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Precious Lord

This article is about the gospel album. For the gospel song by Thomas A. Dorsey, see Take My Hand, Precious Lord .

Take My Hand Mahalia Jackson Tennessee Ernie Ford

Psalms 135:3. Praise the LORD; for the LORD is good: sing praises unto his name; for it is pleasant. . .
And to stand every morning to thank and praise the LORD, and likewise at even; I Chronicles 23:30 .
Psalms 118:1. O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: because his mercy endureth forever. . .
Very proud of you Eric. Praying for you, Lara & the precious gift from the Lord she carries!
I swear to god lil deku in his all might costume is the most precious thing ever
There are plenty of reasons to thank the Lord God but we thank Him for every little thing.
Lord Jesus christ save my soul,come and fill my heart with joy,wash me with your precious blood Amen
Another one of God's great and precious promises. Oh thank you Lord for the hope we have in You!
MHA this week was precious and good. all hail LORD EXPLOSION MURDER
So turn back to your Lord, no matter how your Ramadan went use these final precious moments well.
Her: so I know she gone on to be with him. GLORAY! THANK YA! Precious in the sight of the lord the death of his faithful servants. Hey GLORY
If they can do this, why can't we?. All Life is Precious to our Lord even Human Life!.
Precious Lord you are more than enough
sigh you're too precious, i pray you receive all the blessings the Lord has in store for you soon candice 💗
Precious Lord lead us on a path to peace and show us how to live in harmony
Dear Lord today, guide my feet while I run this race, help me not to get stuck in the same place & let nothing shake my f…
Aye y'all the lord took his precious time with this one 🤤
This is what the Lord Jesus says of you: you are a masterpiece and precious in His sight. .
May the good Lord keep and bless you and your most precious baby angle. Prayers and cyber hugs from Atlanta!
This is the most precious picture dear lord
Their haven the Lord Eternal, for thee yonder battle borne Grendel’s mother, — seeing how that precious hoard; and brand.
My dogs love taking a shower lmao they're the cutest thing , thank the lord for these precious creatures
"Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints." ~Psalms 116:15
Thank you, so is your new album. Precious Art is already one of my f…
Best Mrng lord g.. Ur love is world's precious gift fo me.
I claim the Precious Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ over my home and myself, A and our dog Poohty.~…
I love Gospel music and Mahalia is heavy, even for me. Her music always reminds me of a fune…
Little things people take for granted are what matters a lot to me
life is precious, beautiful, life is a blessing, thankyou Lord❤
I'm saved by the precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ and His Atonement. It's Jesus plus nothing! Jesus saves! He showered me with Love!
hay thank you Lord for this precious girl 😌❤
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Lord knows we need sweet innocence in this day & time! *precious*
i love him too! and thank God the real intervener in the election was our Precious Lo…
Lord heal this little boy, eradicate cancer from his body, fulfill all Your dreams and purposes for this child's pr…
God who gives strength and energy ...come. The song says, "Precious Lord, Take My Hand, lead me on, let me stand.
If you had any idea what God has saved you from, you will live every second of your life for Him
"Escort me, escort me na him slave trade take start" - 😂😂😂😂
I will cover you with my precious holy blood, saith the Lord. RISE and SHOUT, “Amen!”
Lord I just want to say thank you for granting YD another year on your your precious…
we give you ALL THE GLORY!!! We worship you our Lord, you are worthy to be praised!
I look at my son and think to myself how lucky and blessed I am to know that the lord trusted me to raise his precious gift to us. 🙂
❤️🙏😇. Thank you Lord for giving us this precious and awesome opportunity to…
Amen...may our Precious Lord & Savior protect you, your family, your unit and our wonderful Jesus name...amen…
Angie Stone singing "Precious Lord" at the celebrations for Andrew Young!
Take My Hand Precious Lord. Popular gospel song, MLK favorite, Beyoncé sang it at 2015 Grammy Awards.
Ladies, your heart is precious to the Lord.
Thank You Lord, for transforming me, by the renewing of my mind in Your precious Word,
Therefore be patient, brethren, until the coming of the Lord. See how the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth...
the network team will work on the challenge, we apologize ~ OO
These pics are too precious , they show us what a cute and adorbale human sehun is . A LORD .
For you reign on high 🎶. Lord you are worthy of my praise . Precious Jesus "🎶
we apologize, may we know the network mode your device is set to? OO
Precious Lord look after this morning :.  
Thank you Lord for the precious of life you've given to us 🎶🎵
...we offer Thee The Precious Body Blood Soul & Divinity, of Thy only Begotten Son, Our Lord & Sav…
Jeffrey Lord's chuckle when tells him how much pregnancy would spike your premium is precious.
Oh darlin', this single season you're in is so precious. Use it for the Lord, and He will bring your man.
Anyone notice that DT'S WH looks like a casting call for Gollum from Lord of The Rings? Guess that makes Putin "my…
New Artwork: "Find Your Light" ✨. Check out the full series on my website:
Yesterday i had one of the best experiences of my life. Timing is a precious thing. Thank you lord!🙏🏻
Praise the Lord for them so precious
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
We dedicated our precious Elisabeth Jane to the Lord today. Our prayer for this sweet girl is…
Now Playing 09-Precious Lord Bless me on African Revival Radio, Where you connect for hope
wait woah, "dude off of harry potter that said precious" 😂😭 Lord of the Rings maybe
My precious Daddy gave his life to the Lord today!
Incredible Power of Christ over evil. Cover US in your precious Blood Lord Jesus. 2chapters describe 👺devils advoca…
Yes Blessed be the name of the Lord! For He alone is Holy with His Father in the company of the precious Holy Spiri…
please my internet connection has been going off since Friday and it's extremely slow when it co…
Sincere apologies, may we know the exact network issue experienced? IA
For the LORD is good his mercy endureth to all generations. What a gracious, merciful , loving GOD we…
I'm understanding globalization and digital divide much better now
If she reply "thanks" delete her contact info and the threads.
Precious people of GOD!. This is time for us to wake up from our slumber ; The coming of the LORD is at hand. Be prepare.
Father, I offer Thee the Body & Blood of Your precious Son, our Lord, Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins & tho…
Life is a precious gift, and today a beautiful soul went to go spread his wings with the lord. May you Rest In Peace Noah💙
Dedicated this precious little one to the Lord today! What an honor…
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Pray a youngin never leaves this world w/o setting a trend or legendary before&after me
Day By Day, Our Precious Lord Jesus, Help us to: . See You more Clearly, . Love You more Dearly, . & Follow You more Nearly
Thank you so much for spending an hour focused on our Lord here for this precious hour.May you have a blessed week.
Lord we lift this servant of yours to u for healing. Touch her Lord and renew her body in thy precious name we pray…
Congratulations to these precious parents! Beautiful service at BFR dedicating their baby to the Lord.
you guys are sometimes synonymous to disappointments. Are you happy to be known for having a terrible network ?
Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Your precious blood saved us! Lord blessed is your name in all the earth! Thank u for your sacrific…
"My precious". The Lord of the ring: the two towers, 2002. .
So you know she really means it..precious moments..May the Lord have mercy on her, and you & the family
My wife Precious and I dedicated our beautiful son Aragorn to the Lord Jesus Christ at COZA Church in Abuja yesterday. Congra…
Precious Lord, We Pray for your Protection over France and over Marine Le Pen, her family and all of her Staff. In Jesus N…
Lord I claim a hedge of protection, by the Precious Blood of Jesus, around every Person that reads this post.
Devotional day 8. Precious Lord, Take My Hand . Thomas Dorsey grew up playing blues and jazz piano, sometimes in...
Dear Lord may I present thee precious bacon and, if thou desire I consume it, give me no sign and thy will be done.
Good Morning!. Have a Bless and Exciting day in the Lord. With every opportunity. Praise him!
Psalm 118:24 says 'This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it'. Let us enjoy this precious gift from God. Amen.
Lord he is sp precious.. and so right for me
Feeling energised, thank you Lord for your precious gift of life
Lord, please cover me with Your precious blood.
Precious Lord Jesus, I love you; thank you for all you’ve done for me. I appreciate and celebrate (cont)
Are you careful with the way you spend money? Well then what about time? Time is one of the most precious things the Lord has given us.
Thank you Lord for the precious gift of Life🙏
Precious LORD,I love You;Thank You for all you've done for me,I appreciate and celebrate Your glory in my...
... is THE most Beautiful Baby In The WORLD! Thank You, Lord, for this precious miracle…
Wale's baby girl is the most precious lil thing oh my gosh 😍 Lord protect her at all cost 🙏🏾
Greetings in the most precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. My name is Tw~
Thank you Lord for another precious year 🎉🎂💋
Honored, humbled and blessed to serve my precious Lord and Savior and His precious people.
I would like to thank the lord for taking his precious time creating each one of them, down to the genes 💯
Precious Lord, watch over all the Soldiers that are fighting for
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All thing were created by our precious Lord or for Him.
I used to wonder about the psalm that says, "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints" (Psalm...
😩😩😩 Lord took his precious time creating them 😍
On this day in 1977, Elvis Presley died. This my pops favorite song ! Elvis Presley - Precious Lord, Take My Hand
Precious Lord: Songs of THOMAS a DORSEY on This 16-Track Collection We Get to Hear Some Legendary
I'm listening to Take My Hand, Precious Lord by Tennessee Ernie Ford on
My fab brother playing his original arrangement of "Precious Lord, Take My Hand" and "Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing"!
Precious Lord (Remix),Produced,Lead and background vocals by Sugar Ray C...
Let patience have its perfect work; remember there are precious promises in Scripture for those who wait on the Lord
such a strong glo up. thank you precious Lord😂
Lilo is a beacon of light in an entirely too dark and unforgiving world. She is precious and I'm excited to watch her grow up
Sending so much heart sunshine to this precious soul. I pray that the Lord lays his heeling…
When people say "precious", it makes me think of that creature on the lord of the rings
My precious - Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit Gollum inspired card by salopegrafique (3.00 USD)
Precious Moments - Trust in the Lord to the Finish, PM842
Taemin our lord and savior but also our precious baby
This was last year people. You know, when "we" we're dragging her for sing "Precious Lord" at the Grammy's. I see... https…
Praying sweet Bill! Lord restore the brokenhearted, breathe life over your precious daughter who is sick.
Happy Valentine's Day, my precious rose, I love you so,so, so much!
I Praise Thee, my Precious Lord and Savior that You loved me enough to lay down Your life so that I could Receive life in You. John 15:13,14
Forgotten, he lost his way. Starring down that barrel, thinking not today. Life is so precious, Lord knows that life is so precious
Good morning ALDUBNATION! thank you Lord for a new day to start the week!! We love you!!
Precious Lord will make any person cry. That's a powerful gospel song.
Here's some Tolkien valentines day cards for your precious.
Thank you precious Sister in the Lord, I bless you.
Ford is my precious husband square up scrub lord
In God we trust 2 everyone God has put a lot of new lives..thank you Lord Jehovah God 4 ur precious son Jesus Christ
Good lord Larkin is a precious baby
Church as scheduled tonight at TBC. Looking forward to what the Lord has for us from His precious Word.
Please say a prayer for my son (David) who died on Superbowl Sunday. He was my precious before Lord of the Rings.
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Lord please don't let me sit by anyone with an airborne sickness on this plane 😫
People rejoicing at death. I can't even. He was a precious child of God, whether or not we agreed with him. Lord,…
hope is most precious, more than life itself. May the Lord bless us will hope, always.
To be absent from the body. is to be present with our Lord. We share this precious comfort,. as we commune in sweet accord.…
Greeting Followers and to the Precious Children of Almighty God, the Lord.
My mom calls her kids her "precious" or her "treasures" and every time she says it I see her as Gollum from Lord of the Rings.
Precious Lord, Take My Hand, Memorial Presbyterian Church, hymn video hyperlink. 'a heart loving hymn of kindness'
Randy hit a 'precious' Jackpot on Lord of the Rings for over $1200!!! Congrats!
just a closer walk with thee, precious lord Take My Hand, I'll fly away, amazing grace
going up yonder, Take My Hand precious Lord.
May the Lord show mercy on those who murder A N Y precious baby!
Feet on the floor means the day begins and the evening has ended. Thank You Lord! Opportunity is a precious commodity f…
Lord, how precious to know that I've been grafted into Your family tree, dating back even to King David! You are...
precious and Ariss can do it I have faith in them
I Pray Dear God In Your Precious Son's Name Lord Jesus Christ that Dear God that Dear Lord as we all Your Christian People live for You
Lord if it be Your Will that Lord You will give us a renewal in our mind's In Jesus Precious Name I Pray !
Actual Angel of the Lord Scott McCall having a hole in his chest not healing but worrying about other people first. my son . my precious son
Yes Lord, yes Lord ... that these have life, precious life, the Glory of Resurrection, bones to live.
Lord Jesus, as an heir of Righteousness I call forth all of creation to obey Your Word & co-operate with my faith in Your Precious Name Amen
The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace. Psalm 29:11
Lord of the Rings card - Gollum card - My Precious - Funny love card by MeetMeInShermer (5.50 AUD)
Today, we pray for the children. Lord Jesus, today we surrender to You our children. They are our most precious...
christmas Elvis Presley Take My Hand Precious Lord Download the smart phone app now.
guinea pigs are so sweet oh my lord, Ive had 2 over the years, and oh, such precious babies.
"The word of the Lord came to me saying, 'Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.'" Jeremiah 1:4,5a Every life is precious.
Precious in the Lord ,is the death of His saints:
Are we weak and heavy laden, . cumbered with a load of care? . Precious Savior, still our refuge; . take it to the Lord in prayer.
Bouta get cute just to take a selfie lord knows I have no plans
WOWO GREAT MY LORD !!!What a celebration !!thank you for sharing these precious pics of Punjab Bhan…
When iris told him to put an L on lord look at him he's so precious
The Lord Jesus can save a dark sinful life by his awesome power and precious blood. You can start a new life with the sweet Holy Spirit.
Lord of the Rings Precious Card by sweetgeek (3.50 USD)
It's not Mahalia but still a nice version. . Precious Lord, Take My Hand.
wishing u a very hpy good ni8 my precious Lord madhv n all mah saurabhars fans have a sweet dream🙏🙏 ht…
In a special way today, we pray: "Lord, renew in us a readiness to nurture and sustain your precious gift of human life…
Every single life our Lord created is precious to Him.
In Zachariah 2:8 , the Lord says " if anyone harms you, they have harmed my most precious possession" . You are loved beyond…
Take My Hand precious lord. I saw the light & Will the circle be unbroken. My grandparents would sing them.
Gracias. Precious lord, Take My Hand.
One in a room motivates everyone else.
Our generation has lost the value of romance, the value of trust, and the value of conversation. Its so sad that small…
for you who feel the loss of the most precious person in your life, patient well. All the way of the Lord
. You are taking sorrows of your children and giving them precious gifts of happiness. Thnku lord!.
Listening involves mental involvement, Precious the Church - she encourages body soul and mind 4 Lord
. Thnx a lot my Lord for ur precious blessings
Little Giant Ladders
HA, insulting the Turkish president is a crime in Turkey! Crazy. "My golden untarnished reputation, the precious..."
I added a video to a playlist PRECIOUS LORD - rare gospel music by Elvis Presley
Gospel to start my day , thank you lord for another precious day.
people let their hate of Bey get in the way of arguably the best vocal performance of the entire night that Grammys. her Precious Lord >>>
one ring necklace my precious The Lord of the rings jewelry gift Christmas jewelry N71A by Doragiftforyou (7.00 USD)
I’m grateful for each day and hour, i thank the Lord above for giving me the precious gift: Of your deep, enduring love..
Lord of the rings onesie, My Precious by LVLYxxx (12.99 USD)
Thank you Lord for this precious gift. Hindi ko po inaakalang magagamit ko siya not only to earn money but to share my talent to everyone. 👆
Stop taking the Name of our Precious Lord and Savior, Redeemer in vain!
I liked a video from Aretha Franklin Precious Lord (Martin Luther King Funeral)(1968)
Why you love me so Lord I shall never know the Precious lamb of God 🙌❤️
Is right? Consider: Both loath to give up power/control of whats precious
Thank you My Lord for precious blessings!
Hubris will kill you. Or get you laid out on a mat lingering around the white light as Mahalia Jackson sings Precious Lord in the background
Morning after Sallah when you checking the headlines to see if anyone you know got slaughtered
May the precious LORD bring comfort & strength to Pastor Saeed & for his family. May this unjust time be shortened
The only thing i understand in mathematics is the example... 😒😒😒😒
Shebi its better to know you're single than to be in a relationship filled with uncertainty.
Thank you Lord for the precious price of redemption. Haleluyah!
you are the best .beautiful and precious creation of lord. We all miss you yash ji. Happy birthday yash ji
Amen! Thank You, Lord, for the exceeding & precious promises You have given to us!
Lord, cover us with Your precious blood and fill us with Your holy spirit. Amen.
This exists!? The Lord will never have to question my praise! Thank you kindly.
Salah is a gift. It is in those precious moments of Salah that we speak to our Lord and it is in sujood that we are th…
Celebrating Bentley's 2nd birthday today with a dinosaur party! Thank you Lord for this precious…
HBD sister Joy! May the Lord bless and increase u on every sides in Jesus precious name. I celebrate u ma
Glory hallelujah! Five precious souls indicated that they trusted Christ as Lord today in Collins, GA!!
The Feast of the Universal Exaltation of the Precious and Life-Giving Cross - O Lord, save Thy people, and bless...
There's a relationship that will take you to eternity & that's with the King of kings - Our precious Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ
Precious Lord, the Rose of Sharon. I beseech thee to touch..Continue saying this prayer >>
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Talk about humility! What a precious, Holy man of God! Following in the footsteps of Our Lord.
I'm really scared about my sister in law. She's not OK. Please lord, don't let her do something stupid. She's precious.
Oh precious Lord, I love thee more than all of these, more than fame, more than wealth, more than the world🎶💕
I liked a video The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers CR - 04. My Precious
I'm a mother again today. I'm giving birth! Thank You Lord for Your Precious Heritage.
*gets on knees and thanks the holy lord Jesus for blessing this world with such a precious and beautiful boy*
thank you Lord. Giving You all the honor, all the glory.. In Your precious name, AMEN🙏
🎤 Precious Lord please Take My Hand. Lead me on help me stand. I will make it if you Take My Hand. Take My Hand
Good morning/evening family! This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice & be glad in it! Use the time wisely as all life is precious.
"Be patient, then, my friends, until the Lord comes. See how patient farmers are as they wait for their land to produce precious crops. "
Jake's the most precious child I could ask for. Thank you Lord🙏🏽
Do you remember Lord you are so precious to me - Worship? WSKIDRadio does...
Please share your precious story of salvation in this FB group to publicly glorify the LORD.
Praise the Lord . Give thanks to the Lord , for he is good; his love endures forever. Psalm 106:1
Praise The Lord.The Precious Word on every page of every line of every verse of every Chapter of The Holy Bible Feeds my Hungry Thirsty Soul
I love you Lord , you are my strength ..Psalms 18:1...sleep sweet and The Lord protect you ☺️😇...precious and loved 😍...nite ...👐🏻❤️
Thank you Lord..Wow,u v been with me for 2 amazing lil Missy" Happy Birthday to the world most precious...
There's nothing wrong with just being friends & let the Lord guide & lead the friendship into something that will glorify &…
When you delight yourself in the lord & not concerned with everything around is then you see things start to change
Please perform again. You're too precious for us all. ❤️
After I bring up Omar eating Precious out. precious? the one from lord of the rings ? .
“We are saddened by the loss of our three precious friends and true apostles of the Lord.” |
Remember this today:The most precious gift you can give The Lord is your time.
May the Lord guide you. May He protect you. May He bless the works of your hands. And prosper them. May He shine upon...
Talk to me... Help me . Use me. Guide me. I need you Lord . I'm crying out 🙏🏾
Gender Neutral.please tell me...this isn't true without our precious Lord...have mercy on us!
O lord, Thank U for giving Method of Meditation.Ur precious teachings making our life happy & peaceful
It's the sad're in a relationship and constantly searching for someone "better"...
Despite your current unfavorable conditions, it's never too late to start improving oneself. All masters were once novices.
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Oh Lord I leave it all in your precious hands.
Dear CHUBUIKE, thank you for my birthday gift! You are so precious, May the Lord multiply you over & over. 💙💙💙
“grant me a sweet taste for Your Word. Make it so precious to me.” -LifeMessagesVol1
e.g "I hear the welcome song that calls me Lord to Thee, for cleansing in that precious blood that flowed on calvary
God’s Word is So So So Precious… Romans. 5:1: “Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through…
Nice to see music used on tonight. Gorgeous rendition of Precious Lord - one of my mom's favorite hymns.
Nothing else I've ever experienced is as good as the presence of the Lord activated in my life. I can't trade this in. Way too precious.
Take My Hand, Precious Lord by Ledisi, found with Listen now:
That "Precious Lord" piece was brilliantly danced and heart stirring!!! Loved it#
Ok “Take My Hand, Precious Lord” makes me cry anyway, so a contemporary piece about race relations set to it = SOBBING.
Psalms 35:17 Lord, how long will You look on?. Rescue me from their destructions, . My precious life from the lions.
You are Very Very Very Precious to Jesus… That’s why Jesus is Touching your heart Now… Romans 10:9:” If you Confess…
The Lord is always in charge! This morning he allowed a precious preacher and his wife to stop by and see Dad and...
And a world choreographed by Neptune and Gaby were phenomenal dancing to Ledisi's "Take My Hand, Precious Lord"
Lord, You are more precious than silver via
Lord, You are more precious than silver
Lord don't let me be bitter, arrogant, belligerent, ungrateful, evil, and etc. I really want to act the way my religion w…
PERFECT campaign ad stand up 200 rotting corpses and you sing Take My Hand, Precious Lord
So thankful to our Lord for these precious 3. Favorite 11,18,&19 year olds. Sweet friendships are gifts from above.
Awww! You as well You are so precious to THE LORD and to us!
Why I love - & with AMAZING Precious Lord routine. Thank you
Seeing SO many people come together to sing praises to our amazing God is so precious. . We have an AMAZING Lord!. All glory to Him! . ❤️
, I wanna tell you that ur rendition of "Precious Lord" is on repeat & has been since we learned of Eric Garner. So lovely & timely.
Beautiful day yesterday dedicating several precious children to the Lord! At Royalwood we value Christ-centered... ht…
Like I'm not skinny where you can see my bones at all but it sure would be nice to gain some more weight my precious lord
at Precious Lord by Mahalia Jackson - -
When Thomas Andrew Dorsey lost his wife Nettie in childbirth & his infant son, he wrote“Take My Hand, Precious Lord". http:/…
It's definitely a Mahalia Jackson kind of day. Precious Lord, Take My Hand...
Jason Crabb and the artists from Singing In The Sun singing Amazing Grace and Precious Lord, Take My Hand.
Elvis' version of "Precious Lord" closes funeral for Ocala Police Department officer Jared Forsyth. Forsyth was accidentally shot and killed
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
This is a powerful tribute to Mahalia Jackson, Thomas A. Dorsey, and the song "Precious Lord," written by my...
did u know that our beloved Leontyne also sang Precious Lord in 1973 at President Lyndon B Johnson's funeral
YES!!! Bey sang Precious Lord like she was in a white Conservative Church Choir. Nobody went to the altar.
Watching GMA and Amy Robach says Beyonce sang "Take My Hand Precious Lord" it right
I'm still weak in the knees after the back to back performances of "Precious Lord" and "Glory". Extraordinary.
sTAY wITH mE: Precious Lord song by Beyoncé dedicated to my dad Mr. Charles Jones fighting Lung cancer and Terry Morris fought Colon cancer
Precious Lord, You are the Great Physician. You can heal whatever hurt we have if we turn it over to you. Good morning!
Dear precious Lord Jesus, we are Thanking you for dear life today.., Hallelujah Glory to your name In Jesus name we pray amen
Precious Lord Heavenly Father ,thank you for today and all we have .Father cover us today in your spirit please,and give us strength knowing we can trust the plan you have for us ,put a Hedge round all we know and love, help us be like Jesus your Son, and let us be the disciples and be forgiving and loving ,and seeking of the lost and unknowing .Help us hear your words and gentle nudges and be closer to you amen
Have been to Mass today. Thank you Lord Jesus for leaving us something so precious. 😀
Lord please give me stregnth! 🙏🙏🙏 please pray for me & my family as we take another loss, my precious mamaw! 😞😢😢
Congratulations to you and your wife on your baby daughter. She's so precious! Praise the Lord!
clever, funny, totally entertaining, One Man Lord of the Rings
And next, the frankly bloomin' marvellous in Click the link for tickets, precious!
“It is precious to me, though I buy it with great pain.”. . J.R.R. Tolkien,. . The Lord of the Rings.
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