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President Erdogan

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (rə-JEP tah-YIP ERR-daw-ahn ; Turkish pronunciation: [ɾeˈd͡ʒep tajˈjip ˈæɾ]; born 26 February 1954) is the 12th and current President of Turkey, in office since 2014. He previously served as the Prime Minister of Turkey from 2003 to 2014 and as the Mayor of İstanbul from 1994 to 1998. Originating from an Islamic political background and claiming to be a conservative democrat, his administration has overseen liberal economic and socially conservative policies.

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claims reproached his aides at G20 summit when Turkish president complained about arming in…
Turkish President Erdogan signals joint operation with Iran against the
Turkish President Erdogan has given up on the European Union’ (Op-Edge)
'God save Erdogan': Inside the Turkish president's heartland -
Turkish president says joint action against the PKK and its Iranian affiliate PJAK was 'always on the agenda'
Photo of the Day: Supporters of President Erdogan cheer as he speaks during a meeting of his ruling AKP in Istanbul, Turkey,…
“Want to avoid prison in Turkey? Don't insult President Erdogan online
In case you doubted that is the REAL Social Media President
Turkish President Turkey and Iran discussed joint action against
Next president? In light of recent events, that seems to be something of an assumption on your part.…
President was welcomed with an official ceremony by of at Al Husseiniye Palace in
CHP leader ‘fabricating issues’ to keep himself on agenda: President Erdoğan
LIVE — President Erdoğan: In addition to regional issues, we'll also discuss the situation in Jerusalem, Haram al-Sharif du…
President Erdogan: I put it clearly: All terrorist organization! Do your best.
President Erdogan: PKK, DEAŞ, FETÖ, YPG, DHKP-C are the part of the same plot. There is no difference between them. http…
President was welcomed by King Abdullah II of by an official ceremony at Al-Husseiniya Palace.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on an official visit to meets King Abdullah II, calls for
Delegations headed by President and discussed - cooperation and regional i…
This is US! This is not Turkey : ( Brawl in Washington Over President Erdogan's Visit via
President Erdogan holidays here at must come...
His Majesty King Abdullah II's remarks during an expanded meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
Turkey’s President Erdogan could face arrest in Sweden for ‘genocide’
Accompanying President paying an official visit to President Erdoğan informed the press before de…
President Erdogan says the Turkey will expand its military operations. How powerful are the Turkish Armed Forces?
President Erdogan pays a 2-day visit to the Gulf. keeps acting as a mediator in the crisis.
If Mueller is fired, how quickly will President Erdogan of Turkey congratulate with "Well done, young gr…
This quite an exchange between President Erdogan and German newspaper De Zeit
Must-read: English version of ZEIT's interview w/ President Erdogan also re our colleague ht…
Whoa. DC police just issued arrest warrants for a dozen members of Turkish President Erdogan's security detail
President speaks at Forum: Turkey welcomes that links Europe, Asia, Afric…
"Don't be surprised if a judge invites you tomorrow..." President Erdogan warns the CHP 'Justice Walkers', saying...
1 detained in in for claims of having insulted President Erdoğ…
6) Leaked video showed Orhan Uzuner, the father-in-law of President son Bilal, established an armed group with p…
3) Aybek wrote that he was awaiting orders from president Erdoğan to kill. The sale of MP5 submachine gun is banned…
Turkey president Erdogan criticizes European and American officials for using the term Islamic terror.
BREAKING President Erdoğan to CHP leader who launched "justice march": If tmw, the judiciary invites you somewhere…
Biafra is a spirit, those enemies of Biafra will be clothed with confusion .
Turkish President Erdogan is not happy after the US issued arrest warrants for his bodyguards htt…
President "and will cooperate in film industry."
Respect President, In this Holy month Eid al-Fitr, I appeal to You for help, help me for sake of Allah.…
"We don't have any information to suggest we have probable cause to arrest President Erdogan" -
Atatürk introduced European words into wants to purge them. Next, ditch Latin letters for Arabic?. https…
People who talk about the deep state use Turkish President Erdogan's tactic to dismantle democracy and replace it with dict…
Isolation of Qatar is "inhumane and against Islamic values", says Turkish President Erdogan
opposition chief accuses President of second coup with purge
LOL. You say this tongue-in-cheek, right? Trump praises Putin, Duterte, Erdogan, Egypt's dictator/president --…
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Turkey President Erdogan says isolation of Qatar by Gulf countries is ‘inhuman, un-Islamic’ via
Oh, this? It’s just president Erdoğan, on his way to the mosque for Friday prayers.
Hmmm, Mr. Vice President, you do know that your boss has buddied up with Putin, Erdogan and Duterte?
Turkish President Erdogan talks Qatar with emir, French leader
“What kind of a law is this?” - Turkey President Erdogan is shocked that it's a crime to beat protesters in the US… https:…
president steps up his attacks on Saudi Arabia amid row, tells Portugal TV that is outsi…
Turkey president Erdogan says US works arm in arm with terror groups in Syria.
The PKK attacks during President Erdogan’s visit to Washington should be investigated to find out if it was an assassinati…
US should revoke the arrest warrant against President Erdogan’s bodyguards. Their action is unjustified and unreasonable.
President Erdogan and Prime Minister Yildirim will receive Bahrain FM Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa in
Ceren Borazan, a young woman from East Rutherford, was choked by a bodyguard of President Erdogan. For her & others, just…
Turkey blames US officials for "aggressive and unprofessional actions" during President Erdogan's visit last week.
How does President Erdogan think about political response to cultural exchange? Does his Islam have a definition of…
Men who beat protesters outside the Turkish Embassy in DC are bodyguards for President Erdogan, US officials say-NBC
Before Erdogan had his thugs beat up Americans, he had Merkel prosecute German comedians for making fun of him.
For many, many reasons, Erdogan should not be allowed in our country but esp b/c this happened last…
In for the visit of President to the Our citizens welcomed President Erdogan with great…
"Security guard" for President literally soccer kicking an elderly Kurdish man in the face on US soi…
Actually 44 invited Erdogan the first time April 2016
Today, we're asking President to tell that dictators are NOT welcome in America. Please R…
This is on Their president, Erdogan is his guest. Party before people. Again.
How was your meeting with President ErdoGan?
US officials confirm to NBC that Erdogan's bodyguards were the ones beating protesters
Erdogan's goons beat up democratic protesters on American soil. Maybe the president could say something about this? (Som…
A protest turned violent outside the Turkish embassy in Washington after President Trump and President Erdogan met
VIDEO: Turkey President Erdogan's bodyguard chokes a protestor, bursting a vein in her eye, in Washington -
MORE: State Dept official says Turkish security involved appears to be a mix of Embassy and President Erdogan’s security…
Arrest Erdogans Bodyguards who left bloody-faced for daring to protest their President Erdogan in Washington DC
It was a great honor to welcome the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, to the today!
Left following the end of the talks. accompanied President up until his vehicle.…
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A violent brawl broke out between anti-Erdogan protesters and supporters of the Turkish president in DC yesterday.
Economic,trade&investment issues were discussed as President received in CEOs of leading com…
The moment scuffles break out in Washington DC between supporters and opponents of Turkey's President Erdogan
Trump invited Turkey's President Erdogan to white house & let his private security goons push & shove our police? That's…
A dangerous despot who tries to pervert mechanisms of law enforcement and...President Erdogan.
Latest: Syria likely top of the agenda as Turkish President Erdogan visits US this week
President Erdogan: We hope that necessary steps would be taken to make up the mistakes of the past in the fight against…
President Erdogan: There is no place for terrorist organizations in the future of our region.
President Erdogan: The unity between the two countries especially in these days is very important.
President Erdogan, you would do well to remember that this country is built on free speech, free religion, free press, & free…
Men in suits are Turkish President guards.
"President Erdogan, will become leader of AK Party in 21 May" said Deputy P.M Numan Kurtulmus
President Erdogan during his visit to India will hold discussions with Pranab Mukherji, President, Hamid Ansari VP and Narendra Modi, PM
President Erdogan may well hold a ref on continuing or stopping EU accession. People in TR will…
Turkish President Erdogan won in a nationwide vote, while considered as a dictatorship by expert
Erdogan camp declaring victory, Turkey's president set to gain sweeping new powers in referendum.
'God save Erdogan': Inside the Turkish president's heartland
President Erdogan of Turkey claims victory in vote that gives broad new powers to president.
President Erdoğan wins sweeping new powers in referendum. The result could leave him in office until 2029.
I'm from Indonesia. I proud for Mr. President 's victory. Congratulation for The New Turkey's Democrasy with
elected dictator in by narrow margin: Warns opposition not to question result.
Thin & contested, this isn’t the kind of victory Erdogan wanted, writes as president firms power
Win for Sultan Erdogan 👑 who now gets to remain President of Turkey till 2029 with sweeping powers. Historical moment in Geo…
Turkey, a nation divided in two, narrowly votes “yes” in the referendum that will expand the powers of President Erdogan.
Erdogan claims victory in referendum as state news agency says 51% approve new powers for president htt…
• President Erdogan declares victory on vote that expands his power — • Opponents say they’ll cha…
Against Erdoğan. Too many seem to have forgotten he cited Hitler's Germany as an example of "effective government" http…
BREAKING Turkey's president Erdoğan says he will discuss reinstating the death penalty with his prime minister. Crowds c…
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan: is he a threat to Turkish democracy? Is this the beginning of a new dictatorship?
Turkey votes to expand president's powers, opposition claims vote fraud via the app
President Mahmoud Abbas this evening phoned Erdogan to congratulate him on referendum victory.
Turkey referendum grants President Erdogan sweeping new powers
53% of voters say YES to give super powers to continue as with end of the
Turkey’s president claims victory in a referendum that would grant him immense power
We congratulate the Turkish nation and President on this historic achievement.
Turkey votes 'Yes' in referendum, President Erdogan thanks people for support..
Erdogan has come to be seen by many as an autocratic leader seeking to erode Turkey's secular traditions h…
Turkey ends its parliamentary govt and prime minister transferring power in next election to Executive- the President--a…
Referendum will allow President Erdogan—who was also prime minister from 2003-14—to run for reelection in 2019 & have 1…
Congrats to President Erdogan who has won his referendum either by the popular vote or the Turkish Electoral College o…
BREAKING: Turkish President Erdogan strikes conciliatory tone, thanks all voters in close referendum to expand his authority.
Turkey’s President Erdogan warns opposition not to question referendum result – Irish Indep...
President will be travelling to Somalia soon to open new military training base.
Turkey's President Erdogan claims victory in vote to give him sweeping new powers - but opposition cry foul via /r…
President Recep Tayyip narrowly wins historic referendum granting him more powers | Full story:
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Erdogan that figurehead role was never real. But the new system will transform the ceremonial President into a commanding executive.
Watch thousands of Turkish 'yes' voters celebrating their victory in President Erdogan's neighbourhood of Kisikli
congratulates Turkish President for the referendum result.
President Erdogan said the “yes” vote prevailed in Turkey's referendum, but the opposition is demanding a recount
LATEST — World leaders start to send congratulatory messages to President Erdoğan: presidential sources
Voters in narrowly approve referendum that significantly expands the power of President
Your country's president secured their evacuation to get them to safety but your buddy Erdogan's mercenaries blew them up.
TURKEY |. "Yes" votes are allegedly stamped in favor of President Erdogan in Sanliurfa province of Turkey.
Islamist tyrant one step closer to dictatorship. .
President Erdogan may end up as a 21st-century sultan after Thursday's Turkish referendum . via…
A Yes vote condemns Turkey to the elected dictatorship of President Erdogan. A No might just let Turks constrain him http…
Turkey's proposed new constitution would make President Erdogan into a 21st-century sultan
Turkey: President Erdogan seeks Kurdish support in referendum via
President Erdogan seeks support in referendum
Turkey: President Erdogan seeks Kurdish support in referendum
President Erdogan's Turkey, not Germany, is guilty of 'Nazi practices'
Mark Rutte just told me that President Erdogan's comments today on are completely unacceptable.
Just interviewed Mark Rutte. He says President Erdogan is 'increasing hysterical'. Unlikely to dampen down this row. http…
President Erdogan says Netherlands will 'pay the price' for expelling minister
President Erdogan compares Germany’s actions to stop Turkish rallies with those taken during the ‘Nazi period’.
German officials have dismissed other recent attacks by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as "absurd". BBC
using huge 1.5 million Turk population in Germany to run his own Turkish agenda. Dual loyalties?.
Turkish President Erdogan compares German officials to "NAZIS" for cancelling rallies.
Even Turkey's President Erdogan used Facetime to overcome the coup in his country.Rightwing bigots are all the same! https…
[VIDEO] President Erdoğan: I will come to Germany, if I want to
Message to Turkish President . Please arrest and bring to justice the war criminal that bombed us yesterday…
Turkish President Erdogan compares German officials to 'NAZIS' for cancelling rallies
Turkish President Erdogan seems to find "enemies" everywhere, is hypersensitive about critici…
President Erdogan accuses Germany of reverting to 'Nazi practices' amid row over blocking Turkish rallies - ...
Mr. President Somali people have 100% confidence Turkey's untied aid. Thank you for your continues help
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That we must pay close attention to President Trump's moods reminds me of how we cover Mideast strongmen: Saddam, Qaddafi, As…
[Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has condemned the attack, saying Turkey will relentlessly continue fighting such violence.
Because what America really needs is our own President Erdoğan. . Just lock up the press & spies, amirite?.
What a dream it is for Mr. President Erdogan and The First Lady to invite me to their home.…
Erdogan claims to possess evidence US-led coalition has given support to Isis while talking to reporters in Ankara
I write about our new era of global nationalism, w , et al:
Erdoganistan. President is grabbing yet more power. via
people worldwide protesting a democratic elected president whilst Erdogan just got his DICTATORSHIP approved by government
President Erdogan should take CHP's support, invite leaders of Muslims countries to Turkey often and warn them for an Isla…
President will be on African tour, including Tanzania, Mozambique and Madagascar.
"If the changes are approved by the people, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will become the sole executive head of …
Thanks for helping spread our message of peace & hope. Thanks to President & Turkey for supportin…
These are the terrifying parallels between Donald Trump and Turkey's President Erdogan
... and there you have it . Turkey's President Erdogan wins power-boosting vote.
Parliament approves extended powers for President;public vote is next. No doubt about the results.Regime change otw
Turkey’s President Erdogan is grabbing yet more power
Turkey constitutional changes: what are they, how did they come about and how are they different?
I think you mean "we gonna kill as Nihat Erim" We all Turkish people behind of our president. Be clever USA! 😡
Sun setting on the West: Turkey could join SCO with Russia and China instead of EU,…
President the jailer of 191 journalists which is a world record, claims has more freedoms than the West.…
TURKEY: EU intelligence report claims President Erdogan had plan to purge opposition forces in the military before the…
Turkish man arrested after saying he wouldn’t serve President Erdogan tea. Someone define dictatorship f…
President Erdogan: I will open gates for migrants
Interesting to hear President Erdogan talk about Turkey's ongoing commitments to the security across the sou…
International linguists' coalition has written to President Erdogan, asking for the release of translator colleague
Turkey's National Security Council (MGK) led by President Erdogan advises Govt to extend emergency rule already in its 3rd…
President Erdogan donates his Eid Al-Adha qurban to Turkish Red Crescent in
President Erdogan donate his sacrifices to some countries including Somalia for Eid al Adha via Turkish Red Crescent h…
Joe Biden met by snubs as he seeks to mollify Turkey’s angry President Erdogan
Suicide bomber at Turkish wedding was 12-14 years old, President Erdogan says
President Erdogan of Turkey in St Petersburg to 'reset' Russia ties -
Vladimir Putin signs mega gas and nuclear deal with Turkey's President Erdogan -
Trump has been elbowed out of the way by Turkey's President Erdogan to come out the front runner for title of Hitler reborn. Time will tell.
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says Fethullah Gulen was behind a coup attempt last week that almost succeeded in taking over…
One would suspect President Erdogan's life to now be in jeopardy. .
The winner on July 16 is indisputably President Erdogan and the losers are Turkish nation and democracy .
'The EU is not honest' Turkey's Erdogan claims union failed to give £2.5bn in migrant deal
Erdogan threatened Europe with sending 3mln migrants into Europe
21 arrests of since failed coup, EU to hold accountable
File your complaint. And for President Erdogan? This "leak" and these files will be HIS talking point for a decade.
president Erdogan should approach SABC's Hlaudi for advice on media clampdown tactics.
BBC News Turkey coup: What is Gulen movement and what does it want? BBC News Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan…
Turkey threatens to flood Europe with 3MILLION migrants for failure to give promised £2.5bn http…
Sign the petition. President must uphold human rights in Turkey # TurkeyCoup
If you're trying to address the President to insult him you might want to tag him
Sign the petition – President uphold human rights in even in a
President Erdogan must uphold human rights in Turkey
Birthplace of accused Turkey coup leader to be turned into public toilet
Petition President Erdogan uphold rights even in State of emergency
BBC Scandal: Analyst says coup plotters made massive error in not killing President Erdoğan. https:/…
Knew that was coming. Erdogan, President for Life. Of course Putin just murders them
Crack team of commandos sent to kill Turkey President Erdogan found hiding in Aegean caves
Turkish President Erdogan is now closing three news agencies, 16 TV channels, 23 radio stations and 45 newspapers...
In a troubling statement, Erdogan compares the powers he wants to give himself to those of Hitler. More here:
Chair : abuses committed by Turkish President Erdogan are grave and ongoing.
Call on President Erdogan to respect in Act Now w/
'EU is NOT honest' Turkey threatens to send 3MILLION migrants as EU 'fails to give £2.5bn'
Syria’s President Assad: “Erdogan used the Coup to Implement his Muslim Brotherhood Agenda”
President Erdogan to meet Putin in Russia on Aug 9: Turkish deputy PM.
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has blamed the July 17 coup on the reclusive US-based preacher Fethullah Gullen.
Tell President Erdogan to stop the crackdown on human rights after
Buhari condemns coup in Turkey, congratulates President Erdogan for surviving putsch July: President Muhammad...
Timeline of an attempted coup in Turkey against President Erdogan: The following is the timeline of the devel...
Our profile of Fethullah Gulen, Turkish Muslim preacher who's clashed with President Erdogan
Turkey coup: Barack Obama backs President Erdogan as world leaders express concern | Europe | News
"No power is above the national will," declared President Erdogan outside Istanbul airport.
President Erdogan: 'I am calling on our nation. Let us gather at squares and airports. Let us give them the answer they…
Footballer Paul Gascoigne has arrived at the scene saying he is a friend of President Erdogan
MOSCOW, June 27 (Reuters) - Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has written to Russian leader…
1/3. In a letter to Honcho President expresses regret over downing of Russian jet
Turkish President Erdogan apologizes for downing of Russian plane last year; prosecute killer of parachuting pilot
'We thank President Erdoğan's and Turkish people's support to our people in Gaza and their efforts to ease blockade'. https:…
Breakthrough in relations as President Erdogan reportedly apologizes for downed jet
yes it does, it's called evil vile islam. U really are a moron
Erdogan apologizes to Putin over downed jet
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the hero of Muslim world.
BREAKING: thanks President for efforts to ease blockade
Hamas thanks President Erdoğan for efforts to ease Gaza blockade
It's never too late for Turkish president to say 'sorry': If there's anything Turkish President Recep Tayyip ...
Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatens to hold referendum on bid for EU membership
The Kremlin said on Monday that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had apologised to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin over ...
president apologizes for downing of last year. . Murd-e-mujahid on his knees.
JUST IN: Turkish President Erdogan has reportedly apologised to Vladimir Putin for the downing of a Russian jet last year.
Turkish President Erdogan apologises for downing of Russian jet over Syria in November, Moscow says
Kremlin says Turkish President Erdogan apologies to Putin over downed warplane -- reports
president Erdogan apologizes to president Putin over death of pilot
Turkish President apologizes for downing russian plane
DTN Israel: Erdogan: Deal with Israel achieved all the conditions we set: Turkish President addresses reconci...
Vladimir Putin received a letter from President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
Turkish Prime Minister announces resignation after falling out with President Erdogan
The Turkish premier ousted, President Erdogan's transformation to autocrat is near complete https…
President Erdogan is to meet with central bank governor Murat Cetinkaya
Here's this week's cover: Douglas Murray on how President Erdogan brought a continent to heel.
President Erdogan just opened the largest mosque in the USA. Any one see something wrong with that?
! -->There are around 2000 cases pending in Turkey in which people are accused of insulting President Erdogan
Name the regime of Turkey!.. Justice Minister Bozdag: "President Erdogan's statements are like orders for us."
They've even pleaded for help from President Erdogan
President Erdogan points out that the anti Islamic movement has increased in the US recently
Sec Kerry met President Erdogan for 45 minutes. Turkish Foreign Minister, Intel Chief, and senior advisors attended the mee…
Do you just help to amerşcan children, a teacher at the foundation which support by President Erdogan rapped 45 children
I was told this week President Erdogan allegedly schooled in Moslem Brotherhood Madrassa. If true, explains much:
President Erdogan full-on on Int'l Women's Day: "Birth control is used here. Why is birth control used? (Pause.) To dry up …
Turkey's justice minister says as many as 1,845 cases have been opened against people accused of insulting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
President inspects the construction of mosque being built by funds in capital
Turkish police raid Zaman newspaper critical of President Erdogan
In Istanbul meeting with president ahead of next week's meeting on migration
New York Times: "The latest crackdown by the government of President Erdogan on freedom of the press"
Democratic governments don't seize newspapers - help us tell that
Join us in condemning Erdogan's seizure sign petition
Erdogan seizes control of Turkey's largest newspaper in a disgraceful attack on freedom of expression
President Buhari, Speaker Dogara and SP, Saraki during a State Lunch in honor of Turkish President Erdogan in Abuja. http…
President Buhari and Turkish President, Tayyip Erdogan after a bilateral meeting earlier at the Presidential Villa. https…
Anti-Erdogan newspaper defiant after dramatic seizure
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan: Condemn Turkey's crackdown on press freedom - Sign and help. via
Turkey seizes control of newspaper critical of President Erdogan
A lovely afternoon with the Wife of the President of the Republic of Turkey H.E Mrs Emine Erdogan
Petition calls on Erdoğan to end crackdown on free press CLICK TO SIGN:
Eh?!? Turkish government randomly seizes control of newspaper that was President Erdogan's biggest critic!?
Riot police raid biggest newspaper over anti-government stance
President Erdoğan suggests building city in northern Syria to accommodate refugees   10% Off
When the West realize Kurds has been saying the Truth, War Crimes Tribunal will be the only thing left must do
Let's be clear under will become an authoritarian dictatorship and should be locked out of http…
How can Turkey be allowed to join the EU when it is obviously controlled by an Islamist regime which is closing...
Rebelante: I revealed the truth about President Erdogan and Syria. For that, he… see more
President Erdoğan says press freedom not unlimited - Turkish Daily News
How about focusing your criticism on Erdogan rather than your own president? Just a thought.
A Turkish court has ordered President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to compensate the leader of the opposition party who...
2008: Turkey's President Erdogan calls Muslim assimilation "a crime against humanity." When will the West wake up?
Erdogan cites Hitler’s Germany as example of effective presidential system
Erdoğan cites Hitler's Germany as example of effective government
Turkey's President cites 'Hitler's Germany' as example of an effective form of government https…
5: through proxy wars in Yemen and Syria. . . READ MORE. Iran blames Turkey's President Erdogan over Saudi
Turkey's President Erdogan says there's no Kurdish problem. But kills Kurds every day.
Turkey's President Erdogan says there's no Kurdish problem
Turkish president cites Hitler's Germany as example while pushing for expanded powers:
Erdogan, now president of labelled anyone who demands justice for the Massacre "related to terror orga…
"The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers...”. ~H.E President Erdogan.
. Do the Americans know that their President gave the green light to 's to supply...
Turkey said it had summoned Iran's ambassador to protest attacks on Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the Iranian press in the
. . Turkish President Erdogan demands a free media.
Contrary 2 president claims, base near not attacked by .
President Erdoğan underscores diversity, freedom of press on Working Journalists’ Day .
ISTANBUL (AP) — A U.S.-based Muslim cleric, who has become Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's chief foe, is being tried in absentia,
imam Sheyh Baqi Kutlu arrested for alleged insult on president
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques The Held talks session with president Recep Tayyip Erdogan. https:…
In turn Erdogan is inspired by Hitler... .
Turkey's president says all he wants is same powers as | via . .
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