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President Clinton

William Jefferson Bill Clinton (born William Jefferson Blythe III; August 19, 1946) is an American politician who served as the 42nd President of the United States from 1993 to 2001. Inaugurated at age 46, he was the third-youngest president.

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2000, President Clinton dedicated the President Lincoln and Soldiers’ Home National Monument. https:…
The cesspool was filled with activities with an intern President Clinton had under the White House desk.
President Clinton fired FBI Director William Sessions on 19 July 1993, one day before Vince Foster was found dead. https…
I'm old enough to remember Newt Gingrich arguing that President Clinton should be impeached for...obstructing justice. htt…
Who would win in golf foursome match between President Trump, President Obama, President Clinton and El Rushbo?
Clinton had no power of veto or approval over the deal. She was one of nine members of the committee,…
Republicans let Clinton stay because they didn't want Gore to be an incumbent president. They were *** and shoul…
The 10 year FBI Director term is a maximum--not a guarantee. The Director serves at the pleasure of the president.
A president who was heavy on actual information about Clinton made under a massive and deeply flawed purge of women or needed
Hillary Clinton is not my president because she's not my president
Earth 2: President Hillary Clinton presses her hand against the glowing orb. An aide whispers in her ear. She nods.…
Hillary Clinton unsecured server MAYBE the greatest breach of national security in the history of this country. RUNS FOR FRICKING PRESIDENT
Tonight! and bring The 85 South Show! Pull up to 300 President Clinton Ave sh…
Think you are correct on this one. What occurred during that run for President that effected him so…
HM I think they have forgotten abt their Democrat President Bill Clinton to Was A Disgra…
So is it wrong to give money to a president's wife or daughter or is it right? Or is i…
...the donor. It's clearly a kickback. But you're right, it's not nearly the same. After all, Clin…
Hillary Clinton just doesn't have the stamina to be president.
If I see a Clinton running for US President again I will lose it.
Who was the immediate boss of diplomats?. Secre…
You my friend have got it this is the best president got better than Clinton sh…
Remember when SoS Clinton had travelled 956,733 miles but was accused by of insufficient stamin…
Donald Hillary Clinton 'doesn't have the stamina' to be president. Says the old fat *** who's cr…
I too graduated when Clinton was president. But high school
Feels great to wake up everyday knowing Hillary Clinton is not President.
BTW flake, I'm still looking for that . Got one ? Post it ! Your president passed t…
Remember when this was the Clinton Foundation and you said it was pay for play, corrupt and disqualification to be…
Women brought Ailes down, just not the one who wanted to be president writes.
Clinton only president to achieve surplus. Obama only other president to decrease deficit.
Either I'm losing my mind (possible) or there's a near total media blackout on this historic lawsuit http…
Remember when Donald Trump said Hillary Clinton didn't have the stamina to be President?. I do. This is funny.
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"Clinton doesn't have the stamina to be president"
BEST PRESIDENT EVER. Nothing's going to change the. This is all about Clinton avoiding prosecution :D
Thank goodness Hillary Clinton, whose philanthropy accepted money from foreign government donors, is not the president. htt…
The President let the Saudis know from the start, that he wasn't responsible for any Clinton Foundation refunds and not t…
I like how President Trump goes to Saudi to make deals for the American people--instead of for himself, like Hillary Cl…
in 1997, then-President Clinton issued an apology for the 1932-72 government-sponsored syphilis study https:/…
President Clinton fired his FBI director on July 19th, 1993, The Day before Vince Foster was found dead in Marcy Park.…
In July 1993, President Clinton fired FBI Director William Sessions citing questions about his conduct and leadership
From 2010 profile of James Patterson, President Clinton's new co-author:
21. WATCH: Here is President Clinton talking about Mrs. King's incredible decision to march with the Memphis sanitation workers…
I was going to skip my univ grad ceremony till I learned President Clinton was giving the commencement address.
Larry : . A friend of mine named Larry once told me, around the time of Bill Clinton's 2nd inauguration, "You know, President Clinton and …
little lauded accomplishment, but the International Space Station would not exist but for President Clinton.
Bernard is the reason why President Clinton isn't working on a tuition free college bill right now
Seen at the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville: President Clinton, Secretary Tom Perez and President Obama, Represen…
President Clinton to Peter Jennings “Don’t go there Peter!”
"Address your letter to President Clinton and send it in care of John Podesta, assistant to the President..."
That's a comment from someone who's never lived in Middle East, "President Clinton" debt to Saudis destroyed Obama legacy.
The most outrageous thing that happened on the Oval Office couch took place under President Clinton, and we all know what…
So now u & the fam have morales? Don't remember that word much when President Clinton was n office.
President Clinton on a Refugee. 5-year-old Elián González was found by fishermen floating alone off the Florida...
Meanwhile, on Earth 2, President Clinton's Secretary of State met uneventfully with the department's senior management to d…
Hillary Clinton has served his own riches at the President’s bipartisan condemnation and a President Obama, the official
4 /20/11 President Obama - Advocate of Democracy and Revolution Clinton meeting rebels
Rumor has it that centrist Democrats in NYC want Hillary Clinton to run for mayor.
good so better person be a president not a corrupt ignorant family like Clinton I bet the drop on her book it'…
Fun fact! The last time the President-elect held a press conference, he encouraged Russia to hack Secretary Clinton's emails.
Donald Trump is Hillary Clinton's president. What if she were his mayor?
Why go this far, risk trouble with the U.S., with Secretary Clinton who could be the next president, all for revenge? Something is very off.
*** I could swear I voted for President Trump because of his economic agenda, which Clinton didn't have.. Bring jobs back from Mexico ***
"We also *** Putin & the Russian government aspired to help president-elect Trump's election discredit…
."We *** Putin, his advisers, & the Russian Gov developed a clear preference for President-elect Trump over Sec. Clinton."
CIA, FBI, NSA: Putin wanted Trump to be President and ordered a campaign to discredit Hillary Clinton.
you think President Clinton will tap him to head the Department of Veterans Affairs to get him out of Missouri?
Secretary of State, 1st Lady & Senator Hillary Clinton will be attending the inauguration with President Clinton, but I'm s…
President Clinton was born William Jefferson Blythe III but took his step father's last name when his mother remarried
Statement from President Clinton and Secretary Clinton on the Passing of John Glenn, calls Glenn a "uniquely American her…
I think we should just start referring to Hillary as President Clinton and like act confused when someone tries to say Dona…
It's been President Clinton's dream that we'll have finally a ...
3. 28 years after Benjamin Davis retired as a 3-star General in 1970, President Clinton added a 4th star, making him a…
Reminder; have been against the law, since President Clinton signed Immigration Reform Act 1996.
Let me explain again. President Clinton was President in 2000 when my parents handed me over to Pastor Adeboye, caught on CIA camera.
I was convinced President Clinton would have a Speaker Pelosi and Maj Leader Schumer to help. Former out of the que…
Currently existing for the day President Clinton invites Theresa May & Angela Merkel over to the WH to eat cake & discuss world affairs
Special Report in Dawn magazine today: What will President Clinton (or President Trump) mean for Pak? By
Update your maps at Navteq
I remember in 2000, when President Clinton came to Cartagena just ...
if you vote Green, you're sending a message that President Trump will ignore, or one that President Clinton already rece…
A President Clinton would be out of control: Glenn Reynolds via
COMMENT: In 2015 former President Clinton warmly greeted and met with Raul Castro despite his role in the mur...
Bernie Sanders says he is prepared to be a liberal thorn in President Clinton's side. A must read from http…
Allegations that President Clinton pardoned Marc Rich partly in return for donations to his p
One BIG reason Rudy Giuliani says Hillary Clinton is “too stupid to be president” -
Shimon Peres shares his admiration for the bravery of the Syrian people in a 2012 event at Brookings. Full video: https:…
Despite how the statement "Hillary Clinton is the MOST QUALIFIED person to EVER run for president." and similar...
.is taking votes from Clinton but taking conservative newspaper endorsements from Trump
I liked a video from POKEMON FOR PRESIDENT! (Trump and Clinton debates Poke-fied)
.reiterates to reporters that Clinton supports the 9/11 bill Obama vetoed & that she would have signed it as presid…
"In a few moments, I will sign the North American free trade act into law." - Clinton
Last 12 hrs in Arizona: AZ Republic endorses a Dem for the 1st time and the former GOP AG of the state endorses HRC. https:/…
There's literally ONE serious, qualified candidate who is ready to be president on Day One (or ever). That's Hillary Clinton. Not 3rd party.
Israelis pay respects to Peres, Bill Clinton arrives in Israel
Look man, I'm not a huge fan of Clinton either. But we can't let Trump be President. He's a lunatic.
Compare the Candidates: Where Do Clinton and Trump Stand on Education? via
Pinocchio Clinton depends on Sanders, Obama, and Bill to campaign for her. she's not fit to be President.
The Arizona Republic ed board endorses Hillary Clinton, first time we've ever backed a Democrat for president.
.Hillary Clinton will say and do anything to become president...those are Barack Obama's words, not mine…
If we move to mars would trump or Clinton still be president?
Share this with everybody if you agree --- 200 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Not Be President
If the US & Russia are having trouble working together in Syria now wait until President Clinton boosts rebels & implements…
US election 2016 polls and odds: Latest Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton results forecast in race to be president:
Uh oh - Trump messed with the Kardashians, this election is a wrap. Congrats to Hillary Clinton our next President!
The Arizona Republic began publication in 1890, it has never endorsed a Democrat for president, 2016 is different.
Coming to American thanks to our weak moslem loving president and sec of state Hillary Clinton!
Whoa! For the first time EVER, the Arizona Republic is endorsing a Democrat for president. https:…
Bill Clinton is not running for President, Trump is !!
I didn't know that Obama and Clinton were president and Vice President of the world? Have fun losing bigly
Kurtz: Tr Why don't you probe Clinton more? Public knows media is corrupt. Trump will be next a President easily.
"I tremble at the thought of Mrs Clinton in the White House" - I guess the thought of President Trump is comforting
Former President Bill Clinton last time I checked was a private citizen &
Must read: A Berniebot 100% supporting Hillary! Saying shes one of the most qualified president we've ever had! .
Former US President Bill Clinton paid last respects to Israel’s Shimon Peres on Thursday as the body of the Nobel...
So this was a great idea in 1995, under President Bill Clinton and now with more drugs, more unknowns of intent,...
Hillary Clinton is not running for President, she's waiting to be crowned.
Fact checkers tell me this isnt Clinton signing NAFTA. Its Bush dressed up as Clinton & still president in '93
Pinocchio Clinton depends on Obama, Sanders, and Bill to campaign for her. Need more proof? She's not fit…
."Hillary Clinton will be a president our kids can look up to."
In her campaign for President, Hillary Clinton has received $100 million dollars in contributions from Wall Street and…
It's official, Obama is scared. Whining about sexism reveals the president knows Clinton's in deep trouble. https…
The Hunting of the President: The Ten-Year Campaign to Destroy Bill and Hillary Clinton http…
Seeing a clown in the woods would scare me more than Hillary Clinton being president 🙃🔫
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It's Trump or Clinton for President, what are the implications for Pharma?
Majorities of voters in all these states say Trump is not prepared to be President, does not have the temperament:
"The president commands our nuclear arsenal. Trump can’t command his own rhetoric." —
Hes a nice guy and Jill has good intentions but for have two choices people..Clinton and whats his name :)
My latest: "If she is president, Bill Clinton will probably be back in the White House doing the same thing again.” http…
Secretary Clinton in Charlotte, phone bankers in Catawba County working to make her President Clinton.
In new ad, John McCain pitches himself as a check on President Clinton (Expects Trump to Lose)
McCain now running on the "I'll be a check on President Clinton" line. .
Senator Elizabeth Warren calls President Clinton asking her to look into banking fraud. "New number, who dis?"
A late second term appointment by the 2nd President Clinton, who knows, it could happen, we can all dream
The Independent: How would President Clinton shape US policy on Syria?
This weekend, we learned former President Clinton met with the Obama Administration Attorney general - the FBI director's bos…
and I sincerely hope President Clinton's first nomination will be Barack Hussein Obama.
I loved hearing President Clinton speak! Too young to vote Bill, but I will for Hillary!
The picture of President Clinton and Bishop Charles E. Blake. I see you, Bishop!
Juan Antonio Samaranch, left, President Clinton and Billy Payne, right, President of ACOG, during...
President Clinton's first 100 days: Half of the cabinet is women, maybe the first openly *** cabinet secretary.
"Now, President Clinton & foundation are involved in that investigation the appearance of impr…
AG Lynch: "President Clinton, today I wanted to give you a courtesy heads up that we are indicting your wife". Bill: "H…
As soon as you understand that there is only one President Clinton in Bill's household, it all makes sense.
Jamelle Bouie, October 2017: How Bernie Sanders is to Blame for President Clinton's War in Syria.
Michael Jackson letting President Clinton hold Blanket :) President Clinton got to hold each of his kids as a baby. htt…
NAFTA.” President Clinton signed the legislation to implement NAFTA, but the agreement itself was signed by President George H.W. Bush.
in 1993, President Clinton announced his nomination of Ruth Bader Ginsburg to be Associate Justice of
For the president to resign now would be wrong. President Clinton may ...
Chef Chris Tonti and Chef Johnny Rodriguez with President Clinton at a recent dinner fundraiser in NYC
2017: President Clinton launches inadvertent ICBM attack on Russia from new iPhone, then calls Putin to say "sorry".
But, he's probably better than we'll get with President Clinton and Chuck Schumer's Senate.
A former Secret Service Agent for President Clinton excoriates Crooked Hillary describing her as ERRATIC & VIOLENT. Ba…
"President Clinton will be closer to hardline French, pro-Moroccan position" Movement Mourns Loss of Polisario Head
Marine Le Pen - French Leader of National Front : Clinton as President is a Danger to World Peace
.would do well to debate Sanders now that is INELIGIBLE to hold office!
Some of the Sanders supporters protesting Clinton tore up the man's "women are not fit to be president" sign
Trump has a 97-99% chance of being president against Hillary Clinton …"
News: Ex President Bill Clinton arrives in Leeds to lead the peace talks in the . (By
As a President Obama a real one but Clinton he a real real one
Ufo Alerts: The UFO truth is out there — if Clinton is elected President: Recent news reports say Hillary Cli...
. 100% Chance of War if Hillary Clinton becomes President.She's in bed with Military Industrial Complex. .
Along with former President Bill Clinton, we have Sam Nunn to thank fo...
Hillary breaks the law NOW. CURRENTLY. And still expects to be President? Never!
How have America gotten into the situation where Trump or Clinton is going to be president?
Hillary Clinton: Trump is 'not qualified' to be President
"A State Department audit released 05/26/2016 faults Hillary Clinton in stating that her and her team ignored...
I'm voting for the cookie monster for President. Makes vastly more sense than Trump and has more believability than Clinton.
Marco Rubio: "I don't want Hillary Clinton to be president"
Thought judge found enough evidence and concluded that nothing will be done about it, after all, could be President.
If Hillary wins, what will B. Clinton's title be? First lady-man or..? First Man President Guy?
Email report shows Clinton shouldn't be president -
Hillary Clinton is not the only woman running for president. Where Does Jill Stein Stand On The Issues? via
Hilary Clinton will be an embarrassment to women if she gets elected as the first woman president. Not to mention she will r…
That one time when Bernie Sanders praised President Bill Clinton economy you know b4 he decided to run for president https:…
Let's be honest Hillary Clinton is going to be president and there's nothing that any voter can do to stop it
Having Hillary Clinton as president is kind of like that feeling you get when you ask for a Diet Coke & the waiter says…
If you think Hillary Clinton should be President ... you're either morally bankrupt, or galactically stupid ... either way, don't talk to me
good idea Donald! Consider making a documentary about President Clinton and his sexual dishonesty in the White House.
Goofy Elizabeth Warren should run for President and Unite Democrats and Endorses many of the Plans of Bernie&Clinton https:/…
Hilary Clinton is already involved in a scandal and she's not even president
There’s only one way to stop from becoming the next U.S. president, writes
If elected President will you require your cabinet, staff, and press corps make a donation to the Clinton Foundation?
Joe Biden would be an excellent 'slip-in' candidate if Hillary Clinton falters
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One wonders if Ken Starr's statements about his role in investigating President Clinton is related to all of this. 🤔
You gotta admit, Secretary of Education Sanders is really giving President Clinton a run for her money.
Wikileaks staff: Julian Assange would find life no easier under President Clinton: Journalist and hacker Jacob Appelbaum says Clinton...
President Clinton did not abuse Monica L. when she performed oral sex on him.
.It will be either President Clinton or Trump, Mark Levin can waste his vote, others will pick for him
One is that President Clinton, in his first two years of his term, did not ...
President Clinton with Prime Minister Ehud Barak and Chairman Yasser Arafat look cute when the touch each other
President Clinton reached an out-of-court settlement with Paula Jones, agreeing to pay her $850,000 to drop the sexual harassment lawsuit
In 1999 the Congress enacted and President Clinton signed into law the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act creating YUGE problems
In addition to myself and a number of others, President Clinton talked abou...
Here's how Wall Street is getting ready for President Clinton...or maybe Trump
I do not espouse the unitarian position. President Clinton's assertion of d...
Will Dems wrap up their schadenfreude soon enough to start focusing down-ballot? President Clinton won't get much done w…
President Clinton: Larry Summers and Bob Rubin gave me lousy advice about derivatives via
President Clinton left the White House and handed Bush & the country a surplus
Agree with your final guest. Think of what 4/8 years of President Clinton would mean for Fox's ratings? GOP Pres bad for business
President Clinton "I think America would work a whole lot better of it worked as a community college"
fmr. President Clinton, I'm being terrorized & u know the players involved. Can u do anything? respect
President Clinton, and Vice President Sanders, sounds good to me...
Somebody should tell that to President Clinton & Obama
Keep on believing that as President Clinton, Speaker Pelosi and Maj Leader Schumer show you what the difference is
Practice saying President Clinton,Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Schumer. THAT is what Trump is going to give us
One step closer to President Clinton, Speaker Pelosi, and Majority Leader Schumer.
Prediction for 2017-21. President Clinton. Vice-President Warren. Fed Chair Yellen. 3 women in power and best economy in a generation.
Merrick Garland was a nominee of pro-abortion President Clinton and a clerk for pro-abortion Justice William Brennan https:…
I can not think of saying President Clinton and her First Lady Bill Clinton.
I can't wait for President Clinton to appoint Van Jones to the Supreme Court.
Strongest reaction from the Hope Zion Baptist Church crowd comes when President Clinton talks about gun violence.
When Monica Lewinsky found out her BFF Linda Tripp taped her phone calls about President Clinton
President Clinton appointed two Justices to the Supreme Court: Ruth Bader Ginsburg in 1993 and Stephen Breyer in 1994.
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it makes me worry about what a President Clinton might do. Dr. Hyman is her personal health guru.
Just remembered when President Clinton was chastised by Republicans as demeaning the office for answering the "boxers or br…
Cherokee Nation Chief Bill John Baker welcomed President Clinton to the podium in Tulsa
One of College's own is around town and plus former President Clinton in building
Someone please tell Mrs Hillary and President Clinton about this woman! She should be acknowledged
Paula Jones, whose sexual harassment case in the '90s led to President Clinton's impeachment, now says Clinton is a repeat offender,
"we all have to make some sacrifices," President Clinton says, signing an order to channel all Social Security into the military.
“President Clinton, you were not the first black president,” Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen said while introducing...
A BBC FOI uncovers a conversation between PM Blair and President Clinton after the death of Princess Diana
1992: President Clinton lost to New Englander Paul Tsongas in NH. How did that turn out for Tsongas? Who even remembers him?
i.e., President Clinton sold it in part as a bill to help black families in crime-ridden neighborhoods.
Had an amazing time with President Clinton in Fort Dodge yesterday.
This is an awesome photo with President Clinton! Yes, we're hoping!
"I think it's all roses now." President Clinton's envoy to North Korea, Jimmy Carter, on the 1994 agreement he secured for a nuke free NK
It was so great to see former President Clinton in Nashua today. I can't wait to see him over the course of this...
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Part 17 No More Clinton BS)Affair came out later.Vince Foster was President Clinton's deputy White House counsel and long-time friend of
President Clinton gave pardon to billionaire swindler Marc Rich, then a fugitive, in exchange received for Clint…
President Clinton's cat, Socks, on the Press Secretary's podium in the press briefing room. White House. 1993. https:/…
This day in Country Music history Dec 20th: 2000, Eddy Arnold receives National Medal of Arts from President Clinton
in 2000 Eddy Arnold received a National Medal of Arts from President Clinton.
Looking forward to the day when I ask you to clarify which President Clinton you're talking about.
1995 - President Clinton posing with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Like the cat that "swallowed" the canary...
On 12/9/00, President Clinton spoke at the unveiling of the design for the Clinton Library. Read his remarks:
On Nov. 30, 1995, President Clinton became the first U.S. chief executive to visit Northern Ireland.
President Clinton refused to kick out of Mae Young's bronco buster for some reason
Double the President's, double Secret Service at their side, former and future President Clinton's!
Queen Elizabeth II and President Clinton visited National Park to experience tiger spotting.
I agree is awesome lady! Nina & Bernie will campaign for the next President Clinton!
Hey, Katniss, President Clinton would make President Snow look feeble.
President Clinton spoke in Tel Aviv in a ceremony marking the 20th anniversary of the assassination of Yitzhak...   10% Off
Jeb Bush just referred to Hillary Clinton as "President Clinton" when being interviewed by Dana Bash on CNN
Apply now to join President Clinton for 2016 from April 1-3 at Final app deadline is Dec 1, 2015:
President Clinton greeted Netanyahu's electoral defeat to a Ehud Barak by trumpeting, "I'm as excited as a kid awaiting a new toy"
“At its core, the idea of human rights is pretty straightforward,” President Clinton said
Former Senator Chris Dodd is on the stage now talking about the impact President Clinton has had on human rights practices around the world.
President Clinton and Vice President Al Gore during a ceremony in the White House Rose Garden, 1998.
on a disappointing summit meeting between President Clinton and the Syrian dictator Hafez Assad. (2/2)
'Congress should force President Clinton to resign' - Mullah Omar, in a call to the State Department during the Lewinsky Affair
President Bill Clinton limited signed My Life, 1 of 1500, new, in shrinkwrap, - Bid Now! …
YoungPatriot9: President Obama is negotiating with terrorists and thinks it's ok to do just that. .
guy who worked for Bush says Clinton isn't a good candidate;
"I cannot imagine anyone being more of an outsider than the first woman president," Clinton said. or
ballpoint pen drawing by me .President Clinton.
People who support Hillary Clinton for president. How do you deal with the fact that she's the worst?
bcwilliams92: is unqualified to be president of the USA .
My fav pictures: Clinton and Bush was gonna run for president
Adorable young Clinton fan asks if a female president would make as much as a man
MMBJackMcCarr: This is like looking out to the crowds following and cheering for our next President
Congress & the president haven’t been this far apart since the end of the Clinton admin:
Any one of these Republicans is exponentially more qualified to be President than Hillary Clinton.
Today in History for September 21st: Highlights of this day in history: President Bill Clinton's g...
That face you make when someone says Hillary Clinton would be a good President... .
How can any of us forget how Hillary Clinton treated the secret service agents assigned to protect her when Pedophile Bill was president?
Hillary Clinton want's to be president even though she failed with Benghazi, Libya, Egypt, Russia, and Syria, Russian uranium deal, etc.
Post Edited: Who seems like the better democratic candidate for president, Bernie Sanders or Hilary Clinton?
Obamas' a Muslim the same way Clinton was called "The first black president"...
Hillary Clinton says she would be a political "outsider" if elected as first female president
Hillary Clinton Argues She Would Be a Political ???Outsider???: Hillary Clinton brushes off the notion she is ...
Promoting Safe Sex in Russia:. Recently, President Clinton and Boris Yeltsin had a conference on the. spread...
-President Clinton's Library. On the river front just outside of Little Rock
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Date night with my beautiful wife! Got to see President Clinton, President Bush, Katy Perry and Evander Holyfield!
Sandy Berger and President Clinton blew it by not killing UBL when they had the chance. Maybe 9/11 may not have happened.
WATCH LIVE: President Clinton addresses the 106th NAACP Annual Convention in Philadelphia. Tune in at the link...
President Clinton's spiritual advisor Gordon Macdonald was a guest on my podcast.
my photo of former President Clinton was in this morning.
President Clinton: 8 great years of leadership. President George W. Bush: 8 years of disaster. President Obama: 8...
Pat McGee​ has performed for President Clinton & shared the stage w/ The Who​, The Allman Brothers​​, & many more.
There is no place for people who cant see beyond there own noses. Will done President Clinton. I know all about hate.
Good piece by on The TPP, Drug Patents, and President Clinton
In an move that received thunderous applause,Clinton was joined on stage by daughter Chelsea and husband and former President Clinton.
President Clinton and she no more pursued policies of Franklin Roosevelt than I am Pope John XXIII.
he's still President Clinton. President is a title like "Dr.". Calling him away from his title would be of poor training.
President Clinton was paid by Mubarak group & by tear gas firm owner as SOS Hillary approved tear gas export ➡️
President Clinton and Sec. of Agriculture Tom Vilsack discuss unlocking the potential of rural America
20 years ago this week: President Clinton launched his National Homeownership Strategy
This week Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for President Clinton, Henry Cisneros, joins The Costa Report.
Monica Lewinsky: The price of shame via She was 23 when she had an affair with former President Clinton
"If you want a future where the American Dream is really alive and well again, you have to vote for Barack Obama."—President Clinton
Denny Hastert voted to impeach President Clinton over his affair, but he was engaging in sex with a high school guy while he was a teacher.
If Monica Lewinsky never fellated President Clinton, hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis would still be alive today.
The year is 1998 . President Clinton lays in bed, puffing his vape. He tries to blow O's but can't. "Lmao how does Al Gore do …
Al Gore and President Clinton are in the video being hero's and never did a thing to help.
Yes, how come no one has thought of it before! Al Gore for Defense Secretary under new President Clinton.
Hanging with Ken Wilson Waiting to hear from President Clinton
White House AIDE: Excuse me, President Clinton?. BILL AND HILLARY: Yes?. --SNL sketches for the next four years
And for Morons like Maher is was THE DEMOCRATS under President Clinton who SUPPORTED the OUSTER of Saddam Hussein.
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