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President Obama

The Presidency of Barack Obama began at noon EST on January 20, 2009, when he became the 44th President of the United States.

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Thank you. 17 years and he's seen a lot. Boston World Series, President Obama, Seahawks Super Bowl. He cheered when I did. ❤❤❤
Can you imagine what the outcry would be if failing career and all, had aimed and fired the gun at President Obama?…
Our so-called Christian (Protestant) ex-President Obama, saw to for 1st. time in history that no Protestants were on the Court.👨‍⚖️
Not a peep when President Obama was hung in effigy in man's front yard.
Many thanks to the men and women appointed by President Obama who served this nation so well as United States Attorneys. Jo…
Just admit that Aternative45 made another false and unjustified accusation about President Obama and be done with...
BREAKING: Trump calls for Congressional investigation of President Obama for last night's missin' hour.
Kellyanne Conway said she never meant to imply that President Obama used a microwave to spy on President Trump
Spicer:Trump "doesn't really think that President Obama went up and tapped his phone personally." —via
For the first time in nine years, America won't have President Obama's steady hand to help us navigate the Final Four brack…
362 days since Merrick Garland was nom to by President Obama, in accordance w/ the Constitution
Remember when John Kline called President Obama “an imperial presidency on steroids" . What's on ?.
Summer Zervos is suing President-elect Donald Trump for defamation, and President Obama should do the same exact thing.
Attorney General Sessions demands the resignation of 46 US attorneys hired by President Obama - Daily Mail
This morning I praised one of President Obama's most critical successes: increased mental health services for all.
President Obama honestly cared about our health care... Paul Ryan is a smug ***
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Just like the only reason I envy President Obama is that Derek Walcott has written two - two! - poems for him.
Donald Trump has got to be mental Keep your swarmy, little racist hands off my President Obama
Well to start, President Obama, but I doubt that would persuade this group:
You forgot "well done President Obama, I hope to continue and even to approve upon your good work throughout my ter…
Are you this dumb? You weren't even in office until Jan 20th. This was because of President Obama, not fake SAD!
Only one reason those who objected to a President Obama playing golf are silent when a President Trump plays even more…
They should invite the real President, President Obama to headline the WHCD. Forty-Lie would go even more insane than he already is.
President Obama, however even blow drying can damage the hair shaft.
You have zero credibility when it comes to Russia. Even less than that when it comes to President Obama. Just do your…
you weren't even really in office so thank you President Obama
Democrats don't want tax cuts for the rich that's right President Obama made the Bush tax cuts permanent. Not even Pres…
We know President Obama spied on his enemies. He even spied on his friends, like Angela Merkel.
Must see video - President Trump makes a baseless claim that former President Obama wiretapped him, Neal Brennan...
Donald Trump peddles the conspiracy theory that former President Obama wiretapped him during the campaign.
Magnolia Cafe in Austin, TX. President Obama ate there when he visited!
President Obama has visited Saudi Arabia more often than any of his predecessors, but his fourth trip to the...
Oscar Lopez, a member of FALN, has been locked up in the U.S. prison more longer than Nelson Mandela will now pardon by President Obama.
Will former President Obama get the last laugh with the United Nation’s so-called “Small Arms Treaty?”
President Trump should back up his wire tapping claim immediately or apologize to President Obama and the nation. I've…
Trump rages over the comparison of his weak performance and the accomplishments of President Obama
President Obama's DNI James Clapper lied under oath about govt. surveillance, but now we're supposed to believe him NOT under…
while colloquially, Barack Obama will be called "President Obama" for the rest of his life, he is, in fact, a private citizen now.
From a man who understands the threat to America: President Reagan's former director of the Voice of America.
BREAKING: President Trump asks congress to investigate if Obama tapped his phones. Also “find out why my toaster is talking…
Trump spokesperson says former President Obama not a ‘clean and credible’ source
President Trump reminds the country of the time former President Obama assured Russia he could deal with them more amic…
Democrat Party Ties to Russia: 2011 Obama tells Russian President Medvedev on a hot mic that he "will have more flexibility…
DEMOCRACY UNDER ATTACK: . Trump's White House has launched an evidence-free criminal accusation against former President Obam…
It's nice to know that is once again throwing unproven accusations now at President Obama. Sit down, shut up and do work!!!
President Obama left office with a 57% job approval. Trump is struggling to get past 43% approval. This is not a battle Tr…
Stupid man! Obama can't be all that smart to take on President Trump. His post presidential scams are going to land him…
If you had one word to describe each president, what would that be? Me:. Bill Clinton: slick. Bush: dumb. Obama: classy. Tr…
Trump's Deputy Press Sec. Sarah Sanders just said Obama, our scandal-free 1st black president, isn't "clean and credible.…
ROFLMAO.and you still think Obama didn't know, right? Six agencies knew but the President didn't? LOLOLOLOLOLOL…
It has been 27 years since the first black man, an older student by the name of Barack Obama, was elected...
The real story is the mounting proof that CNN is colluding with Obama to take down President Trump .
id take President Trump over Obama any day!
Mark Levin fox and friends on President Trump Obama wiretapping trump to... via
B Hussein O and His Deep State Operatives Are Attempting to Sabotage the Duly Elected President of the United States ht…
Sen. Franken: "The president of the United States did not tap Donald Trump's phone. I mean, that's just ridiculous."
Will Obama make history again and be the first former President of the United States to be jailed?
Press has repeatedly (unlike every other president) refused to lay actions of his own admin at Obama's feet. "He didn't…
is just one of the many unconstitutional thinks did as he is easily the worst president in American history
At Obama WH meeting he offered Russian President Medvedev/Putin "more flexibility" after the election. https:/…
No President can weaponize IRS, run guns to Mexico, tap reporters, and jail a filmmaker to cover up but that d…
I'd bet a good lawyer could make a great case out of the fact that President Obama was tapping my phones in October, j…
This Texas A&M study is spot on saying Obama is the 5th best president! 👍
If Obama wasn't President Trump, then why did he file multiple FISA requests to monitor Trump and several of his…
President Trump should bring back Snowden to testify against Obama's spying abuses.
What will be Obama's legacy?. The "First Black President". OR. The first President sent to PRISON
The president of the United States is demanding that Congress investigate a Breitbart conspiracy theory
So, Corey Lewandowski claims about President Obama WH requires ZERO evidence, but a peice w/ 10 sources is rega…
President Trump calling for oversight investigation into abuse of power by Obama. .
Obama WH We are women, minorities and Legal immigrants for Presi…
Expose Barack Obama for Troll the Terminator. Play a round of golf. Have lunch. President is
More proof dems can't win w/o spying. President Obama used secret court & FBI to spy on Trump Campaign. http…
Hey GOP here's an idea defend your President or does have to investigate Obama on this too.
Obama is sleazy. Don't believe a word. Lied on shovel ready jobs, Iran deal & Obamacare, if you like your doctor. https:…
A case can be made now Obama (WH) was FIRST President who wanted to HURT America. Trump only beginning.
please mr president recall the free Obama phones so we don't have to read trolls ignorant comments and save tax money
Obama tried all in his power to deny Trump being President, Trump reversed your Legacy
We love You President Trump! Make sure Obama pays for Illegally wiretapping you!
I think both President Trump and President Obama have proven that without a doubt, the Federal Govt is too big and too…
How low has President Obama gone to tapp my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. B…
President Obama took us from the worst recession since the Great Depression to record economic gains.
if you agree... It's time for Congress to investigate President Obama's illegal wiretaps
President Obama taught law at Harvard Univ. I bet he'd be a real good counselor for Trump to hire he one of the best.
*trump is distracting everyone by falsely accusing President Obama of wire tapping Trump Tower. Want to know why?. RU…
President Obama had no time to save jobs, plenty of time to wiretap Trump Tower servers, phones.
Obama spokesman on wiretapping allegation: President Obama never ordered surveillance on any U.S. citizen
Check out statement from Kevin Lewis, spokesperson to former President Obama. Enough said.
An extraordinary gesture: President Obama orders U.S. flags lowered to half-staff to honor the memory of Shimon Peres.
could you ever imagine President Obama doing that, or Mayor Rahm Emanuel? Heh.
Caroline Kennedy likens President Obama to the men her father, John F. Kennedy, wrote about in Profiles in Courage. htt…
- Didn't President Obama tell the Russians to knock it off? Wasn't that enough? Wow!!
- 8 times should be enough to tell you that the woman is a criminal, protected by the *** President Obama and AG Lynch.
Who can tell me how many members of President Obama's cabinet had to resign? How many of his AG's perjured themselves?
The National Treasury Employees Union endorsed President Obama for election and re-election.
Oh yeh! Come on back President Obama! We need you now! Run for the House. Speaker of the House!!!
Wake us and tell us this was just a horrible nightmare so that we would learn to appreciate President Obama, our co…
Don't let anyone tell you different, President Obama is a hero & patriot who protected the US by preserving counter intelligence.
So, Sessions lied to Congress about Russian Connections. Suppose trump will blame President Obama for Sessions inabiltiy to tell the truth!
"Tell Putin, I'll have more flexibility after the election." (to disarm the US) - President Obama. Y worry
Good for you. Tell them I have a Secret Service family member that protects President Obama.
.What did President Obama know, when did he know it, and why won’t he tell us?
Look at the last 14 days of President Obama's term and tell me he is a moral, ethical man.
Please tell Trump is a movie! He's trying to do it to President Obama!
tell me how was President Obama divisive? And merely being a black man with s black family doesn't count. Go..
President Obama to get $60M book deal tell all memoires on how he added $11Trillion more debt to burden future American generations.
Tell me he didn't just say, "he's not Martin Luther King or President Obama..." YOU MUST B KIDDING!
Did Faux news tell you he was bad? By all means, why was President Obama so terrible?
Tell 45, he will can copy and bs all he wants. He will NEVER be President Obama.
who are you to tell them what to do, did you say that to Mitch McConnell when he blocked President Obama at everything.
former President Obama said to tell them not to worry about anything
It was President Obama who threatened Assad and didn't follow through, allowed Putin to take Crimea with no consequence, ...
James Clapper informed President Obama that USA intelligence analysts boubted that Assad was responsible for the sarin attack.
President Trump says he believes former President Obama is behind the leaks within his administration htt…
We can't afford to watch President Obama speak about the Supreme Court, and fill the Affordable Care Act.
It would be our pleasure, however, President Obama has class. His voice will be heard at the right time.
Oh, and one time President Obama wore a beige suit. I seriously can't even w/ this blatant disrespect & dearth of class.
President Obama left the WH with DIGNITY and a lot of CLASS! Look at what moved in.🤡
September 2012: After the suicide of fan Jamey Rodemeyer, Gaga meets with President Obama to discuss anti bullying and…
LIVE: President Obama speak about the progress made possible by unleashing the new normal.
"He can finally get back to focusing on the issues that matter, like, did we fake the moon landing?" - President Obama, WHCD,…
I liked a video President Obama on America’s Empire | Real Time with Bill Maher (Web Exclusive)
I have asked Benito Wheatley to b involved, on behalf of me,President Obama,Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr. They r most important
Just remember President Obama and Eric Holder plan to tackle gerrymandering
Wouldn't it be great if President Obama and Rightful POTUS Hillary Clinton were…
President Obama's official statement congratulating Tom Perez as the new head of the DNC. https:/…
President Obama is at an event celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month.
President Obama is GLOWING. Grinning ear to ear like CHUCK E CHEESE. He is STRESS FREE, relaxed, buttons UNDONE, skin MOIST…
Pretty killer buzzer beater from Tyler Nelson at Fairfield tonight. Miss you Mr. President Obama
President Obama leaving 160 5th ave just now
Caitlin, have you seen a single statistic regarding what President Obama did with the economy?
LIVE: President Obama is speaking at a reception celebrating
Read my statement on President Obama's announcement of Solicitor General Elena Kagan as his Supreme Court Nominee.
Reportedly, no official changes have been ordered to President Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program,DACA.
The fights President Obama faced in his first 100 days that would set the tone for his entire presidency.
A look back at past Presidents first 100 days: President Obama
President Obama achievement Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan they are the 3rd & 4th woman to serve as Supreme Court justices in the USA.
More & more betrayals by President Obama & his administration r coming to light~Obama wasn't Nieve he knew the Koran f…
Go from President Obama to a subpar *** ...
President Obama will always be my president
Thank you President Obama you have been a great example of what a President should be. via
are you setting up President Obama to be your fall guy when you destroy our economy and World standing? IT'S ALL ON YOU!!
Rewatching our President Obama's farewell speech in Chicago. . So bittersweet. Feels like we have endured lifetimes since then.
Wow, that's just like the lie that Trump told about murders during President Obama's farewell speech!
Biography success learning about Milton Hershey, President Bush, President Obama, and Hitler!
President Obama prosecuted 9 cases involving leakers. A practice your Party strongly favours. Not saying you do!
President Obama's farewell speech has many – including himself – in tears
sounds like you're getting a taste of what President Obama had to deal with ! Karma IS real 🙏
responds to President Obama choosing Kendrick Lamar as his rap battle winner
where you able to stop by and visit with President Obama and Michelle since you were in DC?
get rid of Obammy Sheriff Joe Arpaio Releases New Info on President Obama's Bi... via
President Obama is living his kitesurfing dreams on vacation. At least someone is having a good time in 2017...
Obama deported more people than any other president. Where were you then???
Biden: Trump asked how I like my coffee. Obama: What'd you say?. Biden: I told him I like my coffee just like the best presi…
this incident you claim was due to "Trumps travel ban" happened in December 2016. Obama was president. much? h…
President left the country with a nice parting shot under the radar
people don't compare Obama to TRUMP today y'all boring come better than that. TRUMP President not Obama and trump has done no work.
president Obama did more for white working class men and women since Reagan administration started dismantling middle class
Gee, how embarrassing for the left to have former President Obarrassment, er Obama, saying exactly the same thing as
But it's not Obama or Hillary as President so everything is ok. Where the *** is the DEM, MSM, Pundit OUTRAGE?
Obama's last act as president promised to help students with school loan debt. The program went live today, call 8…
Yeah because we have noticed the steady decline under Democrats and President Obama...pffft.
Obama draws neck-and-neck with Reagan in poll of greatest modern president
Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both have won before. You know who doesn't have one? President Agent Orange. htt…
⚡️ “Civil Right for ALL-"WE MEAN as long as you're a Democrat"” Obama was still President Jan16 MLK day. https…
I know, Prime Minister Trudeau, we miss president Barack Obama, too.
January, 2015: President Obama acknowledges the LGTBQ community in the State of the Union address.
Actively working to undermine a sitting president would be at least a misdemeanor, eh?
.President Trump used the same power as Presidents Obama and Clinton used for national security, and there…
Try to imagine the reaction if this happened when Obama was president
The Muslim U.S. Olympian detained at the airport "because of President Trump's travel ban," was detained under Obama
oh; we can dish it out but we can't take it! President Obama they were down right wrong!
Trump banned her, even tho Obama was President!😱.
Trump has golfed two weekends in a row (out of 4 as president). Here are 11 times Trump criticized Obama for playing golf…
Bernie Sanders called it “laughable” and President Obama promised to veto it. This time, it’s not a joke.
Just a reminder that Tom Brady skipped the White House when Patriots won the Superbowl and President Obama was in office.
I wish America was always as united as we were the day President Obama announced that Osama bin Laden was KIA by SEAL Team S…
America's President Obama, with MIT's Joi Ito, on the future of AI.
No duh!!! President Obama told the Mango Mussolini that it ain't as easy as it looks. Looks like the Peter...
Cuba born Rafael Cruz, father of Canada born Sen. Ted Cruz, advocates for sending President Obama "back to Kenya".
"I want to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a joyful holiday season." —President Obama
President Obama finally orders full scale investigation of Russia election hacking. Wish that had come weeks earlier, but…
At Fort Stewart, home of the Army's 3rd ID, they planted a tree for each soldier killed in Iraq. President Obama vi…
President Obama kept us safe!!! Wish he could have had a THIRD term!! LOVE...POTUS44!!
...Buttigieg, and most importantly Tom Perez, Secretary of Labor under President Obama, who was endorsed by former Vice President...
This shows how little people understood ACA/Obamacare. One thing I wish President Obama did more was to educate ppl…
I wish I could be as chill as President Obama on a kitesurfing board! A so well-deserved relaxing time (but we miss you…
Kody Brittingham, a Marine at Camp Lejeune who confessed to plotting the assassination of President Obama.
In Eight years in office President Obama not once had an Executive Order reviewd by an Appeals Court much less The Supreme Court. DUMB
President Obama and President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo Talk to the Press: via
you do know that Tom Brady skipped out on meeting President Obama, right? but oh wait lily white Brady gets a…
McConnell the chief obstructionist against President Obama now cows down to brainless president dirty donald
America safer b/c of President Obama's “leadership, but we have a long way to go with Pakistan” writes Bruce Riedel.
Under President Obama, many black folks think racial division has increased, not decreased & many whites feel the same way!
make it about the GOP obstructing president Obama
Meh confirm the President's nominee unless he's a total criminal. POTUS gets to choose his cabinet. Felt the same for Obama
The honeymoon period that never was. Poll: More than half of US voters would rather have Obama as president:
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Our NEW President too. What happened 2 his Honeymoon period. Obama got 8 years:
Can you believe that,with all of the problems and difficulties facing the U.S., President Obama spent the day playing…
Barack Obama, the first black President of the United States of America
President Obama is currently listening to Love On the Brain by Rihanna
February 5th 1990 - Colombian grad and Harvard law student Barack Obama becomes the first black president of the Harvard Law Review
Remember he thought the president got normal weekends off. He also endlessly criticized Obama for golfing. Guess wh…
President Trump right again we do have murders here in America and they're called Hillary Obama and Kerry they killed j…
Imagine if President Obama had gone on O'Reilly and said America has killers too.
7 President total starting with Chester Authur 5 of 7 were Dems. Including Obama
I miss president Obama & Michelle, they're out enjoying life . .
Wake up people, McConnell and Ryan have never supported legal citizens or President Trump ! These two leaders supported Oba…
"I wish the Mullahs in Tehran would understand that Obama in no longer the President of the U.S. We have a new sheriff in…
If President Obama had said this, the screams of treason would be thunderous.
Hillary and Obama were thugs killed Libya's President & 4soldiers in Benghazi to sell guns
Is he a log of wood?Even younger Obama went to Hawaii & other such places to rest,talkless of an elderly man like President…
Where were you when President Obama nominated Judge Garland? Right, the Constitution didn't apply them. What a joke you guys are!
Don't you worry President Obama We have your back
Have ’s lies and acts of hypocrisy destroyed
3. He repeatedly mocked Obama for playing golf as president. Couldn't last two weeks without hitting the links
Vaira and Josh burnt President Obama when they bought the Kristof edginess.
VP Pence in 2010 on Pres. Obama: The American people don`t want to hear the president`s reflections and commentary on criticis…
Jake: Trying to imagine your reax if Obama said USA wasn't innocent. McConnell: I'm not going to critique every utterance…
I imagine his urine stream is slower than a Supreme Court confirmation under President Obama. I hope it burns.
President Obama is currently listening to Everyday by Ariana Grande
Why is the RIGHT making such a big deal about President Obama bowing to Chinese President Hu Jintao?? Its a bow* what's the bi…
No, President Obama's pick was a consensus candidate.A judge should be not be swayed by political
Iran is playing with fire - they don't appreciate how "kind" President Obama was to them. Not me!
Sean Spicer just claimed that President Obama's last jobs report is really Trump's. Because Sean Spicer lies.
Question of the Day: Do you think former President Obama and Hillary Clinton should condemn the violent left wing proteste…
Sure will miss President Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast. Always did like his updates on the Crusades.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
African American music stars visit President Obama at the White House today.
Accomplished author and the president of a 40-year old management consultant firm honored by President Obama!
You mean unlike the right wing tea party radicals who demanded total obstruction of President Obama (which your leadership…
"we just couldn't get it done, Blue Dawg Democrats you know..." - President Obama at literally any point the past 8 ye…
Why doesn't Scott Pelley refer to President Trump as such instead of Mr Trump? He still refers to Obama as President Obama.
Great news! President Trump will leave in place Exec Order protecting LGBT workers!
Why is it ok for one president to use a temporary ban but not another?
President Trump can give a carrot to all women by nominating Obama as Supreme Court justice. Michelle Obama I mean. She is wife of B Obama
Why was there no uproar over Syrian refugees when President Obama was in office?
look it up yourself. Look up what the Argentina President had to say about Obama.
Sally Yates was fired, by the president, for defending the Constitution. Day 10 of his tyrannical presidency:
Already Trump is proving to be a terrible President. If you think Obama was bad ( which he was ), then let's watch Trump.
Fake news story claims Pres. Obama ordered a life-sized bronze statue of himself to be installed at the White House:
Remember when the Republicans refused to confirm President Obama's Supreme Court nominee
Trump has an anti *** vice president & an anti *** attorney general, but he wants credit just for not overturning 1 of Oba…
President Obama's shoes are way too "YUGE" for Trump to ever fill.
President Obama issues statement supporting protests, disagrees with "American values are at stake."
President Carter Clinton Bush Obama all had immigration bans. Imagine the outrage had we acted this…
🤔so what about Obama banning Iraqis or Carter banning Iranians.or doesn't it matter if President is Democrat
Professors should not be allowed to show a video of President Trump being made fun of in class. If it was Obama she would be "racist"
Imelme Umana, Nigerian, just emerged as the first Black female President of the Harvard Law Review. First Black HLR P…
that's right Obama had no balls and an agenda.our new president does have balls and will stand up for USA and others
Then I released it was because I followed Obama as president. I quickly unfollowed for my life 🚫😂🚫
Trump fires acting attorney general who ordered Justice Dept. not to defend president’s restrictions on immigration htt…
Pres. Obama protected more of the sea than anyone! Photo credit: Brian Skerry/.
Former President Obama issues statement rejecting Trump’s immigration orders and... by via
It only took 10 days for Obama to start criticizing President Trump, but the twist here is just bizarre
I supported Obama, I support Trump. The President of the United States of America. Is to be respected. period.
It's as if you think we're going to forget how PRESIDENT Obama was treated. Not going to happen CONway. The Whitehouse…
'Now President Trump is having to address a vast humanitarian crisis created by Obama’s inaction.'.
OBAMA stmt: “The President fundamentally disagrees with the notion of discriminating against individuals because of their f…
The president does not plan out military actions and Obama's drone strikes have killed dozens of children. Enjoy yo…
Here, it's a good read. Educate yourself:
Republicans and progressive left hated them, now we have Donald Trump. The ultimate duo President Obama & Secretary Hillar…
Even President Nixon had a higher average approval rating than Obama
Your party mate Tom Cotton put a hold on an appointee until she died of leukemia, just to spite President Obama.
Ummm... Obama was president in 2001? Fascinating. I didn't know this.
President Trump has turned 'a pen and a phone' into a pen and a megaphone. Thanks, Obama? -……
The Att Gen must refuse 2 follow orders he/she determines to be unlawful. So said Jeff Sessions when Obama was prez. ht…
As President Obama said "its only Parchment" and trump has wadded it up and threw it in the oval trash can. We, The Peop…
Former President Barack Obama, out of office 10 days, speaks out against immigration ban
The statement says the protections will remain intact "at the direction" of President Trump
President Trump just blocked Cuban refugees from seeking safe haven in United States. What a monster! Wait. That was Pr…
Former President Obama wants to make it clear that the is not based on policy from his presidency:
Interviewer: In 2011 President Obama banned people from Iraq—did that not concern you?. Protester: No because I loved Pres…
We must remember President Obama's last words "Don't boo...Vote! We must rise up and vote. We are the majority only if we…
To our President Obama please if you get the chance pick up a Scoop USA newspaper 📰 and read the Mayor of Girard Ave Toby
Hypocrisy = Can u imagine extreme back lash if . President Obama had failed to mention Jews…
he's done more than Obama? Can you imagine if President Obama issued EOs like this? Really? You're delusional.
Every believer must read Rabbi Jonathan Cahn's last charge to President Obama. Rabbi Jonathan Cahn last charge...
How Trump's refugee policy is different to President Obama and Carter's administration:
Jimmy Carter and Obama had immigration bans that lasted six months or more. President Obama banned Iraqi refugees.
."This list of 7 countries was offered by President Obama and his administration."
President Obama!!. You and Justin Trudeau are the two finest men.we need you both. Help!
Completely understand why President Obama and Jon Stewart need the break. (But also whenever they want to jump in the fight, we'd love it.)
Today, President Obama nominated Judge Ann Donnelly, Roseann A. Ketchmark, and Travis Randall McDonough to serve on the US D…
under President Obama this process took 5-7 years
President Obama has now commuted 1,715 federal prison sentences, more than the past 13 presidents combined.
Dear Black Community,after the way former President Obama treated you over the past 8 years you should give
The success of President Obama far exceeds the failures of the past republican presidency. Republica
South Korean girl group 2NE1 dedicates their final song "Goodbye" to former President Obama and his family
you don't compare or compete with President Obama & Michelle.
Ungrateful TRAITOR Chelsea Manning, who should never have been released from prison, is now calling President Obama a…
Kevin McCarthy: President Trump is undoing President Obama's executive orders and taking us back to the...
President Obama killed his predecessor's moon program, Constellation, but Trump and Pence could revive it in some...
President Trump is not messing around. He just issued a direct threat to Obama's hometown, and it sparked an...
With video. So much for Obama's warning of Britain going "to the back of the queue."
Poor Melania. Her husband just left her to come up those stairs by herself. President Obama had to help her.
Obama is the president of USA with more selective kills by drones.
President Obama wanted, and received, zero accountability for illegal torture conducted by the Bush administration
President Trump Orders the Execution of Five Turkeys Pardoned by Obama via
Is President Obama back from his vacation yet? The substitute president that Putin assigned to us is not very good.
Trump has accomplished more in 5 days than Obama did in 8 years. That's my president!.
Thank you President Obama for getting our unemployment rate down! Unfortunately Trump is going to end up reversing that
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