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President Reagan

Ronald Wilson Reagan (February 6, 1911 – June 5, 2004) was the 40th President of the United States, serving from 1981 to 1989. Prior to that, he was the 33rd Governor of California from 1967 to 1975 and a radio, film and television actor.

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John Hinkley Jr., who attempted to assassinate President Reagan in 1981, has been released from a psychiatric hospital aft…
John Hinkley Jr., who shot President Reagan, released today from mental hospital.
John Hinckley Jr., who shot President Reagan in 1981, released from a psychiatric hospital.
Today's invokes Richard Nixon in its criticism of President Reagan:
Man who shot President Reagan will leave a psychiatric hospital to live full-time in Virginia on Sept. 10.
The man who shot President Reagan and James Brady 35 years ago will leave a psychiatric hospital on Sept. 10.
John Hinckley, the man who shot President Reagan in a 1981 assassination attempt, will be released on Sept. 10
8/19/1981- Sandra Day O'Connor nominated as Associate Justice to SCOTUS by President Reagan, forst female nominated to highest court.
in 1981, President Reagan nominates Sandra Day O'Connor to be the first woman on
35 years ago President Reagan nominated Sandra Day O'Connor to be Associate Justice of the Supreme Court
John Hinckley Jr. . shot President Reagan & three others were shot and wounded. motivation the film Taxi Driver.
John Hinckley, Jr. and the attempted assassination of President Reagan | Fox News via
I'm glad that President Reagan's daughter, has stepped up + stepped in and taken on https:/…
Good thing John Hinkley Jr. only shot President Reagan. If he had been selling drugs he'd still be in prison.
Whoa. Dude whipped out an Uzi to protect President Reagan in 1981 from John Hinckley. .
The man who attempted to assassinate President Reagan will be freed after more than 30 years
President Reagan's shooter, John Hinckley Jr., granted full-time release from St. Elizabeth's Hospital in...
On this day 35 years ago, Arizona's Sandra Day O'Connor was nominated by President Reagan to the US Supreme Court.
July 7, 1981. President Reagan nominated Arizona Judge Sandra Day O'Connor to become 1st female justice on the United States Supreme Court.
.Bryan Williams on MSNBC just mentioned 'President Reagan at the White House 2day..NO ONE CORRECTED HIM .they DO INDEED DIGRESS
Did Paul Manafort secretly take $10 million that Ferdinand Marcos intended to give to President Reagan? .
1987, President Reagan issued a statement on the death of Fred Astaire.
1985, President Reagan presented the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Mother Teresa.
1981: John Hinckley is tried for attempted assassination of President Reagan. is seated just five feet away.
Remember when that guy shot President Reagan in the name of his love for Jodi Foster? Jody Foster had nothing to do with it.
On this day in 1987, President Reagan delivered the speech that brought down the Iron Curtain—and an empire.
Today is the 29th anniversary of President Reagan's "Tear down this wall" speech at Brandenburg Gate
1987, President Reagan spoke at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.
On June 12, 1987, President Reagan arrived in Berlin, West Germany to challenge the Soviet Union’s Iron Curtain.
President Reagan in sweatpants talking to staff on Air Force One, 20th September 1984.
President Reagan understood that infrastructure was critical to the country's economic growth. So does http…
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President Reagan, Jack Kemp and other advocates of supply-side economi...
Love this! I miss President Reagan, but i see so much of him in Trump!
The US is fighting today whom President Reagan called in 1985 "the moral equivalent of our Founding Fathers."
Bill France Senior and Nascar endorsed President Reagan let's all endorse Donald Trump and make him our next president
The fairness doctrine got repealed under President Reagan.
Sandra Day O’Connor was the first female Supreme Court Judge and was appointed by President Reagan in 1981.
In 1984, President Reagan designated July as National Ice Cream Month and the 3rd Sunday would be National Ice Cream Day!
Today we celebrate the National Day of Prayer, President Reagan declared, “This occasion provides our Nation with...
Do NOT insult President Reagan. Ted Cruz can't hold a candle next to that man. Sleazy, Lyin',cheatin' Cruz!
Join the victims of The DES Tragedy and help honor them - April 25th -DES Awareness Week. Started by President Reagan
I'm disturbed by folks who think mass incarceration started under GOP President Reagan justifies Clinton increasing it. No…
- President Reagan's trifecta - illegal arms sales, illegal drug sales, espionage/dirty wars -- how/why the crisis
. Trump cries Build the wall!. President Reagan cried Tear down the wall!. Donald Trump, you're no President Ronald Reagan
ICYMI Here's in with 5 badass Vines of President Reagan at
1981, President Reagan was shot by John Hinckley outside the Washington Hilton Hotel. https:/…
Just took about 2 books from the library today about President Reagan and Nancy Reagan.
35 years ago today President Reagan was shot. I was in high school. I'll never forget that announcement
35 years ago today, there was an assassination attempt on President Reagan
Today in History: President Reagan assassination attempt. (1981) Check it out!
Imagine if we had a fairness doctrine, like we had before President Reagan eliminated it.
I very powerful endorsement from a man President Reagan trusted on economic policy. Art invented the "Laffer Curve." https:…
what about that one episode when President Reagan showed them the hidden dangers of the african-american community?
Fmr Chief of Staff Baker shares how President Reagan would hide love notes for Nancy to find
Nancy Reagan was laid to rest today next to President Reagan in Simi Valley, CA. Heaven needed a First Lady, so God called…
Watching funeral reminds me of being in Montessori School of Mill Basin gazing at photo of President Reagan & the USA FLAG.
1988, President Reagan unveiled a Knute Rockne stamp at the University of
.was "the iron lady" of America. She was someone who stood so firm and so protective at President Reagan's side.
In 1986, President Reagan appointed Yeager to the Rogers Commission that investigated the explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger
John Bolton: Nancy is reunited with President Reagan: Former U.N. ambassador reflects
Don't miss Tuesday's show as Jeffrey Lord reminisces about his days with President Reagan and Nancy.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
In 2009, Nancy Reagan joined Hill leaders to unveil a statue of President Reagan in the Capitol Rotunda
served 18 years on the House Armed Services Committee where he helped enact President Reagan's national security agenda.
Notice Mitt spoke at Hinckley Institute? John Hinckley, attempted to assassinate President Reagan
Thank you - I served proudly in the U.S. Navy under President Reagan & strongly support
Farewell Speech - President Reagan's Farewell Speech from the Oval Office 1/11/89 Oh how we need him today!
Trump's ex-advisor (?) Stone also thinks LBJ killed JFK and has insinuated that Bush Sr. conspired w/Hinckley to kill President Reagan
You might recall that John Hinckley was a seriously deranged young man who shot President Reagan in 1981.
Ted Cruz is wrong. John Dickerson is right. President Reagan nominated Kennedy on Nov. 30, 1987.
EVERY President since Ronald Wilson Reagan is a low life scum bag NWO criminal
If they can bring Tupac back for Coachella what's keeping us from bringing Reagan back for president?
Ronald Reagan great president or greatest president?
I know alot about history.Stain was a paranoid megalomaniac! Were u a US citizen when Reagan was president?
Ya let's have a reality TV show host for president, that would be better than someone with experience. Don't you dare compare him to Reagan.
Yeah but, if Reagan was still president he'd control space & time. I mean, I guess he'd have to to still be president.
We haven't had a Constitutional Conservative running for President since Reagan. CRUZ vs Trump. We need to bring civility back!
Ted Cruz for president the true constitutional conservative! Very Reagan like!
Reagan last president to hold himself accountable. I know they won't but Obama needs 2B INVESTIGATED 2017
Although President Ronald Reagan was not a Mason, on this date in 1988, he became an honorary member of the Scottish R…
fun fact. My distant cousin ran again Reagan for president. That's my self claim to fame.
Ronald Reagan was the only President to attend while in office Richard Petty (THE KING) won race
Want to vacation like Obama or Reagan? Here's how to travel like a President.
- remember everyone said Reagan was never going to be president. That experiment has failed. Sanders is return to status quo.
POTUS best economic president of modern times 6 👠 https:…
You could put Reagan's tomb in the Oval Office and he'd still make a better President than a liv…
POTUS best economic president of modern times 6 👠
yeah.blame Reagan. He was President 28 yrs ago!
Pictured here: the leader of the young republicans Tyler baggett advocating for our future president
President Reagan put it best: "Welfare's purpose should be to eliminate, as far as possible, the need for its own exis…
yep Not a millennial but I was born during Reagan's 2nd trm. Only president I have a memory of is Clinton
Ronald Reagan is my favorite president. Abe Lincoln is my favorite historical president.I wish Ronald Reagan were still here
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President Ronald Reagan told. Oprah Winfrey in Contact Language that Marc Mays is a Sworn
"In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem." ~President Ronald Reagan
You have a Contract from President Ronald Reagan, were our Uncle Don Massey-May$, consented as The Boss
I wish we could bring back Ronald Reagan. He was our last great President.
Rush Limbaugh: is the closest candidate in our lifetimes to Ronald Reagan! i…
Today on what would have been his 105th birthday, we remember the legacy of President Reagan.
moved 7.7 million Americans out of poverty compared to Reagan's 77,000. A 100x better president sounds about right.
"...judgment matters more than experience for a potential president. The presidents I have advised—Reagan and...
. Trump will be the Greatest President since Reagan! .
Can't help but think back to when POTUS said he wanted to be a transformational president, like Reagan.
Great slogan! Listen to President Reagan's speech's/ United Nations. 'We have to protect our country, here, and out there.'
-Reagan was the greatest President in my lifetime.
We desperately need someone as close as possible to the principles & policies of the great President Reagan.
Not since President Ronald Reagan has the been so poised to as it is w/ https:…
.Well done on During the war, President Reagan served as a captain in the army reserves.
The Champions League games happen in the Nou Camp (concert hall). Bobby Power though? Our own President Reagan opening the hall
Here are Our Those Judges. Judge Anthony Scalia age70.nominated by President Reagan.1986
Just realized we're next to the hotel of the assassination attempt on President Reagan by John Hinckley, Jr. in 1981
I met President Reagan years ago working on a national program with Warner Lambert/Schick and Jaycees. Great Leader
1986: President Reagan addresses nation following the loss of Space Shuttle (FULL REMARKS).
. "The Federal Government has taken too much money.". President Reagan saddled up with the every single day ht…
Great and thorough defense of from my friend Tony Dolan, former chief speechwriter to President Reagan.
President Reagan's Christmas radio address in 1982 got a much-needed re-airing by editorial board:
like how John Hinckley blamed Taxi Driver for shooting President Reagan.
KGB operative Vladimir Putin dressed as a tourist, meeting President Reagan on his first trip to Moscow, 1988.
Don't miss former special assistant and speechwriter for President Reagan, Peggy Noonan this week on The Costa Report!
On this day in 1985, President Reagan & Mikhail Gorbachev met for 1st time in Geneva, Switzerland.
.O'Reillyfactor was still too chicken to talk to Ed Meese. The Truth about President Reagan
."President Reagan was right to declare the Montreal Protocol a victory"
The royal couple and their first day of a four-day visit to the States at a gala dinner in Washington hosted by President Reagan.
The millennial generation has never seen a real republican president. They just hear about President Reagan.
President Reagan has become the most hated historical figure in the leftwing media. Why? Here is Lech Walesa:...
Do you not realize that that program was started under President Reagan?
Grassley: Lessons Learned from the 1986 amnesty under President Reagan
Michelle, to coin a phrase from President Reagan, I believe Donald Trump will restore that shining city on a Hill..
Phoenix Moomaw '15 is recognized for his senior project on President Reagan's faith in this article.
involved, with Cassel & Bechtolds, in concealing Anna Chapman, the Russian spy. I knew about Anna from them, before President Reagan ever
5. Mulroney waited for President Reagan to leave office & won over President George Bush, Sr.
This is a I could've gotten behind. More Reaganesque than any "Reagan Republican" running for president.
Most of them were not adults when Reagan was President and have no real idea of Reagan's politics.
I hope you noted it's presidency NOT President
That would be like comparing President Reagan to President Obama n I would hate to insult Obama.
Did you know that Ronald Reagan kept a daily diary during his two terms as president? Read it for $1.99 in
Wow just heard that the late Ronald Reagan discovered Marilyn Monroe was a communist to begin within then went on to become the US president
New Bill O'Reilly audio book about President Reagan purchased for our next road trip !
Reagan was a pragmatic politician & a seasoned one before he ran for president Gov of CA & Union President
"Tenacity of a Churchill, the wisdom of a Solomon, the gentle strength of a Reagan, & the intellect of a Thatcher" http:…
Lol yesterday when the doc asked who the president was and I thought it was Reagan 😁
Looking for a way to honor President Reagan? Get "YOURNAMEtoday from our partner
Everyone knew this when Reagan was President -- even bend-over RINOs who somehow don't know it now.
And the Right hold him up as the best President ever. I remember Reagan, he was horrible terrible & then some.
President Reagan had it right all along: Peace through Strength!.
Watching an old movie with former President Ronald Reagan before he became president. He was handsome.
I like President Reagan's solute much better !!!
Interesting. Hillary Clinton is only 2 years younger than Ronald Reagan was when he became President.
Former US President Ronald Reagan asked Mikhail Gorbachev for help to fight an Alien Invasion
Trump could quite possibly eclipse Reagan as the most amazing president ever!! GO
Here's President Reagan putting his trust in Batman
"Facts are stupid things, uh, stubborn things" President Reagan
Job growth has historically slowed under every Republican president of the last century, except Reagan's 2nd term:
hey was not that good of a president. He cut funding on me…
who still uses liberal as an epithet? What is it 1985? Hello, President Reagan just sent you a fax. He wants his glam rock back.
Ronald Reagan shut the government down multiple times who was Vice President?
Once President Ronald Reagan cut taxes for the wealthy under 50% that's when the income inequality gap took flight.
. President Reagan had it right - 'Gov't does not solve problems it subsidizes them.". http…
Why is there always a need to emphasize that Uhuru is the president?? I mean if he's legitimate
. -- One of President Reagan's closest friends, Margaret Thatcher on
Leo Wanta – Former National Director of Intelligence under President Reagan and Inspector General, Department of Defense
President Reagan and Pope John Paul II at the in Miami, Sept. 10, 1987.
Not impressed on how Trump speaks. But was not impressed on how Bush Jr. spoke either. President Reagan was the best.
There's nothing like Don Rickles roasting President Reagan on Labor day. Enjoy this classic roast with host Dean...
Tom Colicchio: We had cured hunger in America, and then President Reagan came along and changed that.
TODAY in 1986 - President Reagan hosted a fundraising event in his suite for his Presidential Library.
President Reagan, God rest his soul, is doing backflips in his grave, this is a freaking disaster; Mitt Romney, help😨
Facts are stubborn things, President Reagan was fond of quoting Adams.
From the moment he left office in 1981, Republicans from President Reagan to Mitt Romney have embraced Jimmy Carter as the poster child
President Reagan avg 3 trips to church/yr but faithfully attended public religiosity such as the National Prayer Breakfast
Second Greatest President is going to make liberals hate me. But it is Ronald Reagan. Is the last great President we have had. Sad but true.
Republicans and conservatives,lf you believe President Reagan was right,vote in 2016 to take the WH
Ronald Reagan was the 1st president to declared war on Drugs-Crime-on us! However, you won't believe who 'put the...
Death of President Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford Newspapers - from 2004 and 2006
keraladubai: President Reagan so alive in everybody's heart
President Reagan so alive in everybody's heart
President Reagan would be appalled at what California has become. I know I am.
6. Mention you love John Mayer; President Reagan The Beatles; Bob Dylan. If he asks you if you like Wayne Brady - that's a trap, too.
.hates it when people spin history to fit their political Republicans pretending Reagan was a good president.
President Ronald Reagan: "Social Security has nothing to do with the deficit."
Reagan gave us the Taliban. G. W. Bush gave us ISIS. What horror show would another President leave us as his legacy?
Protecting voting rights would honor the legacy of the greatest GOP president, too. Not Reagan. Abraham Lincoln.
Reagan was great, but just not for president. Oh, did we forget America has it's first muslim leader in the WH?
Ronald Reagan was like having a cowboy from television dressed as the president.
they should give Kenyans a break because only President Uhuru is clean q
BREAKING NEWS: Lord Coe elected IAAF president beating Sergey Bubka by 115 votes to 92. More from 6am on
They said that about Reagan. A cheesy Hollywood B-actor for president? Ridiculous!
the Soviet Union was still a thing, and Ronald Reagan was still President.
If Reagan was President Isis would be Waswas. Join other patriots in the USFA. Enlist at
But then again, Reagan was a REAL president! He loved God & he loved America! Unlike what we have in the WH today. htt…
MEMORIES MR Ronald Reagan was Liberal Demo,actor in Hollywood,,I was mocked,even spit on,for Voting 4 PRESIDENT REAGAN
Ronald Reagan was a genius, come back to life and be president again plz
Reagan worship is an outgrowth of the weird belief that the president is an omnipotent wizard who controls the economy and …
David I hope you are right. A President Trump makes President Reagan seem like Abraham Lincoln.
Arguably, Obama is the most consequential president since Reagan, and that his chief consequence is undoing conservative goals since Reagan.
President Reagan kept this sign in the Oval Office to show that in America anything is possible.
BUT WE'VE SURE HAD SOME BIG LOSERS: It's hard to disagree with Trump when he says the U.S. hasn't had a great president s…
I am so happy to support Trump for President. He truly is the leader that we have waiting for since Reagan.
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Ronald Reagan is the devil and George W. Bush caused 9/11. Everyone is lying to you. We are not safe. Waka Flocka for president.
dansch2002: MT jstines3: The TEXAS REAGAN is running for PRESIDENT!
34 years ago today:. President Reagan signed the then largest tax cut in American history. . What followed: Strongest re…
Don't insult your father's legacy selling out to GOP Establishment! President Reagan was a better man than that!
You know my father as governor, as president, but I knew him as dad. I was so proud to have the Reagan name and to be Ronald Reagan's son.
That's very similar to what they said about Ronald Reagan. In reality, no RINO will be elected President.
Ronald Wilson Reagan Greatest president of my lifetime
Reagan is not the worst President of my lifetime. GWB was worse. Between them sixteen years of a leadership vacuum.
Growing up all I hear was wish we had another President like JFK.or Ronald Reagan .Well listen Donald Trump could be better than both.
Some of you are to young to know but when Reagan was our president we felt like we belonged and were part of something big.
Remember the 2nd worse president ever gave us Reagan. Just sayin'
It's right, if Reagan could be a great president, so can The Donald!
National Defense Deja-vu This is what a real President looks like, sounds like. America needs another Reagan.
Donald Trump will get more Democrats to vote for him for President than any Republican candidate since Ronald Reagan. . Ca…
Im sorry but Im happy for Obama and the Nation, but there is NO comparison between President Obama and President Reagan.
You're the 2nd candidate that I've seen, that's not playing A poker (President Reagan)! Stick to your guns.
An old lady on my paper route tipped me in black jelly beans because "they were President Reagan's favorite!"
Too funny. President Reagan humorously sums up our friends on the other side of the aisle in a classic joke:
Ask them if this is not the same treatment Democrats gave to the COMEDIAN, President Reagan after his speech 1969?
President Reagan's son, Ron, on freedom from religion. Says he is a lifelong atheist and not afraid to burn in ***
TODAY in 1982 - President Reagan and the First Lady attended a fundraising reception for the anti-gun James Brady Trust Fund.
President Reagan getting wisdom from the allneed another Ted Cruz walker and Rubio all…
Am I the only one old enough to remember the time President Reagan actually sold arms to Khomeini?
TIL that after the John Hinckley shooting, President Reagan would not make any appearances without …
Ronald Reagan was a great President & leader. He defeated the USSR. remember?
alQaeda didn't exist when Reagan was president. LOL
Ronald Reagan. Quite possibly the only president to do more damage to this country than Bush & Nixon combined.
We need a who loves America. Is that too much to ask? How far we've fallen from to
Ronald Reagan was by far the best president. Just saying.
President Reagan appointed Sandra Day O’Connor as the first female Supreme Court justice in history.
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1st mod. president to salute the troops.See what happened! Photo courtesy
President Reagan horseback riding @ Camp David: More leadership in this horse than we have today. R…
President Reagan made history nominating Sandra Day O'Connor in 1981. She's a great advocate for civic ed.
Wouldn't catch me dead running for President against Ronald Reagan's Zombie Hordes!
I liked a video from President Ronald Reagan's Farewell Address
You think The Koch brothers have commissioned Maester Qyburn to reanimate President Reagan to take on Bernie Sanders yet?
1981 – President Reagan appoints Sandra Day O'Connor as the first woman on the Supreme Court. http…
138 members of the Reagan administration were investigated, indicted, or convicted of crimes. President Obama has 0. http:…
"A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation." - President Ronald Reagan
.Sandra Day O'Connor, nominated by President Ronald Reagan on this day in 1981.
Im not saying vote for Hilary I was just saying dude is old af lol and no president but Reagan was this old in office
U.S. President appoints Sandra Day O'Connor the first member
With the "take our country back" mentality started by President Reagan, spending cuts caused designed disparate impact to Blacks
. - The Great One Mark Levin on what President Reagan would do.
Dr. Blake at Eastern State Hospital says Roger Smith, The Former Head of The Secret Service who took a bullet for President Reagan...
TODAY in 1984, President Reagan and the First Lady hosted a barbeque for the Chiefs of Diplomatic Missions and their spouses.
*** I miss President Reagan more and more with each passing day! He's the best president of my life time. .
President Reagan invited a *** couple to stay at the White House when he was in office.
VP Bush in White House Situation Room after assassination attempt against President Reagan, this week 1981:
Justice Anthony Kennedy...the man who ultimately replaced Robert Bork as President Reagan's choice for the seat.
The reason I am writing about this sermon by John Winthrop, and the speech by President Reagan, where he...
In 1987, President Reagan ended 'The Fairness Doctrine' and sadly--the seeds of and *** America were sown. http:…
President Reagan got some pointers from professional golfer Raymond Floyd at the White House in 1986.
.President Reagan went to extraordinary lengths to protect the U.S. Ambassador to Italy when he received death threats.
to the GOP President Reagan is the father of the republican party
On This day in 1987, President Reagan challenged Gorbachev to ''tear down this wall"in Berlin. The rest is
Could there have been a President Reagan without a Capt. James T. Kirk?
In 1980 President Reagan to scrap the Mental Health Systems Act. Where is there sanctuary.
Man who shot President Reagan wants to "fit in," be "a good citizen": court docs
President Reagan's television address on the Iran-Contra Affair.
Happy Thanksgiving! to pardoning the with President Reagan in 1988.
President George Herbert Walker Bush opposed the War. President Reagan would have opposed it too, as would GWB, if he had known.
Governor Michael Dukakis just informed us that President Reagan is the reason The Big Dig was a failure. My...
John Hinckley Jr., who shot President Reagan, may soon go free via
President Reagan was a Tau Kappa Epsilon at Eureka College. He spoke about his time in TKE as…
President Reagan signed a restrictive covenant with his wife at the time-Loretta Young- not to rent/sell to black ppl
Former domestic policy adviser to President Reagan:
Were you a droupout, President? the reporter asked. Reagan (wjho had not completed college) thought, then answered: No, I was Caesarean born
UNREAL: Look What's Happening to the man who Shot President Ronald Reagan
“As long as there are final exams there will always be prayer in school” -President Reagan, 1983
Think outside the box and make something original. . "America is too Great for Small Dreams" - President Reagan
I've met both Ronald Reagan and Rick Perry. Shook their hands. reminds you of President Hope, integrit…
Isn't it similar to President Reagan proposed creation of the Strategic Defense Initiative everyone called Star Wars?
I will never vote for anyone who says "Ronald Reagan was the Greatest President of the 20th century". So that's bye bye to Governor Walker.
The last man to shoot an American president lives a shockingly normal life - - John Hinckley Jr. shot at Reagan
A detour down memory's own memory lane: When former President Ronald Reagan died in 2004, the world was, for t...
★ U.S. Armed Forces - We Must Fight - President Reagan (HD) 2015 ★ You see the things playing out right now.
reagan's son thank you for untill those 30years time traning is end and now Im become President of south-Korea and reagan's son is King.
A president who really loved to golf-Ronald Reagan.
Can you imagine if Reagan was president & ISIS had a camp set up near El Paso Texas?
is too old to be President, says the party that nominated McCain in 2008. And Dole in 96. And Bush in 88/92. And Reagan in 80/84.
. - The best view of said by a great, great president: Ronald
I remember how the gloves came off when Reagan became president, hopefully history will repeat. A lot of butt whipn's coming.
A look at how the last man to shoot an American president now spends his days:
LOOK: the strange wall decor in President and Mrs. Reagan's White House bedroom …
The president says that with 9 uniform combos, they could be the "Oregon of the NFL." They will. They won't wi…
Could the last man to shoot an American president be FREED Federal courts set to decide whether Ronald Reagan shooter
"Former American President Ronald Reagan asked Mikhail Gorbachev for help from Russia to ‘fight the..."
We Don't Need Another Reagan - President Ronald Reagan I have grown tired of the search for the “next”...
The man who shot President Reagan has been spending increasing amounts of time outside his mental institution
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"The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the Government, and I'm here to help." ~ Preside…
VIDEO: John Hinckley, who attempted to assassinate former President Reagan in 1981, struggles to return to society:
Take me to your leader: Ronald Reagan terrified of alien invasion: FORMER US President Ronald Reagan reckoned ...
Ron Reagan son of President Reagan says he's a life long athiest & not afraid of burning in *** ***
Judy Woodruff recalls assassination attempt on President Reagan.
in 1981 President Reagan is shot and seriously wounded by John W. Hinckley Jr. outside a Washington, D.C., hotel.
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