are, "ALL, THAT" reflects in, "Mirror Mirror" on, your Happy Birthday, Julia Fiona Roberts ! ;)
Emma Roberts' costume is Julia Roberts' in Pretty Woman. How adorb.
So, fans of Pretty Woman: It just dawned on me that Romney and Richard Gere basically have the same job. Quick! Someone find a Julia Roberts to send to him!
On Friday night, Emma Roberts evoked fond memories of her adorable aunt, Julia Roberts in the 1990 movie, Pretty Woman when she slipped into the same tiny blue and white attire and black patent ove...
Like aunt, like niece! Emma Roberts paid auntie Julia Roberts a lil' Halloween homage Friday night when she dressed up as the classic Pretty Woman. She and her American Horror Story boyfriend, Eva...
Julia Roberts, eat your heart out! Emma dressed up as Pretty Woman for Halloween!
watching Pretty Woman leading with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere!
Emma Roberts dressed up as Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman, absolute genius!!!
Emma Roberts wears THAT racy Pretty Woman they always do the slutty roles. Why not Laura in Sleeping w/t Enemy?
Julia Fiona Roberts is an American actress. She became a Hollywood star after headlining the romantic comedy Pretty Woman (1990), which grossed $464 million worldwide. After receiving Golden Globe Awards and Academy Award nominations for Steel Magnolias (1989) and Pretty Woman, she won the Academy A...
I wish Pretty Woman ended with Julia Roberts saying, "She rescues him right back" & rescuing that gerbil stuck up Richard Gere's ***
But really, Richard Gere and Julia Roberts are the most precious couple in Pretty Woman.
You know that Red Dress Julia Roberts was wearing on a movie Pretty Woman? Yeah I saw a Red Dress today,lol
Okay i need help, bit like Pretty Woman style help but im not Julia Roberts lol. I have to get a dress STAT i have a wedding coming up with Lukie's WHOLE family & he wants to take me to Mac Square (where i NEVER go coz i hate the joint) & buy me a dress. Now my problem 1. I have no idea which shop to look in & 2. I have to get something that i can pull off with little heels (the other thing i have to find) as Luke is shorter than me. To anyone that doesnt know me really well - i am NOT exactly a girly girl so this puts me in unknown territory & i really dont know where to start.
Remember the movie: Pretty Woman. Edward, the rich man with whom the Julia Roberts character falls in love with, has a change of heart about buying a company and then selling off pieces of it..Instead he will help its elderly owner to save it from bankruptcy,thereby keeping the employees' job. "You did a good thing, Edward" says the Julia Roberts character. That was a nice fairy tale. Now the reality. Romney is a not a successful businessan who will save this countrry with his business acumen. Romney made his fortune by speculating the way the Edward character did. Not quite the same than running a country.
Is it cheesy to LOVE readers Digest? have my standards careened off the charts? i am just getting so much from it. Some cool nuggets: old people smell? IS real! So is young people smell. Apparently people in middle age have by far the most pleasing aroma. Nora Ephron quote: That's the truest sign of insanity: Insane people are always sure they are just fine. It's the only the sane people who are willing to admit they are crazy". Nora Ephron: i miss her. Or stories like during the Miss USA pageant, Miss Ohio was asked whether movies and TV depict women in an accurate and positive light. her response: Yes! the film she used to bolster her argument: Pretty Woman starring Julia Roberts. She came in 2nd. OK we are bracing for a tropical storm here. The clouds here are wild! they move up and down in cylinders and are so fast ! Cool stuff. OK, peace Fbland and don't forget your reade3rs Digest lest it go the way of Newsweek...Ouch!
These Hello Kitty cat shoes are worthy of Julia Roberts' character in Pretty Woman. meOW!
"Miss Ohio Audrey Bolte on Sunday cited Julia Roberts' prostitute character in the film Pretty Woman as a role where women were portrayed in an "accurate and positive way." "Do you think women are depicted in movies and on television in an accurate
as long as no one mistakes you for Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman", you may wear them.
As I look back on what I'm working on & all accomplished since I got laid off, I realize I really was not being used to my fullest potential under the micro management approach that was going on in my company & If I could come up with ideas I never got credit for due to others either not using them or blatantly stating they were her original ideas & not executing them properly, at this moment I need to quote Julia Roberts in my favorite movie Pretty Woman, "Huge Mistake, Large, Your Loss". (LOL) (Ha Ha Ha)
I would remake the movie Pretty Woman by adding you in it instead of Julia Roberts.
Julia Roberts was just here at the store and I got to talk to her and get her autograph. She is a very "Pretty Woman"
Think about the movie "Pretty Woman". What did Julia Roberts convince Richard Gere to do? Richard Gere changed. Mitt is a blood-thirsty shark.
Here's a pop culture reference that I haven't seen exploited in this election...Romney is just like Richard Gere's character in Pretty Woman, BEFORE Julia Roberts makes him cool.
First time working experience in japan, its look like a dream. Like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman movie, I am assist Lady from Indonesia who spent over than 10.000.000 yen for 3 days shopping @ Ginza, Marunouchi and Roponggi. Its tired, but its absolutely fun fully entertaining.
Hey Republicans watch Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, maybe you can figure out what Romney does in more simple terms you might understand.
Oh so thankful for... my amazing team. These girls truly rock and help make Anzula great. Sylvia, Charlie, Kim, Megan, and Ashley thank you for all you do! my dear friends getting to see my family this weekend. bbq our yarn shops the ability to dream. I can come up with some pretty kooky plans, and my team almost always just rolls with it. The best is when something seems totally outlandish and we make it happen What's your dream? (yes, that totally makes me think of Pretty Woman. I love Julia Roberts!)
Pretty Woman= Classic! Gah kinikilig pa din ako kay Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. And I so love Vivian's fashion, the cleaned one :p
I love how the "binders full of women" statement has become a thing! All I can picture is that scene from "Pretty Woman" where Julia Roberts uses the pick up line, "Hey, baby. You lookin for a date?" on Richard Gere. ONLY, it's Mittens driving the lotus instead!!! I imagine him pulling out his binder as reference tool before letting her in the car;)
now its time for Julia Roberts n Richard Gere in sum Pretty Woman love these old movies hopefully i can go to sleep *** why am i up still??.? mind jus wonderin i dnt like that?
Julia Roberts is so overrated. I don't understand why she is top of so many IMDb lists? Pretty Woman? Pretty ***
In pretty woman, Julia Roberts was a 1 in a Million Hooker.
I felt like Julia Roberts on Rodeo Drive in Pretty Woman, except I was dressed as an exhausted working mom as opposed to a prostitute.
Lewis and I, working it like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. NY - 2001...
If you love someone, you say it, right then, out loud. Otherwise, the moment just passes you by ~ Julia Roberts
Sitting in the Opera House where Richard G. took Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. I think I'm going to cry.. Just kidding :) watching ( listening to) Moby ***
Stating the obvious: Julia Roberts was gorgeous in Pretty Woman.
2012 Trivia In the movie "Pretty Woman" who played the part of the hotel manager who coaches Julia Roberts
Ok so the hubby walks in the room last night and hands me some money, i ask him "what is this for "and he replies, "just had some extra cash so Giving some to you" ah... Felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman! Lol, wait, i don't mean the Hooker part!! Shopping here i come, not Rodeo Drive but thats totally ok!!
I never get to be fancy. No one I know ever gets married, blue collar job, can't afford five star restaurants. Just one night... I need to feel beautiful like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Just one day to be as fancy as Mr. Peanut.
A friend gave me a red hooker looking purse that would have been fit for Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. ALL THE YES!
After 13 weeks wait im getting into a hot bubble bath.feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman( as in feeling like its a luxury, not as in im a prostitute..)
Julia Roberts looks a far cry from her Pretty Woman days as she dons... Doo
Oh Marian you must do a Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman and return with your purchases from antoher store. "Big Mistake. HUGE".
Gonna make the girls watch the ORIGINAL Steel Magnolias. No one can match the original Ouiser played by Shirley Mac Laine or Dolly's Truvy. What are they going to remake next? Mystic Pizza.Pretty Woman? (Rant from a Julia Roberts Fan)
Didn't see anyone famous yesterday in Hollywood, but took a bus tour and saw some stars homes. Went into Beverly Hills, down all the main strips, saw where Richard Gere and Julia Roberts filmed Pretty Woman and the apartment at the end of the movie where he tells her he loves her. What an awesome time!!
Pulling out clothes to pack for my trip to LA with my best friend, Susan Gooden, to attend Dancing with Stars on Monday. Now that's a girls trip! Rodeo Drive here we come. They better not treat us like they did Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Surely we can do some damage in 3 days!
Tanya and I were talking about Julia Roberts movies the other night.We were watching My Best Friends Wedding.We were talking about the top 5 Julia Roberts movies.1.Erin Brockovich 2.Pretty Woman 3.My Best Friend's Wedding 4.Runaway Bride Not sure what the 5th one should be.Anyone have any suggestions?
Pretty Woman is on ABCFamily. Family. Family? The description starts, "Julia Roberts plays a Hollywood hooker..." family? How strange. I mean, I'm watching it, but still. Also there's a new Steel Magnolias on Lifetime this weekend starring Phylicia Rashad & Queen Latifah.
Feeling like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman right now!! This place is AMAZING!!
Pretty woman! Love this movie and I ADORE Julia Roberts(*-*)
I did a "Julia Roberts-Pretty Woman-scene" at MYERS the other day, the salesperson didnt wait on me probably thinks I'm not gonna buy, i was there didnt even bother to say "hi" or smile but when a friendlier salesperson talked to me, i decided to buy something, the biggest perfume bottle just to spite the other girl..and I almost said.."you work on commission right? Big Mistake! HUGE!...but I gave her the look definitely!!!
So here's what I am looking for. Please comment w the name of a movie and possibly the scene that that relates most to "perception of a person or group of people etc was incorrect was who they were was truly uncovered". Ex: "RUDY"...looks like a small guy but misjudged by many thinking he couldn't do it...or Pretty Woman and the scene where Julia Roberts goes back to the store w ALL her bags. Ok...let's see what you got! Thanks for your help.
Let's see now...what are M'ville's & the surrounding areas claims to fame? Julia Robert's character in Pretty Woman left M'ville to become a hooker in LA. Honey Boober is a reflection of Wilkinson County literati or iliterati. Could someone contact the spirit of Flannery O'Connor soon & get some positive cultural views out there? Oops, forgot about the Misfit & Hazel Doakes.
For my Vegas friends. if you haven't sen Wicked - GO SEE IT!!! David got us the best seats in the house - I felt like Julia Roberts in pretty woman.except without the diamond and ruby necklace and the big teeth. But definitely with the handsome man on my side!!
Ok, Kitty Kat Halloween party at my house on Halloween. Bring your cat to play! There will be tuna and catnip. Prize for best kitty kostume. Yes, really. PS, Count Peppula is going as the red teletubby (the wussy one because he is a wuss) and Taco is going as Julia Roberts in Pretty no duplicates!
Pretty Pageant Girl Paisly has turned into the PRETTY woman "Julia Roberts" postitute
I just had a Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman" moment. Got caught singing really loud at @ The Old Ladies Pad
Watching, 'Pretty Woman' !! I dont exactly rememba hw many times I'd watched dis movie.. Julia Roberts, at her best.. Lovely movie.. :)
Before she became a major star with "Pretty Woman" (1990) Julia Roberts made her first ever appearance on Late Night with Dave on November 3, 1989 to promote...
Would you believe that I'm still up? Just watched Pretty Woman.. what a classic. Gotta love Julia Roberts and well that handsome Debonaire Richard Gere.
Julia Roberts is so beautiful this isn't even fair why am I watching pretty woman
Done watching Pretty Woman:) nice movie. Richard Gere & Julia Roberts. Yeah, karun pa jud ko kita ani nga movie. :')) Gudmornite people.
To the 48% or so of you people who still poll that you believe Romney would handle the economy better than Obama - are you sure you have thought things through all they way? I mean, what we know of his business experience at Bain is that he often took control of companies, siphoned off millions of their wealth for himself and his friends, closed plants, fired people, sent jobs offshore, and sold off or bankrupted what was left - and on his spare time taught big corporations how to use fraudulent deductions to avoid hundreds of millions in taxes. You know the Richard Gere character from "Pretty Woman" - that was his job (the destroying companies part, not the sleeping with Julia Roberts part). So how exactly does this look like valuable business experience to bring to our highest office? I know we all learn from our mistakes, but I am not sure Mitt looks at things that way. I am just not sure there is a universal formula for success here. Do you really want Mitt and his buds doing to the country what he an ...
I must be getting old. We saw a group of high schoolers out before their homecoming, and Julia Roberts character in Pretty Woman would have been embarrassed to wear the dresses we saw. Just saying.
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*Me putting on contacts and makeup in the office bathroom on Friday night.* Co-worker: Oooh, somebody has a hot date tonight with her boyfrand. Me: Actually we've broken up. So no bf. I actually want to channel Julia Roberts but I'm broke. Co-worker: What?! You want to be a hooker? Me: What??? No, I want to go on a soul-searching, self-discovery journey through 3 exotic countries like she does in Eat, Pray, Love. Co-worker: Oh, when I think of Julia Roberts, I think of her as the hooker in Pretty Woman. Me: No...and I don't think becoming a hooker would help my situation. Co-worker: Hey, you never know.
Julia Roberts and Alan Boyce Auditioning 1987!! This was before Pretty Woman with Richard Gere. Check out another scene from her audition:
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