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President Trump

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During yoga, Mitch McConnell divulges to President Trump that White House employees are building the wall. Alex Jones discovers reddit.
President Trump says GOP bill fell short due to ... lack of support from Democrats. . FYI: 237 Republicans in the House. 215 vo…
Supporters of President Trump rallied outside his namesake tower in Chicago today
VP Mike Pence: "I was inspired by President Trump's determination and commitment" to pass GOP health care bill:
The Republican failure on health care means President Trump's job will only get harder
California is daring President Trump to stop it from fighting climate change
Kendrick Lamar blasts President Trump on Russia: "Y'all up to somethin'"
President Trump is decidedly on a losing streak
Clear analysis of what happened on Capitol Hill yesterday. Can the Republican Party and President Trump deliver?.
President Trump: I never said repealing and replacing Obamacare would be easy. . Really? Let's check the tape:
As the House delays the health care vote, President Trump honked the horn while meeting with truckers at the White House ht…
Radical Liberal Progressive Democrat Robert Reich continues his assault on President Trump and U. S. Govt. SAD
"I don't blame Paul," President Trump said of House Speaker Paul Ryan in an interview with
The Keystone XL Pipeline gets the go-ahead from President Trump, a day after the shipments of Russian steel arrived in t…
President Trump issues a presidential permit to build the Keystone XL pipeline! Another promise kept by our
President Trump told that he's happy health care bill is in the rearview mirror, "it's enough already"
BREAKING: President Trump has asked Paul Ryan to pull the bill, source tells CNN
Bush DHS secretary Tom Ridge: "President Trump talks about winning? Right now, Putin is winnin."
President Trump approves Keystone XL pipeline, would only create 35 permanent jobs...
President Trump and Vice President Pence greets truckers and ceos on the White House south lawn
President Trump was right abt millions of illegals voting. "There are over 10 MILLION ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS w FALSE DOCS https:…
BREAKING: AP Source: House GOP leaders delay vote on health care repeal bill, in setback for President Trump and Speaker Ryan.
Or maybe before this is all over, President Trump threatens to sue the House Freedom Caucus for $100 million.
Republicans, Independents and Democrats supported President Trump. Not the House Freedom Caucus and their
New US ambassador to Israel David Friedman will be warmly welcomed as President Trump's representative and as a close friend…
President Trump says he will skip the White House Correspondents' Dinner
Germany reacts to President Trump's visit: "Once again, we've seen Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"
President Trump and Prince Mohammed bin Salman 👍, two of the most influential people in the world https:…
President Trump and Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in the Oval Office today.
Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman at the White House with President Trump
Former AG Loretta Lynch encourages protesters to help get President Trump out of the White House
President Trump's travel ban could keep a work by a Syrian playwright from premiering at Lincoln Center
President Trump is poised to announce his plans to dismantle the centerpiece of Barack Obama’s climate change legacy
Wishful thinking to impeach President Trump! Maxine your a disgrace!
If WDRB isn't going to ask President Trump the tough questions, why bother even interviewing him? column:
"Calling On a Few Good Men" to join the Marine Corp who help keep our nation free. God Bless the Corp, the USA and President Trump.
President Trump on Air Force One flying into Louisville KY. Courtesy of my friends at the Kentucky State Police. ❤️
OPINION: Comey's FBI can only comment if it hurts President Trump
President Trump wants to unravel Dodd-Frank, the landmark legislative package that reformed Wall Street after the 2008 finan…
Wall Street Journal editorial blasts President Trump- for playing fast and loose with truth and eroding trust abroad
With any luck President Trump will be briefed on NATO before this meeting - we all know can not re…
Barrack Hussein Obama visited Congress 14 times in 8 years. EIGHT YEARS. President Trump is already working on his 4th visit.
Neil "did a good job in rebutting any charges that he was a stooge of President Trump of some sort," says
Good read from -> President Trump has ideas, but why is Colin Kaepernick still a free agent?
The reason President Trump is at the Capitol: Republicans are hearing from you about this disastrous health care bill.…
If day 1 was any indication, President Trump's SCOTUS nominee is in for a grilling today:
President Trump is headed to Capitol Hill this morning to sell Republicans' Obamacare replacement bill
President Trump faces his hardest truth: He was wrong
President Trump brings up Colin Kaepernick, for no apparent reason, at a Kentucky rally on Monday night
Surrounded by Traitors! A leftist State Department official is publicly attacking President Trump on social media…
Bill Gates doesn't agree with President Trump's plan to cut aid for the world's poorest
The world’s richest man has a bone to pick with President Trump
President Trump to meet with Bill Gates, who has been a harsh critic of the plan to slash funding for foreign aid
President Trump never had more cash deposits than Bill Gates so who ever covered this story has joined Rachel...
Rep Adam Schiff did an excellent job today and Comey Delivers Political Gut Punch to President Trump
Thank you President Trump for coming to Kentucky, you proved that you care about us . "FLY OVER" states
.Fareed Zakaria goes on a swearing jag while talking about President Trump! WATCH…
proud of Denzel Washington and Proud of my President Trump
Billboard of President Trump up has some talking.
FBI Director Comey says there's no information supporting President Trump's wiretapping claims:.
Liberals panic as agenda against President Trump failed. Not racist, not lying about wiretapping, no Russian ties. https…
FBI Director Comey may be part of a vast 'deep state' conspiracy to delegitimize President Trump
Remember when President Trump — who chills at Mar-a-Lago practically every weekend — used to criticize Obama for too much…
President Trump must cancel Abbas' visit and cancel cooperation with the Palestinian Authority and Mahmoud Abbas
Angela Merkel underlined Germany’s rejection of a claim by President Trump that it owes NATO large sums for defense https:…
Per pool: Flying with President Trump on Air Force One today is New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft
Stephen Hawking fears he won't be welcome in President Trump's US.
BREAKING: Professor Stephen Hawking calls for President Trump to fire EPA chief Scott Pruitt over his views on climate cha…
Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad writes an open letter to President Trump about her experience as a Muslim-American…
HHS Secretary Tom Price says President Trump's health care promises will be true down the line htt…
But mainstream media will still report Russia and wiretapping story 24/7 hoping to damage President Trump. He keeps working ❤
we are still behind you President Trump. People like CNN and Joe Madison are spreading evil thoughts about you but we know better.
DOJ is also a target of President Trump's probe into leaks
What President Trump is distracting you from.
"Donald Trump is president" is not an excuse or justification for his friends. It shouldn't be for his foes, either.
President Trump asked voters what they have to lose. . The answer: Art, learning, clean air, clean water, and so much more…
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Nazi-themed Trump billboard to stay up as long as he's president, owner says via
President Trump says, American Healthcare Act will be "terrific." What's your idea of "terrific?"
Were all so happy have President Trump only sorry bout the insanity bashing & shredding by the dems left & nuts SUPPORTERS…
President Trump's appointees will undoubtedly "interpret the law according to what the Constitution actually says..." h…
"President" Obama, he is accorded the honorific is is President Trump, was subject to the same legal review.
Let's take a closer look at President Trump's budget director's claim that Meals on Wheels doesn't "get results"
A timeline of President Trump's travel bans
Tillerson ends China trip with warm words from President Xi
Trump approval drops to 37% - the worst Gallup poll any president has ever had this early in their term.
HRC President Chad Griffin: 'We are going to hold Donald Trump's tiny little hands 2 the fire'
Was President Trump right to refuse to shake Merkel's hand during their press conference? I say right
Reason why Socks Clinton would be a better president than Trump: he knows how to work the press like an adult and wit…
Trump could fund homelessness agency for decades if he stopped visiting Trump properties
When Trump voters tell me, "We should all just come together now & give this President a chance." Um, nope! htt…
President Trump has already set a record for histrionic tantrums against the media. What is he hiding?
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Snoop Dogg's latest music video has clearly offended President Trump.
If anyone thinks the removal of President Trump would 'not' result in Revolution and the crushing defeat of the Leftists,…
The only one to blame for President is
President Trump orders review of the federal government to reduce its size and cost
Fifty-seven percent of Millennials find Trump as an illegitimate president
A timeline of Jeff Sessions’s ties to President Trump and meetings with Russia
Sean Spicer says Donald Trump 'did not hear' Angela Merkel’s request for a handshake.
Always remember Obama did such a great job that now Trump is president!!!
3. But Hillary receives more hate, more rage, more fury than serial killers or child murderers. TRUMP IS PRESIDENT BECAUSE O…
thank God for President Trump we don't have to react To situations like your Omama
President Trump will host Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi at the White House on Monday.
First big tax cut moving through Congress would likely benefit President Trump, potentially saving him millions
The GOP stood up to 2 time loser HRC, That's why Trump is our president so enough of the whiny *** .it's sickening
In today's edition of "what country is this?" A pro-stateTV host calls for death to artists who offend the president https:…
tells that Trump needs to tackle climate change if he wants a second term as President - 'god forbid'…
Sheneman cartoon of President Trump holding the budget document and co-President Bannon holding the pen.
President Trump, abandon He will consume your Presidency much like *** Cheney did for W & start acting like a president!!
Senator & spent 3 hours with President Trump at Mar-a-Lago on Saturday negotiating health care. https:…
President Trump's own chief strategist described him as "maniacally focused" on fulfilling campaign promises:
No, steve bannon, the media won’t “keep its mouth shut” _ vanity fair Shortly after Steve Bannon, President Trump's strategic and ...
Here's the thing: I trust Kim Jong Un to keep his word way more than President Trump.
All the best to Bannon and President Trump. It's good to have leaders who will actually promote American interests.
Noelle Nikpour & Joe Madison joined me on to discuss President Trump, the GOP budget, & more. Are you tuned i…
President Trump is getting a lot of support from very legitimate people like Judge Napolitano
Art? Or crossing the line? New billboard featuring President Trump goes up in downtown Phoenix.
Press decided that Merkel is the new Leader of the Free World?!! Shift happened bcuz President Trump became POTUS?…
First on CNN: After some lobbying from President Trump, longest-serving GOP Sen. Orrin Hatch plans to run again
Justice Department provides no evidence to support President Trump's wiretap claims
President Trump said he planned to “cancel every unconstitutional executive action, memorandum and order issued...
President Trump vacations on his own property saving tax payers money. Bush vacations in Texas also saving money. .
President Trump accused China of not doing enough to help contain North Korea's nuclear ambitions.
President Trump is now at Trump Int'l Golf Club in West Palm Beach, per pool; it's his 10th golf course trip since taking o…
German reporter asks President Trump: "Why are you so scared of diversity in the news?"
Since taking office on January 20, President Trump has given five sit-down TV interviews with Fox News hosts
President Trump no longer safe in White House: Former Secret Service agent |
Angela Merkel asked President Trump to shake hands. He appeared to ignored her
If Hollywood is so upset at President Trump ending Endowment of the Arts, why don't they personally contribute & make it self-sustaining?
Democrats are not being smart. You get more flies with honey. President Trump is not a monster.
LEFTIST RALPH PETERS is still TRIGGERED by President Trump's LANDSLIDE win over his Beloved CROOKED Hillary.😆
Do you think Merkel did let Obama know that she was going to meet President Trump by personal mobile number?
President Trump appeared to ignore Chancellor Merkel's offer of a handshake in the Oval Office https:/…
President Trump was very rude to Angela Merkel in the Oval Office
I want to hail Senator McCain and other Republicans senators who are calling on President Trump to apologize to President Obama.
The Irish prime minister used his St. Patrick's Day visit to lecture President Trump on the virtues of immigration
President Trump will urge Chancelor Merkel to fast-track Madame Libertas' application to migra…
Secret Service agents under investigation for taking photos of President Trump's sleeping grandson…
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is "deeply troubled" by President Trump's budget cuts
President Trump's budget chief on climate change: "We consider that to be a waste of your money" h…
Sean Spicer spars with CNN's Jim over President Trump's wiretapping claim
Mike Ashley was likened to President Trump by a top investor yesterday after Sports Direct accused a shareholder lobby…
Usually budget talk is boring…. But not with President Trump rethinking the size and shape of the federal...
Florida VA removes portraits of President Trump because he 'isn't their president.' Smdh.
where is the direct apology to President Trump, & the millions that suppprt him? Keep…
Winners and losers in President Trump's proposed budget - CBS News also lose big.
President Trump appears to have more or less admitted that he made up his astonishing claim that his phones were tapped b…
As Congress looks into his claims against predecessor Barack Obama, President Trump is trying to alter the meaning…
Shouldn't a Judge who graduated Harvard with President Obama recuse himself from ruling on President Trump's Executive Order?…
Trump's Budget would Close Grand Canyon. A top House Democrat is raising alarms over reports that President Trump...
POLL: How would you grade President Trump's new AMERICA FIRST
President Trump proposes to hike Transportation Security Administration's fee on airline tickets.…
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Berkeley, CA just became the first city in the U.S. to divest from any company that works on President Trump's border wall. htt…
President Trump calls federal judge's block of the new travel ban "judicial overreach"
President Trump rails against a federal court ruling blocking the new travel ban
.shares photo of President Trump saluting after laying wreath at tomb of Andrew Jackson in Nashville…
President Trump honors Andrew Jackson's 250th birthday by visiting his Tennessee home, resting place - New York Dai…
Snoop Dogg shot a clown that looked a lot like President Trump and people were outraged
Snoop Dogg shot a clown president in a music video, and now President Trump is mad.
Thank you President Trump for recognition to Andrew Jackson. And superb interview w/Tucker Carlson. Diplomatic and refined!💜
President Trump salutes at the tomb of Andrew Jackson on what would have been his 250th birthday.
President Trump to celebrate Andrew Jackson's 250th birthday in Nashville, attend rally -
An algorithm that predicts relationship status with 86 per cent accuracy has decided President Trump is single
Rep. Eric Swalwell says President Trump “is not credible”
Attorney General Jeff Sessions: I never gave President Trump any reason to believe Obama had wiretapped him
Ivana Trump, first wife of President Trump, is writing a memoir that will focus on the couple's three children.
President Trump: "Thinking in government ... has weakened and endangered our country and left our people defenseless" htt…
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President Trump clearly would rather be cutting taxes right right. Sounds like that is next on the agenda. SOUNDS GOOD!
President Trump on a judge shutting down his travel ban today: "This ruling makes us look weak". Read more:
President Trump is speaking live on Fox Business Channel from Tennessee.
President Trump paid more income tax 25% than either Mr Obama 19% or Bernie Saunders, 13%, Really? Liberal Media should be ashamed!
I was at the V.A. In Huntington , W.Va today looked around for a picture of President Trump , why is there not a pic. in all V.A Hospital ??
Lord Jesus, please shield President Trump, Attorney General Sessions, and the entire Trump Administration from the fie…
Veterans outraged portraits of President Trump and Sec. of VA were taken down from West Palm Beach VA Center.
Carr: Liberals' next great plan to thwart President Trump is arriving via snail mail. (Via Boston Herald)
alternative question: "President Trump, any reaction to the news that you pay more taxes than Barack Obama or Bernie Sa…
AG Jeff Sessions says he never gave President Trump a reason to believe former President Obama wiretapped him
.. "Cassidy on GOP plan: 'Not what President Trump promised." .
Paul Ryan on the GOP health plan: “This is something we wrote with President Trump...”
President Trump's personal lawyer on Snoop Dogg's video: "It's absolutely disgraceful"
How much does President Trump know history? Find out tonight on Rachel Maddow's show as she reveals his 4th grade transcr…
NM Senator Tom Udall is concerned about the cost of protecting President Trump's properties to taxpayers.…
President Trump check this out! Pence is a traitor RINO, just like Paul Ryan!
March 14th will be forever known as the day that President Trump outsmarted Rachel Maddow into reporting he pays taxes. 😂…
Rachel Maddow shows that President Trump paid $38,000,000 in taxes. She just proved all liberals / democrats wrong. Noth…
Fake news reporter Rachel Maddow's stunt just proves that President Trump payed the legal amount of taxes he was required to…
Just heard Michael Beschloss NBC Presidential Historian say President Trump is first President in History not to have Military experience ha
Dear lyin' GOP Sen now calling you out on "That's not what President Trump promised."
The Justice Department has asked for more time to respond to lawmakers' questions about President Trump's wiretapping allegations.
All eyes are on whether the German chancellor and President Trump will get along.
Violent Isis like gangs from central america and Mexico coming to a city near you. . President Trump please…
▶️ DISGUSTING: Snoop Dogg depicts himself assassinating President Trump in new music video http…
Wow‼️ Snoop Dogg makes rap video and fires a gun at President Trump's head (VIDEO) and how is this ok?!😡
Snoop Dogg imagines assassinating President Trump in his new video -
Snoop Dogg Aims a Gun at a Clown Dressed as President Trump in a New Video - TIME
Snoop Dogg takes aim at President Trump in fired-up new video:
President Trump wants to turbocharge the economy.
Hate speech is not OK, no matter who is president. Kudos to MMC Land Management for firing John Pisone.
You mean the one where he kidnaps the president at gunpoint
Sean Spicer accused of racism in Apple store by Indian American woman who confronted him - The Independent…
Sean Spicer says President Trump will ask for the White House Press Corps' help in determining where he should donate his…
Sean Spicer: President Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel's meeting has been rescheduled for March 17
Spicer rowing back on Trump wiretapping claims, says what president meant was a general surveillance of Trump campaign during election
Due to the incoming winter storm, the German chancellor's Tuesday meeting with President Trump in Washington will now happen Frida…
Not okay. Serious national business-not profit opportunity. Trump planning to host Chinese president at Mar-a-Lago
BREAKING: Trump calls for Congressional investigation of President Obama for last night's missin' hour.
President Trump has nominated Scott Gottlieb to head the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), an agency mired in...
"It’s something that had been cited in other reports, and the president mentioned those to me,” Spicer says of Trump wiretapping accusation,
The Latest: Spicer defends US attorney purge as routine: The Latest on President Donald Trump (all times local):…
"If Donald Trump isn't your president then get out of this country". Me:
Guess which room belongs to which Manafort client/Putin puppet: Yanukovych, overthrown president of Ukraine, or Donald T…
I like to put things in quotes too, Sean Spicer, like "president trump". What does that mean? I hate these shady people so much!😩 featured in NBC s Science of Love
Kellyanne Conway said she never meant to imply that President Obama used a microwave to spy on President Trump
🚨BREAKING: Snoop Dogg assassinates a President Trump "clown" character in his new video. Patriots, you see this? -VJ. h…
America Loves President Trump. He is winning. We the people are winning by exposing the leftwing scam. Maga…
Opinion: If President Trump has decided on a new plan for defeating ISIS, it isn’t obvious
Lefties and techies, long at odds in the San Francisco Bay area, are teaming up against President Trump. ht…
Sean Spicer: President Trump will "donate his salary at the end of the year" and would like reporters to "help determine where tha…
Democrats & have nothing on President Trump, and one day they are going to pull the straw that w…
President Trump might actually be making America great again! Here's how:
President Trump could win big on infrastructure – if he rethinks his stance on climate change https…
Spicer:Trump "doesn't really think that President Obama went up and tapped his phone personally." —via
. BBC News - Trump tracker: How much has the president achieved so far? htt…
A copy of the letter was sent to FBI Director James Comey, who has asked DOJ to publicly deny the president's claims
. U.S. president made confusing comments about abolitionist Frederick Douglass, who died in 1895
The House Intelligence Committee set a deadline of today for DOJ to provide evidence of President Trump's claim that Obama tapped…
Spicer on Trump source of info before accusing Obama of wiretapping him: "I'm not going to get into what president knew a…
Boris Epshteyn, a special assistant to President Trump was arrested for assault in 2014. (He was born in Moscow)
Trump will lay a wreath at President Jackson's tomb at the Hermitage in Nashville on Wednesday, Spicer says.
Political scientist Michael Horowitz discusses President Trump's plans for the military:
you need several sources to tell you President Trump & R's control WH,house,senate,state…
President Trump has gone to a golf course for the 9th time in 7 weeks
Raymond Tanter, fmr NSC in Reagan-Bush admin: is testing President Trump & he should designate as a FTO htt…
Interesting observation by two experts: is testing President Trump: Here’s what he should do.
President Trump is months behind where experts say he should be in filling senior government positions
President Trump will have lunch with Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao at noon today.
Now WE need to stand with President Trump on Saturday, March 18 at Congressman Vern Buchanan's Town Hall with...
Prosecutor fired by President Trump leaves legacy as Wall Street crime-buster
Alec Baldwin reprises his role as President Trump on to confront a group of aliens attacking planet Earth
Alec Baldwin's President Trump faces an alien invasion on "Saturday Night Live"
President Trump must "Keep holy the Sabbath" by attending church on Sundays. He and family must set a proper example
Representative Elijah E. Cummings noted that President Trump previously said he wanted to keep the U.S. attorney...
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John McCain on President Trump's Russian connections: 'Lot of shoes to drop'.
Director Mike Pompeo today announced President Trump has selected Gina Haspel to be the new Deputy Director of CIA.
NDP Leader Tom Mulcair says President Trump's travel ban is racist and says our prime minister needs to stand up to that.
Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said President Trump either has to retract his claims that former President Barack Ob...
Planned Parenthood's rejection of President Trump's funding deal shows its focus is abortion.
Is Paul Ryan attempting to sabotage President Trump voter base with
Breaking News: U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara is refusing to resign, forcing a potential showdown with President Trump
President Trump,you must be aware of SHARIA MUSLIMS,even those who consider themselves American,are a serious threat!
President Trump is at Trump National Golf Club in Potomac Falls, VA, per pool; it's his 9th golf course trip since taking o…
Opinion: President Trump "is on the brink of making a bad deal," Bernie Sanders writes
"President Trump should fire Koskinen and replace him with someone that will bring integrity and competence to the IRS". Rep Bob Goodlatte
Immigration & Nationality Act of 1952 gives President Trump the power to control immigration, period. ACLU loses!
President hero. Keep on rocking it and please do something about the swamp King and Q…
President Trump is hiding from reporters and the public since accusing his predecessor of committing a crime
Paul Ryan hated President Trump all last year. Is it so hard to believe that he is deceiving him about this B.S. health…
Dr. Scott Gottlieb is President Trump's choice to lead the Food and Drug Administration.
President Trump will nominate Dr. Scott Gottlieb to run the Food and Drug Administration. | Via
President Trump: Juan Manuel Santos, is Partner and Pal, of Barack Obama, Raul Castro, and Rafael Correa!. RAT!
Gordon Ramsay, President Trump, Pacino, Eddie Murphy & Robert DeNiro shop for tools at the
DEEP STATE & the Subversion of President Trump via
Sean Hannity is right. . President Trump should fire every hold over from the Obama Administration Immediately!
President Trump and Members of Congress: Stop the deployment of U.S. ground troops to Syria
TRUMP DAILY: President Trump: A new era in Washington begins
all refugees need to be sent to the states suing President Trump. They may have them in all their unvetted glory.
The Justice Department declined to confirm the White House's claim that President Trump is not under investigation
"President Trump accused former president Barack Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower during the campaign over the...
Former Attorney General Mukasey says President Trump is right about wiretapping, wants a congressional probe on Barack O…
'This means President Trump has killed a foreign combatant that was released under the authority of Barack Obama'
"You can compare President Trump to Richard Nixon, but times have changed"
President Trump is reportedly considering cuts to the Coast Guard, TSA and FEMA to fund the border wall
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President Trump is weighing cuts to the Coast Guard, TSA and FEMA as he looks for money to bolster his border plan
Washington and New York look to block President Trump's new travel ban
WATCH LIVE on President Trump's holds the daily White House news briefing
President Trump's re-issued harmful and discriminatory ban on refugees & immigrants from six Muslim-majority nations i…
President Trump says Democrats are holding up his Cabinet nominees: "It's obstruction"
Laura Marling: the "horrifying but unbearably addictive quality" of President Trump, says she's constantly checking phone for latest update
. "President Trump is actually doing everything he promised to make our nation great again." -James Woods .
One more time President Trump has been proven right! Wake up America we have finally have smart President! He's no ones fool!
Former President Obama was irked and exasperated in response to President Trump's wiretapping claims, sources say
'Remarks by President Trump at Signing of H.J. Resolution 41'.
.Since taking office, President Trump has been bedeviled by classified info being fed to the anti-Trump press.…
Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman has accepted President Trump's offer to be the next ambassador to Russia
ANALYSIS: President Trump preps for war with own base - ABC News.. Related Articles:
Rep. Cummings says he told President Trump there’s no voter fraud, “but there is voter suppression”
Elijah Cummings tells President Trump his language has been hurtful to African Americans: Baltimore Rep. Elijah E.…
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Everyone has heard the rumours but at last we have definite proof that President Trump really is an avid fan of 3-2-1 a…
JUST IN: Sens Graham & Whitehouse ask FBI for copies of warrants"related to wiretaps of President Trump, the Trump Campaign…
President Trump, contradictory even with himself.
Michael Savage talks his meeting with President Trump via
Only one reason those who objected to a President Obama playing golf are silent when a President Trump plays even more…
President Trump will gut Coast Guard, TSA, FEMA to pay for his border wall, immigrant roundups
Must see video - President Trump makes a baseless claim that former President Obama wiretapped him, Neal Brennan...
"We will give people struggling with addiction access to the help they need." —President Trump, five months ago. https:/…
President Trump could use the help of Swamp Man, Troy Landry.
President Trump, the American people demand the immediate cessation of the CIA's violation of the fourth amendment.
Republican leaders on Capitol Hill back away from President Trump on his wiretap allegations
Here's what mental health experts think of President Trump's behavior
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