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Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman is a 1990 romantic comedy film set in Los Angeles, California.

Julia Roberts Garry Marshall Happy Days Richard Gere Beverly Wilshire Roy Orbison Erin Brockovich Julia Robert Notting Hill Princess Diaries Beverly Wilshire Hotel Top Gun Dirty Dancing Vivian Ward Osage County Runaway Bride

"They gave me a new suit and fixed me up. It was a bit like Pretty Woman.”
What comes to mind is that scene in "Pretty Woman" where Julia Roberts walks back into the stores where they...
Gere w/ Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, her w/ Bradley Cooper in Valentines Day, him w/ J-Law in…
Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman comes to mind looking at diz pic..
there's also super-fi however have you seen Pretty Woman when she first goes into that high brow store.😨
First pic is the hooker Julia Roberts (when she finessed Richard Gere) on Pretty Woman.this is iconic bruh lol
8 year old me: One day I wanna fall in love with a Prince Charming like Richard Gere in Pretty Woman! . Now: No kissing o…
Happy birthday Julia Roberts. Julia Robertson rose to fame as the star of Pretty Woman and won an Oscar for her...
If there's a feminist Weird Al somewhere they're working on "to the tune of "Pretty Woman" or "Witchy Woman" as we speak.
80s movie night in our house. Beverley Hills Cop 1+2 followed by Pretty Woman or Top Gun. Or both 👍🏼
I love diver down too..seem to remember a dwarf in the video for Pretty Woman...?
With names like Tupelo Honey, Dancing in the Moonlight, and Pretty Woman, how could you not get some of these NEW...
My friend made me watch Pretty Woman once and I burst out laughing when they went to the opera. Because it was La Traviata.
This is my favorite Halloween costume. Emma Roberts dressed as her aunt Julia in Pretty Woman
What is your favorite love story movie? — Pretty Woman (Julia Roberts + Richard Gere), One Fine Day (Michelle Pfei…
as I started the car Radio Merseyside were playing 'Pretty Woman'
I'm listening to Oh, Pretty Woman by on
I just used Shazam to discover Oh, Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison.
what about Kit, Julie Roberts characters' friend from Pretty Woman?
Between Erin Brockovich & Pretty Woman idk which Julia Roberts movie is my fav.
Julia Roberts, Pretty Woman, red dress for the opera.
Edward Lewis: It was a Vivian Ward: "It was good. Edward: "It felt good.". Pretty Woman, 1990, TV-14.
Immediately recognizable as Vivian Ward’s swanky upgrade in Pretty Woman, the is classic L.A.:
I strive to be Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, don't ask why
Just because she's pretty , doesn't automatically make her a good woman . 💯
Man: Hi, do you want to dance?. -. Woman: Yeah, sure!. -. Man: Great, go and dance, I want to talk to your pretty friend!
Words that can make a pretty, bright woman sparkle brighter. “Ivanka Trump glided onstage to the Beatles’ ‘Here...
my goal in life is to be Vivian from Pretty Woman
Being pretty doesn't keep a man. Being a good woman barely even keeps a man. The only thing that keeps a man is a man who wants to be kept.
I hate talking to strangers, but I just had a pretty great, philosophical conversation about life with a random woman in BAM.. I liked it🤔😂
A woman can wear pretty much anything to the grocery store as long as it looks like she just worked out.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
It's pretty clear people are evil when the woman who says she loves animals sells me a puppy who is missing a toe & has giardia, b4 goin MIA
Obama said "I didn't watch the RNC. I have stuff to do." Reminds me of Julia Roberts to snobs in Pretty Woman: "I have to go shopping now."
Is she walkin' back to me?. Yeah, she's walkin' back to me. Oh, oh, pretty woman
Some woman nah have fi pretty so omg
Pretty woman, won't you pardon me?. Pretty woman, I couldn't help but see. Pretty woman, that you look lovely as can be
And very good creativity, good work, good job, good luck! pretty woman...
Pretty woman, walkin' down the street. Pretty woman, the kind I'd like to meet
pretty sure I see your woman lol. But it'd be creepy to say something 😂
Deplore Pretty Woman, yet most cheering story I read today, b/c once stayed at Reg Bev Wil w DDs excited to be there
Keanu Reeves is a very pretty woman after 6 bourbons, though.
you'd be very wrong, it's a line from Pretty Woman
Foto Inspirasi Fashion : Portrait of young pretty woman
When a black man tells me, "I'm pretty for a dark skinned woman" what does that say really? That's where it starts for 'us'
in public you mean. Pretty dang sure there is not a man alive that hasnt insulted a woman at least once
Beverly Wilshire exec remembers Garry Marshall, who made the "Pretty Woman Hotel" famous
Portrait of young pretty woman by SLIVArt
This woman is so pretty ended up watching a indian movie only because of her.
that makes her a *** right? Like pretty woman, but trashier. Aw.
I'm pretty sure y'all know that I'm a HUGE Superman fan. Always have been (since I was a kid and bought every...
Don't underestimate a pretty woman coz they can drop bombs in the bathroom just as deadly as ***
Thembi Seete is such a pretty woman. What have they done to her?!
Pretty woman for that sugar daddy aesthetic
Hands and feet on a woman are so important. Stay pampered and pretty ladies!
Julia Roberts looks somber as she emerges for the first time since death of Pretty Woman director Garry Marshall -…
Both the woman &man at the nail salon told me I had perfect nails at various points of my pedicure so now Im pretty sure I can do anything 💫
I get the weirdest compliments. I never get called cute or sexy (for obvious reasons) but this woman just told me I have pretty legs 🤔
Pretty woman, walkin down the street
Stars pay tribute to late 'Princess Diaries,' 'Pretty Woman' director Garry Marshall: After all, she made her...
Will always be remembered 4 that '91 romantic comedy "Pretty Woman" that launched Julia Robert's career!
Stars pay tribute to Pretty Woman director Gary Marshall .
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Rip Gary Marshall, the man behind Pretty Woman and the Princess Diaries 😢👑💖
RIP Gary Marshall. You provided the laugh track of my life, from Happy Days to Work and Mindy to Pretty Woman and so much more. Thank you!
REST IN PEACE: Garry Marshall is best known for works like "Pretty Woman" and "Happy Days." .
Writer-director Garry Marshall, known for 'Happy Days,' 'Pretty Woman,' dies at age 81
how can we forget Pretty Woman and the legendary Happy Days serie. Made my childhood
Garry Marshall, 'Happy Days' creator and 'Pretty Woman' director dies at 81
Hollywood pays tribute to "Happy Days" and "Pretty Woman" creator Garry Marshall, dead at 81: via
The actor, director, writer and producer Garry Marshall, who created Happy Days and directed Pretty Woman has died at the…
Garry Marshall, who made 'Happy Days' and directed 'Pretty Woman,' dies aged 81
Garry whatever you are Gracias!When I watched Pretty Woman,I left my small town cinema dreaming to get my own fairy tale one day! & I did!
BREAKING: Garry Marshall, 'Pretty Woman' director and creator of 'Happy Days,' dies at 81:
At least remember the man for something like the legendary odd couple instead of the dreadful pretty woman.
My condolences to you Penny Marshall - Garry Marshall, 'Pretty Woman' Director, 'Happy Days' Creator, Dies at 81
May the reruns of your shows and movies be the best tribute to your memory. R.I.P. Garry Marshall.
RIP Gary Marshall, I was watching Pretty Woman just last week. You've made a huge impact on our culture!
'Happy Days' creator and 'Pretty Woman' director was a beloved figure in show business. --
Pretty Woman will forever be my favorite movie. "Welcome to Hollywood, what's your dream?!"
Garry Marshall, creator of Happy Days and Pretty Woman dies aged 81
Garry Marshall, Happy Days creator and Pretty Woman director, dies at 81
Such a Talented filmmaker - Overboard had such a Fun spirit Aswll as pretty woman - his films will live on forever
Aww, very sorry to hear that director Garry Marshall has passed away.
director Garry Marshall dies He was 81 years old.
He made so many of our favourite movies.
So deeply sad to hear that Director of Pretty Woman and Creator of ‘Happy Days,’ has passed away.
Our deepest condolences to the friends & family of - director, producer & member.
Garry Marshall, beloved Pretty Woman director and TV hitmaker, dies at 81
Thank you for the Happy Days and changing my life with Mork and Mindy. via
Garry Marshall, 'Happy Days' Creator and Director of 'Pretty Woman,' Dies at 81
Pretty Woman director & Happy Days creator Garry Marshall has died at the age of 81
Garry Marshall, "Pretty Woman" director and comedy mastermind, dies at 81
Garry Marshall, Director of "Pretty Woman" "Beaches" and "The Princess Diaries" among many others, dies at age 81.
and he's pretty blatantly racist. Most of his models are white & he threatened to throw battery acid on a black woman
Garry Marshall, director of 'Pretty Woman' and creator of 'Happy Days,' dead at 81
BREAKING: Garry Marshall, creator of "Happy Days" and director of "Pretty Woman" is dead
Garry Marshall, creator of 'Happy Days' and director of 'Pretty Woman,' dies at 81 via the App
Garry Marshall, director of Pretty Woman and Runaway Bride, dies at 81
Garry Marshall dead aged 81, with credits Pretty Woman, Happy Days to his name
BREAKING: 'Pretty Woman' director Garry Marshall has died at 81.
to Garry Marshall who directed the way into our hearts with 'Pretty Woman' & 'The Princess Diaries'
Pretty Woman director Garry Marshall has passed away at age 81:
totally deserved an Emmy nom for As Julia Robert in Pretty Woman would say:Big Mistake! Huge!
If you don't listen to anything else,,, Roy Orbison - Oh, Pretty Woman (from Black & White Night) via
The ones that look like from the movie Pretty Woman. I think no matter who wears those they will always look like a street walker to me smh
We need to watch Pretty Woman together. Or Mystic Pizza!
My day has consisted of watching Erin Brockovich and Pretty Woman, eating, social media, and texting. Human interaction has yet to occur 🤗 featured in NBC s Science of Love
Cmt is killing it with the ladies love movies weekend. Watched Erin Brockovich, Pretty Woman and not Sister Act.
Erin Brockovich and Pretty Woman are on tv today!
and Pretty Woman featuring a young upstart called Jason Alexander! Worlds are colliding Jerry!
The first song that made me interested in music was 'Oh, Pretty Woman'...
I really detest movies like 'Indecent Proposal' and 'Pretty Woman' bec...
Richard Gere had the same problem but ended up w/ a hooker turned Pretty Woman & launched 2stardom.Are u sure it's time to part?
early 80s it would be Top Gun, Cocktail bit later Lost Boys, Dirty Dancing and Pretty Woman. There's also Flashdance as well
I love the romantic, sentimental music playing in Pretty Woman when Richard Gere finds out Julia Roberts is actually a red head
I went on that interview Friday...heauxs was looking at me like I was Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman
My ultimate fav songs of all time:. 1) I want u bck- Jackson 5. 2) Pretty Woman- Roy Orbinson. Dr kcik (btul) da fallen for these
same. Pretty Woman and Notting Hill are my favorites tho. And Erin Brokovich and August: Osage County
.- My favorite movies would have to be Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and Pretty Woman apart…
Roberts in Pretty Woman, next "calls it" & says Cameron Diaz in My BF Wedding & Tom Cruise in Knight and Day and wins
My theory is that Julia Roberts feels obligated to Garry Williams b/c of Pretty Woman. But what's the others' excuse?
Love these top rated rejected names for children. . 1. Cyanide. A woman, from Powys, Wales, thought Cyanide was a “lovely, pretty name” with…
teen Perfect woman strips out of pretty lingerie and teases
Great story of 34 year old woman stepping up for something needed pretty desperately.
When you see a woman so drunk she gets taken out of the pool area in a're like "hey, I'm doing pretty well."
Taking care of me right now so I can be the best woman to a good man. Lord knows y'all running out of them
Update: the tunes have been pretty solid until now. It's a bit hard to jam to Stitches. Older woman continues to nag at her husband.
Some girls really don't know how pretty they, go tell your woman how pretty she is.
You're the woman most pretty in the world
Pretty sure I just saw a pregnant woman in a club goals
Enjoy 'Hey, Pretty Woman!' at new location on Level One, Phase I until June 12.
No correlation. Everyone is attractive to someone. You're ugly & I'm pretty sure there's a woman attracted to you.
Pretty sure it was the 'woman beating *** comment that did it 😁
Pretty sure this is about a plate of food and not a black woman. But whatever makes the reach.
A pretty woman walking down the street, :) .
This week another woman told me I just need to stand there and look pretty. In my building I just bought
A good looking woman works out to keep her body in shape. But a pretty woman kneels down in prayer to keep her heart i…
Not to mention the Bible is pretty much lurid and woman-hating to begin with - that's sort of a different cup of worms.
I head a woman *** today so it's been a pretty eventful day at work.
what a beautyful woman u are Linn, with a pretty eyes and a perfect body.
I didn't even read any of that. I saw a pretty woman with ample boobs and chocolate skin.
Coming this April. From the man who brought you Pretty Woman . . . Some trees don't know when to leave . . . Arbor Day! With Julia Roberts!
Just for fun. Anyone remember this gem from Pretty Woman?
Having to calm down to Rufus Wainright's 'Oh what a World' after the excitement of Pretty Woman
When a Bar Manager complimented me on my personality as I left 'Pretty Woman' started up! 😄. Just seen the film again for 100th time!
😰 Pretty Woman &Woman&is the sweetest love fable: 1990 review 😰
Is Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman really an upgrade on Dimbleby and Question Time?
At the Pretty Woman hotel in Beverly Hills preparing my open for 'Justice'
"I know Garry Marshall and--look--he's clearly the best Marshall. 'Overboard' was a helluva film and 'Pretty Woman'? Huge."
Nothing to see here, just Julia Roberts engaging in some Pretty Woman cosplay for Garry Marshall's Mother's Day.
So many movies i can watch over & over. Pretty Woman & Ferris Buellers Day Off.. Love them
Story of Swan and Evergreen same as Wall Street and Pretty Woman. Sadly still asset stripping still all the rage
Copycatting Hollywood is now planning the following:. Annie v Annie Hall. Mall Cop v Robocop. v Pretty Woman
Having a drink at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel...REG BEV WIL, for all you Pretty Woman fans.
Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles, CA - the "Pretty Woman" hotel.
My all time favourite film is 'Pretty Woman', so to have breakfast at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel
Do u like Pretty Woman? I loved seeing the Hooker Hotel in person!! The Beverly Wilshire!! I've been inside+taken photos in lobby!! Gorgeous
I walked into Louis Vuitton with a Michael Kors bag and basically I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.
Wanna have a classic 80s/90s romantic movie day with Dirty Dancing and Pretty Woman and When Harry Met Sally and Notting Hill etc.
Lea Thompson looks like a perkier version of Helen Hunt. It's a shame that Lea wasn't cast as Vivian in Pretty Woman. Her film career ended.
Those days when you felt lofty while flying high in the skies. IB: Pretty Woman - Jeffrey Miller
I'm Pretty Woman in a ball gown. He's Richard Gere in a tux . Getting married in a courthouse. Writing vows in rush
Went to buy an umbrella. "It's TWELVE DOLLARS" she yells at me, Pretty Woman style. Must look worse than I thought.
I want a love like Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Nope, scratch that, I just want the shopping spree.
Julia Roberts cuts USD 8 Million from Hawaiian home sale: The 'Pretty Woman' star, 48, and her husband, Danny ...
Runaway Bride ☺ Joan Cusack, Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. Makes me want to watch Pretty Woman too
Still don't understand why we don't play the Paul Simon Opener and Oh, Pretty Woman in pep band any more.
1993 Billboard:. Andrew "Dice" Clay/Gloria Steinem (Back to back in the Pretty Woman movie poster pose). TEACHER'S LOUNGE. Mondays on Fox 7:30
I'm gonna treat you so nice, you're never gonna let me go. 🎬 Pretty Woman (1990) Garry Marshall
Theresa Russell in *** 1991. Ken Russell's vision of Pretty Woman. No Valentino in love.
Di depan hotel Beverly Wilshire after meeting. Hotel ini dibangun tahun 1928 & the famous location for Pretty Woman
LIVE on Pretty Woman moment in the foyer of the Beverly Wilshire
I've watched both Captain America, Thor and Avengers movies more than I've watched The Notebook, Pretty Woman or Sleepless in Seattle 😱
My favorite movies:. Lone Star State of Mind, Pretty Woman, Thelma and Louise, White Chicks, Dumb and Dumber, Stepbrothers…
Erin Brockovich, Pretty Woman, How to Lose a Guy in 10 days, to name a few
Julia Roberts has never disappointed me. Pretty Woman. Eat Pray Love. Stepmom. August: Osage County. She's simply flawless in my opinion.
Wth? Bert Reynolds says he turned down the roles of Hans Solo, a James Bond role, Nicholson's role in Cuckoo's Nest & lead in Pretty Woman.
Oh I just wish I looked like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman
Julia Roberts, classy and thug; shutting down the rude sales rep. Pretty Woman
I've been watching Julia Roberts back to back. Pretty Woman & Notting Hill. Not my favorites (But they are).Okay stop here goes Hugh Grant!!
The guitar man in white is the great James Burton who backed Ricky Nelson and Elvis ... Pretty Woman with Roy ...
Linda Cohn is 60 years old and is dressing like Julia Roberts in 'Pretty Woman' - It's sorta gross.
That's a bit more Pretty Woman than my budget stretches to. I'm more in the Ripper Street sort of price range.
Richard Gere turn Julia Robert from hooker into lady. ★ Pretty Woman —
The Beverly Wilshire never fails to remind me of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman 💖
America is Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Repubs are Richard Gere. Hilary is Jason Alexander.
What Julia Roberts wears in Pretty Woman is what the wear everyday and sales people don't judge them. Or do they?
Nah, but as a woman who's been told pretty constantly her intelligence is "intimidating," I feel these findings pretty profo…
"When everything comes easy for a man, the last thing he wants to do is fight for a difficult woman." TABERNACLE. TEMPLE.
Sketchy adults outside of gas station:. Woman: "ya hair is pretty". Man: ".REAL pretty"
I'm making a list of possible Lash 'suspects' ... Is he a pretty woman in human form?
(121)“But I know u.I know your type. They think because they are pretty and have everything a man could possibly physically want in a woman,
A woman should be like a butterfly. Pretty to see, hard to catch. 🌞💖 never forget how unique you are,…
It's a pretty woman kind of day. . 🏇🏼😜
Hair colored, and feeling like a pretty woman. Looking forward to working for Lancome and Ulta.
The sweatshirt was pretty amazing. It was ripped and looked like a bootleg. And it was a woman wearing it!
If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife so get an ugly girl to marry you - Doc…
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
If you don't like the movie Pretty Woman I don't like you.
Boys only care about a pretty face and nice *** Men want a woman who knows how to grind hard, make money, be a Boss and hav…
I think we can all agree that this bout of depression is pretty serious when they've named the storm inside of you after …
I know what your talking about. Get past angry black woman Mary Jane season one and it gets pretty good
It's really a shame that all they see her as is an ugly black woman. As if she was just a pretty face.
Happiest birthday to the most beautiful woman and she is also pretty. She is all that and a bag of chips! xx
Spent a lot of time today wondering if the game "Pretty Pretty Princess" was named after a woman who loved to compliment h…
How did I wind up in a Upper West Side Apartment after a night of drinking? My life is basically Pretty Woman without well ... you know?
Lancaster, PA is the perfect place for a Pretty Woman remake IMHO
Have you seen today's post? Become a Pretty Woman and visit the
Oh, Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison is in Duke of Wellington.
Pamper yourself with a $100,000 'Pretty Woman for a Day' package via
Jared: You gave me a sense of self-worth. Like Richard Gere did to Julia Roberts in 'Pretty Woman'.
Pretty Woman reboot but Channing Tatum as Julia Roberts and Matthew McConaughey as Richard Gere.
Remembering the 80s movie Pretty Woman, strangely, Richard Gere and Julia Roberts
Season 4 of The Mindy Project is strong. Fox, you were way off in cancelling it. You're like the mean shop workers in Pretty Woman.
Just been watching vid of "Fallen" by Lauren Wood on YouTube. Amazing how much Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman looks like !
I don't know if I want to be Vivenne from Pretty Woman, Willie Nelson or a cat again for Halloween. 😐
man says "you're pretty chubby, but nothing like this woman" dudes English was 100%. Compares me to an old Czech woman who came to buy a pig
I may not be a detective but I'm a woman and that's pretty much the same thing.
When I see a pretty woman, long flowing hair, a smile brighter than the sun, I think "Hope she's leaving so I can get her…
Okay. So being pretty precludes you from having discussions about your experience as a pretty woman?
As pretty as a woman can be I can't put up with a dumb one or a rude one or one with zero class
"Not Another Pretty Woman," a romantic comedy about a man who ends up marrying a black prostitute" Imma stop you right there. No.
So pretty much overnight this woman is training me to eat the cat like a pro
In Hollywood and I just mentioned Rodeo Drive to and he starts quoting pretty woman
You are so darn pretty. I think you are such a beautiful woman. ❤️😍😉
Photoset: hirxeth: “The bad stuff is easier to believe. You ever notice that?” Pretty Woman (1990) dir.
He treats you like a girlfriend but ... You're not his woman 😴 if that's not something you can handle , why you agree to it ? 😒
Sex makes you pretty. During sex, a woman’s body doubles the estrogen level - making her hair shine and skin softer.
To that pretty woman lost in the world, who thinks another man will never love her
Interviewer: How many of you think that Zayn is a pretty woman?. [H raises his hand up]
A pretty face gets old.. A nice body changes.. But a good woman will always be a good woman 👑💕
So what happens after he climbs up and rescues her? Fall in love again with Pretty Woman, tonight on Bravo at 9e/6p.
Most romantic movie moment is in Pretty Woman when Richard Gere waves credit card at sleeping Julia Roberts & says "wake up, time to shop!"
"Oh, Pretty Woman" by Roy Orbison from The Definitive 60's (sixties) ♫
HBD to Richard Gere therefore I will watch Pretty Woman to celebrate 😏
Livin it up tonight while watching Pretty Woman and eating rocky road ice cream :)
Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman is the definition of beautiful. Also i love how gooey this movie is!
There aren't many things more beautiful than Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman 👌🏼
i just want someone to be there for me like Richard Gere was there for Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.
Why the heck is showing Pretty Woman at all, let alone in the middle of the day?! Not really a family friendly channel anymore. 🚫
Pretty Woman never gets old no matter how many times you watch it. I love Julia Roberts.
6 Pretty Woman outfits we'd still wear today
Can I look like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman plz
Why can't I just have naturally curly hair like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman
Julia Roberts marathon, it appears. First Steel Magnolias, now Pretty Woman 😁 yay
You know when Julia Roberts goes to the polo match in Pretty Woman? That's what I feel like right now.
Im watching Pretty Woman with and she asked if Julia Roberts was the queen in Princess Diaries. 😩
Come with me baby, be mine tonight (held) . Roy Orbison& Elvis Presley - Pretty Woman - Polk Salad Annie
I feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman being in Neiman Marcus
I added a video to a playlist Wild Women Do - sung by Natalie Cole from Pretty Woman
I thought about dressing as Julia Robert's character in Pretty Woman for Halloween, but I think my dad would kill me for dessing as a hooker
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