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Venezuelan cardinal warns President Maduro over deaths of protestors
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson talks of conditions whereby President Maduro leaves power either "of his own accord", or…
US imposes sanctions on Venezuela's President Maduro, calling him a "dictator" after Sunday's vote for new assembly https:…
DENOUNCE RIGHT wing destructive attitude inVenezuela that are against President Maduro implementati…
Helicopter attacks Supreme Court, Maduro warns of "using weapons" if country "plungs into chaos"
Top: Helicopter flies and fires over Caracas: A helicopter attacked Venezuela's Supreme…
Venezuela's Supreme Court has been attacked by grenades dropped from a helicopter in what President Nicolás Maduro called a terrorist attack
"What we couldn't do with votes, we'll do with arms" Venezuelan President Maduro. Poor Venezuelans.
More video from as grenades are dropped near Supreme Court. President Maduro calling it a 'terror attack' https:/…
"What we couldn't do at the ballot box, we will do with weapons" said President Maduro today. https:/…
Venezuela's president says grenades were thrown at the Supreme Court from a helicopter in a 'terrorist' attack
Venezuelan President Maduro says helicopter fired on Supreme Court in what he claims is destabilization attempt.
Helicopter flies and fires over Caracas -
A Venezuelan police helicopter strafed the Supreme Court and the Interior Ministry in what President Nicolas Madu…
President Nicolás Maduro says grenade lobbed by ‘terrorists’ did not explode in incident following months of inc...
Helicopter flies and fires over Caracas
Venezuela President Maduro says Supreme Court attacked from helicopter
Helicopter flies and fires over Caracas ^CNNHeadlines
Grenades are fired at Venezuela's Supreme Court in what President Nicolas Maduro condemns as a failed "terrorist...
Reports that grenades were tossed from helicopter onto Venezuela’s Supreme Court. President Maduro is calling it a terror…
Venezuela's President Maduro declares "what we could not achieve with votes we would do with arms".
Venezuela president says supporters will take up arms if government falls | World news | The Guardian
President says an armed group has started a coup, with a stolen helicopter used to drop grenades. https:/…
🇻🇪 Members of the National Guard arrest an activist during a protest against the government of President Maduro in Caracas…
Images of tanks racing towards presidential palace in Caracas Not yet clear if this is to protect or overthrow pr…
Venezuela's president says someone in a stolen helicopter fired grenade's at the country's Supreme Court:
Venezuela's president claims that two grenades were thrown from a helicopter at the court in a 'terror attack'
VENEZUELAN POLICE attack Supreme Court of the country dropping grenades from a helicopter; President Nicolas Maduro cal…
Helicopter attack on Supreme Court, warns of 'using weapons' if country 'plunges into chaos' .
President Maduro,Venezuela,threatens his own people with "war"? Nicolas,by ignoring your own people your"war"started already 3 months ago..?
Alberto Mathison, a mechanical engineer, shares why he supports President Maduro
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Venezuela's President Maduro calls for talks with opposition Ve…
Opposition to President Maduro entered a second month as violent clashes between police and protesters rock Caracas
Thousands of Venezuelans took to the streets this week. Activist/journalist explains why:…
Demonstrators opposed to President Nicolas Maduro stand up to show of force in Caracas
Venezuelan protesters clash with police as galvanized opposition keeps pressure on embattled President Maduro
Venezuela's President Maduro sends a message to his supporters from a moonlit Havana; describes his opponents as "antichrist"…
Protesters demanding new elections in Venezuela tear-gassed by police
Venezuela protesters demanding new elections tear-gassed by police
Maduro it is time to say "goodbye" To be a president is not an obligation when your people do not like you any more.
While people struggle against chaos and "president" Maduro is spending holidays in Cuba, enjoying th…
SOS Mr. President Trump Nicolas Maduro arrived to Cuba and ordered shoot tear gas to hospital who help peop…
Caracas (AFP) - Venezuela erupted Monday in a fifth day of violent protests against President Nicolas Maduro as...
during a protest against the government of President Nicoals Maduro, in
Venezuelan president gets support from regional allies in Cuba
Demonstrators clash with riot police as they protest against President Nicolás Maduro for the fifth time in seven days…
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"We urge President Maduro to reconsider the decision to bar Capriles".
Horrific testimony about how torturers protected by Venezuelan president Maduro abuse defenseless people in prision.
Protests continue across Venezuela as President Maduro visits Cuba to seek help from allies
The dictator Maduro is also attacking babies with tear gas in Caracas, President. The country is a time bomb.
Thousands continue to protest against the government of President Maduro, demanding new elections.
Under siege at home, President Nicolas Maduro gets support from regional allies in Cuba ...
protesters mount pressure on President Maduro
Venezuela’s leftist, regional allies pledged to support its embattled government at a summit in Havana.
Venezuela opposition leader David Smolansky falsely accuses President Maduro of using chemical weapons "like in Syria.…
Venezuela erupts in fifth day of protests against President Nicolas Maduro
TIME: President Maduro meets Pope Francis as the Vatican steps into Venezuela's political crisis
Black Lives Matter activists honor President Maduro in Harlem last year
His flock in Venezuela is hungry, so Father Lenin walked 400 miles to Caracas to demand a recall on President Maduro https:/…
President Maduro calls civil-military union to achieve economic and social stability. The Venezuelan head of...
US hopes veteran diplomat can meet Venezuela’s President Maduro: The United States is voicing hope that a vet...
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To celebrate COPA America, we are red-carding President Maduro! needs democracy now.
Former Uruguay president Mujica supports Maduro, but Mujica's foreign minister Almagro is now the OAS chief trying to oust Venezuela.
Venezuela's government requests that the Supreme Court block the opposition's proposal to hold a referendum to remove President Maduro
President Maduro takes to street 300 inmates as support against a revoke proposal.
I can tell you that I never aspired to be president. I always honour s...
Kerry launches talks with Venezuela -But, backed calls to force President Nicolas Maduro from office.
Venezuela’s opposition was counting on Argentina’s support. But President Macri has other plans.
PM Dr Keith Rowley said he never discussed the ongoing political situation in Venezuela with President Maduro during his visit.
Good to see an important leader in the Americas stand up for the people of as Maduro cracks down. .
CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Thousands of Venezuelans rallied in support of President Nicolas Maduro as regional governments see…
Former president of Bolivia Quiroga states that president Maduro is fundamentally changing the history and structure of Venezuela.
Fresh street rallies were held in Venezuela on Wednesday, as protesters voiced their discontent about President Nicolas Maduro, who they
president Maduro no want open help human for medicine.. A lot country in American Do not can't help in the OEA..
President Maduro assessed with Governors advances in economic and social matters
President Maduro: It has been an OAS of sovereignty, of ratification of confidence: “It has been an OAS of so...
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Maduro requested public hearing for usurpation of powers by the directors of the NA: The President of the Rep...
Everyone thought Maduro was the dumest president in our region !
Venezuelas opposition leaders say their signatures on a petition for a referendum to oust President Nicolas Maduro have been invalidated.
This won't go over well with Nicolas Maduro: John Kerry says Venezuela needs to respect constitution, permitting recall on t…
.There is more evil between 0bama's ears than Stalin, Mao, & Maduro combined.
President Maduro highlights historical value of Bolivar’s War to Death proclamation
Nicolás Maduro-illegitimate president of Venezuela-is taking any action out of law to keep in power !
calls prisoner of conscience Leopoldo Lopez a "hardline leader" in article about Venezuela https:/…
President Maduro congratulates the elderly in their day
President Maduro reiterates call for productive dialogue for the Homeland
Venezuelan group asks international court to investigate President Maduro
President Maduro is about to address the UN general assembly
I missed the entire morning, but President Maduro is speaking this afternoon at the UN General Assembly & I'm not missing that.
Chavista thug government accuses Guyana of warlike aggression and demands 'respect'
Promoted Monday in Harlem, NY with President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela & the Community
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Pictures of President Maduro during his fourth day of work at the UN
Must watch speech of the day: Venezuelan President Maduro. With his country facing huge economic problems, it should be very salty.
President Maduro: The struggle of the African peoples remains in today's world http:/…
Venezuela President Maduro listens to of at event in Harlem during UN Summit
Watch the exclusive interview with Venezuela's President Maduro and Bolivia's Evo Morales: … htt…
President Maduro: ExxonMobil is responsible for all the differences with Guyana [...]
good to see President Maduro at Victory Day-Oliver Stone did wonderful movie to honor Pres.Chavez
Venezuela's first lady debuts her TV show tonight. President Maduro and the leader of congress already have regular shows
President Maduro said that each signature represents an awareness and love for the Nation of Simón Bolívar.
President Maduro asked to prepare Production Plan for Venezuelan women: The President of the Republic, Nicolas...
bans George W. Bush and others from entering the country after President Maduro calls them terrorists.
[President Maduro arrived in Saudi Arabia for the funeral of King Abdelaziz: The President, Ni ...
[President Maduro: The currencies are guaranteed in the country
["The people of Chávez with the spirit of January 23 continues the battle with President Maduro"
[President Maduro: In 2014 peace consciousness of the majority of our country reaffirmed
.President Maduro announced increase in Russian investments in Venezuela
“President Maduro has planned trips to Russia, China and fellow Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries”
President Maduro to participate in first China-CELAC Ministerial Forum:
President Maduro notes that Venezuela will enter new investments phase
President Maduro signed decree of Labour tenure and protection for 2015
President Maduro meets Vice Chancellor of Foreign Affairs of Russia in Moscow
[(IMAGES) So the meeting between President was developed with employers in the People's Republic
Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro met with Chinese business leaders who will invest in Venezuelan social projects.
[Venezuelans believe that exalts tour of President Maduro vision of multipolar world
Under President Nicolas Maduro, Chavismo is beginning to look more and more like an empty red beret. via
Check it out everybody! Rousseff Brazilian "president" (fraud) want to protect Dictator Maduro, venezuelan Killer. http:…
Quote of the Day from President Maduro on swapping for imprisoned Puerto Rican nationalist htt…
[Venezuelans believe that President Maduro tour enhances vision of multipolar world: Venezuelan consid ...
President to participate in first China-CELAC Ministerial Forum :
President Maduro meets with Chinese businesspersons in Beijing
Venezuelan President Maduro wears a scarf in the colors of his flag while in Moscow. Take note Cdn politicians.
maduro is the most corrupt president in the history of Venezuela
President Maduro meets with Chinese businesspersons - El Universal
[President Maduro participate in the first ministerial forum China-CELAC this 8 and 9 January
Every oil flood claims at least one big scalp. Venezuela's President Maduro would be well advised to keep a packed bag under…
[President Maduro met with Chinese business sectors to promote social projects NicolasMaduro
President Maduro expressed "his solidarity with the government of President in light of the US destabilizing attempts" Lovely.
US rejects Maduro's proposed prisoner swap, says Leopoldo Lopez "is being sentenced on national television by Venezuela's…
President Nicolas Maduro is travelling to China to discuss financing as the country's economy sinks into recession.
More "Anti *** rhetoric to come MT“oil prices plunge, Venezuela's Maduro heads to Russia,hat in hand.
International tour! President Maduro arrives in China con
President Maduro desperately travelling to China and Russia in search for rescue for the economy of
Venezuela enters recession - President Maduro blames US for oil glut designed to hurt Russia
President Maduro says 'far right' opposition groups responsible for orchestrating murder of a young Ve...
Hugo Chavez is the giant man of Latin America and President Maduro is his lasting legacy dicipulo
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Venezuela's President Maduro follows in Hugo Chavez's footsteps for first official visit to NY
The American Jewish Committee has urged Venezuela's President Maduro to end immediately the incendiary statements against Israel
President Maduro calls on boosting revolution with people's unity: Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro called on giving a boost to th...
[President Maduro calls for greater awareness of water consumption | Blog Nicolas Maduro
[President Maduro comes to the celebration of 193 anniversary of the Battle of Carabobo: President of the Re ..
[President Maduro greets officials in attendance on the day of the Battle of Carabobo and Army Day
[President Maduro honors at the Monument of the Unknown Soldier, in the glorious Campo de Carabobo
[President Maduro accompanied us on the first anniversary of the Youth mission of the Homeland
[President Maduro and people held in the Miraflores anniversary of Homeland Youth Mission
President Maduro: The MUD ended the dialogue: The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, said on Tuesday t...
[President Maduro relaunching highlights new schemes of social missions NicolasMaduro
President Maduro: Venezuela will not return to a democracy of cupolas Sigue
[Venezuela complaint with ILO plan of assassination of President Maduro: Venezuela's delegation to parti ...
[complaint with ILO plan of assassination against President Maduro
[President Maduro asks the people support the actions of justice after complaint magnicida plan
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U.S. House of Representatives votes for sanctions on Venezuela to punish President Maduro for human rights abuse
President Maduro ordered to discuss collective contract of electrical workers
[President Maduro argues for the foundation of a new era of colonialism in Latin America away --->
[President Maduro arrives at Miraflores Palace to install the Peace Conference of the Working Class.
[From El Salvador to congratulate President Maduro year of his revolutionary management
In the opponents of the government of President Maduro, are guilty of killing 40 civilians, due to violent demonstrations
[Jaua: if the people chose President Maduro, the President can not agree on what was a people's choice
President Maduro recalls meeting Tony Benn, in conversation with Jeremy Corbyn MP
[President Maduro confirmed with which opponents will sit at the negotiating table (+ video) via la_iguanatv
[President Maduro reinaugura air terminal in Isla de Coche to boost tourism and peace
By U.S. Senator Robert Menendez Chairman U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee WASHINGTON, D.C. -- I am truly alarmed by the speed at which President Maduro is eliminating the remaining vestiges of democracy in Venezuela. The removal of three elected members of Venezuela’s National Assembly – Maria Corina Machado being the most recent – is blatantly unconstitutional and nothing short of authoritarian. The silencing of opposition voices in the National Assembly marks yet another sad episode for Venezuelans seeking to enjoy the freedom of a functioning democracy. I call on leaders throughout the hemisphere and around the globe to condemn President Maduro’s illegitimate and undemocratic actions. As we await the results of the visit to Caracas by foreign ministers of South American countries, it is my hope that they will demand decisive steps to secure the release of all political prisoners, prevent future arrests of opposition leaders and halt further attacks against political opponents. Finally, i ...
President Maduro will participate in the great march of the University’s youth in [...]
Respuesta a mi email al Senador Warner sobre situation De Venezuela: Dear Mr. De Dominicis, Thank you for taking the time to contact me with your concerns related to events in Venezuela. On March 12, 2014, S.Res.365, a Senate resolution on Venezuela, passed the Senate by unanimous consent. I am a cosponsor on this important resolution deploring the violent repression of peaceful demonstrators in Venezuela, calling for full accountability for human rights violations taking place in Venezuela, and supporting the right of the Venezuelan people to the free and peaceful exercise of representative democracy. Venezuelans today have been denied essential rights, liberties, and the freedom to protest the dire economic circumstances caused by President Maduro and his government. Venezuela's economy has been badly mismanaged; citizens there face inflation exceeding 50%, and the routine absence of basic consumer goods. The government of Venezuela has failed to guarantee public security, allowing the country to bec .. ...
Rally in Solidarity President Maduro and the Bolivarian Revolution! Saturday March 22, 2014 at Park Street MBTA
Mayors arrested for failing to stop Venezuelan protests: President Maduro launched a crackdown on opposition m...
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The Venezuelan president also has a knack for the kind of oddball public statements that...
In early 2014, a series of protests, political demonstrations, and civil unrest occurred throughout Venezuela. The protests erupted largely as a result of the high levels of criminal violence, inflation, and chronic scarcity of basic goods.[1][2] These are caused by the economic policies of Venezuela's government, including strict price controls, which have led to one of the highest inflation rates in the world.[3][4][4] President Nicolás Maduro instead blamed an "economic war" being waged against his government, specifically blaming capitalism and speculation.[5] As a result, protests opposing the current government have taken place in cities around the country; clashes that have resulted from these protests have led to arrests, injuries, and deaths.[6] Early protests against crime began in January 2014, after actress and former Miss Venezuela Monica Spear and her husband were killed on 6 January 2014 during a roadside robbery, while their five-year-old daughter was in the car.[7][8] Another act of crim ...
In between all the in the who gets orders from was in //
[Mature mayors and governors revolutionary President must autoexigirse and work without ...
Venezuelan President says he will find the enemies of the State and “neutralize and extirpate”. Some democrat, no?
Dear Mrs. Obama: I just write you a few letters, to ask you a SOS for Venezuela. I'm Cuban I left my country almost 50 years ago, when I was a University's student, now I'm suffering for the Venezuela's students, more that 30 are already killing for the President Maduro. You should wash the videos that these young peoples are publishing in the Internet Medios, the military force in Venezuela is controled for Cuban's Military, Irans's Military and others countries, That are not U.S.A.'s friends Please our dear First Lady. SOS for Venezuela, and what means the OEA. These students just ask, for Cuban's and Iran's people, leave Venezuela, and they want to have the expression's right and the manifestation's right. I pray a lot for the miracle that you read this. God Bless you and you family.
[President Maduro rejected attacks Unefa-Táchira: The education of the people will win! (+ PHOTOS)
Protests in continue and President accuses another opposition leader of plotting a coup.
[President Maduro called to maintain active mobilization of revolutionary forces
[President Maduro: Mayor mistake that will face Venezuelan law
According to our laws, to be president of Venezuela, this must be a Venezuelan by birth and Maduro is Colombian.
[Maduro: No justice will infringe the Venezuelan state: President of the Republic, Nicolas ...
[Scarano told the President Maduro all about Leopoldo Lopez. {
[President Maduro participate in march of university students in protest of groups ...
The peace that President Maduro has prepared for
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The Venezuelan government is removing city mayors who oppose President Nicolas Maduro's administration. Yeste...
An anti-government activist demonstrates against Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro in Caracas, by
Venezuela: A difficult year without Hugo Chávez The 5th of March was the first anniversary of the death of Hugo Chávez, the great president of Venezuela and revolutionary Latin American leader. The “Bolivarian Revolution” that he led rallied the nation—and the nations of Latin America. In the fifteen years from his election in 1998 to his death last year not only Venezuela but the whole continent was transformed. Cuba had shown that it is possible to stand up against the domination of the United States; with the leadership of Hugo Chávez, more nations have asserted their independence. One thing has not changed: the hatred of Venezuelan big business and the media they control, together with their North American ally, for Hugo Chávez and his followers. They hated everything about him: his country accent and manners, his jokes, his songs and his rhetoric, but especially his policies, as well as the transformations in society that he led—the very things the ordinary people loved. They saw his deat ...
Support President Maduro, a good man for his people and country. Stop US CIA funding of right wing thugs who want to pillage Venezuela's wealth for Wall Street banksters.
Ya know who is happy, really happy, in a very practical, if perhaps not personal, way about the media (and thus, our) obsession with Flight 370? President Obama, President Putin, President Assad, President Maduro, President Rouhani, and any other beleaguered politician, because no one is paying any attention to their problems and designs any more. Millions of people at risk, and we're obssessing over 239. It's as bad as Greta Van Susteren and Nancy Grace's obsessions with missing pretty young blondes. Although Greta is acting like she's the Lead Investigator for Flight 370. "The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic." While probably mis-attributed to Stalin, that seems the operative force at work here. Meanwhile, in the background, the politicians toil unobserved, unaccountable.
On March 16th, President Maduro presented an ultimatum to a group of protesters installed at the Plaza Altamira in Civil Disobedience. They could leave at peace or be arrested. They refused to leave and the National Guards dispersed and arrested all the protesters and militarized the Plaza the following day. In response, the people of Caracas returned to fill the plaza once again, showing their strength and determination. Gloria al Bravo Pueblo!
A woman presents a performance about Venezuela's crisis during a protest at Altamira Square in Caracas, Venezuela, March 18, 2014. Since mid February, 27 people including opposition activists, pro-government supporters and at least one police officer have died across the country in anti-government protests. Venezuelan President Maduro blamed sharp shooters in two of the cases and announced a meeting of his security cabinet in light of the renewed violence.
Venezuela's President Maduro urges the US to discuss "peace and sovereignty" with Union of South American Nations (Unasur) mediation.
Well spoken President Maduro! Kerry is like a recreated Frankenstein monster terrorising the planet.
Hi Stephen! I didn't like Amanpour interview with President Maduro. Come and get one, as you did with Chavez.
VIOLENT PROTEST WILL NOT HELP VENEZUELA The Guardian, Sunday 23 February 2014 16.00 EST We deplore the wave of violence from minority and extremist sections of Venezuela's opposition, that left three dead, 60 injured and saw physical assaults on government institutions, including shots and Molotov cocktails attacks on the state TV channel and a state governor's residency (Jailed López tells his allies to keep fighting, 22 February). This followed a recently launched campaign by Venezuela's extreme right for La Salida (the ousting) of the government of President Maduro before his constitutional mandate ends in 2019. La Salida is led by extremist politicians Leopoldo López and María Corina Machado, who were both implicated in the 2002 coup in Venezuela. This is not the first time that the sections of the opposition have sought to oust the elected government by unconstitutional means, having lost at the ballot box. We believe that while people in Venezuela have the right to protest – and that the Venezu ...
Venezuela opposition leader Capriles refuses to meet President Maduro "due to continuation of political violence" http:/…
I could not resist when they ask me these questions ... Even if I don't like to give my opinion when it comes to religion or politics. But I had to do it... even late than never so I also decided to post it in my wall and I Hope it goes viral as those brave leaders and people need an extra push and all our help. Share it if you like it or write your own ; ) Regarding the crisis in Venezuela. Regarding Nicholas Maduro. They ask my opinion... He is an assassin, inhuman an ignorant stupid monkey, is the result of that Cancer, not the one that Chavez die from. The cancer of the world. Ignorance, egoism, lack of values and greed. What do you think President Maduro will do next. I don't have a clue. I am not familiar with an assassin monkey mentality, I guess like any other animal when they are afraid. Run or attack. but he is not alone, he has his other dogs with him. Correa, Castro etc. etc so I think he probably will continue attacking cowardly as we have seen already. What do you think of president Correa . ...
UPDATE: President Maduro asks for talks with Obama amid tensions over Venezuela protests
Genesis Carmona Venezuela's "Miss Tourism" was shot in the head during the protest against President Maduro in Valencia
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Cuba Condemns Coup Attempt vs. Venezuelan Gov''t Havana,Cuba.-Cuba strongly condemned developing coup attempts against the constitutional government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, and the recent violent incidents that caused deaths and dozens of injures, it was reported in this capital today. According to a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs published in the national press, Cuban authorities also condemned the attacks to public institutions, burning of vehicles, and destruction, organized by fascist groups, as President Nicolas Maduro has denounced to the world. The Cuban government expresses full support to the Bolivarian and Chavista Revolution, and call for the wider international solidarity with the conviction that the Venezuelan people will know to defend their irreversible conquests, the legacy of President Hugo Chavez Frias, and the government he freely and independently elected, led by President Maduro, the statement says. It also states the necessity to remember the events o ...
President Maduro comes out on top in Venezuela local elections President Nicolas Maduro's government has won the...
President Maduro seeks to govern by decree in
Video: Venezuelan discuss the Enabling Act requested by President Maduro
Venezuela has sent a letter to the UN chief asking him to take measures against the United States over the denial of visas for some members of its delegation who are scheduled to attend the UN General Assembly in New York. The letter sent by Venezuela’s ambassador to the UN, Samuel Moncada, requests that the Secretary General Ban Ki-moon take action in response to the apparent denial of visas, which President Maduro has said seems intended to “create logistical obstacles to impede” next week’s visit. — Link ► | September 21, 2013
Criticizing previous article explained. President Maduro granted asylum. He did so responsibly. He did it courageously. He wants him protected from unjustifiable US persecution. "Who is the guilty one," he asked? "A young man who denounces war plans, or the US government which launches bombs and arms the terrorist Syrian opposition against the people and legitimate president, Bashar al-Assad?" Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina and other Latin American countries adopted the Cochabamba Declaration. It denounced France, Portugal, Italy and Spain for denying Evo Morales' plane airspace and landing rights. Doing so risked his life. On July 7, Wall Street Journal columnist Mary O'Grady criticized Maduro. She did so irresponsibly. She twisted truth, headlining "Why Venezuela Offers Asylum to Snowden," saying: He's "attempting to distract Venezuelans from the increasingly difficult daily economic grind and get them to rally around the flag by putting a thumb in Uncle Sam's eye." He "has reas ...
President Maduro offers to protect NSA whistleblower 'from persecution by the empire' and rejects US extradition request
BREAKING: Venezuela's President Maduro says he will offer Edward asylum:
leaders agree to focus on boosting - "Hugo Chavez's legacy will prevail," President Maduro said
President Nicolas will take part in the gas forum which will take place in on July 1 and 2. It is expected that Mr. Maduro will take part in a ceremony of opening a new street, which will be named after Venezuela's previous president Hugo Chavez, in Moscow, and also make a speech in the Russian parliament. After the gas forum, Mr. Maduro will go to Belarus's capital Minsk, where he will meet with Belarus's President Alexander Lukashenko. Earlier, an aid of Russia's President Vladimir Putin Yuri Ushakov said that during the gas summit, Mr. Putin will meet with President Maduro, Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Bolivia's President Evo Morales and Libya's Prime Minister Ali Zeidan. Voice of Russia, Interfax M.D
President Maduro of Venezuela has spent the last few months warning his people that "los imperialistas" (i.e. US) are out to get him. He blamed the US for everything under the sun, from high inflation, shortages, imaginary invasions from Colombia, and even an acute shortage of toilet paper. He also...
Youth Orchestras to be Used to Help Combat Crime. From our correspondent in Venezuela. “The musicians are in the vanguard of the Movement for Peace” explained Communications Minister Ernesto Villegas in reference to the decision of the government to amplify the network of Youth and Infantile Orchestras as part of the on-going struggle against a culture of crime. “Venezuela will be the number one musical potential in the continent” exclaimed the renowned Maestro Jose Antonio Abreu, founder of the National System of Orchestras Simon Bolivar, following a personal meeting with President Maduro, which set out detailed plans to extend the network of youth and infantile orchestras to include 1 million youths. Maestro Abreu declared the meeting as “excellent”, and explained that the plans focus on creating new centers for the orchestras to practice in, facilitating instruments to youths, particularly from poorer backgrounds, and using existing musicians as spokespersons at the vanguard of the movement ...
Political job firings, forced retirements and bullying will not secure President Maduro. Acting cowardly is insecurity.
Raul in Caracas for Inauguration of President Maduro: Army General Raul Castro, President of the councils of S...
“President Maduro: "Chavez may have had a hand in Christ's decision to opt for a Latin American pope"
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