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Presidential Election

A presidential election is the election of any head of state whose official title is president.

Donald Trump Kanye West

Warren Harding's win in the United States 1920 Presidential Election was the first time a sitting U.S. senator was elected President
Policemen stand near a polling station during the first round of 2017 French presidential election in Paris
Even if Marine Le Pen loses the election, the issues she exploits will still exist | Vincent Martigny
Spending my Sunday evening watching coverage of the French presidential election results. Groupies, form an orderly…
It's Election Eve in France—where are we at? Let's recap some of strange ironies of this presidential election few hours before…
What to watch for in the first round of the French presidential election - The Washington Post
Yes!! -> Does Obama's 'friendly call' hint at support for Macron? via
Which state is most likely to to use its secret services to influence the course of the 2017 French presidential election?
"More important we focus on the Presidential election of 2017 which follows the FBI reports of 2016."
We found out also that in the last presidential election, due to "machine error" thousands of Democratic…
curious what'll happend ⚡️ “French voters cast ballots in close presidential election”.
Follow live coverage of the French election with my colleagues .
France only poll: Who wll you vote for in the 2017 presidential election?
That's it. Polls around France have closed,apart from big cities where they have 1 more hour to make minds up
I mean, when I read that the U.S presidential election (in ONE round, on top of it) had a 52-53% voter turnout, I was shocked.
French presidential election could prove to be a matter of life and death for the European Union h…
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What you need to know about the French presidential election
Why French presidential candidates can be compared to fromage ?😅 . Via
France votes in cliffhanger presidential election on Sunday...
FRENCH ELECTIONS |. nationals queue for hours in to vote in presidential election - ruptly.
The turnout at polls at 5 pm was 69.42% at 5 pm. Just a bit lower than this point in last presidential ele…
France votes in the first round of its historic presidential election via
Time to cut those nails: Just over 20mins until polls close around France (apart from big cities where it's 8pm) https:…
The twists and turns of France's strangest ever presidential election
With help from Lucie, casts her vote in Cork City Hall today for the French presidential election. Who…
Count underway in New Caledonia for French presidential election
Ben oui Edward. 80% of French people usually vote on presidential election. Way more than in the US !
Live coverage of the French presidential election first round.
French presidential election: Voters flood to ballot box as polls open
French presidential election, first round today! we'll soon know who'll go on to second round. ears all open...
UK: French nationals queue for hours in London to vote in presidential election
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Le Pen, Fillon Likely to Advance to 2nd Round of French Presidential Election: via
I'm watching France votes in first round of presidential election via
The twists and turns of France’s strangest ever presidential election
The main candidates in the French presidential election
Preliminary results are expected at 18:00 UTC (20:00 local time). Follow our live updates:
.FRIENDLY CALL hint at support for . Called too & director
Polls open in France for first round of presidential election via
French presidential election: Voters take to the polls under heightened security
The first round of France's presidential election is on Sunday. Here's what to know:
🔴 - Voter turnout in French presidential election first round at 69.42% at 5pm (interior ministry)
France votes in cliffhanger presidential election, by
Burly Yellow Fever Returns to America 3 am in Presidential Election. Andrea Steen reporting for Stock Market station.
French presidential election: how the candidates compare.
We the People need to call a national referendum to hold a new presidential election. Enough's enough.
An observation about Russians and the 2016 Presidential election from I agree with the conclusions🎭. https:…
Breaking News: Putin releases identity of Russian spies who influenced the presidential election. | h…
No judge has has been looked at during a presidential election year since the 40s. Wake up libs.
Macron is leading, Mélenchon overtakes Hamon: on the latest odds of the French presidential election:…
Um and 3) spy on opponent's campaign with intentions to CHEAT AMERICANS 🤔 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION
BS. The"Biden" rule says SCOTUS nominees are not hear within a year of a presidential elec…
I think this blog post is still really relevant: 7 Tips for Mindfully Processing the U.S. Presidential Election
Many Believe That the Left’s Election Victory in Ecuador Was Fraudulent via
Useful daily poll on French presidential election. Fillon behind, but note his resilience. He can rely on soli…
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange avoids eviction from Ecuador embassy as left-wing presidential candidate claims vi
I hope France doesn't make same mistake as US, & get complacent about election results.
Will Marine Le Pen win the Presidential & shock the media like did?
Your local election is just as important as the presidential election. Cook county suburbs. GO VOTE TODAY 🇺🇸
The way Vote Efe is trending everywhere even President BUHARI is wondering if they've started another presidential electio…
wants to put Ebrahim Ra'isi as Candidate 4 presidential election. He is the Perpetrator of
Ahead of tonight's 2nd televised debate, here's what the candidates in the French presidential election stand for
South Korean voter turnout for new Presidential election likely to surpass 80%; great new project by my colleagues https:…
WATCH: Iranians will go to the polls on May 19 to take part in the country’s 12th presidential election. htt…
Why I want Buhari to contest in 2019 Presidential election – El-Rufai -
Brazil court to rule on whether presidential election valid
2. The constituency returning officers announce Presidential election results at the constituency and transmit the same to…
No good that Comey does on Trump/Russia can undo his legacy: He poisoned a presidential election
3. The Chairman of the Commission tally constituency results and announce the Presidential election results at the nationa…
Ecuador's Lenin Moreno defeats banker in presidential election.
French presidential election: how the candidates compare
IRAN | May 2017 presidential election cannot be free & fair if journalists being arrested for their reporting - CPJ htt…
Bernie & Trump weren't vetted by the media during the Presidential election - Only Hillary.Trump &…
Im excited for you! can you imagine that 46% of americans didnt vote during for presidential election? and can…
How undecided voters and abstentions could swing the French presidential election via
DISINFO: French polling watchdog warns on fake news (falsely writing leads the presidential race). ht…
French presidential election: Marine Le Pen set to be crushed by Emmanuel Macron, poll reveals via /r/worldnews
My quick note on Brazil's election in court: today judges begin considering annulment of the 2014 presidential poll htt…
We can't let it happens!. We need to fight harder!. Far-right Le Pen set to be crushed in French elections, poll shows http…
No way did Obama not know about this. You should never be allowed to surveillance someone when in presidential election!
Where have I heard this before about a presidential candidate?
A historic victory for Lenin Moreno in Ecuador! Social progress & equality wins. .
6. The entire presidential election system of the Electoral College is horribly antiquated and should have been dismantled l…
Tan, who lost the 2011 Presidential Election by just 7,382 votes to Tony Tan, declared his intention to run for office again in March
If FROILAN won't win, it's like Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago on 2016 Presidential Election feels all over again. 😂😭.
Ryan Murphy reveals next season of 'American Horror Story' will be about the 2016 Presidential Election
This is unbelievable. Really. Over 90 Million Eligible Voters Didn’t Vote in the 2016 Presidential Election
but insist on the Afghan presidential election is about using its Pentagon "expert".
Imagine if the presidential election was determined by actual votes won and not by electoral votes gained.
The US presidential election & result showed the whole world that the main stream media is the main source…
How will the presidential election results influence educa
The next thing we may hear is that Ibori will contest in the next presidential election. A hero indeed
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Are those the same people who did your survey or polls that said would win presidential
just like you thought he was going to act presidential after the election. He is 70. he is not changing.
Shout out to the presidential campaigns and election that let my racist *** friends show their *** 😄😄😄
Maybe the team that scores less points should win the game. Kind of like how our Presidential election turned out.
Here is your nightly reminder. Do not forget. It's Days until next Presidential Election 1366
Nothing like a Presidential Election to help you realize how dumb your friends are...
Appalled to hear attempts are underway terminate the “Election Assistance Commission” and cut public funding of presiden…
For 7 years she has been the voice of families of victims killed in crackdown of 2009 presidential election protes…
Sooo... You guys looking at SCOTUS to void the Presidential Election yet?
A French presidential candidate offered refuge to US scientists, academics and entrepreneurs unhappy with Trump
He attacked Judge Curiel and won the election, so this is Presidential to his voters.
DNC chair candidate Sam Ronan says Dems have to own the rigging of primary presidential election to get Berniecrats back.…
Update on H.Con.Res.15 to investigate Trump's ties to & the 2016 presidential election:
Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte topped the presidential race in the month-long overseas absentee voting (OAV) last election.…
Well, just add it to the long list of things you cannot recall ever happening in a presidential electi…
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A Presidential candidate who wins 3 million votes in 2018 will win Zimbabwe Presidential election.
Never before has any Presidential candidate won an election by unanimous decision (popular vote and Electoral College). Tell me if I'm wrong
Trivia tonight at O’Connor’s in White Plains. There is a Groundhog Day themed round. The hint is “1952 US Presidential Election"
WHY? My Democratic Party -Sooo Childish with all this Crazy Hullabaloo about Mr. DJT'S Presidential Election ! PLEASE QUIT- Have Dignity‼
Good to check back 4 years ago: How to Rebuild the California Republican Party After the 2012 Presidential Election.
Mark it down.Cory Booker, Democrat from New Jersey, will win the 2020 Presidential Election.
Why These Latinas are Voting for the Party’s in the Presidential Election via
& British liberals crying over it, winning US Presidential Election & American liberals crying over it.
OUR LAST STAND:Victory in the 2016 Presidential Election and the Next Phase for
How Clinton Lost The U.S. Presidential Election: Julian Assange exposed her as one of the most corrupt politicians in m…
Hey remember when Ted Kennedy plotted w/ the Russians to intervene in the 1984 US Presidential Election?
FLASH: Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh has suffered a massive loss in yesterday's Presidential Election and has conceded…
I liked a video Stephen Colbert Signs Off on the 2016 Presidential Election | Live Election Night |
The moment THE MOST HIGH intervened in the US Presidential Election. Former Rep. Michelle Bachmann explain how.
"How Have People at Your School or in Your Community Reacted to the Presidential Election?" by SHANNON DOYNE via N…
Listening to the Jack Benny show from 1940 and there's a Presidential Election in two days!. I hope they do better then than we do now.
Dr. Tony Evans Weighs in on the 2016 Presidential Election via
Inspiring words from NAACP Legal Defense Fund! Sherrilyn Ifill on the 2016 Presidential Election
.& release statement regarding the Presidential Election! Read the full statement here:
Let's see, to do list:. GOP Primaries: Sucess. Presidential Election: Sucess. US Presidency: Work in progress
Donald J Trump wins the 2016 Presidential Election. Diamond and Silk ar... via
At this rate, I would not be surprised if Kanye West actually ends up winning the 2020 Presidential Election
Dear Singaporeans,. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong just announced that next year's Presidential Election will be reserved fo…
A U.S. Presidential Election themed trivia round is currently taking place at Woodstock Pizza on Trivia Night.…
Took out a couple of volumes of Arthur Schlesinger's US Presidential Election anthologies from the library; gotta find time to read them
It's Here's how to keep up with the 2016 US Presidential election results live https:/…
Washington Post election fronts. 1892 has this ad: "Real estate in Washington will NEVER depreciate in value!"
Due to Trump being in the presidential race,the election has taken a different turn with Hillary worrying about Climate or other issues.
Don't let the results of tonight's 2016 presidential election distract you from the fact that the Warriors blew a 3-1…
Mock Presidential Election, today in Room 58-- stickers and all!
Numbers not final, but more Nebraskans voting early in person & by mail than last presidential election year
If you voted democratic for presidential election in Tennessee, your vote hasn't counted in 20 years. Repeal the electo…
How to concede a presidential election
Fr. Rutler: In this presidential election, we cannot be indifferent - one side is flawed, but the other is EVIL
Nasty woman votes in her first presidential election. ✔️ @ Downes (John R.) Elementary School
Leonardo DiCaprio has never won a presidential election 😔
I don't know why but it feels weird to be in US on a presidential election day
I'm going to vote in my first Presidential election. It seems so surreal
Also, millions of Puerto Ricans can't vote in a presidential election that will have significant ramifications for their isla…
In 1852, Los Angeles – a dusty adobe town of some 2,000 souls – participated in its first presidential election:
WATCH: Clinton and her staff do the "Mannequin Challenge"
Trump or Clinton may win US presidential election but ji has won the hearts. He is a man on clean India mission!.
Clinton Foundation received $1,000,000 as a gift from Qatar when Qatar was funding ISIS . I guess it's a coincidence https:…
More important than emails: tomorrow is 1st presidential election in 50 years without full protections of Voting Rights Act…
this if you're hispanic/latino and voted in this presidential election. I want to prove to conservatives that we exi…
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Donald Trump ends his presidential bid the same way he started it nearly 19 months ago 🔓
If your timelines littered with the presidential election are making you hate the world today, just remember : .
Election Betting Odds on US Presidential Election. now at 82.3% chance of winning, and rising.
Nostalgic for the days when getting rid of your rivals in a presidential election was simpler... ELECT BANJO POPE!
Phil Kessel is already campaigning for his chance at the presidency in 2024:
I swear this presidential election, is making me wish we had George W Bush again as the Republican candidate
What matters now is how we continue to change things to make sure we aren't this uncomfortable at the next presidential election
lol well yes, I am pretty worried about the presidential election too.
Who are you voting for in the presidential election?
BTW India, there's a presidential election on in the United States of America.
Everybody who doesn't care about the presidential election should at least care about local elections...the ones that directly affect you
Entrepreneur: How to Watch the Presidential Election Results Online | by haldash
Thousands set to point and laugh at Trump Towers day after US election in worldwide event
The 2016 Presidential Election, summarized in one attempted vote. (via .
US presidential candidate (Greens) draws attention to Obama's war on whistleblowers in election eve PR
Breast Cancer Awareness
Electoral College map 2016: make your election result predictions - Vox
How to follow the 2016 presidential election results via
I wasn't old enough to vote in 2012 and I am now! Just voted in my first presidential election!
Here is the live update for the USA presidential election, from CBSN. Minute by minute.
2. Does Trump help unseat in Presidential year turnout already favors in the district. htt…
It's a beautiful day for voting in Presidential General Election
VIDEO: Voters gave their thoughts on the presidential election and why others must vote.
Some of y'all letting this presidential election show y'all real colors 🤔😒
For being on the verge of a third straight presidential election victory, Democratic activists with bylines sure are angry.
Go vote for changes going on in your community.. This presidential election is just a business!
Donald Trump is off to a very early lead in the 2016 presidential election
Presidential results - electoral map, every state, + pop vote on one easy to read page: via +…
Clinton declared winner in Guam Won 71% of the vote. has correctly predicted outcome sin…
A look back at 41 U.S. presidential elections as covered by The New York Times.
is the 1st presidential election in 50 years without the VRA's full protections. Call with is…
Trump got our vote! My son's first Presidential Election!
Not sure I remember what it's like to talk to people -- including friends and family -- about something other than the pr…
coverage of have been supersized and obsessive. Here's a possible reason.
When the winner of the presidential election is announced
voted in my THIRD presidential election today. Third time's the charm, right??
With Graham Smith, voting in his first Presidential Election
I liked a video Mel Gibson on Baby the Presidential Election & His New Movie
watching a program on Nostradamus' predictions of the 2016 Presidential Election & this is the best way to spend a Sunday evening.
Don't Bet on Congress or the Supreme Court to Decide this Presidential Election
Exciting preview in today's Racing Post!. With the US Presidential Election days away, could there be a more apt winne…
Hello David, What's it like appearing on MSNBC's "Hardball Show" discussing 2016 Presidential Election with Chris Matthews?
Forbes Magazine Profiles AEG’s Analysis – Best Predictor of the Presidential Election via
CALL The Feedback Line! Why will you watch LIVE via webcast talk about the Presidential Election @ https:…
Hear how Wright State student likens the 2016 Presidential Election to a lesson in research & fact checking.…
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Lebanon Readies for Monday’s Presidential Election: From ASHARQ AL-AWSAT. Beirut-Preparations are underway to...
Join us for our post-election round-table "What's Next? Analysing the 2016 US Presidential Election".
Newt Gingrich explains THE MOST IMPORTANT issue of the 2016 Presidential Election in 30 seconds.
Malik Obama gets this year's Joe the Plumber Award for Perplexing Inconsequence in a Presidential Election
Bob Dylan and The 2016 Presidential Election: Amidst the cacophony of 24/7 repetitive media about allegations...
Who ever knew that the 2016 Presidential Election would be rated R? Kids won't be able to read about it until senior ye…
Breaking; Trump promises to Waterboard Danny Willett's brother if he wins US Presidential Election. Majestic.
You can view your sample ballot for the November 8th Presidential Election here:
The Cast of Will and Grace Reunite In Character to Discuss the 2016 Presidential Election | Read: by Laughing Squid
Alex Padilla and President Obama rigging the Presidential Election via
John Hinkley, the man who shot Reagan, was just released from the mental institution. Just in time for the 2016 Presidential Election!
What Will Happen to Donald Trump’s Voters if He Loses the Presidential Election? - Truthdig
US Presidential: Green Day say new album reflects 'fear and anger' of US Presidential Election: Green Day hav...
I side with Gary Johnson on most 2016 Presidential Election issues. Not a surprise.
called on another country to help him win the presidential election today. Sounds like he's not confident. 😉
CBS you are a joke. You don't deserve to cover any Presidential election. Go suck Hillary's Toes some more.
The North Korea dictatorship stumps for Trump calling him "a wise politician and a prescient presidential candidate"
I spoke with Roy Green recently about my thoughts on the importance of the upcoming presidential election.
remember in 88 when Maureen Dodds at Ny Times caused Biden to have to drop out of Presidential election for plagiarism?
I started crying at the video of Obama winning the presidential election in 2008 😂😂
Top 9 economic terms of the 2016 presidential election: This term refers to a system in which a single fund p...
I hate having the anything about the presidential election on tv at work because the have angry customers asking me to change the channel 🙄
Calling it now, the 2020 Presidential Election will be between Kim Kardashian and a plate of Hamburger Helper
Joe Biden could've won the Presidential Election with his eyes closed if we're be honest
And never did I anticipate the heights of absurdity this presidential election would reach, but here we are
Is the 2016 Presidential Election about and driven by: partisanship, fear, trust, or anger?
Democrats are now accusing Russia of manipulating our presidential election... exactly what DNC was caught doing.
Sharon Belkofer reminding us, in the heat of this presidential election, the importance of local government.
'Election fraud' banner unveiled as vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine takes stage at DNC -
Speaker Ryan to Russia: Stay out of election Oh Now Ryan speaks?! What about the Saudi saying he gave…
North Korea endorses Trump as a "wise politician and a prescient presidential candidate.”
First Pokemon is back, then Stranger Things, and now we have to defeat the Russians with our presidential election? *** 80's!
Will Goodluck Jonathan Contest the Presidential Election in 2019? - See What the Ex President Has to Say Below
Dolly Parton Just Endorsed Herself in This Year's Presidential Election - She's got our vote! via
has turned the 2016 Presidential Election into The Morton Downey Jr. show.
Presidential election just the warm-up show for Iceland's football fairy tale.
Amar Singh is now an issue in the US Presidential Election. Proud of him :P
he urged cons not to support presumptive GOP nom even if it leads to a Dem victory in the 2016 presidential election https:…
THR: Sanders says he will vote for Clinton (HILL)
Current situation for US presidential election: intelligent people are full of doubt, and the stupid ones are full of confidence.
supporter says the foreshadows the U.S. presidential election
This November will be the 1st presidential election in 50 years without Act protections.
Yes :)⚡ Immigration at the forefront of the 2016 presidential election.
This goes in the center of the Venn diagram of and the US Presidential election.
Why the Brexit vote may not predict the U.S. presidential election
If you're not feeling the presidential election, I would still show up at the polls to vote in the senate race.
Let's hope young Democrats not show up for the presidential election.
There is a lot to talk about politics. Who would be in the presidential election in 2018?
Just as ppl in the UK have opinions on the US presidential election. One is still entitled to an opinion despite not living there.
Wow- Ed Cox AGAIN !! . Gee...wonder if he's heard about. PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION this year - and some guy named TRUMP !!
What kind of presidential Candidate promotes his business during an
stick to the topic can Russia influence our presidential election?
men will really blame AIDS poverty Brexit the current US presidential election gentrification etc on a snapchat filter
I want Lisa Simpson from the Simpsons and Chris Griffin from Family Guy, in the FOX U.S. Presidential Election clips, together?!
Here's what Britain's vote to leave the EU tells us about the U.S. presidential election
American south braces for election three years after attack on voting rights
What does 'Brexit' mean for the U.S. presidential election?
Ulysses S. Grant got a layup for a presidential election.
I feel like you could win a presidential election because you're really good at roasting people
all i remember was a lot of time spent researching the candidates for the 2008 US presidential election.
BREAKING: Bernie Sanders says he will vote for Hillary Clinton in November
Brexit vote hardly a harbinger of US presidential election
Donald Trump running for the presidential election with his outward racism, discrimination and lust for power and money made him more
Malala Yousafzai had a pretty good idea for America’s next presidential election...
You can now register online to vote in the Presidential Election, October 11 is the deadline. Please resister so...
Fascinating insight into the U.S. Presidential Election and the Fulbright Scholarship Program from Professor...
Looks like the USA Presidential Election shifts over to the ancient home of the Brits for at least 3 days!
Glenda Jackson - Obama Will "Suspend" 2016 Presidential Election: In 2007, she prophesied that Obama would be...
Btw, Duterte, a killer, won the Presidential Election in Philippines. Oh, and Binay, a thief, won Vice President RIP.
The votes have been counted and the results were extremely close between Andy and Jason for the Presidential Election.…
Presidential Election 2016 Unleashed - Riots, Maylays and Doom if Trump ... via
Pamela Anderson has a better chance at winning the 2020 US Presidential Election than Kanye West. *Drop Bombs*
Former Jigawa state Governor, Sule Lamido has declared his intention to Contest For 2019 Presidential Election...
Today is the second round of Presidential election between Lionel & Patrice
Incumbent's campaign HQ on eve of Niger presidential election-trained youth to serve as citizen observers ht…
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Want your students to watch the Debate?
What is the scariest thing about this presidential election process?
"Benin holds presidential runoff vote as leader to step down :
Gov't has shut down all telecoms during today's "election" in Sassou Nguesso has ruled 32 years. htt…
You wanted Rubio as President? A man quitting all together because he lost his first Presidential election? . News flash: Leaders never quit.
How I see the U.S. presidential election
So much shade in this presidential election
Palm Sunday is a good antidote for presidential election cycle blues.
Trump’s ace in the hole: the man likely to fight a US presidential election this year once came to Hong
Black Lives Matter issues MAJOR THREAT to white people over presidential election
The question I've been most asked about the Presidential Election:. So who are you voting against?
This presidential election is like some DMV hood beef tbh😂
It was the Donald Trump of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of 2016 Presidential Election, it was the …
Goodluck people of the be smart and wise. This coming Presidential election.
French center and liberal party refuses to join the Conservative primary election for presidential election.
This presidential election got me like
Trump in the US Presidential Election has Failed to remain Amusing to me
Armstrong Economics good summary for those incredulous at the rise of Trump. Take note
2016 U.S. presidential election update: Sanders calls out Trump for blaming ...
Putin backs Trump for the Presidential Election, but me and all my 5 cent pieces back Gary Johnson
1860 Presidential election: Voter turnout. was 81.2%, the highest in American history at that point,. and the second-highest overall.
Any state that allows non-citizens to vote in a Presidential primary/election shoud have their delegates nulled!
The Latest: Trump vows to be more presidential if elected
Important article: No one is offering foreign policy in Pres
Ok so me and this guy who was waiting for his food were watching the news and there's something going on about the presidential election...
A women casts her ballot for the the presidential election in Niamey https:…
my official endorsement for the United States 2016 presidential election
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