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President Morsi

Mohamed Morsi (ALA-LC: Muḥammad Muḥammad Mursī ‘Īsá al-‘Ayyāṭ; born 20 August 1951) is an Egyptian politician who served as the fifth president of Egypt, from 30 June 2012 to 3 July 2013, when he was removed by the military after mass protests.

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To the point where you can incite hate/violence at a public rally and the President will even be in attendance applauding. Prime e.g Morsi.
Since the removal of President Morsi of absence ofACCOUNTABILITY have been present in Egypt with violent attac…
Yea the crowd was the same in EGYPT .sissi took power imprisoned a democratic president morsi…
Human Rights under "President" Sisi, who conspired with a coup against the democratically elected Morsi!
Obama offers to meet with new Egyptian President Morsi
May God bless the people of Egypt & ita elected president. "as ever in Egypt, there is no single, linear truth..
A silly claim -Morsi pardoned numerous terrorists while president; they went to Syria, a…
WaPo editorial board, citing POMED fact sheet, argues that Sisi's repression is fueling terrorism. Read more here:…
I'm speaking more to the embrace of President Mohamed Morsi, which Sisi's chums pointed out as the administration's original sin.
will not last as a President of for over a year. He will be removed by mass demonstrations or a re…
war was not voted in. Unlike president of & is an animal
dwarf dictator and blood coup general was not elected. Unlike president & drove a tank over blood.
. If the president doesn't work with them, there's military coup.
An Egyptian woman religious threaten Christians before the fall of President Mohamed Morsi; "we will burn you. We w…
This was during Morsi's presidency. He was elected legitimately and, though not a great president, was *far…
Egypt court quashes life sentence on deposed President Morsi on charges of spying with foreign organisations
Hamilton Collection
kejriwal smilar only in NGO.Though modi ran external funded campaign he cannot be Morsi.Different dynam…
Also Erdogans close Friend Morsi of Egypt was brought down by SISI and sits on death row. Erdogan is chang…
You guys still mad Morsi isn't President eh?
if Morsi was president, millions of syrian refugees would have fled to Egypt, Libya , not Europe
if Morsi was president, ISIS would never have become monster it became
The recent history of Egypt is complex but effectively President Morsi attempted to give himself unlimited…
Osama Morsi, political prisoner and president Morsi's family spox, meets his 2 month old son, Mohamed Morsi Jr, for the firs…
Started in with 2009 "unconditional" talks with Iran, then 2012 support for Egypt's President Morsi, and the Muslim Brotherhood!
sentenced Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie to 10 years in prison over deadly clashes following 2013 ouster of President Morsi.
Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammed sentenced to ten years over deadly clashes following ousting of President Morsi
When people advocate democracy, especially in the Middle East, ask them to explain President Morsi's attempt to silence Bassem Youssef.
490 days of hunger - An audience with Mohamed Soltan: In the wake of Egypt’s ousting of President Morsi, thous...
With president was safe. With General as-Sisi is dangerous. Dictators never grant security
Oh I know, I've seen it before. It was really popular when Morsi was president.
How about a job in Egypt for the Grand Mufti, helping President Morsi?. http:/…
128 million Americans think Donald Trump actually is qualified to be president.
Unrest: Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt's ousted President Mohamed Morsi throw stones during...
Back in July, an Egyptian judge confirmed the death sentence against former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi. The...
Meet your future president! Worse than Morsi if such a thing exists.
When was a president . Intelligence was strongest supporters inside and outside Egypt
I was already sodomized when was a president . and was his minister of defense
. A dictator has staged coup and ruling Egypt while elected president s in Jail? is constitutional president. isn't he?
Trial of President was against the basic laws of justice. I wholeheartedly condemn his death sentence.
By your standard, totally dishonest to call Morsi Egypt's first democratically elected president
Correction: Morsi wasn't opposition leader, he was the elected president, although he's jailed before as opposition
Coup not a huge surprise recall Morsi was only President in Republic's history not formerly a General
I agree. Morsi should have remained President, at least until his term was up. Sisi is an *** He supporter Israel too.
no, he pushed laws that put him above the laws and even the constitution He did it when he needed, so...
Fond of. MB is the mother organization of the ousted President Morsi of Egypt. Hamas is an offshoot of MB. While they ARE Islamist, (2/3)
who were part of the former government of Morsi, which was elected, and the continued imprisonment of President Morsi ...
Bloody dictator What monkey know of garlic taste. U a usurper back 2 barrack and bring back 2 .
Popular govt was deposed by Sisi's Military, Egypt will never be the same again until the President(Morsi) is released 2 take control
President Morsi did that same mistake and is paying dearly for it now.
The NWO lost Egypt in July 2013 and Morsi now sits on death row!
Obama democratically elected President,&won Nobel peace prize,He took power after Morsi whom he was democratically pre
EGYPT: Life for Christians in Egypt when Morsi was president..And the State Dept. just welcomed the
If you could have dinner with any political figure, dead o… — Political? Hurm. Mohamed Morsi, ex-president of Egypt?
Al Sisi is just a puppet of the Empire. Morsi is the only legitimate president of Egypt.
The U.S. Is allowing a crimes Hillary to run for President 2016 with her active genocide in ME!! She needs to be hung with MORSI same cell!
Send email request the nomination of President Morsi for Nobel Peace Prize. postmaster
I was sodomized 3-12-2012 when morsi was president and sisi his minister of defense . So they are both involved
| | . A Cairo court is due to resume the trial of ousted former president Mohamedd Morsi today,...
Egypt's ousted President Morsi sentenced to death: The verdict was announced Saturday in Cairo. …
The postponement of the trial of the president, "Morsi" in the case known as "collaborating with Qatar"
The legitimate president of Egypt , Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the first man of peace
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Egypts former President Mohamed Morsi sentenced to 20 years in prison
The President has killed only 27 Humans yesterday. . Lets talk about and bomb
More girls killed by Assad. . He is still President. . West has no worries, only the is the issue.
Surgeon was pro morsi at this time . I was sodomized when Morsi was president and now he is pro SISI
Death sentences against Egypt’s democratically elected President Morsi and 105 others are a massacre of law,fundamental rig…
During 2012-13 when was president were granted entry 2 without visas. Sisi changed that immediately after coup
2 years ago, Egypt's first democratically elected President Morsi was ousted. Cartoon by | ht…
Egypt's ex-President Morsi sentenced to life in prison on charge of spying, in latest trial after overthrow in 2013 http:/…
Zagazig University Council,chaired by Shehhi,decided,the separation of former President Morsi and termination once and for all.
Egypt braces for new protests against President Morsi . Opponents of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi are expected t
Egyptian court postpones former President Morsi's final verdict on death sentence for jailbreak and espionage charges
The sentencing of deposed President Morsi to death bodes ill for the Egyptian people & for Egyptian democracy. 1/2
"President Morsi sentenced to death: How will the Muslim Brotherhood respond? - Christian Science Monitor"
Egypt's ousted President Morsi jailed for 20 years - An Egyptian court has sentenced former...
President Morsi sentenced to 20 years in prison without parole in Egypt, why didn’t this happen to Barack Obama?
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Unsurprisingly, given there is zero difference between his dictatorship and that of current president
POTUS actively supported Morsi & the Muslim Brotherhood over President Sissi in Egypt.
When Abu Khadeejah passes you the AUX cord . President Muhammad Morsi: Final Speech:
With 1000s of dissidents in prison & Mubarak set to walk free, UK under fire for focus on business as usual in Egypt: http:…
In defiance of leader his allegience to elected of
Obama's/Rino/democrats new president 2go after 2shut him up . You know,like what they did to w/MORSI
Sayings of an who come to us by to become of the greatest country for a...
Former aide to ousted Egyptian president Khaled al-Qazzaz released from prison for health reasons
their golden year was the time morsi the former president of Egypt took power who came from the Muslim Brotherhood organization..
Former Morsi aide released on health grounds: A former aide of Egypt's ousted President Mohamed Morsi was rele...
A former aide to ousted Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood Islamist movement has been...
| | Morsi aide released on health grounds. Khaled al-Qazzaz, a secretary of the ousted President...
He was millitary trained here in the US, & was elected president. Taking Morsi down was the correct move
Finally - Some positive news from Egypt. Egypt Releases President Morsi Adviser, Khaled al-Qazzaz.
"Morsi was a president shouldn't be be under that :s" . "Mesh ba3teref beeh walahy" featured in NBC s Science of Love
Obama immediately calling Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi his election- Obama never called al-Sisi to congratulate
Khaled al-Qazzaz, the foreign relations secretary under President Morsi was released. Why today?
aide to ousted president Morsi released from jail
Aide to Egyptian president Morsi released after 18 months since he was illegally kidnapped by the coup regime
Former aide to ousted Egyptian president Morsi, Khaled Al-Qazzaz, released from jail
Khaled Al Qazzaz, Former aide to ousted president released from jail
Former aide to ousted Egyptian president released from jail.
Legal Team call on UN to conduct an investigation into President Morsi's detention via
The Gaza / Israel horror. Decent people can not comprehend killing of innocents anywhere. Not in Gaza not in Israel. This is not the place to go into the how and why. of the Arab - Israel.war However its the where we are now that has a consequence. It is an observable fact that Hamas uses the Gaza hospitals as bases for their media interviews..Israel knows and the UN Knows that Hamas command centre is in a bunker complex under the Al-Shifa hospital. Countless times there has been videos from drones of Hamas using ambulances for the transference of "fighters, missiles. .Last week the UNRWA embarrassed Hamas by asking them to move 2o rockets from a school storage area. The Hamas has squandered tens of millions of aid on building tunnels, missiles bunkers while pointing to the wicked Jews who keep Gaza imprisoned and poor . As we speak the Karen shalom crossing is open and food and medicine flow into Gaza. 80% of Gazas electricity comes from the power station in Ashquleon which Hamas keeps trying to bomb. W ...
What is going on?! Months ago, they were friends and they insist on President Morsi.
Israel didn't exist. American people are intellegent. Morsi still president
The ousted president of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi, is to face a fourth trial, this time on charges of insulting the judiciary.
2/2 Had Morsi been the president now, situation in Gaza would have been vastly different. Israel wouldn't have dared to carry out genocide.
Morsi may have been a hopelessly pathetic president, but, he was elected, just like our own useless Bullingdon boy Cameron.
Surprise backer of Israel in Gaza: Egypt, since Islamist President Morsi ousted (epa photo):
Tell me all I need to know abt Morsi and our president.
dictator is with Israel to maintain his own rule having deposed elected President Morsi
Because egypt has a stupid president now who dosent care that his fellow arabs are being killed,look at Morsi for example
Rightful and Democratically elected president of Mohammad shouting "Free from his prison cell..
Say what you wanna say about President Morsi, but Egypt under the Al Sisi regime is nothing more than a helping hand to…
President Maliki, like his counterpart Morsi of Egypt lacked political shrewdness. That is why they fell.
Morsi the real hero, saudia was against him to save their kingdom.btw he was president not PM
A trial in which ousted Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi is accused of inciting the killing of protesters is due to resume in Cairo.
Yes. Morsi opened Rafah border when he was the President of Egypt. I think we understand why Hamas loved MB.
Morsi was legally & constitutionally elected President.His govt was removed thru an unconstitutional move by SISI
My name is Muhammad Alimi, i'm Egyptian and i
is to blame for not opening the border for Palestinians, now I understand why they locked up President Mohamed Morsi.
. when MILLIONS demand the ouster of
Morsi was a better president than Sisi
Hanged from a bridge "The President of Egypt Mohammad Morsi congratulates the Egyptian people regarding Eid Al-Fitr"
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To me he's still "Lieutenant General" just as he was before his coup against President Morsi
Me & my buddy Ammar aka Mista Mar made a song as a tribute to the one and only.. PRESIDENT MORSI! SHARE IT! ❤️✊
If Morsi was still the President of Egypt Gaza wouldn't be in the situation that they currently are in
According to his son, deposed President Mohamed Morsi drove this retro Peugot: Hey pimp this ride!
have an academic cousin who told me Morsi would be elected Egypt president when none of usever heard of him
Don't u think Morsi was a president for Muslim Brotherhood instead of ALL Egyptians? Myopic Leadership!
See now that Sisi is president, he's refusing to send aid to Palestine. But if Morsi was still in power, he would've sent tonnes of aid.
thats a whole other story. Different views from last president (Morsi) and current (Sisi)
Muhammad Morsi became the President of the Republic of Egypt through a free and fair democratic…
If you - for a second - thought the removal of President Morsi by undemocratic means is correct, then you're to blame for
Evidence that Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood was directly involved in the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, where Americans including U.S. ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens were killed, continues to mount. Egyptians understand the U.S. president’s policies better than Americans. First, on June 26, 2013, I produced and partially translated what purported to be aninternal Libyan governmental memo which was leaked and picked up by many Arabic websites. According to this document, the Muslim Brotherhood, including now ousted President Morsi, played a direct role in the Benghazi consulate attack. “Based on confessions derived from some of those arrested at the scene,” asserted the report, six people, “all of them Egyptians” from the jihad group Ansar al-Sharia (Supporters of Islamic Law), were arrested. During interrogations, these Egyptian jihadi cell members: confessed to very serious and important information concerning the financial sources of the group and th . ...
Yahya Hamid, President Morsi's Minister of Investment, has said that the anti-coup forces count not on any foreign factor but principally on the awareness and determination of the Egyptian people as well as on the increasing rejection within the people's r
For those to whom the UK’s Foreign (and internal) Policy matters, here are just some facts & thoughts about one of the stories that is making up the headlines this week… make up your own mind: According to The Times, Mr. Cameron has commissioned an investigation into the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) The (MB) is an organisation that is “banned” under most authoritarian regimes in the Middle East. Most notably under Hosni Mubarak’s military dictatorship. The MB re-emerged following the overthrow of President Morsi of Egypt and won in the first ever democratic election to take place in Egypt (not bad for a group that was banned for 40 years). Even though the MB won the elections one cannot call their time in power as “successful” although to be fair… trying to govern Egypt immediately after a revolution may not be that straightforward. The MB was overthrown after just one year in power by … well.. another Egyptian military personality who goes by the name “El Sisi” (don’t ...
UN condemns Egypt's decision to sentence to death 528 supporters of ousted President Morsi
Thank you "you-know-who-you-are" for sharing! :) "Democracy still has a chance in Egypt" By Ramzy Ezzeldin Ramzy- former Senior Under-Secretary of the MFA of Egypt Although I did not subscribe to the political agenda of the Moslem Brotherhood MB, as a career diplomat, I was prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt. I, therefore, took the job of Senior Under-Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in September 2012, one month after former President Morsi took office. I left after three months disturbed by where Egypt was heading. Having spent more than half my life abroad, I am disappointed by how the historic changes taking place in Egypt are portrayed. True, we all thought the 2011 revolution would quickly bring about freedom, human dignity and social justice. This was not surprising given the conduct of the Egyptian people during the 18 days in Tahrir. What is happening in Egypt needs to be considered in its historical context. It is the second wave of the emancipation of the Egyptian people. ...
Tonight's the night! Fed ice cream nutty buddy and would not sit with Syrian women whom Assad and ?Al-sissy let through to Egypt while blaming President Morsi for his relationships with .syria Muslims. The war is on Sunnah Islam by Jewish hero Al-sissy who is married to a daughter of British banker with Assad. Piggies. Pharaohs people. I have met a dead black pig with blue eyes on my bed...popes army of merry the grateful dead. Now Jews wish to feed me to their woman sire the father of the antichrist while the dead father the female mother..with blue eyes. A *** act. My neighbors all bowing to the antichrist pop who is mop mom of Jew wishes. Beware of the dead cursed like Pharaohs people to walk the karma of the earth. For dead men and women rape living such is the papal curse of Rome killing men in wars of self glory Pharaohs. And Muslims are concerned about the living the dishonor of Muslim women in the seen. You Muslims have not yet seen popes ?Army of ?Merry from their merry Christmas an ...
Still can't believe they had ousted President Morsi in a cage...
This video is of President Morsi being arrested in Egypt on July, 4th 2013.
The unexpected resignation of Egypt’s interim government marks the beginning of destruction and end of the military dictator leadership in Egypt. I believe we have reached the time Egyptians should realize to return president Morsi to power given that he was the only legitimate and democratically elected president ever since Egypt came into existence!
The power outages in Egypt are totally acceptable as long as Morsi isn't president.
Egypt's interim president names a former housing minister to head a new government.
200 supporters of the ousted President Morsi have been sentenced to 7 years imprisonment for protesting without permission.
(AP)courts have sentenced 220 mostly supporters of the ousted Islamist president to up to 7 years imprisonment due protests.
Breaking news on Egyptian civil unrest via
So it's official: President picks Ibrahim Mehleb to be country's next prime minister; formerly housing min
Mohamed Morsi, Egypt ex-president, accused of passing state secrets to Iran Revolutionary Guard.
Egypt was the lesson we missed. Morsi was president for only 1yr.
Prosecutor says ousted President Morsi spied for Iran.
" Yvonne Ridley " The Egyptian Government unexpectedly quit today - why? Perhaps it's time to return to democracy and return the democratically elected President Morsi to his rightful place
A insider's view in order to understand how the Muslim Brotherhood understands the events in Egypt. In less than three years, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood has gone from the height of political power to the depths of bloody repression and exile. Much is written and spoken in the international media on events in Egypt since the Arab Spring. But not much is being heard directly from the Muslim Brotherhood these days. What is the assessment of the movement's leaders, now that it has been practically forced underground, with President Morsi in jail? What is their interpretation of the dramatic events that have unfolded in Egypt since July 2013? In this exclusive interview, journalist and Islamic affairs analyst Mahan Abedin speaks with a leading figure of the Islamic movement, Mohammad Soudan, who presents the viewpoint of the Muslim Brotherhood on developments in Egypt.
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speaks during the trial in English and French to deliver a message to the free world, saying hi to the Egyptian people keep your demonstrations peaceful and I'm with you we will win against the plotters allied with Zionists and face his judges and said I tell you without question, gentlemen, all this hot air will be removed will be told you that you were a cover for the coup is built on falsehood is falsehood, "and translated # President Morsi modern English and French audience of delegates from foreign news agencies attending the meeting extensively, adding that the splitter will not Impunity and will be held accountable before God and the people, lion Yaris Lord help you:)
What former president morsi of egypt is presently suffering for wil soon catch up wit every politicians that are tryin to enthrone d same ideology in nigeria. Extremism and sectionalism has no place anymore in d world. Nigeria belongs to all of us and must remain a free society where anybody can practise any kind of religion he or she so desire. The calls 4 d presidency MUST return to d north is an extremism ideology
Mass killing and fire in Kiev...but that is nothing compared to what happened in Cairo late last year during and after Al-Sisi's illegal military overthrow of President Morsi.
Egypt’s ousted Islamic supremacist president Morsi is said to have conducted a dialogue with Al Qaida.
as mediator of reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah in palestine, Egypt president Morsi was ousted in july 2013. as mediator of negotiation between Israel and palestine, Secretary of state john kerry insist to pursue the peace talks on July 2013. any comment? Rana Setiawan Widi Kusnadi
After 1 week in Egypt; 1. I have not witness a single protest or demonstration! 2. I have not seen a single frank MB supporter or a single person praising the ousted president Morsi! 3. I have witnessed the lies spread by قناة الجزيرة مباشر - Aljazeera Mubasher Channel when they claimed hundred of thousands bulk protest in Alexandria against the army last Friday while I have been going all around Alexandria the same day and not a single person I have seen protesting 4. Alexandria is not back to the pre-Jan 25 status but it is in a much better shape compared to when I left 30 months ago 5. Field Marshal Abdul-Fattah el-Sisi got unprecedented support among Taxi drivers, middle and high social class and the age group between 40 - 70 years old! 6. Everyone is worried about what's next and got very high expectations if Field Marshal el-Sisi got elected that might lead to major disappointment 7. Unfortunately, people do not mind torturing any Muslim brothers activist, the hate to MB is unprecede ...
Human rights group has renewed calls demanding that ousted president Morsi & his aides receive a fair trial
Egypt dips' arguments seem part of ongoing debate w/ those in security who think Egypt could lose Western ties htt…
Dr Morsi prays; honourable, elected, wants to produce his own weapons; medicine, and wheat. Allows opposition and free medi…
"We cannot turn into North Korea; we cannot do it." Great article on the view from the Egyptian foreign ministry: http:…
Turkey Maintains Criticism of Egyptian Military Coup: Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi on a state visit to Tur...
Fact no. 1: Morsi was not really an independent president but a representative of MB and the prez palace. 2
242 low level Muslim Brotherhood soon face trial on charges ranging from protest to acquisition of firearms
never said: "Protests are useless", Dishonest coverage. A conversation between the...
: Choosing the next president is not Putin's call
"They strung up Maher Mohamed Morsi for having a name similar to [the former president] and beat him relentlessly."
Saudi has expressed its support to the new Egyptian government & pledged a $5bn aid package soon after the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi
A conversation between the imprisoned legitimate elected Egyptian president Dr. Morsi with his lawyer Dr. El-Awa...
Maggie Michael an reporter misleads AP readers by wrong translation of President Morsi interview with his lawyer.
that was Dr. El-Awa not president Dr. Morsi while what was mentioned in the media that it is Dr morsi who said so .
How will WP react to publishing lies, from Associated Press, about President Morsi?
Meanwhile, president Morsi did not say "Protests are useless". You should correct that damage unless AP is doing it on purpose.
Kuwait Liberals have now joined the fight & have started Spreading False Rumors against President Mohammad Morsi:
it is a shame that you mistranslated President Morsi talk with his lawer. You stated that president said "protests are useless".
Egypt liberals! You supported a brutal coup against president Morsi because "the economy wasn't getting better". Well its falling apart now!
Egypt officials order new trials for Morsi supporters
Pampering and Disgusting condition of of - via
Egypt officials order new trials for Morsi supporters: [JURIST] Egyptian authorities on Thursday ordered 242 s...
Putin Backs Sisi’s Bid For Egypt President I Wish You Luck send Heinz Kerry to Egypt to free Morsi in a midnight raid
Choosing next president is not call | |
i heard Morsi took $10,000 per year as a president, thats less than the Uruguayan president
marshall Sisi, the guy who overthrew Morsi. Head of the army, minister of defense and 99.9% our next president.
16,687 political detainees have been imprisoned since the military ousted the Islamist president, Mohammed Morsi, on Jul…
It seems from these piece that is still President (1st paragraph) .
The Egyptian government has intensified crackdown on supporters of ousted President Morsi.
4. Did the ousting of President Mohammed Morsi solve the problem of Egypt?
Egypt's authorities order trials for 242 supporters of ousted president Morsi: via
in egypt. the secular were afraid by president Morsi. they took him out. but not all secular were Muslims i guess..
Obama-backed Morsi calling Jews descendents of apes and pigs to be expunged from Israel and all Muslim lands:
They were protesting President Mohamed Morsi being removed from office. The shootings happened during prayer time at a +
(graphic content) Dead bodies of supporters of Ousted president Mohammed Morsi after police and army…
Egypt: Nation on the Brink; Fear of Civil War After President Morsi Ousted -
Cool so Mubarak left presidency, Morsi stepped up, Morsi was removed by the military, and now Sisi wants to be president
MT "This is the man I voted 4 in the elections, the legal President of Prof. Dr. Mohammad Morsi
What is happening now in Egypt is really a big risk that may destroy the nation and lead to civil war at any time . the coup had crossed all the red lines known in any code of ethics it is now a life or death situation for the islamists in Egypt , it is not an exaggeration if i say that for them death is better than life for now . For according to the laws of earth and the laws of heavens , when these people die they will go to paradise , They are peaceful people who were wronged and oppressed and killed and imprisoned while they were doing something good for their country They have a very broad moral base , either according to religion , or according to world ethics . Death will restore their dignity also as they will die as martyrs , martyrs for freedom , martyrs for justice , martyrs for god , martyrs for everything good on earth. Death will also save them from the pains of the prisons and what ill treatment they receive there . And what is better than death for someone whose daughter was killed , h .. ...
during 1 hour TV interview I expressed deep concern of the systematic abuse of human rights in Egypt .there is no justification for detaining young girls and boys nor levying huge fines on parents. the visit to Russia by the Field Marshal a futile 1950s gesture and money better spent on feeding the poor and repairing crumbling bridges. silencing defendants by putting them in an additional glass box as it happened with the deposed president Morsi fundamentally undermines fair trial, a gross hunan rights abuse . the liberal and honest voice especially of those in the West must speak out . Silence is condoning.
In a secretly recorded conversation ex-president Morsi says "protests in my support are USELESS."
The core value of rejecting the coupe is the value of legitimacy and dignity of the Egyptian people and not the question of Sharia. YET, around this core value there are many superficial layers of the whole picture, one is the question of Sharia , another is revival of the old establishment of Mubarak , or the military rule. all these are good causes to reject the Coupe , and I endorse all of it, but the core value is the legitimacy.we stand by president Morsi , not that he was the best for the cause of Sharia ,nor was he the best for ending the Mubark regime nor were his politics the biggest threat for the military-industrial complex, but we stand by him originally and most faithfully , as the democratically elected president of the country.
Large masses join in a night rally organized by the NCSL in Menya city to support President Morsi and his legitimacy and refuse the military coup, protesters raised Rabaa sign and fired fireworks in the air in order to cheer on the crowds.
Yep, time to start prosecuting the 'half white,' side of him.he has been getting 'hall passes' on the 'half black' for way too long, utterly amazing that him, his entire administration has committed so many crimes, so many affronts to the American people, the Constitution, and with impunity that is simply boggles the mind how this person has not been impeached and is in prison with his minions as well...utterly amazing!?! For the longest we have heard the outrage over this charlatan poser POS in the office of the presidency, yet nothng has been done to him, them!?! We need an American Spring, and it is scheduled for this May, participate in any way possible folks, inundating your '-joke- elected officials,' pester them relentlessly, ensure them that at the upcoming senatorial elections they will be remembered for the debacle that has occurred in goverment, which is affecting our country in the negative, and exceedingly so KCarson.Operation “American Spring”: Retired Colonel planning DC protest & re .. ...
15-year old Mariyah...the youngest detainee in Egyptian prisons? The alliance supporting the elected Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi considered the verdict issued on Thursday against a 15-year old student, sentencing her to one year in prison, as "an example of the oppression and injustice executed by the military coup in the name of the law." The Juvenile Court in the Dakahlia governorate (in the Nile Delta) issued a verdict on Thursday sentencing the 15-year old student, Mariyah Al-Metwalli Samaha, to a year in prison and a fine of EGP 20,000 (about $2,800) on charges of possession of flyers with the Rabaa sign during her participation in a demonstration supporting President Morsi. The prosecution charged her with inciting riot, being a member of a banned group (the Muslim Brotherhood), and demonstrating without a permit. Her case was transferred to the juvenile court, according to legal sources. After the verdict was issued, Mariyah became the youngest Egyptian female sentenced to prison due to her p ...
According to Egyptian media, during his recent speech at the Dept. of Moral Affairs for the Armed Forces, Gen. Abdul Fateh al-Sisi—the man who ousted former President Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood in response to the June Revolution and who is seen as
very hard to translate this one, sorry my friends :) its just a joke about our previous president Morsi :)
Egypt is now a province of Greater Israel Who exactly is Gen. Abdel Fattah Alsisi ? Born to Moroccan Jewish mother, Malikah Titani from Asefi, in 1954 which makes him a Jew and an automatic citizen of Israel. Al-Sisi’s maternal uncle (mamu) Uri Sibagh served in Jewish Defense League from 1948 to 1950 before migrating to Israel and was a member of David Ben Gurion Political Party. In the same period during Egyptian Revolution and Gen. Abdel Nasser coming to power when Egypt and Israel considered to be at war, Uri Sibagh’s real sister Malikah emigrated to Egypt instead to a new Jewish State, obviously on a mission from Mossad. She had to give up her Moroccan Citizenship and adopt Egyptian Nationality to get married to resourceful Egyptian Muslim and to enable her son to join the Egyptian Military Academy. Malikah Titani married Saeed Hussain Khalili al-Sisi who run a shop, called Al-Sisi in Cairo’s ancient Khan al-Khalili Bazar. They have 3 sons and 5 daughters. Malikah Titani’s Mossad mission culmi ...
The US Working Group is right on Egypt One of the most perplexing aspects of the months of instability in Egypt that have followed the removal of President Mohammed Morsi from office on July 3, 2013, is the number of prominent Egyptian liberals who have shown themselves to have a somewhat selective commitment to liberal principles, such as a belief in the legitimacy of elected leaders, and universal respect for basic freedoms and the rule of law. A piece on Al-Monitor's Egypt Pulse published on Feb. 4 suggests that Wael Nawara may fall into this category. Nawara accuses the members of the Working Group on Egypt, of which I am a member, of providing the “wrong advice” to President Barack Obama in its Jan. 28, 2014 letter. Nawara notes that the Working Group raised “valid criticisms” of the Egyptian government’s policies since the removal of President Morsi on July 3, but he claims that we have failed to set “these things in the larger context.” Read more:
The new junta placed President Morsi in a sound-proof glass cage during hearings of the sham trials against him.If the courts are afraid of the legitimate President's voice, why hold all these sessions? Why waste public funds?
Dear Comrades, In a special telegram delivered by USSA Navy warships in the Eastern Mediterranean, Comrade Party Chairman Barack Barackovich Obama has issued an ultimatum to President Bashar al-Assad: resign so that the Syrian people can elect Mohammed Morsi as President of the Syrian Arab Republic. Comrade Obama realized that Mohammed Morsi was the ‘right president for the wrong country’ after the recent protests in Egypt caused the White Fortress to reconsider the situation. In consultation with Saudi Arabia, Comrade Obama decided that President Morsi needs a ‘fresh start’ to begin anew his political career. Because President Assad is mismanaging the war and allowing chemical agents to be used in his nation, the Party has determined that he has terminated his legitimacy as leader of Syria. Meanwhile, he has also offended the sensibilities of Moslems throughout the “Bedouin’s Paradise” of the Middle East and established himself as a counter-revolutionary force against not only the ‘Arab S ...
BBC News - ex-President Morsi defiant at jailbreak trial
Freedom and People's red line After Thor January 25 Egyptian people thought he won his freedom, but was planning a coup against the will of the people after the inauguration of President Dr. Mohamed Morsi judgment. In the year that give the Mursi referee wanted to hold a reconciliation with the junta because a large part of the population reveres the military does not realize the difference between the military and the army which led him to not complete the path Revolutionary order to maintain united the people, but the remnants of the Mubarak took advantage of this point and they in agreement with the military Council and by a politicized media campaign to launch a rebellion against President Morsi they also recruited a gang of Walsh Calling itself the Black Block. It functions riots and fabricating fire. Also the police, which was the cause of the January revolution by withdrawing all troops from the street until the soldier traffic even chaos. Has also Petroleum Corporation and electricity companies fa ...
'President Morsi (I prefer to call him by that name, since the military coup that displaced him was not just illegal but immoral! "Peter Oborne" The Telegraph.
Critic of the article According to Peter Oborne, the MB is a "peaceful organisation" and "alQaida only resorts to armed struggle because some powers would not allow 'democracy' in the Muslim World"... The fact that "President Morsi" gave his blessing to PUBLIC calls for Jihad in Syria by some extremist religious figures is not mentioned in this outrageous article!! He doesn't care about the instability and bloodshed in Syria and Egypt such "war of Jihad" would've caused, rather he's concerned that alQaida would target the West now that MB is inconveniently driven under ground (again)!! Oborne is clearly incapable of understanding that the events that followed the Western 'Arab Spring' particularly in Syria, Egypt and Tunisia prove beyond doubt that Arabs refuse to be ruled by NATO/ GCCI backed Islamists who share alQaida values and dreams of Islamic states under Sharia Law, and that they prefer to keep the secular identity of their countries away from foreign meddling and derogation to sovereignty!
Peter Oborrne writes in the "Daily Telegraph": Is history about to repeat itself? I ask this urgent question because I have just returned from a very troubling trip to Cairo, a city that I last visited in the summer of 2011. Everything seemed possible back then, when the crowds gathered in Tahrir Square during the hopeful, happy, good-natured months that followed the fall of President Mubarak. Today, protest is punishable by jail. Abductions are commonplace, torture routine. Demonstrators get shot dead. Following the coup that removed President Morsi on July 3 last year, a military junta is in control. Acting president Adly Mansour is a puppet. The defence minister, General Sisi, runs the country.
Press release: Statement of the Muslim Brotherhood on the rejection of the coup on behalf of lawyers visit of President Morsi [05/01/2014] [15:48:0 Mecca] In the name of God the Merciful The coup leaders kidnapped Mr. President and hide it from the first day of the coup fateful thinking that this eliminates the popular legitimacy and constitutional, and when he realized that the people sticking to its legitimacy and its will and sovereignty, they thought that this kidnapping and concealment represents pressure forcing the president to waive, did not find him, but resilient, solid and stable on right and truth despite the numerous accusations to be submitted to the trial, some already investigated and rejected at the Presidential Election Commission, some of it described as international organizations for human rights as funny and illogical, and during the six months since the coup so far has not been allowed to visit him only once, and for a lawyer only once. and although they then permits the prosecution ...
You may recall Israel's attack on the Gaza Strip in November last year. The aggression led to the martyrdom and wounding of about 330 Palestinians and followed the assassination of Al-Qassam Brigades commander Ahmed Jabari the day before. You may also recall how quickly President Mohamed Morsi of Egypt took a series of public and secret steps which immediately put an end to the attack, which many analysts and experts regarded as a successful qualitative change in addressing the situation. At the time, President Morsi took 6 direct measures: he recalled the Egyptian ambassador from Tel Aviv; expelled the Israeli ambassador from Cairo; announced the opening of the Rafah crossing 24 hours a day; sent Prime Minister Dr Hisham Qandil, along with a delegation of senior Egyptian officials, for a solidarity visit to the Gaza Strip; and held an urgent meeting of the Arab League while requesting an urgent meeting of the United Nations to discuss the implications of Israel's aggression.
The Muslim Brotherhood has continued daily protests agitating for the return of ousted President Morsi. Only now, those who are fighting the police and subsequently arrested are women, often students. With the Brotherhood’s men serving jail sentences or in hiding, women have largely taken over on t...
The arrest of the brother of Ahmed Musa Media wife and destroy the contents of his wife after the rejection of Ahmed Musa undo issue Khula filed by her husband .. Wife Ahmed Moussa supports the return of legitimacy and confirms that support for the legitimacy of President Morsi is not the reason that pops up to ask for a divorce , but back reasons to what was Ahmed Musa perpetrated by homosexual over the years , including his tenure at the State Security Investigation National Security is now confirmed that the arrest of her brother will not discourage them from getting rid of its life next to non-existent man virility Media Ahmed Musa wife live in the city of Talkha currently is supposed to be seen in the case eliminate ethnic Next January 6 an issue that the media deliberately ignored courtesy of the Lashkar-e- Sponsors and natives for several programs, including a program Ahmed Musa One 's friends Murad brother wife of Moses confirms that Ahmed Musa suffering from homosexuality for years and I've added ...
Obama's ties to the Muslim Brotherhood knowingly go back Prior to Arab Spring, he was backing Morsi & the Muslim Brotherhood then. Obama's brother, who has been charged in Egypt was the money man between Obama & the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama had Lois Lerner fast track his brother tax exemption through the IRS and make it retroactive for a year. Benghazi: Allegations have been made that the attack on Benghazi was to kidnap Ambassador Stevens so he could be exchanged for the "Blind Sheikh" that we are holding but it went very wrong, ending with the torture & death of Stevens. After the attack the Syrians captured 2 or 3 Egyptians, who claimed then President Morsi & the Muslim Brotherhood planned the attack. Never covered by the US Media. Allegations by Muslim Brotherhood Deputy Khairat Al-Shater, who stated he had evidence that would put Obama in prison, have also been all but covered up. Saad Al-Shater, the son of jailed Muslim Brotherhood deputy Khairat Al-Shater, told Anatolia that his father had the goo ...
Today, I engaged in brief (and absolutely surreal) debates over President Morsi's 2012 pardons. The gist of the argument against Morsi, raised by dimwits representing varying levels of silliness, is that Morsi, in acts of unbelievable favoritism and fascism, released “thousands” of terrorist Islamists from prison. Let us review: 1. After the 2011 revolution, Egypt’s leaders – first SCAF, and then President Morsi – pardoned thousands of people. In theory, the pardons could have been motivated by kindness and generosity; or, they may have been the product of political jostling, and attempts by the power brokers to appear revolutionary. In any case, people were pardoned, and it was generally seen as something good. [One can simply google “Morsi pardons” and “SCAF pardons” and find many articles detailing the pardons.] 2. Contrary to the claims made by many pro-coup Egyptians who feel obligated to demonstrate that the MB are terrorists, it was SCAF, not Morsi, that released El-Zomor and Abou ...
Egypt's first democratically elected President, Mohammed Morsi and his children are American citizens.
Egypt's first democratically elected President, Mohammed Morsi is married to his cousin.
Coptic ‘Dhimmitude’ in Egypt After the ousting of President Morsi, when the Muslim Brotherhood incited its supporters to attack and destroy over 80 Christian churches, Brotherhood supporters began to extort money from Christians in Upper Egypt. In Dalga village, the 15,000 Christian Copts were forced to pay this jizya—the money, or tribute, that conquered non-Muslims historically had to pay to their Islamic overlords “with willing submission and while feeling themselves subdued” to safeguard their existence, in the words of Koran 9:29. In some cases, those not able to pay were attacked, their wives and children beaten and/or kidnapped. Some Copts were killed for refusing to pay. Later, authorities identified a gang specializing in overseeing operations to kidnap wealthy Copts in order to earn money. While being driven in his car, Bishop Anba Makarios of Minya came under a hail of bullets from several unidentified persons. The driver managed to get away, taking the bishop to the home of a loc ...
While watching this thing about the civil unrest in Egypt following the coup that overthrew the Egyptian president Morsi, and seeing two factions fight in the streets of Cairo, both claim that the other was supported by America, it became painfully clear that they honestly were just looking for someone to blame. This was from Vice News which is probably the most honest news source I know of.
Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi supporters will boycott referendum on constitution :
If it's up to me. I'll go release the President Morsi and put him in Office by force
Photo: globalpost: Need to know: Egypt finally has a new president: Mohamed Morsi. The victory that he and...
& that's not for Real, that's a Fairy Tale. When you Judge a President from the first year!!.
Egyptian protester holding up pictures of President Mohamed Morsi and the sign.
Brthhd- Morsi's Wife reveals close relationship w/Hillary Clinton back to 1980s
Ousted President Mohamed Morsi’s Wife Speaks Out‘Hillary Tied To Terrorism‘she says I have a treasure trove of secrets of the White House’,
The Islamist supporters of deposed Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi will boycott a referendum on a new...
MUSLIMS VS CHRISTIANS JEROME R. CORSI Jerome R. Corsi, a Harvard Ph.D., is a WND senior staff reporter. He has authored many books, including No. 1 N.Y. Times best-sellers "The Obama Nation" and "Unfit for Command." Corsi's latest book is "Who Really Killed Kennedy?" ATTACKS IN EGYPT ON COPTIC CHRISTIAN WND has previously reported on Muslim Brotherhood violence against Coptic Christians in Egypt. According to a paper published Nov. 12 by Middle Eastern expert Raymond Ibrahim on the website of the Gatestone Institute, titled “What Happened to Christians in the Middle East this August?,” the attacks on Egypt’s Coptic Christians and their Christian churches began with the June 30 Revolution that “saw the ousting of President Morsi and prompted the Muslim Brotherhood to scapegoat and incite violence against the Copts.” Ibrahim reported the attacks became “even more brutal in mid-August after security forces cleared out Brotherhood ‘sit in’ camps, where people were being tortured, raped, and mu ...
Coptic Christians have been a part of the social fabric of Egypt for centuries, but in recent history they have also become a target for assault and discrimination. In the days since the ouster of former President Morsi, Coptic churches have been attacked in some of Egypt's most fiercely Islamist ar...
NEW YORK – A threat to Hillary Clinton’s much anticipated 2016 presidential campaign appears to be developing in Egypt where that nation’s government is taking steps to criminalize the Muslim Brotherhood. Specifically, a new criminal complaint has been filed with Egypt’s attorney general, Hisham Barakat, alleging then-U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton collaborated with Naglaa Mahmoud, the wife of ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, in seeking to incite domestic insurrections to topple Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the Egyptian general who has been commander in chief of the Egyptian armed forces, as well as minister of defense, since Aug. 12, 2012. Researcher Walid Shoebat, a native Arabic-speaker and a former Palestinian Liberation Organization operative, has reported on his blog that credible news sources in Egypt have reported in Arabic that criminal charges have been brought against Hillary Clinton and Morsi’s wife. Shoebat translated the following from an Egyptian Mehwar TV channel news v ...
Year in Review January: 2013 started off with a bang as Barack Obama took the oath of office to a second term on Lincoln’s personal copy of the Communist Manifesto. Tea Party members gave up on the American Dream to go live in Turkey. Mitt Romney, sponsored by Koch Industries, was left on the sideline of history as he ended up going down as the most stereotypical Republican to ever lose the presidency. France sent troops to Mali in order to fight terrorism and surprised the world by revealing that France actually has an army. Israel voted to re-elect Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after his promises to fight terrorism, oppose Greece bailouts, and open up a McDonald’s in Jesus Christ’s hometown. February: After a power outage, the Baltimore Ravens were declared the Super Bowl Champions by forfeit because half the San Francisco 49ers mysteriously disappeared into the darkness and an inconspicuous, blood covered Ray Lewis once again held the Lombardi Trophy. North Korea celebrated another nuclear de ...
A country cannot be truly democratic until its citizens have the opportunity to choose their representatives through elections that are free and fair but the military of Egypt ousted the freely elected president Morsi and killed, detained and tortured thousands of Egyptians as they want to come back to rule Egypt through arbitrary and cruel exercise of power
What the *** ?!!.No wonder President Morsi didn't get any support from the Egyptian "clergy" !!!
The owner of Egyptian private satellite channel CBC, accused of tax evasion by President Morsi in Wednesday's public address, is banned from travel. Egyptian businessman Mohamed El-Amin has told TV presenter Khairy Ramadan that he has been banned from travel on charges related to tax evasion. The owner of private Egyptian satellite channel CBC broke the news in a live phone in on Ramadan's CBC show Wednesday night, after President Mohamed Morsi accused him of tax evasion in his speech to the nation. A judicial source told Ahram Online that the prosecutor general has confirmed the travel ban, and that El-Amin owed the state LE427 million. In a nearly three hour-long public address earlier Wednesday night, President Morsi accused both El-Amin and Dream satellite channel owner Ahmed Bahgat of using their channels to attack him, because they owed the state money. The president claimed that Bahgat owed LE3 billion to local banks. Regarding freedom of speech, the president said that he allowed the media to air ...
I think , as an ordinary person, that the USA is sometimes having controversial opinions and stands on this particular issue of Egypt. For example, the USA still has not decided if it were a ' coup' or merely another renewed revolution by a part of the Egyptian masses? Meanwhile the USA is not pro the demonstrations decree. What about having new elections in Egypt? Is this democracy? Is kidnapping President Morsi legal? Are we kids? Are we blind? Come on! stop this mess.
the people who are with Sisi are all *** drug dealers thieves, while those that are with President Morsi are the intellectuals of the country: in fact they are all doctors, engineers and professors, who can not stand injustice...
Beltagy expressed his condolences to the South African people over the death Thursday of Nelson Mandela, according to the state-owned Al-Ahram newspaper. “There are 10,000 Nelson Mandelas in Egypt, standing strong against the military coup,” he continued, referring to the July 3 removal of former President Morsi.
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A surgeon's Journal Why University students are protesting? Dr Mohamed AHMED-NASR Many University students are actually protesting against the actual regime. A minority of agitators are pushing students to organize strikes and to performs act of vandalism insde their campus Students do not really realize cause of their protest. Many of the agitators are sponsored by foreign forces that suppliy them with money. One of my patients told me that his cousin receives during the week ends a young university student in Al Azhar. She is a the daughter of his cousin. The young girl 20 years old left a bag deposited in their house. During the week the bag has been accidentally opened . It was full of dollars I cash. When she came during the next week end they asked her an explanation. She replied without any shame that this money were given by a person that she does not know . This money is used to pay protestors. She was in need of money and such an activity saved her as well as many ofr frinds from thei ...
On August 1, Kerry enraged the Brotherhood by justifying the Egyptian military’s overthrow of President Morsi. “The military was asked to intervene by millions and millions of people, all of whom were afraid of a descent into chaos, into violence,” he said, adding that the military was “restoring democracy.” I wish I knew what Obama said to him as well. But Obama's unfettered support for the MB would indicate he can not be at all happy with Kerry's remarks. TLRRRC. Lee
Palestine is the centre of the human civilization. It is the land of the prophets previous. It is the most beautiful and full of history, the land conquered, reconquered, the place where prophet Moses AS settled, where Jesus AS was born and where prophet Muhammad SAW had al mi’raj. Then there is Egypt – the land of prophet Yusuf AS, also the land of many pyramids and where fir’aun ruled. Some say Egypt is the mother of the world. If Egypt falls, i.e when president Morsi won the election, the rest of the Middle East will follow. As we witness right now, there’s some truth in that saying. The world is focussing on Egypt and the land of the Middle East. When Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood won the election in Egypt, we were the happiest people. We praised Allah SWT for giving the victory to those who truly defending Islam. Even the TIME magazine quoted an ikhwan elected leader saying “we have been waiting for this victory for the last 4000 years”. So ecstatic and electric was the day of the vict ...
Girls of the Muslim Brotherhood, but they are not Muslims, but as terrorism followed President Morsi isolated terrorist group, please send to the media in order to see criminality against the police and public facilities in order to beg
All this in less than six months ... ! ! ! ! ! ! ? I wish you could read the last : = Even know where to go bounties of Egypt under the rule of a military coup ? Ohmua people that the country is already bankrupt and huge financial losses .. In fact, they Elly Pinhbwa bounties of Egypt .. See their statements : 1 - professes Fakhri Abdel Nour of the pyramids : the country is already bankrupt and must tighten the belt . 2 - Council of Ministers authorized the coup : the state budget deficit reached a large 240 billion pounds. 3 - losses " bakery millions " .1.7 billion pounds ... The government is considering assigned to the private sector . 4 - declining cash reserve of about 825 million dollars in November last year . 5 - rise in inflation to its highest level since 2010 to 14.2 % during November. 6 - loan of 700 million pounds of « National Bank » 7 for tourist companies to pay overdue salaries and premiums . Due to the deterioration of tourism in the country because of the unrest and demonstrations. 7 ...
Egypt-Turkey: Long, turbulent history by nervana111 Initially published in Islamist Gate Ottoman Sultan Selim I, the conquerer of Egypt "History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme." This famous quote by Mark Twain is highly relevant to the relationship between Egypt and Turkey. Egypt’s decision to expel the Turkish ambassador from Cairo has a historical precedent. In 1954, Egypt’s Gamal Abdel Nasser expelled the Turkish ambassador in the presence of relatively similar events, but under dissimilar circumstances. Undoubtedly, the tense relationship between Turkey and Egypt reflects the current policy of the leadership in both Egypt and Turkey. The two countries are now acting like rivals. Even their two powerful men, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and Egypt’s military chief Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, were locked in a popularity competition for the Time 2013's Person of the Year poll . However, this tension is also indicative of a widespread messiness in the region that has its roots d ...
came across these images online. in case you don't know the four fingers refers to Rabba mosque in Cairo where hundreds were killed in August. The hand sign is widely interpreted to support the Muslim Brotherhood and the legitimacy of the ousted President Morsi.
Breaking News: Egypt appeals court frees seven young female supporters of ousted President Morsi over their protest in October.
Lawyers of President Mohamed Morsi were denied access to him today. President Morsi was kidnapped by the military since July 03.
Erdogan says that Turkey has no respect for any official in Egypt that came to power through a military coup. Turkey is one of many contries that still see President Morsi as the legitimate leader of Egypt. Coup leaders in Egypt have downgraded their strategic ties with Turkey yesterday. They accused Turkey of going against the will of the Egyptian people while Turkey insists that the Muslim Brotherhood won elections fair and square. Many that are against the coup in Egypt have welcomed Erdogans statements calling on other countries to follow. Coup leaders are accused of war crimes and human rights organizations all over the world have condemned their actions. Since the military coup over 1500 Egyptians have been killed by military and police forces according to the Egyptian health ministry. The Muslim Brotherhood puts the number at over 6000 killed. Egyptian coup leaders have also closed off major rally points in Egypt fearing demonstrations and have cutt off all opposing media views. Martial law was als ...
Military coup in Egypt, unfair trials in BahrainThe military coup in Egypt has shocked those who aspire for democratic change in the Arab world and bring the Arab Spring to fruition. While accepting that the Muslim Brotherhood and President Morsi may have gradually become incumbent, other constitutional means, than the military takeover, must have been utilized to achieve political change within the constitutional framework. The military has always been linked to absence of rule of law and the marginalization of people’s participation in running their own affairs. While acknowledging the shortcomings of the elected regime, the military junta has been at the core of Egypt’s problems in the past five decades and cannot be allowed to replace the role of the Constitution. The Muslim Brotherhood have clearly been unable to form a strong leadership, create trust among the people or take real and strong action when needed.But that does not give the right to stage the coup against the elected president. This ...
Despite President being in the defendant's dock, the Military Coup, interim government and the judiciary are on t…
I am still Egypts President, Morsi tells court:
before Egyptian Consulate in Istanbul in protest of so-called trial of elected president
V disturbing stat -- an overwhelming majority of Egyptian Muslims (88%) say apostasy should be punishable by death: http:/…
The sham trial of President Morsi exposing the hypocrisy of UN and US in failing to take action on the illegal Military Coup in Egypt
Breaking News: Morsi defiant as trial adjourned
Whenever anyone on the radio talks about former Egyptian president Morsi I think they're talking about the former singe…
Deposed Egyptian President Morsi Faces Trial - The trial is Mr. Morsi’s first public appearance since his...
The actions of Egyptian journalists at the sham trial of President Morsi is shameful indeed. and his generals should be on trial
The "trial" of President Morsi is a sham and it is shameful for the international media to fail to admit the Military Coup in Egypt
The Human Rights Foundation calls for release of all political prisoners in Egypt including President Morsi
Many Egyptian journalists allowed inside trial of Ex-President Morsi chanted repeatedly for his execution
Lawyers: More than 2/3 of President Morsi's legal team have been denied access to court room to monitor its session
President might be in a Cairo Court but it is General Sisi & his cronies who are really on trial after the militar…
Morsi is Right! Egyptian Army is doomed to learn hard lessons the tough way. "I’m still president: Morsi to court
President Morsi waves sign inside courtroom, galvanizes movement by his steadfast & unwavering resolve
Overwhelming majority of Egyptian Muslims (88%), say converting away from Islam should be punishable by death
In Egypt, ex-President Morsi calls his trial illegitimate
Skimm for November 4th Quote of the day: “I am Dr. Mohammed Morsi, the president of the republic. I am Egypt’s legitimate president.”–Egypt’s ousted President Morsi began his trial today, charged with inciting murder of protesters. It didn’t go so well. Things the White House Thought About This Weekend The Shooting at LAX THE STORY: On Friday, a 23-year-old man arrived at a Los Angeles International Airport terminal, without a ticket, and went on a shooting rampage. One TSA officer was killed, two other agents and at least one civilian were injured. The gunman reportedly told police he acted alone. THE WHAT: The gunman walked into the airport, pulled out a rifle and fired at TSA agent Gerardo Hernandez. He went up an escalator, saw Hernandez still moving, and came back to kill him. He then fired his way through the screening area, reportedly asking people if they were with TSA. The gunman was shot by police and is in custody at a hospital. A note found in his duffel bag reportedly contained su ...
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Breaking: US drone, Avenger, Predator C, penetrated the Egyptian skies through the borders with Libya, days ago. Its mission was not only spying on Egypt, but also striking and exploding certain targets, including the place where former President Morsi was kept, in addition to some other targets like the High Dan, Suez Canal, Egyptian Air Forces and some Embassies in Egypt. Egyptian Air Forces succeeded in tracking the drone and forced it to land in the Western Desert of Egypt. That is the real reason for the sudden visit of John Kerry for Egypt and the sudden radical change in his opinions. Kerry who refused to visit Egypt for 4 months, since the toppling of Morsi, in July 3rd, and continued to call June 30th Revolution a military coup, suddenly admitted yesterday,one day before the trial of Morsi, that June 30th is a revolution, that Morsi was a traitor and that brotherhood are terrorists. US-Israel used the same drone to strike some targets in Sudan, a year ago.
Egypt's former President Mohamed Morsi plans to reject the authority of a court due to try him on Monday, in what could be his first public appearance since being deposed and hidden in a secret location in July. The trial is expected to increase Egypt's political tensions, with Morsi supporters planning a series of nationwide protests and police announcing a state of alert. Security fears are so high that on Sunday court officials had not yet confirmed whether the trial would be televised, or even whether the ex-president would be allowed to attend in person. Morsi stands accused of inciting the murder of protesters demonstrating outside Cairo's presidential palace last December, charges also faced by 14 other senior officials from the Muslim Brotherhood. Morsi, who still regards himself as Egypt's legal president, plans to defend himself because he believes engaging a lawyer would be an indirect acknowledgment of the court's authority. "Neither us nor President Morsi acknowledges the legitimacy of this t ...
Secretary of State John Kerry goes to Egypt on Sunday, his first visit since President Morsi was deposed by Egyptian army
Very bizarre report: Jailed and ousted president Morsi says "the military coup is ending soon" in message to son
president Morsi & now they are promoting for Sisi to be president they r a toys in his hands l'm against all what he says
Since the overthrow of Islamist President by the army on July 3, more than 2,000 members of the have been arrested.
A prediction of mass chaos on the day of the prosecution of ousted president Morsi.
Egyptian kung fu artist is 'stripped of gold medal' for support of overthrown Muslim Brotherhood president, Morsi
I don't think that is the former president Morsi. It's
Security forces disperse students protesting in support of deposed President Morsi near campus of Al-Azhar University.
An Egyptian athlete has been banned by Gov't for showng support to former president
Has authorities gone too far by 'banning an athlete for showing support to ex-president Q&A with of
Egyptian champion stripped of gold medal after showing support for ousted President
Egypt's kung fu champion sent home from world championships "for showing support for ousted President Morsi"
Anti Coup Alliance: No lawyers will be defending president Morsi because the president does not recognize the trial htt…
Report: and president of spoke on phone, met with leader
Supporters of Egypt's former president Morsi say he rejects authority of court that's due to try him
Why are you deceiving people Elder of Ziyon? Democratically Elected Egyptian president MORSI was ousted by the Military.
Egyptian police have fired teargas at protesters supporting deposed president Morsi who converged on the city of
El Hadad is a terrorist, just like his president Morsi. They are all a sick fanatic ***
Egypt’s deposed president Morsi will not negotiate -
Aga City Prosecutor in Daqahliyah, orders the detention of Hoda Algendy pending investigation for possession of President Morsi Photo
MT 'The Overthrow of Egypt's President finalist in 2013 Nikon- awards for Excellence in..
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