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President Bill Pullman

William James Bill Pullman (born December 17, 1953) is an American actor. Pullman made his film debut in the 1986 film Ruthless People.

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be honest, who is your favorite actor who has played the President and why is it Bill Pullman?
As long as Bill Pullman is our president in an alien apocalypse we can't be beaten. Man. Great *** speech in Independence Day.
"I'm not a president, but I play one of television ... " Can we get Michael Douglas or Bill Pullman, please? They'r…
Watching "designated survivor" last night, I thought that president --Harrison Ford's from af1 , and Bill Pullman from id4 r Potus we need.
Bill Pullman gave a great "presidential speech" in Independence Day. That doesn't mean he is a president.
Rick Scott is now claiming he reached out to President Bill Pullman from "Independence Day" after Forte Lauderdale shoo…
you gotta get to the end, max. out of nowhere he starts pretending he's President Bill Pullman from Independence Day
And screw everything else, Bill Pullman is my real president.
If you thought Bill Pullman was America's greatest president just wait until you see Bill Pullman ... with a beard in Independence Day 2
We all know that Bill Pullman is the 3rd best movie president of all time
Side effects of aging if you're President Whitmore may include sounding like Bill Pullman using his normal voice.
Trump has nothing on President Bill Pullman. I'm referencing a certain speech in my sportscast tonight...
Bill Pullman is still the best President.
Independence Day-Kevin Spacey was considered for the president but Bill Pullman was cast instead.
I think the new looks really badass!! Bill Pullman is the best president ever!!
How is Bill Pullman still President? Trailer says movie takes place 20 years later. They repeal the 22nd Amendment?
Looks like this might be the best sequel since Force Awakens! Might have to vote for Bill Pullman for president.
Bill Pullman will forever be etched in my mind as the president that defined my youth.
Why have President Bill Pullman's daughter's boyfriend be the military hero? Why not President Bull Pullman's daughter? Tell new stories!
And let's not forget Bill Pullman as the REAL president who kicked *** in the battle front!
How is Bill Pullman still president 20 years later
Bill Pullman will always be the greatest President in US history
she defended earth against the invading aliens on July 4th with President Bill Pullman. this is fun
Been watching ‘Independence Day’ on the flight to Boston. Bill Pullman’s speech as the president is coming up now. SO GOOD
Vote Bill Pullman for President. What he lacks in political experience, he makes up for in epic pump-up speeches. I DARE aliens to invade.
yeah of watch a movie called Bill Pullman is President.
pillman...not Pullman..but Bill Pullman as president of the USA in Independence Day would have been a great mid 90s ECW Jobber
So it’s decided. We’re all writing in “Bill Pullman as the president from Independence Day.”
Bill Pullman's speech in Independence Day always gives me chills. Also he's a jet flyin alien killin super president!
Can we just have a President like:. Bill Pullman--Independence Day. Aaron Eckhart--Olympus/London Has Fallen . Morgan Freeman--Deep Impact??!!
Can we just appoint Bill Pullman from Independence Day our forever president and be done with all this nonsense from now on please?
"Independence Day," megabit of 1996 sequelized this June Sela Ward replaces Bill Pullman as heroic US president. ...
in the words of President Bill Pullman "We will not go quietly into the night!"
The guy who played the president in "Independence Day" was in last week. Here's why:
Your vote for the next president in 2016? Bill Pullman from Independence Day or Harrison Ford from Air Force One?
Holy crap, aliens? Maybe Bill Pullman should run for president if our problem is aliens.
Big Bob: "Who's your favorite President?" . Gene: "Bill Pullman!.. Today we fight for our independence!"
things I learned from this list: 1. Bill Pullman has played president (at least) twice. 2. Clooney was in Spy Kids?
Don't forget about General William Grey. Will Smith and President Bill Pullman couldn't have done it without him.
Kevin Kline was president in Dave-- Bill Pullman was president in Independence Day come on man
I just had a mini crisis because I couldn't remember if the president in Independence Day was played by Bill Pullman or Bill Paxton.
President Bill Pullman - got to be a good choice for being lost in space eh?
The greatest wingmen of all time are Will Smith and President Bill Pullman.
Breaking news: Ann Veal from Arrested Development plays President Bill Pullman's daughter in Independence Day.
Sure was awesome when President Bill Pullman suited up and joined the fight in ID4. Glad the trailers didn't spoil that.
I will never forgive President Bill Pullman for nuking Houston in the Independence Day massacre of '96.
is an aggressive supporter of President Bill Pullman.
Today we remember the Patriots who fought to free our country: President Bill Pullman, crazy crop-dusting Randy Quaid, always stoic and sexy Jeff Goldblum, and Alien face-punching Will Smith. Welcome to Erf.
I wish a real president had the ability to deliver a speech like President Bill Pullman! 🇺🇸
Ah, Autumn. It's that time of year when the leaves change color on the trees, and we watch all the failed politicians fall and get swept away. It's an important part of our nation's fall ritual, even though our political process is like a leaf blower blasting in your ear for ten solid months. In case you hadn't heard, President Obama won his re-election bid, which caused Republican heads everywhere to explode. Here is a clip from Obama's victory speech: that was the president from the movie "Independence Day." But that does bring up an interesting point; does Barack Obama have a plan in case we get invaded by aliens? President Bill Pullman does! In fact, he has a highly popular alien butt-kicking policy. And yet, this issue was never addressed once in any of the presidential debates! No wonder undecided voters couldn't make up their minds. Mitt Romney has spent the last three years of his life running for President of the United States, and now he has nothing to show for it. Nothing! And Romney knows it. ...
I like Obama, but would he fight aliens like President Bill Pullman did in Independence Day?
I'm voting for President Bill Pullman and his Vice President Jeff Goldblum
"In this fantasy of yours are you President Bill Pullman?" -
Cant wait for President Bill Pullman speech when they heat up again. "The Pirates will not go quietly into the night."
We're coming for you, Mars. What are you gonna do when President Bill Pullman is on the side of the invaders?'re in trouble.
Switching btwn Olympics and Independence Day. I feel so patriotic. President Bill Pullman.
Uh... someone get President Bill Pullman..." we will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight!
On Independence Day Americans remember the time President Bill Pullman led the world to victory against the aliens.
...guess he wanted an Independence Day remake with Batman as the President Bill Pullman and Morgan Freeman playing Will Smith's character?
This is what I looked like back in the day before Will Smith & President Bill Pullman killed me.
lol. Freeman is a hilariously bad president in that movie, second only to President Bill Pullman in ID4
Okay, President Bill Pullman has saved the world from alien invasion. It's time for bed. Happy Birthday, America! See you tomorrow!
President Bill Pullman's speech says that they're going to launch the largest aerial assault "IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND" as if aerial assault has existed more than 150 years (I'm including the use of hot air balloons in the Civil War).
I know it's cliche.but we're about to watch Independence Day. It was either that or The Patriot. Same director ny the way. I'd vote for President Bill Pullman over Obama any day.
All jesting aside, it is important on this day of remembrance to pay tribute to those we lost while defending our planet from the insidious alien octopus hoard. People like Randy Quaid who selflessly/drunkenly flew his crop-duster into the sphincter of that alien flying saucer and then died, thus sparing us all from having to suffer any more Randy Quaid. Also, that white guy who co-piloted Will Smith's jet and died basically because he was not Will Smith. And Jeff Goldblum, who was good at math, which really helped, somehow. And Judd Hirsch who proved that being a walking-talking stereotype of an elderly Jew doesn't prevent you from playing some nebulous but possibly pivotal role in resisting alien conquest. And Harvey Firestein who proved that it can be funny if you die during the alien holocaust, provided that you do so as an embarrassingly one-note *** stereotype. And let us not forget the steadfast leadership of President Bill Pullman, who, in mankind's direst of hours, united all of humanity and spur ...
Today, we celebrate the anniversary of our independencs from the tyranny and oppression of hostile aliens. We thank our heroes, Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith. We'll never forget the sacrifices you made for the likeness rights on those crappy action figures. And we remember the words of President Bill Pullman; "This film is going to make us all millioniares!!". Happy ID4, everyone!!!
In our rush to eat our hotdogs, watch parades, and set off fireworks, let us not forget the reason we have these freedoms: on this day, in 1996, Will Smith saved us from a horrific alien invasion. Let us take a few minutes today to silently reflect on his actions, and the actions of then-President Bill Pullman, that preserved our freedoms for generations to come.
We'd like to thank president Bill Pullman for, if not for his courageous jet flying skills, America would have been destroyed in 1996. And now we have the internet and smart phones. Thank you, President Bill Pullman.
I truly believe it's important for all of us to take a moment today to remember the sacrifices that President Bill Pullman made on this day, uniting Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum to repel the alien scum.
Happy 4th of July! Today we celebrate the day that President Bill Pullman enlisted the help of Randy Quaid and Will Smith to save us from an onslaught of Aliens.
Bill Paxton is great as President Bill Pullman. I'm disappointed that Dennis wasn't able to nail down the Randy Quaid role, tho
I dont know why presidents don't have Hollywood film their speeches, im sure they'd be more effective, just like the speech in Independence Day by President Bill Pullman(can't remember his character's name not the point tho who watches Independence Day to memorize names)
President Bill Pullman definitely helped me get ready for the exponentially more awesome President Jed Bartlet.
I feel sorry for whoever had to run against President Bill Pullman in the elections after the alien invasion
Watching Independence Day always makes me proud to be an american. Bill Pullman I choose your as our next President. President Bill Pullman and Vice President Will Smith!
They're making a sequel. President Bill Pullman better be in his fifth term
"Luckily, thanks to the military tactics of then-President Bill Pullman, Earth is currently safe."
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