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President Bush

George Walker Bush (born July 6, 1946) is an American politician and businessman who was the 43rd President of the United States from 2001 to 2009 and the 46th Governor of Texas from 1995 to 2000. The eldest son of Barbara Bush and George H. W.

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North Korea been threatening the US with war every week since President Bush. I really don't take their threats seriously
Coming from a woman who referred to President Trump as President Bush her endless demands don't mean much.
1992: Sen. Biden says President Bush should not name nominee until afte... via
“It seems to me to be a very clear violation” —Richard Painter, White House counsel for President Bush
Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch was at the center of a Guantánamo debate in 2005. He sided with President Bush.
Retired General Michael Hayden, former director of CIA & NSA under President Bush, says there is no "deep state" yet
President Bush: `Islam's religion of peace`. Muslim websites show Mohammed was a terrorist.
Biography success learning about Milton Hershey, President Bush, President Obama, and Hitler!
Harriet Miers withdrew because Republican Senators told President Bush they would not vote yes for her, so she was denied vote
I disagreed with President Bush all the time. I never called him a pathological liar. He was just conservative. But Trump l…
happened many times in the past. President Bush would go to his ranch and so would Lyndon Johnson and many other presidents.
- President Bush withdrew the Supreme Court nomination of Harriet Miers.
The Democrats are falling apart! Incompetence- Nancy Pelosi thinks she's working with President Bush! Maxine Waters says RUSSIA in N-KOREA.
Whack Pelosi😲!. CONFUSION: Nancy Pelosi says 'Seen nothing I can work with President Bush on' - The American Mirror.
Pelosi says she can't work with 'President Bush'. Huh? It's time for change. Hey it's going to be ok
Please let know that is the US President. Pelosi says she can't work with 'President Bush'!?? htt…
THE NAME IS TRUMP: Pelosi says she can't work with 'President Bush'
Nancy Pelosi says she can't work with 'President Bush' via the Android app is dimwitted
Nancy Pelosi still thinks she's fighting against President Bush via EARLY SIGNS OF Dementia or just STUPID? h…
. Great to see President Bush and Mrs. Bush at super bowel
How long will it take to wheel President Bush back out for the OT coin toss?
. . What is more American than the national anthem,Huge flag,flyover President Bush & football. GOD BLESS American
WATCH: President Bush addresses nation following the loss of Space Shuttle
2003, President Bush attended a memorial service for the crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia.…
"Secure Fence Act of 2006, which was passed by Congress, signed into law by President Bush"
😂🤣😂🤣 only Dan & Dave Chappelle the only ones calling President Bush, George Bush Jr.
2003, President Bush delivered his State of the Union address to Congress.
It's now clear that from the very moment President Bush took offi...
President Bush moved out of ICU, Mrs. Bush released
Very classy comments that Jim Nance made tonight during the game on former President Bush and his wife Barbara.
with his colleagues. Decision to take the UN route 92. Sir David Manning, Mr Blair’s Foreign Policy Adviser, told President Bush that it
months”. 34. When Mr Blair had his first meeting with President Bush at Camp David in late February 2001, the US and UK agreed on the
Based on the trajectory from Bush to Trump in terms of how articulate they are the next republican president will communicate in only emojis
Just In: After an evening at Methodist Hospital, President Bush battles pneumonia, has bronchitis
A Manager told me he could do whatever he wanted to me and I could call whoever I wanted. Just after Bush Jr. became President.
Former President George H.W. Bush, wife Barbara 'both on the upswing'
Andy Card, Former Chief of Staff For Pres George W Bush Speaks about the Role of The President: via
Every former president gets to use the Air Force plane to depart DC. Bush flew one to his Texas ranch after leaving in 2009
In keeping with tradition, Obama will leave a note in the Oval Office desk for the incoming president. It simply reads…
(but people did judge obama. And bush. And every president.)
Here is the latest on the condition of President George HW Bush and his wife Barbara. Per the Bush office.
Ditching the Agreed Framework worked so well that President Bush spent the rest of his tenure trying to negotiate i…
We continue to pray for President George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara. They represent the best of America and public ser…
When Bush was president I was really young, so I don't remember it. Obama's been president for my whole childhood. It's weird to see him go
President Bush's 2009 letter to incoming President-Elect Obama just released for first time. A class act just like his fathe…
I really hope people don't boo the president like they did to Bush in 2009. Obama is still the president until 12 ET.
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Doctors are deciding if they can remove a breathing tube from the former president as he fights pneumonia:
41st President Bush in 'stable' condition, wife in 'better health'
Sending prayers and well wishes to former President Bush & First Lady Barbara. Their integrity & love for country went…
same accusations of racism bigotry misogynist & Nazi for President Bush as they're now leveling against President elect Trump
President Obama once called President Bush 43 unpatriotic for increasing the debt, but obviously the same did not a…
president Trump is going to inherit you're mess but he's to much of a man to blame you like you blamed Bush, just watch and learn.
Here's the advice Obama got from George W. Bush the day he became president
Barbara Bush hospitalized for bronchitis, President Bush remains in ICU
Growing up under Bush & Obama showed me that you have to respect the office of president but the holder has to respect whom he represents
The Letter. The Letters. Who says what?. Here is some of what was said by one President to another... and another.
Truth Bomb 💣- George Bush had protesters at his inauguration saying "Not My President" He went on to do eight years.
President G.W. Bush sends letter to Trump about why he won't be Attending inauguration
President Obama came into office to fix things Bush broke. Trump is coming in to break things Obama fixed.
Thoughts and prayers for former President George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush --- Here's the latest:
I only have real memories of 3 presidents being president in my lifetime - Clinton, Bush, and Obama. Trump will be my fourth.
I remember when Whoopie Goldberg made a disgusting gesture and remark about President Bush. Celebrities think can do anything!
Chelsea Handler is against President Bush's dedication to U.S. soldiers and veterans; their daily struggle w/combat…
As fighting in Iraq intensifies, President Bush delivered his sup...
VIDEO | Ghana's new President plagiarizes speech by former US President Bush .
🇺🇸🇺🇸 BREAKING. Bill & will attend the along with 43rd President Bush.
We are a long way from getting back the jobs lost since President Bush...
1992: President Bush pardoned former Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger and five others in the Iran-Contra scandal
Dr. James Mitchell, the man who ran President Bush's interrogation program, says political correctness emboldens terrori…
Alphonse Mourad has sought help and pleaded his case to President Bush.//
'I was in Iraq when President Bush announced the “surge” in January 2007. I was in Afghanistan when President...
A salute from this corner to President Bush for saying he was willi...
Interesting anniversay: on this day in 1992: the 1st President Bush pardoned Caspar Weinberger & others for their part in Iran Contra.
President Bush escorts Pakistani Prime Minister into the White House for a meeting in the Oval Offic…
People always related to President Bush, but in the aftermath of ...
February, three days before President Bush signed the Executive Order establishing the US Commission. 935. After the announcement of the
In front of President Bush, BJ Armstrong went on a shooting craze at the hitting 26 shots in minute (21 consecutively…
Taxes are important. President Bush's tax proposals leave no rich person...
President Bush's mercury rule is a gift to the big energy companies that h...
subsequent discussions between Sir David Manning and senior members of the US Administration, including President Bush, and Mr Blair’s
later in this Section. 33. On 29 July, Sir David Manning delivered to Dr Rice a Note from Mr Blair to President Bush. 34. Mr Blair sent
would be published today when Abu Mazen was confirmed …”343 974. President Bush wrote in his memoir that he convened “the entire
reached and issued an ultimatum giving Saddam Hussein and his sons 48 hours to leave Iraq. 867. President Bush stated that the world had
…”217 635. Mr Brenton reported that President Bush was determined to remove Saddam Hussein and to stick to the US timetable for
The US would issue a 48-hour ultimatum to Saddam Hussein to leave. 336. After the conversation between President Bush and Mr Blair, Mr
President Bush and I had asked Congress to appropriate a half-billion dollars to school vou
statement”, which Mr Blair had “briefly described” to President Bush: • a public statement in Arabic by Saddam Hussein announcing
President Bush has had an outstanding Secretary of State in Colin Powell and there are not ma
.I didn't ask, but one of the homeless fellows said he was voting for me. He called me President Bush.
Tonight, I concurred with President Bush when he stated that the decisions on future involve
President Bush tapping President Obama to take a picture
It has been 2,813 days since President Obama was sworn in and you are still blaming President Bush?
Ten years ago a movie depicted the assassination of President
Where was all this when President Bush & *** Cheney deleted millions of emails. Related to lying about war,
Where was President Bush located when 9/11 happened?: Here is the answer for Trivia Crack Question “Where was...
White's elect a president & make America the laughing stock of the world even worse than GW Bush the war criminal.
Apparently Reagan started the war on drugs, liking him makes you a skinhead, and Bush Sr was still president in 2001
but all Reagan’s indicted cabinet members that were inducted ended up being pardoned in 1992 by President George H.W. Bush. Obama China
between the hawks and the rest”. The key would be President Bush’s position. 45. Sir Christopher also reported that he had been told
/ We had a smiler for 8 years. His name was George W. Bush. We need a qualified president this time.
world leaders snubbed outgoing U.S. president George W. Bush at the G20 summit, by not shaking his hand
Sully hasn't been on since Bush was president, that's how irrelevant he is in 2016. Utter waste of an ep
President Bush used to send letters to babies born to mothers on active duty.
scenarios” about what would constitute a material breach. Reflecting Mr Blair’s words to President Bush at Camp David on 7 September
Why do I say this? Because 4 Jews are dictating American Foreign Policy to President George Bush:
overnight on 14‑15 November that there were indications that President Bush’s reference to “zero tolerance” was causing some
I read a story in time magazine and all the stuff that President Obama and Hillary is getting blamed for lead's back to George Bush?
Welcome to President Bush, Mrs Bush, and my fellow astronauts
if Hilary becomes president, we are going to look back and think George Bush was intelligent incompetent
Hillary was Sec Of State during Benghazi. Bush was president during 9/11. Shall we talk about about Bush's Embassy attacks?
The nation will be shaped for decades by decisions that are made by President Bush and the Sena
I'm so disappointed in President Bush not endorsing Trump. I would almost guarantee he is pacing now.
I have no interest in defending Trump, but Bush publicly praised Putin *while president* in far more sycophantic, flatte…
Trump has no plan. He would be a worse president than George W Bush. Neither Bush or Trump has a plan or a clue.
If that leaked the Secret Service's protocol documents for if President Bush falls down a well.
Does she take orders from Repubs like Powell? Which Repub will tell her how to be president? Bush? Kissinger?
I haven't stood for the National Anthem since George W Bush was appointed President by the Supreme Court in 2000.
why bush? The most money spent on education was during his second term as president
her senate vote gave President Bush the authority to make war on Iraq smh
I'm very pleased with the job President Bush is doing and he's off to a terrific start.
Want to see why president bush has very little to say in this cold war era we see at hand without a value fir its negligence of procedure
Never gonna give credit to President Bush for 9/11. It was a tactical masterpiece by brother Bin Laden.
Try eating in a chow on hall on THANKSGIVING and being turned away because President Bush showed up.
the UN route. 524. Dr Rice told Sir David that President Bush “would probably be ready to do this” for Mr Blair. 525. Following a
521. Sir David Manning told Dr Rice that Mr Blair thought President Bush should use his speech at the UN General Assembly to make a virtue
that Mr Blair would reinforce that message with President Bush. Sir David Manning’s discussion with Dr Rice, 6 September 2002 320. Sir
Dr Rice telephoned Sir David Manning after the Sedgefield press conference to discuss the arrangements for Mr Blair and President Bush to
Rice told Sir David Manning that President Bush had given “a great deal of thought to Iraq during his summer vacation at the Crawford
the UN. 190. Dr Rice and Sir David Manning spoke later that day to follow up the discussion between Mr Blair and President Bush. 191. Dr
David Manning that President Bush had worked carefully through the ideas in Mr Blair’s Note of 28 July and concluded the best way
All of this suggests that while citizens became more comfortable with President Bush after Sep
First Lady Laura Bush looks on as President Bush confers with top advisors in the President's Emergency Ops Center.
views. The proposals had not been discussed or agreed with his colleagues. 534. Sir David Manning told President Bush that Mr Blair agreed
President Bush on 31 July. Mr Rycroft’s letter recording the conversation stated that it had become clear during Sir David Manning’s
President Bush paid for the terrorists to come & fly the planes n2 the World Trade Center buildings his base would believe him
In the first State of the Union of his second term, President Bush made clear to Americans
Republican secretaries of state from Kissinger to Baker, Powell to Rice, President Bush, 71 Unit
Trumpeteer (MSNBC): "Khan's son died in 2004 under President Bush, which is why it's Obama's fault and we can't have a…
Sugar Shane Mosley must have trained President Bush. ht…
Scruggs & Minnie Pearl receive National Medals of Arts from President Bush at a White House ceremony.
At the unveiling at the White House of the presidential portrait, President Bush pointed o...
President Bush is manufacturing a crisis by suggesting that Social Security is in imminent ...
pitch-perfect from President Bush: "too often we judge other groups by their worst examples, but judge ourselves by our b…
Happy Birthday, former President Bush! You & Laura are loved and admired by my me.
You don't need a digital David Petraeus or a President Bush avatar to ...
American equivalent of former President Bush selling Dallas Cowboys
There is no doubt that the second President Bush inherited a very seri...
Commissioner Bush has a message for veterans. Following in his uncle's, President Bush, example George P is...
You mean President Bush and his administration lying to the american people didn't cause George Will to leave the republican party?
Fail. The warnings Obama admin had about Omar Mateen were far more "specific" than what President Bush had regarding 9/11.
Bush administration: President Bush a plane has crashed into the twin towers . Bush: .
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
The American people understand our national debt was caused when President Bush took us into two wars and forgot to pay for…
The calls that I have received from President Bush and Vice President ...
President Bush's emergency declaration for the State of Texas is great...
President Bush has asserted the right to wiretap and eavesdrop on any ...
A new digital graffiti project brings a different perspective to take on President Bush's legacy.
I think President Bush tried to step up on Social Security even though the ...
President Bush comments on US auto bailout in weekly radio address. SHOTLIST. 1. ...
"There were no Muslims involved in 9/11. President Bush created an act of treason." - Former Deputy Assistant...
President Bush, Neil and Maria Bush cheering on their Silver Fox, Mrs. Barbara Bush
Butt News: New photos of President Bush on 9/11 - The George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum has releas...
The conduct of President Bush's war of choice has been plagued with incompe...
President Bush and his commanders announced early in the conflict that the ...
Rock Calendar 5-1-03: President Bush, in a speech to the nation on the aircraft carrier Abrham Lincoln, declares major combat in Iraq over.
Government agents lured a drug dealer to the park in front of the White House to buy crack for a prop in President Bush's televised speech
President Bush hosted a weird group of celebrities and spies for the premiere of The Hunt For Red October
- I'll take an autographed business card, of yours, as White House Press Secretary for President Bush.
"The public is there..." said former New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman, a Republican who served President Bush.
Africa Policy after President Bush | Center for Strategic and International Studies via
"President Bush decided Saddam Hussein had to go to make way for the fantasy garden of democracy he w...
Michael Powell received input from President Bush before a media ownership deregulation vote when he was FCC chair
President Bush and his sons are Jewish thieves and war mongers that scored lower in humane rights than Saddam Hussein.
Iraq under Saddam Hussein scored higher in human rights than the USA under President Bush.
Michael Jackson meeting President Bush at the White House to be honoured as 'Entertainer Of The Decade' (5.4.1990) http…
President Bush put the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House Before Obama Did Then Bush Family Put O
Judge Cassell has subsequently petitioned both President Bush and President Obama for clemency on behalf of Mr.
On this date in 1990 President Bush awarded Jessie Owens the Congressional Medal of Honor for his 4 gold medal 1936 Olympics performance.
I was invited by President Bush to come to the United States on the occasio...
Mike Myers: welcome back to-. Kanye: President Bush doesn't care about black people. Mike Myers:
If you look back at President Bush, nobody agreed with his policies, but yo...
President Bush fires to the plate...and it's right down the middle. What a moment in Aggieland!
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
President Bush throwing out first pitch Saturday, and new Uni's?
The legendary Nic Moore sharing a handshake with President Bush before his final home game at Southern Methodist! htt…
The No Child Left Behind Act will be one of President Bush's enduring legac...
Today in 1991 The first Gulf War ends you can hear US President Bush speaking on it here:
I'd like President Bush to think maybe there's another way to think, that m...
Our keynote speaker shares his experience as former White House press secretary to President Bush.
Sen. Joe Biden in 1992 says President Bush should "not name a nominee until after the November election..."
Not perfect by a long shot, who is? But "Obama", Barry Soetoro, could learn much just by watching President Bush...
President Bush nominated and had confirmed at least 40 district court and appeals court judges in 2007 - 2008
Trump accuses President Bush of war crimes. Wow and what liberal or conservative will agree with that statement. Well Al Gore I'm sure.
Remember when Dan Rather did a story on President Bush in 04 with faked D.O.D docs.
Jay Z and President Bush have a lot in common, that same brash confidence.
*** Cheney says his yellow lab Dave was banned from Camp David for attacking President Bush's dog Barney.
Why does Rubio always refer to President Obama as BARAK OBAMA? If it were Bush, it would be President Bush. How uncouth.
[Jeb Bush with a mouth full of corn chips]. "Am I President yet, daddy?"
" Senator Obama didn't become President by not knowing what he was doing" . Class " Bush did". " W…
Never forget that President Pat Robertson won 2nd place (beating George Bush) in 1988 GOP caucuses with 25 percent.
Pres Obama has killed civilians in more countries than President Bush. Put Special Forces in more countries than Bush. Coin in pocket!!
.I demanded President Bush address this as a War with Radical Islam because we are not at war with terro…
who are you voting for president? I'm guessing you're a Jeb Bush man.
I'll bet Jeb Bush dresses up and plays president and gives speeches to his wife and kids. Give it up dude! .
buy Bush was the last president. Other than Obama
Bush focuses on the U.S. role in the world and rebuilding the military. "I hope you want a President who'll think things through."
*HURRAY* President and Barbara Bush did it. Your gifts await. God Bless you and your Family.
Kills me when people say Obama was the worst president ever! EVER?? what about that bush guy? i wish Obama could serve a 3…
Clinton's run for president is eerily similar to George H. W. Bush's in 1988 — via
IMO They are trying to take him and out so Bush can be our paid for president.It will neverchange
.Good Management and tight Fiscal controls are desirable in a President, NO? The Dishonorable Gov Bush would be BAD
January 20, 2065: Senator Crying Jordan Williams, America's first meme President, is sworn into office
My current prediction is that will be the Democratic nominee (and president) and Bush or Kasich will be the GOP nominee.
. Great great grandson of former President Bush promises to invade Iraq if elected.
Uh... we haven't elected a conservative president since 1984. The Bush's are slightly right of center, but not republicans.
Saw your comment in that political dynasties are "un-American." But didn't you work for the 2d…
Obama has been president for almost half my life, the other half was Bush. I think u like this half better
President Zuma waisted our time beating around the Bush, not to mention the tension he caused in parliament.
Never mind the fact that he has never wanted to be, and does not now want to be president... Jeb Bush lost any...
Governor Jeb Bush handle it appropriately in the same way your brother President George Walker Bush in Iraq
... The Bush name is Toxic. Jeb you have no chance of becoming US President there's been 2... That's 2 too much !!!
So you are admitting that George W. Bush wasn't technically elected president?
So, a rino attacking a conservative, espousing blame, is really not news. Btw, Bush is no longer president, so who cares.
If Republican go on choose those President candidate against bottom people, may be like Bush, take chance by Jackie Chan group, foreclosure.
Do a search for Kasich, Jeb Bush, Lehman brothers. . The robbery of the century, and they want to be President.
can anybody explain to me how a Rubio president will be different from a GW Bush?
I don't think there is. I also don't think there's a yuge gap between Rubio & Cruz. 1/2
"The big story now is that President Bush is coming under attack for his . service in the National Guard. The ...
I hope with the upcoming election everyone keeps in mind that Al Gore won the popular vote in 2000 and George Bush still became president.
The only thing worse than President Trump would be President Cruz. I'd take eight more years of Bush over that bible-banging…
Its baffling 2 see just how much candidates are spending just 2 be able to run for president, not even be president!
Please explain on what issue Rubio will be different from President Bush?
Goldman Sachs appears to have selected Marco Rubio for President.
I still dont believe Obama wont be President after Jan. Can you imagine if the Scum GOP has helped him as mush as Dems helped Reagan/Bush?
Electing a president who is right on judges - Sen. Orrin Hatch supports Gov. Jeb Bush - via
I would love to see Jeb be president so he can be crazy successful & I could laugh at everyone who said "we don't need another Bush"
Grandpa Bush was not President, and the Koch brothers aren't either. How much money has Hillary got from Soros?
Lolol my bad. I keep forgetting the current state of our country. I just know this wasn't happening when Bush was president.
I don’t agree with everything bush did as president of our country, but their is good he created[...]what about know child left behide[...]
Bush died, got his flesh stripped off by maggots, and then was thrown into a deep hole.and is still running for president
If she wins two terms that's 36 years with a Bush or Clinton VP or President, dominating life for some of us.
The Bush father and son combo ruined the chance for anyone in that family to even dream about being president ever again …
Do not let Cruz win or we are going to have a Harper/Bush style president that is going to crash everything..
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If Clinton wins this year, & serves 2 terms, that would be 36 yrs of my life where a Clinton or a Bush was the President or Vi…
Rumsfeld accepts he made mistakes but blames President Bush for bombing Iraq. Yes Donald, but we all know who was calling the…
"President Bush or Sinatra haven't got one of those." conducting the Rumbelows Cup draw w/Greavesie https:…
This is a great message. It's right up there with the statement, "President Bush kept us safe." Huh? GW Bush was in office on 9/11/2001!
The Austin TX Patrick Henry Chapter of the SAR would like to invite President Bush to speak at our Oct. 2016 BOM meeting.
Now that Duke is unranked for the first time since 2007 there's officially nothing President Bush did better than Presid…
She is a reporter. David Gregory (use to be with NBC). crucified President Bush daily but never saw him loose it.
President Bush has said that the economy is growing, that there are jobs ou...
The friend throwing the Summer Kick-Off at the country club is the same one who met President Bush in
explanation of why every vote matters using Clarence Thomas & President Bush is so powerful esp with the upcoming election
Not really, I served under President Bush, and he is 1000% better!
President Bush don't worry I had to have some fun with you for being Robert E. Lee's descendant as well as Geo. Washington. You are
President Bush award me the U.S. Presidential Service Award, Governor Jennifer Granholm awarded me, and I worked with Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick
and by the way, Lt Gen Flynn stated that former President Bush's war in Iraq helped create today's ISIS. Get your facts right.
Fortunately you have no legal authority in the U.S. By your standards President Bush is a mass muderer
President Bush was a Christian and President Obama is a Muslim.
Drinking game: every time she blames President Bush do a shot. My liver is starting to hurt.
Here's the clip referred to by in this week's DV of Hugo Chavez calling President Bush the devil:
President Bush and Vice President Cheney in the Ward Room of the White...
Tony Blair apologizes for Iraq War. Your turn President Bush or should I say Vice President *** Cheney. Or anybody from th…
President Bush broke his self-imposed silence in January 2011, in a speech at Southern Methodist University. The...
What proof do you have that barrack hussein is a better president than former President Bush?
The liberals say that former President Bush increased the deficit by more than barrack hussein.
George Bush Sr. Under the stewardship of President Bush, the national debt grew by a whopping 55%. LOL
Had former President Bush's son performed trust by his oath loyalty with our United States Constitution, has not the Bush's son?
He needs to direct his Blame game to Bill Clinton.Its not even plausible to blame President Bush.
And that, my friends, is really the difference between President Bush & Obama ... (Obama would have surrendered).
Patrick Reed's infamous 'shhh' is here to stay. (Yes, that's President Bush on the 1st tee at the
On this day in 2008, President Bush signed a $700 billion bailout bill. Happy 7th birthday TARP 🎂
So cool to see photos of President Bush and Barbara with legend Bentley Warren at his saloon in Arundel, Maine. Neat stuff!
The 5th Annual Warrior Open in Dallas with President Bush attending. Here's Wounded Warrior Program at Ft Belvoir
President Bush campaigning for brother in Arkansas LIT...
Year after year, President Bush has broken his campaign promises on college aid. And year after... - Sherrod Brown
Will Ferrell's President Bush impression is so funny.
Doesn't surprise me. Hinckley Sr. was good friends with 1st President Bush. My book barely touches on that however,
.on Iraq: President Bush made mistakes but he adjusted
Of course the democrat is blaming President Bush for the refugee problem. Is there ANYTHING Obama is responsible for?
Actor Billy Crystal on when President Bush threw the first pitch at the 2001 World Se... (Vine by
President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush oversee the coin toss .
I would just like to thank Jesus, Santa, Kanye West, and President Bush for Tennessee being ranked this year
14 years ago today President Bush declared the attack on the World Trade Centers an "Act of War." Stunned rescue...
President Bush throwing out the first pitch after 9/11
why did President Bush in 2002, used Robert Gates from his job from Texas, behind General Colin Powell back in 2002!
Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson. In 2001, He was appointed by President Bush to serve on a 12-member…
Bob Woodward quoted President Bush as saying that Secretary of State John Kerry will either be won or lost.
Former WH communications dir Kevin Sullivan and President Bush have a great rapport. Was very entertaining to hear them play off each other.
Wish we could have been there. On my bucket list to meet President Bush and First Lady Laura.
former President Bush and First Lady Laura are visiting Katrina affected places in New Orleans.
On April 16, 2008, President Bush welcomed Pope Benedict XVI to the White House to celebrate the Holy Father's 81st birthday!
At 6:05p on on the lawsuit he has joined against the NSA and former President Bush for spying during 2002 Olympics
(1992) - 3rd Appearance on Larry King Live by President Bush (Racine…
(1992) - 1st Appearance on Larry King Live by President Bush
(1992) - 2nd Appearance on Larry King Live by President Bush (From the San…
I believe former President Bush's 'read' on Russian President Vladimir Putin is correct. I enoyed reading this. ;).
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