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Presidential Palace

A Presidential Palace is the official residence of the president in some countries. However, some countries do not call the official residence of a head of state a presidential palace or the president lives elsewhere and has only his office in the palace.

South Sudan Central African Republic Villa Somalia President Salva Kiir Jose Mujica New Delhi Chi Minh City President Karzai Prime Minister President Hamid Karzai Loya Jirga Cape Town Saudi Arabia Mohamed Morsi South Sudanese

"That is not true. That is not true,"Karzai replied in an exclusive interview with Xinhua in his fortified Presidential Palace to query that he will sign the BSA before his five-year term expires on May 22.
Saturday 22nd March 2014 At sea all day today, en route to *** Chi Minh. Attended a few events and activities around the ship before a mid afternoon couple of beers on our balcony as a lead up to Captains Club reception event and Formal night Dinner. Had a very early dinner so that we could make the 7.45 cocktails. Managed to see a complete production show tonight, “Boogie Wonderland” The ships 18 singers & dancers together with the orchestra put on a very pleasing and entertaining 70’s music show, with lots of high energy and high-tech lighting. Sunday 23rd March 2014 Arrived at Phu My, the port closest to *** Chi Minh at 6am, and awoke to another big day, to firstly commute for 2 hours into the city. After breakfast we were raring to head off on another official ship sponsored tour. A big day started from the Phu My port on a tour into *** Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon). The drive from the port took just under 2 hours. First stop was the former Presidential Palace, now known as the Reunification ...
Afghanistan to further cement ties with China: Afghan president | 2014-03-26 21:44:02 | Editor: Zhu Ningzhu KABUL, March 26 (Xinhua) -- Afghanistan will continue to enhance ties with China, the out-going Afghan president, Hamid Karzai, said on Wednesday. "Under the next government of Afghanistan, the next president of Afghanistan will surely be equally or even more keen in pursuit of stronger ties with China," Karzai told Xinhua during an interview in the country's Presidential Palace. "My message to the people of China is a message of tremendous goodwill from the Afghan people, gratitude from the Afghan people. The Chinese have been good to us, (China) a good neighbor to us," the Afghan leader said. Further elaborating on the relations between the two countries, Karzai said, "Between China and Afghanistan, we have some areas of interest, matter of significance to both countries." These include the war against terrorism, stability in the region, economic cooperation, as well as other areas of cooperation ...
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ABS CBN NEWS MANILA - The Aquino administration and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) will make history when they sign a peace agreement today. The Prime Minister of Malaysia, which helped broker the peace talks, will witness the event. The Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro that will be signed Thursday in Malacañang has 5 component documents -- the framework agreement signed in 2012, and separate annexes on power sharing, normalization, wealth sharing and revenue generation, and transitional arrangements and modalities. Once signed, the deal will pave the way for the Bangsamoro Transition Commission, to finalize a draft of the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law. That law will implement the provisions of the peace agreement to end one of Asia's longest and deadliest insurgencies. However, both sides warn that much work needs to be done to secure a lasting peace. Following 17 years of negotiations, MILF leaders will sign the peace deal in exchange for control of a planned autonomous region in the ...
PRESIDENT OF URUGUAY President of Uruguay Meet José Mujica He may look like your average farmer or grandfather, but he is anything but. This man is globally known as the world’s “poorest President” because he lives a life of humility… all while leading the country of Uruguay. As a man who truly cares about his people, he does not take an obscene amount of money to just act as a politician. He donates about 90% of his $12,000 monthly salary to charities that benefit poor people and small entrepreneurs. Other countries, listen up. It’s not uncommon to see Jose dressed like this. He doesn’t care about money and appearances, but just leading his co He was a guerrilla fighter that battled for the rights of the country’s citizens, was imprisoned twice and was shot 6 times after an escape attempt. is Uruguay’s Presidential Palace. He doesn't live here. he lives here, on a farm with his wife. actually is a part-time farmer. He and his wife also grow and sell flowers. He also drives a 1987 Volk .. ...
ONGOING: Palace press briefing with Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Abigail Valte. Watch via livestream at
Prevailing in preference to polycarbonate presidential palace: BTeSH
At almost 80 yrs old Pope Francis is a busy man...this is a tight schedule even for a much younger man.. PROGRAMME FOR THE POPE'S PILGRIMAGE TO THE HOLY LAND Vatican City, 27 March 2014 (VIS) – Today the programme of the Holy Father's pilgrimage to the Holy Land was published. The trip, which will take place from 24 to 26 May, will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the meeting between Pope Paul VI and the Patriarch Athenagoras in Jerusalem. The Pope will depart from Rome's Fiumicino airport at 8.15 a.m. and is schedule to arrive in Amman, Jordan at 1.15 p.m. Following the welcome ceremony at Queen Alia International Airport, he will proceed to the al-Husseini Royal Palace in Amman, where he will be received by King Abdullah II and Queen Rania, and will speak before the authorities of the kingdom of Jordan. At 4.00 p.m. Mass will be celebrated at the International Stadium in Amman, and later in the same afternoon he will meet with refugees and young disabled people in the Latin Church. On Sunday, 25 Ma ...
My favorite politician? Presedente Muijica of Uraguay, he eshcews the presidential palace he drives a volkswagon beetle and gives 90 per cent of his salary back. We sadly have no one like him here in the states..all we have are career politicos who relish the game and are in it for their own benefit please correct me if i am wrong...jump in any time no really i mean me one just one local county state or national.
So everyone has gone rogue in the presidential palace? k.
Hanging out with virgin guards at the Presidential Palace at the Plaza de Armas in Lima, Peru
to the time & I hung out w/ a guard at the presidential palace in Quito!
i heard there are no more train tickets available to going to taipei this weekend, which is also when a mass protest is scheduled to happen outside the presidential palace. That's what my students told me
Have you ever seen Afghanistan's current first lady? Has anybody? Throughout the time her husband has been in office, Zeenat Karzai has remained unengaged and hidden inside Arg -- the Afghan presidential palace. But in many ways, this might not have been expected (The above photo was taken during a meeting with Laura Bush inside the Presidential Palace in Kabul in 2006). Even if she had no interest in politics, or no option to be active on behalf of other Afghan women, her training as a medical doctor might have motivated her to press the international community for help in developing medical technology and facilities inside the country, where hundreds of women still die during childbirth each year. Undoubtedly, Afghanistan has seen a lot of progress in women's rights under Karzai's government; women even have their own ministry now. Nonetheless, it would have had a far greater impact if the first lady had also taken part in rebuilding her country. Zeenat Karzai could also have taken part in her husband's ...
Who Is Right? Afghan NDS? Or Taliban ? Written by: Ahmad Komail Mirshadbeig The terrorist attack of Serena Hotel on Nawruz night is considered as one of the most heartbreaking attacks occurred during the last decade which as a result of that 9 people including Sardar Ahmad the AFP reporter along with his wife and two little children were killed. Right after the incident, Taliban stepped into the scene to take the campaign advantage of the attack for themselves when Zabihullah Mujahed the Taliban spokesman during a contact with media assumed the responsibility of Serena attack by the Taliban. Mujahed added that Taliban entered into the Serena Hotel through the back door at around 9 pm and then reached their targets. Afghan officials including President Karzai initially, without calling on any specific country, announced that the terrorist attack has been done by foreign intelligence not by the Taliban. Also, the facts which revealed after the incident all suggest that Mujahed’s words don’t match with w ...
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Changing of the Guard: Bulgaria Style. This is from the hourly changing of the guard at the presidential palace, which is unbelievably situated next to a subway and roadway. The building is attached to a mall and apartment complex. I guess Bulgarians are bored with the guard changing because they kept walking by without noticing. The lead guard kind of looks like Chris Berman.
News - Afghanistan Kabul Hosts International Nowruz Festival Thursday, 27 March 2014 20:13 Last Updated on Thursday, 27 March 2014 20:42 Written by Saleha Soadat alt During a special international Nowruz festival in Kabul on Thursday, President Hamid Karzai touched base on regional solidarity among the nine participating countries in the annual Nowruz festival. Karzai said at the event that harmony and cooperation between the countries will support the region to overcome any militancy and extremism issues. This year Afghanistan hosted the annual international Nowruz festival with participations from heads of states of Iran, Tajikistan, Pakistan and high ranking delegations from Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. In his speech, President Karzai addressed the historical background of Nowruz and said that regional coordination will help conquer common issues between the participating countries. "We are the owners of a great civilization," President Karzai said. "These cultural and historic similariti . ...
Typeface presidential palace stereotypes are a lot yore: IkWOgwp
DEATH FOR MUSLIM BROTERHOOD CHIEF, 528 SUPPORTERS * EGYPT EXPANDS DEADLY CRACK DOWN ON ISLAMISTS AND SUPPORTERS OF DEPOSED PRESIDENT MURSI CAIRO, March 24 — A court in Egypt on Monday sentenced 529 supporters of ousted president Muhammad Mursi to death after a mass trial, judicial sources said, reported AFP. Islamist backers of Mursi are facing a deadly crackdown launched by the military-installed authorities since his ouster in July, with hundreds of people killed and thousands arrested. The sentence was delivered in the second hearing of a trial which began on Saturday in Minya, south of the capital. Of those sentenced, 153 are in detention and the rest are on the run, the sources said, adding that 17 others were acquitted. The verdict can be appealed. Those sentenced are among more than 1,200 Mursi supporters on trial in Minya. A second group of about 700 defendants will be in the dock on Tuesday. They are accused of attacking both people and public property in southern Egypt in August, after securit ...
The Warsaw Palace, reconstructed after the 2nd world war. The Germans destroyed it totally. Presently, it is also called as the Presidential palace, as the President resides here..Lol..
Erdogan may become the first dictator overthrown by protesters hurling laxatives into the presidential palace.
SomaliArchive | SUBSCRIBE for Daily High-Definition Videos from Somalia Hosted by - Villa Somalia is the presidential palace of ...
Awesomeness : Pakistan Air Force K-8 Karakorum aircraft fly in formation over the Presidential Palace during a parade marking the country's National Day in Islamabad on March 23, 2014...
Presidential Palace Hosts Nowruz Festival - The Nowruz festival was held at the Presidential Palace today in Kabul...
120906b-006 The President of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili during the bilateral meeting with NATO Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen at the Presidential Palace in Tbilisi
Obama spends over two hours at presidential palace - English -
What then did President John Agyekum Kufuor and his NPP do with the power given him between 2001 and 2009? This write-up seeks to find the answer under social infrastructure, policies & programmes, and good governance. ON SOCIAL INFRASTRUCTURE • Kufuor's tenure witnessed the construction of two new sports stadia at Essipong and Tamale; the rehabilitation of both Accra and Kumasi sports stadia, and another sports complex in Cape Coast. • Under Kufuor, a new Presidential Palace was built to house the president and his family; the Accra-Tema commuter railway line was constructed, and the Keta Sea Defence wall was built to protect the people of Keta. • A $622m loan was secured for the construction of the Bui Dam & Bui City Project; the Boankra Inland Port was started (now abandoned); major feeder and trunk roads (Accra-Kumasi-Aflao-Kasoa-Cape Coast, Aburi), several by-passes in Accra and Kumasi including the Sofoline and Asafo interchange, and George Walker Bush 14km High Way were all constructed. • T ...
The fifth annual Nowruz festival being held at the Presidential Palace, Kabul, with leaders of Iran, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan
Administrative building at the palace which was our holding area.
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THIS COUNTRY BECAME A PROFEER FOR THE AFRICAN UNION AND THEIR WESTERN COUNTRIES THAT BACK THE AFRICANS,FUNDING THEIR MISSIONS BUT THEY ARE HIDING UNDER THE UNITED NATION UMBRELLA... A recent trip to the Burundian capital, Bujumbura, has in fact opened my eyes to what a typical peacekeeper expects to gain from his tour of duty in Somalia. There, I met a Burundian peacekeeper who had returned from Mogadishu, the Somali capital. The officer, whose name I will keep it to myself, told me that, unlike the general belief that the African Union Mission in Somalia is there to finish off Al Shabaab and pacify the country, he was there for his own benefit and that Al Shabaab’s destruction was the least of his priorities. With a monthly pay of US$1200 and an extra US$500 allowance to boot, he earns more than ten Burundian and Somali soldiers each of whose monthly salary is US$50 and US$160 respectively. So this peacekeeper has every pretext to fear death and plan for a happy future back home. In fact, he was alread ...
Caroline Kennedy: My Travels Places I Have Been – People I Have Met “THE MARCOSES AND THE MISSING FILIPINO MILLIONS” Posted on June 24, 2011 by anywhereiwander Speech Delivered Aboard The QE2 June 1987 By Caroline Kennedy Leaving the Philippines, in 1984, for what seemed like the final time saddened me. I had spent almost two decades there, on and off, and had assimilated myself so much into its history, its culture and its people that many locals referred to me as their country’s favourite “honorary Filipina”. The advantages were that I could now, from a distance, take a step back and view those two decades objectively. I had always told myself “one day I would write truthfully about the Marcos era” and now here I was in an unique position to do just that. I had arrived in Manila almost by accident in 1968 and remained there on and off for the next sixteen years. My first decade there turned out to be, perhaps, the most bizarre in my entire life. During that short period I went through m ...
MANILA, Philippines (Xinhua) - The government said today that it will give greater attention to the economic development of the new Bangsamoro political entity which will replace the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM). In his speech before the signing of the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB), Philippine President Benigno Aquino III noted that the Bangsamoro people have been mired in poverty and have suffered injustice for many years. "The huge imbalance between Muslim Mindanao and the rest of the country served to breed resentment, and consequently insurgency. When the Bangsamoro people felt that they had no redress within the system, they then tried to address their grievances from outside of the system," said Aquino. "We must therefore give them a significant boost up, so that they can catch up. If we are to truly address the root causes of conflict, we must close the gap between the region and the rest of Filipino society," he added. Government data showed that poverty incidence ...
now leaving Presidential palace, heading to Villa Madama across Rome to meet Italian PM
Two giants of Italian history in their Presidential Quirinale Palace - the inventors of gelato & meat lover's pizza.
Surveillance state? Flag and camera over the Char Chinar Palace, part of the Presidential Complex in…
Myanmar Commemorates 69th Armed Forces Day: Myanmar's military marched in front of the presidential palace to ...
Palace: has no final choice yet for 2016 presidential bet |
Stuck near the presidential palace...traffic stopped
general Sedqi at the presidential palace to sworn in as new minister of
govt & Moro Islamic Liberation Front to sign historic peace agreement today at Presidential palace in
festival in full colors at Presidential Palace
The Nowruz celebration kicked off in ARG presidential palace in capital Kabul on Thursday morning with strict security measures.
Just outside the Cathedral and Presidential Palace! Musicians enjoying the sunshine and walking tour!
On going: GPH-MILF CAB signing in Malacanang Palace. Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process Teresita Deles delivers opening remarks
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The peltry culture pattern with respect to your presidential palace: OYwAH
Colorful celebrations are underway in the presidential palace with the presence of high level guests arriving in
Celebration for the International Day of Nawroz kicks off in presidential palace, Kabul
The new year festival still ongoing all roads leaded to presidential palace blocked off by security authorities
Guess its the busiest day inside Afghanistan presidential palace, state TV shows people walking around the yard, eating, drinking & dancing
Afghanistan presidential palace celebrates Nourooz international festival in Kabul with music, dance party & BBQ inside the
Eat Well @ Mango and Wheat , Kanda, sunyani avenue,behind the presidential palace.
Kabul looks like a city of ghosts. Excepts the presidential palace.
Peace accord signing with MILF today: On the eve of the biggest show to be hosted by the Palace, Presidential ...
Abu Dhabi Presidential Palace interior designer knows how to do luxury
Nowruz celebration in Presidential Palace Watching live on TV. international Celebration
president Rouhani arrived in & will meet P at the presidential palace/ Nawruz festival.
president Rouhani arrived in Kabul.will meet President Karzai at the Presidential palace htt…
Rumsfeld: U.S. Ties with Karzai 'Gone Downhill Like a Toboggan' Under Obama March 25, 2014 - 6:17 AM By Susan Jones Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai (left), shakes hands and greets U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld, as he arrives at the Presidential Palace in Kabul, Afghanistan on May 1, 2003. (DOD Photo by Helene C. Stikkel) ( - Donald Rumsfeld, who served as U.S. Defense Secretary under President George W. Bush, blames poor diplomacy by the Obama administration for the current strained relations with Afghan President Hamid Karzai. "Our relationship with Karzai and with Afghanistan was absolutely first-rate in the Bush administration," Rumsfeld told Fox News's Greta Van Susteren on Monday. "It has gone down hill like a toboggan ever since the Obama administration came in." Rumsfeld pointed to the fact that the Obama administration has failed to get Karzai to sign an agreement that would allow some U.S. troops to remain in Afghanistan after 2014, when combat ends. The U.S. has sta ...
Movie Marquee, & what was called the Presidential Palace in *** Chi Min City
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JOYCE BANDA WANTS TO HEAT POLITICAL TEMPERATURE FURTHER, MEETING THYOLO TRADITION CHIEFS NOW Malawi’s acting President Joyce Hilda Mtila Banda wants to heat the political temperature in the country further. She has invited all senior traditional leaders from Thyolo, to Sanjika Palace. Thyolo is the home district of opposition DPP Presidential candidate, Peter Mutharika. This is the same place where two lives were lost in the political fracas when Mrs Banda addressed a political rally on Sunday. As we write, the leaders are currently at the Presidential Palace and last night Information Minister Brown James Mpinganjira sent emissaries visiting homes of some of the chiefs that are at Sanjika now. We are in that very same meeting at Sanjika and whatever the Malawian thieving President tells the traditional leaders in private, we will disclose it right here. Achoke! Achoke! Achoke!!!
12D TRANS MEKONG   Saigon - Cu Chi - Vinh Long – Can Tho - Chau Doc - Phnom Penh - Siem Reap 12DAYS/11NIGHTS (MDT/ TVC)   Day 1: Arrival – Saigon (D) Arrive to Saigon, welcome by Tour Guide at the airport in Saigon then transfer to hotel for check-in. Downtown for citytour around the busiest city of Vietnam with its history and culture, you will find many examples of French colonial architecture such as the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Old Saigon Post Office, Ben Thanh Market. O/N in Saigon. Take a short rest until enjoy dinner on the charming Bonsai floating restaurant cruising along Saigon River with music band. O/N in Saigon.   Day 2: Saigon – City Tour (BLD) Breakfast at hotel. Full day city tour. One of the most interesting places to visit in *** Chi Minh City is the former Presidential Palace, now renamed the Reunification Hall. For more war-related history the War Remnants Museum with its thought provoking display of weapons and photographs is also worth visiting. Close to the palace are some ...
GOOD MORNING VIETNAM.46 YEARS LATER! By Bob "Carp" Carpenter Published Sunday, Mar. 9, 2014 in the Charlotte Sun "FLAIR" Insert. SPECIAL TO THE SUN In April 1967, I left Saigon, now *** Chi Minh City, thinking it was the last I’d ever see the war torn capital. However, 46 years later my wife Kaye and I took a cruise last October from Beijing to Singapore with a two-day stop in Saigon, a place I once called home. I was a U.S. Air Force Intelligence Analyst working for National Security Agency. It was my second time in Vietnam; my first was at DaNang in 1965. On April 30, 1975, Communist tanks crashed the gates of the Presidential Palace; Americans were evacuated by helicopter from the American Embassy, and the “American War” as the Vietnamese call it, was over. Vietnam is now a Communist country with its capitol in Hanoi. *** Chi Minh’s photos and banners can be seen everywhere; the people love him almost like a God. To hundreds of thousands of Vietnam veterans who served in the war, if you returne ...
if you want to save The Ukraine, blow the crap out of Bashir Assad's Presidential Palace! Don't talk about it. Just do it!!
PEACE & INVESTMENT :PRESIDENT’S CHINA CALL - President U Thein Sein received Vice Minister for International Department of the Central Committee of Chinese Communist Party Ii Ping at the credentials hall of the Presidential Palace in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday. They discussed prospects of promoting pragmatic comprehensive cooperation between the two governments and people, peace building with national races armed groups, rule of law and attracting foreign investments on win-win basis.
Hanoi's Presidential Palace, rejected by *** Chi Minh as too grand, and the mausoleum where he's resided since 1975.
Hewat Beukes' comments: We witnessed for years millions budgeted for State House "renovations" whilst they knew all along they wanted a new and luxurious Presidential Palace, so what were those millions used for? Nujoma, in the words of one former senior Perm Sec, Isaac Kaulinge, took $1million in cash everytime we went on a overseas trip. And boy, did he travel! Who, in Namibia, would question Nujoma's S&T? Which Minister of Finance or Auditor General? The billion dollars that was used for the new State House (Presidential Palace), how many went to the top brass? If the actual cost of the project was, say, N$500-N$600 million, that would mean N$500-N$6million went to the pockets of TOP corrupt politicians. That's how ALMOST ALL projects are being administered by OVER-BUDGETING and than SKIMMING OFF the DIFFERENCE between the BUDGETED AMOUNT and the ACTUAL EXPENDITURE. And that's where foreigners, esp CHINESE and NORTH KOREANS become very useful as one can't trust Basters and coloreds with the job and e . ...
The Philippines, And The Height of The Beatles' Turmoil Later in July when the Beatles toured the Philippines, they unintentionally snubbed the nation's invitation, who had expected the group to attend a breakfast reception at the Presidential Palace.[3] When presented with the invitation, Brian Epstein politely declined on behalf of the group, as it had never been the group's policy to accept such "official" invitations, but the group soon found out that the regime was unaccustomed to accepting "no" for an answer.[4] Infuriated when finding out that one of her frequent grand parties of 200 guests did not include the Beatles. This would result in an unforgettable outrage that caused the Beatles to never return to the country. After the snub was broadcast on Philippine television and radio, all of their police protection disappeared. Epstein tried to make an apology on Channel 5 in the Manila Hotel, but the Goverment controlled channel made a blackout when it reached his interview, a common theme during h ...
The Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg met with President Juan Manuel Santos at the Presidential Palace in Colombia today as part of his record breaking trade visit to Latin America.
Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan, located within the Islamabad Capital Territory. The population of the city has grown from 95,940 in 1951 to 805,235 as of 1998 making it the ninth largest city in the country. According to a 2012 estimate by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, the population of Islamabad including its surrounding territory has increased almost 2 million and together with its neighbouring twin city of Rawalpindi, the greater Islamabad-Rawalpindi metropolitan area is the third largest conurbation in Pakistan with a population of over 4.5 million inhabitants. Since its foundation, Islamabad has attracted people from all over the country, making it one of the most cosmopolitan and urbanised cities in Pakistan. As the capital the city is the seat of the Government of Pakistan; the Presidential Palace (Aiwan-e-Sadr) is also located here. Islamabad is home to the Pakistan Monument, which is one of the two national monuments. Islamabad is known as a clean, calm and green city. It hosts a larg ...
Representatives from the University Meet with President Michel SuleimanHis Excellency President Michel Suleiman met with Middle East University representatives last Friday to discuss recent developments on campus. The meeting, which was held at the Presidential Palace in Baabda, was arranged so that...
ITS COMPLICATED! President Hollande of France, who lives with his partner, thankfully female, Trierweiler, in the Presidential Palace, is reported to have an affair in a hideout with actress Julie Gayet, who is presently married to Argentinian film director Amigorena and has two children by her husband. Hollande has four children by his previous partner Segolene Royal! Long live the French!
Sean Penn went there and pulled down the Presidential Palace. Endless plunder
Check out the awesome rings the Dominican WBC champs will get tomorrow in presidential palace
UNCONFIRMED news of an explosion in Khalifa Al Ma'amoun street, Masr El Gdeeda, near presidential palace. Anyone there?
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Viva Dr' AbdirahmaN FarooL3" Tomorrow incha alla we'll win' de PresidentiaL Palace"
Sudan’s Bashir commits to help restore peace in South Sudan JUBA (6 Jan.) Sudanese President Omer al Bashir arrived to Juba today at 11:00 a.m. with his ministers of defence, national security, cabinet affairs, agriculture as well as petroleum. At the airport, Bashir was received by South Sudan’s Vice President James Wani Igga. In his remarks in a joint press conference at the presidential palace, Bashir reiterated his commitment to help to restore peace and stability in South Sudan He says that the Sudan is the only country that knows anything about South Sudan, adding that Sudan split into two countries for the sake of peace. Many South Sudanese people have suffered from the recent conflict which led to massive displacement of people, noted the South Sudanese president. South Sudanese citizens who seek refuge in Sudan will not be admitted to refugee camps, he added, but rather should feel as if they are in their own country. “We are ready to simplify provision of any kind of assistance to them,” ...
1st Day in the southern hemisphere spent wondering round old town Quito, watched the changing of the guard at the Presidential Palace with El Presedente and France
Overcoming bass idolization suitable for presidential palace relationships: sQga
Maduro and Parliament's directors meet in presidential palace
South Sudan SITUATION UPDATE: Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir arrived in neighboring South Sudan on Monday for talks on unrest in the latter nation that has left hundreds dead. Al-Bashir's visit comes as rival parties in the South Sudan power struggle work to find a solution to the violence. He arrived at the airport in the capital of Juba before heading to the presidential palace for talks with his South Sudan counterpart, President Salva Kiir. Al-Bashir proposed to have a joint force to protect the oil rich region of Bor. Meanwhile, talks between South Sudan's government and rebels began Monday in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. FOCUS ON AFRICA now showing on Urban Television...
TV Covering Beaten inside Puntland presidential palace in
A meeting got underway at the Baabda Presidential Palace between President Michel Sleiman and PM-designate Tamma...
Deputies invited to Presidential Palace Deputies invited to Presidential Palace
l9i Deputies invited to Presidential Palace
welcome to Jakarta FIFA World Cup. See you tommorow at the Presidential Palace
m1j Deputies invited to Presidential Palace
AHOY MAGUQULA. AHOY MACHINJA. Uruguay is a blessed and prospering country,why? Let me tell you how. His Excellency,The President of Uruguay,Jose Alberto 'Pepe' Mujica Cordan,is described as the world's poorest president.He is a former guerilla fighter.He donates 90% of his monthly $12000 salary to help charities that help poor people.He lives an austere lifestyle,lives on a farm on the outskirts of Montevideo where he does modest farming and helps the local community. He is so humble he refused to stay in the opulent presidential palace,with motorcades and pomp and fanfare.Instead he drives a Volkswagen Beetle.He is in touch with the daily plight of the people and lives among them,no wonder in the words of a certain Joice Banda*THE SECRET IS IN YOUR PEOPLE FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU,AND YOU FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOUR PEOPLE*,its a symbiotic and mutual relationship. Back to a certain country in Africa,where power is shown by your lifestyle.Living in expensive houses,driving top of the range cars,eating all so ...
Meet The Poorest President in the World - Uruguay's Jose Mujica : A message to Nigerian Leaders Meet The “Poorest President” In The World While leaders of other poor countries live in mansions and Members of Parliament take up residences in plush hotel suites, and most especially our Nigerian leaders who are being berated for refusing to declare their assets publicly and demanding astronomical pay rise to add to the already exorbitant allowances they receive, the President of Uruguay, Jose Mujica, a country with a population of 3.4 million people, happily lives on an old farmhouse, having shunned the luxury of the Presidential Palace in the capital city in MontevideoJosé . Mujica is also getting world wide recognition and respect for donating 90 percent of his earnings to charitable causes. He has earned what most people would call an enviable reputation as the "poorest," or the "most generous," president in the world. His nickname, "el presidente mas pobre" translates to "poorest president". The 77- ...
From History: President Husni al-Zaim receiving ambassadors at the Presidential Palace - 1949
Omar alBashir and Salva Kiir pose before a meeting today at the presidential palace in
Will 's health reforms propel him into the Presidential Palace in Indonesia in 2014?
The real reasons behind South Sudan crisis Last updated: 27 December 2013 The escalating crisis proves that secession is not a panacea for peace and democracy. While the situation in Somalia remains fragile, the Republic of Sudan and the State of Eritrea face a precarious future. Most dreadful for the entire region, however, is the possibility of another state failure in the form of South Sudan. With the closest scrutiny by the Pan-African community, together with relevant international actors, a referendum held in line with the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) peacefully delivered the newest nation on July 9, 2011. Globally welcomed as the world's newest state, the hopes and wishes of the international community for South Sudan were far from what we are now witnessing. The current crisis in South Sudan amounts to a failure of the international community to ensure that this new state develops into a democratic and stable nation. On December 15, an armed confrontation erupted at the centre of the South ...
Bashir has landed in Juba ...Traffic Disrupted. Most of the main roads ministries/parliament and the Presidential Palace roads not accessible for movement
With Yahya, Didit, and 2 others at Istana Tampaksiring (Presidential Palace) [pic] —
I wonder if they ever wrote the later adventures of um ahmed at the resort town of Taba's Hilton
More from Mayy & Dave,please tell me not to mention you if this is old or boring for MB
Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda now holding Palace briefing. With him is DPWH Sec. Rogelio Singson
Gabriel Garcia Marquez:. ... vultures got into the presidential palace by pecking through the screens on the balcony
Flagstaff House, presidential palace of Accra, Ghana, meant to be inspired by a golden stool. Started use last year
Fair polls to be the happiest day in my life, Karzai told presidential contenders who called on him at the Presidential Palace.
The “truck” that lifted the presidential palace’s gate.
"...the Taliban's influence has increased to an extent that their voice is rising from the Presidential Palace."
The Presidential Palace, The Presidential Palace -- which is locally known as the Palacio...
Yey first time paid a visit to Presidential Palace. (Perhaps this will be the look when we see it in…
President Karzai with Presidential candidates in the Presidential Palace today...!
Sacked mining workers protest camp outside Nouakchott presidential palace for about 9 days now
Today the presidential candidates were gather at president palace.
SouthSudan Parliament and Presidential Palace under Attack by Rebels . Parts of Juba in rebels hands
Diaporama : The presidential palace, the party of the year
Photoset: The presidential palace, the party of the year
Urgent/hear explosions and heavy exchanges of fire in the neighbourhood of the Presidential Palace in Juba
2013 VIDEOS / EDITOR"S PICKS: Incredible turnout at peak of presidential palace protest via
Juba Update Heavy explosions were yesterday heard in a Juba district where most ministries, the presidential palace and the parliament are located even as warring factions met for the first time on the eve of direct talks in Ethiopia to pull South Sudan back from the brink of all-out civil war.Serious full face-to-face peace talks are to begin today
If, God forbid, someone else get the presidential palace except Dr Aharf Ghani we (young generation) might not want to stay in Afghanistan, for the reason that there may be not even single opportunity for the young educated guys.
Al-Akhbar: Lebanon: March 14 Upset as Suleiman Backs Down By: Maysam Rizk The praise that Lebanese President Michel Suleiman heaped on Saudi Arabia and its allies in Lebanon did not save him from criticism by March 14 politicians. They see him as “weak because he has not formed the government he has promised many times.” Today, they express their displeasure at the “breaking and contradictory news” that reaches them from the presidential palace, “indicating that the president intends to back down once again.” Every time President Suleiman vows to form a neutral government and is about to take the plunge, a blast goes off here or an assassination takes place there, putting his plans on hold. Sources indicate that Suleiman is still adamant on forming a government, however, this responsibility does not lie with the president alone but with the Prime Minister-designate as well. Besides, after the bombings that targeted minister Mohammed Shatah and the residents of Dahiyeh, one must be prudent and ...
South Sudan may have a new President by the time the sun rises following current attacks on the Presidential Palace by the rebels.
Heavy gunfire reported outside the Parliamentary buildings and Presidential palace in Juba
"Col. Patrick Karegeya is said to have been running a sophisticated espionage system in Rwanda to facilitate forces within the region and the international community to overthrow Kagame. An impeccable source also said Karegeya had been spotted in the Eastern DRC in 2011 and that he was a regular visitor of a neighbouring country where he would be hosted at a Presidential palace." Jeez! Am I supposed to believe this? What was the neighboring country? Was that TZ by any chance? (Caution: Chimpreports newspaper below is known to be the mouthpiece of Uganda's dictator Museveni) - See more at:
In a press release issued from the Presidential Palace on Friday, it was said that the large tranche of 650 detainees expected to be released from Bagram prison on order of President Hamid Karzai's Commission for Addressing Bagram Prisoner Cases would be put on hold and reassessed by officials. The announcement came after the pressure mounted for Karzai and supporters of the goodwill strategy he has pushed with militants in the last year, looking to release captured members of the Taliban in hopes of softening the group up for peace talks. According to the special Bagram Commission, the 650 prisoners that were expected to be released in the first weeks of the new year were selected simply because there was not enough evidence to legitimately detain them under Afghan law. However, there has been blowback against this decision from the Afghan Parliament, the families of war victims and U.S. officials. Some Afghan representatives have called into question the legality of the Commission's decision, saying tha ...
Cristiano Ronaldo Awarded Major Honour as 'Worldwide Symbol of Portugal' Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo is to be awarded one of Portugal's highest honours by the country's president. Anibal Cavaco Silva, who assumed office in March 2006, released a statement on Friday which lauded Ronaldo's achievements at representing the country on the world stage, [Ronaldo] is a worldwide symbol of Portugal, making the country better known internationally, and an example of perseverance for younger generations. As part of the ceremony, which takes place on Tuesday at Lisbon's presidential palace, Ronaldo will be made an official of the Order of Prince Henry and receive a medal and ribbon. The honour is the latest piece of good news in a remarkable few months for Ronaldo, who helped Portugal to reach the 2014 World Cup in Brazil with a magnificent individual display in the two-legged playoff against Sweden, which saw him a score a hat-trick. The former Manchester United player is also the favourite to win the Ballon ...
A VISIT TO THE MALACANANG MUSEUM The whole student body of Pax et Lumen took a day off from regular classes to visit the Presidential Palace’s museum on 5 December 2013. It was part of their annual field trip. The students were brought to the Presidential Palace, called Malacanang ( lacan or lakan means nobleman), to make them see in person where the President lives and works. During the Spanish colonial times, the Spanish Governors General stayed at the Palacio del Gobernador at the Intramuros. They used Malacanang only temporarily, especially after an earthquake had damaged the Palacio in 1863. The American Governors General improved Malacanang and it has been the seat of power for more than 150 years now. Governor General Leonard Wood was the first American Governor General to reside at Malacanang. Further improvements were done when President Manuel L. Quezon became the first President of the Philippine Commonwealth. The Museum, which is open to the public, holds the memorabilia of the past pres ...
pashto very nice attan by Hewad Group in presidential palace of Russia - pashto attan - for more videos please visit . . . . . . . . . ...
German Chancellor Angela Merkel goes, protests follow. So when she landed in Lisbon two days before the Southern European general strike on November 14, 2012, the international press expected similar scenes to that which took place in Athens when tens of thousands demonstrated against her visit to the Greek capital. Unfortunately, the demonstration on that Monday afternoon only attracted a couple of hundred leftists under the banner "Fora Merkel!" - Merkel must go. Riot police and metal fences separated protesters from the Presidential Palace where Merkel met with members of the Portuguese cabinet. In Athens, placards and posters read, "Merkel in Athens is like Hitler in Paris." These would be echoed later in Cyprus where teenagers took to the streets earlier in 2013. Outside the Presidential Palace in Lisbon, a small group of rebel clowns carried a Merkel effigy with a large swastika covering her torso. When protesters couldn't break through the lines of riot police, they burnt the effigy. Interestingly, ...
France’s Elysée presidential palace is set to auction off its wine cellar to fund a cheaper collection and return some money to the French state, a Paris auction house said Tuesday. The 1,200 bottles are set to go on sale May 30 and 31.
shooting in RTNC, Airport, etat major, presidential palace.. looks like coordinated crisis
So today I turn 44 and what a ride its been ( fighting in the first gulf war, having met a president of a different country in their presidential palace, receiving the spirit of Solano award twice from two different chambers, being a realtor during the financial crisis, being a president of a chamber for two years in a row and so many other achievements that compared to others lives seem minuscule, and at this age I tend to forget more than I remember) 4 decades on this earth can test you. And I'm already working on the
Yemeni Witness 9h Presidential Palace in shelled with mortars. Also heavy gunfire close to Central Bank.
Secular depravity In a recent cyber debate with a prominent Egyptian secularist, who vehemently opposed any role or expression of religion, especially Islam, in public life, the fascist-minded Islamo-phobe argued that in order for Muslims to take part in political life, they would have to leave their religion at home. "Religion belongs in the mosques, not in the streets," he argued. I rebutted that, unlike Christianity which has no Sharia or set of laws regulating political life, Islam is a comprehensive way of life whose laws cover every conceivable aspect of the Muslim community life from cradle to grave. More to the point, I further argued that a Muslim, especially a true Muslim, can't leave his religion at home since doing so would mean effectively leaving his morality at home. "A true Muslim can't worship God in the Mosque but worship the devil in the street or in parliament or even at the presidential palace." Yet this is exactly what the new Egyptian constitution, concocted by a group of 50 *** ...
Fatal dog attack ignites debate (Chile)The violent death of two women, mauled and killed by their neighbour’s pack of dogs on their own property, has once again raised the polemic subject of dog control in Chile and particularly the emotive issue of euthanising dangerous or unwanted animals. While the owner of the dogs, the victims’ immediate neighbour, is in custody facing charges of double homicide, the animals themselves – a combination of St. Bernards and mixed breeds – are also being held. News reports suggest authorities are waiting for expert advice on “which dog is the alpha”. Exactly why the dogs have not been destroyed and why the alpha needs to be formally identified has not been communicated, but the fallout of the tragedy highlights the conflict within Chile on managing its dog population.  Parliament has responded to the deaths by prioritising a bill on responsible dog ownership. The bill points to large-scale sterilisation of pets in an attempt to manage the population. The le ...
Attack on presidential palace thwarted in Bangui. BANGUI, Central African Republic (AP) — Assailants armed with heavy weapons attempted late Thursday to attack the presidential palace as well as the residence of the Central African Republic's embattled leader, but were pushed back, officials said. Reached by telephone, Guy Simplice, spokesman for President Michel Djotodia, said there had been heavy fighting near the seat of government, before the army was able to block the aggressors. Although the attackers could not immediately be identified, for weeks there have been rumors that a Christian militia, believed to be backed by the president, who was ousted by Djotodia in a coup nine months ago, would attempt to seize back power. Read more on
Book of Prophet Kacou Philippe KACOU 92:PROPHETIC ACTS (Preached Thursday December 24, 2009 evening, in Anyama close to Abidjan–Ivory Coast / Ref.11-13) 1 Well, the new year is coming up, be joyful but feast moderately! We do not celebrate Christmas and we do not magnify some mother of Jesus-Christ because we are not catholic. Mary can never be the mediator between us and Jesus-Christ. And 1 Kings 2:13-25 is a prophetic act that shows it. Adonijah, the national president of the "legion of Mary" had pleaded the intercession of the Virgin Mary to marry Abishag. 2 I’ve particularly decided that for the construction at Katadji, the assembly of the village of Gagny-Crossroads may not contribute any more. They are about forty people and in addition to all that they did and are still doing for me, I do not remember that one Sunday, an assembly had donated beyond their contribution for the house. And often, as for this Sunday December 20, they donated more than all the six assemblies of Abidjan gathered! 3 ...
Police and state officials say a theater director rammed a car into the rear gate of the French presidential palace on Thursday in protest of government funding cuts to the arts. Th...
Surely, if we promote Nkandla presidential palace we are also saying that we need to spend another 206m for Seshego presidential palace frm next year. Means we will hv 4 presidential palaces. Pretoria, Cape Town, Nkandla & Seshego.
Attack on presidential palace thwarted in Bangui
Eve Malonga - Isidore Mbayo | LNC BANGUI (LNC) — The CAR army has been able to stop heavily armed assailants who tried to storm the presidential palace and the embattled leader's residence. Assaila...
Central African Republic: attack on presidential palace beaten back [...][Published in AidNews - Read the original article]
The spokesman for the embattled president of the Central African Republic confirmed assailants had attempted to attack the presidential palace, but were pushed back.
Post and Courier - Attack on presidential palace thwarted in Bangui, Central African Republic
- Attack on presidential palace thwarted in Bangui
An attack on presidential palace in Bangui, Central African Republic is thwarted -
Man Drives into French Presidential Palace Grill in Protest An Italian man drove his car into the iron grills of a back entrance of the French presidential palace Thursday to protest against subsidy cuts for a Paris theater he manages, police said. The action was seen as largely symbolic since the man, who was not named, "only succeeded in lightly hitting the grills at slow speed," a police source said. "He was immediately arrested and placed in custody," the source added. Other police sources said the man, who runs a 100-seat theater in the city's Montparnasse district, had staged another protest outside the presidential palace a few days ago, igniting the model of a harlequin. He had also scattered leaflets on the road slamming a cut in subsidies for his theater, La Comedie Italienne which stages classical and contemporary Italian works. The man was released after questioning by police in the earlier incident. SourceAgence France Presse
From a U.S. Senate race to the Presidential palace in Chile; from a team of high school debaters in New York City to the halls of Parliament in Rwanda, women are striving for power. But what drives them, and what unique contemporary challenges do they face? And why, with the success of people like Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin, does the U.S. lag so far behind the world in the percentage of women in political office? Watch this preview and excerpt of a NOW on PBS hour-long special "Women, Power and Politics" which airs September 19 (check local listings).
Im thinking of significant encounters and conversations, words from God and words from people that have touched me throughout this year. And Mr Jose Mujica, president of Uruguay really touched me. He is called the poorest president of the world. He doesnt want to live in the presidential palace, and once let beggars live there in the winter. He still lives in his rather poor house outside Montevideo and gives away 90% of his salary to charity. I think what he said in an interview you can find further down my wall, is very very true, and very important for many of us to consider. So I transcripted and translated it for you to hear too: - To live I need liberty. And to have liberty I need TIME. If I worry to much about the huzzle and chores of a big house, staff and servants, with this and that, I wont have time. I would have to use my time tending to that. And if I have a lot of money, then I would have to start taking care that they wont rob me, and that they are working. So I prefer to have the best mar ...
Sweet memory when i'm visiting in presidential palace i look at one thousand mirror.. Assemble i imagine going hajj..
What will the British government do now? I listened to Dr. Abbas Khan's sister tell the BBC how the Syrian officials told her mother that they killed her son. She had phoned the Office of Buthaina Shabaan at the presidential palace in order to find an explanation for the death of her son. She was told brutally that they had killed her son in his cell and warned her to leave Damascus as soon as possible if she knew what was good for her. She did leave.
Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Dec. 2013: Last Friday, I had the privilege of being invited to a government campaign on violence against children at a large public school for girls. When government officials told the children, “Don’t be afraid to report physical and sexual abuse…. because the law is on your side,” I remembered a beating I had received from a Haitian soldier in the 60’s. I was perhaps ten years old, going on errands just before sunset. Crossing the street in front of the Presidential Palace, I noticed every pedestrian was standing at attention with their hand on their chest, and cars were coming to a screeching halt. Then I saw a military band on the palace’s grounds playing the national anthem while the Haitian flag was being lowered. I kept on walking, but slowly, watching the ceremony and wondering why everyone stopped. After the folding of the flag, I heard a soldier say, “Hey, you, come here!” I approached him, my heart pounding, thinking he was going to reprimand me for ...
A huge mass of protesters descend of Egypt's presidential palace as part of June 30th demonstrations across the country intended to oust Mohamed Morsi from p...
At 12:29 a.m., on 23 December 1972, a 6.2 earthquake rocked the very center of Managua. Within the hour, two aftershocks shook the already devastated city. Of the city’s 400,000 inhabitants, officially 6,000 were killed, 20,000 injured and 250,000 made homeless. Nicaraguan friends have told me about that night. One recounted her father’s presentiment and warning to his family, of the aftermath, of her grandmother arriving from León, her horse-drawn wagon loaded down with shovels, picks, blankets and emergency supplies. Another couple told me of their wedding postponed. Others have reported the most horrifying event of that night: Because it was near the Christmas holidays, many merchants were sleeping in their stalls in the Mercado Central. When the tremor hit, a gas station next door exploded and a fire swept through the market, killing all within. Perhaps Nicaragua´s future was foretold by the locale of the epicenter: Laguna de Tiscapa, in front of the Presidential Palace. At the time, another gen ...
reconciliation talks: Outcome of Kiir-Garang meeting unclear JUBA (22 Dec.) - President Salva Kiir met with one of his critics Rebecca Garang at the Presidential Palace in Juba this afternoon to discuss reconciliation. FULL STORY:
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last week at a traffic light in Abuja, I saw a young man selling books. I called him to see his collections. Most of the books he had are very much familiar and I have read them. But one of them wouldn't stop catching my attention, I grabbed it and asked how much, he replied 5000 naira. I asked for his best price, he said Bros invest in me na, I was touched and gave him what he wanted. The book is; LONG WALK TO FREEDOM by Nelson Mandala. The book is a familiar one but one thing that is so unfamiliar with it, is the rate at which it is seen at every corner since Africa's Icon; Nelson Mandela passed on. I was staring at my new book and meditating on the ideas that inspired the author to walk that long to freedom and blessing God for sending someone like Nelson to break the black man from the chains of bondage. He fought and won in Soweto, but his victory is for the black race and all those who cherish equality and fairness. While all these were running through my mind, I approached the the next traffic ligh ...
In this city, you can see a presidential palace in one direction and ...
Three thousand children celebrating Christmas in the presidential palace - more pics here =>
LISBON - Tens of hundreds of protesters gathered in front of the presidential palace Thursday in protest against the Portuguese government's harsh austerity budget for 2014. The protesters held high placards that read "Government Steps Down" and lit up sticks representing the new budget data. A group of protesters even took a donkey carrying loads to mock the government. "My salary is miserable," said Paula Valente, 46, waving a large red banner. "My salary and my husband's salary put together aren't even enough to make ends meet." "The first two weeks of the month we managed OK, but the last two weeks? We can only buy the very basics -- milk, bread and soup," she added. The Portuguese government has been applying harsh austerity policies since the country was bailed out in May 2011 under a 78-billion-euro (106-billion-US-dollar) deal signed with the troika of international lenders - the European Commission, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank. Francisco Carrilho, another protest ...
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when I was a child there were times when my grandmother would call from Guatemala and prior to us speaking to her my father would give us the run down of things we COULD ABSOLUTELY NOT SAY TO HER ON THE PHONE. You see members of my family and extended family worked in the Presidential Palace as well as had ties to the Guerrilla regime(s) in my home country. My grandmother's phone stayed tapped. So even mentioning anything remotely related to politics was off limits. There was only the simple "how are you? how's the family, is everyone healthy? oh aunt so and so is sick, sorry to hear that." we couldn't even go into detail of if or how she would be getting treatment. "ok love you grandma." we would hear of Coup d'états and trust at the young age of 9 or 10 I knew and understood what a big deal it was. (some of you are reading this not even knowing what it is. Basically it's when the government is overthrown, president ousted. It usually involved death, dismemberment, fire, firepower. not a nice th ...
Credentials ceremony in Sofia. Reviewing the honorary guard at the Presidential Palace.
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Brotherhood supporters clash with police at Cairo presidential palace - News - Aswat Masriya
Brotherhood supporters clash with police at presidential palace -
Nathan Hodge has details of a brazen attack launched by the Taliban on the presidential palace in Kabul, Afghanistan. Click here to subscribe to our channel:...
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OIC: NO MILITARY BODY ORGANIZATIONS AND BIG MOUTH WITHOUT TOOTH The Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) composed of 57 Muslim member Countries, a big mouth without tooth, there will be no Military body Organization, unlike United Nations (UN) and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Same as in one Country without Law Enforcers, no executive Power, Military & Police. In other words, do nothing to solve in a problems of the society. When the Bldg bursting fire emergency need assistance at the time to built up a fire truck, is too late & this is a big mistakes. Furthermore, give no solutions to solve the problems in Palestine, Burma, Syria, Bosnia, Kosovo, Chechnya, Libya, etc. killed thousand & Million innocent Civilians, a lots of livelihood damages and economic sabotages, just only playing game by west. Look, the Yemen Crisis short period ago, on grace helping hands of NATO to strikes missile of Presidential Palace, Former President Ali Abdullah Saleh 33 Years in Public office was immediately s ...
President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama arrive for an official dinner at the Presidential Palace in Dakar, Senegal, June 27, 2013. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)
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Italian President Napolitano Warns of Violent Unrest in 2014 - “The crisis affecting the euro zone has put a strain on social cohesion. The most detailed forecasts for 2014 indicate a risk of widespread social tension and unrest: a risk that must been kept in mind and confronted in Italy,” Napolitano said during an address at his presidential palace in Rome, adding that citizens “could get involved in haphazard and even violent protests, in an extreme and unfruitful surge of total opposition to politics and institutions”. anti-EU sentiment prevalent amongst Italians that riot police sent to harass protesters in some cities are removing their helmets and joining with the demonstrators. The country has been rocked with a prolonged “pitchfork” (Forconi) revolt over fuel prices, globalization, soaring unemployment, and the European Union’s draconian austerity measures, with a diverse group of Italians, from farmers to students, coming together under one umbrella.
Presidential palace straight a surpassing tomorrow in association with today's kids: CaqdH
president Pepe - 2012 - the presidential palace would be included among the state shelters for the homeless. .
Rehearsal for the Presidential Palace concert. Dec 22 @ 8.30pm (Live on LBC)
Surely, without action from Nuer, Kiir will not leave that presidential palace but now is the real time. The throne is completely ended and for you the others tribes of South Sudan, just watch closely and you will enjoy your freedoms sooner. Nuer will make it happen!
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I would understand all of our money being spent on if it was the Presidential palace, where all future leaders were to live.
Reclaim all taxpayer money spent on this project from those that authorized the presidential palace
I am proud to add the nativity set of the Presidential Palace in Baabda to Christmas Cyber Exhibition, maybe the only Palace that has a nativity set in the whole region. support by liking and adding your own sets to keep Jesus in the heart of Christmas.
Earlier this week - Cirque du Liban @ the Presidential Palace in celebration of christmas for the kids of officers and military staff and personnel. See more at:
Christmas concert given by Tania Kassis at the Presidential Palace in Baabda. Soprano Opera singer, Tania Kassis, gave a Christmas concer...
Subscribe on YouTube: Zabiullah, a former tea boy in Afghanistan's presidential palace, has a following in Kabul because of his ability ...
AP In this July 13, 2012 photo, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy holds a joint news conference with Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki, unseen, at the Presidential palace in Cairo. Ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy and 35 other top Islamists will be tried for “espionage” and collaborating with foreign militant outfits like Hamas and Hezbollah to commit “terrorist acts” in the country, state media said on Wednesday. Mr. Morsy, toppled by the military in July 2013, is already on trial and in jail for alleged involvement in the killings of opposition protesters. The deposed leader will stand trial with 35 co-defendants, including prominent members of his Muslim Brotherhood and former presidential advisers. Mr. Morsy, 62, has been accused of “espionage for foreign organisations abroad to commit terrorist attacks in the country,” the state-run MENA news agency reported. Mr. Morsy and 35 co-defendants have been accused of “collaborating with foreign organisations to commit terrorist acts in ...
Salvador Allende Last Words to the Nation This speech was delivered at 9:10 am on September 11, 1973, in the midst on an ultimately successful US- sponsored coup d'etat against the democratically- elected government. Barricaded inside La Moneda, the presidential palace, President Allende gave his life defending Chilean democracy. Click for audio My friends, Surely this will be the last opportunity for me to address you. The Air Force has bombed the towers of Radio Portales and Radio Corporación. My words do not have bitterness but disappointment. May they be a moral punishment for those who have betrayed their oath: soldiers of Chile, titular commanders in chief, Admiral Merino, who has designated himself Commander of the Navy, and Mr. Mendoza, the despicable general who only yesterday pledged his fidelity and loyalty to the Government, and who also has appointed himself Chief of the Carabineros [national police]. Given these facts, the only thing left for me is to say to workers: I am not going to resig ...
Egypt sends Mursi, others, to trial for international conspiracy (Reuters) Egypt's public prosecutor ordered former President Mohamed Mursi and 34 other Islamists to stand trial on charges including conspiring with foreign groups to commit terrorist acts in Egypt and divulging military secrets to a foreign state. The charges levelled against Mursi and other top Muslim Brotherhood members on Wednesday could result in their execution. Mursi is already standing trial for inciting violence during protests outside the presidential palace a year ago when he was still in office. He was deposed in July by the army following mass protests against his rule. In a statement, the prosecutor said the Brotherhood had committed acts of violence and terrorism in Egypt and prepared a "terrorist plan" that included an alliance with the Palestinian group Hamas and Lebanon's Hezbollah. There was no immediate comment from Hamas or Hezbollah. The charge sheet called it "the biggest case of conspiracy in the history of Egypt". I ...
Militants have attacked security forces near the presidential palace in the centre of the Afghan capital, Kabul. A BBC correspondent says the assailants are ...
Yesterday, December 16th, marked six months since August’s disappearance, and we all pray for his safe return. We now have a new opportunity to assist in the ongoing search and recovery efforts underway. Last week at the Presidential Palace in Quito Ecuador, President Rafael Correa held the inaugural Presidential Forum for Families whose loved ones have disappeared. At the outset, President Correa publicly stated that he would make finding August and others missing persons a national priority at the highest level. He will use the full support of his presidency and all incumbent resources. The President has directed the Minister of the Interior to establish a cabinet level office dedicated solely to finding missing persons. Already in place are two-hundred and forty-six veteran police reappointed to this office under the directorship of Tatiana Reyes. Additionally UNASE and the Fiscalia (Ecuador's Attorney General Equivalent) are key partners. Here is how we can help: please contact your Senators, Repres ...
A gallant French President Francois Hollande met with Quebec premier Pauline Marois at the presidential palace in Paris.
AGAGWILAWO: More than 60 soldiers have been killed in two days of clashes in the South Sudanese capital Juba, doctors at a military hospital have said. Fresh violence broke out on Tuesday, a day after the government said it had quashed an attempted coup. Thousands of people have sought shelter at two UN compounds in the capital. On Monday, President Salva Kiir blamed soldiers loyal to his former deputy Riek Machar - sacked in July - for the violence. He said the clashes began when uniformed personnel opened fire at a meeting of the ruling party, former rebel force the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM), on Sunday night. Curfew in place Fresh gunfire erupted on Tuesday near the presidential palace and many other areas of Juba. Ajak Bullen, a doctor at a military hospital, said at least 66 soldiers had died in the clashes. "So far we have lost seven soldiers who died while they were waiting for medical attention and a further 59 who were killed outside," he told local media. A night time curfew is in ...
We just arrived in Juba yesterday. After a good dinner at the Nile we went to sleep. Today we were supposed to fly to Yambio. However, in the night gun shooting started, the airport was closed. Now, there is a curfew, and gun shooting continues. We are just next to the presidential palace. Please, pray - not for us, but for the people of South Sudan. We are afraid that if violence starts, people are going really to suffer. One priest sneaked out and went to the hospital, to find it full of dead and wounded people.
In Bar Cardano in Lima, at the side of the presidential palace, favorite watering and hole and eating place of Peru presidents, politicians, writers, etc. Simple but excellent food. Good drinks. We are with Daniel Sumalavia, of the Ministry of Culture and a member of the recently created Lawyers for Community Tenure global coalition we just founded in Manila. Thanks Daniel for bringing us to Bar Cardano and around Lima.
Hi Bruce, 1996 at Presidential Palace in Cape Town after we cycled from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town.
EGYPT***Lawyers defending those accused in the Ettahdeya Presidential Palace events, which include deposed President Mohamed Morsy, will file a request to the prosecution within days to visit Morsy in Borg Al-Arab prison in Alexandria, according to head lawyers Mohamed al-Damaty.
Interim President Adly Mansour meets U.S. delegation today at the Presidential Palace premises. The delegation includes Steve King of Iowa, Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota and Louie Gohmert of Texas. Ambassador David Satterfield will also be present.
Haiti to get new orphanage An element of terror lingers in their voices when Haitians refer to the epic earthquake as “Gudugudu. Gudugudu. Gudugudu.” Haitian nun Sister Marie Yannick says it is the word Haitians still use to describe the chilling sounds when the earth opened and the devastating 7.0 earthquake struck the country’s capital Port-au-Prince on January 12, 2010. European Union statistics show the tragedy claimed roughly 300,000 lives with 70,000 bodies recovered, 250,000 injured 1.5 million rendered homeless. Three years later, Haitians are still rebuilding their lives, cities and communities after that fateful day when buildings like the Presidential Palace and National Assembly and Port-au-Prince Cathedral were destroyed. Dr Paula Henry, director and coordinator of HAIT&T Foundation led a medical clinic to render assistance on behalf of Haitians. Apart from the provision of medicines, tourniquets, first aid and counselling, Dr Henry felt compelled to help in a more tangible manner. ...
A Visit to the President When Swamishri visited New Delhi in 1986, he was accorded an invitation by the President of India, H.E. Gyani Zail Singh, to grace the Presidential Palace. The meeting proved to be a memorable and historic occasion. When Swamishri was ready to leave, he removed the mala from his neck and offered it to the President. Then Swamishri said innocently enough, "We are sadhus, so we have nothing else to give you except this mala. Use it to remember the Lord." The President accepted the mala with deep gratitude and touched it to his forehead. He was quite overwhelmed. He remarked in return, "Swamiji, whenever I chant with this mala, I'll remember you." Swamishri never failed in passing on his message of devotion even to the President. Who else, besides such a pure and sincere sadhu like Swamishri, could do that? Sadhu Atmaswarupdas
AND WHAT OF THIS.Civil Comments Please?.The debate continues? Jonathan's 'Killer Squad' And Obasanjo's Amnesia-Letter from the Pot to The Kettle I am not a fan of General Olusegun Obasanjo but I have read his 16 page letter to President Jonathan trice. Obasanjo’s government remains the only civilian administration that imprisoned me UNJUSTLY for over a month simply for stating my views on the State of The Nigeria Nation under his regime. When it comes to intolerance, grand corruption, deceit, moral bankruptcy, General Olusegun Obasanjo will sure be in the top-3 in the world league of misfits who ruled in Africa. Here is a man who . with his sons , inside Nigeria's presidential palace and even failed to put up a defence in court when the allegations came up. -A man who sold every viable public cooperation to his cronies and concubines at give away prices. Obasanjo is that man who betrayed every known good cause, he his the cunning fox that would arrive when a war had been won and claim victory, when it c ...
Located two kilometres from Kigali International Airport, the former presidential palace in Kanombe is every description of opulence.
I am so impatient for the next Homeland episode, that I'm going to write the rest of the season myself. Word gets to the CIA that Brody killed Akbari, and the grateful CIA formulates an evacuation plan. Unfortunately, Iran finds out about Brody and put him in a concentration camp for eight years. Carrie, meanwhile, has Brody's baby and is told that Brody was killed. Mike (Brody's best friend) moves in with Carrie, and they have a relationship. Brody's son gets a purple belt in Karate, and Mike says, "way to go champ". Javadi assumes power, and makes special accommodations for Brody in the Presidential Palace. Brody becomes very close to Javadi's son, and teaches him english. One day, a US Drone bombs the palace, and kills Javadi's son. Javadi then puts Brody back into a concentration camp, while an Iranian asset leaks to Carrie that Brody is alive, and US Special forces mount a rescue operation and rescues Brody. Brody comes home to Carrie and she doesn't tell Brody about Mike. During a backyard Bar ...
To my family, friends, FB family and members of congress and the presidential palace. Thank you all for taking your time writing on my timeline wishing me a happy birthday and also the likes, text, email, phone calls, snail-mail, etc.. I truly appreciated. But most important I thank my Father God for this day and many more to come. May the favor of God be with you all.
Most African have become "STICKERS" at thier presidential palace especially Paul Biya of Cameroon and Robert of Zimbabwe. The LORD will soon judge u all according to "Is. 2v2-4." Presidency na una papa house? Repent b4 it's too late!
it is almost christmas time and the Ghanaian 'presidential palace' has some wack decorative festive lights installed and lit on the hedges in the lawns. What a waste of electricity, the building already has over 200 lights which have all also been lit. There are places in Ghana where this electric power would be of better use... come and let me show you.
MOGADISHU (Reuters) - An economist based at the Islamic Development Bank in Saudi Arabia is favourite to be named Somalia's new Prime Minister, sources in the presidential palace said, after his predecessor was forced out by lawmakers in a vote of no confidence. The palace sources, and another with…
Saigon, which develops strongly in the industry as well as tourism, is a prosperous and magnificent city center. You can see Presidential Palace, War Crime Museum, China Town, City Hall and water puppet shows… An indispensable destination for your trip is Mekong Delta with famous Unicorn and Turtle Islands and folk music. Explore Cu Chi tunnels with special tale history the war in vietnam before 1975’s.
Somalia's president has appointed a new Prime Minister – the second Prime Minister the horn of Africa country has had in 14 months. Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed was named Prime Minister in a press conference held on Thursday at Villa Somalia - the heavily guarded presidential palace in the Somali capital, Mogadishu. Ahmed’s appointment comes after the previous Prime Minister, Abdi Farah Shirdon, lost a vote of no-confidence in the Somali parliament last week following disagreement with President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud over cabinet appointments.
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GEJ vuvuzelas are powerly drunk,they are addicted already to the drugs like Sycophantine and hypocritine. Their recovery period shal be 2015 may,27th. from the corridor of the presidential palace to the concret of prison palance. From Makun to Abati,from Gulak to Asari etc."clan slogans are danced by those who know the steps,any wrong step by a novice is felt more by experts of the clan.
SOMALIA Hussein Halane tops the candidates to replace Somalia’s outgoing PM Abdi Farah Shirdon Mush2Hussein Abdi Halane is the leading candidate to replace the outgoing Prime Minister of Somalia, Abdi Farah Shirdon, Somali Current sources reveal. Somali Federal Parliament ousted Shirdon on October 2, after lawmakers criticized his low performance and lack of activities as the country’s Prime Minister, during his year in office. SC sources close to the Presidential Palace confirm that Hussein Halane is the ideal candidate to replace Shirdon, although he faces a stiff competition from Abdiwahid Elmi Gonjeh, who was the Deputy Prime Minister and federal Minister for Transport during PM Omar Abdirashid’s term. Halane is a well-regarded figure in the international community and was the former Minister of Finance of the previous Transitional Federal Government of Somalia, led by PM Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo. He has been working with Non-profit humanitarian organizations in the last 23 years. In addition, ...
UPU Election: Aziza emerges winner (PLUS FULL DETAILS) The President-General of Urhobo Progress Union, (UPU) Chief Patrick Aziza has been elected for a second term of three years in a keenly contested election as President-General to pilot the affairs of the Urhobo nation. In the election which was preceded by horse-trading from the two camps held at Ultra Modern Urhobo Cultural Centre, Uvwiamuge, Delta State on Saturday, Aziza pulled 301 votes to beat his opponent, Chief O.C. Majoroh who scored 224 votes. The election conducted by Electoral Committee headed by the Independent Electoral (INEC) Commissioner of Cross River State, Barr. Mike Igini saw some former executive members of UPU being re-elected to their positions. Other members of the new UPU Excos are; Chief S.O. Omene , First Deputy President; Chief Tuesday Onoge, Second Deputy President; Chief Austin Uloho, Third Deputy President; Chief Albert Akpomudje, Secretary General; Chief Efe Okonoko, Assistant Secretary General; and Barr Akpodeye (SAN), ...
News reports have shown protesters besieging the Presidential Palace in Thailand, where they disrupted electricity supply to the buildings. Despite their provocative actions, the government and military forces have remained very polite, while the Presidency is still appealing for calm and dialogue from the protesters. Can such ever occur in Nigeria?
Opposition UNP MP Ravi Karunanayake was among the first foreign politicians to meet Maldivian President Abdulla Yamin after he assumed office. He is seen here with his wife Mela at the Presidential Palace with the first couple of the Maldives at a dinner that was hosted for foreign dignitaries.
n 06/12/2013, MP Mohamed Warsame Mohamed ( a.k.a. Faisal) was brutally assassinated in front of the presidential palace ( Villa Somalia) in Mogadishu. reports suggest that an explosive device was taped in his car which blasted shortly after leaving the Palace., Mr. Faisal dead minutes after the attack. A reliable sources say that President Hassan Sheikh Mohamed called Mr. Faisal and reguested him to come to the presidency for discussion, the MP accepted the President’s suggestion and drove to the palace. the source say PM’s car was checked in three heavily guarded security check points on the road to the presidential palace, some of them run by Amisom( AU peace keeping mission in Somalia) We do not know what the two men descussed, but we do know they were staunch political rivals.The esplosion took place after the meeting had ended and Mr.Faisal drove just few miters outside the main gate of the heavily guarded presidential compound. Mr. Faisal , who hails from the semi autonomous region of Punt ...
Bangladeshi band LRB enthralled Indian President Pranab Mukherjee and a high-profile audience at the Rashtrapati Bhavan, India's iconic presidential palace. Besides Bangladesh's LRB, other bands sharing the stage on Thursday were 'Strings' from Pakistan and India's 'Advaita'. The Rashtrapati Bhavan has a long tradition of hosting India's finest classical artistes but broke with tradition to invite a band group - Shillong Chamber Choir - from the north-east Indian state of Meghalaya to perform for US President Barack Obama during his visit in 2010. The Indian High Commission in Dhaka had said earlier that LRB, led by Ayub Bachchu, was visiting India on Delhi's invitation to perform in the South Asian Bands Festival 2013 in New Delhi from Nov 26-30. But it added LRB would be among a select few, chosen from the festival participants, to perform at the Presidential palace. “It is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It is very prestigious,” Bachchu was earlier quoted as telling the 'Indian Express'. This is ...
Plot to attack Presidential Palace and Defense Ministry foiled Dec 10, 2013 - 23:03 Source: Pajhwok KABUL (PAN): Twenty-two insurgents, including a Pakistani suicide bomber and senior Afghan Taliban figures, have been arrested in a plot to attack the Presidential Palace, the Ministry of Defence and the Kabul Airport, the spy service said on Tuesday. The National Directorate of Security (NDS) said the arrests were made over the past three weeks in various parts of the central capital. NDS spokesman Farid Shamal told a press conference the detainees included a Taliban-designated district chief for the Khak-i-Jabbar district, Abdul Aleem. Aleem had been tasked with carrying out terrorist attacks by the Waziristan-based Haqqani Network and “Peshawar Taliban Council” during the three-day Loya Jirga session, he said. Attended by 2,500 delegates, the grand assembly last month asked the government to conclude the security deal with the US this year. Shamal said a large quantity of weapons, including 11 mortar ...
Nelson Mandela departure shows that good name is better than gold and silver. He knew the opulence of Presidential Palace won't avail him in the grave, he was sure that there won't be Presidential Guard when he is lowered into the grave. He knew that the wealth and riches have no meaning after death. He knew that every possession is absolute vanity. He knew that forgiveness and reconciliation are the best for one to have a peaceful heart and restful end. He upheld these philosophies and today he is being honoured by everyone. As for you, keep looting the public treasury and make life miserable to those that entrusted power to you. Buy the costliest castle or chateau to live in. Remember that the money you stole from people will be useless to you when you die. Those costly castles you bought in choicest points in Europe and Asia with stolen money will become useless to you when you die. Those exotic cars like Bentley, Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini, Spiker you bought with public money will cease to convey you ...
History has it that H.E. JAK is the most corrupt leader ever to rule this noble country of ours...during his time, yet assembled dozens of first class criminals arround the presidency who continually raped this country of its limited resources. He also formed an auctioneering squard in the presidency whose cardinal task was to sell all valuable state assets to the babies of his government. He also formed a "concaine union force" arround the presidential palace whose duty was to scoop arround the globe for rich cocaine cartels with whom, they could deal in narcotics. The CIA sent one of their superior officers( arden wallete) to warn him of an impending coup which was likely to ve popular support of the country-folk due to his corrupt practices at the presidential vila. His (JAK's) main man at the time, Haruna issiku, had the intelligence of this coup plot far before members of the looting brigade at the presidency and thought the only way he could save their evil government was to present a different pi . ...
BRIEFING: Visiting Laos President ‘Reaffirms Support’ for Burma’s Democratization Laos President Choummaly Sayasone arrived in Burma on an official state visit on Monday, where he was greeted by counterpart Thein Sein at the Presidential Palace in Naypyidaw, according to state-run media. The two men discussed how the neighboring Southeast Asian nations could cooperate on matters including rural development, poverty reduction and drug trafficking prevention, among other bilateral issues. The possibility of opening a direct air route between the two countries, which share a 230-km border, was also discussed. Choummaly, who has been president of one-party Laos since 2006, “reaffirmed his support for democratization and national reconciliation efforts of Myanmar,” the New Light of Myanmar reported. It is Choummaly’s second official visit to Burma.
A Somali lawmaker was killed in a car bombing Friday morning near the presidential palace in the country's capital, a fellow lawmaker said.
President Hadi receives General Committee's members of GPC and its allies December 8, 2013 -SANA'A President Abdrabuh Mansour Hadi said that all kinds of catastrophe such as criminal terrorist acts will not stop us from going towards carrying out the political settlement in the country based on the GCC initiative and its executive mechanism backed by the UN Security Council Resolutions 2014 and 2051. This came during his meeting at the Presidential Palace with the General Committee's members of the General People's Congress and its allies, where he added that Yemen is now experiencing political, security, and economic crises.. we should make every possible efforts in order to get Yemen out of its crisis and overcome all kind of challenges. He stressed the need to learn from the previous experience, emphasizing on the importance to bear the national responsibility and to work together in order to make the NDC a success in the way that meets Yemeni people aspiration under the ceil of the a unified Yemen. Mo ...
Galatians 4:4 . . . when the set time had fully come, God sent his Son. . .     from an article in bloomberg,     "Just after midnight one sultry Friday in August 1987, Manila became a battleground as rebel troops attempted a coup against Philippine President Corazon Aquino. Two blocks from the besieged presidential palace, insurgents opened fire on a car carrying Aquino’s only son, a bespectacled and soft-spoken 27-year-old junior insurance  executive nicknamed Noynoy. By the time soldiers still loyal to the president fought their way to the scene, three of Noynoy’s four bodyguards lay dead. Shot five times, the intended target improbably survived, albeit with a bullet in the neck that he still carries today."   Bloomberg Markets magazine will report in its January issue.   Here is what Pres Noynoy Aquino said: "I'm living a second life"I waS saved for a certain purpose and will not squander that opportunity"    many of us now a days are still waiting for our answered prayers, many of us a ...
DTN Poland: Oval Office exhibit in at Presidential Palace: Six large-scale photos depicting replicas of the Wh...
Day 1 : Abroad - Delhi Arrive late night at New Delhi International airport. On arrival at Indira Gandhi International airport, the guest will be met by our representative and transferred to hotel. Overnight at hotel. Day 2 : Delhi This morning you will be taken to visit Old Delhi - Former centre of Moghul Power, Old Delhi offers ancient monuments, narrow streets and bustling bazaars. Visit the vast Red Fort, built in 1648, the Jamia Masjid, the greatest mosque in India and completed in 1658 by Shah Jahan who also built the Taj Mahal, and the Raj Ghat, the simple memorial to Mahatma Gandhi. Afternoon sightseeing tour of New Delhi - drive past the stately government buildings of the British Era designed by Lutyens, including the India Gate & the Presidential Palace. Continue onto the beautiful Humayuns tomb of the Mughal era & predecessor of the world famous Taj Mahal. End the tour at the towering minaret of Qutab Minar. Overnight at hotel. Day 3 : Delhi - Sariska After breakfast drive to Sariska (180 kms) ...
(Breaking Down The Walls) The way they explained to me..the attack on the Presidential Palace in designed in how to in fundamental torture and interrogation, how it is.. to say "What is The Green Berets?".. in an interrogation in Taliban Torture. Where as I do the way Versace is on the way to his Mansion in how they designed the shot on him.. to show it in how to attack the Presidential Palace.. Versace was thinking ("When they do this type of modelling always focused on thong references... when everyone is needed to be evacuating, should be evacuating... in the World Trade Center, are distracted") Working on that in 1992 before the Bombing in 1993, also after being framed for my rescues to be had killed in who they all think it was. And then also, from 1998.. once it is known the attempt to control the "Embassy and FBI".. in my access... in my position on Bin Laden why they then attack the embassy. Why in 1996 also.. "Dharan" in the attack, is in the Paulucci deals also in Al Qaeda to ti ...
On July 25, 1990, eight days before the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, a largely unreported meeting took place between Saddam Hussein and the U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, April Glaspie, at the Presidential Palace in Baghdad. It is here that the “false flag” took place that triggered the entire Gulf War.
News - Afghanistan Hidden Agenda for Loya Jirga: Senators Monday, 11 November 2013 11:6 Last Updated on Monday, 11 November 2013 19:11 Written by wida abid afghanistan news A number of Senators on Monday voiced concerns that additional items to the Kabul-Washington security pact were being planned for the agenda of the upcoming Loya Jirga being convened in Kabul. Traditionally, Jirga's are only organized around a single item of deliberation, in this case, that would be the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) that would outline the U.S.' continued involvement in Afghan national security affairs once the NATO combat mission ends in late 2014. But the Senators, who are invited to participate in the Jirga, on Monday fueled speculations that the gathering could be used unexpectedly for deliberations over other sensitive issues, like the spring elections. They suggested President Hamid Karzai had ulterior motives for the Jirga. "Meetings held at the Presidential Palace these days indicate that some other subject ...
Whilst skyping my mum, she decides to give me a tour of the Somali presidential palace whilst I'm stuck in a student flat in Leicester.
BRASILIA Planalto Presidential Palace the workplace of the Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff via
A Heron at the entrance of the Presidential Palace in Casco Viejo
The other night I ate at a real nice family restaurant, Every tabMost of the tents by the presidential palace have gone
I nogo shock sef say Mahama chop that woman before. At least, some cool *** sef he take for the presidential palace sef from that woman.
This evening I headed a cabinet session at the presidential palace in Abu Dhabi
The Presidential ghosts will also show up in the Palace too!
Presidential palace autophyte shift-the preponderate thingumabob they masher fete towards mete out thy home sweet hom
Driving into the spectacular Presidential Palace in Delhi ahead of Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall visit
Foto fb while visit and in front of Presidential Palace Jakarta
maybe they need to top-up the R500m they spent on the presidential palace in Windhoek.
First ever state visit from Norway to Turkey
Kinematics in place of polycarbonate presidential palace: YpDHDqc
Presidential Communications Operations Office head Herminio "Sonny" Coloma Jr. to facilitate today's Palace briefing again
Did you know the white house used to be called the presidential palace...imagine
You mean that you dialed the Presidential Palace !
Obama in Israel: Shimon Peres receives Barack Obama at the Israeli Presidential Palace
Sunset at Chile's presidential palace, La Moneda, in downtown Santiago. via
CO2 emissions do not include farts from the presidential palace.
The presidential palace has more lights than Kotoka International Airport
| Ex-Republican Guard chief accused of involvement in the killing of demonstrators outside the Ittihadiya presidential palace.
Brotherhood are willing to concede that Morsi will not be returning to the presidential palace. However, they assume that the ... 6/28
- If Morsi is on trial for dispersing presidential palace sit-in, then why isn't Tantawi also on trial for other sit-ins?. - Hush! Traitor!
Khalid: "The road goes past the presidential palace, where all the visiting leaders stay. It's our version of the White House"
CYPRUS LOCAL NEWS Wednesday 6 November 2013 = Clock ticks as Ban’s deadline looms By Stefanos Evripidou PRESIDENT NICOS Anastasiades will meet with under-fire UN Special Adviser Alexander Downer today at the Presidential Palace to discuss the peace talks, and the UN’s role in them, as the clock ticks towards Friday when the UN expects the two sides to come clear on whether talks will resume or not. Downer and Anastasiades have much to discuss after UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon last week called on the two community leaders to wrap up talks on a joint statement- or not- and reach agreement on a leaders’ meeting by Friday, before Downer leaves Cyprus again. Ban’s message was very much seen as a response to constant grumbles from the Greek Cypriots over Downer’s role in the process. Reports suggested the Presidential Palace was not happy with the Australian’s contribution to efforts to enhance the EU’s role in the peace process, promote the return of Varosha as a confidence-building measure, ...
AUSTRALIAN TIES :GOVERNOR-GENERAL VISITS MYANMAR - President U Thein Sein and wife Daw Khin Khin Win extended a red carpet welcome to the visiting Australian Governor-General Quentin Bryce and spouse Michael Bryce at the Presidential Palace yesterday. The President and the Australian Governor-General discussed matters to provide assistance for success of Myanmar’s reform process. They also talked about providing assistance for education development, creating job opportunities for women, rendering assistance for mothers and children and successful implementation of millennium development goals, agricultural development and more investments from Asutralian entrepreneurs.
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(AP) Today, April 30th, marks the 35th Anniversary of the fall of Saigon, when communist North Vietnamese forces drove tanks through the former U.S.-backed capital of South Vietnam, smashing through the Presidential Palace gates. The fall of Saigon marked the official end of the Vietnam War and the…
Hello, My avantgarde rocker! U rock Presidential Palace with 'Butterfly'! Such an amazing moment!^^
"Butterfly" debut show will be at the Green Garden of BLUE HOUSE which is the Korean Presidential Palace. Broadcasted or not? Who cares? LOL
Congratulations Amb Charlotta Sparre! Heading to Presidential palace to present my credentials to interim President Mansour.
So bantjik will actually have a comeback in presidential palace?
Heading to the Presidential palace to present my letter of credentials to interim-President Adly Mansour
oppa..fighting for your performance at Blue House, Presidential Palace!! OMO! PROUD OF YOUUU!!!
Only Boss Joong has his comeback stage in the presidential palace XD
'Butterfly' debut show at Green Garden of Blue House, Korean Presidential Palace! SUPER COOL!!!
The national flag be the withness of our peace worship in front of presidential palace
15 mnts before sunday service infront of presidential palace -Jakarta
Tomorrow is valentines day and all I want is for you to be my valentSun sets over presidential palace as 10,000s pour in
The basics upon presidential palace an wheelchair flimflam
Choosing the excellent moquette pads in aid of yours presidential palace herewith modernrugs
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
lots of candidates at Cy presidential palace
Anadolu: 25 lawyers headed by Selim el-Awa to defend Morsi in presidential palace violence case.
had many intimate pat-downs around the world. Afghan presidential palace probably the most, er, thorough
hi. I hope you had a nice visit. Donmiss the one day Exhib. "Salon der at the Presidential Palace!
When Ion hopped on a tank and headed off for the presidential palace, the people of Bucharest shouted 'Hamlet, Hamlet.'
After a while, you just want to be with the one that makes you laugh,anistan presidential palace in More soon,,,
Beadroll houseboat perquisite-6 commanding ways headed for right of entry ligule presidential palace over agai...
We went to the Presidential Palace today 🌎
Our new article in : NSA doc suggests it was Israel behind major hack on French presidential palace
Presidency of the Republic of Turkey : Indian President Mukherjee at the Çankaya Presidential Palace
General hospital Stocks and bonds and Presidential palace Endowment insurance are Team Divergent Faces in point: .Hci
Like executing women who drive too close to the presidential palace, or seizing a camera that shows why someone self-immolates.
A austere guidelines toward link up in preference purchase high carry on presidential palace
Hamid Karzai,is moving next door 2 the presidential palace 2 his lavish newly built home after his final term ends_like his friend in Pak :(
Karzai is willing to step aside...just not very far. His new mansion's next door to the presidential palace:
If you saw the celebrations outside my house (I live adjacent to Presidential Palace in Heliopolis) you'd think we won the war last night.
At Presidential Palace. Barely 2 to 3 thousand people here. Choppers flying over.
protesters are gathering in front of Kobba Presidential Palace now
According to Al Jazeera hundreds of protesters reached presidential palace in east Cairo
Going with my dad, an army veteran, to Sisiland 2, a.k.a Presidential Palace
A stage is being built near the Presidential Palace, celebrations expected.
Karzai, is moving close to the presidential palace after his final term end showing signs of maintaining influence over whom succeeds him
Brotherhood supporters march toward defense ministry and presidential palace"
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