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President Snow

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This is not The Hunger Games with President Snow or Sparta. We are still the United States. Compassion is…
Hey, coastal friends,. Term "states" & musing on how "they think/vote" makes you sound like President Snow discussing District 12
Right?! But all celebrities can bash our President and it's called "comedy". Make…
A referee from La Liga has revealed that the Spanish FA’s jailed president Villar was involved in match fixing.
If Trump starts pardoning people, he will go down as the most evil, corrupt, and traitorous president in our nation's…
So, I had to repeat this to myself after I heard it!. "As the president I can pardon whoever I want. I am finding...
My Chihuahua would be a better president.
Winnie the Pooh is now banned in China for resembling President Xi Jinping
Philip Seymour Hoffman on why President Snow would be unsure about North Carolina's Bathroom Bill
I bet Former President Obama wouldn't have made his 90-year-old mother trudge through the snow.
It's president Snow from the Hunger Games and Hitler put together.
Trump will pardon himself and become a president above the law, so memorize your Constitution now while written copies are…
I can't wait to one day once again have a president who reads books and doesn't speak like a bratty child. Is that too mu…
New trending GIF tagged snl, yes, nice, high five, snow white, good job, well done, agreed, dwarfs, you rule via G…
Happy birthday to our President Snow, the brilliant actor Donald Sutherland!🎂 We wish him a wonderful day!
Yes, but I wish it had been officiated over by a different president. He curses everything he touches.
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This is very different-. President Trump will never accept a "snow job" nor…
Must-read. Locked away for nearly 2 decades, a 56-page memo rejects the view that presidents cannot be indicted.
*GOP Base, watching flakes of ash fall like snow from the camp smokestacks outside town*: This is the day Trump finally became president
My 11yo daughter. Read this. And said. Wait, WHAT. Eleven years old. Understands healthcare. Better than the Presid…
removes Beyoncé statue as it looks like nothing like Beyoncé but keeps President Trump, which looks nothi…
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) technically sci-fi but scary. With President Snow as a young man.
I tell anybody who listen pop n dude who played president snow the same *** 😂
is bc the President gets to live in historic Sweet Briar House, magical in the snow!
I won I'm the president & you aren't the Russians are so good at fighting in the snow but we have $12/yr insurance so good bye Jeff
President Trump makes me about as comfortable and President Snow or King Joffery. Look what happened to those guys.
Everyone's complaining about trump, but no one said anything when President Snow started killing off his citizens 23 people at a time.
Rewatching the Hunger Games: I honestly don't think president snow was evil. Power and self driven? Yes. Evil? Naw.
Oh, Lightning and Snow were in a Nissan commercial
Good luck sir. Serve our President Trump well👍 Be ready for the snow, the snowflakes will come…
and you are snow flake i the tank for Clinton well p…
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So I have a feeling that the world is the Hunger Games and the United States is the capitol and trump is President Snow.…
When did the left care about Saudi Arabia's human rights violations? Oh after they donat…
Watching on TV and it's weird to have a commercial break with President Snow's voice selling me juice.
Y'all cannot have our fit hot young Prime Minister for your old overweight come over Pre…
No offense but President Snow could get it
When you realise that captain America bella swan and president snow where all in the same movie!!!
In my dreams but I do love it here too. Except for…
When the "Simply" juice & lemonade commercials come on, am I the only one who thinks, "Not today, President Snow! Not today"?
George Teasdale spoke of how President [Lorenzo] Snow had labored to bring about perfect union in this Council.…
Myself and had NO IDEA that President Snow was Jack Bauer's father!
Then send her nasty *** over to Somalia so she can be raped and not have Trump as president!! Problem solved! 1 les…
"Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear. A little hope is effective. A lot of hope is dangerous." [President Snow, The Hunger Games]
Idk what I'm watching but it has the Snow Queen, President Snow and Lady Stark...😃
No, Mr. President. President Obama didn't want to be perceived as helping Clinton. That was his mistake. Everything sinc…
The longer President Trump is in office, the more closely most Americans will associate his never-ending madness with th…
Brit Hume (The Other Tony Snow): Republican President's are above the law.
Witness the precursor to the Hunger Games. We have already elected President Snow, it's starting. Kissing Trumps a…
I kept warning you all that Trump is no better than President Snow fr…
Here you go snow flakes. This is your President. Corrupt as the rest of politicians. How are you doing with that? 😂
"I think Trump could be the greatest President in history." ~Robert F. Kennedy Jr 🌎.
Country is getting better for many. Trump is a Strong president and when will left le…
if you miss having a president who wanted Americans to live.
DYK The Swan House @ the was President Snow’s mansion in Katniss' footsteps in GA:…
does the illegitimate PRESIDENT has on ALAN DERSHOWITZ
Mr. President you are the definition of honesty,integrity and strength,and Obama was a very bad man,and we the people l…
Very disrespectful for the Congressional Black Caucus to deny a meeting with President Trump. They're acting like childr…
Finally a President that wants America to succeed . by & .
Hope everyone attacking Johnny Depp was just as outraged when Ted Nugent said President Barack Obama should be hung after…
lol like there was ever a snow ball's chance that they'd put the SOS in jail under a democratic president
No President has "behaved as Trump is behaving. He is trying to create an atmosphere in which reality is irrelevant."http…
Trump is as pure a the driven snow. Always tells the truth. Takes his oath of office seriously. A…
Pence should show up as President Snow or Voldemort or whatever the Handmadien bad guy dresses like
Then get on your snow shoes. The man has more energy than men half his age &until he dec…
President Trump’s Lies, the Definitive List - The New York Times - he makes Pinocio look like Snow White
Dear Republican President-Carrier people voted for you because you said you'd save their jobs which are go…
Elizabeth Banks explains to us why President Snow supports a woman's right to choose
Thought President Snow was going to appear.
StateFoxMedia is similar to President Snow's propganda machine. Here is Hannity and Trump.
President Snow says that he never calls for violence in response to Johnny Depp like his klan rallies aren't on tape🤔
If you don't care why tf did the white house have to release a statement saying President Snow condemns(lie) all forms of violence?
Welcome to the Dystopian States of America, complete with orange leader. At least President Snow in Hunger Games ha…
I remember when Tony Snow had a round table where gregory admitted to lying to manipulate President…
Lenny Kravitz on why President Snow would campaign against Kaepernick's National Anthem protest
I'm just going to start calling him President Snow.
.Don't worry, Mr. President. I'm in Russia. If the "tapes" exist, I'll bring you back a copy!
President Snow can catch these hands any day fr fr
Listen up snow bunny! Freedom of speech DOES NOT include threatning the life of a sitting U.S. presi…
Trump firing Comey is like when President Snow fired Harry Potter from the Rebel Alliance because he wanted more diversity in Marvel comics
There are some of the stupidest statements I've ever read on here about our president.(snow flakes)
If I were elected President... my first executive order:. Less snow, more baseball.
President Snow has a private jet. We. March!
What if you've said it in the same time you reserve for President Snow?
What kind of person are you to throw toxic gases at kids? This isn't the capitol and you aren't president Snow, this is real life!
In June 1840, the fifth President Lorenzo Snow declared, “As man is, God once was; as God is, man may become.”
Man how cruel are you to attack your people and then attack the hospital treating them? Thought President Snow was…
Mood: President Snow when he sees Katniss and Peeta holding hands
Ate mini eggs and they made my mouth bleed and I legit feel like President Snow and this is not okay 😞
It was an honor to welcome President Al Sisi of Egypt to the as we renew the historic partnership between…
"When McConnell deprived President Obama of a vote on Garland, it was a nuclear option. The rest is fallout." . -
You racist snow flake. You are white too. Grow up and get educated you ignorant cup cake. Stop disrespecting the President
dont disrespect the President. Ignorant snow flake grow up
sotp disrespecting the president you snow flake. At least he is not a *** comedian.
SGA president candidates came with it today tho. A day party, plaza snow cone, some wings all in one day. I feel like a vote *** 😂
I read that as President Snow. I think it's understandable.
Thought that said President Snow, which would totally work as well.
"Hope is the only thing stronger than fear. ". -President Snow
Who do you hate the most: President Snow or Coin? I hate Coin a lot ugh
Look at President Snow's face like lol I poisoned your drink you ***
Deja Vu... Another President tried to blame the 'leaker' and that did not end well...
*** snow fat no alkaline president has had their choice for the Supreme Court accepted in last year they were leaving
This message brought to you by President Coriolanus Snow.
Can Somebody Please Teach Our President Civility? - Previously immune from the consequences of his own bad inst...
To get things started, it's no coincidence that President Snow is named Coriolanus in Hunger Games:
I'm just trying to figure out what chapter President Snow first appeared in.
To All the snow flake and troll out there. STOP the crying and Don't post your garb…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I just wish I have that same kind of love you guys have, Genuine. May president snow bless your relationship!
What the *** is this? Hunger Games? WH is behaving like President Snow? Why isn't congress call…
President Snow brought back coal jobs too
"It is the things we love that destroys us." -President Snow
"Dwindling Odds of Coincidence". It's Spring time-it's time for the Snow Flakes to melt!!. And except the Fact that is President!!
Scarlet Snow Belo would make a better President.
the first step is to hire a president not-named Garf Snow
President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner is spending a day in Iraq
me @ Susan *** Sarandon who will be white and rich and completely fine no matter who the president…
And that's president Trump's fault that's all on Obama can u at least admit that snow flake MAGA
They see their warmongering wall street lobbyist of a candidate as snow white, they voted for a str…
can't stop the snow. "Our Dishonest President" and ??? Tears, more Tear, more Tears, more Tears, more T…
It's been two months since the inauguration of Donald Trump. Has America's 45th president stuck to his campaign rhetoric?…
China learns how to get President Donald Trump’s ear: Through his son-in-law, Jared Kushner https:…
the Hash-Tag "Our Dishonest President"; after 8 yrs of behavior suddenly the
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"Our Dishonest President" To the morons and snow flakes who are still using Obama's name to deflect from Trumps corruption, please wake up.
Our Dishonest President what are we gonna do with all this snow snowflakes ;-*
- Please read this piece in the LA Times, "Our Dishonest President" then examine your conscience.
LATimes editorial board pulls no punches re Trump
We paid the subtitle guy enough to do President Monson's talks but not enough to do the songs apparently.
I've never identified more with President Snow.
And don't forget there goober.millions and millions of WORKING people who suppor…
I guess its good to hear that L&M are still looking for a President of Hockey Operations. Still concerned that keeping snow is the hold up.
Can't shake the feeling that I'm watching a renactment of "President Snow" from the Hunger Games being welcomed as our…
Heavy Snow Hits ENDA Trip. via This is the atitude of the Leader of Ireland b4. Meeting Ameri…
Agreed! Let his last quote as President Snow be: "As of 12:00 p.m. today I will be resigning the office of..."
I'm going to start referring to him as "President Snow"; on our way to a dystopian US...
Karm reminds me of President Snow. “He plays the video every year as a reminder. Mostly at Christmas when everyone is at home celebrating.”
We don't stay on the mountain top for all of our lives! --President Snow @ Trinity Lutheran Church
Let's be real. In these Hunger Games Trump is Caesar Flickerman (the face) and Bannon is President Snow (decision maker)
but it's a quarter quell! The opening ceremonies will be the best yet! President Snow wants you there!
Elizabeth Banks on why President Snow would have mixed feelings about banning animal testing
I'll probably wind-up in District 12 w/all of those people who voted President Snow but thought they could keep the…
President Snow. -took pleasure in seeing kids murder each other. -isn't that enough?. -also just a piece of trash. -des…
Vote President Doran 2016 for it to finally snow in our glorious Lone Star State.
-President Snow at work. As soon as I'm back above ground, my eyes do a quick sweep of the surroundings, calculating the-
It's weird to imagine that Mr. Bennett and President Snow are the same person. 😂
This feels like the Hunger Games except Snow isn't the president it's gonna be Trump
'Without evidence'. U r the President Elect now. U must stop energizing lies. The time for campaign tactics is over. A lead…
President Snow was a troubled leader, but one who knew the value of lasting entertainment for his districts.
Exterior illumination technology complete. Now we just need some snow.
Johanna Mason. - bamf. - looks like she could kill you could actually kill you . - cursed off president snow. - gives z…
19. President Snow . - let my children live their lives . - you and your stupid roses . - I would have aimed an arrow…
When Primrose Everdeen doesn't realize she's actually sitting on President Snow .
Castro: I will not die until America is destroyed. Trump: I'm gonna be the president. Castro: well then
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President Mahama was happily commissioning the Bui dam and he said Dumsor will be a thing of the past - Kokofu
Started watching The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. President Snow's speech early in the film seems almost eerily relevant today.
6) President Snow(this is so random don't confront me): I was so happy when he died; caused everyone pain; I need to rewatch the last movie
40. President Snow I don't know who I hated more though, him or Coin?
3. President Snow. -Uses kids to hurt other kids for entertainment . -Oppresses the districts. -Threatens to kill ppl…
Like: . Donald Trump is going to be POTUS. A certain president hasn't died yet. Alex Fergerson retired 😔. I have an exa…
You embody Emperor Palpatine, President Snow & Voldemort,but you're only one one person.…
we are entering a time in which President Snow will rule the Districts & Hunger Games will start!
I'm tired of everyone thinking that a president can/is going to do anything about climate change. Tf they gon do? Can they make it snow? 🙄
Madera High vs South is just a distraction from the fact that we elect a new president next week
I feel like is the real life President Snow from the Hunger Games. Power hungry man who poisons everyone around him...
imagine if he's president and has his own tv network? Can someone say President Snow from Hunger Games?
I just made up a joke. What is President Snow's favorite book? To Kill a Mockingjay!
Paul Snow, President and CEO, delivering the president's report.
The President of CSU predicted the Cubs would win the Series and today he wrote a 5 pg email about the Cubs only to…
My new boss looks like President Snow...
I have always wondered who supported President Snow when watching the Hunger Games, gotta be them T…
So our choices for president are basically Effie Trinket or Coriolanus Snow...
reminds me of President Snow in Hunger Games. 🤔
.= Caesar Flickerman. We keep this up and = President Snow.
"It's the people that we love the most that destroys us." -President Snow
President Snow: You thought life'd be more fun & games, huh?. Catpiss Everdeen: ...
And next Tuesday, Donald Trump will be elected the 45th President of the United States of America.
"Its the thing that we love most that destroys us" - President Snow
I believe the President has spoken to the issue - Prince Derrick Adjei
The President goes to the Eastern region and he is asked about the nurses' strike and he says he doesn't know - Hon. Kokofu
It's a shame for the President to say he doesn't know about the nurses' strike - Hon. Kokofu
. We've been watching it for months, . Donald Trump, President of the USA! 😂xx
She is trying to be President Snow with that white outfit...
Watch President Snow Fight the Pod People, or Thoughts on Invasion of The Body Snatchers. https…
be4 u said it was the snow & now hot? Pick a meme granny and loosen ur pessary, it's too tight
President of CSU called it. I think this means you have to give us another snow day this year…
Trump is going to be like President Snow 😭😓
When the president of your alma mater predicted this in February due to a snow day 😂😂
I can die now. I lived for a black president . Snow in San Antonio . Kobes 60 PT last game. A TRAVIS Scott concert. And the cubs winning it all
Is this game being run by President Snow?
Is President Snow controlling this game?! Like adding rain to make the tributes die?! CMON
Snow: I like you, Percival Archer Riego!. Sibal: I like someone else, Miss President... by
The Tribune Editorial Board endorsed Gary Johnson. Who did 50 other top newspapers pick for president?
Next Tues will be historic. America will either elect it's first female president, or fulfill several chapters from the Bo…
Why does Hillary Clinton look like president snow from the Hunger Games..
Anyone notice that Donald Trump is kinda like president snow in the Hunger Games and Hilary Clinton is that grey haired female at the end -
Hilary Clinton is the equivalent to president snow
mom: "if Hillary Clinton wins we are going to be living in the Hunger Games and Hillary will be president snow"
So.Trump is who you'd rather have be a rolemodel for girls? Or does the woman who is first president need to be pure as snow?
"I like you, Snow!" "I like you very, very much, Miss President...".
who cares about a new president I just want snow
she is president Snow from Hunger Games. Unhealthy and a new world order. Trump is Katnis.
First time voting and one of my options is President Snow
Trump has a history of lying, cheating, stealing services, and covering up corruption, but once he's President, he'll be pure as driven snow
Anyone who sees and treats women this way is unfit to be president.
This is the way Hillary expressed herself when President of Libya Gaddafi died. REPUGNANT!!! .
*after oral surgery* "My mouth tastes like what I imagine the inside of President Snow's mouth tastes like." . -Maggie
Its time to be the president of my own heart once again, to make it follow even if its tearing apart. -Snow
Donald Sutherland, aka President Snow in Hunger Games, is the real life father of Kiefer Sutherland
Notice how looks like President Snow in the white suit? Wonder what her magic elixir is?
Never hated a fictional character more than Grant Ward, and there's been The Governor, Ramsay Bolton, President Snow, Joffrey. Utter bellend
This election is like choosing between President Snow and President Coin tbh
President Snow and God talking about blowing up Rain Man and Lorna Cole over an Ebola infection on Sundance Channel
Trump is President Snow but Hillary is Alma Coin. She's grabbing power only for herself and not to bring peace.
US Election is like the Hunger Games world; you have to choose between President Alma Coin or President Snow
I'm not good at this millennium stuff but let's try. Trump = President Snow and Hillary = President Alma Coin.
So, we're basically in Panem now. Just waiting to see if we get President Snow or Alma Coin. . OH THE ANTICIPATION.
NRA says it's a civil rights org, ChrisChristie goes from Reek to President Snow, and. Lucifer. Things that really happened lastnight.
Who's ready to choose between President Snow and President Coin in November?
remember: in "The Hunger Games," the only one worse than President Snow was Alma Coin...
i see Alma Coin in Leni and President Snow in Du30 why is that huhu
Trump vs. Clinton pretty much official now. Congrats. We'll now be voting for the equivalent of President Snow or Alma Coin.
Films Class Today: "Why is President Snow mad at Edward Cullen?" "& why is Percy Weasley on the ground?"
When your Vice-Chancellor is related to Oscar Pistorius and your Deputy Vice-Chancellor looks like President Snow
Check out an Extended Scene with President Snow and Seneca Crane from The Hunger Games!
I’m just picturing Maggie as Effie Trinket — or Caesar Flickerman. Let’s not make Trebek into President Snow, though.
President Kenny is really coming through on his campaign promise: Less snow days, but more impactful snow days.
Has anyone else noticed President Snow's voice in the simply orange commercial? I was not mentally prepared for that 😱
President Snow speaks for you on single awareness day.
Hope you're enjoying your snow day, but don't forget to vote ASHLEE TAYLOR for CO-PRESIDENT on Friday during lunch❤️
President Snow looking at Everlark because he hasn't a Valentine, too. I FEEL YOU, MAN
As President of the Class of 2016, I will do everything in my power to ensure a day of snow for all students young and o…
My driver today greeted me with a President Snow-worthy white rose. Makes up for the fact that this is…
Snow white and the seven Republican candidates for President
After Nevada the Donald Trump = President Snow = our future is Panem scenario is growing.
Oh you hate celebrating President Day because you hate our current president? Tell me again how you're such a patriot, my …
Who do you trust more? President Davies or President Snow?
My office doesn't usually have off for President's Day but now we've got a snow day and are going to be beside themselves.
Who is the best movie villain? — I can't think right now. President Snow nalang 😂
Historic snow in Cuba as both the Cuban government and the U.S. Congress are blaming President Barack Obama.
President T I could really use a snow day...
Snow White and the Seven People running for President
I'd cast Gary Bettman as President Snow, but even the dystopian future overlord doesn't get booed that much.
Don't think HRC will save us. Hilary versus Trump would basically be Alma Coin versus President Snow. .
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Watching win Nevada so handily makes me feel like this was probably behind the election of President Snow in
Okay but imagine President Snow and Jeanine Matthews (Divergent) having a bunch of evil babies.
Vote me for president i will make sure every time it rain we have a snow day
Y'all fighting over snow coming like its some kinda president election 😂👏🏽 ctfu
Not doing my homework and hoping for a snow day tomorrow seems like a bad idea but trump could be our next president, anything can happen.
I don't know what President Obama is going to do about all this snow.
Katniss and her crew are back again to fight against President Snow! Watch The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 https…
TIL President Snow from The Hunger Games is Kiefer Sutherland’s dad
Now on to Pride & Prejudice. Can't see Donald Sutherland as anyone else but President Snow though
just when I thought "hey, Donald Sutherland is playing a good guy" he reprises his role of President Snow. Amazing.
I see Trumps presidency going in sort of a"President Snow in the Hunger Games" direction.Not sure if Caesar Flickerman is Seacrest or Slater
When you remember that time Johanna Mason and President Snow were father and daughter 😂
heroes have boring musical themes i want a theme like true villains i.e. Ghetsis or Hans Landa or President Snow or Donald Trump
So I'm watching pride and prejudice for the first time. Mr. Bennett is President Snow and one of the daughters is Johanna Mason 🙄🙄
Then again we are mere statistics to certain factions perhaps. Acceptable collateral damage on the chess board. President Snow. Alma Coin.
You think President Snow is dangerous? President Alma Coin is even more dangerous. She committed murder under the pretense of …
I feel like a lot of this Hunger Games nonsense would have been avoided had President Snow's parents not named him Coriolanus.
Date with lizard mutts, President Snow and Coin, the rebels, squad 451, hijacked Peeta and the Mockingjay herself. ❤
I feel like Trump would be like President Snow from the Mockingjay books. It'll be terrifying if he is actually elected.
Donald Trump is like President Snow . He may reign for awhile but Katniss Everdeen gone eventually come and rescue us and k…
(sssh, it's President Snow) :-) . but seriously, naw, it's not, but it sure looks like him.
far left: President Snow joined the Resistance.
President Snow's first name is Coriolanus, sheesh.
When did president snow join the resistance? Tad ironic, isn't it?
I wonder if the Rebels know that President Snow is in their control room...
me too. I was like really Katniss did this all for her and she dies :( ugh. *** you president Snow lol.
"It's the things we love most that destroy us." - President Snow
"My dear Ms. Everdeen...make no mistake...The Game is coming to its END"... President Coriolanus Snow . -- The...
LOL I love that Vice President is the size of a snow elf.
Don't vote for President Snow, he is a heartless man. Don't vote for President Coin, she is a manipulator woman.
Who else didnt know tha president Snow from the Hunger Games is from St-John, New Brunswick 😲😱
Donald Sutherland is deadly as President Snow...he's perfect in that role...♥
"Oh my Dear Ms. Everdeen, make no mistake, the game isn't over" — President Snow
"But the only thing that distracts me from my current situation is fantasizing about killing President Snow."
Mockingjay Part 2 can't wait for President Snow to die.
I was able to seamlessly quote president snow from the Hunger Games today. I'm not sure what that indicates about me.
fans: According to Donald Sutherland, President Snow is in love with Katniss.
President of UIUC responds to those who posted mean-spirited comments after university didn't close for a snow day: htt…
Hey, Katniss, President Clinton would make President Snow look feeble.
As Katniss aims to take down President Snow, Squad 451 follows her to ensure history is made.
Katniss declares she's going to kill President Snow in new clip:
- President Snow's mansion in was filmed at The Swan House in Atlanta, Georgia.
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