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President Nixon

Richard Milhous Nixon (January 9, 1913 – April 22, 1994) was the 37th President of the United States, serving from 1969 to 1974. The only president to resign the office, Nixon had previously served as a US representative and senator from California and as the 36th Vice President of the United States from 1953 to 1961.

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Like comrade Angela Davis said if Governor Reagan, Director Hoover and President Nixon all want you dead at once, y…
President Nixon, Elvis Presley, and the strangest White House meeting that actually happened - New York Post
President Nixon is the only American president to be made a lifetime member of the Baseball Writers Association of America. - RZ
Archibald Cox got fired on a Saturday night by President Nixon. And that also had quite a Watergate stench!
.We appreciate your attention to President Nixon's firm stance against the John Birch Society. - RZ
At age 104, President Nixon lives a quiet life in Park Ridge, NJ. Contrary to rumors, he has no plans to announce he is alive. .
Senator Bob Dole with his friend President Nixon! The two worked together to GO PUBLIC on Vietnam POW MIA issues.
President Nixon with Senator Bob Dole in the Oval Office - May 23, 1973.
The official statement by President Nixon to be read in case the astronauts were stranded on the Moon - July 18 1969 h…
John Ehrlichman, Counsel and Assistant to President Nixon:. "You want to know what this was really all about? The...
12/28/1971 President Nixon greeted Chancellor Willy Brandt of Federal Republic of Germany at Key Biscayne, FL…
1971, Jimmy Hoffa was released from prison after President Nixon commuted his sentence.
This was one of your better dunks, Mr. President:
Is that why you picked Agnew, Mr. President?
yeah it's great to have an insecure man as President, like W, Nixon, James Bucanhan- what could go wrong
It is always a tragedy if the president dies in office. If the next one should die I fear it would be much worse than that.
21 December 1970: Elvis Presley meets President Nixon at the White House and is given a badge as a narcotics investigato…
Here's a little piece I did for the NYT magazine on how President Nixon could NOT just use the pardon power to get away…
President Nixon and Sammy Davis, Jr. - Talk about an odd couple. Davis Jr. was in attendance back in 196...
Hot Take: Except for the whole scandal thing, Nixon was a far better president than Reagan.
in 1970, the "King of Rock 'n' Roll" met the president of the United States
"The President feels that Mr. Presley, while eminently qualified for DEA, should wait for other Cabinet openings." -RZ
I’ve never been prouder that is part of the great family
Here is the autographed photo given by to President Nixon in the Oval Office
Dec. 21; this day in history: President Richard Nixon met with Elvis Presley in 1970:
December 21, 1970 President Nixon is lucky enough to meet Elvis Presley!!!
Fun Fact: Trump is the first person to be elected President while losing his home state since Richard Nixon in 1968 (also NY).
Dec21,1970 went to White House to volunteer services to President Nixon on fighting drug…
Nixon had Watergate tapes and Woodward and Bernstein. With our new low-wattage President, we get reality show outtakes from Tom Arnold. Sad!
On this date in 1970, Elvis Presley secretly met with President Nixon in the Oval Office at the White House
Elvis even brought a gun into the White House—a .45 Colt—and gave it to Nixon; the President loved the King's cufflinks…
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Nixon said something similar just based on his wife watching T on the Donahue show.
comet and Cupid and Don draper and blitzen and Matt bomer and Clinton and president Nixon but do you recall the most famou…
“Not since Richard Nixon have we had a president…less committed, or beholden, to a fixed ideological program.”
Dec 21, 1970...President Nixon meets with prescription drug addict Elvis Presley at the White House to discuss (cont) htt…
Today in 1970 Elvis Presley met with President Richard M. Nixon in the Oval Office to discuss fighting drugs and in Home Alon…
On this day in 1970, Elvis dropped in on President Richard Nixon at the White House.
President Nixon may have mentioned a hair cut but I cannot be certain.
Elvis Presley met President Richard Nixon in the Oval Office today in 1970:
12/21/1970…Elvis Presley visits President Richard Nixon to volunteer his services in the fight against…
1970, Elvis Presley arrives unannounced at the White House to see President Nixon. What happened next?
Committee for the Re-Election of the President was at 1701 Penn Ave. just a few doors down, as noted https:/…
Jim Brown meets with President Nixon, Stan Scott and John Wilks. (~ early 1970s…
President Nixon and NSA Kissinger had bet everything on Military DIctator Gen.Yahya Khan in 1971, but he…
> his popularity. The plague with the quote you shared belonged to Charles "Chuck" Colson, President Nixon's general counsel.
43 years ago today the Journal ran dad's story about President Nixon underpaying his taxes. Great recap: https:…
President Nixon looks forward to returning to his home in Key Biscayne on November 9. - RZ
President Nixon's Justice Department successfully sued Mr. Trump and his father for housing discrimination. - RZ
President Nixon is working as usual in Woodcliff Lake, NJ. - RZ
42 years ago, President Nixon went to to meet with Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, Justin Trudeau’s father: http…
President Nixon jumps down from a limousine, which carried him and Pakistani President Yahya. Lahore 1st August 1969
My dad in the Oval Office with President Nixon and the Senator from WA, Henry M Jackson. Happy Fathers Day Dad!
President Nixon & Pat pose with the staff of the on their visit to Warsaw in June '72.
1972: President Nixon and wife Pat are enthusiastically welcomed to Warsaw, Poland.
Their claim to fame is President Nixon and Chinese Premiere Zhou Enlai drank 1969 Schramsberg Blanc de Blancs in their “Toast to Peace”
I figured I'd complete my rant first, Mr. President. But I suspect we have overlap, at least on the tactics.
Reagan was a terrible president. Not as bad as Nixon, but this guy was out for nothing more than tyranny.
President Nixon wins the interwebs for today with one word
Bombings in Seattle move President Nixon to cancel nerve-gas shipments through Puget Sound on May 23, 1970.
or Nixon: who would be a trusted Vp and quickly become a scandalous president because he was altogether unfit for the office
Polling this far out is worthless. Ask President Romney. The GOP hasn't used the updated Nixon playbook used on McGovern yet
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Academy's Test: Name the story. President Nixon: This person you want to marry. Black?. Canton: Yes... President...
I trust you have the President's paperwork. Contact me or if we need to close the loop.
Americans we must fight the entity no president can fight the entity they just assassinate nixon impeached any hop in a presiden is vain
If there was even one good conservative president, maybe their hold on this country would be understandable, but Richard Nixon is their best
someone just said Nixon was our best president, when i say 'water' you say 'gate'
Just read that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was established by Executive Order from President Nixon. It's not written into law!
Let's not forget that George Wallace twice campaigned for the Democratic nomination for president.
Meeting Edward Nixon and other family members of President Richard Nixon.
Believe it! This a conversation of Richard Nixon and his chief of staff
"Do you remember your President Nixon? Do you remember the bills you have to pay? Or even yesterday?"
Ron, not to worry so long as Manolo and Liddy can keep the President safe from those carrying silver-tipped wooden stakes.
President Nixon has the most votes for the presidency of anyone in history. - RZ
Why does no one know how to play this game any more Mr President?
Congratulations to Lori von Alten who was elected PTA President for 2016 - 17! And, to Jennifer Nixon elected as Vice President!
"Even Richard Nixon has got soul": Evan Thomas's take on the late President in "Being Nixon"
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Today MAY 23, let's raise our craft beer pints & toast to Taking Chances; on this day in 1972-Prez Nixon 1st US President to visit Russia!
The strange-yet-true story of the battle over the estate of recently disgraced President Richard Nixon.
Richard Nixon was the president that threw us into the Age of Inflation
fascinating account of how Nixon came close to adopting a in the US:
On This Day. 1972: Richard Nixon arrived in Moscow, became the first sitting President to visit the Soviet capital http…
Recently disgraced President Richard Nixon struggles with the realities of growing up.
Unlike President Obama, President Nixon was a capitalist who did not b...
Al,help us,be the leader of the media witch hunt to rid the witch from ER. You'll become president Nixon of Leeds!
It's interesting that we came *so* close to having President Nixon in 1960 instead of 1968. Kind of surprising so few alternate histories...
5/21/1970: Auburn students skip classes to protest the Vietnam War and President Nixon. Via
Watch: “Peace with honor,” President Nixon’s 1973 speech ending US involvement in the Vietnam War
Working for President Nixon was the most extraordinary professional experience o... -Monica Crowley. More Quotes->h…
WHO ever heard of a President who was IMPEACHED and did not leave office??? Nixon had to...Something smells on this one...
WHATS WITH ALL THE CONCERN?!?!. It was all just a big misunderstanding. https…
LBJ, President Nixon & Lady Bird at dedication of LBJ Presidential Library 45 years ago today:
President Nixon was probably a great President. The great Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein took him down because ideology.
1971, the in Austin, Texas was dedicated. President Nixon spoke.
On in 1969, President Nixon responds...Vietnam War & 2 sides lost lives for the rich, again.
White House records show ex-President Nixon watched Deep Throat 35 times in one week.
"A Quaker troubles the world by preaching peace to it." President Nixon responds to Trump on foreign policy. - RZ
President Nixon has no comment on his private meeting tomorrow night with Reince Priebus. - RW
04/22- Played by Frank Langella in 'Frost/Nixon' & Anthony Hopkins in 'Nixon' - President Nixon died this day 1994
Speech written for President Nixon if Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong were stranded on the moon...
Richard Milhous Nixon is innocent. Should've never resigned. President Nixon forever.
President Nixon in the Movies: Richard Milhous Nixon, one of the most divisive figures in American political h...
TIL "President Nixon in 1971 created the Mexican drug cartels". This plus many dead?
President Nixon attempted to invoke executive privilege when asked to reveal videos that may criminalize him and his men.
Vintage photo of President Nixon's Energy Team at the height of the world energy
that President Nixon made a national holiday in 1970?
18-year-old John Kasich meets President Nixon in Oval Office, with Christmas present:
18-year-old John Kasich’s letter to President Nixon, asking for a visit—“All I can say is please”:
When I look back on College I really only learned about President Nixon. The Scottish National Party. And how to see film as art
President Nixon shook the world by ending convertibility of U.S. dollar to gold. Why did he do it? |
Did you know: met with President Nixon at the White House on December 21, 1970?
President Nixon talks with Premier Zhou Enlai about potential US war with China, today 1972, Beijing:
Ex-President Nixon at White House 1993 meets First Lady Hillary Clinton, who had worked for his impeachment: https:…
Starting class with a video of former President Nixon announcing resignation to demonstrate the absence of copia
this day in 1972, President Nixon departed on his historic trip to China (@ City of Long Beach) on
President Nixon and Sir David Frost were nominated for a "Grammy" award in 1979. They did not win. - RZ
Kasich now recounting his meeting with President Nixon when the now Governor was just 18
As a result, incoming President Nixon wound up getting to name new Chief Justice, selecting Warren Earl Burger to replace Earl Warren. /12
President Nixon assesses the state of play in New Hampshire and beyond. - RZ
.President Nixon lives in the gated Bears Nest complex in Park Ridge, New Jersey. He is unable to accept new visitors. - RW
.President Nixon is alive and well at age 103. He lives in Park Ridge, New Jersey. - Rose M Woods, secretary to the president.
*** Richard. Rick. Richie and so forth. We prefer President Nixon.
It was the greatest hoax that has ever been perpetuated. — President Nixon on Warren Commission, American Conspiracies
1971 War: President Nixon and Defence of West Pakistan: In Pakistan, America-bashing is a favourite pass-time ...
President Nixon kept a Pet Rock in his Lazy Susan
Oct. 20, 1973, in the so-called Saturday Night Massacre, President Nixon abolished the office of special Watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox.
"No music is more deeply rooted in the soul of America than country music." -President Nixon http…
President Nixon's Republican debate live commentary this Wednesday night sponsored this Scotch, and - RW
In Modern times, we do much the same, but our heroes are epic men of flesh and blood. "President Secret Letter Doomsday"
In ancient days, men looked at stars. and saw their heroes in the. constellation. "President Secret Letter Doomsday"
VT Yankee operated for 42 years. Was built when Nixon was President & Brezhnev General Secretary.
.Mr. President. Was this the meeting where you "decided to give Allende the hook"?
Nixon was an important President, it's true
Reps Nixon opened door to China, so their bad on that, The President is mostly a figurehead, Congress votes, Pres is symbol
In 1987, President Nixon sent Donald J. Trump a letter after Mrs. Nixon saw the developer on TV, a new biography reports.
Is the president aware of the phenomenon called Gronk?
President Nixon's letter to Mr. Trump does not impart a personal belief at all; it shares an observation made by Mrs. Nixon…
President Nixon will issue a definitive linked statement on the so-called "Trump letter" later today. - RZ
U.S. President Nixon threw out the 1st ball at the major league baseball All-Star Game exactly 44 years ago today.
1966 Press Photo President Nixon Tuesday authorized the construction of plane
.President Nixon is a former president and should be referred to accordingly. Do not call him "dude." - RW
Mr. Nixon should always be addressed as Mr. President. You won 49 states in the 72 election.
.We do not appreciate you mocking President Nixon. Watch it. - RW
In light of the Clinto email scandal, how then should the US have responded to the President's contempt for law?
.Mr. President: Your self-resurrection was one of the great feats of modern times. (See Washington Journal, the Epilogue).
Be careful of the President Men. Bob Woodward to publish a book on the aide who revealed Nixon's secret tapes
What's the better quote, "When the President does it, that means that it is not illegal" - *** Nixon or "How many's a Brazilian?" - Bush
Richard Nixon and the demise of the standard
Who remembers when Netflix actually sent DVDs to your house?. Pretty sure Nixon was still president back then
things are hardly normal now Mr President. Write that on a chalk board 100 times.
Mr. President, as the kids say today, don't hate the player, hate the game. And Bob Woodward is just a player-hater.
President Nixon has a loyal and growing staff. - RZ
Bob Woodward's next book will be "The Last of the President's Men," about Nixon aide Alexander Butterfield.
RZ, will there be any comment from the President?
And now they're again running for President using the Nixon Southern Strategy... Yay Amerikkka
President Nixon sent greetings to Queen Elizabeth congratulating her on the longest reign in the history of the British mon…
It's still 13 months before I get to vote for the greatest President since Nixon.
Remind me again, why was President Nixon going to be impeached? Wasn't Hillary condemned as a LIAR back then too?
Being Nixon : The Fears and Hopes of an American President by Evan Thomas...
STRONG: "If you'll run for office, you'll definitely win". Part of what former President Richard Nixon wrote to Gop Candidate Donald Trump!
President Nixon avoided war with China and the Soviet Union. - RZ
Nixon was horrible President-he supported eugenics racist population control. Documentary movie film
That guy was Evil Nixon, a President so evil that he made Nixon into Regular Nixon.
Some people thought we were presenting Archie as a false character. President Nixon thought we were making a fool out of a good man.
Hillary saying she was "allowed" to use a private email is like Nixon saying "if the president does it it's legal."
Mr. President, who do you have in this weekend's Oklahoma v Tennessee game?
you're getting soft mr president no offense. this is Major League Baseball not Sierra Madre t-ball
if Trump becomes President he will be worse than Bush, Nixon& Hoover all together watch 😴
President Ford pardoned former President Nixon in 1974, following the Watergate scandal.
.President Nixon does not accept visitors or gifts. . - RW
could you imagine Nixon instead of Kennedy was PRESIDENT during Cuban missle crisis
Yeah, the Gold Standard was ended in the U.S. very soon after Nixon became president.
So Nixon is a man of authority, an untrustworthy president.
Please re-read the letter. No where does President Nixon foresee a White House win. Success in politics, maybe--but not that.
President warned us about such things.
Mr. President, I recall you telling then Governor Reagan that "we have got to build peace in the world…"
Last President who DIDN'T use a teleprompter? Nixon. Is that the guy you want your President to emulate?
What part of Iran nuclear/Obama is not traitorous? I'm sure Nixon would wish he'd waited a few years to become president. American free fall
That's got OUCH written all over it. Thank you for the intel, Mr. President.
Mr. President, what actor do you think portrayed the best on film or on TV ?
Nixon sent an admiring letter to Donald Trump in 1987, encouraging him to run for office
I think the Lakers did far worse to Norm Nixon by exiling him to the Clips than anything that was done to President Nixon.
An Trump endorsement from former President Nixon... 20 years before Trump considered a run for the White House.
Today in 1974 – President Ford pardons former President Nixon for any crimes Nixon may have committed while in office
1974: President Ford granted an unconditional pardon to former President Nixon
Listen to US President Nixon call Indira Gandhi "tougher than men" in secret ... -
Evan Thomas: Optimism a patriotic duty for President Nixon
Who remembers the late-night calls of Martha Mitchell, wife of Attorney General John Mitchell under President Nixon? I do.
Heather Cox Richardson. 34 mins · . I have a special regard for President Nixon. I was eleven when the story of...
1971 - U.S. President Nixon gave the keynote speech at a banquet honoring seven new inductees into the Professional Football Hall of Fame.
that it was clear here in Houston this morning. By United Press International: Initial reaction to President Nixon's granting of a holiday
President Nixon on the living Constitution at 12 minutes 21 seconds. - RZ
President Nixon is the reason my family is here! 😱 He allowed 1500 Cubans to come to America from Spain in the 70s. 🇺🇸
Oct 20, 1973: Acting on orders from President Nixon, Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox is fired by Solicitor Gen. Robert Bork
President Nixon has long believed in American youth, and they in him. - RZ
Nixon Kissinger Vietnam non functioning President let Kissinger & IMC ramped up war with Nixon drunk to sleep.
Dear mr. President. If president Ford can pardon president Nixon, you can most certainly pardon mr. Kris Maharaj.
The Saturday Night Massacre, Yom Kippur War & the Soviet reaction to US having "no functional President" (Kissinger)
It's weird, after throwing my television out the window, seeing a fave from An honor to be notices, Mr. President.
The "20 Members of President Nixon's Original Enemies List" is pretty astonishing for a trivia book
Obama continues to violate the law and the courts. Nixon said " If the president does it, it's legal".
.Mr. President, apparently you were having a very bad day.
Mr. President, when did your interest in hockey develop?
Henry Kissinger "deceived the press, saying the president had saved the day, when [Richard] Nixon had spent the...
Mr. President you're welcome north of the border anytime.
You're very forgiving Mr. President after what *** Daley & the Cook County Dems did to you in 1960 !
We would also like to say a big congratulations to your Democratic candidates: Nixon for House, Meyers for Senate, and Ran…
Has the president begun imbibing tonight?
Very unusual -- even more so than your day, Mr. President.
Tim Weiner refers to President Nixon's "political suicide." His vitality belies that and forces us to question Weiner's reporting. - RZ
Sorry, Mr. President, I forgot he was a supporter. I was just sharing some scuttlebut.
For the record, I'd be just as nasty if the brother of Richard Nixon, Warren G. Harding, or Andrew Johnson ran for president.
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George Bush was worse than Richard Nixon says president poll | US news | The Guardian
Fun fact: Herbert Hoover was the last Republican president elected without a Bush or Nixon on the ticket.
China has really benefited from the Marshall-Lerner theory. Thank you President Nixon.
If Woodward and Bernstein wrote today, we'd have "14 Impeachable Things President Nixon TOTALLY Did!! You WON'T Believe …
this can be said for every president since Nixon.
President Nixon greets the Apollo 11 astronauts, who were held in quarantine after their return from space in 1969.
Every president since (who was a put in office by has the U.S. Government! .
Advocates have gotten Justices' names wrong plenty of times, but hard to top President Nixon's:
Was Nixon the last ugly person to be elected President?
Mr. Thompson said that Nixon had the best foreign policy of any president. But one big lie completely erased anything good from history.
Field doesn't get any better I may run. Last Quaker president - Nixon.
Nixon, more psychopathic than we ever knew. Great new book on only President to rival GWBush for overt criminality:
never before seen picture of president nixon and I
The Vice President was hanging out in drug stores? Need the details fam.
.I find it embarrassing & insulting that every President since 1932 has had except Nixon.
not a crook!". President Richard Nixon infamously denied any involvement in the Watergate scandal Thing is, he was.
The President will endorse Ohio Gov John Kasich at a later date.
My folks say that Richard Nixon was a capable president, but yeah, he *was* a crook. Still, his love for sports was very real.
Didn't know you were a Bruno Mars fan, Mr. President. Hope your online chat went well today.
President the saddest man who ever lived
When the President & the next 4 people in line of succession were incompetent/unqualified:
President Barack Obama talks on the phone with Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon via
Mr President, Brady married a foreign girl. She's photogenic, but will she hurt his chances of obtaining high office?
President Nixon has long been one of America's most popular politicians. - RZ
President Nixon is devoted to building a lasting architecture of peace. - RZ
Sarah: Girl that can't understand why Cynthia Nixon resigned from being President of the United States.
If I could have one of 3 past President’s BACK in office, they would be:. 1) Ronald Reagan. 2) Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt. 3) Richard M. Nixon
Elvis was so famous the Secret Service let him bring a Colt .45 into the White House to give to President Nixon.
You mean their promises aren't always spot on? I should really stop thanking President Gingrich for the $2.50 gas then.
Also interesting, Herbert Hoover was the last President to win without a Bush or Nixon on ticket. HOOVER (facts courtesy of
wow!!i learned more about Nixon than i wanted to, but am glad I did. What a horrible president!
I'm running for President of the United States. I will run with heart. I will run to win.
President Nixon had a friendly wager on the Belmont Stakes. I am happy to say he won. - RZ
Found a list of all the movies President Nixon watched in the White House. It's quite the list.
1957. President Nixon also endorsed all Republicans, except the members of the John Birch Society.
President Nixon congratulates his friend Paul Konerko on a richly deserved honor. - RZ
We have checked the record: Diane Sawyer, a former employee of President Nixon, had no financial dealings with him after 1978. - RZ
July 27, 1974 – The House of Representatives Committee votes 27 to 11 to recommend the first article of impeachment against President Nixon
43 years ago today President Nixon signed the first proclamation of National and Day!
I love the trajectory of Diane Sawyer's career - from being President Nixon's confidant to being Bruce Jenner's. That's som…
40 years ago President Nixon declared the war on Cancer.
President Nixon initiated the war on cancer in the early 1970s
This is the helicopter that President Nixon, JFK, Eisenhower, and Ford used during their terms as president. It's a…
3/ "After serving as a lawyer for the Congressional Committee investigating President Nixon,"...and being fired for gro…
Was it a technological decision, rather than a political one, that “doomed” President Nixon?
President Nixon's secret service code name was Searchlight
President Nixon does not authorize Kevin Spacey to portray him in a motion picture. We like Thomas Gibson. -RW
4 of 5 stars to President Nixon by Richard Reeves
The Petrodollar System. To explain this situation properly, we have to start in 1973. That's when President Nixon asked King Faisal of Saudi Arabia to accept only US dollars as payment for oil and to invest any excess profits in US Treasury bonds, notes, and bills. In exchange, Nixon pledged to protect Saudi Arabian oil fields from the Soviet Union and other interested nations, such as Iran and Iraq. It was the start of something great for the US, even if the outcome was as artificial as the US real-estate bubble and yet constitutes the foundation for the valuation of the US dollar. By 1975 all of the members of OPEC agreed to sell their oil only in US dollars. Every oil-importing nation in the world started saving their surplus in US dollars so as to be able to buy oil; with such high demand for dollars the currency strengthened. On top of that, many oil-exporting nations like Saudi Arabia spent their US dollar surpluses on Treasury securities, providing a new, deep pool of lenders to support US governme ...
President Nixon remains so. - RZ . MT Richard Nixon sworn in. Dedicates office to peace.
The 'gate' is taken from US President Nixon who resigned because of the Watergate scandal
President Nixon is releasing another limited edition coloring page for the children. Pls print only 1 per family.-RW http…
President Nixon was investigated for obstruction of justice for his alleged role in the cover-up of the break-in at the Watergate hotel
Decades back, in late 1972, South Vietnam and the United States were winning the Vietnam War decisively by every conceivable measure. That's not just my view. That was the view of our enemy, the North Vietnamese government officials. Victory was apparent when President Nixon ordered the U.S. Air Force to bomb industrial and military targets in Hanoi, North Viet Nam's capital city, and in Haiphong, its major port city, and we would stop the bombing if the North Vietnamese would attend the Paris Peace Talks that they had left earlier. The North Vietnamese did go back to the Paris Peace talks, and we did stop the bombing as promised. On January the 23rd, 1973, President Nixon gave a speech to the nation on primetime television announcing that the Paris Peace Accords had been initialed by the United States, South Vietnam, North Vietnam, the Viet Cong, and the Accords would be signed on the 27th. What the United States and South Vietnam received in those accords was victory. At the White House, it was called " ...
David Frost could ask President Nixon tough questions in 1977 but Roland Martin capitulates to Bill Cosby in 2014? Not good. No integrity.
An ESPN documentary will examine why President Nixon passed over Penn State for the 1969 National Championship.
Do you believe that President Nixon should have been prosecuted after the Watergate Scandal?
President Nixon talks with Chairman Mao Zedong during his visit to China, 1972
Hillary Rodham's 1974 Watergate "Procedures were Ethically Flawed" Jerry Zeifman sent us the letter below, which is "based largely on material previously published" in his book, "Without Honor: The impeachment of President Nixon and the Crimes of Camelot.'' The book is now out of print. However, a small supply of the limited first edition is still available. Information about it, and how to obtain a copy, may be found at: Previously published in the NEW YORK POST August 16. 1999 HILLARY'S WATERGATE SCANDAL By Jerry Zeifman IN December 1974, as general counsel and chief of staff of the House Judiciary Committee, I made a personal evaluation of Hillary Rodham (now Mrs. Clinton), a member of the staff we had gathered for our impeachment inquiry on President Richard Nixon. I decided that I could not recommend her for any future position of public or private trust. Why? Hillary's main duty on our staff has been described by as "establishing the legal procedures to be followed in the c ...
TODAY IN BLACK HISTORY(11/17): WHMM-TV in Washington, DC becomes the first African American broadcasting television station. - 1980. Sixteen Blacks were elected to Congress. Andrew Young of Atlanta was the first Black elected to Congress from the Deep South since the Reconstruction era. Also elected for the first time were Barbara Jordan (Tex.) and Yvonne Brathwaite Burke (Calif.). Republican Senator Edward W. Brooke of Massachusetts was overwhelmingly endorsed for a second term. - 1972. ALSO... President Nixon reelected, carrying forty-nine of the fifty states, despite massive Black vote for Sen. McGovern. - 1972. Fraternity,Omega Psi Phi, founded on the campus of Howard University. - 1911. LASTLY... Capture of George Latimer in Boston led to first of the fugitive slave cases which embittered North and South. Boston abolitionists raised money to purchase Latimer from his slaveholder. - 1842. HAPPY FOUNDERS DAY TO ALL OF THE OMEGA MEN IN MY LIFE!! Way too many to name and I don't want to leave anyo ...
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in 1973, President Nixon tells a meeting of AP editors, “I’m not a crook.”
Today's Highlights in History 17th November 1558 Queen Elizabeth I of England ascended to the throne upon the death of her half-sister Queen Mary. 1800 Congress met in Washington, DC, for the first time. 1869 The Suez Canal opened in Egypt. 1917 Sculptor Auguste Rodin died in Meudon, France. 1968 Night of the "Heidi bowl:" NBC switched from football to movie of Heidi. In the missing 42 seconds, the lagging Raiders scored two touchdowns, defeating the Jets. 1973 President Nixon said "I am not a crook." 1989 The beginning of the "Velvet Revolution," which led to the downfall of communism in Czechoslovakia. 2003 Arnold Schwarzenegger was sworn in as governor of California.
On this day - President Nixon declared 'I'm not a crook': On November 17, 1973, President Richard Nixon. ...
Mugshot of Elvis Presley taken at the FBI headquarters, when Elvis visited President Nixon, Washington DC, 1970
'Catch me swapping vile anti-Semitic slanders with President Nixon once, shame on you…catch me twice, shame on me.'
SHUT YOUR BONEBOX! A modern president like President Nixon is a rock star compared to Frankin Pierce.
Richard Millhouse Nixon was the first U.S. President whose name contains all letters from the word "criminal".
Richard Nixon, President of the U.S.A. visits China on:. 21/02/1972.
*** died. (Nixon was darkest creepiest President ever, so I find him fascinating... )
President Nixon and Billy Graham tape:. Media "Stranglehold" by Jews must be broken or America will go down the drain.
Day 771: Media to continue investigation into what President Nixon knew & when he knew it regarding &
The Nixon thumbs up, the day he resigned as Read the story:
Ben Bradlee led Washington Post's investigation that toppled President Nixon and brought daily new respect.
.Mr. President, you love the baseball. Why did you never attend a World Series? Especially 3 in Baltimore during your term.
it was a better bet than printing anything you said about Voorhis or Douglas Mr. President
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You haven't mellowed, Mr President, have you?
"Would you consider Richard Nixon influential?". "Was he a president" 😂😂
the editor of the during the scandal that toppled President has died aged 93.
Sad news this morning about former PM Here he is meeting President Nixon July 30,1973 http:…
Journalism has lost one of its greats, Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee, who stood for the First Amendment against Presid…
so chaela thinks that president Nixon was shot in downtown Dallas guys
Like I said president Nixon was shot in downtown Dallas but it was JFK😭😭
I’m a good Catholic girl, Mr. President.
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