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President Duterte pledged to kill 100,000 criminals and dispose of them in Manila Bay so that the “fish will grow fat”…
President Duterte meets with former senator Juan Ponce Enrile in Malacañan, Wednesday night.
READ: Happy anniversary and congratulations, President Duterte -- my column this
President Duterte is repeating my mistakes. By CÉSAR GAVIRIA - Former president of Colombia. htt…
Philippines' President Duterte vows to use military and kill more traffickers and addicts in drug war htt…
President Duterte slams US: You chastise me publicly, forgetting that we are a sovereign state.…
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and President Duterte, women resist return of Japanese military aggression in the Philippines…
"The fact is, [President] Duterte is one of the most – if not the most – intelligent politician in the country.
some do not like Duterte but he instilled fear in them which to me is great. But most are happy to have a Minda President
"The propaganda war against President Duterte’s campaign versus illegal drugs and criminality in the Philippines...
Caption: . Philippines president Duterte has revamped eyesight tests in the country - letters and numbers replaced…
President Duterte wants to get higher proceeds from small lottery operations (STL), DOJ Sec. Aguirre said.…
Military alliances and the supply of missiles were not discussed by President Duterte with Japanese PM Shinzo Abe…
Ung hostages collateral damage na lang daw.. See why I can't even respect this current president
"And even before he became President of the land, Rodrigo Duterte brought weight to his life by being the kind of... https:/…
Like their counterparts in the Senate, several congressmen see no need for President Duterte to declare martial law.
Glad I had the opportunity to meet with President Duterte after the launch in Davao.
Saguisag to Duterte: Your title is President, not King. .. You cannot bully your way thru any decision you make and expec…
President Duterte & team hosted a great event in Davao! It was great to hear some of the Philippines’ plans for ASEAN’s 50…
Duterte has 'productive' meeting with US ambassador – Palace via
Wellness Pilipinas!: President Duterte is against martial law
"Perhaps Kiko felt it was 'unfair' because the President’s anti-drug crusade has made the Liberal Party the...
DUH!. Common sense!. The President said it, the media quotes him verbatim. It's Duterte who SPINS! Not media!
A US-based human rights group has published its 2017 world report which listed President Rodrigo Duterte as one...
Philippines president called Barack Obama son of a ***
President Duterte: I announce our Chairmanship theme, "Partnering for Change, Engaging the World."
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte says he will consider declaring martial law if the drug problem deteriorates
Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte ordered gov't agencies to offer free contraceptives to 6M women. via
PNP chief Bato Dela Rosa said he will support the President if ever he decides to... by via
"By all means we will support the president if he declares (martial law) pero I doubt kung magde-declare siya." —...
Philippine president Duterte threatens martial law in face of drug problem
One of the world's rarest birds named in his honour and guided by President Duterte, Japanese Prime Minister Abe has a morning to…
Sen. Recto brushed off President Duterte’s recent threat to declare martial law as another “theatrical bombast.”
Philippines president to tourists: if you get kidnapped, we will bomb you. "Don't allow yourselves to be kidnapped" http…
Lawmakers say drug menace can’t be used to justify martial law, urge President to stop swinging wildly on issue. https:…
If you wondering what a Presidency will be like, please refer to your notes on the Philipines. .
Philippines President Duterte says navy will 'bomb' all militants – even…
WATCH: President Duterte threatens to impose martial law in the Philippines to prosecute deadly drugs war…
President Rodrigo Duterte explains conditions that would drive him to declare martial law.
Duterte, president of the Philippines stays home and washes the dishes at Christmas
Miss Universe 2016 candidates will pay a courtesy call to President Duterte at Malacañang on January 23
THIS is why I’m glad our President is Duterte. The RIGHT kind-of-crazy president for these crazy times.
I wish you guys would visit Davao City as well. The hometown of President Duterte. We would be delighted to have you guys here!!
PHILIPPINES: President Duterte says he declined an offer from Japan to provide his country with missiles, because he 'd…
Philippine president Duterte: 'No one can stop me' from declaring martial law via
Senators criticized President Duterte for talking again about the possibility of unilaterally declaring martial law. htt…
There is no confirmation from President Duterte coming but we invited him. - Fr. Tenorio
President Duterte is against martial law, Malacañang clarified last night.
Japan’s prime minister scores a win with President Duterte. Will this translate into strategic goals?
Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his wife Akie Abe mobbed by President Duterte neighbors during their visit in...
President Duterte has declined an offer by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to provide missiles to the Philippin…
Live shots from Waterfront Hotel in Davao. Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is visiting President Duterte's hometown.
President Duterte, and last but not least PM Bill English. These are the Leaders of the world that will cooperate to Obliterate
President Duterte said "Let there be light in bicol region" and the action follows. -Advantage of having a President with a good heart.
President Duterte allegedly tossed out a kidnapper from a helicopter when he was a mayor of Davao City. -
A Philippines senator says President Duterte should be impeached after admitting to personally killing drug suspects
Something unusual happened during the meeting of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and President Duterte in Tokyo in October https…
China welcomes President Duterte's remarks that he will set aside the arbitral ruling over South China Sea issue.
US embassy says there are 'significant concerns' about civil liberties under President Duterte
“I was really looking for a confrontation, so I could kill,” President Duterte said of his time as a mayor
President Duterte to be given military honors at the Royal Palace
‘They Are Slaughtering Us Like Animals’-- a photo report on President Duterte's dirty war in the Philippines
Dinky Soliman: “President Duterte should be held accountable for opening up this issue."
Now Duterte targets the election process as he aims to unseat the rightfully elected Vice President... instating the loser Marcos instead.
President Rodrigo Duterte has threatened to kill human rights activists critical of his take-no-prisoner tactic...
Philippines president keen to forge close ties with Russia and China – but NOT the US |
President Duterte: I will not stop until the last drug pusher is out of the street, the last drug lord killed.
President Duterte has many years of experience having run the City of Davao in Mindanao province.
Explosion in the Philippines wounds at least 5 members of President Duterte's advance party
U.S. officials 'baffled' by Philippine president's announcement his country would separate itself from the U.S.
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte dismisses Western threats of indictment
Explosion in the Philippines Injures at Least Seven of President Duterte's Advance Party - TIME
Duterte has been testing the waters over the use of martial law since he began his campaign for president. His fans even ask for it.
Philippine President Duterte speaks up about his anti-U.S. rhetoric and more.
HAPPENING NOW: President Rody Duterte leads the inauguration of the 'mega' drug rehab center in Nueva Ecija. . LIVE: ht…
I will not allow my country to sink like Colombia. . LIVE:
In an interview with Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, PSG spokesman, he said President Rodrigo Duterte’s advance party...
Duterte: If we cannot find peace now, then I'll give it to the next president. But do not concede more than what you can give.
OMG!!! please continue to pray for our Dear President Duterte. Lord God please please protect our
President Duterte says he will visit the injured PSG members in Marawi
I am operating on a budget prepared by my predecessor which was prepared last year. LIVE:
President Duterte to inaugurate phase 1 of the mega drug abuse treatment and rehabilitation center in Fort Magsaysay |…
Davao City is a peaceful place because I stood my ground. LIVE:
President Duterte: We cannot have a peaceful country if we do not agree to a federal setup.
President Duterte arrives at Mega Drug Abuse Treatment and Rehabilitation Center in Fort Ramon Magsaysay in N. Ecija | via…
There is trouble there in Mindanao. It is within control but I have to fly tomorrow. LIVE:
READ: Statement of the Office of the Communications Secretary on President Rody Duterte's Health.
President Duterte: I will not hesitate to do whatever is necessary to save my country. — GMA News (gmanews) Novem…
President Duterte: Even if I will rot in prison, so be it. — GMA News (gmanews) November 29, 2016
President Duterte points out that US is not a signatory of the ICC charter — GMA News (gmanews) November 29, 2016
Presidential Security Group says that an advance party for President Duterte has been ambushed in Marawi; 7 wounded. | via
This industry is freaking out over the Philippine president's anti-U.S. rhetoric…
Why would these *** crucify me when I said "If you destroy my country, I will kill you"?. LIVE: htt…
It baffles me why Duterte is still President. I mean, what the *** He didn't even want to run as president. Napilitan la…
I implicated some generals in AFP. I fired about 6 in my assumption. I have many things to say. https…
IN PHOTOS: President Rody Duterte unveils the marker of the 1st Mega Drug Abuse Treatment & Rehabilitation Center in Nueva Ecija…
LOOK: NHCP Chair Diokno on President Duterte's accountability on at the Heroes' Cemetery. Full story: https…
WATCH LIVE: delivers speech at a drug rehab facility in Nueva Ecija
Happening today: President Duterte leads inauguration of mega rehab center inside Fort Magsaysay in Laur, Nueva Ecija
Huang: As an overseas Chinese in the Philippines, I fully support President Duterte's admirable campaign (against drugs).
Malacañang denied reports that President Duterte fainted at noon yesterday. FULL STORY:
President Duterte will inaugurate today the “mega” drug rehabilitation and treatment center in Nueva Ecija.…
President Duterte wants kindergarten and Grade 1 students to be first to see Malacañang Palace. READ MORE:
President Rody Duterte ceremonial switch-on of 135MW power plant | President Duterte on DENR Sec: Very strict - I...
President Duterte on Fidel Ramos: He is my number one supporter and critic. |
WATCH: President Duterte meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin for bilateral talks. | via
President Duterte on the "Hopefully, both sides will exercise maximum tolerance."
Sen. said President Duterte should answer for the surprise burial of the late dictator Marcos at LNMB.
UP students hold President Duterte accountable for Marcos burial
Malacañang said President Duterte was not informed about the date of the burial for late dictator Marcos at LNMB.
Sen. Aquino: President Duterte must be held accountable for burial of late strongman Marcos at the Libingan ng...
President Duterte has noted a disturbing rise in child abuse cases and crimes against women in the country.
President Duterte left yesterday for Lima, Peru to attend the 24th Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit.
JUST IN: President Duterte to have a bilateral meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of APEC Summit |…
President Duterte lashed out at the AMLC for what he said was its failure to stop the laundering of drug money.
Sec. martinandanar on the drug list of President Duterte: The president is always checking it. — Unang Hirit (UnangHirit) November 13, 2016
WATCH: President Duterte and Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak singing together | Courtesy of Special Asst. to the P…
JUST IN: President Duterte says he will sign the Paris Agreement on climate change | via h…
President Duterte chews gum and dozes off during the signing of documents with Chinese President Xi Jinping
Hagopian:Sadly, Ecuador’s Prez lacks balls of Chavez or Philippine’s President Duterte to tell US on no uncertain terms2“go to ***
Philippines' President Duterte tells Obama "go to *** after Washington refuses to sell weapons to Manila.
MANILA, Philippines – President Duterte has ordered the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) to crush sea pirates and...
As a man of honor, the GRP President Duterte is expected to carry out this democratic act over the next week or...
Senate bill granting traffic emergency powers to President Duterte would likely be approved before the year ends. https:…
President Duterte to Obama (human rights, EU: Kung i-reprimand nila ako (killings), I am not your servant, do not do it to me
HAPPENING NOW: President Duterte talks to the PNP–Police Regional Office 13 in Camp Rodriguez Grandstand in Butuan City
President Duterte: My wife is a Zimmerman, she is a descendant of an American jew. Why would I defile the memory of th…
The Philippines is trying to soothe investors spooked by President Duterte.
Foreign investors are shunning Philippine stocks as President Duterte loses his luster
Breaking news Truth on Judicial, Kidnaps and President Duterte warning!: via
Ex-hit man tells Philippine senators that President Duterte ordered killings as a mayor.
Witness tells Filipino Senate that President Rodrigo Duterte ordered killings when he was still mayor.
Presenting Matobato in showed that is using human rights not to help people but to pin down president
Witness: Philippine president ordered us to kill opponents:
Let us pray for our country and pray for our President Duterte.
Philippines: President Duterte ordered 1,000 criminals killed and fed to crocodiles
The of the has now been implicated in ordering the deaths of drug dealers and
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the murder of political opponents while mayor of Davao, a former death squad member has allege…
Witness says president ordered killings of 1,000 (from
The Filipino President is ordering his workers to kill people he strongly dislikes
Philippines President Duterte accused of ordering extrajudicial killings, bombing of mosque while city mayor.
Witness: We killed for Philippine President Duterte, fed body to crocodile - Chicago Tribune
Philippines President Duterte 'once killed man with Uzi' .
Great leadership! President Duterte 'once killed man with Uzi'
Most people would call this horrific. Trump would call this "strong"
Philippines President 'once killed man with Uzi'
Philippines President Duterte asserts sovereignty: wants to end joint patrols of South China Sea with US.
President Duterte combined with bro.Eli as spiritual adviser much better for me.
Filipino president ordered '1,000 criminals killed and fed to crocs' via
Sen. Cayetano: Is it Committee on Justice or Committee to Remove Duterte as President? via
Philippine President Duterte accused of using death squads:
BBC News - Philippines President Duterte 'once killed man with Uzi'
Philippines President Duterte 'once killed man with Uzi'
Welcome to Emmanuel Donkor's Blog: Philippines President Duterte 'once killed man with Uzi'
I do not like the Americans. It's simply a matter of principle for me. - Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. -
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte accused of ordering killings – video -
If Cayetano thinks Duterte will endorse him to be 2022 president, he's wrong. Duterte's bets r Pimentel & Pacquiao, both fr…
newly-elected president of the ran a death squad as mayor in One member's testimony:
Hit man testifies: Duterte ordered "Davao Death Squad" to kill 100s of crooks and foes, incl. one fed to crocodile. https:…
Do you agree with President Rodrigo Duterte's decision ?; I voted Yes,
President Duterte has said several times - he is not about to cut ties with the country's allies, including the U.S. ht…
Could the Senate's hearing on extrajudicial killings be part of a plot to oust President Rodrigo Duterte?
Witness: Filipino President Duterte ordered the deaths of 1,000.
Philippines President Duterte 'once killed man with Uzi' - BBC News
Two congressmen said they see no reason for President Duterte to be given emergency powers to solve traffic woes.
Incredible testimony from former hitman about the murders he carried out on orders of Philippines' Pres. Duterte:
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SFA Yasay: President Duterte has talent & energy to master bureaucracy to get things done fast | via
New Drug list of President Duterte going to be Publicise
A self-described hit man said that Rodrigo Duterte, the Philippines' president, ordered extrajudicial killings
President Rodrigo Duterte revealed that a thousand government officials are included on his new drug list.
Death-squad leader testifies that Philippine president paid him to execute enemies, feed corpses to the crocs.
Australia's FM Bishop has questioned President Duterte's decision not to allow PHL troops to join joint patrols.
President Duterte 'ordered killing of 1,000 people and fed his enemies to crocodiles,' former hitman claims
President Duterte also met with Singaporean PM Lee Hsien Loong on the sidelines of the ASEAN Summit in Laos.
Looking forward to President Vladimir Putin & out very own President Duterte to meet in Laos
President Duterte calls Barack Obama a 'son of a b*' for opposing drug killings
President Duterte calls Barack Obama a “son of a *** "The two leaders had been due to hold a meeting on Tuesday.
DOJ Sec. Aguirre says President Duterte will 'clarify' the scope of State of Lawlessness declaration | via
President Duterte declares State of Lawlessness in the whole country.
Until when? "State of lawlessness until such time I say that it's safe for everybody," says President Duterte.
President Duterte says 'state of lawlessness' in Philippines as Abu Sayyaf reportedly claims Davao City blast that kil…
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President Duterte declares a state of lawless violence following the explosion in Davao City Friday night.
President Duterte will not bring up the issue of South China Sea dispute during the ASEAN Summit in Laos.
LOOK: Sen. Bam Aquino on President Duterte's decision to bury former pres. Marcos at the LNMB.
President Duterte to the Supreme Court: 'I never accused anyone' | Trending Philippines
Dozens of public servants surrender after being linked to drug trade by President
I added a video to a playlist Narco politicians in President Duterte’s list still under validation
Duterte kills 400 since taking office. Keeps promise. Philippines' Trump of the East”
Take action now and ask President Duterte to stop extra judicial executions now!
Good luck and GOD bless President Duterte.I Wish before I going to PHILIPPINES 2017, everywhere is safe already.So that we can go anywhere
Let's talk about President Duterte (did I spell his name right?)
Philippines: President Duterte publicly accuses more than 150 officials of links to drug tra.
The Philippines' new president is like Donald Trump on steroids | by via
Hopefully, President Duterte will start focusing on all these politicians implicated in corruption!
Revealed: the secret meaning behind the tiny on Philippine president hand.
Philippines president names government officials allegedly linked to drug trade in the nation
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President of the Philippines Calls US Ambassador *** Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, known for his in...
Duterte: "My job as a president is to seek peace with everybody."
President Duterte is on the right track - Cardinal Rosales
It’s time for a good, old fashioned CRAZY-OFF! Honestly, I have no idea which way the smart money should bet.
President publicly accuses Filipino government officials including judges and members of C
get Philippine president Duterte in there, theyd be done in a month
I added a video to a playlist Korea's MBC News: Report on President Duterte's Drug War (English
.any comment on Rodrigo Duterte's attacks against you? via
And this is why I love the President of the Philippines Rodrigo "The Punisher" Duterte. After Trump proposed a...
Statement of President Duterte on his Camp Visit to Catbalogan City Samar -August 8, 2016: via
President Rodrigo Duterte congratulate Hidilyn Diaz for winning silver medal in Rio Olympics 2016
Phillipines' more crazy than bout due process, goina jail. How will western demagogues react.
I liked a video President Rodrigo Duterte talks to the Stormtroopers in Catbalogan, Samar August 8
Almost 50 officials surrender after being called out by country's in connection to drug trade.
Philippines President Duterte's war on drugs is popular — but it has a dark side via
Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has authorized killing suspected drug dealers. . The death count is over 400.
I liked a video from President DUTERTE TO DE LIMA and CHR Better SHUT UP if You Can't
Philippines' President Duterte vows to keep 'shoot-to-kill' order, saying he 'does not care about human rights'
Is this the same Peter Lim that had a VIP meeting with President Duterte, and was offered a Govt Position?
President Duterte refused the offered hundreds of millions of pesos from Lucio Tan during the campaign.
JUST IN: The Cebu Provincial Board condemns the act of a netizen changing the face of Sr. Sto Niño with that of President Duterte.
President Duterte has just landed at the Southern Luzon Command in Lucena City
President Duterte: "The Philippines has remained to be committed in pursuing international relations."
TFDP to President Duterte: Marcos’ hero’s burial an insult to Fr. Rudy Romano, enforced disappearance victim...
President Duterte has done so much against illegal drugs in 7 days than Noynoy Aquino have in 6 years! Ponder on that.🤔
Chinese Ambassador to PHL makes courtesy call on President Duterte -
President Duterte met with Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Zhao Jianhua in Malacañang on Thursday, five...
Full Text of the Speech of President Duterte during the PNP Assumption of Command Ceremony:
It seems with President Duterte, the former visions of the late president Ferdinand Marcos will be given a go... https:…
Go, President Duterte! We are praying for you. And if the giant media entities will leave you, so be it. We are...
President Duterte pls save the PH from these massive election cheating. Order military/PNP to take over Comelec! https:/…
Singapore President TONY TAN KENG YAM congratulates incoming President Duterte, invites him to visit Singapore at the earliest opportunity
SINAG raised concerns over plans of presumptive President Duterte to ease foreign ownership rules in the country.
I'm expecting President Duterte will be like Hugo Chavez but he seems more like Justin Trudeau.
I liked a video President Duterte message for Sen Grace Poe.
President Duterte is lke Mr.President Jose Mujica frm Urugay live in a simple life and help less fortunate people.we love u sir
President Duterte and V.P Marcos? The rest of the world incredulous today. Hoping the 🇵🇭 doesn't slide back into dictatorship.
President Duterte, please consider Madam Santiago to be one of the future justices and eventually a Chief Justice!
I have a feeling Boy Abunda is for President Duterte.
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