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Preet Bharara

Preetinder Singh Preet Bharara (born 1968) an Indian American, is the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

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Unleashed Trump could now create legal trouble for himself, warns Preet Bharara
Key point from former prosecutor Preet Bharara - how someone under investigation reacts to other people's indictments can ma…
Preet Bharara and his entrepreneur brother are trying to build a media empire for the resistance era. writes
Preet Bharara would have helped others to continue unethical actions if he had not been fired.
On podcast, Preet Bharara gives new details on why Donald Trump fired him
Thank you Preet Bharara for supporting the less fashionable legal immigrants cause! years wait…
Preet Bharara: Trump would have asked me to do something "inappropriate" if I kept working for him htt…
When Trump's watching CNN's coverage of investigations/admin ethics, he might just see and https:…
Preet Bharara was probing HHS Sec Tom Price when fired
New: joins CNN as senior legal analyst. scoops
Preet Bharara gives new details on why Trump fired him. Visit to take action!
CNN has hired as senior legal analyst:
Sad POS. Preet Bharara: President Trump would have asked me to do 'something inappropriate' via
Preet Bharara, ousted federal prosecutor, will join CNN as a senior legal analyst
Donald Trump has fired Preibus, Sally Yates, Preet Bharara, & James Comey. It is our turn to fire Paul Ryan, John McCain, &…
20A) Natalia Veselnitskaya is linked to Prevezon, who was being sued for money laundering in NYC by Preet Bharara. https:…
The CBO cannot be trusted now... along with Sally Yates, James Comey, Preet Bharara and all US Intelligence Agencies...
Preet Bharara trolls Trump over Putin meeting: We don’t just drop it when someone denies something htt…
Preet Bharara is staying busy since Trump firing
Preet Bharara's 2013 sealed indictement of Russian mobsters operating in Trump Tower
As NY state attorney Preet Bharara was given the evidence and opportunity to investigate and prosecute the Clinton Fou…
Lest we forget, Comey was not alone: . Sally Yates. Preet Bharara. Mary McCord .
Preet Bharara: When it comes to truth, most will side with Comey over Trump
Preet Bharara is butt hurt over being fired. His legal opinion is butt hurt biased against Trump.
Former US attorney: 'Absolutely evidence' to begin obstruction case against Trump
Sunday talk show preview: Preet Bharara has first TV interview since Trump fired him - Washington…
Preet Bharara: "Very weird and peculiar" that Trump called me 3 times before firing me
To the "genius" pundits who think Comey should've just REFUSED trump's phone calls, ask Preet Bharara how THAT went. https:…
any thoughts on what former US attorney Preet Bharara had to say about unusual calls he received from you ?
uh oh Preet Bahara had Dejavu listening to Comey's testimony - Preet reported Trump for same behavior - got FIRED
Preet Bharara: "Absolutely evidence" to begin obstruction of justice case against Trump
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POTUS's private attorney discussing circumstances in which his client would rein in DOJ Special Counsel Mueller.…
Former US Attorney Preet Bharara: "There's absolutely evidence to begin a case" for obstruction of justice
That's one way to get fired, stop taking calls from the boss. via
If you missed the interview this morning, here's a look back on what he said about
Preet Bharara says there is "absolutely" enough evidence to go after Trump on obstruction via
Get your popcorn: Preet Bharara is doing his first TV interview since Donald Trump fired him
Did Brian Williams really just compare the presence of Preet Bharara today as the Frank Pantangeli moment of the hearing?
'that hearing had been pretty well planned by Comey and by Preet Bharara — to uncover real wrongdoing'
Preet Bharara aka Preetinder Singh Bharara is married to a Jewess & is a cover up man for his Talmudic Masters
Preet Bharara commends fired FBI director James Comey as courageous for 'saying no to a president'
Here's an Op-ed I wrote. Opinion | Preet Bharara: Are there still public servants who will say no to the president? https…
Trump has fired Sally Yates, Preet Bharara, James Comey; all investigating his connections with Russia..
"They fired Sally Yates. They fired Preet Bharara. And now they fired Director Comey...This does not seem to be a coincidence,…
So Jim Comey, Preet Bharara, and Sally Yates walk into a bar... ...Trump is a corrupt president.
Last week Doug Whaley and Tim Murray sucked down some suds in . When will Preet Bharara and James meet up at an NYC tavern?
I want Sally Yates or Preet Bharara to be named as the Special Prosecutor to investigate Ties! https:…
Today's big story: Trump fired Preet Bharara just to hide that Carter Page was Russian spy, and it came out anyway: https…
Preet Bharara was prosecuting Carter Page’s Russian spy handler when Donald Trump fired him
New York attorney general just hired a Preet Bharara alum as prosecutor
Preet Bharara was overseeing an investigation of stock trades made by Trump’s health secretary:
Please read closely- Howard Master top public-corruption prosecutor who worked for Bharara. Good hire-but not Preet Bharara.
Incorrect. Schneiderman has hired Howard Master, who was a top prosecutor of public-corruption under Preet Bharara.
Preet Bharara, the former U.S. Attorney was despised by Vladimir Putin's Russia
Preet Bharara was investigating HHS Secretary Tom Price over his stock trades transactions prior to his firing. https:/…
Whoa: Preet Bharara was investigating Trump HHS sec'y Tom Price's trading in health stocks before Trump fired him. http…
This is about a good a short summary of Preet Bharara's time in the southern district as I've seen
"Preet Bharara has jurisdiction over the issue b/c he is the U.S. atty of the southern district of NY, where Trump Org is head…
Rep. Elijah Cummings suggests Trump may have fired Preet Bharara to block investigation.
Preet Bharara fought insider trading. He had less success prosecuting banks that contributed to the financial crisis https:/…
Wow, seems the people who worked with Preet Bharara really, really liked him.
Don't be fooled, Jared Kushner is the reason Preet Bharara was fired. Kushner may act quiet, but secretly, he's doing g…
Preet Bharara was leading the Federal Investigation into Russian money laundering by the Justice Dept..he was fired after b…
Elijah Cummings thinks there's something fishy about the way Trump fired Preet Bharara via
The White House offered an explanation for a call that Trump placed to Preet Bharara a day before dismissing him
Trump tried to call US attorney Preet Bharara before firing him: report
Preet Bharara was scheduled to remain in Trump administration, but Trump fired him two days after Bharara was asked to in…
The fact that Preet Bharara, a US Attorney, can be fired is proof he's not part of a "Deep State" & Richard Spencer is…
Preet Bharara asked to investigate Trump's business on March 8th. . Fired by the Trump administration on March 11th. https…
AltNatParkSer: 3 days ago, Preet Bharara was asked to look into Trump's violations of Emoluments Clause. Any wonde…
Preet Bharara fired from Manhattan US attorney post as critics condemn move as Trump-fueled 'political ... -…
New York federal prosecutor Preet Bharara says he was fired by Trump administration - Washington Post:……
Oversight Cmte Dem Rep. Elijah Cummings says investigations into Trump could have led to Preet Bharara's firing.
GOP & Dems respect Preet Bharara as a fearless prosecutor who stands up to both parties & Wall Street. I guess that's why Tr…
MOVING ON ... This thing with Preet Bharara, the US attorney for the Southern District of New York. US attorneys...
Sessions asks remaining 46 U.S. attorneys appointed by Obama to resign, sparking confusion in Preet Bharara's office
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1. Preet Bharara investigated Russian gambling ring in Trump Tower in the past.Trump fired whole bunch so it won't look like h…
Can it possibly be a coincidence that Preet Bharara, asked by CREW to investigate Trump Org, is fired days later?
The DOJ just called for the firing of 46 Obama-appointed U.S. Attorneys, including Preet Bharara
sacked by who is himself an excellent target for Preet Bharara's unofficial investigations.
Preet Bharara should be Fired! He allowed Feds to murder i poker companies/employees
Happiest people in NY about Preet Bharara departing: Cuomo and de Blasio.
Indian-American attorney Preet Bharara among 46 attorneys asked to quit by the Trump Administration.
Preet Bharara must be ruing his Khobragade days now...
Preet Bharara has yet to submit his resignation letter—and may instead force Jeff Sessions to fire him.
SCOOP: Preet isn't ready to resign yet, even after Trump asks him to.
Unfamiliar w/Preet Bharara or his reputation? Read his profile in The New Yorker: The Man Who Terrifies Wall Street.
He acted fast 2 fire Preet Bharara Preet who was requested 2 investigate 45 by ethics watchdog group. Fired all 44's atto…
Worth reading again: on Preet Bharara in last year.
seeks resignation of Indian-American prosecutor , 45 others https…
With his experience, Preet Bharara would make an excellent special prosecutor for case. .
Hamilton Collection
Preet Bharara is one of the prosecutors ordered to resign by Trump. In 2016 profiled the U.S. Attorney https:/…
I am very confused. Trump asked Preet Bharara to stay on and then asked him to resign with 45 other U.S. Attorneys? https:/…
President Donald Trump's promise to keep Preet Bharara as Southern District U.S. Attorney was short-lived.
New York's Preet Bharara, who was asked by Trump to stay, is now told he is out.
On Mar 8 watchdogs asked US attorney Preet Bharara to investigate Trump over foreign business deals. . Now this 🤔.
With the dismissal of Manhattan prosecutor Preet Bharara, a storied office loses its top fighter
In interview, says he would like to see Preet Bharara run investigation into Trump-Russia ties (1/2) h…
Preet Bharara has served subpoenas on attorney for Andrea Tantaros relating to federal investigation of sexual harassment at Fo…
Preet Bharara, a Democrat, will stay on as US attorney under Trump. .
I think it great that the US Att. Preet Bharara has 60,000 more followers than Gov Cuomo. 😂
Preet Bharara is greatly feared on Wall Street. Here's his latest warning to bankers
Preet Bharara will investigate anything that will provide him publicity and praise
To WhiteMan ,multiculturalism = BObama / DNalliah/ Preet Bharara . Eg Canberra : so many issues with SEA.WhiteMan just EltonJohn like United
Preet Bharara is no pushover like Comey/Lynch.He's a lion,who goes 4d kill at d smell of blood. Remember Rajat Gupta htt…
Foundation subject of a joint investigation being carried out by FBI and Preet Bharara
I'm not sure why people think that the U. S. Attorney in Manhattan, Preet Bharara, is investigating Hillary. . He answers to Loretta Lynch.
Preet Bharara is investigating the Clinton Foundation! pls don't let us down. Justice demands this!
This could be Preet Bharara's ticket to US Attorney General in admin.
Joint FBI-US Attorney Probe of Clinton Foundation is being led by by this man, Preet Bharara
Preet Bharara, the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York Investigating.
Preet Bharara, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York is going to need a Kevlar Helmet if he is going to take on the Clinton's.
Holy crap: Preet Bharara has launched a corruption probe into the Clinton Foundation, according to reports
I saw earlier reports that Attorney Office (via Preet Bharara) is now quarterbacking Clinton Foundation probes, I did +
Preet Bharara: US Attorney for New York Leading Corruption Probe of Clinton Foundation, wasting more money
I started watching bc of your guest on the podcast & it's amazing. Is the US Attorney supposed to be Preet Bharara?
Norman Seabrook better watch out because Preet Bharara is the king of takedowns
I'd like to see office of Preet Bharara, the United States Attorney on case-then we'd c results!
Yonkers gang leader sentenced to 30 years in prison: Preet Bharara, the United Stat...
As Dean Skelos's wife, Gail Skelos, passed Preet Bharara "she told the federal prosecutor, 'You can go to *** '".
Preet Bharara's blunt warning to Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio via
Preet Bharara follows in footsteps of Elliot Spitzer.
Preet Bharara is a big Bruce Springstein fan who struggled with chemistry (JD>MD) and longed to be Clarence Darrow.
No charges in closing of commission by
Not based on Steve Cohen and Preet Bharara of course but are they consultants on the show? :)
Preet Bharara's financial fraud and probe add to woes over class action abatement case .
Preet Bharara's financial fraud and lead probe add to NYCHA's woes over class action mold abatement case .
I don't like coffee but I need caffeine.
The Ponzi-like scheme defrauded mostly friends, family and colleagues, said Preet Bharara.
Call Preet Bharara immediately. Another heinous example of lack of ethics in Albany.
when i grow up, I want to make movies about the Indian-American experience, and in all my movies, Preet Bharara will be the villain.
but the REAL villain is preet bharara who tries to jail everyone in the cast even though they don't live in South Manhattan.
Preet Bharara's office is investigating lead paint, false financial claims at NYCHA
An investigation is looking at high blood lead levels among NYCHA residnts.
NYCHA Under Fire For Exposing Residents to Lead Paint: A federal judge has ordered the city's health department to…
U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara investigating claims of unhealthy ...
The state's economic development agency has hired DC lawyers in Preet Bharara's criminal probe of Buffalo Billion:
"When you're under investigation by Preet Bharara that's as serious as it gets." U.S. Investigating
Empire State Development is paying $795 an hour to comply with Preet Bharara's Buffalo Billion subpoena
The lawsuit naming Preet Bharara over a hedge fund search cleared a hurdle last week, but an appeal is on the way. https…
Preet Bharara,US Attorney for Southern Dist of NY, is tough on crime. He gets big fish!
The inquiry into environmental health/safety was disclosed by office of Preet Bharara in filings in federal court
Preet Bharara coming for crooked *** Good — US probes NYC over lead levels at public housing
The inquiry into environmental health and safety conditions was disclosed by the office of Preet Bharara in fi...
Q&A: Preet Bharara on Glenwood, quid pro quo, lack of Wall St. jailings and more
Preet Bharara visited Albany yesterday -- has the details on the visit
"You think no one knew Sheldon Silver was corrupt before he was put in handcuffs? Not a chance." Preet Bharara.
I have huge respect for Preet Bharara, a great U.S. Attorney by any measure...
Immigration lawyer in New York arrested for fraud, identity theft: Preet Bharara, the United S...
should feature the story of Indian origin war between rajat Gupta & preet bharara
Mayor should re-read Preet Bharara letter on neglect of ADA compliance in schools before building new stables.
Executive in U.N. Corruption Case Pleads Guilty - Preet Bharara's oversight will help UN become a better fiduciary.
"If de Blasio still manages to push it through, it deserves attention from US Attorney Preet Bharara "
respectfully disagree; enjoyed the adaptation of Stevie Cohen and Preet Bharara
Loving this new show "Billions," or, "Paul Giamatti as Preet Bharara vs. Homeland Brody version of Steve Cohen"
Garica, of course, once held Preet Bharara's job. He was a potential Republican candidate for AG.
One uncomfortable day avoided: US Atty declines offer by Assembly GOP to come to Albany to talk ethics
U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara declines GOP invite to talk in Albany /
Turns out ND's US Attorney is better at prosecuting corporate criminals than Preet Bharara .
show that Preet Bharara is not a very effective "sheriff of Wall Street"
. turns down invitation to speak to NY lawmakers on ethics. Via
How to improve 1) Preet Bharara cameos. 2) A character who is sensible about insider trading:.
One group made out well from Preet Bharara's prosecution of NY legislative leadership: Defense lawyers.
Sherrif of Wall St and Newman Judge agree: passing an law would be good via
SHERIFF OF We're no longer able to bring certain cases.
on is riding so close to Preet Bharara v Steven Cohen you could almost call it docudrama.
Preet Bharara joins encryption debate, warns of terror threat
Most don't know there isn't an actual definition of "insider trading"..which is intentional. Probably time for one. .
SHERIFF OF Wall Street: We're no longer able to bring certain insider trading cases. …. — Riskinfo (riskinfo…
.says the big winner of 2015 was Preet Bharara. "We haven't seen a prosecutor like this since Rudy Giuliani or Tom Dewey."
Preet Bharara is the white knight...does that mean he's Harvey Dent!?
"Sorry..there’s only one truly effective weapon against Albany’s culture of corruption&his name is Preet Bharara."
Eric Schneiderman or Preet Bharara need to look into this matter.
.details subversion of Moreland Commission and Preet Bharara's decision to jump in.
Criminal defense attorney Peter Brill said Preet Bharara was pursuing Sheldon Silver “almost like a case.
Preet Bharara dealt a major blow to his record as he drops insider trading convictions after court ruling
Wrong. Ask the Security and Exchange Commission and Preet Bharara if that is the case.
3 distant India links:. Preet Bharara. Ashe's wife is Indian. His taking over as PGA was a relief for G4 after Jeremic
Former UN President faces bribery charges: As U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara unveils charges he says "we will be ...
Preet Bharara. Will he spend rest of career obsessing about not harpooning Moby ***
Preet Bharara's next job: Screenwriter for political thrillers.
Preet Bharara warns of insider trading ‘bonanza’ - via
Just now. Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara announces charges against 6 people in an alleged corruption scheme at the United Nations.
US Attorney in Manhattan Preet Bharara says investigation into corruption at United Nations is ongoing
Preet Bharara says the US Supreme Court just opened the door to an insider trading "bonanza"
US Attorney Preet Bharara's prosecutions of Wall Street have pushed aggressive interpretations of insidertrading law
The case against hedge-fund traders Todd Newman and Anthony Chiasson was the brainchild of US Attorney Preet Bharara http:/…
Not that many keep score like this--I do, natch--but Preet Bharara will go down as one of the worst U.S. Attorney's SDNY in last 50+ years
US Attorney Preet Bharara warns of an unfair trading 'bonanza' after decision
Did the Supreme Court rewrite Preet Bharara's legacy on Wall Street crime?
Prime example of why even casino execs in Las Vegas are terrified of Manhattan US attorney Preet Bharara
U.S. Attorney, Preet Bharara knows this about Cuomo/Hochul... so he's going out of his territory:
U.S. attorney Preet Bharara is on the warpath via
DEM: Fighting Corruption in Albany, One Lawmaker at a Time - Preet Bharara, the U.S. Attorney for New York’s South...
$HLF sounds like Steve Cohen at SAC... Preet Bharara said: "breeding ground for criminals, turned blind eye"
there is Nikki Haley governor of South Carolina & my gut feeling is Preet Bharara will run for elections in times to come
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
BREAKING: Documents show Cuomo administration is now involved in Preet Bharara's federal corruption probe
$HLF: all but irrelevant. DOJ with Preet Bharara rules the day, Loretta Lynch is no Eric Holder.
"We have a public corruption unit that we have no intention of disbanding," Preet Bharara says, presumably in sly nod to Moreland Commission
Preet Bharara now basically wiretapping everyone in Albany thanks to Sheldon Silver.
Preet Bharara is *not* screwing around, files new corruption charges against Sheldon Silver. http…
ICYMI: Preet Bharara has loads of new wiretap targets in Albany thanks to Sheldon Silver.
Oh look, it's Preet Bharara and Eric Schneiderman teaming up on a bank settlement
Preet Bharara lives it up at Vanity Fair Oscar party via
Jane Fonda, Angelica Huston, Steve Martin and Patricia Clarkson were among the guests, as was Preet Bharara, the “…
"We don't think worthy investigations should die on the vine" - Preet Bharara
In conversation, Preet Bharara and Ari Melber . As he says STAY TUNE, I say Run don't walk to MAKE A DEAL with FEDS
In conversation, Preet Bharara and Ari Melber: Read the full transcript of an in-depth and enlighteni...
TODAY has 1st TV int. w/ US Atty. Preet Bharara on Silver investigation & more @ 3pmET
Republican Assemblymembers Claudia Tenney and Steve McLaughlin "vote'' for Preet Bharara for speaker.
Attention, Albany: There’s a new sheriff in town and his name is Preet Bharara, US Attorney
Hope Preet Bharara wins or law is tightened dramatically. Insider trading is a disgusting crime.
"It is more likely for a New York State senator to be arrested by the authorities than to be defeated at the polls"
Federal prosecutors in NY ask court to rehear 2 insider-trading convictions it threw out: U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara filed the petit...
Memo to Andrew Cuomo: forget about running for president:
Mr. Bharara’s office is expected to challenge an appellate court ruling that overturned the conviction
That sense of humor that referenced in his piece on Bharara on display here...
"After seeing .. Silver arrested, those under investigation might be quicker to come in and cooperate"
I guess that's why they call it the Empire State…only the emperor has three heads the governor the Senate...
Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara thinks New Yorkers should be up in arms that their elected leaders are so corrupt
Whoa. "The big fish reportedly being looked at is Gov. Cuomo."
Preet Bharara's warning sends chill through state Capitol: Preet Bharara’s warning to 'stay tuned' for more co...
Is Preet Bharara the most powerful Democrat in NY not named Cuomo? (Burton/Getty)
Thanks to Gov. Cuomo, Preet Bharara and Sheldon Silver, it was a huge week for education reform
Preet Bharara, who is trying to take down one of New York’s most powerful men, says he's "fundamentally fearless"
NY1's takes a look at who US Attorney Preet Bharara is and what political future he envisions for himself:
Is Preet Bharara the most dangerous person in American politics?via
Bharara: Public should demand better in NY via
Help us Preet Bharara: protect from MTS. It'll destroy lives. Who's making $ on MTS?
New star player in Democratic Politics to watch: US Attorney Preet Bharara.
Hey New York: Did any of you see Preet Bharara's speech at NY Law School this morning? That guy is my new hero.
U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara: “When did 20 million New Yorkers agree to be ruled by a triumvirate in Roman times?” http:…
The editorial on Preet Bharara's arrest of Sheldon Silver. Read it all:
U.S. Attorney in NYC Preet Bharara was born to Sikh dad, Hindu mom. His wife was born to Jewish mom, Muslim dad.
Staring now at panel w/ USA Preet Bharara, FBI Ast. Dir. Joe Demarest, Lisa Monaco, and Congressman Mike Rogers
Preet Bharara: Keep Politics Out of Ulbricht Defense: The Daily Dot reports that prosecutors in the Ross Ulbri...
Oh great, the DOJ wants to subpoena another reporter to testify against a source.
If there is something illegal here, be aware that Preet Bharara's office has jurisdiction
Preet Bharara Too Busy Planning Office Holiday Party To Make Existential Decisions: The holidays are no time t...
Preet Bharara is chasing down a lending mogul w/ a racketeering case via
Department of Justice may force 60 Minutes producer Richard Bonin to testify in terrorism case
Update your maps at Navteq
What about the Moreland Commission, Preet?. We are waiting!
US attorneys pressuring AG Holder to approve subpoena for CBS journalist over attempted 1998 UBL interview
Preet Bharara and co. requesting another 30 days to decide whether to appeal insider trading ruling to full Second Circuit
Scoop: Preet Bharara lunched with on Friday, as Bharara continues probe of state lawmakers
Thank you Chris.I think this is something that Preet Bharara @ DOJ would find interesting. Your thoughts Rich?
Top story: Holder Faces Another Decision on Forcing a Reporter to Testify see more
"Few names strike more fear in the hearts of New York politicians than that of U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara."
Preet Bharara asks Holder to approve a new journalist subpoena. This time it's Rich Bonin of CBS.
Amanda Marshall on PDX Compliance Oversight Community Liaison for DOJ Po...: re: Preet Bharara invocation
Why is Preet Bharara, the 'scourge of Wall Street', taking a friendly tone towards mortgage bankers?
"Preet Bharara was supposed to be here, but .. Gov. Cuomo abolished the independent commission on invitations."
Preet Bharara: "The Wall Street stuff is important, but nobody ever died in an insider trading case"
Rumor! Preet Bharara, US Attorney for Southern District NY up for Holder job. More on 1230
Take Rick Perry of the list & add Gov. Andrew Cuomo because he's the one in real trouble - ask Preet Bharara.
The press lets him get away w/ EVERYTHING. It's disgusting. Hope Preet Bharara steps in-there's no kowtow in him.
Preet Bharara reflects on insider trading loss
This is why I have no respect at all for Preet Bharara
Preet Bharara has his eye on Christie, forcing NJ US Atty to actually do his job. Looking forward 2results
Preet Bharara talks insider loss: Preet Bharara, the U.S. Attorney for Manhattan, reflected on his office's fi...
Bharara: Goal of BNP case not to destroy bank: U.S. Attorney SDNY Preet Bharara, discusses ...
Bharara: Wall Street not inherently corrupt: U.S. Attorney SDNY Preet Bharara, says he does...
WOW - Preet Bharara just looked a bit uneasy when asked if Icahn had anything to worry about coming out of his office...
Preet Bharara showing much less levity at this than in the past. Far more serious.
Jim Cramer is making a bit of an *** out of himself in this Preet Bharara interview.
Preet Bharara tells I don't think hedge funds are inherently corrupt
GREAT question by of Preet Bharara on what it would actually take to criminally charge & close down a bank.Very weasley response
Jim Cramer asks Preet Bharara why people are still committing crimes with 85-1 record. Response: “They should be doing better calculations."
Preet Bharara is, like, totally into justice.
U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara on his now 85-1 record: “You can’t win every case in our system. That’s not how it works.” •
Preet Bharara: You can't win every case in the system
tune in to now to catch with Preet Bharara
Up next from- & interview US Attorney Preet Bharara. Tune in to now
Gitner kept U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara from claiming another scalp in his war on insider trad
Subpoenas continue to mount in U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara's investigation of
Was this the type of investigative reporting that Preet Bharara implored news organizations to do? .
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