President Trump & Oval Office

The Oval Office, located in the West Wing of the White House, is the official office of the President of the United States. 3.0/5

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President Trump appeared to ignore Chancellor Merkel's offer of a handshake in the Oval Office https:/…
President Trump was very rude to Angela Merkel in the Oval Office
President Trump gives Hannity a tour of the Oval Office. Discusses how he's been influenced by past presidents. ht…
Bust of Winston Churchill returns to the Oval Office under President Trump
President Trump in the Oval Office. Get ready for a 'whirlwind ride' the first 100 days! .
President Trump returns bust of Churchill to Oval Office
Can't wait for President Trump to take the Oval Office! Out with the bad in with the good! 🇺🇸
"Obama YOU'RE FIRED!" President Trump meet in the White House Oval Office with Obama, Can't Wait for 1-20-17 "GONE!…
Obama was asked how he would handle handing off the Oval Office to a President Trump
Last page is of President Trump sitting in the Oval Office.
Can you imagine President Trump commuting sentences? Phil Spector, Bernie Madoff and Dustin Diamond would be in the Oval Office by Easter.
The only way Hillary will ever see the Oval Office is if President Trump invites her in 4 a last meal before Prison C…
So inspiring. This is the letter that President Trump will leave in the Oval Office for his successor.
I can't WAIT until President Trump's Oval Office tapes are published. LBJ, Nixon and Andrew Dice Clay rolled in one.
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