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President Assad

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The White House has signaled its priority in Syria is to oppose the so-called Islamic State, not President Assad. https…
Video- Civilians in terrorist-held Idlib chant in support of President Assad
# President Donald Trump to save the world from terrorism must salvation from # Assad and his regime and the militias Nasrallah
He might be a poor president but that doesn't make him a tyrant. Assad and Jong Un, those are tyrants.
It was President Obama who threatened Assad and didn't follow through, allowed Putin to take Crimea with no consequence, ...
If I was President, I would start bombing Assad forces tomorrow and send US troops to fight alongside FSA Southern Front.
Assad interview, Syrian President debunks “barrel bombs” and “boy in Aleppo” hoax.
Assad debunks boy in Aleppo as hoax. rescues same girl 3 times in 3 months.
president Assad has displaced noone,..the invasion by foreign backed jihadis in 2011 has
Syria women freed from ISIS by President Assad's Syrian Defense Forces are taking off their veils and burning them!. http…
Another possible solution could be to replace President Assad with a member of the Baath Party or more independent member of parliament.
We have to make a compromise between two extremely different views on President Assad. Something between "Assad must go" & "Assad must stay"
The US ambassador accused Russia and China of refusing to hold President Assad’s regime accountable.…
Daily reminder that Assad's still president
President Assad may be invited to the 28th Arab Summit in Jordan, March, 2017 to regain Syria's seat in the Arab…
Plus, the allegations of the use of chemical weapons by president Assad,is baseless.In fact, terrorists have used chemical attacks.
Moscow has now vetoed seven UN Security Council resolutions to protect President Assad's government
Syria opposition courting Russia in Geneva talks will bet on one person, President Assad. Not on cheap Zio ***
Before the war, Muslims & Christians lived peacefully in the country Extremists want 2 purge Syria of its Christians.
James Clapper informed President Obama that USA intelligence analysts boubted that Assad was responsible for the sarin attack.
The leader of the free world - Russian President Vladimir Putin - on why Russia vetoed sanctions on Syria today (joined by Ch…
Apparently I am now paid by President Assad, via President Putin 😂😂😱
The Guardian said this in 2012, but they've been lying about and President ever since.
France directly liable for killings in Syria: President Assad
Notice that the media are using the same tactics as they did on Saddam Hussain on President Assad of Syria?
BEIRUT (AP) -- Syria's ragtag rebel groups and insurgents trying to oust President Bashar Assad have turned thei...
President al-Assad meets Belgian parliamentary delegation headed by member of Belgium’s…
THIS is what ur buddy Putin Ok'd when he backed Assad.But u admire him&want2block Syrian refugees?UR unAmer…
President Bashar al-issued on Sunday Legislative Decree No. 11 for 2017 extending the Decree No.
"President regime has slaughtered up to 13,000 people.. torture and extrajudicial killings"
“I don't like Assad at all, but Assad is killing ISIS. Russia is killing ISIS and Iran is killing ISIS" - President…
Up to 13,000 killed in mass hangings in one of President Assad's Syrian jails
“The death sentence was signed by the minister of defence, who was deputised to sign by President Assad.”
Wow! Mass murdering in while our President still tries to stop immigration of refugees running away from A…
President Assad meeting Jeremy Corbyn, no accounting for taste.
Removing is z first step on having z democracy, we can't talk about building it while a killer dictator still president
& they let in everyday despite his love in with Assad.
President went out of his way to protect Whereas went out of his way to protect
yep, these hypocrites wanting to ban Trump really are that stupid.
Who is Putin? U won't know him w/out knowing Assad,the President Syria who uses chemical weapon & bomb on his people
Simple do you want Bashar Al Assad as your President?
Syria's Assad is visiting a mountain resort in his birthplace, Qurdaha, in Latakia
& its "strikes in not being authorized by the government of President Bashar or the
Syria: American Fake President dreams to be allies with Putin/Assad.
Terrorist enabler Adam Kinzinger / attacks Tulsi Gabbard for meeting with President Assad but meets with al-Qae…
President Basher al-Assad is right in many respects as far as the Eu is concerned.
possibility of 1st case in a Western court against members of President govt
You should never forget this articel. President Assad became Dictator Assad as he refused to built a pipeline for...
standing . President Assad meets a joint delegation of the Parliament &Council of the Fed…
Not on MSM: Nuns embrace President Assad & First Lady Asma as they enter Saydnaya Monastery, & tell them: "God bless you!"
"Defeat of ALNusra AlQaeda Terrorists is The Defeat of US UK and France Proxies"- President Assad new interview .
The guy on the right looks like the *** child of President Assad and Eamonn Holmes!
Obama call Trump, Both call Assad to recognize him as President. Assad call Putin to declare war over. Bombs stop! Aid arrives!
But yeah, President Obama and Hillary and Kerry were probably hoping Islamic State would take out Assad. Who knows anymore?
But Islam has been warring for 1,400 years. US tries to help and Assad is the President. He's fighting the jihad too.
Fatimah- Sorry to ask but it is the KEY to stopping the bombing! Can the majority of Syrians accept Assad as president?
test Prime Minister's Questions crid:3ukao1 ... for the political transition to a Syria without President Assad. Does my ...
President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi admits his country assists Syria's Bashar al-Assad and its army in a interview.…
Only 4% of French satisfied with Hollande ... but Hollande thinks President Assad is illegitimate and unpopular?.
Those who think next will change is stance towards are completly wrong. will always be aligned with
.president always defined this Turkish military operation as an invasion. Question is: how to deal w…
Egyptian President expresses support for Syrian President in war against
I do not have any quarrels with Palestine, President Assad, or President Putin.
now we have a president who will be his pal it's sad and sick Putin, Assad and Trump for Hague
President spoke with Vladimir after soldiers were killed in alleged Airstrikes in north.
our Republican President-Elect has praised Sadam Hussain, Putin and Assad among others. Get off your high horse.
this Thanksgiving.I'm thankful for Bashar al Assad. Syria is very lucky to have him as its President.
Assad's security chief attacks president for being too soft on rebels.
It happens while U are driving your car in to look in the mirror & see Mr. President Bashar driving his ca…
Ignore majority of ppl supported President al-Assad & side with radical Islamists "rebels"
President Assad and Putin back the Trumps Presidency. Trump wants to start a war with Iran. Assad, Putin, and Iran are allies.
If Columbian Government can signed Peace agreement with Rebels FARC why can't President Assad and Rebel come together to defeat ISIS.
Bashar al-Assad, president of war-torn Syria, calls parliamentary election but turnout could be much lower.
As liberation nears, received invitation from President Bashar al-Assad to fight in https:/…
" It looks that the world has lost its compass and that is why we are punished by .”
President Assad laughs and says he sleeps fine when asked about all the children killed in Syria
President Assad was asked how he sleeps at night when children are being killed in Syria. He laughed
want to use terrorist organizations' combat potential to pursue own political aims: to combat President Assad
This girl in blames President Assad for her brothers’ deaths
is undoubtedly the most important ally of President Bashar Without would have…
This needs to be seen before we start WWIII:of Al-with Danish TV2
Christian Survival in Syria Relies on President Assad: Ghosts of Cyprus, Kosovo, and Iraq via
President says hopes can change policy towards | .
if you agree → President Obama should drop his opposition to our bipartisan bill to sanction the Assad regime.
The 4th Media » ‘Deal with the Devil’: US ‘Ready to Ally with Terror’ to OVERTHROW SYRIAN President Assad,
President Bashar al-Assad alleges agreement between Islamic State group and Israel in an interview with Russian…
U.S. Peace Council returns from Syria: "It is not President Assad against his own people, it is P… via
President Assad's full interview with Danish television . Syrian President al-Assad affirmed that the...
Russia bombs ISIS to protect President Assad in Syria. Why do Obama & Hillary treat Assad like he's Saddam Hussein?
Failure of UN, role in migration crisis and prosecuting President Assad.7pm
pseudorebel I would like to play Mata Hari for President Assad of Syria. Would you be able to arrange it? | Okay I like that game.
Sheikh Naim Qassem : there is no political settlement for the Syrian issue that does not include president Assad,...
this was Hillary,Kerry and pelosi on Syrian president Assad.
If a library in 2005-6 only had books about where books about should be wouldnt have been
As a leftist president, it doesn't make sense to reward the Assad and IRGC. There will be more of the same if Hillary wins.
Assad best bet for maintaining Syria integrity: Hezbollah: Hezbollah says Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is...
No solution to Syria conflict without President Assad: Hezbollah: Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement says there is ...
Syria’s President “Erdogan used the Coup to Implement his Muslim Brotherhood Agenda”
President Bashar al-Assad and Mrs. Asma al-Assad received sons and daughters of martyrs on
President and the First Lady Asma Al-Assad meet the wounded soldiers
President Assad and Asma al assad visited some families in today which included wounded soldiers
Follow for his support to President and for a secular :-)
10,000 opposition troops launch assault against President Assad's troops in Syrian city of Aleppo
will the UN charge ISIS and also their leader President Assad
Emails reveal helped to arm against Syria's President No to Yes to
after Assad gassed a load of Syrians. So...who is more insane? The President killing his people or Daesh? The west waited to
Update your maps at Navteq
Who needs actual bombs when you can make a barrel bomb for cheap - President Assad
President al-Assad on Army Day: Syrian Arab Army is the most capable of confronting terrorism
"the main goal of the United States government is to destabilize Syria (for the creation of Greater Israel)...". https…
I am trying to stop posting for help wicked. I wish Clintons PM Abe, President Assad down in the end.
President continues to help fund its surreptitious nuclear program, & its aid to & other terrorist groups.
Iran repeats backing for Assad and rejects peace talks with Syrian 'terrorists'
SPOX LIVE:. 'Iran has not propped up the Assad regime.'. Uh huh.
Clinton adviser Jeremy Bash tells a Syria policy review is likely to begin right away under new president
President al-Assad salutes the Syrian Arab Army on the 71st anniversary of its founding. https:/…
President Assad & Syria officials have stated that the largest number of ISIS commanders are coming from Norway per
you are Enemy of every single Syrian. Stop with your lies against Syria and their loved President Assad! Enough is enough!
Wow, is this a painting of the fight in Castello behind President Assad?
Boris Johnson giggled when asked about President Assad. To millions in the Middle East, that question was no joke. Nationa…
President Assad says is "responsible" for her own death. But that's not how international law works
President Assad drew up a kill list of 25 Britons who joined ISIS
the crisis would be helped if the used their 'assets' or contractors to put down mad dog Bashar al-President of Syria
JUST IN: "Syria is giving up chemical weapons because of Russian offer, not U.S. threats" Syrian President Assad on Rus…
I don't think so. We will see later. USA lost Syria after Russia's help to President Assad and SAA. Syria'll be integrity.
President al-receives cable of condolences from President over deadly blasts
2017: Assad asks for peace talks about Syria. President isn't interested, lets Trump do it.
Will become a democracy? According to new constitution, yes.
President Obama if you still thinking and still your partners in fight against ask who killed...
FM: Solution to Syrian refugee crisis necessitates removal of President Bashar al-Assad
President al-Assad to American magazine 'Foreign Affairs': "Israel is supporting terrorist orga… via
Leaked constitution suggest the continuation of President Bashar al-Assad
"5 years ago president Obama said Assad must go but only 10 million Syrians have gone" putting the conflict int…
When the removals of and have only brought chaos and destruction. why then do you want us to remove President Al ??
Will Obama apologize for leaving alone who rebelled against Assad’s family dictatorship: writes
President al-Assad receives cable of condolences from Armenian President over deadly blasts in Lattakia and Tartous
Please..notice the guy Said "we left Syria because of ISIS" ..and NOT because of our President Assad! (MSM Lie 😠) htt…
An Aleppo resident tells BBC News that Syria's President Bashar al-Assad has achieved nothing by bombing the city.
Leaked parts of constitution for suggests continuation of President Bashar al-Assad
President Assad: They are supporting the rebels in Syria. It’s very clear. Because whenever we make advances in...
President defeating terrorism requires extra efforts not only militarily, but to fight extremist Wahhabi thoughts that feed it.
At this point we must all praise President Assad. These ghouls masquerading around as "moderate rebels" are EVIL.
Wicker: Is the president considering working w Assad v ISIS in shortrun? Carter: Not heard that idea broached.
Syrian government denies attack on Aleppo hospital, as per SANA. then what the *** happened, President Assad?
A picture of Syria's President Bashar al-Assad is seen inside a checkpoint at the... vía
President confirms during meeting Sen. Richard Black today that defeating terrorism requires extra efforts.
will increase in war like situation in and around Syria.President Bashar al Assad will face challenges.
Mr President, you think Assad's air strikes on Doctors Without Borders hospital has crossed your line in the sand?
The fact that Syrian President Assad would take time out of his day to meet obscure State Senator speaks volumes
Khamenei advisor says Assad must finish his 7-year term as president, that's five more years left.
fact of the day: if you are born after 1969, you have only known Assad, father and son, as President.
Trump and Cruz are, let's be clear, both fascists. More like Franco or Mussolini than any modern US President.
This is al-Assad, today. Syria always united , God bless the people, our President & our First lady. http…
A selfie with Mr and Mrs No problem for ordinary Syrians
What a load of cow manure President Putin &President Assad are not colluding such speak the real offenders bud.
Media Assad to shake up Syria cabinet: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is poised to make whole...
regime will collapse when Assad is toppled in
The Syrian opposition coalition negotiating in Geneva says there can be no solution in Syria with President Bashar Assad in power, and
Favorable Winds for Assad: This is Why Syrian President is ‘on the Rise’
In the era, only those who relate to the regime or praise the president were sent abroad to compete
Ted Cruz's campaign co-chair in Va. travels to Syria, promises support for regime of President Bashar Assad.
Assad is a war criminal not a president send him to the Hague sign our petition @
British MPs going to Syria to meet President Assad; perhaps UK gov realises they were wrong about Bashar? 🇸🇾
.exclusive on the top-secret documents that tie Syria's President Assad to torture and mass killings:
President Assad wants peace. Its Israel that wants perpetual war and mass murder.
Syria's President Assad hails recapture of ancient Palmyra from Islamic State militants as "important achievement" https:…
President Assad of Syria now has most of his country under his control, Kirdish fighters now in control of northern territories of Syria
After 5 years of war, President Assad and his allies now have upper hand in Sy…
Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi violated the Logan Act in 2007 when she traveled to Syria to negotiate with President Assad.
First step of conquered ISIS is defeat Assad that fosters DAESH w/ backing of
First step of conquering ISIS is defeat Assad dictatorship that fosters DAESH
Tunisian army bombs stronghold of 2nd revolutionary wave .. Tunisian president is not different from El Assad in 👊
President Assad I believe knows he cant stay in power. He simply needs to admit it. Russia is offering him asylum.
Hafez Al Assad (Son of President Al Assad) placed 7th in the mathematics section of the Syrian Scientific Olympiad
While Islamic State continues to receive the brunt of Russia's bombing campaign in Syria, rebel groups opposed to President Bashar al-Assad…
"Anglo-Russian relations are vital in ... the removal of Syrian President Bashar al Assad." What? Russia is allied with Assad.
Assad is the legitimate president and fights al-Qaeda and ISIS. Both of them keep their countries independent.
Months of Russian air strikes in are taking a toll on rebel forces, strengthening the hand of President Assad
President tell . to order his friends Assad & Hezbollah to stop killing .
Assad is not even a president. He is more of a lazy coward tbh . He needs to fight for Syria not let them die..m
President Bashar al-Assad is the President. His allie is President Vladimir Putin.
I think,President Assad will stay even if elections'll be before 2021.He can win anyway,because he is greatest leader for SAR.
Photographer who worked for Syrian president defected taking evidence of war crimes w him
As does president Assad aided by his Russian allies.
"President Bashar al-is winning in has shifted the balance of power there dramatically."
is a fake report 2attack RT/TV just a you r doing in against our President get real
SYRIA: President Assad's atrocities PALES in comparison to the Saudi's in Yemen. The USA in Iraq, and Afghanistan. And Israel in Gaza.
Only irresponsible instigators can afford to say that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad should go
I hope Russia destroys all illegal Oil exploration in Syria; not legal without OK from Assad the legit President
Russian airstrikes are tilting the battle in favor of Syrian President Bashar Assad via
Will President Bashar ever be punished for And what about state
Using food as a weapon? Felix Patrikeeff talks about President Assad's siege that's starving Syrian people at one of his own towns
[VA State] Senator Richard Black thanks President Assad for saving Syrian Christians from jihadists
President Assad has just changed the meaning of bits of the Koran
Russian fighter jets to provide escort for President Assad's Tehran visit
President Assad and his wife Asma join the joy choir at the Lady of Damascus Church
"President Assad makes rare public appearance in a church ahead of Christmas".
test Newsday crid:35tc0f ... for Hezbollah's support of President Assad in Syria. Lebanon will hope it does not get drawn ...
suggest an alternative to President Assad although it's a clear interference in domestic affair of a sovereign country
Janice Kortkamp: The 'brutal tyrant' President Assad of Syria and his beautiful wife Asma :D helping out in a...
Syria conflict: Leaked Russian peace plan makes no mention of President Assad stepping down: Mr Assad, who is ...
"President Assad has killed 7xs more Syrians than ISIS since January" LO
The U.S. has criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin for inviting his Syrian counterpart…
Russian FM, PM, DM & President Putin all meeting Assad on his 1st foreign visit since 2011. Immense show of support.
Syria's Assad makes surprise trip to Moscow to talk war plans with Putin, via AJAM
Why Syrian president Assad made secret visit to Moscow
TASS . Syria’s President Bashar Assad’s visit to Moscow "reflects both a renewed confidence in his own...
US NEWS U.S., Russia to Meet at Syria Conference follow warren today
The best pharmacy. U.S., Russia to Meet at Syria Conference
U.S., Russia to Meet at Syria Conference: The U.S. and Russia will meet at an international conference on Syri...
Assad's visit to Moscow comes after Russia launched airstrikes against Islamic State elements in Syria
crisis: US attacks welcome for Assad -
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This is his 1st known trip outside since 2011. Assad travels to Moscow to meet Putin https:…
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad made a surprise visit to Moscow to thank Putin:
Assad holds talks with Putin in Moscow over air strikes in Syria via
Syrian President al-Assad has made a surprise visit to Moscow:
Syrian President Assad meets with Vladimir Putin in Moscow to discuss military ... - Los Angeles Times
Show of confidence? Assad flies to Moscow to meet Putin in first overseas trip since the 2011 Syrian conflict
Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, has made his first trip outside Syria, since the Civil War started in the country.
Assad's supporters are proud their president visited Moscow today. The question is: Can he visit Hama, Idlib, Aleppo or…
.President Bashar Assad flew to Moscow for talks
Iran says President Assad nearing final victory "Those countries which are helping the Syrian people".
"More Syrian refugees say they are fleeing from President Assad than Isis"
Most Syrian Christians are traditional supporters of President Assad and haven't left. Many more Iraqi christians have left.
We need a big talk involving European powers including Russia, the US plus the Syrian Govt & President Assad at a new Tehran Conference II
EXCL: Putin is "killing civilians" just to shore up President Assad - not targeting ISIS, says Michael Fallon;
Tonight, part 2 of our Syria coverage: Exclusive interview w senior political adviser to President Assad, Bouthaina Shaaban.
I wonder if anyone has bothered to wish President Assad a "happy birthday" today except perhaps
President Assad responds to Israel's retaliation: "Syria won't hit Israel directly, but will fight Syrian rebels who are Israel's servants."
I think your interview with Steven Hawkins went well. Just waiting 4 your interview with President Assad of Syria next week
The Syrian state will rise like a Phoenix providing the government survives. President Assad knows this!
AND President Assad was ELECTED by his Syrian people more than once! Obama/US break International Law by covert Ops!
President Assad is leading Syria in her war against terror, why would I not support him?
Would me supporting President Assad be a problem for you? Why do?
August 6 Mark Toner, US State Dept: we’re seeking a political resolution here, but one that cannot include President Assad.
Syria: President Assad admits army strained by war on
Dozens of Syrians staged a rare protest in the coastal city of Latakia, bastion of President Bashar al-Assad, calling for the punishment of…
Video: Syrian Alawites demand execution of Assad’s cousin
Video: Syrian Alawites demand execution of Assad cousin after apparent road rage killing
The family acts in like the mafia. Read this:
Syria's President Assad publicly acknowledges that his army is short of manpower and is unable to hold on to every region…
cousin killed Hassan al-Shaykh in road rage because he could
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Protesters in raise candles & photos of the president & col. Hassan. Demand execution of Suleiman al Assad. http:/…
Assad's cousin shot and killed a Syrian air force officer in a "road rage incident" in Lattakia.
Syrian authorities have issued an arrest warrant for Suleiman Al-Assad - President Assad's cousin:.
UK Special Forces Fighting Assad in Syria... how stupid are you? And yes, I will be asking President Obama the same thing.
I thought Syria gave up it’s chemical weapons after President Obama drew his red line and Assad said he’d give ‘em up? Epic fail
Also note demonstrations in Syria asking Pres. Assad to arrest his relative and the President listened to the people. Hardly a dictator!
Over a thousand demonstrated in support of the president arresting his cousin. Last night, President did...
President Assad's Cousin Under Investigation for the Murder of a Syrian Army Officer:
They should deal with him the same then. It's people like him that make things worse. President Assad is nothing like them.
You are right: I have heard lots of good things about President Assad, It seems like its being taken very seriously.
President Bashar al Assad celebrates New Year's Eve with Syrian Army on ... via
President Assad's cousin is under investigation for the murder of a Syrian Army officer in Latakia on Thursday:... http:…
'Turkey has for a long time worked with the IS, as part of its drive to overthrow the Syrian government of President Assad'
President Assad admits army strained by war
Most Syrians back President Assad – but you'd never know from western media | Jonathan Steele
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: Do you currently find President Assad or ISIL a greater threat to U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East?
Isis seizes Palmyra: 'Islamic State' is now bigger than President Assad's Syria, monitoring group claims:
.I have nothing but respect for the SAA and President Assad - THEY & the Syrian people are the victims
Assad sacks generals after brawl puts one in hospital: President Assad of Syria has dismissed two of his intel...
John Kerry: US will 'have to negotiate' with President Assad, says US Secretary of State . I told…
President Assad admits Syria is in contact with US, in exclusive interview with
BBC Exclusive interview: President Assad on weapons of war and human rights abuses
Syria conflict: President Assad on weapons of war
As the whole world watches Isis, President Assad's forces kill hundreds of civilians in Syria. http:…
Read this somewhere: "Are you confused by what is going on in the Middle East? Let me explain. We support the Iraqi government in the fight against the Islamic State. We don't like IS, but IS is supported by Saudi Arabia, whom we do like. We don't like President Assad in Syria. We support the fight against him, but not IS, which is also fighting against him. We don't like Iran, but Iran supports the Iraqi government against IS. So, some of our friends support our enemies and some of our enemies are our friends and some of our enemies are fighting against our other enemies, whom we want to lose, but we don't want our enemies who are fighting our enemies to win. If the people we want to defeat are defeated, they might be replaced by people we like even less. And all this was started by us invading a country to find weapons of mass destruction and drive out terrorists who weren't actually there, until we went in to drive them out. Do you understand now?
17 June 2013 President Assad to Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung "Europe’s backyard would become a terrorist haven"
How a ceasefire with President Assad may help turn the jihadi tide after attack http:…
President Assad's visit to front lines in Jobar on New Years Eve & has a soldiers dinner with Syrian Army personnel
Is Obama ready for an about-face to recognize Assad? Will Syria provide the strike force against ISIS? DEBKAfile Exclusive Report December 14, 2014, 7:46 PM (GMT+02:00) High expectations based on unconfirmed reports swirled around Arab capitals Sunday, Dec. 14, that US President Barack Obama, in league with Moscow and Tehran, had turned his longstanding anti-Assad policy on its head. He was said to be willing to accept Bashar Assad’s rule and deem the Syrian Army the backbone of the coalition force battling the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant. If these expectations are borne out by the Obama administration, the Middle East would face another strategic upheaval: The US and Russia would be on the same side, a step toward mending the fences between them after the profound rupture over Ukraine, and the Washington-Tehran rapprochement would be expanded. The Lebanese Hizballah and its leader, Hassan Nasrallah would be vindicated in the key role they played in buttressing President Assad in power. But for ...
Read this short interview with President Assad from Paris Match. As usual Assad makes Obama & Cameron look like ***
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Hillary Clinton can murder President Assad and destroy Syria?. Just like Hillary murdered Colonel Gaddafi & destroyed Libya?.
J Bruce Campbell:. 'IS leader al-Bhagdadi is an Israeli proxy trained by both CIA & Mossad to overthrow President Assad who won't obey them'
Accused: A new report being examined and verified by the State Department accuses President Assad of Syria...
President Assad's wrong betting on the Russian card at the expense of the regional card of the Axis of the...
REF: SGMJJ/HSCU/PR/3376 15th Oct, 2014 Iraq, Syria And The I.S Group: Crises Management For America! American forces are yet again being drawn into Iraq! After several threats issued and after repeated diplomatic shuttles made across the Middle-East and also across the Western hemisphere against recalcitrant President Assad, US efforts in respect of the smoking situation in Syria are yet to yield expected results in favour of peace. While its ‘baby’ (i.e. Israel) busies itself with the practice of tossing bombs on Palestinian fighters and civilians in self-defence, an Islamic State group known as ISIL sweeps across Iraq, murdering and maiming scores of innocents as it pushes against Iraqi government resistance! America has so far bombed ISIL fighters in Iraq off critical positions within battle zones. It does not take a clairvoyant to realize that America is strained as far as military engagement abroad is concerned. The country has had its troops spread across the globe for a long time, especially du ...
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a public appearance at a refugee camp in Turkey for Syrians states "the problem of IS cannot be solved with air strikes". ".we've warned the West..." He reiterates his position on the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and maintains he "has to go"! He warned Kurds to join hands with the Free Syrian Army (FSA) to fight not only IS but "also President Assad"! Turkey has never seen reason to help fight IS if Assad will remain in power; even if millions of lives would be saved! Earlier today there were reports nine Turkish Kurds had been killed by Police during protests against the Government's refusal to intervene especially as IS assaulted the Syrian border town of Kobane.
I'm not debating the merits, legitimacy, or morality of our current military action in the Middle East... I just want to at least understand it. WHO are we fighting and WHY, and WHERE? It's like the more I try to understand it, the more confused I get. We are fighting somebody called ISIS. Or ISIL. In Iraq. Or is it Syria? Both? Does this have anything to do with Al Qaida? What, if anything does this have to do with President Assad of Syria? Or does it? And is he our friend or enemy? Who are we mad at, and who is mad at us? Is this a defensive or offensive measure? What are we trying to accomplish? If you understand any of this, please share your knowledge.
What links the PMs of Finland Singapore and Malaysia with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the King of Jordan?
In case you need a reminder about how horrible Assad is, has 8 for you -
Can we start a debate on whether to bomb and have air strikes against I.S.I.S . We had tremendous debate a year ago whether or not to strike against President Assad. I was tottally anti that because of the lack of moral right on all sides. (Except the civilians). This does seem different but I am not entirely persuaded.I am reluctant to conflate the referendum with this issue but a strong reason in my view why we are better together.
>RT 8 reminders of how horrible Syrian Pres. Bashar al-Assad is
you don't like President Assad fine. Talking in the name of All Syrian is to much.
mostly about aiding Saudis depose Assad...and yes war president appeasing his base>reluctant warrior
Air bombardments in Syria without any authorization from Syrian President Bashar Assad demonstrate the…
I'm ok with Syrian President Dr. Bashaar al Assad as opposed to those animal extremists ISIS. Extreme ideology needs to be stamped to dust
So we're on our way to bomb the in and Feels like only last year we were gonna arm them to fight President
. Notice the difference in handshake between queen Elizabeth & President Assad of Syria's wife .
Remember that time Nancy Pelosi met with Assad in 2007 to stick it to President Bush?
The moment America expanded its anti-Isis war into Syria, President Bashar al-Assad gained more military and...
Hypocrite!. When Rouhani says no legal basis for strikes, does he also mean Iran & Hezbollah role in Assad genocide?.
I had no idea this would get so much attention but I'm glad it did"President Bashar Al Assad vs obama and erdogan ☺️" http:…
hope so. And it's PRESIDENt Assad and GOVERNMENT. not regime
Cameron: it would be "dangerously misguided" to seek a deal with Syrian President Assad to try to defeat Islamic State mil…
Since the beginning of the Syrian conflict, the Turkish government has supported rebels fighting against President Assad's forces. But now they are being accused of helping foriegn jihadists. In northern Syria, Kurdish fighters are battling Al Qaeda affiliated militants, often from outside of Syria. And Kurds over the border in Turkey say the Turkish authorities help the militants get in. Jiyar Gol has been to the Turkish border region.
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