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President Hillary Clinton

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (born October 26, 1947) was the 67th United States Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013, serving under President Barack Obama.

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Distraction alert. Someone is feeling the heat! Scared much? He went back to attacking President Hillary Clinton. H…
They will go to FOX and find out it was President Hillary Clinton's fault.
Daily reminder... President Hillary Clinton is not under investigation.
I've been watching Fox News for 1 hour and I'm convinced that President Hillary Clinton is about to be impeached for giving me…
Imagine that the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee had said President Hillary Clinton was unfit to be pre…
Fox News will respond to this news with details of President Hillary Clinton's ties to Hollywood
President Hillary Clinton would’ve been in Las Vegas today because she would’ve already been to Puerto Rico ten days ago.
Speaking about 'Dreamers', it seems that Paul Ryan is still in middle of his sweet dream about President Hillary Clinton.
Meanwhile on Earth 2, President Hillary Clinton is enjoying a quiet day in the Oval Office after signing a bipartisan infra…
I love Mellie Grant, Claire Underwood, and the idea of a President Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama, but the trend is obvious. (2/4)
Remember that time Trump suggested that disaffected Republicans could just assassinate President Hillary Clinton?
In their world Hillary Clinton is President? Okay, I'd be okay in that world
What's even funnier is Hillary Clinton's not President. Never will be.
It's OK for hillary clinton to have meetings with Russia an give them uranium BUT! President Trump can't have a mee…
Alyssa, polls don't reflect the true number🤔If polls did reflect, then Hillary…
One way or another I will make you all pay for your continuing insolence.
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Hillary knows no shame! The President was right again, lock that witch up!. via
All of you...Thank God - every day - that Hillary Clinton is not our President.
"Hillary Clinton would of made a great president"
Straightforward from here:. DMV Healthcare. Trump Impeached. Pence impeached trying to get electrocut…
Republican Sen.Susan Collins won't rule out voting for Hillary for President. "Hillary has more talent t Trump".
Mr president please prosecute Hillary Clinton help put a stop to all the suicides.This is to much.she can't be happy with her millions F her
When did the Fox News nutter commentators stop their vicious attacks on President Obama or Hillary Clinton?. Oh.
This is what a President would say...thank you President Hillary Clinton . 👏
Thats ok, our REAL majority President, Hillary Clinton made a very warm, appropriate statement way before this card…
I agree. Hillary Clinton is our real President. Donald Trump cheated to win with h…
Reminder that Hillary Clinton isn't our president, and most "but, Hillary" arguments stopped making sense on November 8.
Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have both expressed their well wishes for John McCain, unlike current president
Every president from Clinton forward (and Hillary) has released stmnt supporting McCain. Nothing from…
Thank you President Hillary Clinton very amazing very presidential I am still with you madam President
Corruption within the to stymie Sanders' campaign hidden by the
So you believe that if Hillary Clinton were President this incident wouldn't have happened?
Hillary Clinton is less popular than President Trump, poll finds
Trump 2 Pat Robertson: Putin would've preferred 'President Hillary Clinton' Video: exactly why would he help Trump h…
"Imagine if President Hillary Clinton had extorted a Fox News host..."
I know nothing matters, and this trope is tired, but for god's sake, imagine if President Hillary Clinton had blackmailed…
If a President Hillary Clinton tried to blackmail journalists, congressional GOPers would have 17 investigations up and ru…
We have no choice but to impeach President Hillary Clinton! Oh wait.
If Speaker Nancy Pelosi ever said "She's new at this" to excuse some mistake by President Hillary Clinton, she'd NEVER hear the end of it.
Just imagining President Hillary Clinton trying to build UN & NATO support for air strikes on Macedonia
Earth 2: President Hillary Clinton presses her hand against the glowing orb. An aide whispers in her ear. She nods.…
President Hillary Clinton is under investigation for colliding with Russia to win the presidency...
“President Hillary Clinton fired the FBI director who was leading an investigation into her possible criminal activitie…
President Hillary Clinton's top adviser Chelsea Clinton will fundraise for Clinton Fdn while in West Wing office
I'm sure RW Cow Taints would be totally ok if President Hillary Clinton appointed Chelsea as a 'Special Adviser' to the Pre…
To say I would feel safer with President Hillary Clinton handling North Korea is the understatement of the millennium.
Hamilton Collection
President Hillary Clinton today welcomed to the White House members of the Super Bowl Champion Atlanta Falcons. Take that, Belichick.
Imagine Robby Mook, adviser to President Hillary Clinton, encouraging people to donate to the Clinton Foundation. Chaffetz…
In an alternative reality President Hillary Clinton is boring an audience with renewable energy statistics while we get on…
now would a President Hillary Clinton have worried about this?🤔
Many STILL saying they will never say President Trump. That's ok, you'll never say President Hillary Clinton either.…
Vote to stop President Hillary Clinton, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Vote for anyone but Democrats. Leave no doubt.
If the Cubs hold on, they'll visit President Hillary Clinton at the White House next year.
"I can't imagine voting for a Clinton nominee"-on nominee from a President Hillary Clinton
I got 3 words for this:. President Hillary Clinton
first 100 days President Hillary Clinton will be impeached. Pity for the Nation.
.Hillary Clinton must become the next President! . Take that
President Obama encourages voters to rally behind Hillary Clinton at the DNC
President Barack Obama signed, sealed and delivered WELL! Hillary Clinton will be the next US President.
We know that it should be Hillary Clinton being president. I guess lone wolves is a real fear, I'm surprised with his answer.
President Obama: "Democracy isn't about yes he will, it's about yes we can"
President Obama gives compelling DNC speech in support of Hillary Clinton.
I liked a video Hillary Clinton joins President Obama on stage at 2016 Democratic National Convention
President Obama calls on to elect Hillary Clinton:
WATCH: Bill Clinton to 'hark back to his Irish roots' if he's in the White House - Chelsea Clinton:
."spoke last night about a world that doesn’t exist" in DNC speech: https…
President Obama welcomes Hillary Clinton on stage at the
Pres. Obama rebukes Donald Trump, painting him as fear-mongering and unqualified for the job
President Obama on Hillary Clinton: “Even in the midst of crisis, she listens to people"
President Obama is passing the health care torch to Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton reached out to President Pusha T to help her campaign in Virginia:
The BIG QUESTION: Who would you like to see as the next US president -- Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?
President Obama said Hillary Clinton is more qualified than him to be president.
Hillary Clinton’s husband wore a fetching pantsuit to honor her nomination for US president via 😊
Barack Obama makes most forceful case yet for Hillary Clinton to be president
Marine Gen. John Allen has endorsed for president. Why that matters via
Little Giant Ladders
The story of Bill and Hillary, in photos:
PASSING THE BATON: says Clinton is the most qualified candidate
President Obama Implores Nation to Vote for Hillary Clinton: &Her the Same Way You Carried Me&
Even if you don't think Hillary Clinton is a good candidate for president, lets still acknowledge that she is making history for women.
I swear to god if Hillary Clinton becomes president I'm moving to Canada
"I’m asking you to join me, to reject summon what’s best in us; to elect Hillary Clinton as the next pres…
Hillary Clinton is officially our nominee. Help make her our President:
Hillary Clinton's countless scandals make her an unacceptable choice for president.
Hillary Clinton: Nominated for president, but not for the front page
A cute picture of the next president and Hillary Clinton
This picture makes it look like President Obama's speech turned Hillary Clinton from a ghost into a person.
“Let’s go make history and elect Hillary Clinton the 45th president of the United States.” —
Hello American! U never ever elected female president. Now ur opportunity to elect to Hillary Clinton first ever president of the USA.
Yes: Hillary Clinton would be a female president, not a woman president. . Use language, don't let language use us. https:…
“Because of Hillary Clinton, my daughters...can take it for granted that a woman can be president.” —
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"Nobody has been as qualified as Hillary Clinton to serve as president of the United States" once again, SUCK IT FDR
Trump is asking Russian President for help. Hillary Clinton is asking an American President.
Hillary Clinton's long record suggests she’s looking forward to being a war president on day one, writes htt…
So we are paying our tax dollars so that Obama can follow Hillary Clinton around and support her for President? I want my…
"There has never been a man or a woman more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as president." —
Obama: America is already great and "our power doesn't come from some self-declared savior"
Trump trolls and white supremacists are going to hate President Hillary Clinton as much as they hate Obama. To that I s…
British Prime Minister Theresa May. Now America it's your turn next to make this happen- President Hillary Clinton.
.welcome to your worst nightmare, tea party: President Hillary Clinton
Would a President Hillary Clinton do better than Secretary of State Hillary Clinton when it comes to South Sudan? https:/…
Obama is the most Damaging Pres for America in our History.The only thing Worse is an Encore Performance to a " President Hillary Clinton"
That is despicable. Actually despicable. This is the future under a President Hillary Clinton: speak against her and be gone
President Hillary Clinton and Vice-President Bernie Sanders join forces to defeat Trump!!! Trump is getting whipped!
President Hillary Clinton and Vice-President Bernie Sanders, together, are going to destroy Hater Trump!!!
President Hillary Clinton, can't wait to show these ads across USA, Trump is finished.
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Hey Bryan, enjoy President Hillary Clinton, Trump is finished b4 it starts.
President Hillary Clinton's Itinerary. Day 1: get head in Oval Office. Day 2: get head again. Day 3: get impeached
"If RINO Trump is the nominee I don't think President Hillary Clinton will be inclined to nominate him." culdees2020
President Hillary Clinton would be historic. Let's not lose sight of that | Lucia Grave
If he doesn't get a vote, please tell President Hillary Clinton to nominate Barack Obama to the Court.
President Hillary Clinton can place Barack Obama, Elizabeth Warren & William Jefferson Clinton on the SCOTUS
Having a female president is not as important as helping poor American women.
Hillary Clinton (2008): "I want the Iranians to know that if I’m president, we will attack Iran."
Chalk up more support for as former supporter cries
--IF-- America is Ready 4a Woman President - and I dont think she is - Hillary Clinton s the LAST woman on Earth...
Hillary Clinton's daughter just referred to Bernie as president Sanders lmao
if Bill Clinton, was in prison where he belongs Hillary wouldn't be running for president today is what does.
112 reasons (and counting!) Hillary Clinton should be our next president
President Sanders backers may not be there for Hillary in November .
WSJ: No one running for president this year has received as much money from Wall St. execs for campaigns as Clinton. https…
Can I get an AMEN! Marco: Beat Hillary Clinton In 2016 | Marco Rubio for President via
Rubio says Hillary Clinton is "unqualified to be President of the United States of America."
Hillary Clinton is unfit to serve in any governmental position let alone president
Hillary Clinton didn't think that she was going to run for President!?
Or overthrowing a democratically elected President leading to hundreds more deaths.
Sen Rubio said Hillary Clinton isn't qualified to be President.I wanted Christie to troll him, "Would she know what she's doing?"
If Hillary Clinton was president she would be dealing with her scandals weekly The US would have to have a separate department for scandals
In 1991 Hillary Clinton filed her husband's papers to run for president. In 2015 she filed her own.
Black pastors lay hands on 'President-to-be' Hillary Clinton despite her pro-abortion and pro *** stance
Hillary Clinton will be elected president today
How are things in India? Do you think Hillary Clinton will be the 2016 Dem Presidential Nominee? A Good US President she'd be!
In fact..I'm calling it now. Beyoncé will be the first female president of the U.S. . Hillary Clinton is trying but won't happen.
Why would anybody vote for Hillary Clinton? The first femal president should be someone who wouldn't *** for the black vote.
Hillary Clinton filed her husband’s papers for president 25 years ago in NH. A lot’s changed.
If Hillary Clinton is elected president I'm leaving this country
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: Selection for president, if the 2016 presidential election was between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton
What I picked up from the debate I watched: we need to stop Hillary Clinton from becoming president at all costs.
“The president believes, as I do, that charter schools are a way of bringing teachers and parents and communities... ht…
Spectacular interview with Hilary discussing the power of gratitude
i had a vision that Hillary Clinton won for president...
Trump is the only one that went to Chelsea's wedding & said "Hillary would be a great president." He's a Clinton
he can those men but surely will be defeated by Hillary Clinton.USA nids a woman president
Rubio receives his biggest response yet when he says Hillary Clinton "thinks she's above the law" & is "disqualified" …
'I SEE THE LIGHT': Why I switched my support from to
Bill Clinton here in Las Vegas Friday night talking on behalf of the next president, Hillary Clinton.
Hillary clinton. Next president of the US.
Warren Buffett endorses Hillary. Also, In 2012, he said he thought Hillary would be elected president in 2016. https:…
Are YOU surprised? The New York Times has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.
Published on Feb 4, 2016 Dozens of African American "pastors" from across the nation recently gathered at a...
if Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton becomes president I'm leaving the US faster than zayn left one direction
I'm not a big Hillary Clinton fan, but it is exciting to think about electing the first female robot President.
unveiled her agriculture plan for America and Africa:
Pastors’ lay hands on ‘President-to-be Hillary Clinton’ to Decree and Declare Favor of the Lord. ~
The idea of Hillary Clinton as tyrant, I mean president of the United States is scary. If only people knew her true ideolo…
John hopes to become U.S. President if Hillary Rodham arrested - Donald via
PREDICTION 2016: Hillary Clinton will "NOT" be the 45th president of these United States of America.
If Hillary Clinton becomes the first female president, I don't know if I could get used to seeing Bill in a dress.
"Anyone on this stage would make a better President than Hillary Clinton"😊
People that have inspired me to be great: . 1) God. 2) Everyone in my family . 3) President Obama . 4) Senator Cory Booker. 5) Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton is NOT the FIRST WOMAN 2 Run for President! . 1972 Run was a. BLACKWOMAN ~ Shirley Chilsom.
Me,Fred Cruz and Jim McKay driving up to NH to canvass for our next President Hillary Clinton
Would-be US President Hillary Clinton is 68 today. Ex Poet Laureate Sir Andrew Motion 63 boxers Audley Harrison and Nicola Adams 44 and 33
Gov. Terry McAuliffe as commerce secretary for President Hillary Clinton? Could give Dems an edge in 2017
It's starting: Chelsea Clinton for veep, president. It's in book-memo to Hillary
And she supported President Obama and supporting Hillary Clinton... You said all that to say what?
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. Beautiful logo H . logo clearly have a message and the message is America will RISE with Hillary Clinton as President.
Malloy endorses Gov't NOT about the people.It's favors & hand washing💥
Said one Wall Street lawyer: “If it turns out to be Jeb v Hillary we would love that & either outcome would be fine”
Hillary Clinton should just drop out of the race now. Even if she doesn't become president, she'll still lie to us and say that she was.
Let's face it, the only way Hillary Clinton won't win President is if Bill Clinton runs. Cause let's face it he's GOAT
Mursi’s wife is main political operative + Muslim Sisterhood instructed to carry out terrorist actions.
"Mahmoud said communications (with Clintons) never ceased and the conversations are all recorded"
Hillary Clinton will probably be the richest person to run for President in US history. But remember,
Wife of former Egyptian President/Muslim Brotherhood leader Morsi, admitted to collaborating with Hillary Clinton
Snoop Dogg: It's time for a female president
"Yesterday Hillary Clinton met with NEA president Lily Eskelsen Garcia to take her shot at winning the...
WAKE UP AMERICA - electing Hillary Clinton President is like turning over White House to an organized crime family!
Oh, that Hillary Clinton! The presumptive Democratic nominee for president has come up with...
Hillary Clinton is so scared of , she thinks not to contest for president-ship...
HILLARY CLINTON first of all should be under indictment and shouldn't even be allowed to run for President. Where is the GOP?!
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not true. Hillary Clinton is running for president. That's an even bigger nut with an advertising budget.
Hillary Clinton vows 2 expand Obama’s amnesty if she's president, clearing path to citizenship for illegal immigrants http:…
They can bear our kids & raise our children -n- have us propose, then they can run the World. Vote Hillary Clinton 4 President.
.blames President Obama and Hillary Clinton for world violence
Can't wait for President Hillary Clinton to make some great self-deprecating jokes on Patton Oswalts late night show while b…
Debt-free college under President Hillary Clinton? - Making college more affordable is part of Clinton’s plan to b...
I find it odd that Bill Clinton is answering questions about the Clinton foundation. Isn't Hillary running for president? Where is she?
Early picks for Hillary Clinton's running mate Julian castro would b good !
Ja Rule has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president... Dave Chappelle predicted everything. via
FYI, Hillz only flies coach on the Invisible Plane. "Wonder Woman Lynda Carter All-In For Hillary Clinton via
I'm so glad Hillary Clinton is running for president
Good thing to tackle, but wrong solution: Debt-free college under President Hillary Clinton?
Sarah, Run for President and beat the evil Hillary Clinton. via
MT:@ catwahler: Vote MSNBC Poll- Are you voting for Hillary Clinton for president in 2016? …
If Hillary Clinton becomes president, she'll sit at the same desk where Monica Lewinsky gave Bill a ***
Pat Robertson fears President Hillary Clinton will take US ‘back to the ’50s’ / He's old and confused
President Bill Clinton & a President Hillary Clinton is one too many presidents living in White House at same time.
President Hillary Clinton to put herself on 78 cent dollar bill.
Relax Jerry Brown,President Hillary Clinton like John F. Kennedy,will assure California of future water..
Yeah, then get ready for Obama II, President Hillary Clinton, unless the MSM can be reigned in.
I look forward to President Hillary Clinton appointing Elizabeth Warren as the next Supreme Court Justice.
Elizabeth Warren makes the thought of a President Hillary Clinton laughable
Leave it to President Hillary Clinton to clean up Barack Obama's mess - SBS
Barack Obama's administration is kinda like taking a really fancy girl home to your mom. The girl is pretty and seems like "the one" on paper but she lacks soul and is empty inside. When the going gets tough she will leave you for a guy with more money. Your mom of course knows right away it's not going to last but she feeds you anyway. George Bush's two terms would be more like dating a rich girl, who's also a drunk, and a *** and she's abusive, and cheats on you. Pretty much the same as Bill Clinton minus the abuse. Oh and with Bill you pretended you didn't know about the cheating. Why did you date her again? A President Hillary Clinton, I guess she'd be like the male version of this metaphor that combines qualities from all three, Obama, Bush, and of course slick Billy Clinton. What a catch! Disclaimer: I apologize for comparing any of these lying war mongers with women in general. More accurately we should simply compare them to wife beaters, pimps, and holy men who have mistresses and drug addicti .. ...
America will save the world under President Hillary Clinton & new energy bill in 2017 says Reed Hundt
(Breitbart) – Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said in the 2016 Presidential election he would be able to attract independents and “even some Democrats” voters nervous about entering into a new Middle East war with a “gung *** President Hillary Clinton. Paul said “I think the American public is coming more ...
NO WAY..."Would a President Hillary Clinton be more like George W. Bush?: via
Photoset: micdotcom: This is the face of someone who knows they’re running for President Hillary Clinton,...
FOLKS!! McCain stated on 'Face The Nation' he would be “proud” to work with a 'President Hillary Clinton' if she 'regrettably makes it to the White House. You may recall that McCain was a registered Democrat when he resided in Virginia. He changed Party affiliation when he moved to Arizona. Well, he had to schmooze the good people in Arizona and changing parties to secure votes was part of what has become McCain's political gymnastics. McCain hasn't been a Republican in years. no rocket science to see thru this phony three dollar BILL! :-(
. President Hillary Clinton start repeating you can't stop it
For those curious what the right will do when they can't hate President Barak Obama anymore... they'll hate President Hillary Clinton.
In short you've nothing to look forward to except 2term President Hillary Clinton & a GOP that's nothing but a regional party
"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This is the essence of all that is taught in the law and the prophets. " Christ commanded in Mathew 7:12. Happy Mothers Day to all mothers dead or alive or expecting or more or all children alive in heaven, adopted or foster or relative mothers or Dad mothers, mothers of aborted babies in heaven, egg donor mothers, step mothers, surrogate mothers, mothers of miss carried babies and LBGT mothers/dads and mothers who miss their babies who do not have custody. When All Else Fails: Love Never Fails -Lillene Ebanks Spear shared a link via U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), (2nd & 3rd May 2014) Solar solutions have been sabotaged recently but when President Hillary Clinton is in charge, this will reduce the cost of oil wars and inadvertently regulate Exxon and British Petroleum, by competition leading to extinction or reinventing solar disposable products at a cost to compete with China's movement to a communist regulated commerce that benefits their national s ...
President Hillary Clinton has a nice ring to it ;)
If Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren plans to run for president in 2016, not even her new book could possibly help her chances more than reports that Wall Street would be a-okay with President Hillary Clinton.
“Does the idea of President Hillary Clinton scare you as much as it scares us? More than…
September 6, 2012 I wrote with permission of course from the I AM..God said to me a few months ago the Dems will have the house for years because the gop has sold their souls. After President Obama then President Hillary Clinton. The Dems will complete the mission of raising up America to a much better place.
Headlines to come: President Hillary Clinton refuses to comment on the class action suit filed this morning by the White House Maid Staff for the First Man's sexual conduct upstairs while the President is taking care of the Nations business in the Oval Office.
I giggle when I think of all the people who hate Obamacare today, that are going to be absolutely giddy with excitement when President Hillary Clinton talks about expanding the Affordable Care Act in a few years ;)
Former President Bill Clinton, current President Obama and future President Hillary Clinton are all on one plane Air Force One to South Africa to Nelson Mandela's funeral. ..
Love is not mistake, The mistake is you don't live in love,ou say 'President Hillary Clinton' in crazy Right Wing Talk?
While interviewing Rick Santorum, Bill O'Reilly rips "very conservative talk radio": "Ideology has to really leave the building next year and in 2016 or we're gonna have President Hillary Clinton"
While everyone is posting about what they are thankful for are just a few of the things that I am NOT thankful for: -Hanukah coming so early this year, when will it be next year...July 4th weekend? -School taxes in my area are higher than the gross national product of some third world countries -Not spending the day with Andy Rothstein -The Wilpon family and anyone else associated with the NY Mets -Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce inability to hit a 10 foot jump shot now that they are on the Brooklyn Nets -Patriots QB Tom Brady making headlines for 4th quarter comeback wins while Jets Mark Sanchez making headlines for his hair style -As much as I don't like President Obama---President Hillary Clinton is next -Read article about the 45 hottest Jewish women in Hollywood and it did not start well with Barbara Streisand at Although it did end better with top ten including Bar Rafaeli, Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis -Old Country Road between Thanksgiving and New Years. In fact, .. ...
I would really rather Hillary Clinton not be our next president.
If Hillary Clinton runs for president, I'll register to vote.
The worst thing that could happen for Ted Cruz is a President Chris Christie... best thing for him is a President Hillary Clinton
I fear hillary clinton will be our bext president
Afghanistan's answer to Hillary Clinton? Fawzia Koofi launches bid to be president.
2016 Hillary Clinton president, Elizabeth Warren leader of the Senate, Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House
Quinnipiac: Hillary Clinton would top any Republican in a head-to-head race for President, including Gov. John Kasich.
"I'm not going to have some reporters pawing through our papers. We are the president." -- Hillary Clinton.
I finished my President Hillary Clinton painting. Now posted.
I support Hillary Clinton for President. We need more women in government because they are usually not angry *** like u.
Do you think Hillary Clinton would make a Great Woman President assuming she Runs in 2016 & Defeats GOP Nominee?
What are the Chances that NY Gov Andrew Cuomo would decide to Run for President in 2016 if Hillary Clinton isn't in the Race?
How Formidible of a Dem Pres Candidate & Nominee would Hillary Clinton be if she Decided to Run for President in 2016?
OMG please not her! Yes it is time for a woman President! Long over due. Just NOT this woman. Not Hillary Clinton!
Auburn has the same chances of winning as Hillary has of being president, legit but it ain't gonna happen. -"Bill Clinton" on JOX 94.5
America, if you vote Hillary Clinton as your next president, you deserve what you get.
Prediction: 2016 will not be 2004, and Americans will not cast their votes for president based on foreign policy:
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
In my fantasy dream world, Elizabeth Warren would be the US president. (Hillary Clinton would be UN Secretary General.)
“Chris Christie Or Hillary Clinton For President? that's a no brainer...
the only time i will ever vote again is when we elect hillary clinton for president Damon/Elena
I can't wait until 2016 when all these Obama haters have to deal with President Hillary Clinton.
Hillary Clinton's incompetence deaths 4 Americans imagine what she can do as PRESIDENT
nothing, U r a cool budy, I like u,r for you to learn to say 'President Hillary Clinton!'
It means everything when you message me first, anyone you put up in 2016, President Hillary Clinton!
"bad laws do get repealed" Keep dreaming! Not with a Democrat in the WhiteHouse like President Hillary Clinton
How do you say, 'President Hillary Clinton' in your language? is the One you need to talk to about it,
GOP doesn't care about the 4 deaths in Benghazi. They are just afraid of President Hillary Clinton.
And then again in 2016, we'll watch as you give the Romney treatment to the Republican candidate, and usher in President Hillary Clinton.
Did Republicans Just Hand Clinton the White House? you say President Hillary Clinton and Speaker Pelosi !! Yes
In my dreams you're mine, but in my life you're a dream,Say it with me; 'President Hillary Clinton,'
The right has nobody either. Say hello to President Hillary Clinton.
Affordable healthcare is coming. Whether its Obamacare or the universal single-payer from President Hillary Clinton. http:/…
Mother of Benghazi victim: I am afraid of a President Hillary Clinton.
Maureen Dowd on a possible President Hillary Clinton: "Are we about to put the “For Rent” sign back on the Lincoln Bedroom?"
Note to the tea party: PLEASE nominate Ted Cruz for POTUS! I LOVE the sound of President Hillary Clinton.
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) says the country is ready for a President Hillary Clinton
Really, GOP? At this rate, President Hillary Clinton should just submit her nominees now and save some time.
Here is my prediction/promise to the GOP and Republican voters. The only way there will ever be another Republican President in this generation is if you nominate an actual Liberty-minded, small-government, fiscally-conservative candidate. If you want to avoid President Hillary Clinton in 2016, I recommend that you avoid nominating the likes of Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, or heaven-forbid Mitt Romney again.
Talk Liz Cheney into maybe running for President Hillary Clinton would be a joke! I like Ted Cruz But Liz Cheney would be EPIC !
America Rising was formed to prevent Americans from ever having to see another Clinton in the White House. We’ve seen what a President Hillary Clinton would be like from her time at state as Secretary of State. We can’t afford another Clinton administration after eight years of President Obama.To be...
Jeremiah 33:16 "The Lord is Our Righteousness." Discrimination 101: Republicans white male men like Mitch McConnell could not get elected with their blatant speeches to let 30,000,000 uninsured American die without healthcare, so they resorted in my God's given revelation to terrorism globally by killing 4 American in Benghazi to stop President Hillary form getting elected. God SOS with Your plan given on 12/28/2009 where she was endorsed with President Obama who won and she will too as we do not trust GOP hatred & we will expose their terrorism nationally and globally as they threatens us daily with their 38 times attempted murder by trying to repeal Luke 10:25-37 the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act God Almighty they attacked. Watch out world as they dare to attack God. Democratic mighty Holy woman and men of God helping the poor providing health care. we are blessing you. Celebrating female leaders globally including NATO . President Hillary Clinton's Rainbow Smile Prophet God's plan.2016 .by ...
Without encouragement, faith and women groups have rallied around the idea of a President Hillary Clinton
I love the fact that the Republicans are attempting, and poorly, to derail the future President Hillary Clinton. There are more than enough reports, reviews, and logs that clear her and the Presidency. There was already a damning report the State Department addressed by people both sides of the aisle admired. The Republicans are on a search and destroy Hillary escapade. I wish they would get focused on the economy they are strangling.
It's a shame that the Republicans in Congress are still on vacation while severe cuts will affect us all next week, known as the sequester. Is this an example of the lazy black man myth? Hmmm... Over 800,000 federal employees and 10,000 school teachers out of work. The FAA are already delaying flights, and ships to the Persian Gulf will come to a halt, thus placing our nation's security at risk. Here is the problem. John Boehner and John McCain think that they are the President of the United States! Denial! They're so paranoid of taxing the rich and losing their next political race that they are willing to let the middle/lower class family starve. Why are they so scared of the rich and these pathetic gun control freaks? Have your 2 minutes of screwing now Johnny Boy's, because this is the near future. President Hillary Clinton, Vice-President Susan Rice and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. And I am going to enjoy every minute of it. So this week we saw John McCain call a civilian in a town hall meeting ...
If Rubio is the savior of the Republican Party... I have three words: President Hillary Clinton.
President Hillary Clinton? If she wants it. by David Rothkopf
.on Ed Rendell is the former Governor of Pennsylvania and the future Chief of Staff to President Hillary Clinton
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The President and the Future President Hillary Clinton at the State Department.
In a book by Rich Miniter, 'Leading from Behind, The Reluctant President and Advisors who decide for Him', and allegely based on inside information from a Seal commander, President Obama put off taking out Osama bin Laden in Jan, Feb and Mar, each time blaming poor weather conditions even though the Seal team considered conditons ideal. Apparently he was afraid he would be blamed should things go tragically wrong. At her weekly meeting with the President Hillary Clinton, supported by Leon Panetta, then head of CIA and David Petraeus, commanding UN and US forces in Afghanistan forced the issue which resulted in the succesful operation in May. It was only then that the President took full credit.
Caroline and Maria Shriver were the most ardent supporters of this president. Opposition to him is not driven by the tea party or the right wing but by every independent thinking american who see him for what he incompetent phony who will do anything say anything promise everything lie about anything to get reelected. How much more damage will you allow him to achieve. Without Caroline Kennedy and Teddy (who knew he had made a mistake before he died as well) Obama would still be in the Senate and President Hillary Clinton would have had this country in a totally different condition.
Dana Milbank - Would we be Better off Under a President Hillary Clinton? via
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