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Presidents Day

Washington's Birthday is a United States federal holiday celebrated on the third Monday of February in honor of George Washington, the first President of the United States.

Presidents Day Weekend George Washington Black History Month Happy Presidents Day Abraham Lincoln Grand Old Flag City Hall Millard Fillmore

The last day for applying for insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act is this Friday, December 15. Despite th…
trump tells them for fun, as well as profit. He's told more lies in a day than previo…
Historical note: On this day in 1799, the greatest of all Presidents died at the age of 67.
Happy to be sharing with college presidents during Day.
Girls in grades K-8 are invited to participate in our full-day Cheer Clinic on Monday, February 19. Work with our…
Of all the post-WW2 Presidents, there is one President who was LESS POPULAR THAN Trump at the 330th day in their term. Who was it?
Well, in all fairness, that's MSRP on the Cruz...usually a great Presidents' Day weekend sale.
The Lagos state chief judge, Opeyemi Oke has opened a two day workshop for Customary Court Presidents and...
This has become so much worse since that white fella Trump took over. Wasn't like this in Obama's day. N…
I'm planning on going Presidents' Day weeky
Wen there's no topic to highlight... That's wat happens.anyway,this is kE n guys were curious on swearin…
PHOTO OF THE DAY from our Teaching and Learning showcase today - a like demonstration from , r…
The OP point was comparing the two president…
Day 2648: The President's Keepers: Those Keeping Zuma in Power and Out of Prison by Jacques Pauw via
Had a great day finding some future Presidents in the today! Thanks to
Last day of kick off: to be considered this morning are among others the election of two ASP Vice Presidents…
Call your MOC’s at202-224-3121 and tell them to protect and fireproof Mueller. The right wing movement in Congress…
I miss you Bill Clinton! I cry every single day at what our country has become. I worry that it's go…
With the new year fast approaching, here's a list of the 2018 national forest fee-free days. January 15 - Martin Luther King Jr.…
A great day end, think tank, conversation at U. with the Presidents of about s…
On the second day of Trump’s visit to China, both presidents agreed that China-U.S. ties "at new historic...
The exhibit explores policies of U.S. presidents, from FDR to Bill Clinton. CC:
Then there are the fierce IQ rivalries between the pairs of kin presidents, Bush v Bush, the Adamse…
More U.S. presidents have died on July 4th than on any other day.
Tons of people remember Billy Graham died in the late 90's and 2012. Funeral was a huge televised deal wit…
Imagine being a president and your gift to another presidents daughter on her wedding day is a video greeting from SHINee Mi…
is a great, self taught, negotiator; period!!. He's out performing all modern day Presidents 😂😂
This idiotic dumb dumb, says FB players kneeling during the anthem, are disrepec…
Another day in Spanish "democracy": president and vice-presidents of Catalan Parliament to be judged for allowing debate an…
Grt day wz our grt Presidents and their First Ladies!The longest heated pipeline in the world launched.1stop boarder! ht…
Presidents Day tomorrow at Coombe Hill GC, home course of our President Jimmy Tarbuck & another Sunshine Coach will…
Presidents have exercised pardon power since day 1; it is a specifically named cons…
Forecast is for another scorcher at tomorrow's Presidents Day, kicking off from 11am, and as well as the usual...
No, for one day please just shut your mouth. Beside some the former presidents pardoned a lot…
"45 receives a folder full of positive news about himself — twice every day. Previous presidents reportedly did not receive such folders."
You're a Senator & you don't know how a pardon works? At the Presidents discretion every day all day. Th…
Don't forgot tomorrow is our presidents trophey day. 3 games throughout the day with teams drawn in the morning. Meet up at 11!! 🍺🏏🍻
What is a president supposed to do? It is a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week job. There are no "vacations" for preside…
I envision a day when the presidents cabnet & counsels reflect the true and needed contribution of women in our country.
Presidents Day this Sunday. Activities start at 10.30 with first youth game. Come down and enjoy a festival of cricket t…
Great wins for both teams today. 3's in league action tomorrow with everyone else at The Nursery Ground from 2pm for 2017 Presidents Day
All clever, accomplished men. But, not sure I believe all those numbers. Especial…
23 points front nine on Presidents day in Ballyliffin Golf with a shout for a prize
Talking with Gov. Employee (served under three presidents, 30 years) other day. Tells me Many tribes were pushed..
Too many Presidents choose a purebred from a breeder while another 1k shelter dogs die that day. Trump should adopt…
Another great day out in Lahinch Presidents prize,
Breast Cancer Awareness
Presidents' Day 6-a-side tomorrow. First game 12.30pm. Bar open all day and BBQ 🍻🏏
Thats why every day I be running for them presidents...
Much worse than, a day late and a dollar short...
Presidents always spend their last days signing pardons At least Trump has the courage and convictions to Pardon Arpaio in the light of day!
If you prefer your politics to be fictional try this thriller.
Our system depended on the morality of our presidents to use pardons wisely. I hope that one da…
Hi Tami, have you heard about 'whataboutism'? I don't accept that excuse from my children…
If current presidents are allowed to make mistakes because past potus did, that means the next potus is going to have a field day
Just booked my tickets to Presidents' Day! Super excited about what's in store for us this year
"MADMAN: Presidents wait until the last day of their last term to pardon criminals. Trump pardons for JUSTICE a fe…
Great day for day today. Congratulations to all the winners.
Kurt you should have splurged for the adult diapers a long time ago if you were this butthurt and c…
On this day last year I went to the Yankee game with this amazing person it was one of the best presidents that I…
Joel, given how many presidents are from harvard, keep it on the down low. Lol have a great day.
Oh, yes back in the day! That's when WE had REAL Patriots for Presidents NOT a 3rd grade dropout wannabe POTUS! BIG…
At least he isn't doing it cowardly on his last day or sneaking it through like the presidents before…
Monthly meeting of Presidents of the Security Council & General Assembly, held today with PR of HE Tekeda Al…
Please publish the full list of pardons from the last three presidents and comment on those as well.
At the end of the day, we may not like it,but all Presidents have questionable pardons
Obama pardoned 1,900 convicted criminals. 330 on his last day in office. More than the last 13 presidents combined.
How I spent my Presidents' Day this morning
.broadcasts inspirational speeches for Presidents’ Day
At least those ppl past presidents pardoned had spent time in prison & punished for thei…
At least Clinton did it on his last day in office, # like most normal Presidents do..😎😎
Do you always talk about things you are ignorant of?? seems you do .
So 1 pardon is abuse of power what do you call this? moron
Vote in Obama he wont pardon anyone .
He still has a ways to go ignoramous
I guess this Constitution Law Professor has to go to .
Reminder that next Sunday is our annual Presidents' Day in support of Cystic Fibrosis Trust! Always a fantastic...
Your disdain for facts prove why Libtards are *** .
Lets see the 2018 calendar will they remove Presidents Day or something wrong w/Independence…
Yes agree, Obama Pardon more than past 13 Presidents Combined go ahead say so…
Jeff, shut up! Barack issued 1,927 pardons to convicted felons, 330 last day in office. Totaled more than 13 previ…
We would like to wish our President Sir Seretse Khama Ian Khama a Happy Presidents Day!
Need a pair to fill a gap in Presidents Day on Saturday. 10am shotgun start with food before and after. Just £30 per pair!
Make an appointment before visiting a local office. Check for info .…
Gotta love the long weekends. Happy Presidents' Day! 🇱🇷🍻 (📸:
The IRS will keep their lines open for tax questions through the President's Day holiday
This is me this Presidents' Day. Democrats are a cancer destroying our country and schools.
A repost from Presidents Day this week. ... RepostBy "Happy
I know its been pass Presidents day but look at this
phone assistors don’t have more updated refund info than Where’s My Refund?…
Presidents Day Weekend was full of soccer! Games, games, food, friends, fun! Thank you to all who participated...
George Goss. NCR Today. Kansas City, Mo. NCR Today with video: Kansas City was among more than two dozen cities...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Presidents day party week was a huge success. Seriously looking forward to Labor Day 🎅
it's four days past Presidents Day. Are your *** still available?
"Those who want to take more action need to do more boring stuff. Watch more C-SPAN." [VIDEO]
Broncos win 91-87! Big home games to close the year, celebrate Presidents Day with a special discount!. TICKETS: https:…
We've had 43 presidents that were worth that honor. You and Nixon get your own day, we'll call it American Traitors day.
The market is getting HOT! It was a busy and beautiful Presidents Day Weekend. It's a great time…
It's been a long despite having a day off from presidents day
Why has every day of Trump's presidency so far just been liberals getting offended at something Trump did that past pres…
Presidents' Day of Service was a great success! Way to Commit to Service and Justice, Lions! 🦁
Happy Presidents Day to the best ever. We won't see the likes of you anytime soon. Miss you. ❤️❤️
A reminder on Presidents day, that has yet to do what 44 presidents have done. Release his taxes.
I feel like presidents should get a 90 day probationary period like the rest of us.
The Actions of Presidents Obama and Trump the Day After Navy SEALs Died in Combat Speaks Volumes About Character
I'm thinking about ordering a computer from you guys... so my question is, how long is the Presidents day deal going on?
During the sunny Presidents’ Day weekend, hundreds of people gathered to mourn the death of the American Presidency: https:/…
It’s the last day of The New Yorker Presidents' Day Sale. Get 12 weeks for $6, plus a free tote. htt…
Take a look at the VW Passat! We're offering a $500 Presidents' Day Bonus thru Feb 28.
In honor of Presidents Day, I'm thinking about changing our country's bird to a Toucan, is everyone ok with that? They…
domain controller credentials had expired on Monday when offices were closed for the federal Presidents Day holiday.
Today is Presidents Day. So we have only one thing to say. "You're Fired" https…
Today on Presidents Day we celebrate four great Republican Presidents - Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln & G…
Presidents Day is based on celebrating the birthday of George Washington. By the time of his death, YOUR Founding Father…
we believe in you Mr President! Happy Presidents Day! Loved the Lords Prayer First Lady Opened with!
Happy Presidents Day to the first 44 presidents of the United States of America
I think this is the first time I actually want celebrate Presidents Day! Thank you! Happy Presidents Day!
bakery serves up Washington Pie in a Presidents Day pinch
I disregard Presidents Day like white people disregard Black History Month.
Q: How do you put a day that celebrates slave owners into Black History Month?. A: Call it Presidents Day.
Presidents Day + Black History Month = Obama gets to do anything he wants today.
Presidents Day: Sitting presidents to have visited
Salt Lake County Animal Services will be closed tomorrow in observance of Presidents Day. We will reopen at 10 AM...
Lucas' Presidents Day project is done! Kevin helped Logan.
There is plenty to do over the Presidents Day Weekend. What are your weekend plans?
Presidents Day Weekend weather to give taste of spring in N.J... Related Articles:
Reminder that West-MEC programs will not be in session on Monday in observance of Presidents Day. Have a fun and safe 3-day we…
A warm Presidents Day Weekend will make Friday morning's chill fade quickly
Events kick off in South Florida for Presidents Day Weekend
Well, had to cancel that because of Second successive Presidents Day long weekend trip foiled by bad weather.
on Presidents Day Weekend, and in light of Trump’s latest incitement of vigilantism, re-posting this from last year https:…
Colorado's national parks, monuments offering free admission on Presidents Day
Who else is going to the Presidents Day protest at City Hall? Any of my ladies??
Our February e-news is here. Learn about our 5K training series, Presidents Day hours, winter programs & more.
students: sign up for Grand Old Flag for Presidents Day, Monday, February 20! . Sign up:…
Our next Grand Old Flag (GOF) holiday is Presidents Day on Monday, February 20! Please sign up for a route and...
Bonnie's Varsity Rugby will be holding a boys and girls high school clinic on Presidents Day after the Open...
domain names
Flashback: US Congressman Keith Ellison (D-Islam) spent Presidents Day Weekend at the College of Sharia in Qatar https:…
It's Presidents Day at Holy Convocation! Join us for the final worship experience & for a powerful word of God from…
Great artist now playing on - 'Presidents Day' by 'Sonic Temple' .
I added a video to a playlist Presidents Day - Dry ice in Beer and Vodka - President Princess
Join us this May Bank Hol for our annual Presidents Day end of season celebration
Presidents Day and hold BTC not how the financial system erupts and the FTC/BFL case is going to let be?
Hey guys, Happy Presidents Day. Be sure to honor all those presidents.
Rico GOP remember some of our Greatest on Presidents Day. . from the Republican Governors Association.
Didn’t cross the Potomac for Presidents Day but did cross Pyramid Lake! Gorgeous day!
to Our Armed Forces on this Presidents Day. Defenders of our Shores. God Bless
ICYMI- I ❤ everything about this esp for Presidents Day. Here comes the Generals- Elmo & Washington!
Today is Presidents Day in the USA. . My first President as a US Resident: Bill Clinton. . My first President as a US Citizen: Barack Obama.
U.S. Presidents Day honors "father of country" George Washington & 42 others elected to office of president
In celebration of Presidents Day, the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center is offering FREE admission all...
On this Valentines/Presidents Day Weekend, a rare love letter from George Washington -
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
All of us at Washoe County Library wish you a Happy Presidents Day. In observance of the holiday, all locations...
City Hall & Portland Public Library closed today for observance of Presidents Day. Parking meters also not enforced today so come shop/dine!
It's Presidents Day. Think you know the men who've led us? Test your knowledge.
Tomorrow is Presidents Day and I just want to thank the old white men that made it so I don't have to attend school tomorrow.
I love Presidents Day. It's about time someone paid attention to the rich white men that made the world.
why the heck were we out for Martin Luther King day but not Presidents Day?
When WCPSS tried to make you go Presidents Day when you were already supposed to be out but Mother Nature a patriot & comes through again 🙏🏻
Starbucks has refused to decorate cups for Presidents Day. They don't respect the men we honor such as Abraham Lincoln and George W Bush.
REMINDER: Miami Dade College will be CLOSED tomorrow for Presidents Day. Enjoy the long weekend, Sharks!
Tomorrow is Presidents Day and as a former president of the Fleming County FFA Junior Parli Team, I will be skipping class in observance.
I was a bit excited to have classes cancelled tom and I go tell my sister but she already didn't have school tom since it's Presidents Day 🙃
TOMORROW MORNING ON GMF- In honor of Presidents Day, the fine folks at Cumulus Broadcasting have graciously...
Take our Presidents Day quiz and pick the best and worst
Services and transit schedules for Presidents Day: San Francisco Chronicle. ...
Farm to Table Lunch in Moapa Valley on Presidents Day! Not too late to register and go!!!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Presidents Day is MONDAY! Bring your kids in for a FUN day here at Wayne Art Center! Art from 9AM to 3PM. Sign up...
This Monday is Presidents Day (2.15.16); The Club will be open with regular hours & classes. Happy Friday!
Presidents Day is for celebrating all presidents except George Bush jr, right?
Presidents Day activity for students. https:/…
Citizenship teachers: check out these Presidents Day resources for your class:
Elisabeth: No school Monday. Thank god for Presidents Day. Blake: God save the Queen.
plus East Ramapo candidates forum; warrant collector stopped on the Thruway; Presidents Day transit changes and...
All Kansas City Public Library locations will be closed on Monday, February 15, in observance of Presidents Day.
Buffalo Reflex: Closings for Lincoln’s Birthday, Presidents Day: Federal, state, county and city offices, the ...
So is today a holiday? Just drove by South Torrance and saw no cars. I forget if folks still observe Presidents Day or not.
Libraries Closed for Presidents Day. The Coeur d'Alene Public Library and the Lake City Public Library will be...
Premier 17G finishes 2nd place in the Mizuno Premier Classic losing to Premier 18G : 23-25, 20-25. Time to prepare for Presidents Day!
Looking for an historic getaway this Presidents Day? This is your California stop >>>
Let's make a New US Presidents Day? On April 1st when America HUNG all US Media, Congress & Florida Leaders in 2016 for World & US Genocide?
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Today is Army Day in Zaire, Day of National Revival in Azerbaijan, Malabo Fiesta in Equatorial Guinea, Presidents Day in Marshall Islands.
The annual Youth Ski Retreat will be Presidents Day Weekend, February 13-16, 2016. . Registration is now open on...
Jimmy carter says yes. I think I heard this on Bob Dylan's theme time radio hour on Presidents Day
Joins us tomorrow for Presidents Day starting with the juniors taking on Chipping Campden from 10.30am followed...
Great turnout for Presidents Day bowls club next year in the new club house !!!
The Green and grounds already for Presidents Day bowls club
city council currently debating whether to give city employees Columbus Day off. Presidents Day holiday would move to Xmas Eve.
Image of the day: hospital presidents discuss business of via
Come celebrate Presidents Day at Scores NY, our Lingerie Nights are one of NYC's best kept secrets. http…
Mexico once had 3 presidents in 1 day.
Image of the day: Triangle hospital presidents discuss business of health care during panel discussion: President…
Nope, but the argument to not get the day off is that you'd waste it. It'd turn into Presidents' Day.
"Why isn't there a national mans day?". Well there's a Presidents' Day, or basically every day all year?
Twelve things you never knew about past presidents on this year's Presidents Day.
College presidents agree that sexual assault is common, just not at their school:
Ted Cruz can't run. He wasn't born on Presidents' Day!
The first day went on well with networking seminars and best was the presidents address
I have two Grandsons born in Okinawa Japan in a Navy hospital who would make fine Presidents one day.
Nixon -> One of America's most corrupt Presidents... Still knew who the good guys were at the end of the day.
President's Day - Sat 18 April -3pm KO. Friends & family all welcome at our end of season finale with all day BBQ
Looking forward to a day of tomorrow at the 24th annual Farm Forum:
And then later the Presidents Dinner, A very proud day 😊
Happy Presidents Day to my favorite!! president we had smh
If they could be a presidents for a day, what would they do for the people? And If they could marry me? :p …
On Presidents Day Obama will chillax at Sunnylands, Annenberg home nr Palm Springs enjoyed by Reagan and Nixon too
one day DRC will also a current president standing or seating side by side with former presidents
The presidents at these universities making all this money and all they did for a degree back in the day was write they nams 5 times.
If I were president every day would be Saturday & I know presidents dont even have that power & it would destroy the economy but schoolSUCKS
In honor of Presidents' Day. The Government punishing the productive & hardworking suppresses the spirit of commerce.
Happy Presidents Day! There are only THREE DAYS LEFT of our Kickstarter. . http:/…
I just wanna know y tf I have a history quiz first day back from spring break, I was on the beach, not worrying about presidents like cmon
Sydney : is pup day like presidents day for dogs
Me and kalie** oh, it's presidents day ? Looks like we need to buy each other a gift !
To life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all. Happy Presidents Day!
over the Presidents Day Weekend Barack and michelle took separate vacations her 2 Aspen him golfing
have a scheduled day off today. St. Louis, vying for Presidents' Trophy but loser of three in a row, in town…
Forget about the day after the Super Bowl as a holiday. Move Columbus Day and Presidents Day to today/tmrw and do March Ma…
5 Songs on John Adams for Presidents Day: Music from Broadway, These United States and A Certain Composer -
We have Presidents Day off, but not Election Day? If you're going to honor Presidents, wouldn't the best way be to vote? ~
It's Presidents Day - here are some presidents playing football. Gerald Ford may be rocking an original RA sweatshirt …
Who saw our ad in the Auburn Journal last week? We hope everone had a wonderful Valentines and Presidents Day...
In honor of Presidents Day, we're remembering our visit from President Obama to our National Capital Region site...
Ironic that Presidents Day and Black History Month both in February when POTUS Washington to Lincoln supported slavery?
tbf 'Presidents Day' started in 1879, Black History Month originated in 1926
George Washington's slaves - Intersection of Presidents Day and Black History Month   10% Off
Portuguese Water Dog Is the Pooch to Watch at Westminster: Presidents Day for dogs: Portie, with White…
The lights of the glow red, white and blue in honor of Presidents Day.
Presidents Day. $2.95 million can get you this wonderful home in South Pas commissioned by President Garfield's...
This is appropriate news for Presidents Day.
How are you celebrating Presidents Day? Abraham Lincoln might've had a chicken fricassee. More Lincoln facts:
Saw two birds fighting on the street and it's like guys, come on. Not on Presidents Day.
The Helitech International team would like to wish a Happy Presidents Day and Carnival to our followers celebrating those holidays today.
Looking for Presidents Day fun? Check out this event at Chicago History Museum.
The Energy Assistance Program & MLKCC will be closed today in observance of Presidents Day. We will reopen tomorrow, February 17 at 9 am.
The Hitching Post: White House Weddings: This Presidents Day article is from the book Uncle John's Bathroom Re...
The Michigan Chapter office will be closed today in observance of the Presidents Day holiday. Please call...
Tomorrow is one of my favorite days of the Year! Presidents Day! So excited. I am breaking out my George Washington Pez Dispenser.
FWISD does not respect George Washington's Bday a.k.a Presidents Day. Smh. Tomorrow is a national holiday & we have school
I feel like every once in a while we should give some Presidents Day love to an obscure historical footnote like Millard Fillmore.
Houston Community College will be closed Monday, Feb. 16 in observance of the Presidents Day holiday.
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President Quotes for Presidents Day. "Whatever you are, be a good one." ~Abraham Lincoln
Meritrust will be closed Mon 2/16 in observance of Presidents Day. Access accounts via Meritrust online banking, app & CO-OP ATM Network.
Happy Valentines and Presidents Day Weekend. Please remember Millard Fillmore and William Henry Harrison need love too!
Come celebrate Presidents Day with the crew over at Southern Hospitality! Brunch from 12-3pm on…
This is a reminder to all students and parents that Eagle Grove does not have school on Feb. 16 in recognition of Presidents Day!
Is my school the only school that has presidents day off?
When you find out you are ranked number one in the Presidents' Day tournament in Omaha, Nebraska😱
Thursday Presidents' Day participatory points for all Gov classes! See FB page for details
the pay per view Fast Lane is this February Sunday the 22nd please keep in mind its also a day we need to remember Presidents Day
Presidents' Day is when Joe Biden emerges from the White House and if he sees his shadow we have 6 more weeks of winter.
Sign up to win $25 for and get ready for the Presidents' Day Sale! Get 2 people to sign up and earn $5!.
Sleep Country USA on Stopped in because of the Presidents Day Sale and Connie Baranco, our sales associate wa…
When are you heading to PSL? I'm gonna probably be down there Wed or Thur after Presidents day..
If someone were to buy me a metallica shirt for Presidents' Day or something that'd be great.
Can't wait to have off next Monday for Presidents' Day! 😊
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In honor of Presidents Day, take a Lincoln to the airport. Red Bank Limo features Lincoln Town Cars.
Q5. Will you be taking off for Valentine's day? It's also Presidents' day weekend!
Yay a 10 hour shift on Valentine's Day and presidents day 😅😅😅
All clothing will be 50% off on Monday, February 16th for Presidents' Day!
Free admission to all U.S. National Parks, Feb. 14-16 - -
Y'all better be prepared for that special someone. Powdered wigs go on sale soon, Presidents Day Weekend only comes one a year!
Jeeps Presidents' Day commercial gave me the feels.
You can thank Crosby ISD for us having to go to school on presidents day 😂
In order to get things done, sometimes you have to set yourself a firm deadline. Take mine: Christmas cards must be out by Presidents' Day.
Looking into Zombie JFK says you should join us for our Presidents' Day Sampler. ht…
The fact that i dont get presidents day off 😡. Thanks obama !
Perk of having my birthday on presidents day is that I get the day off ☺
At least Kia has a jump start on getting balloons ready for Presidents Day Sale.
all I want for Christmas, my Birthday, Hanukkah, Valentine's Day, Presidents Day & Black History Month is tickets to see Thursday
MASSIVE SAVINGS are HERE as we celebrate Presidents Day!
Forget Valentines day. My birthday is Monday the 16th & its a national holiday (thanks past presidents) so work is closed. What are we doin?
look how cute my Teacher Ed board for valentines/presidents day is!!!
the District: Presidents Day Beer Festival at DOCK5 at Union Market via
Hard Tickets for Presidents Day Weekend W Blasterjaxx and my headlining gig at Anthem
are you coming to the Presidents' Day tournament?
Join us on Presidents Day for a special open house of the magnificent Main Reading Room
Save loads on your new during the Presidents' Day Sales Event! 15 days! 15 vehicles! 1 GREAT offer!
I wish my school had a week off for presidents day
I had no school today cuz of family day, screw ur lucky presidents day
"What kind of commercial should we make to get ppl to buy a car this presidents day". "Children rattling off the names of presidents"
Last week was our This week we're looking forward to Valentine's Day & Presidents Day Weekend~
Presidents' Day is a dumb af reason why the dmv is closed
This new Presidents Day commercial has that song stuck in my head so now I'm remembering all the presidents in order again.
Thanks to for passing along the schedule for the Desert Cities Presidents Day Weekend tourney...IT'S STACKED. …
Suggestion: Tickets for the Clay Walker February 15th show go on sale Monday January 26th at the KRTY studios on Story Road in San Jose, we suggest you get your tickets at your earliest convenience, we expect this show to sell out within a day or two of the sale date are $15 advance and while the door price will be $20 we do NOT expect there to be any available day of show. There is an 8 ticket limit for this show, no exceptions. This is an early show, doors will open early, Toree McGee goes on stage at 7:45p and Clay Walker at 8:30pm. The following day, February is Presidents Day so plan to come early and stay late! While you're here at KRTY picking up your Clay Walker tickets be sure to get your tickets for the February 11th show with RaeLynn from "The Voice" and Mickey Guyton for only $10 advance. These tickets are going swiftly and are on sale NOW!
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Not sure about your state holiday there, but there is no federal holiday called Presidents Day. It is Washington's Birthday
don't wear white shoes after Labor Day and don't elect white presidents after Obama tbh
It always makes my day when I get those weird gold dollars with obscure presidents on them
New day,new giveaway! Start off the holidays on a tasty note! Win a $25 gift card.
Reminds me of presidents day kinda.just another one of those holidays we get out of school for
Julie Nixon & David Eisenhower, both progeny of United States presidents, tied the knot in New York City on this day in 1968.
*** ..miss that dude. Still remember his map for the Presidents' Day 2003 storm like it was yesterday
Gremlins is the perfect Xmas films. Just as Gremlins 2 is the perfect Presidents day film
28th is a great day to be born. 2 presidents of the Church + yours truly. Go for it.
New Orleans for nye, poconoes for our bday, Sacramento for presidents day, and Dr for spring break...getting back to what I love traveling
they played on Presidents Day a few times in the 90's. Not for a while, though.
I'm working a puzzle of all the republican presidents for my step dad all day (-:
Cuba’s new day was suppose to be about freedom, not an American president’s betrayal: Marc Masferrer in Uncomm... http:…
President Reagan was one of the best day Presidents we've ever had.
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