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President Zuma

Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma (born 12 April 1942) is the President of South Africa, elected by parliament following his party's victory in the 2009 general election.

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is clear, he and President Zuma speak the same language. Maholozi trained him well, Thanks to the peo…
Address by President Zuma during the official launch of the Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University, Pretoria
I met a famous Irish director (Oscar winner) Neil Jordan. I can't believe that I didn't pitch a movie about President Zuma.
Minister Motsweledi, MEC Ramokgopa & the CEO Dr Mathebula of Steve Biko Hospital seeing President Zuma off
Analysis: John Block & Marius Fransman stepped down - why not the same action for President Zuma? By…
President Zuma arriving at Dr Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, Lusaka on a State Visit to Zambia at the invita…
Ours as the church of Christ Jesus is to support and pray for the remnant-President Zuma and give all the Glory to…
Read: President Zuma to host President Mugabe on his official visit to SA
[WATCH] James Selfe on the DA's failed court bid to force President Zuma to immediately establish a enquiry. Courte…
President Zuma to appoint Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma as a Minister. Asking for love back maybe? 😂😂😂😂
Has any President ever been faced by such controversy than President Zuma. History Maker🙊.
South Africa's President Zuma blames witchcraft for his party's failure to beat DA in its Western Cape stronghold
President Zuma burried Mandela, Hosted the Soccer World Cup and sent S.A. to BRICKS wow what a leader !!!
SACP first Deputy Secretary General revealed this week's meeting with ANC was called off because President Zuma was uncomfortable with it.
NW Premier Supra Mahumapelo says President Zuma has done "sterling work" for SA & that he's a "highly principled leader".
Makhosi Khoza tells the SABC: I think President Zuma has a very compromised moral reflective capacity. . Tjo! Now that's qu…
Duduzane Zuma who works with the Guptas is not her son but the late wife of President Zuma.
President Johnson Sirleaf and President Zuma to deliver remarks
President Zuma to Receive President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of the Republic of
President Zuma: We also pay tribute to Mama Victoria Sobukwe, the wife of Pan Africanist Congress leader, Robert Sobukwe.
How White South Africans thank you for marching with them and insulting people who support President Zuma as stupid, bought…
India-origin South African media baron rubbishes claims that family used links to President Zuma to win contracts
President Zuma,should stay and rule over South African,as long the people votes for him.Why people easily forget where they coming from?
I have known the and the President for so many years. Zuma will still be a president after tomorrow.
It's not about having no confidence in President Zuma, it's about destroying ANC. Tholukuthi ke akayi ndawo u baba
Why do we keep acting like Jacob Zuma made himself President of South Africa?
The no-confidence vote against South Africa's President Zuma will be held through secret ballot. What this means:
ANC Secretary General Njabulo Nzuza says Jacob Zuma will remain the president of the ANC
South Africa's parliament, Baleka Mbete, announced on Monday that a motion of no-confidence against President...
Lol...there's people who actually think Zuma won't be president come Wednesday,like *** are you smoking at?😩😩😩
Secret ballot to be held on President Zuma as he faces no-confidence vote
BLF opening a case of High treason against Magda Wierzycka who openly offered president Zuma money to resign. R2 billion qou…
By this time tomorrow, Jacob Zuma will still be the President of South Africa. We shouldn't even bother hoping…
249 members minus 30 sell-outs will get 219 votes against the motion. ZUMA will stay as our president until 2019
People say Mcebisi Jonas is a man of integrity. President Zuma refused a R2 billion bribe. 😏
Our President Zuma has been stealing from the people in SA and laundering billions into Dubai!
Will the decision to allow MPs to vote by in the motion of no confidence against President Zuma change the outcome?
BREAKING NEWS: President Zuma comments after seeing excitement over the secret vote.
If a secret ballot passes, President Jacob Zuma of South Africa and his entire cabinet would have to step down
Anyways Zuma will still be president until kingdom come moving along.
Zuma to Face No-Confidence Vote, This Time by Secret Ballot - The South African president was likely to win, bu...
Mathematically President Jacob Zuma will survive the thus minus a few people identifi…
Jacob Zuma is more an asset to the opposition than he is to the ANC. Keeping him as President will benefit the opposition than…
ANC and President Zuma's silence speaks volumes . Perhaps he may resign midnight
We don't deserve president Zuma anyway.
HUGE NEWS out of South Africa. A for a for SA could have a new president this time tomorro…
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I actually thought this may happen. Prediction: ANC members will vote accordingly and Zuma will remain President.
Even with a ANC MP's will vote with their Conscience & *DRUM ROLL*. JACOB ZUMA will STILL be president b…
Then why is Zuma still president and roaming around Nkandla and Mahlambandlovu like he didn't rape Khwezi?…
President Jacob Zuma must give us tips on how he keeps on winning
Zuma will still be president on Wednesday, these politicians have no backbones
Political Analyst Udo Frose says president Jacob Zuma will survive the motion of no confidence
vote of no confidence in President Zuma will be 8 August. Pro and anti Zuma already protesting in Cape Town ht…
2 very important ballots to watch on Tuesday: voting in a general election & MP's no confidence vote in P…
Nzuza: Cabinet reshuffle was approved by ANC NEC, not only decision of president
Great news speaker of the National assembly Hon. Baleka Mbethe announced a vote of no confidence to the president Jacob Zuma secret ballot.
The Debate by to remove President is an exercise in futility, dishonesty & hypocrisy. . It has fa…
Gallens: But why has ANC failed to hold president Zuma accountable for among others breaking oath?
Father in the name of JESUS, we call for peace in South Africa concerning tomorrow's VOTE OF NO-CONFIDENCE in President Jacob Zuma!
10 reasons why Jacob Zuma is actually a great president
Minister Shabangu says the only person who can suspend Mduduzi Manana is President Zuma.
Imagine if several MPs were to be replaced at midnight 😂 😂 😂 Luckily President Zuma doesn't have full control of ANC NEC
Malema: Has faith ANC will do right thing. Won't stop lobbying until it's announced that Zuma is no lo…
Malema "We welcome the decision by the incoming acting president because once Zuma goes tomorrow, she will be acting."
What are the long term consequences if President Zuma survives..?
just openly defied President Zuma - who was vocal in his opposition to on 22 June.
Nothing gonna change tomorrow. or not, Zuma will remain the president of SA.
President Zuma:. The only sitting president in Africa to have 8 motions of no confidence against him. Needs Guinness Book…
Thousands march under the banner calling for the ANC to remove president Jacob Zuma -…
Do you think President Jacob Zuma will survive the vote of no confidence?
South African President Jacob Zuma faces a secret ballot vote by Parliament on Tuesday on a motion of no confidence
if you know Zuma will still be president on Wednesday
if you think President Zuma will survive . Like if you think he'll be removed
Imagine White South Africans took just 1% of their hatred for President Zuma and used it to tackle racist hatred.
S Africa's Sisulu launches bid to succeed scandal-hit President Zuma as ANC leader, vows to save ANC from corruption
Fikile Mbalula reacts to President Zuma ddress at ANC Policy Conference
Fikile Mbalula reacts to President Zuma's address at ANC Policy Conference |Full interview:
He should know as he is from South Africa and President Zuma is CORRUPT, do you ever hear him say one word about...
President Zuma said fewer than 6,000 babies are born HIV+ in 🇿🇦. each year. 2015/16 data puts it at 2,495
DA says ANC must remove President Zuma but they can't remove Helen Zille as Premier because it's not a party role.
Only ‘drugged’ MPs believe South Africa is heading in the wrong direction – President Zuma -
The application by President Zuma to appeal will not go ahead as planned due to a bereavement in the legal team.
That Sunday times headline about President Zuma and Dubai is stressing me out.
South African artist, Ayanda Mabulu, has painted Mandela and current President Zuma engaging in sexual...
Mac Maharaj, Baba Mlangeni, President Zuma! These people need to tell the history of this country in detail! Mac Maharaj esp🙌
Wow what a welcome President Zuma got from a packed Ellis Park Stadium. Surely Justus Christ was confirming that the ANC will rule for ever
Generic . President Zuma accompanied by Minister Dlodlo attending the Good Friday service of the Universal Church at Elli…
President Zuma has addressed crowds at Ellis Park on This was a packed stadium's reaction to his arrival.
WATCH: President Zuma asks church goers to pray for the nation - eNCA
Never forget how your favs rubbished Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng just for being appointed by the President Zuma
President Zuma meeting with Team Finance (Finance Minister, his Deputy, Reserve Bank Governor, SARS Commissioner and Nati…
Anti-Zuma marches reveal "racism is still alive in SA", says President Zuma. So that means the Arch is racist…
President Zuma: "The marches that took place last week demonstrated that racism is real and exists in our country."
Interviewer: but why are you marching on President Zuma's birthday?. with a classic response 😂.
So all of President Zuma's names are pregnant with implications of deceit. Jacob (deceiver), Gedleyihlekisa (deceiver) Zuma (…
Thabo Mbeki Foundation hopes President Zuma will 'explain to the country more than he has' reasons for
Early this morning President Zuma announced a major Cabinet reshuffle, involving the appointment of ten (10) new...
Hogan: Zuma has gone rogue and has defied his own party… Indictment on president when his own party is rejecting.
The PRASA board fired the PRASA CEO. Minister of Transport fired the PRASA board . President Zuma fired the Transport Minist…
South Africa get ready to have the face of President Zuma on your R10s, R20s, R50s, R100s, and R200s
President Zuma is playing y'all with pre April Fools jokes. 😂😂😂
If Zuma is not removed, Ramaphosa must forget about being President and look into farming because it will be t…
Mcebisi Jonas: The report is nonsensical, to be frank.
Welcome to South Africa - Our president is Jacob HITLER Zuma. The more you tell a lie - the more people believe you! History Repetition!
's president, Jacob Zuma got gangbanged and died...
Zuma is a delinquent he must step down as the president of South Africa.👇👇✊
President Zuma is doing this in the pursuit of his own interests and not of those of South Africa. Mxm!
If Gigaba was a man of honour and integrity why would he allow himself to be used as another pawn in Zuma's evil game? Is…
The Rand has suffered more depreciation under Jacob Zuma than any other democratically elected President/State Preside…
Balton:We call on ordinary members of ANC, MP's and former leaders to call on President Z…
[WATCH] Political Analyst provides an analysis on President For more >>
Is Zuma waiting for Ramaphosa to resign so he can appoint Dlamini-Zuma as deputy president?
Former Speaker and a member of the ANC NEC says he wants President Jacob Zuma to step down
President Jacob Zuma backed off, not government
President Jacob Zuma addressing the Annual . "Congratulations to all our outstanding achievers!"
Zuma First, Jobs Last… Enough is enough! Sign to remove Zuma as President. -
Rand plunged in today's trade on fear of political crisis after President Zuma sacked his Finance Minister Gordhan!
President Zuma has a constitutional right to a minister he can work with. It's in the constitution
President Zuma has not only embarassed WMC but has humbled them. They respect him now. They will come and beg for tenders like everyone else
Helen Suzman Foundation says the failure by the ANC majority in Parly to hold President Zuma to account, endangers the cou…
“Surely, it's an indictment of Zuma when his own party is rejecting him”, says Ahmed Kathrada's widow Barbara Hogan.
Max Sisulu "I would like president Jacob Zuma to step down."
Former President Thabo has released a statement, asking for a proper explanation of the from Pres…
Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa says the axing of Pravin Gordhan as Finance Minister is unacceptable.
Dear Mr President (Jacob Zuma). -. Play us, we are your play station. Sinyise! .
South Africa was in crisis today after President Zuma sacked his internationally respected finance minister
The legalisation of dagga is a trap y'all. See how America legalised it and Donald trump won. Nkosazana Zuma for president maybe?
You need to be devoted to the president and do what he wants. . Zuma must step down
Chief Justice says he can't say anything further than President Zuma acted within his powers when he fired Finance Minister a…
Relax people President Zuma did the numbers in his head and he thought he was doing this reshuffle on April Fools.
The of President Zuma's controversial new line-up of cabinet ministers is set to begin shortly.
If Zuma survives the whole month of April as president, then RIP to the ANC as an organization.
on the plan to remove Zuma as President. WATCH LIVE HERE >>
Even if President Zuma put Dj Cleo as Minister of Finance I'd never vote for the DA
President Zuma is now taking us to the promised land.Firing WMC proxy Pravin was first step,the poorest will now benefit.O…
We're not asking them to remove Zuma as the President of the ANC but to remove him as the President of the cou…
President Zuma, fresh from his launched the Rural Enterprise Development Hub at Mbizana, Eastern Ca…
No sign of emergency NEC meeting to reign in. ANC has lost control of their president.
President Zuma have made the biggest mistake,the two principled&trusted comrades Jonas&Gordhan who…
we ask President Zuma to lead and to use the powers he has in terms of the constitution to end corruption Wenene
Former ANC treasurer general Mathews Phosa says the call by for President Zuma to step down "was sou…
President Zuma has 3 days left to appoint the SABC Interim Board
President Zuma cutting the ribbon to mark the official opening of the One Stop Shop at the dti. InvestInSA
President Zuma and Bathabile Dlamini said SASSA grants will be paid on the 1st of April, don't care what media says
After mentioning Operation Phakisa Ocean economy by President Zuma we lost Nelson Mandela bay to defenders of white capital
President Zuma arrives in Indonesia for Indian Ocean Rim Association Summit and State Visit
To Graça Machel and the Mandela family; to President Zuma and members of the government; to heads of states and government,
The President of Confederation of African Football (CAF), Mr Issa Hayatou pays a courtesy call on President Zuma, Mahlamb…
Edward Zuma slams Mathews Phosa in open letter President Zuma's son Edward penned an open letter in response to Ma…
Mathew Phosa once close friend of President Zuma is angry that JZ got new friends. He is bitter together with Vavi & Malema
South African MPs fight in parliament as President Zuma watches (Video)
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Breaking: President Zuma authorises employment of SANDF to "maintain law and order" at
Where's Zizi Kodwa, President Zuma and Gwede! We need our leaders to lead more than ever!
[QUOTE OF THE DAY] President Zuma says ratings agencies pay more attention to SA because “we talk too much”.
President Zuma on Ukhozi and Umhlobo Wenene FM, talking about ANC 105
And here it it is: President Zuma last January 8 address as the ANC President - a 10 year role
South Africa Govt on President Zuma's mtng with President Brahim Ghali of Western Sahara 'unfathomable tht Western Sahar…
One of SA's greatest moments was when we booed President Zuma at the Mandela memorial with the world watching.
President Zuma handing over Christmas gifts and food parcels during the annual Jacob G Zuma RDP Education Trust Christmas…
But everyone knows the South African Person of the Year has been President Zuma since 2007.
why should he step down? South African politics is becoming boring. President Zuma's term is closing up, why the hurry?
President Zuma rushed off stage as storm disrupts Reconciliation celebrations {READ MORE HERE}
Do you think President Jacob Zuma will succeed in his court action to review Thuli Madonsela's "State of Capture" report?
If you side with a faction, it is time to go – you are not fit to lead, especially when you are president of the ANC,”…
President to Nkandla mayor: Zuma reveals retirement plan
You see this people are so stupid with their obsession with President Zuma. They don't even see when he fools them
That moment president Zuma announces that he wants to be Nkandla Mayor.
The President Zuma to become mayor of Nkandla after retirement - via
Once upon a time, President Jacob dignity was treated as a National Key Point.
Zuma wants to be a Mayor when his a president
JOHANNESBURG – The Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (Popcru) says it will review President Jacob Zuma’s...
JOHANNESBURG – President Jacob Zuma has condemned terror attacks targeted at Christian communities following the...
Dlamini-Zuma as president will be no different from Zuma - IMO. She's a Zuppet. Zuma does not nominate non-zuppets for leaders
what did President Zuma say about Harry Gwala last night?
Weekend highlight, President Jacob Zuma who broke his oath of office signed a constitutional pledge.
Young communists urge Zuma to heal ANC rifts.
Government ready to compensate Marikana victims President Jacob Zuma says sufficient progress has been made in im…
Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma has urged Gambian President Yahya Jammeh to respect the will of his people…
President Zuma wants to be mayor, at the age of lets say 77. Is he mad or that self-centred?
Today our constitution which president Jacob Zuma failed to uphold is turning 20.
You forgot to mention that Zuma is still our president!
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President JACOB ZUMA wants to be Mayor of Nkandla next
President Jacob Zuma has announced that he wants to be the Mayor of Nkandla once his presidency is up
No Mr President, we need to learn to live our potential this way we can grow our country, forget politics!
But Zuma's plans may be shortlived. The Independent Electoral Commission needs to check the parliamentary rules...
Desire for a woman president does not justify choosing Zuma's ex. The Zuma created swamp needs draining, not protecting.
"He never placed his independent thinking above his loyalty..." Zuma on Riot Mkhwanazi. Now you know what your president regards as a virtue
Such a fine example of one who fails to upholdbour constitution, A disgrace. Zuma should be banned from uttering the word "co…
So Jacob Zuma says he wants to be mayor of nkandla when he eventually steps down as president
Zuma says he wants to be Nkandla councillor when his term ends. He must first serve his jail term before considering this…
The are those people who are nothing but bunch of Arrogant like our own president
President Zuma runs the administration, not the ANC, it has cabinet, not ANC's!! No personality cult there!!
President Zuma says four police officers are facing murder charges for their role in the 2012 Marikana massacre.
Zuma's retirement plan: To become Nkandla mayor. President Jacob Zuma plans to be the mayor of Nkandla after...
President Zuma sends condolences to and following Church tragedies at the weekend
In today's : Sipho Pityana explains why Zuma is a serial offender of the Constitution
No question it was President Zuma on respecting the Constitution
Talk about wannabe, the media is pushing it and wants you all to make Ramaphosa president. Zuma is after all practically our Assad
When he leaves office‚ President Jacob Zuma wants to be mayor of Nkandla
S. African church leaders reject President Zuma's advice to 'stay out of politics' (
Since when are Atul Gupta and President Jacob Zuma "close friends?" Nikhuluma ngathi senabona namaFriendship bracelets.
Mabulu who is known for President Zuma’s painting known as “The Spear” says the painting shows that Zuma belongs to the..."
VIDEO | President Zuma calls on citizens to respect the country's institutions
The Constitution is a birth certificate of a democratic nation, says Zuma at commemoration
The irony in President Jacob Zuma leading a celebration of
Mandela was from Prison to President, Mbeki from President to Chancellor and President Zuma could be from President to .?
President Zuma to attend funeral of the late President Fidel Castro
President Zuma is going nowhere. Pick up your jaws and focus on the bigger picture that is: UNITY, according to the party's SG.
President Zuma hosted his Ugandan counterpart Yoweri Museveni WATCH at:
President Zuma of South Africa is first African president to confirm attendance at Fidel Castro's funeral
BREAKING: Justice Dept confirms President Zuma will not be opening the Limpopo High Court tomorrow. No explanation given…
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President Zuma returning from a bilateral with his Ugandan counterpart Yoweri Museveni to attend the ANC NEC meeting discus…
Chief I am confused now are you referring to Mr Mosiuoa Lekota or President Zuma?
President Zuma also used Jesus so did Steve Komphela.
President Zuma "I've forgotten which Western countries I am referring to (that oppose BRICS)" Zuma is unfit for purpose. Shoc…
President Zuma is the Michael Jordan of? What about Julius Malema, Bhuti Mzwanele Manyi, or Hellen Zille? Thandiswa…
.by the desires of London to remove President Zuma from Office.
President Zuma spoke today. Both Kaizer Chief and the Springboks also embarrassed South Africa.
Congrats mme Madonsela. By the way you recommended for President Zuma to appoint a commission in 30 days...was it working o…
The Independent Commission for the Remuneration of Public Office Bearers has recommended a zero salary hike for President Zuma
President Zuma taking former PP State of Capture report for review, review means COURTS😳😳 why not just have Commission of Inquiry??
I like how President Zuma quotes the brain qoutes but he didn't mention that he's quoting
Racist actions. of any kind, are totally unacceptable! Be they from Julius Malema, President Zuma, or Donald...
President Zuma appointed . DP to fix et al. Then he kicked Cyril out. Put Brian Molefe in.…
Reports that President Zuma was unsuccessful in the High Court matter brought by King Dalindyebo of AbaThembu are incorre…
Are there legal grounds for President Zuma to get King Dalindyebo out of jail?
What you think President Zuma and discussed in their meeting in Luthuli House?
Minister in Presidency Jeff Radebe says ANC's National Working Committee will look into veterans' call that President Zuma sh…
Ekurhuleni mayor, Mzwandile Masina lashes out at critics of President Zuma saying people should wait for elections and register concerns
Jacob Zuma resined as president, but incompetent can't resin,
State Capture: When does President Zuma’s silence become an admission of wrongdoing?
South Africa's former president Thabo Mbeki quoted as saying Zuma removal not solution. Entire NEC to blame.
An unionist who never serve ANC to Provincial and National level but parachuted to strategic like SG will never...
opposition to push for President removal via
Durban - President Jacob Zuma is going nowhere, say his supporters in the ANC leagues and some of the party’s...
Zuma is definitely not in peace Mr President, just like yourself.
The findings of an investigation into corruption allegations against South Africa's President Jacob Zuma have been released.
Woke up:. Still a Pirates fan. Zuma still the president. Fees haven't fallen. Data still expensive. DreamTeam still a thing https:/…
The group insisted that NPA head Shaun Abrahams and President Jacob Zuma must resign for undermining their o…
South African President Zuma faces no-confidence vote in corruption crisis
says want to meet with President Zuma to reposition ANC to its original roots of serving the pe…
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Come Mr president "OCM was owed R 148,027,783.91 by Tegeta"
Just in:. Parliament will debate the DA's motion of no confidence in President Zuma next Thursday.
State of Capture: Zuma, the cornered president of a rudderless state By JUDITH FEBRUARY
Kaboom! What told President Zuma when his lawyer Michael Hulley was answering questions on his behalf.…
If Zuma is still president after this ordeal, we're a spineless joke of a constitutional democracy
Zuma brings shame to SA . Why did u appnt a suspect facing 785 Charges to b our President . http…
The biggest mistakes we ever did in SA is to elect the illiterate President with poor background.Zuma proves that &
is the 1st SA President ,who's corrupt will stand trail for breaking Oath & go to Jail.
Former President Thabo Mbeki says the 101 ANC veterans are far more senior than many who serve in current ANC NEC.
Jeepers, it seems our criminal president Zuma and crazy Bob's ZANU PF are locked in a race to out-stupid one another. L…
Mbeki reminds President Zuma that even the Great OR Tambo and the NEC he led at the time listened to the "Gang of 8" pre-…
How many times did DA laid corruption charges against president Zuma and still loose?
Zuma: South Africa corruption probe piles pressure on President
Here's the transcript of the interview between Thuli Madonsela and President Zuma
LATEST: President Zuma jets in for the Zim-SA Bi-National Commission (developing)
Zuma's anti-ICC ploy hasn't diverted attention from his corruption scandal--showing again importance of rule of law.
Towards the end of her meeting with President Zuma, tells his lawyer to shut up. Nicely.
ke gore Jacob Zuma o tlholwa ke Mushin Etugral...come on Mr president...this guy can't be smarter than you... Don't allow him JZ
Jovial. upbeat. President Jacob Zuma arrived in Harare earlier today on a working visit.
Zuma in Zim Avoids Mention of - [News24Wire] President Jacob Zuma has made a speech at the ...
South African President Jacob Zuma has left Harare for home late Thursday afternoon
How can anyone in their right mind still have respect for Jacob Zuma? And how can ANC think this man is still fit to be p…
President Zuma in Zimbabwe. He is not in a good place. Have mercy 👇🏿
BREAKING:In Harare,President Jacob Zuma says Zimbabwe has been instrumental in fulfilling Africa's dream of sustainable ec…
The has full confidence in President .
Members of Gupta family and President Zuma’ son, secured major contracts with Eskom, through Tegeta
I'll kill for President then later he swallowed those remarks stays leadership now no lesson learned
BREAKING NEWS: Jacob Zuma has resigned as president -
BREAKING NEWS: Jacob Zuma has resigned as president
it is concerning that only now does the realise the brand damage done by the likes of President
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President Jacob Zuma receives Interim Report of the Commission on Higher Education and Training in South Africa.
Accountability remains an illusion on the African continent. Why is Zuma still a sitting president?
Under fire Zuma is meeting a president who has ruined Zimbabwe for the last 36 years.I wonder what they will be talking abo…
President Zuma has established an Inter-Ministerial Committee to prepare for the celebration of the centenary of Mr Oliver Tambo next year.
President Zuma to consider Public Protector report. President Jacob Zuma has withdrawn his application seeking to...
Meanwhile-President Zuma of South Africa set to visit Zimbabwe today-will also meet Pres Mugabe. (Not his best look…
The South African people were prejudiced by the conduct of President Zuma, in not following up on Jonas’s allegations;
*President Zuma must set up commission inquiry: Ombudsman. *Zuma to consider report, withdrew lawsuit to halt its release-BBG
Sipho Pityana channels Oliver Tambo's "Let my people go" - a message aimed this time at President Zuma.
President Zuma will lead the wreath-laying ceremony in memory of the late ANC President in Wattville,Benoni htt…
South African President Zuma to Travel to Mozambique - President Zuma will travel to Maputo, Mozambique, for a ...
President Zuma address the Heads of Missions Conference via
[OPINION] says Ramaphosa has made it that much harder for President Zuma to fire
At the BRICS summit in the Indian resort of Goa, President Zuma of South Africa, President Xi of China, Narendra...
Sipho Pityana has launched a new coalition of civil society organisations calling for President Zuma's resignation.
President Zuma, Nelson Mandela Foundation pay tribute to Tutu - click this link for more...
A legal advisor says that President Zuma has to disband the board if Parliament recommends it.
Student leaders are 'extremely unhappy' that President Zuma left to attend an ANC meeting at Luthuli House.
President Zuma to open Higher Education Multi-Stakeholder Imbizo by via
Zuma: ill resign the day President Mugabe dies. Mugabe: ill die the day President Zuma resigns.…
What?! There are South African citizens that support President Zuma? . Wow.
Clever people? Being a local election, did President Zuma have anything to do with outcome (preliminary though patterns…
President Zuma tells Thanduxolo to open an "Anton Lembede Fund for Adams College"
This is what Appeal Court said about President Zuma's relationship with Schabir Shaik... and the
[Watch] President Zuma welcomes the 21st International AIDS conference delegates to South Africa
South African state prosecutors move to oppose a court order to reinstate dropped charges against President Zuma.
President Zuma condemns The South African government has joined the international community in s...
President Zuma up in arms about art in South Africa, a fuel price hike in Kenya + more in today's African review
President Zuma works so hard. He never has a break. Even when he's at the homestead, he always avails himself to serve. We are led.
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