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yesterday, Former President Thabo Mbeki was inaugurated as the new Chancellor of UNISA.
Former President Thabo Mbeki will today be inaugurated as a Chancellor of
Video: Former President Thabo Mbeki inaugurated as chancellor of Unisa |
"African migrants not our enemies," says Thabo Mbeki, South Africa's former president
Former South African President Thabo Mbeki's condemnation of xenophobia doesn't gel with his record while President.
Congratulations to President Thabo Mbeki on inauguration as the Chancellor of UNISA. Congratulations also to UNISA fo…
ANC and EFF have congratulated Former President Thabo Mbeki on his inauguration as the Chancellor of the University of South…
When Former President Thabo Mbeki questioned the wisdom of naming a national team Bafana Bafana, most thought he w…
President Thabo Mbeki says he didn't recover the billions from ABSA because Treasury ( under Trevor) was meant to do that.
Congratulations and best wishes Former President Thabo Mbeki appointed new Chancellor of University of South Africa (Unisa).…
President Thabo Mbeki's letter of condolence to President Raul Castro.
It is very much the theme of our President, President Thabo Mbeki,...
Still want to have a sit down with President Thabo Mbeki over whisky, talk abt African Renaissance and his vision for Africa
President Thabo Mbeki's address, "On the Occasion of Year 90 of the African National Congress", January 6, 2002. https:/…
Thanks People were voting for the ANC because they trusted and respected both Tata Mandela and Former President Thabo Mbeki.
President Thabo Mbeki has participated in many sessions of the South African Women Dialogue (SAWID) over the years.
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'Thabo Mbeki, tried in vain to convince his British counterpart Tony Blair and US President George W Bush that...
I can't wait for Former President Thabo Mbeki's electioneering campaign for the ANC in the near future as reported by Kgalema Motlanthe.
Former South African President remains a puzzle to many of his compatriots. A new book about him
In 2003 former South African President Thabo Mbeki also addressed the July session back in 2003.
Former SA president Thabo Mbeki was right about AIDS
Why our bishop Tutu did not invite president Zuma but Former President Thabo Mbeki?. kkwaaa
Thabo Mbeki had an opportunity to take back the land and he didn't, why is Zuma the worst president we've ever had then? Nkandla=Land?
Former President Thabo Mbeki warned us against building reconciliation on a false foundation. He even refused to sign the TRC Report.
Mbeki urges judiciary probe into SABC Former President Thabo Mbeki has urged President Jacob Zuma to institute a j…
"Motlanthe revealed that Former President Thabo Mbeki would also join the party’s efforts to canvass support"
AFRICA - the time has come: selected speeches by President Thabo 👏🏾📚👊
We miss you Mr President!Thanks to the editors and contributors to this book:The Thabo Mbeki I Know. Required reading for…
"I make this request not from any fear that such comparison might bring humiliation upon Africa"-President Thabo Mbeki
"I would ask you not to compare Africa to Europe or to any other continent "- President Thabo Mbeki
“I am an African, and I set my pride in my race over against a hostile public opinion”.-President Thabo Mbeki
Gloom and despondency have never defeated adversity. Trying times need courage and resilience. Thabo Mbeki South (1942-) African President
Former President Thabo Mbeki was a master tactician. I love him, but I wish he would have decolonised our education.
"President Thabo Mbeki has a mixed reputation in S.Africa, but on Iraq it turns out he was right" - John Matisonn
SA's best ever president: Thabo Mbeki (my opinion)
President Thabo Mbeki had an then got fired over false and ill informed claims. What a shame.
# The last time I heard of an economic policy was during Thabo Mbeki as president
Thabo Mbeki was never a president, he was more out of the country selling optital illusions to the…
This one time I bought Former President Thabo Mbeki 'Patron'. It suited his role at the Thabo Mbeki African...
On this day in history: May 19, 2000. President Thabo Mbeki receives an Honorary Doctorate of Law from the Glasgow Caledonian University
The people who are the reason Jacob Zuma is still in power are the very same people who recalled Former President Thabo Mbeki.
WATCH: 20 years ago, Former President Thabo Mbeki delivered his "I'm an African speech" in parliament
The country's leadership should not lie to itself about the challenges facing SA, Former President Thabo Mbeki said: https…
Yesterday the 'I AM AN AFRICAN' speech delivered by Former President Thabo Mbeki was celebrated and commemorated, see
[ICYMI]Some of the key points that Former President Thabo Mbeki speaks about in this letter
I am currently in Paris, as membre of an official delegation headed by President Thabo Mbeki, Chair of AUC and...
Little Giant Ladders
Can someone ask the Former President Thabo Mbeki to come finish his term of office while President Jacob Zuma willingly steps down?
President Thabo Mbeki put a full stop to his weekly letters. . Thanks Mr President
Do you who were number challengers of our Former President Thabo Mbeki's African Renaissance plans?
I love reading what President Thabo Mbeki writes, letters, speeches and all. The man has got a way with words that makes you want to read
"I want to become President of the country just so I can re-instate Thabo Mbeki."
Ajay Gupta was first been appointed to the board of Brand SA during Former President Thabo Mbeki’s administration
Former President Thabo Mbeki has denied introducing the controversial Gupta family to President Jacob Zuma.
Decision not to remove Mr Jacob Zuma is due to lessons learnt from CIC Julius Malema & President Thabo Mbeki's removal.
What does "internalise. lies have small legs" even me bethuna? And does Former President Thabo Mbeki know what's written in his name? 😣
Former President Thabo Mbeki's people are the original PettyLaBelles. Bathi lies have short legs 😂😂😂😂
June 14, 2005 - President Thabo Mbeki fires Zuma over his alleged involvement in the Shaik bribery scandal.
According to Former President Thabo Mbeki will today deliver the longest version of 'I told you so' 😂
calling out Former Finance Minister Trevor Manuel and Former President Thabo Mbeki
is the fourth best President of the RSA. 1. Nelson Mandela. 2. Thabo Mbeki. 3. All presidents before 1994. 4. Jacob Zuma
MT In essence this could not have been possible without approval by Trevor Manuel & our then president Thabo Mbeki...
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The Gupta Family formally introduced by our then President Thabo Mbeki to President Jacob Zuma remains a mystery
president Thabo Mbeki to take charge despite of Barclays bank’s many crimes against South Africa and her people.
They were content when President Thabo Mbeki resigned from office in 2008.
"I am an African. I owe my being to..." Honourable Former President Thabo Mbeki
South Africa’s former president has no links with Gupta family’ Former South African President Thabo Mbeki has n…
Should Mr. Thabo Mbeki come back to finish off his presidency? Should the reinstate him as President of
Thabo Mbeki was performing as a president!
It is wonderful that president Thabo Mbeki has finally told the world why we delayed our land reform and why SA stood with us.
Were it not for President Thabo Mbeki Zimbabwe would be in ruins.
[LISTEN] NPA says Former President Thabo Mbeki was not behind Zuma prosecution
The NPA has admitted that the Thabo Mbeki conspiracy against President Zuma was but a ntsomi. Sadly his recall was not.
[OPINION] Former SA president Thabo Mbeki writes on the Myanmar and Zimbabwe experience.
board member and former president of Thabo Mbeki on African solutions to African problems
'OPINION: Propaganda & the pursuit of hegemonic goals' by President Mvuyelwa Mbeki.
| Mbeki not behind Zuma prosecution, NPA tells court: Former President Thabo Mbeki had…
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NPA concedes there's no evidence that Thabo Mbeki was part of what it sees as political conspiracy around President Zuma's pr…
[ON AIR] "We apologize to President Thabo Mbeki for removing him based on lies and rumors by the sitting president"
President Thabo Mbeki read every word of every sentence.An illiterate Pres is now a national problem
President Thabo Mbeki is listening attentively to President Gedleyihlekisa Jacob Zuma!
SACP Deputy General Secretary Jeremy Cronin says he's never apologised for calling Former President Thabo Mbeki a suppressor of debate.
President Thabo Mbeki was the only person Robert Mugabe respected
I just woke from a Nap and I had 3 dreams 󾌴󾌴󾌴 1st one I was speaking to Our Former President Thabo Mbeki about...
When Thabo Mbeki became the president, i was in matric
I would like to wish President Thabo Mbeki a happy new year a healthy and prosperous 2016. Wonwabe Zizi elihle
This is the president who cares about people. Thabo Mbeki never did this...
You should have Zimbabwean former PM Morgan Tsvangirai on head to head or fmr SA president Thabo Mbeki. George Galloway too lol
Am a politician but not those who prounonce matter as MAH'TTAR simply because our Former President Thabo Mbeki did so
kanene,My President,Thabo Mbeki was in my dream last night. ♡
I love president Zuma... But I miss the commanding presence of President Thabo Mbeki...
Marry Christmas to President Thabo Mbeki and the First Lady Zanele Mbeki fokol to Zuma and 4, 5, 6 or 7 ladies...
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I agree, with Former President Thabo Mbeki...false knowledge is dangerous.and spreading it, on social media.its even worse.
We have a date with the intellect of President Thabo Mbeki on the January 11, 2016...
Paul Whelan: Who did you prefer as South Africa's president, Thabo Mbeki or Jacob Zuma?
reconciliation between Former President Thabo Mbeki, Kgalema Motlanthe and the incumbent will unite the ANC and the country.
What an insult to Thabo Mbeki"Zuma is the best President ever fam Mxm a non president ever!
lobaba uyahleka yezwaaa!! Redi tell me, how often did you see Thabo Mbeki giggling while he was still the state president?
In fact Thabo Mbeki was good president for SA than Jacob Zuma. Inflation is very high
Op-Ed: Give mental health the priority it deserves Former president, Thabo Mbeki, noted that “among the yardsticks…
"ANC replaced Former President Thabo Mbeki with nothing" ehh Powerfm987 listeners, lol
y'all have replaced President thabo mbeki with nothing
Thabo Mbeki left us in bad hands now its clear that he was a great president...his leadership did a better job
I am an African by Former President Thabo Mbeki,wish he could come back
Former South African President Thabo Mbeki has won the 2014 edition of the Obafemi Awolowo Prize for Leadership …
"I AM AN AFRICAN" by former president Mr Thabo Mbeki is just exceptional.
Check Illicit Financial Flows – Thabo Mbeki: Former President of South Africa has called on all African leader...
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Today it feels good to be an African. via
I am born of a people who would not tolerate oppression. via
My mind and my knowledge of myself is formed by the victories that are the jewels in our African…via
My body has frozen in our frosts and in our latter day snows. It has thawed in the warmth of our…via
I honestly feel that call President Obama made to President Zuma was supposed to be answered by Former President Thabo Mbeki
Great answers by President Thabo Mbeki regardsing man this TM guy.
Thabo Mbeki was the best President we ever had! An intelligent man! Whose contribution to economic growth was fundamentally amazing!
I'm sorry but when Thabo Mbeki was president the rand was so much stronger Under R10 for a Dollar 💵 and under R14 for a Pound 💷 nxa
When Thabo Mbeki said he is president of the ANC before president of the country. Did say anything?
The last time I rode my local taxi was when it was still R2.50 while Thabo Mbeki was the president until Zuma came through, its now R10
SA used to be number 28 during Thabo mbeki as president & now we are num 34 world rakings . moving backward Mr Zuma s world exp
in the same whisper the Holy Spirit mentioned Former President Thabo Mbeki. Please keep him in your prayers.
Quiet diplomacy is better than no diplomacy, come back Thabo Mbeki (this needs updating)
When Mbeki ask that she serve as the country and ANC's deputy president, she declined. Purely because it would upset Zuma and her family
Mbeki Visits Veep: Group photograph of Former President Thabo Mbeki and his delegation with VP Amissah-Arthur ...
UJ: Former SA President, Thabo Mbeki, on how Africa relates to global dynamics:
I wish Thabo Mbeki was our president...
“Mobilise for the boycott of Israeli goods.” – Former President Thabo Mbeki  via
✊. The real president's from the ANC are gone. If only the ANC still had Mr. Thabo Mbeki as president.
Thabo Mbeki should be reinstated as the president if he's not interested Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma should be the nxt president
President Thabo Mbeki could just have been our own Galileo -Galileo whom we unjustly jailed to death for Question HIV and AIDS I believe so!
President Thabo Mbeki once said, South Africa has two nations in one country.massive division
'Those who oppressed us described us as the Dark Continent' Former President Thabo Mbeki.
only President Thabo Mbeki had an African thinking.
Today It feels good to be a South African : - President Thabo Mbeki.
The Alumni Leadership Conference is organised by the patron, President Thabo Mbeki through the Thabo Mbeki Foundation.
Was it Former President Thabo Mbeki who suggested that we need a more grown up name than ..needs a witness
I would love to have lunch with Former President Thabo Mbeki. That would be awesome :)
President Thabo Mbeki, former president of South Africa and a son of Africa.
leadership is an action not a position so said Former President Thabo Mbeki
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okay it's done and dusted has just proved that he's a poet by quoting Former President Thabo Mbeki's " I am an African "
Thank you so much rre Goitsimodimo Seleka for reminding me of the speech by the honourable Former President Thabo Mbeki.
President Thabo Mbeki explaining why young leaders need to understand their history to change currnt situations in their countries
The former president of the Republic of South Africa Dr Thabo Mbeki is already in the house and is getting ready...
His excellency Former President Thabo Mbeki about to address the youth on leadership development in Africa.
former president of the Republic of South Africa Thabo Mbeki just entered the conference room
Thabo Mbeki being welcomed by former President of Burundi as he arrives in for…
Yesterday, Former President Thabo Mbeki recommended some books for us to read. I wonder when will Zuma recommend some books for us as well🙈🙊
Tata Thabo Mbeki is the best President that South Africa has ever had ever since the "black party" took over ..
Former President Thabo Mbeki addresses the transformation that South . African politics has taken, since 1994.
Members Lunch 22.09.2015 Commencing now, with guest of honor: Former President Mr Thabo Mbeki.
Today in History: Seven years ago President Thabo Mbeki handed in his resignation as the South African President.
Sombre day as 7 years ago (2008) this day Thabo Mbeki handed in his resignation as president of South Africa. It's been a freefall eversince
I am meeting Former President Thabo Mbeki today at the German Chamber of Commence 🙏🏾 The African Child ✊🏾
I have massive Respect for Former President Thabo Mbeki.
past president Thabo Mbeki on the future of African universities:
Sepp Blatter had met former SA President Thabo Mbeki over the $10m bribe, meaning that the US AG's case is far from over.
On this day 7 years ago, the last president of South Africa resigned. Honorable President Thabo Mbeki. via
Malema: very few people remember Malusi Gigaba as the youth league president because he was mimicking Tha…
Today in history - 2008: With 9 months left in his tenure, South Africa's President Thabo Mbeki resigns from office.
President Thabo Mbeki calls for the to come home
PGP's Peet Strauss with former SA President Thabo Mbeki at the recent
Looking forward to with and listening to former SA President Thabo Mbeki.
team with Former President Thabo Mbeki and CEO angel1jones…
"President Thabo Mbeki presided over SA's highest economic growth rate of the past 35 years".
Great Friday! with and listening to Former President Thabo Mbeki
Such positive words by Former President Thabo Mbeki. Feeling inspired by
That was President Thabo Mbeki when he announced that then Deputy Pres of RSA has been released from his responsibilities.
Happy Birthday to thee last Statesman of this country. President Thabo Mbeki and may you continue your work in African Renaissance.
10 years ago today, at a joint sitting of parliament, President Thabo Mbeki fired Deputy Pres Jacob Zuma.
Comrade todate, do you still feel the recall of President Thabo Mbeki was best decision?
HEADLINES ON President Jacob Zuma says Former President Thabo Mbeki tried to force him out of politics in 2003. 403
Surely this guy has got an obsession over Former President Thabo Mbeki. I've never read a piece by him without him quoting&misquoting TM.
My Former President Thabo Mbeki once said "I'm an African", be African and say no to [ ]
These words came from a wise man Former President Thabo Mbeki use them then think before you act
What did Former President Thabo Mbeki mean when he said "I am an African" ? can you echo his words today ?
I'm a great fan of Former President Thabo Mbeki's press statements."My wife Zanele and I..." hope 1 day I will do the same. Lol
I bookmarked this letter by Former President Thabo Mbeki years ago. I return to it sometimes.
Mandela was more of a ceremonial president, it was Frederik Willem de Klerk and thabo Mbeki that were running things
We now know that Honorable Thabo Mbeki was 100x better than jacob Zuma as a President, our country is in crisis but his not concerned at all
okay in my head Mr Thabo Mbeki is still my president!
must hire former President Mbeki please to answer questions
"Who's the best president that ever ruled? Thabo mbeki
Are we still going to find someone like Former President Thabo Mbeki.msholozi's leadership is leading South Africans to poverty...FACT
Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki "Who's the best president that ever ruled?
Thabo Mbeki Who's the best president that ever ruled?
But when President Thabo Mbeki suggested contraceptives for teeanage girls the country was up in arms! Sating he Is promoting teenage sex!
in March to visit his three children in exile. Govan Mbeki was the father of the Former President Thabo Mbeki and was one of
President Jonathan had a closed door meeting with Ex-Head of State, Abdusalami Abubakar, and a former South African Presid…
President Jonathan with former South African President,Thabo Mbeki during a visit by the latter, Sun., March 8.
As usual we start show with I AM AN AFRICAN (President Thabo Mbeki).with
NigeriaNewsdesk: APC's Muhammadu Buhari has met with Ex-S/African President Thabo Mbeki and Ex-president Abdulsala…
President Jonathan, Former President Thabo Mbeki & former Head of State, General A. Abubakar at the Villa, Sun.
I couldn't help but wonder the roles of Ronnie Kasrils and President Thabo Mbeki re Anything is possible. Comfort zones be poked
I am an African by Hournarable Former President Thabo Mbeki! Inspiring myself!
President Thabo Mbeki will today present a report of the UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA).
I don't think this looting that is still going on Gauteng resonate with 'I am an African' speech by Former President Thabo Mbeki.
Former ANC President Thabo Mbeki going to CAPE TOWN for ANC JAN 8 STATEMENT like
One of my favorite President Thabo Mbeki' speeches.
Of Afurika, Afrika's main enemy is induced communicable diseases; due to WS, due to colonization, due to slavery, due to 'superiority inferiority' execution ...; and we as "cool" Afrikans, by succumbing to implementation of these foreign missions, hate concepts, condone systemic, sporadic elimination of a race. sA Former President Thabo Mbeki had it magnified under the lenses - Afurika must eradicate poverty to shed this reptilian skin. HIV TB cholera kwashiokor eBola religion xenophobia illiteracy etc are, in short, the guillotine raised to subjugate Afurika to extinction. And being conscious is our escape route out of this colonization pit. HIV exists b'coz of RACISM. Done?!
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President Thabo Mbeki gives his chair to lady journalist who was the only one standing at a function via http:…
Are we talking about the same thing President Thabo Mbeki tried towards the end of his two terms!!
it seems as if 'injury to one is injury to all slogan is applicable.fascinating Cosatu which once ousted President Thabo Mbeki!!
Acting President Edgar Lungu Leads thousands of Zambians in Celebrating 50 years of Independence. The acting President lead the celebrations at the Heroes National Stadium In lusaka Yesterday, the celebrations were characterized by a number of colorful performances from Musical artists, Traditional dancing, Chinese dances, Defense force display of Fire arms and equipment and many other things. First President Kenneth Kaunda, Former President Rupiah Banda, former South African President Thabo Mbeki, Former Botwasana President Festase Muhai, Kenyan Vice President and more than 40 representatives of other countries were also in attendance, other Opposition Political parties were also represented by there party presidents, MMD President Nevers Mumba, NRP President Cozmo Mumba, FDD President Edith Nawakwi and many more. UPND President Hakainde Hichilema Didn't attend the celebrations as he urged Zambians not to attend also and wear Black on that day instead, he also directed all his party members and National ...
The code that was said by Former President Thabo Mbeki in June 2008 (" Masses are knocking at the gate and minority Black and white middle class are having the key and keep on refusing to open, it will a time where the masses get aggregated and break the gate") just crosed my mind and brought in my attention why we need Team Ronald Ozzy Lamola to lead young people of country in other not to experienced that.
Watch SABC Channel 404 your President Thabo Mbeki will give an acceptance speech..
Speech by President Thabo Mbeki in memory of Walter Sisulu
"I am an African" by President Thabo Mbeki. Still, in my opinion, one of the best speeches of our time.
Monwabisi Kwanda Mphahlwa, the long lost son of Former President Thabo Mbeki, was born on this day.
“by message from Former President Thabo Mbeki pic, Blake
Panorama Photo by : Africa Rising! Wise message from our Former President Thabo Mbeki
"Posing at pre-performance lunch with President Thabo Mbeki.
Had a meeting with President Thabo Mbeki about the inclusion of the youth in the national dialogue in
SASCO statement on the passing of MaMbeki The South African Students' Congress (SASCO) mourns the sad depature of Mama Epainette Nomaka Mbeki (98). MaMbeki is a struggle hero in her own right, an educator and wife to the great Govan Mbeki. She is also a mother to President Thabo Mbeki. She was a an outstanding leader of the South African people and a community activist till her last days of life. She was a true mother of the nation who continued to make a contribution in the lives of ordinary people. MaMbeki continued to have the courage to express herself openly on various issues confronting our political and social landscape. MaMbeki was amongst the first black members and second woman to join the Communist Party of South Africa. She was a stalwart of the African National Congress who understood that our revolution is about emancipating the poor and working class people. She for years experienced the worst hardship brought about by Apartheid when her husband was arrested, her children exiled and the har ...
To the 98-year old matriarch, stalwart wife of the late Govan Mbeki, Mother to Former President Thabo Mbeki, Mrs E. Mbeki MaMokoena RIP.
Ma-Mbeki was a selfless mother of our nation and a midwife of our freedom and democracy-Premier Mahumapelo Mama Nomaka Epainette Mbeki was a selfless revolutionary, an educator, community builder and one of the mothers of our nation and midwives of our freedom for democracy, North West Premier Supra Mahumapelo said in paying tribute to veteran struggle heroine who died in the early hours of Saturday. “Ma-Mbeki lived for her community and gave her life and everything that was hers to the course for the struggle for liberation of our people. In her we have lost a humble role model, a courageous and fearless anti-apartheid activist and an independent thinker. Her passing away has left the Ngcingwane rural community and South Africa poorer but enriched by invaluable lessons to be learnt from her legacy of selflessness,” Premier Mahumapelo said. “On behalf of the provincial government and the people of North West Province, we wish to express our heartfelt condolences to Former President Thabo Mbeki, his ...
The late Epainette Mbeki was married to the late ANC and SACP leader, Govan Mbeki, and was also a mother to former ANC President Thabo Mbeki.and yet, at the time of her death, she was a member of COPE! What a traitor within the Mbeki family she proved to be...
As South Africa mourns the death of Mam' Epainette Mbeki,may we never forget what she gave up for the struggle of our liberation. A husband in Govan Mbeki for 24 years in Robben Island. In a last-born son, Jama Mbeki who was killed in Lesotho. In a grandson, Kwanda Mbeki, only off-spring of ever Honourable Former President Thabo Mbeki who dissappeared in 1981 to this day even after the TRC, there is still no trace. Ultimately, in a child she gave us 28 years of exile of Thabo Mbeki and who thereafter gave his whole life to South Africa and Africa. May we always remember.
My heart goes out to our Former President Thabo Mbeki and his family. May Ma Mbeki's soul rest in eternal peace.
The Tripartite Alliance, ANC, SACP and Cosatu have expressed their condolences for the passing of Former President Thabo Mbeki's mother, Epainette Mbeki.
Khayalitsha and Mitchells plain Police stations are part of Urban Revenwal Decleared By Former President Thabo Mbeki and Mitchells Plain The Biggest Police Station in The Country
Statement of the Office of Former President Thabo Mbeki on the passing away of Maya Angelou Former President Thabo Mbeki wishes to extend his condolences to the family of African-American teacher, activist and artist, Maya Angelou, who passed away at her home in the United States yesterday. He said: “Maya Angelou is one of the world’s activists for an as yet-to-be-achieved fair and just world between and within nations. Her departure should serve as a moment of reflection on whether what each one of us does each day takes us closer to the kind of world Maya Angelou visualised. “In doing so, we are challenged to summon the optimism that was Maya Angelou’s character which in turn defined her life. She possessed a character of steel which everyone who knew her and who read her work easily noticed,” former President Mbeki said. The former President who is currently in Algeria as a guest of honour of the Algerian government at the 17th Ministerial Conference of the Non-Aligned Movement said whereas M ...
MDC Team Youth Assembly Message on Africa Day As we celebrate Africa day let us remember the millions of our ancestors who have paid the ultimate price for this great continent from slavery to independence to colonialism to freedom and liberation. Although we have gallantly fought for political freedom and liberation, Africa remains in economic bondage. The greater chunk of Africa's resources still benefit other continents largely america Europe Australia and part of Asia. Land grabbing minerals extraction brain drain are some of the symbols of the new form of exploitation. The next generation of African leaders are challenged to pitch the struggle at a higher level. It is not enough merely to hoist a new flag compose a new national anthem change street names and have black Presidents. The time has come for total and ultimate economic emancipation of the African people. The time has come for accountable and responsive good and democratic governance. The efforts made by President Thabo Mbeki in creating .. ...
Africa Day Lecture, 2014. Introduction of the Africa Day Lecturer, Dr Salim Ahmed Salim, by the Patron of the TMF, President Thabo Mbeki. The 5th Thabo Mbeki Foundation Africa Day Lecture, 23 May 2014. ZK Matthews Great Hall, University of South Africa Muckleneuk Campus, Preller Street, Pretoria. Let me start by joining Professor Makhanya in welcoming Her Excellency, the Vice President of the Republic of Gambia. Thank you very much for blessing our Lecture with your presence here tonight. But of course I must also say thank you very much to our Lecturer today. When we approached [Dr Salim Ahmed Salim] to request him to deliver this year’s Africa Day Lecture, he did not hesitate, and [immediately] said he was ready to come [to South Africa from Tanzania. ed]. I was not surprised about that because I have had the fortune of knowing Dr Salim Ahmed Salim for some years. I have watched him, followed him and criticised him. You would remember that some time ago I was the President of South Africa. Now one of ...
Leadership is not and must be on gender basis - it saddening rather to give such excuse but President Thabo Mbeki was ahead on gender equity .
For centuries, no South African man holding a position of meaningful power had the same level of conviction to come out in such an astonishing way as former President Nelson Mandela when he abolished discrimination against women. As was his custom, Madiba took time evaluation all deeds, tested them on the scale of right and wrong, and then made his final decision. When he rejected the continued patronizing of women as inferior to men and thus deserving of less than equal treatment and benefits, Madiba positioned himself in a direct line of resistance. With God’s grace, it only came to play itself out in our social discourse after we laid him to rest last year. One of Madiba’s lesser known phrases was: “Freedom cannot be achieved unless women have been emancipated from all forms of oppression”. Madiba had a tough task breaking “new ground” in his quest for true gender equality. His choice of 8 men and 2 women at the time as Premiers was a good start. The emergence of President Thabo Mbeki in th ...
It was reported that Former President Thabo Mbeki said it was difficult to vote. If it's true, that is quite deep don't you think.
How does it became difficult for Former President Thabo Mbeki to decide which party to Vote for? Imagine his a history person too, & yet he said it was hard to vote o.O
Media out side Former President Thabo Mbeki's house. He is expected to cast his vote today
I have so much respect for Former President Thabo Mbeki.
Apply your mind and make an intelligent choice, That is Former President Thabo Mbeki's advice DSTV 405
I can safely say that ANC is leading by one vote from Former President Thabo Mbeki
I quote from an easter sermon "If you think low of yourself you'll vote for the leader who confuses public funds with his" I guess everyone understands what this statement means. Even the spiritual leaders are "gatvol" with the current government. I doubt that the Former President Thabo Mbeki voted for ANC even though he still enjoys the privileges of the ex-president. Your vote is your secret remember!
My Chief In Commander I love how practical You Are! Whatever challenges and obstacles that the United Nations will place before You I pray that God gives You the wisdom of Emperor Selassie I, the courage of President Fidel Castro, the resilience of President Robert Mugabe, the stubborness of President Muammar Gaddafi and the intelligence of President Thabo Mbeki! The Legacy Continues... Economic Freedom Fighters NW
A nation at work for a better life (Thabo Mbeki's first speech as President in Parliament on 25 June 1999) In his opening address at Parliament on 25 June 1999, President Thabo Mbeki recommitted the Government to the building of a caring society that will guarantee the dignity of every citizen. He promised renewed action to address the scourge of crime and corruption, to work towards job creation, rural upliftment, improved education and development to put the nation on a winning path to a better life for all. Mesdames Speaker and Deputy Speaker, Chairperson of the National Council of Provinces and Deputy Chairperson (one revolving, the other one permanent), Premiers of our Provinces, Distinguished representatives of local government, Deputy President of the Republic, Honourable Members of our National Parliament, Your Excellencies Ambassadors and High Commissioners, Distinguished guests: We are on course. Steadily, the dark clouds of despair are lifting, giving way to our season of hope. Our country whic ...
Julius Malema is a problem child. He goes all the way to the Eastern Cape to insult uNxamalala. His apology to Former President Thabo Mbeki's mother is beyond me. Direct quote: "I'm so sorry that we replaced your son with nothing". I mean..
Yesterday and today we have been on door to door in Sarah Baartman Region. Our people love the ANC as I'm reminded by what Former President Thabo Mbeki said at the time in 1967, 21 July about passing away of the President General of the ANC Chief Mvumbi Albert John Luthuli: "like a bolt from the blue came the dreadful news that the very head of our movement, the first among equals, President Albert Luthuli, had been struck by a train at a lonely railway crossing not far from his home, and was no more. The masses of our people were not there, and could not have been present, to serve as his protective shield. Today I Andile Lungisa I'm making a clarion call in a different context, different time, different conditions to all our masses especially young people that now is the time to serve as a protective shield come May 7, 2014 to go and vote for the ANC in defence of our revolution. What ever challenges we mighty have hand yesterday or today maybe tomorrow the masses of our people know where the ANC co ...
So relevant 2day: Opening address and political report of President Thabo Mbeki, to The 52nd National Conference
Sponsored Links: Even the dead must obey Chiefs to go all out Another loss for injury-ravaged Stormers Obama meets Saudi woman activist How dare they blame Fergie African power sector set to converge at POWER-GEN Africa Home May 10 2007 at 03:15pm Honoured: President Thabo Mbeki has been made a Knig...
"That African Politician that inspires you? Former President Thabo Mbeki
President Jacob Zuma,President Thabo Mbeki,Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma,Mama Winnie Mandela and Janson Makgati,and other good thinking South Africans, are members and voters of the African National Congress!
Korus consists of four members. They come from the small township of Mbekweni in the Western Cape. The boyband has been together for more than a decade(+12 years). Their sound can be described as a mixture of rhythm and blues with a nice blend of soulful harmonies. What makes them unique is the fact that they, at their age average, write and compose their own music through their individual experiences. They make one see the world though the eyes of musicians. They have played shows both corporate and public around the Western Cape, including performing for international and national Woolwoths managing directors. They've had the privilege to perform for the likes of South Africa Former President Thabo Mbeki, his temporary successor Deputy President Kgalema Motlante, Philip Green, the duke of Britain Prince Harry, Minister Trevor Manuel, to mention just a few. They've recently shared a stage with house mafias Crazy White Boy. The group is managed and musically produced by Banzi 'Blanka' Mazimela.
The PAC - EFF Major or Partnership is a move that I can support 100% including contributing human resources and capital for its success. I would also like to keep the Names separately with the suffix Patriotic Front (PF) like the Zanu PF & Zapu PF. it will make sense for the EFF to strategically be PAC's Election vehicle Nationally, whilst the PAC remains a Vanguard Movement for the African people across the Globe in order to defeat Global Colonialism & Imperialism. EFF can make it for PAC locally within Azania, its programmes are suitable for Azania. However, PAC is a global campaign hence it has remained complex for current Pan Africanist to articulate it whilst looking at national issues as well. Also noting that this country's Foreign Policy has be non-existence since democracy except for the Madiba Magic. Noting that Former President Thabo Mbeki did deep into Pan Africanism to ursher a vission for Afrika and Afrika was starting to grow as a continent solving its problems. This resulted in Afrika hav ...
Someone needs to remind our loud mouthed minister that he was part of those who booed Former President Thabo Mbeki. Was…
Let me make my self clear, I was very young when key ANC leaders Like Nelson Mandela became the president of these country in 1994, I was stil young and knew nothing about politics when President Thabo Mbeki bacame the president in 1999 and I was a lil bit grown boy n was nt interested in politics when President Thabo Was re-elected as the president of these country, n I started taking interest in politics when Zuma was suspended as deputy president n by then I supported JZ, I started being active in politics when Julius Malema campaigned for JZ, n I can say my and youth in these country started 2 take interest of SA's politics because Julius came in the picture, n now I stil stick my decision n continue following him that's what we call stability
For the 1st time in 20yrs today,I passed by the house where ex President Thabo Mbeki survived an assisination attempt in 1988.The house is on the boundaries of the plot holding suburb of Trenance.I was a primary school pupil that year when a bomb explosion rocked that surburb and a tremor was felt in my neighbouring suburb of Richmond.The tremor was felt particularly by the Zinc roofed houses.It happened at abt 7pm and I had the luxury of knowing a grown up person then who explained that they saw a red hot object rising and split into two as the explosion took place.Later on in life I learnt how the future President of SA had survived the attempted.Thabo Mbeki was temporarily on a supervisory mission to Bulawayo and resided in that residence.He was a very heavy drinker who took the wise waters at Cecil hotel.SA intelligence sources tracked him down and planned his assassination.Mbeki had a small car which he used for his travels.On the fateful day Mbeki handed over the car to a colleague and stayed behin ...
"It is this generation whose sense of rage guarantees Afrika's advance towards its renaissance." - President Thabo Mbeki
Hehehehehe! DA praising President Thabo Mbeki. Ay you gotta love SA politics
Foreword by President Thabo Mbeki to the book: "Timol: A Quest for Justice." Any good dictionary will refresh your grasp of what is really meant by that much over-used term, “comrade.” I myself have just consulted a dictionary, which reminds me that a comrade is an intimate friend or associate. We are accustomed to making, almost automatically, the move from the simple word “comrade” to its revolutionary sense, “comrade-in-arms.” My point however is that Ahmed was each and both of these, taken separately as well as together. Ahmed Timol was my comrade not in only in the broad and diffuse sense that we shared an allegiance to a humane political movement that was determined to overthrow injustice,in that we were comrades-in-arms, but we were also comrades, quite literally. He and I went to receive political training in Moscow in the Sixties. We had the same teachers in the same institution. We ate the same food. We made the same friends, acquaintances and contacts. We shivered alike in that cold ...
I am an African...wse words frm my President THABO MBEKI
Someone should ask President Thabo Mbeki who exactly was he talking about every time he said "some among us". Sifun' ukwazi!
Some villagers near zuma compound says they voted for the ANC in the 2009 election in support of Zuma, hoping the folksy former cattle herder would have a better understanding of their plight than Former President Thabo Mbeki, an intellectual often perceived as aloof. Timeslive
I dnt knw if this s true but orlando pirates s such a big teah and apparently there will never any coach will be gd enough 4 our team regardell f the record,i dnt even wanna name the few.*OZOFIKA,UZOSITHOLA SITSHISA ISITULO,JUST LYK PRESIDENT THABO MBEKI*
The internal problems of Afrika will be solved by Afrikans themselves and not by any external forces~ President Thabo Mbeki
Former President Thabo Mbeki nominated as MP candidate at ANC. Really? cc Mhlanganisi Someleze Madlongolwana please tell me its a joke.
The HIV Consensus The hypothesis that the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) is caused by an exogenous retrovirus, the human immunode- ficiency virus (HIV), initially proposed in the early 1980s,1-3 has exclusively dominated AIDS research for the past 25 years, although many investigators have repeatedly stressed the lack of scientifically acceptable verification of this hypothesis. Alerted to the numerous shortcomings of the official retroviral hypothesis by eminent retrovirologist Peter Duesberg,4,5 a group of AIDS “Rethinkers,” founded by molecular biologist Charles Thomas in 1991, called for the “Scientific Reappraisal of the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis” in 1996. This group ( released a mission statement co-signed by thousands of scientists and concerned citizens, including Nobel laureates Walter Gilbert and Kary Mullis. Other well-respected scientists, notably Sonnabend, Stewart, Lang, Papadopulos, Rasnick, and Geshekter6-12 and distinguished scientific writers such as C ...
Its common pratice for de guys in pretoria 2lie 2de ladies..i remember one of my homeboy guy telling other lady that he s Former President Thabo Mbeki s body guard..yoo i didnt laugh because we were together and i was forced 2confirm it as well but eish the car that we were using was also hired as well
"Africa requires what we call TRADE NOT AID" ~~~ Former President Thabo Mbeki. That's why I decided to be an entrepreneur, so I can freely and constantly innovate.
Really dont like what the Anc did to my President (Thabo Mbeki)
Dear DA, until you have something like "Former President Thabo Mbeki joins the DA", keep your ordinary citizens announcements to yourself
Order Miche Bag Online!
"The is no party called ANC, ANC ended with president Thabo mbeki what we have is ZANC, Zuma ANC"*malema*
"President Thabo Mbeki denied in parliament that the organisation was his brainchild..."
The day ex president Thabo Mbeki decides to start his own political party lol
Our Former President Thabo Mbeki is bein nominated for MP Parlament how could they do that just imagin from CEO to the Taxi driver I think MBEKI must declien the offer periot...
Former President Thabo Mbeki said" As South Africans, we must understand recognise and fully appreciate that we are bound together with other Africans by history,culture and economics and above all by destiny" Morning Mafrika
A U Chairperson,i think it shud have been Former President Thabo Mbeki,not that lady hu always has a worst case of a bad hair day, yo! # naf said!
I have been relatively and deliberately silent on SA politics of late, mostly because I felt I had to really take a few steps back and observe the political landscape from an a distance, and my analysis is that the state of our politics is in shambles, and our leadership as Africans is on a rollercoaster ride to self destruction, and we are exposed in contradictions of ideology, such that we ourselves no longer know what we stand for,firstly the ANC my political home is riddled with internal turmoil and is in the worsed state of being as a political party than it has ever been, the transition from being a revolutionary movement to being a democratic movement is redefining the face of the ANC, which face most of us barely recognise, but this is and always has been our political home, we must persist to ensuring that the change in the ANC is not so severe that the very foundation of this MDM is completely annilated, some say it may be too late, the decay has reached the roots of this tree, that still stands ...
One thing that I like about Former President Thabo Mbeki
Something about Thabo that's a president
President Thabo Mbeki's PRO was the best government spin doctor.
Somebody please bring president Thabo Mbeki back. Save our beloved country!
Somebody please bring president Thabo Mbeki back, save our beloved country.
This is the notorious debate when then President Thabo Mbeki showed his arrogance and wanton ignorance by lecturing Parliament on a medical matter of which h...
Just moments after the DA announced that Mamphela Ramphele would run as the party’s presidential candidate, the ANC is set to hold a news conference on, among other matters, its list of candidates who will represent it in Parliament and provincial legislatures. ANC spokesperson Jackson Mthembu said the party had guidelines which would determine whether those nominated for Cabinet were eligible. The Star reported on Monday that Former President Thabo Mbeki, seen as one of President Jacob Zuma’s political rivals, was nominated by the Gauteng branch of the party as a candidate for Parliament. At Tuesday’s announcement of the DA-Agang alliance, Ramphele said: “Good people in the ANC have reached out to us, but are scared.” 12:49 - Mantashe only confirming that Zuma is no.1 on the list and Ramaphosa 2nd. "Number 3 is the rest of the NEC" as he refuses to name more. 12:45 - Mantashe: Where a candidate is placed on the list does not determine your fortunes, in terms of cabinet and premier deployment. 1 ...
The feud between President Jacob Zuma and Former President Thabo Mbeki continues, as ANC branches in Gauteng...
President Nelson Mandela after release from prison, an becoming the president of the country inspired hope and made it possible for all to understand that it is possible to have a united South Africa. President Thabo Mbeki reaffirmed the role of our former liberation movement as a leader in the African continent an inspired hope amongs all Africans not only in South Africa. But is under president zuma that we have seen the youth, being traumatized.we have seen under president zuma democracy being replaced with dictatorship we have seen intolerance,people who become impatient with the youth we have seen under president zuma people who do not appreciate new opinions.people who suppress new ideas, we don't know maybe new ideas serve as a threat to the current leadership of the government.because in politics we have to be honest with each other we must never pretend to one another. Less say the youth is wrong, you cannot punish us for thinking you must punish us for acting.the whites we are stucked with them ...
A very interesting article on DA and got proven again by the very same DA, thank you President Thabo Mbeki, thank you Esethu Hasane
Tjo this time around, elections will be very interesting :Cape Town - DA leader Helen Zille announced that Agang SA leader Mamphela Ramphele will stand as the DA's presidential candidate in the 2014 general election. Meanwhile Former President Thabo Mbeki and Public Protector Thuli Madontsela they were asked to go to Parliament and guess what ! they both Declined. Juju sello Malema and uMntwana Gatsha Buthelezi kissed and makeup. Kowu hayi inika umtsalane nyani xa sele inje.
South Africans,we like,drama,now they want Former President Thabo Mbeki back into politics
Former President Thabo Mbeki might come back to parliament,This was a sober commisser he must come back
What do you make of Former President Thabo Mbeki's nomination by the Gauteng Branch as a possible MP of the ANC
"My President "Thabo Mbeki." I like the sound of that actually ☺
Ex-president Thabo Mbeki and Ex-premier of Limpopo cassel Matale,about to be back into business,funny ANC!
Some Gauteng ANC branches nominated ex president Thabo Mbeki and ex Limpopo Premier Cassel Mathale to return to Parliament.
He still has 'IT' all. He's presidential! "Former President Thabo Mbeki still has PRESENCE."
Former President Thabo Mbeki might return to Parliament as an MP if certain branches of the ANC in Gauteng
I doubt that Former President Thabo Mbeki is even proud of his ANC membership...
Former President Thabo Mbeki and Thuli Madonsela reject ANC Nomination for MP position.
Is it possible that # Thabo Mbeki could go back to parliament as MP again after his departure as the State President was so unceremonious?
President Thabo Mbeki. Architect of the rebirth of Africa.
I just want Thabo Mbeki to be president thats all
President Thabo Mbeki is expected to return to Parliament as an MP after the general elections. The Star reports that Mbeki's name appeared on Gauteng's list of the 200 candidates nominated for this years national assembly alongside Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe
ZANC has nominated Adv Thuli Madonsela and the Former President Thabo Mbeki to serve as MPs for the party. Both have declined. Good!
President Thabo Mbeki will forever remain President Mbeki... To suggest that he must be nominated as an MP is an insult of gross proportions... Its equal to demotion, is it not...?? Khona, Mbeki has far greater responsibilities trying to restore Mother Afrika to her proper self...
When you engage President Thabo Mbeki you should clearly know what is an economist!!!When you engage President Botha you should know your story in terms of defence! Remember state of emergency some of us got some hot claps from those Koyokos in the township!!!
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