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Praising God, yesterday we got our "new" (5 yr old) Land Cruiser, so now we have wheels. We also got a 5000 liter water tank, These 2 items we have been working on and praying for over 2 months. God is so good.
Ricky Fernandez. Is reading book of: Acts ACTS 3:10 CHAPTER 3: 1)NOW PETER and John went up together into the temple at the hour of prayer, being the ninth hour. church 2)And a certain man lame from his mother's womb was carried, when they laid daily at the gate of the temple which is called Beautiful, to ask alms of them that entered into the temple; 3)Who seeing Peter and John about to go into the temple asked an alms. 4)And Peter, fastening his eyes upon him with John, said, look on us. 5)And he gave heed unto them, expecting to receive something of them. 6)Then Peter said, silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I theme: in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth Rise up and walk. 7)And he took him by the right hand, and lifted him up; and immediately his feet and ankle bones received strength. 8)And he leaping up stood, and walked, and entered with them into the temple, Walking and leaping, and praising God. 9)And all the people saw him walking and praising God. 10)And they knew that it ...
I don't know about the rest of y'all but I am praising god just for giving me this opportunity to go to NYC's hair show.
OMGoodness, truer words have never been spoken. Been there, done that on the knees thing. Now when you see me on my knees, you can be assured I'm Praising God for lifting me up !
Long & busy day. First day one the job with JPE. Like peas & carrots, first time I started a job that felt so natural. Praising God for whatever path He sets me on, praying I stay in His will.
Andre Coe, my 1st born, my only son, some say 'my twin',. We've been through a lot together; some good and some not so good. But, through it all, we're still here praising God each day for another opportunity... Love you son. MOM
2014 - the year of the PERSONAL Gospel best selling author. # steps ordered + words assigned + heart pure + praising continually 2 God
Really tired of feeling yucky...but praising God for health good enough to feel yucky, and blessed enough to be able to stop and rest when I do. All things happen for His glory and my ultimate good. I will trust Him!
Yesterday morning I went to early church at Jasper's First Baptist as I always do. Even tho I had lost an hour of sleep I was still excited because our worship would be led by House 57 & Tony Nolan was our quest speaker. What happened when I got there is something I will never forget & am so very thankful that I was blessed to have experienced. The worship center was packed, everyone standing, hands in the air, crying, altar was filled with people praying & everyone was praising God with every fiber of their being. Over 40 people came to know Christ & yes that was just at early service. Our God is a Mighty God!!!
Listening to the lifting my hands too high singing together with the radio praising God & waking up the ninjas next room \o/
Another awesome evening at Celebrate Recovery-NorthStar. Praising God for bringing us together to celebrate our recovery. We look forward to next week's meeting and the teaching lesson on "Action."
Life is such a struggle even in the mist of praising God but its all good. He gone take care of me. I just got to be obedient.
Just ordered the new books for girls group! I'm excited!! "Perfectly Unique: Praising God From Head To Foot" by Annie F. Downs. Books are $9. Hope to see you all next week! Love you!
You know I myself am guilty of complaining about little things that are not even important...then I find out a close friend from my teen years is going though so much and I feel so guilty for not being on my knees praising God for my healthy family and beautiful life he has blessed me with even though I am so undeserving!!! Please keep my dear friend and her family in your prayers!
Well I said I was staying up until 1200 tonight I'm so excited it will be my birthday yep I made it to the big 60 just praising God I've made it this far !!!,,! Happy birthday to me !, thought I would be funny for just a little good night everyone
Just got home from an amazing practice with the worship team and I truly must acknowledge one thing. I enjoy what I do alot, especially when it comes to worshiping and praising God because he has done so much for me that my best offering towards him, comes out in the form of a song. I know many might not show their appreciation or tell me how proud they are of what i'm doing for God's glory, but you know what, just as long as God himself knows why I do it and that he's proud that throughout all my struggles I still can worship him, it doesn't matter what anyone else would say. You can't please everybody, and if you accomplish pleasing God above everyone else, that's all that matters - I'm done, Be blessed!
Okay!!! I'm praising God for who he is. He is so worthy. I'm having a praise break!
Don't let your status keep you from praising GOD.
Catherine is praising God she got Sean.
Praising God will be the core of our family.
Praising God, thru Christ, that I'm moving into my new apartment come April 1st. Grateful, truly, to be within the fold of Christ!
I never really liked tattoos because of Leviticus... But when I think about it, why would God condemn you for praising his name on your body
There is victory in our praise! We forfeit our breakthroughs when we stop praising God. Let's Be determined to Praise Him no matter what!
Praising God for blessing my Mary Kay business with several amazing new customers in the past few weeks! I love when He answers my prayers with constant confirmation that I'm headed in the right direction!
The brothers of one of the Americans on the missing Malaysian flight are praising God and sharing scripture on CNN right now. So awesome God gets the glory even in their grief and poor old Anderson is speechless.
Praising God for today and all he allowed me to do ,was at work and sharing his love that felt wonderful,
We can talk about what other people say. But, who do you say Jesus Christ is? Do you know Him enough to be able to describe Him? Make sure...Okay, I feel you getting closer to that blessing! Start Praising God because your blessings are just around the next corner, so keep moving!
thankful for everything, praising God for my days like this
Praising God for 's first primary partner church Oasis Church, FL
Praising God regardless of circumstances that I have been forced into by a person who chooses to live each day in sin against God!
What an awesome moment, just out on the roof looking up to the stars and can't stop praising God, from songs to dancing.
Praising God every moment of my life
As I was driving to work this morning, the road was blocked by an elderly woman in a nightgown, her hands in the air praising God. Just like a scene in THESE FINAL HOURS.
The atheist group doesn't have to go to the museum if they don't want to see the cross. What are they afraid of? I support the cross! Praising God for all of His blessings.
still praising God,He has truly anointed her to bless our heart&soul,
I love people who love God. I smile everytime I see a person praising him.
Praying for Tony Brooks that the stints give him comfort. Praising God they didn't need a feeding tube. Thinking of you all Dawn Rogers-brooks.
Worship encompasses so much more than singing and praising God. It's about how we live our lives for Him.
YES SPOTIFY! I would love listening to some Rihanna after praising Jesus, the Son of God. Smh. http:…
Praising God for this post from watching god work continually in the lives of…
Praising God I made it home in time for Teen Wolf
That.s our unofficial Choir Anthem~ To the tune of O God Beyond All Praising!
Thinking of all our blessings. Enjoyed a day off praising God along with the Michael W. Smith Worship CD, baking banana bread and scones, making dinner, attempting to play basketball with Jenni, warm weather, a quick nap, and time to read.
Thank you all for all the prayers! Praising God I am doing much better in my schooling, Erika Michele made it back from Walla Walla University Washington, my dad is hanging in there staying positive, and life is like a box of See's. Anyone can bring me a box at anytime. Truffles. ;) (((hugs))) and HaPpY dAy!
Praising God for his wisdom! Praising Him for giving me strength & control!! Glad he knows what's going to happen in the future! Thanking Him for answering prayers!! Thanking Him for keeping O out of harms way & keeping His hand on him! Asking Him to guide others to get the help they need! Praise The Lord!
Thank you, prayer warriors! Don't stop!!! Ms. Dolly update---tonight she seems to be well on her way to her old self! Did not see much improvement during the day but by this evening she was out, butting me, rubbing on her brush-and even jumped up and down off her bed---something she was not doing even this afternoon! When I left her room she was eating and looking out her door for the boys! No clues as to what happened-but PRAISING GOD for the improvement and for Dr. Travis. We're still waiting on the pathology report---so don't stop the prayers! Thank you so much!
To River Of Life Ministries n FB Friends,Brother Paul Sylve Drs.said they will have to keep watch on him for another month. Praising God,bc All IS Well. No infections,staples r out. Keep on Praying. God still works miracles.
A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another. John 13:34 How can we then call ourselves followers of Jesus if we are praising God out of one side of our mouths, and using words to harm a brother out of the other?
Evening saints. Its cleaning time. .ladies and gentlemen. .needin help with some special cleaning tomorrow. Getting ready for revival. All help is appreciated. Will be tomorrow at 6 30. Come and lets get this done. Amen Praise him. Nothing like praising God in a fresh sanctuary amen Praise him
I have been praising God all day for MANY blessings.HE is so AWESOME!!!
Praising God on the bus. Trying not to being too much attention to myself. I hear him say you're safe in my arms. Knowing that something will unravel which I have no control over, God is preparing me to Trust Him. It's a good feeling to feel Him and know you're safe when under attack. No weapon...
Praising god for what He did in Poland!
Heaven just got better, My Mother In law, Sarah Thiessen went to join JESUS, today at 5 p.m. I am rejoicing and Praising God… for her wish to be with Her HEAVENLY FATHER….has happened today…."For God so loved the world that whosoever believes in HIM WILL BE SAVED..
Praising God for another breath and beautiful God's day!! So excited that Angelo Frazier joined our Worship team on the drums this morning!! Looking forward to the Youth Academy Awards at the Fox Theater tonight!!!
Praising God for so many answered prayers, my wife now has a job, my daughter is being baptized tomorrow, next week I have surgery on my hand, our young men's bible study group is now up to 10 guys and as I awake today, He has allowed me yet another day to experience His love. "Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe. For our God is a consuming fire." Hebrews 12:28,29 Being a follower of Jesus is not an easy task but it does have eternal rewards. Praising you, Lord.
Studying + Music + Coffee + Key Lime pie, great way to spend some time in this sudden cold weather! Cannot wait for church tonight!! God is doing amazing things in San Antonio as well as all over this world in HIS church. My thoughts and prayers have been with Apustuļu Ceļš, and everyone in Latvia! Praising God today for the amazing reports coming out of Central Asia and all that God did!
ACTS 2:46-47 "And they, continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, did eat with gladness and singleness of heart, Praising God, and having favour with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved" Notice the expression, "with gladness and singleness of heart, praising God." One reason the ministry of the early Christians was so effective was their continual gladness of heart and praising God. Worship and praise to God were a part of the daily lives of the early Christians. It wasn't something they did occasionally. Too many times today we see people who pray through about once every six months. You'd have to write of them that they praised God "occasionally" or perhaps "semi-annually" rather than "daily" or "continually," as did the New Testament believers. The late Smith Wigglesworth once said, "First thing every morning, when I get out of bed, I jump out. I don't just drag out, but I jump out! And when my feet hit the floor I ...
Reading the book of Proverbs and chapter three is a must read. So take time to read this passage. It was such a comfort to me. Praising God!!
Praising God my Father today for preparing an eternal place for His Children. Death does not have the last word. In Jesus Christ...our hope of glory! Janet Parshal, Moody Radio, (husband, Craig) lost their adult son, Chris, age 36, to complications of cancer earlier this month. They continue their testimony of faith through Col. 1:27.
Thanking God today for answering prayer.thanks to everyone who has been joining in prayer for Koda...He was going today for a second interview for one job..and another job called him that he really wanted...He starts tomorrow and is really excited! The quick oil change place by Festus...He will be the best looking one tell him hi when you go in! Thanks Dan Modglin for your help in this process!! And to show you how God works...I was in church one day with his boss..and God told me to go over and pray for him...I had never met him...and knew he would think I was crazy..but I knew I had to be obedient...I also talked with him after church about some things...hoping to alleviate his thoughts that I was a crazy lady!! I believe I'm reaping now from that very act of obedience..Praising God right now for his faithfulness!! Jodi Yates Pogue Todd Yates Jody Pogue Sommer Britton Cheryl Miller Virginia Wallace Thomas Donna Melton Vancil
Praising God in the afternoon service ...with Chief Apostle Ken Moses of ARMED Ministries from Brooklyn, NY
Praising God for YOU! Evergreen partners, we are thankful for you every day we open the doors on our new campus. Through your generous offerings this past month we were able to repay the loan of $210,000 to Grace Lutheran Church, Portland OR which helped with the purchase of our new campus. WE GIVE PRAISE TO THE LORD!
Celebrating life on this 4th anniversary of being cancer-free!!! Praising God for his tender mercies and continuing care for me!!! What a great and wonderful, loving Heavenly Father!!!
CORPORATE PRAYER When: Wednesday, February 19, 2014 Where: Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Time: 7:00 PM Topics: 1. Praying for Financial Needs/Personal & Church. 2. Praying for Families. 3. Praying for Fear and Depression. 4. Praying for persons in need of urgent prayer (ie) Rev. Ollie German, Sis. Joann Austin, Sis. Pauline Stephens, Sis. Frances Massey, Sis.Viola Putney, Bro. James Young, Sr., Columbus Wallace.. 5. Praying for Spiritual Growth. 6. Praying and Praising God for what He has already done. “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14 NIV
Cruise morning, here in Orlando headed soon to Orlando airport to pick up Brad Drumm & family will be complete & on to Port Canaveral to sail away for a week with the whole family on the Carnival Dream !! Praising God for his goodness to us 🚢
Had a awesome Urban Kids Camp meeting. Praising God for all blessings that flow.
"Thank you to all who were praying for my sweet aunt. Tod is now with her Lord and Savior in Glory. Praising God for her life and the life lessons she taught me." ~JoAnne Fisher She will be missed tremendously by all of us at The First Baptist Church of Paradise.
Praising God for our board members! Thank you Richard Akiona, Sean Oberg & John Mitchell for a great year of wrestling through tough decisions that are made to create a church not for ourselves but for the Kona Coast. Those men mentioned were voted by the church to continue as board members. The church also voted for 2 more to join the team. We welcomed Wesley Basinga and Ilaisa Samoa on board. We are excited and looking forward to another year of God transforming and reconstructing our lives as individuals and as a church. These people are crucial having to make difficult decisions discerning, seeking and fulfilling God's desires for the church. Let's keep them in our prayers daily. Pastor Ryan welcomed the board members and gave them a gift. I was WOW'd out! It's the coolest gif!. He gave them each a lumber wood. :) yup, a lumber wood! ... Our Pastor gives the coolest gifts ever! ... comment below to tell us what you think they will be using the lumber wood for.. :)
Praising God in All Things It is easy to Praise God when we look around us and see a beautiful sunset or a beautiful mountain vista. It's easy to Praise God when our lives are comfortable, when our health is good, when good friends love us. We thank Him for the good He brings to us, just as we should, and it is not difficult, although we may sometimes become so caught up with the good things that we do in fact forget to thank God for them. There is a real grace that comes from thanking and blessing God, not only in the joys and beauty of life, but also in the struggles and pain..When we suffer loss, when we struggle through times of darkness, when the beauty seems to be missing from our life, we have a choice. We can turn to consolations in the world like TV, alcohol, or other escapes. We can become bitter. Or like Job we can say, "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, Blessed be the name of the Lord." In this way, we honor God, we turn to Him, we accept all as coming through His good hands. We will f ...
Several people gave their lives to Christ today at CVC! Praising God!
Prayer Warriors - update on Major Vickie Cole and the others injured in the Mason City accident last Sunday night (Praising God & prayers still needed) : from Major Vickie's FB page yesterday "I am so sorry that I have been unable to post since the accident, My forcomputer was in the van that was totaled. I Thank God for being present on Sunday 1/26 at 3:30. I Thank God for the 6 Living miracles. Many have said we all should have died. We all are alive because of the grace of God. I wish to say a big THANK YOU to the Hyvee trucker, EMT'S, doctors, nurses, both hospital staff, Ambulances, and the entire Salvation Army Worldwide who have for prayed for each of us. Thank you my dear friends who prayed, called, and visited me, Thank you to my DHQ staff, Thank you for coming right away to visit me Major Paul and Paula Fleeman, The visits from Major Joe and Lois Wheeler, Major Randy Hellstrom and my dear friends Majors Joe and Annete Tamayo. The cards and phone calls. Continue to pray for Terijuana who broke .. ...
Dr. Juanita Bynum Prophetess Bynum, NO words can express the encounter shared these past 3 nights! Praising God for your LIFE!
Trust. Faith. Praising God daily shows him that in the good days & bad, you Trust that God will take care of you. Faith
God gave and God blessed! (well is blessing) Praising God for all the growth and exciting new season for Elevation Church :) Sovereign.
husband Dave was in scar wreck a year ago today. Praising God for his healing, but still believing God to heal his back.
Praising God for blessing and keeping my Husband safe and given him traveling Mercy from St. Paul Nebraska as...
Update your maps at Navteq
Today Cole decided to put Christ on through baptism. His dad, Jase Robertson, had the honor of baptizing his son so now they are more deeply related...brothers in Christ!! Praising God for family - earthly and spiritual!!
Thank God! Joe Morrison was blessed with good driving skills! A deer ran out in front of him when he was on his way home from picking up Samuel Morrison from wrestling practice last night. Due to his quick thinking and driving skills, he was able to avoid hitting the deer head-on, and only hit the butt of the deer, which only damaged a head light on my jeep, and more importantly, no one got hurt (except the deer, he got a broken leg). Praising God!
Chief Apostle I love you too. Praising God for you.
Praising God at Pleasant Green Missionary Baptist Church here in the CRT!
Our Sunday School Lesson last of December ..Central Baptist Church.. How to Pray for One hour.. 1..First 5 minutes Bragging on God. Tell God How great He is, tell Him He is worthy, Tell Him what great things He has done for us. 2. Spend 5 minutes confessing our Sinfulness Rebellion, selfishness, judgmental, unforgiving ,lust, covetoutnness not tithing , not reading our bible.. 3. Spend 5 minutes just Thanking and Praising God. . Thank Him for all He has done for us. our salvation. our answered prayers, etc. 4. Spend 10 minutes praying for our Church. Sunday school hour, Preaching services, Missionaries, Deaf ministry, Rest Homes. Hurting people, soul winning , Buses, Captain , all workers, Choir, lost people.. 5. Spend 25 minutes asking God to make us the kind of Church that pleases Him.. Willing to change our behavior, putting others first, give us a desire to win the lost. Pray we will read our Bibles more, etc. 6. Spend 3 minutes praying for our Church and School, Staff. 7. Spend 3 minutes praying f .. ...
Arewa praise live right in Billiri town of Gombe State. Featuring Big willy, Chucks, Pam Ishaya, Pam Monday and a host of others. Praising God in the arewa style.
Good Morning Friends in Christ, Well it is finally Friday and we are two days behind Christmas. We now as believers keep the miracle of Jesus' birth in our hearts until next year. Today's scripture comes from Psalm 103:1-2, "Praise the Lord, my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name. Praise the Lord, my soul, and forget not all his benefits" Praising God is something that should come naturally, however, people still use the phrases luck or coincidence in stead of praising God and giving Him the glory. What are His other benefits? Let me give a list and have you add anything that I may have forgotten. God's benefits include: peace, joy, strength, comfort, love, knowledge, safety, rest, hope, and wisdom. As I have said before, I would not want to walk this world without Him by my side! Personally, He has blessed me far beyond what I deserve and part of that blessing is seeing His benefits from those years when I was so far from Him, yet now I can see how His hand was with me for guidance and protec ...
CHRISTMAS DEVOTIONAL SERIES Wednesday, December 25, 2013 Luke 2:8-14 In that region there were shepherds living in the fields, keeping watch over their flock by night. Then an angel of the Lord stood before them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified. But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid; for see—I am bringing you good news of great joy for in the city of David a Savior, who is the Messiah, the Lord. This will be a sign for you: you will find a child wrapped in bands of cloth and lying in a manger.” And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host. Praising God and saying, “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace among those whom he favors!” Devotion Oh, the ironies. Shepherds were a class of people not trusted, whose voices could not be used in court cases. But here they are, the first to get the news, the most-trustworthy news in history. Go figure! The most important and joyous news is given to those least trusted to ...
WOW ! 56 YEARS AGO , I was in Good Samaritan Hospital in Corvallis , Praising God for the Birth of our First child ! We named her Connie Louise . She has been a tremendous Blessing beyond anything we could have ever imagined. In spite of whom her Mother is, she is Beautiful, smart, loving ,compassionate and loves God with all her heart. We are soo incredibly Blessed to call her Daughter. Thank you, God for this amazing Woman that you have so truly BLESSED us with. Love you , Connie. Best Wishes for a SPECTACULAR Birthday !
Praise God!!! Alabama State University is now truly a historic university. The one and only world renowned Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc treasure Gwendolyn Boyd is the first female president of Alabama State University. I am still doing my happy dance. I just wish our Soror Yvonne Kennedy was here to dance with us. Praising God for a new ASU with that old Bama State Spirit!
Ok Ruben Z update! He's been home 6 days and has had some fun in the snow! That being said all the college kids went sledding / tubing yesterday. My son ends up hitting a tree landing him in the seat with 2 broken right 10th, 11th rib; right L1, L2, L3 para spinal fracture, lung bruise- one lucky boy- he hit so hard helmet fell off! And Dr said if he wasn't so BUFF he could have been a paraplegic!!! Praising God- he's on day 2 in hospital- we are doing ok his pain is under control now and working on deep breaths and walking- he'll be home tomorrow ready for family festivities but laughing hurts! The God thing is he had a plan for RZD! Be praying for the breaking if generational curses with back injuries, pain relief, no further lung issues and a speedy recovery as he has to go back to college Jan 5th! He had many nurses taking care of him and he is on my floor for 14 years at WEBH so all my pals are taking care of me too;) thanks to all the colleagues, friends and prayers- Des, Ruben, Ruby Z and Diaz clan ...
Praising God and praying for Vertical Church, Des Moines, IA--a NEW EFCA church plant! Pray with us for Pastor...
Update on Bobby, He is still feeling pretty bad, going from dose to dose of cold meds.we had to cancel our date in Haywood County today, not really because of the service, but more because of the travel and because we also have to do a service in Spruce Pine tonight. That would have been too much driving and two services on Bobby when he is feeling bad. Praising God that I am fine! Thank you Lord! Please pray that the Lord will move tonight at Mountain View. Pastor Bryan Miller will be coming with us and that means it will be easier for Bobby. We asked Pastor Miller a long time ago...the Lord knew that we would need help tonight! Thank you Lord!
David Johnson wrote: And the Angels are Praising God and saying.
Praising God with Robin and Bertha--John Gray preached the house down tonight
"Our weaknesses are the conduits through which we experience God's strength. Weakness is a key, and like most keys, it's designed to open something. God has designed your key specifically to fit the lock He has in mind for you." -Priscilla Shirer God has opened some big doors ahead of me, which pose many fears and much anxiety, but I know He will provide me strength and the answers to any questions I ask. So blessed that He uses my weaknesses and imperfections. Praising God for answered prayers!
*** The FIRE is spreading above the arctic circle . . . Praising God for an OPEN DOOR in the village of NOATAK, ALASKA - - - I will be preaching the Gospel starting TOMORROW NIGHT Friday through Sunday eve @ The Friends Church (Quaker Church) *** Believing God for the miraculous!
Day 9: Praising God for letting Eloise and I spend a very blessed afternoon with one of our sister in Christ. She unable to come to church any more so we went to see her today. She is a wonderful lady always letting her light shine. We went to uplifted her but she the one doing the uplifting. Love you, Ms. Betty Davis.. Giving God the Praise.
...Praising God is not one of the fruit of the spirit it's a choice.
Morning! Giving God Praises this morning is a must.Amen! I'm about to learn how to be Effective in giving God praises from Creflo Dollar and is how to build your Faith in Praising God how Praise runs off the Devil and how Praise will minister to God. Just up getting some good stuff in my ears before I start this day out.Amen! He's coming from Colossians 2:6,7. He says your Faith is never going to be completed w/out Praise and you can increase your Faith through Thanksgiving cause Praise is a high form of Faith.Amen! Well, off to a great day and hope you are as well.LOVE ME SOME Y'ALL!
Was feeling really bad n hurt by a situation n then received a phone call from my sweet sister Friend in Christ. And we just thank God for her continued miracle. Today she regained feeling in her foot n leg. We know tomorrow she will regain feeling in her arm n hand. Devil said brain tumor but God said LIFE! Praising God with you Lynn Moore. God is faithful. Believing you'll be home before Christmas!! Thank you for cheering me up tonight with your great news. I cried once off the phone. I am so overjoyed for you. I love you.
Searched all over, I can't find NOBODY like God! Y'all He keeps on blessing over and over again!! I know Him as a HEALER!! Praising God because my niece's MRI/CAT Scan showed NOTHING!! No brain tumor of any kind and the doctor said she is fine !!! Somebody that know ANYTHING about His goodness "ought" to have their hands raised right now praising Him because what he has done for others, He will do the same thing for you! Call Him on his word, " No weapon formed against me shall prosper!" "For I know the plans I have for you said The Lord, plans to prosper you and not to fail you!" Hey, OUR GOD!
Never in my life did I think I would EVER be happy to announce that I have pneumonia ! X-Ray did not show anything except that ! Praising God no tumors there . When my cancer was discovered I had fluid around my lungs with ovarian cancer cells present. All praise and glory to God. Thank you all for your prayers.
Praising God that Open Arms International Bible College and Seminary is preparing to open 2 extension schools within the first quarter of next year in 2 other states! To God Be The Glory!
Gotta hate dementia. Stepdad Charlie got lost for about 20 hours. After alerting highway patrol in 3 states we located him in TN. As Jed Clampett used to say...I'm gonna have to have a long talk with that boy. Praising God he is safe and sound though.
Praising God for seeing fit to use our story of how He has created help and healing for our health and wellness in His creation through Young Living after John's SJS attack and a cancer diagnosis. God has provided an extra income as we tell others that He gave John everything he needs for healing in His creation. So grateful to Him for helping us find James McDonald and Stacy McDonald and Kim Prather and Ryan Prather and Terry Tillaart and a host of other inspirational people who have discovered you can live without OTCs and RXs. And so grateful for all of YOU who have come to classes and allowed me to share so you can learn to make wise choices with your health! And also thankful for Pat Juarez and Tina Roth and her team, Cornelia Daniel Moldovan Claudia Harthan,Ann Cole Fetters, Beth Yenca, Melanie Sykes, and so many more. Thank you for helping others build and not tear down their health. Keep sharing! There is more work to be done!!
Thanksgiving 2013 - "Our Eyes Are On Thee" by Hal Lindsey In the Christian life, Thanksgiving is more than a holiday. It is a means of stepping out of defeat and into victory. It can be the choice that leads to faith, and is often faith's first work. It's the open window that banishes the darkest hour. Praising God is not a Pollyanna denial of reality, but the sober acknowledgment of a reality bigger than our fears and pain. We thank God because He deserves our thanks. And when we thank Him, it activates and amplifies faith. Therefore, it is the stuff of miracles. An American Holy Day The Thanksgiving holiday has deep roots in the American experience with connections to the Mayflower, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln. Unfortunately, in this era a growing number of people criticize every mention of God in public life. They regularly attack having "In God We Trust" on our money, prayer at the beginning of important civic events, recognition of the Bible's role in the development of our system of law, ...
Praising God with the Best Bishop on this side of heaven, Bishop Paul Morton. What mighty word on this morning.
Praising God is the engine that changes your circumstances - Creflo Dollar. No complaining today, only thanksgiving!
Praising God with & the Mighty Men of World Harvest Church in Enid.
Topic: PUT ON GOD “… And when they began to sing and to praise, the Lord set ambushments Against the children of Ammon, Moab, and mount Seir, which were Come against Judah; and they were smitten…” 2 Chr.20:22 Putting on the garment of praise is putting on God and putting on God is putting on might. “Wearing” God is wearing power. Wearing God is covering your secret. Praising God is moving God. When praise is on, God is up. It was praise that pushed Goliath down. Praise fell the walls of Jericho. Wherever praise goes, God follows and wherever God is, victory is sure. When praise goes into battle victory is certain. Turn praise on to stir God up. Wear God otherwise you wear out. Wear God just as diabolical people wear different things before they leave their homes daily. Praising God is wearing God. Praising God is carrying God BISHOP DAVID ABIOYE
Enjoyed spending time with my brother Kent Smith today. Hate it couldn't be longer. Kids enjoyed him too. McKenzie said she would have loved it more if DaDa Man was here. Now it is time to put my energizer bunnies in the tub and then bed. Praising God for my many blessings!!!
Praising God for his love.. today and everyday! (@ Angelus Temple w/
Praising God and continually praying for the heroic Filipinos who are personally doing and organizing relief efforts to bring relief and hope to their friends, family and colleagues in the in-land towns badly affected by Typhoon Yolanda because the relief operations being conducted by the govt., NGO's and foreign nations are taking too slow or are hampered in reaching these victims. To God be the glory. Thank you to those who have shared encouraging stories by email. Praying that those waiting for help would survive long enough until they are reached...
Praising God is de highest way to provoke God in action.when your praise goes up God comes down.(Bishop David Abioye)Activate the attitudes of praises & thanks giving for a change of story.
Baked a chocolate cake with white fluffy icing and chocolate sprinkles, finished my Snowman Ornaments for Alexis' class, and getting ready to start some dinner? Heard the Bengals lost "sadly" at best today!!! Alex took Handsome his cake for's 5:30 and already dark as pitch. Enjoyed worshipping with Dr. Charles Stanley and Pastor Joel Osteen this AM. I always feel good when I start my week "Praising God"!
Wow! Seeing God at work in our community - all for the Gospel of Jesus Christ through a simple shoe box ministry. Praising God.
The Great Lakes Victory Campaign wraps up today!! Praising God for the work He's doing in our hearts, - Team KCM
Day5: I am thankful for my family, my friends, having God in my heart and soul, Thankful for all I take for granted everyday,you know food, shelter, transportation... God has and will continue to provide. For my dearest Sweetest friend in the world, without her I would be lost, my support and my inspiration, a true blessing when God put us together... He knew that WE needed each other THANK YOU GOD, My awesome Church family at Oak Grove Baptist Church, What an amazing group of Christians they are. I can go on and on, For I have so much to be thankful for... I will save some for the next day to come.. Praising God and Blessing you all
Praising God for an answered prayer this morning. He is good.
Praising God for you Pastor Jeff! Praise God, that four received Christ in 9am service! Blessed to witness!
Woman's day conference started off with a blast. Were looking forward to another wonderful day of Praising God. Pastor Donna Baker will be our speaker for the 11am service . See you there Wesley Chapel GOD bless
Praising God for a Blessed night at Celebrate Recovery at New Song Church! Wonderful time of fellowship,...
We just finished dress rehearsal for the Life is Good Share the Goodness number. It's gonna be infectious Sunday morning! Like Hee Haw but Praising God!
Praising God iz a royal road to happiness of spirit.
Praising God for a great day yesterday. Catching an early flight to New Mexico for regional .
I don't like being sick, but I do occasionally enjoy having Church at home! Sunday school - studied Genesis 48 with Matthew Henry. 3 Sermons: Charles Stanley on Freedom from captivity; David Jeremiah on the Fear of Loneliness; and JOSEPH PRINCE on God's Holiness presented with His Grace! The last one showed me truths that really hit my heart! Praising God!
Praising God in the midst of a challenge may mean overriding our natural instincts. We tend toward sell protection strategizing and worry. However ,worshipping can guard our hearts against troubling thoughts and self reliance. It reminds us of the lesson the Israelites learned. The battle is not ours but God's
Evil intentions will not disturb Gods purpose or interfere/ So who shall I fear if my Anchor is secure/ Learning to consider it pure joy when Im facing tribulations/ Praising God instead of complain or getting overtaken with bitterness/ ~Braille Beautiful Eulogy Ft Josh Garrels_Anchor GoodMorning Sunshine
Crumping.. Hip hop dance.. Lol u've got to love Durban Christian Centre.. Praising God with our talents
Good morning! Praising God for every second of my life and all that it entails! Loving the people unconditionally...
Praising God that Pastor Mark's procedure went well this morning. Continue to pray for a quick recovery.
Praising God for the rain! (@ First United Methodist Church Troup) [pic]:
Grand Canyon High-Wire Man Nik Wallenda - THANKS JESUS! Praising God in moments of danger and uncertainty
Sharing our trip to Southeast Asia with GC2 church today. Praising God's work through our team.
Praising God after the results is Thanksgiving. Praising God before the results is faith. - Pastor Mark
Thankfully Javier Rodriguez has just boarded his flight from Tel Aviv to Spain! Home tomorrow! Praising God!❤please pray for a safe return!
Praising God for what He is doing at Motlow Creek Baptist Church! Over a hundred youth last night!
Praising God with Pastor Jamal Bryant. People getting there Broken and hurt hearts healed. We all need…
Praising God tonight because I got a call back I will start orientation Thursday. I officially am a employee to ada Walmart super center. Even though the hours are not the greatest and me and Tarra will not be able to spend as much time together as school starts. God will be with us and I pray that our love for each other will grow stronger. I love you babe.
Praising God for a huge crowd today in worship! Ran out of bulletins! That's a good problem to have!! If you're looking for a church home, prayerfully consider Yellow Creek Baptist church, where everyone is welcome!
Praising God, and must brag on the hubs for a moment - after 96+ hours of drug-free labor, Tiago was there through each and every contraction, easing the pain (literally with counter pressure) and talking me through every single moment. On top of that he was also making food for me, cleaning the house, and doing absolutely everything he possibly could to help to make the whole experience a better one! Now, as a daddy, he is AMAZING. I am just so blown away by him!! He continues to take care of my every need, and also takes care of Eliana's as well! He is my rock, and I couldn't be more grateful for him!! Thank you, Lord, for my husband!!!
Praising God at New Covenant Missionary Church with Preacher Man Mark Webb! Glory! Come join in! Great music too
If He put His mind to it and withdrew the spirit and breath He gave, every living thing would perish together and mankind would return to the dust. (Job 34:14, 15) How great is God? Beyond our understanding! - Job 36:26 Praising God this morning for His sustaining work in keeping humans breathing, reasoning and communicating, b/c if He decided to take away His life-sustaining hand, "every living thing would perish." God reminded me through Job's young counselor, Elihu, wow, how great is God this morning, He sustains the universe and everything in it, which without the universe would be lifeless and void! How great Thou art my precious, holy, All-powerful Father and Redeemer! I love You and let me show it by giving You every thought, every step and every work in holy obedience under the direction of Your Holy Spirit!
Praising God and celebrating with our very own Co-Pastor Nina Cooper in receiving the Daughters of the Promise scholarship to assist in furthering her education!!!
F.Y.I. Praising God this morning as I came in to work the Graveyard shift to open my email and find out that I have been offered the Full Time position here at Hope Services! Praising God with all my heart and soul!!! I want to thank all of you for your continued prayers and support! Sandi and I love you all so much! Looking forward to developing a life with Sandi with focusing on what ministries God would have in store for us! Once again.mahalo nui loa!
Praising God tonight for my WARRIOR HUSBAND Justin Rieker and my two brothers Ryan Rieker and Dywane E Ford. Oh yes and our buddy Chase Walker! Thank you all for your service! I thoroughly enjoy my right to praise my God wherever I want to as we'll as my freedom to be who I was created to be! Neither of which would be possible without men and women like you! Thank you thank you thank you to all who fought to protect my freedoms!
LIVING BY THE WORD (THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS NEAR) Brethren, I just want to remind U that the kingdom of God is at Hand, and therefore U need to make a quick decision of receiving Jesus Christ and making the Lord of your Life. It would be safer for U to treat each day as the Last day of the End times, by Submitting to our Lord Jesus Christ and abiding in Him everyday. Please don't be too occupied with the present worldly worries and greed, which could put U in a Surprising state at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, because U will simply not be prepared. If possible, Just ignore showing too much concentration on the devil, and instead Concentrate on your Union and fellowship with Jesus Christ, Worshiping and Praising God all the day long, for the devil can never take U by surprise. Please, Jesus is waiting for U, just to Receive Him, even as He knocks. We still have the chance, Don't wait till is too late. "Now after John was put in prison, Jesus came to Galilee, preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God, a ...
I love being back "home" with my family.we've had such a great week! Last night was Beards with the Jackson side of the family with Dink, Jeanie Franklin Jackson. Looking forward to Travis Rikki Taylor's fish fry today with the Taylor gang and then tonight's parade with Miss Avery riding her four feeler as she calls it! Tomorrow it's celebration time for Mike and Judy Armstrong Stafford's anniversary with some BBQ and Fireworks and a little celebrating of Nicholas Stafford and Cadi Stafford's April is good! Loving life! Praising God for good times with family and friends and making memories!!! Happy 4th of July everyone - - no matter what, we live in the greatest country on earth; don't you agree?
Praising God because after over a year of struggle I have finally settled all of the legal affairs after my husband's death in January of last year. After many prayers and tears, I am free. No more digging through pounds of papers and faxing back and forth on every day off. It feels so good to be free of that. A great big thank you to Ronda Price, Austin Price, and Carr Lotta Wiggins who came to help me wrap things up. We had a wonderful visit in spite of the circumstances.
This morning I PRAYED for the lord to heal and clear out the all hospitals , nursings homes. I started down the road heading to see a couple friends Ken-Cheryl Harper and Jason Davis who are in the hospital . The devil told me WHY ARE YOU going to the Hospital when you prayed and believe that there is no one there , there all healed and gone .. I said I just want to see the sight of EVERYONE RUSHING OUT into the streets , Running and leaping and Jumping for Joy and Praising God . I can ONLY IMAGINE what it is going to look like that day .. Sure there stlll there, but I prayed and that is what I commanded to do ..Pray for the sick and them to be set free .All the rest in up to God and his timing ..
God, I'm available to you. do what you want me to do. While fixing my coffee this morn, God told me to call a friend, that was going through, but wouldn't tell me what was wrong, have reached out to her several times, and got text saying shes busy, so God why do you want me to keep reaching out to her?? He said trust me. so, I called her and just shared a snippet of my testimony, I hear crying in the background, I asked what's wrong, she told me her story, as she was breaking down, I listened, and was shouting at the same time! God, I know what I've been through, you took me there to be a Blessing to others. I've been broken and torn, and often ask why God, I can't take anymore, but he said my Grace is sufficient Derinda, take up your mat and walk, into your Destiny, everything youre going through has a purpose, for the building up of my Kingdom. Baby Girl, SCREAM and start Praising God now, SHAKE THEM SHACKLES OF DEPRESSION, RAPE, MOLESTATION, WORTHLESSNESS, SHAKE IT OFF, GOD SAID YOU ARE THE APPLE O ...
We had a wonderful visit with Chris, Jen and Owen this weekend. We had such a great time with them. We stayed from Friday night until Sunday afternoon. We were there to celebrate Tyke's 50th birthday and he got the royal treatment. Jen made him a double-layer German chocolate cake, which is his favorite. She and Chris also treated us to Texas Road House and fireworks Friday night and his family's Hawaiian restaurant on Saturday. We got to spend good quality time with Owen. He was in fine spirits and was giving us great big toothy smiles! Our kitties also got to meet, but that didn't go as well...maybe next time :-). Praising God for a safe trip and a beautiful visit.
Great day today! Good and very applicable message at church from The Lord, brought by Jason Price, then lunch with the family (James, Libby, Tim, Robin, Sarah and Chris), then made some huge progress on a home project, threw some discs with Chris and Brian while Sarah took the dog for a walk at Centennial Park, caught up on work a bit, and now I'm winding down with my lovely wife and listening to good music. Praising God for the great people I'm surrounded with daily.
Another awesome weekend... getting ready for great service tonight 6:00pm at 'Gateway Church', St. Joseph, MN.. as several from 'Victory By Virtue' 3 mo. Bible Course will be sharing and receiving 'Certificates' . Praising God for each one of them and His great plans... Food and Fellowship after... We are having such nice weather.. going to spend time outside and then later off to worship practice with Pastor Joy and worship team... Have a wonderful weekend in Jesus everyone!
Praising God for his existence in my life!
Good morning! I hope everyone sleep better than me...awakened by calls, daughter waking me, lightning in my eyes... Oh well! Praising God that I did awake to see her beautiful face pressed against my back, legs on! Have a great day everyone!
PASTOR BILLY UPDATE & PRAISE! He is awake...knows everyone.Sherry said he was singing, shouting Hallelujah, & Praising God...As we all should be.a little confused but to be expected from all the medication...please give Praise for this as you continue to pray for him & Sherry!
It's a Boy! Welcome to our family, Chase Owen Ellinghausen, born this morning weighing 8 pounds 6 ounces, 19.75 inches long. He is a BIG BOY! Mommy and baby are doing fine. Mommy is in recovery right now after surgery and is going to get some rest today. We will bring big sisters Kayden and Hailey to meet their little brother tomorrow. Praising God that Chase Owen is perfectly fine as well as his mommy. Thank you all for your prayers during this pregnancy..especially when we had concerns about Chase's health.
"The Carnival Adventure" was a huge success! The choir members did everything we had worked on plus more! They shared their musical with so much joy and enthusiasm. And the sound and lights were amazing - i.e. Darin and his expertise! Praising God for a great opportunity for our children and a blessing for our loving and supportive congregation. All the Ulmer/Neuhaus children in the play spent the night with the directior (me)and we've had a great time coming down from such a wonderful evening!
Praising God for his miracle of healing!! My daughter Cheryl is able to walk on her own now without a walker! Thank you all for your loving prayers! x0x0x0x0x0 Love you, Betty There Are No Coincidences in Life Because our spirits remember the plan we chose for this life, we are often drawn to people or situations that impact us in important ways. This is often the force behind "chance" encounters. I was told there are no coincidences. However, making the most of these opportunities is up to us as we exercise our free will. —The Ripple Effect - page 20 Lord, thou...hast wrought, (hammered out or shaped), all our works in us. Isaiah 26:12
Glory To God! Hi FB Friends! I'm moved to date myself right now, Praising God for His Goodness & Thanking Him for Blessing me with a Special Life of Purpose! This is my 35th year of working with His children teaching in one way or another, & I Still Love It! I consider it such an honor and I've never taken the responsibility to "Train Up A Child," lightly. I just LOVE all of the children (& their families) who God has sent to impact my life over the years. I hope that I have helped you to grow in some small way (if in no other way, just to know that you are loved by God & me)! I am extremely fortunate to have some of my students & their parents who remember me, as FB Friends & it is such a joy to be able to "touch base" with you on FB. I'm so very proud of each of you & see the Wonderful Men & Women you have grown up to be! I Bless You & Your Families and I now and always will continue to love & pray for your health, prosperity & happiness! Shout Outs to those of you from Godman Guild & Camp Mary Orton .. ...
High Stepping and back flipping on this Great Friday morning. Hope your day is smooth and underway. 66, still cloudy and calm.We had a good rock and rolling storm go through in the wee hours of the morning, 150,000 without power in Mpls. this morning, can you imagine the line at the coffee shops. The only damage I can see around here is the peonies are bent over and a few branches down. Outside of that it is still a rock and roll Friday, I think I'll start the day off right with some Beach Boys playing on the radio. Heading for my second cup, still Praising God and Looking Up. Stay safe, be careful and know that you are loved. I know that I am.
Praising God for yet another beautiful day in Brevard County. Cocoa received much needed rain yesterday unfortunately we here at Merritt Island could really use rain. Rain or no rain it is still a beautiful day. God is on the throne.
Praising God for answered prayers. Praying for continued favor.
Overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and selflessness of a few very special people. Those that know me well, know that I'm extremely independent and always try to do it all myself. I'm moving and had no idea how I would get it done... Praising God for Tammy Cotton Smith, Myra Morgan, Robin Cain, Tracy Culp and many more that I'm sure have just as busy schedules as I do but have offered up their help, vehicles and more. There are no words except that I am praising God for you all this morning.
What a GREAT day. Off early this morning to have church with the women in the Intake unit at Rockville. It was a very moving service with several women breaking down and realizing that they need Jesus in their lives... Praising God!.Then I had a meeting this afternoon about a Tent Revival at Wabash Valley Prison Level 1 area. Meeting went very well and they scheduled August 16-18 for the revival... Praising God some more, and then... they said if all went well they would like to discuss opening the north and south side of the main prison to two tent revival next summer. One on the north side and one on the south side. Really praising God now! Please join us in prayer that God will open the gates to these prisons to us next year! God is so good! Dave
19 yrs ago today, I married then, my dream man. We've been through an incredible journey, thus far. Even almost divorcing. Praising God for His son being in the construction business as He "reconstructed" our hearts, our marriage, our family & home! Woo HooA Today, I am more in love with my John Berns, then the day I said I do! Looking forward to the next journey God has for us...together, til death do us part! God is LOVE~we are His proof!
Praising God that my dad was safe in a home accident today that could have turned out far differently. At the same time, struggling to deal with the continuing aftereffects of divorce. So glad God brought me an amazing step-father for my kids! Keep forcing my mind to focus on how Awesome, Majestic, All-powerful, All-caring, Loving, Dependable, and Just the Lord is. He's got this all covered, so why do I worry?
Boy I hate extremist. They have a death wish. We were driving to town and passed a few cyclist doing that bike thing on the news. No problem. A guy on a motorcycle speeding caught up to us going really fast and then slowed way down that we left him behind. We go up Clear Creek hill and start down the other side and this Doe decides to see if she can race us across the road before we could hit her. Tim hit the breaks and I'm sure she felt the breeze and she hunched her butt as we went by. Tim left marks on the road. Missed the Doe and he was Praising the new breaks we got 2 weeks ago and the new tires we got last month and Praising God that we don't have to get the truck fixed. Whew! :)
Praising God for the blessing and privilege of a Godly father (Bob Benson) and Godly father-in-law (Bert Balliett). They are enjoying each other's company now in heaven. It is awesome to have had their influence on my life.
God is so awesome. I have a prayer box at my job that I put prayer request in when people ask me to pray for them. Well when I rearranged my desk I put the box in a drawer and prayed about the prayers but did not go back and look at them . As I was going through the drawer and saw it I open it and start reading the prayer requests and all four of them was answered by God, nobody but God!!! I started Praising God and my Asst. asked me what was going on and I told him.
31 years ago today I married the love of my life. Richard and I met through family when I was a mere 16 years old and God has graciously seen us through the good and bad times. Those trials only made us stronger in each other and in our faith in God. Praising God for the years together and wishing for this many more. I have a friend, soul mate and loving husband that makes my life complete. Sending love and blessings to you, Richard Bennett, and praising God for each day hence.
After spending time at the 2013 IGRC Annual Conference in Peoria this weekend, Norman L. Greenburg and I are truly blessed to have God in our lives. God has blessed us with so many Ministers of the United Methodist Church, we did not realize how many until we arrived and spent time in the same room Worshiping and Praising God. Since 1998, God has blessed us in Illinois with these ministers: Reverends John Tennyson, Christopher Ritter, Paula Wallace, Gary Fairchild, Bobbi Shultz, the Late Larry Shultz, Paul Copeland, Steve Hartman, Dennis Brooks, Stan Rapp, Mike Crawford, Keith Zimmerman, Bishop Woody White, Bishop Gregory Palmer, Bishop Jonathan D. Keaton, Larry Gilbert, InSook, Al Simonson, Jeremiah & Megan Thompson, Susan Wisner Schultz, Kevin Hembrough, and many Lay Ministers. To God Be the Glory for bringing each and every one of them into our lives!
A modern-day miracle has been witnessed this past week in the rescuing of a precious little girl. I read the following a few weeks back and was so reminded of it when I read it again today. Exodus 3:5-"Put off your shoes from your feet, for the place where you are standing is holy ground." Lord, if our awareness of You were more accute, I'm sure we would go barefoot all the time! Praising God today for miracles!
Noland Tate (AKA The Explosive Gator) is one-year-old today!!! WE MADE IT! However, there's still plenty of time for me to be committed considering we have three kids under the age of three. I still can't believe that I have three kids with blue eyes. (Yes, that was random). I am so thankful for his wonderful health & absolutely beautiful personality & smile. Praising God as we celebrate Noland today!!!
Up and Praising God for THIS DAY!! My Baby Girl is Graduating from 5th Grade!! It may not seem like a big deal to most...but you don't know my story!! - MAN SAID I would never have children! - MAN SAID I would die during Childbirth! - MAN SAID it was "ok to be a little selfish and terminate the pregnancy" - MAN SAID "think of yourself right now Mrs. Robertson" - MAN SAID "I can't guarantee you or the child will survive labor and delivery" .BUT GOD!!! Glory To His Name!! JESUS!!! ONLY JESUS!!! I cried as I told the doctor that I trust God back then and I cry as I write this post now because I STILL TRUST GOD! HE IS FAITHFUL!!!
Good morning all. Jason had a restful night. Temp. went down and then back up again. He is currently breathing on his own but he still has the ventilator to help if he needs it. Also wanted to let you all know that his face looks great. No cuts, scrapes, or bruises to his face. Our Katy brought that to our attention. She was thinking that her dad would be unrecognizable but he is not. Praising God for each little step forward. Everyday we get closer to going home.
The last of "our package of three". Our last cat has to be put to sleep. So sad but hopefully she will see her brothers at Rainbow Bridge! That's where the vet Dr says our cats go!!! Hope that I see them again Praising God paws outstretched in Honor of The King!!!
With love and kindness have I drawn thee. Question: Why is it that the only place where it's almost a sin to mention "Praising God" is in The Church??? It's said that "You can't force a person to Praise God"! Yet We are Forced to pay Taxes, Forced to pay Car Insurance, Forced to stand when a Judge enters a court room, Forced to buy Gas or not go anywhere, Forced to buy Food or starve to death, Forced to Clock in at a Job or we won't get paid. Yet when we come to Church (Gods House), We feel it should be OUR Option to Praise or Not to Praise!!!
Having worship in Frankfort today. Praising God for another day. Miss my church fam... I'm wit u guys in spirit. New Mount Zion Baptist Church of Shelbyville
Praising God for allowing me to make it this far! (at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church) —
Tomorrow is My day,Praising God all the way..Thank you God for everything you have done.
From the rising of the sun to the going down of the same I will bless his holy name. Goodmorning Holy Spirit, thank you for waking mw up this morning and keeping my family circle unbroken. I praise you and glorify your name. Inspite of what I am going through,with doctors reports I only put my trust in you for you said in your word "Greater is he that is within me than he that is in the world" so my confidence is in King Jesus because he is the Author and the Finisher of my faith. The doctors say Kidney, Liver and Spleen but I denounce any new form of cancer in the name of Jesus for by His stripes I am healed and anything else is insignificant. I am Praising God all the way to the end. So I ask you whose report will you believe. Let us shout right now because I have the victory. Hallelujah, see you in church.
The plane has landed- Nashville, Tn! Praising God for safety and very little motion sickness!
A Choice to Rejoice Yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation. Habakkuk 3:18 Life in this imperfect world,Populated by fallen people, gives rise to lots of difficult questions. Consider these: Why does God seem to allow violence and injustice to go unpunished? Why does God use wicked people- like Babylon in Habakkuk's day- to be His instruments of justice? Why does it sometimes seem that God doesn't listen to our prayers? We don't have to understand everything that is happening in the world around us as long as we trust in the One who is sovereign over history. We can choose as Habakkuk did, to trust the Lord regardless of the trying circumstances we- or those we love- are dealing with. Nothing need prevent us from rejoicing in God. We can always choose to focus on the truth that God is on His throne and that His purposes continue to unfold exactly as He has planned. Praising God and trusting Him should not, therefore, fluctuate with our situation. Condition may change, but God ...
MUST READ !! UPDATED BY APOSTLE WESLEY CARTER OF NEW RESTORATION CHRISTIAN CHURCH - WHERE IT IS ABOUT SOULS NOT CLOTHES.!! Status Update By Pastor Wesley Carter II Peter 3:9 The Lord isn’t really being slow about his promise, as some people think. No, he is being patient for your sake. He does not want anyone to be destroyed, but wants everyone to repent. -God is Giving His People Time, to Repent! Especially those in Church Shouting, Praising God, but you haven't Repented to those you put your mouth on! WOW! We Must Live where we Owe No One an Apology!" Owe No Man Nothing But to Love Him! 10 But the day of the Lord will come as unexpectedly as a thief. Then the heavens will pass away with a terrible noise, and the very elements themselves will disappear in fire, and the earth and everything on it will be found to deserve judgment. -When Christ comes back, it will surprise Many! There are those that strongly feel they are going to heaven! A Thief comes "Unexpected!" Please FB Be Ready! Everything on this ...
Daily Praise Moment May 26, 2013 Praising God for His Protection and Care, Even in the Midst of Battle (Part 2) Luke 6:27-31 (NASB), says: 27 “But I say to you who hear, love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, 28 bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. 29 Whoever hits you on the cheek, offer him the other also; and whoever takes away your coat, do not withhold your shirt from him either. 30 Give to everyone who asks of you, and whoever takes away what is yours, do not demand it back. 31 Treat others the same way you want them to treat you." When I asked Mr. Ralph for his favorite Bible verse, he said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” What a wonderful mindset to have, and how unique that seems after hearing of the hardships he endured while on active duty in the Marine Corps. Mr. Ralph was 18 years old when he entered the Marine Corps. From reading through his records, he weighed in at 133 pounds! But he was 100% sold out to his mission, as the inform ...
Praising God doesn't take much, all you have to do is just to open your mouth and sing to the glory of His name
Praising God for "blessing" those who were "miraculously" spared from dying during the Oklahoma tornado (and any other natural disaster, for that matter), is like praising the generosity and good-heart of the criminal who stole your credit card and went on a shopping spree for "only" spending $20,000 at Barneys in NYC, when he could have easily spent $50,000.
CALLING ALL CHURCHES!!! ITS THAT TIME OF YEAR FOR CHOIR DAY AND RALLY DAYS Praising God. Fellowship with other churches, and Good Food, Pleasant Valley Baptist Church kicked us off this year with there glorious blessed filled Choir Day, so if you didn't show up you really missed out. May 26th WESLEY UNITED METHODIST Church is kicking off the first Rally for the year, invitations were sent out but if one did not reach your church come anyway , You don't need an invite to Praise God and fellowship with the children of God. Come and Bless us with the talents that God blessed you with, or just come and receive a blessing: Wesley United Methodist Church of Troy 291 Locust street, Troy Missouri, 63379- Rally Day May 26th 2013 2:30 Program, Dinner served at 1:00 p.m. See you there.
Staci just texted.tornadoes in Ft Smith are over,but still have heavy storms. Thank you so much for prayers for my family. Now I can't keep the tears from flowing. Praising God for sparing my babies. Prayers still going out for all the families who have lost loved ones and their homes.
4 Keys to Praising God in the Hard Times Key 1: Look to the people in the Bible for inspiration. When you read of people like Joseph in the Bible who suffered and yet overcame, it can give you hope for your life and a reason to Praise God. Key 2: What does Scripture say? Jesus' brother, James, says...
Today is a prayer filled Monday so please feel free to drop your prayers in the comment box, updates & praises. Our prayer request. Even though Wacey is still not feeling to good, just wanna ask for added prayers for healing & to go ahead and thank God for that healing. Praising God for his protection from the storms projected to move in this afternoon. For the graduating class of 2013 & the blessings they are gonna bestow in there future! Life Group tonight is cancelled at my house tonight due to me singing at Turner Graduation... Learning to trust & Love God enough to thank Him before he even delivers his answer more & more. God is good all the time!
Praising God a Gorgeous Day Yesterday & Today. My Heart is Full, Happy & Grateful! Yesterday was A Truly Amazing Day! The Kids had a Blast spending the day with their Big Brothers & Sisters in Christ at Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale enjoying a Water Filled obstacle course! The BB/BS Ministry is Such Blessing! None of it would be possible without the many dedicated & devoted volunteers who show up time after time without Shawn Laser, Francisco Nelson, Steven,& Kamila Chiste are just of few, but there and countless others... Thank You All for giving of yourselves to the ministry & to our kids! Thank You Cynthia Sainpreux for being an Awesome Big Sister to Mimi & Amazing Friend to our family. The Single Mom's were treated to a Surprise Spa Day! Step Aside Elizabeth Arden, Our Spa was brought to us on site! The Banquet Hall was converted to a Spa fit for a Queen... complete with massage, facial, nail, make-up, & hair stations. We were Pampered from Head to Toe, by Beautiful Human Angels. What mo ...
Miss my SB kids and worship crew!! ❤ Nikki Ramirez Grace Elena Vance Jake Gonzales Jor-El Morales Alexandra Tatiana Evans Johanna Poirier Stacy Michelle Daniels Elena Cheshire Richelle Wright Colby Engstrum Engstrum - I feel like I'm leaving someone out BC so many of u are not on FB..miss this but so very thankful to have experienced worshipping with you all and teaching the kiddos that age doesn't matter. Praising God does! ❤
Jesus you are the best thing,person,place,time to ever happen in my life,because of you i am living the best time,in the right place,with the right people,doing the right thing for the right reason.Praising God for giving his son to die on the cross,that i may live with him eternally.
Praising God with other People of God (@ True Worship Christian Fellowship Church) on
Praising God and giving thanks to Jesus for empowering me to stand and worship, even when all else seems to be against me. Yes Lord!
Kimberlee Bryant UPDATE ON BELLA: Praising God that Bella's system is responding well to the drugs. The vet told us that a majority of dogs with IMHA do not respond to the meds and go immediately into the transfusion process! We are finally getting her to eat (weenies/bacon no less) and for that I am grateful, which helps due to the number of drugs that she is taking. The past two days we have seen a slow progression of the "old" Bella coming back on board. The vet has also said that there will be good and bad days, BUT we are only claiming victory over the GOOD days!! The sound of her bark today made my heart sing! I encourage pet owners to be aware of the symptoms of this fast growing disease, which mimics flu-like symptoms. Extreme lethargy, total loss of appetite, and a 360 degree turn in personality. These symptoms come on fast and furious. When this began on Friday, and progressive got worse on Saturday, I had said I would take her to ER Vet on Sunday if she was not better.I thought it was a bad col ...
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Praising God 4the gift of today & 4a godly man who leads our city of Springdale, Mayor Doug Sprouse. Thank you for having a prayer breakfast
Praising God for safety yesterday and again today for our fam and From Poplar Bluff MO to Heath OH to Wilson NC. God is good!
Answered prayer: "Praising God for clear liver scan! Headed to MD Anderson in the morning to deal with the eye." -Pastor Gary
Praising God for an incredible week of Revival at Faith Baptist Tabernacle In Jamestown, TN. Over 20 saved this week
Praising God that I'm in my right mind! Don't ever take that for granted. (@ Bethel Baptist Church)
From Mom: Yvonne Oslin Hand Today is my sweet father in law's birthday It was Alan's birthday also. We are doing exactly what Alan would wanted - first and foremost Praising God through the pain, truly exercising our faith knowing that he is in heaven with Jesus and all of those who have gone before. He is in a place more wonderful than we can ever imagine and we are loving on each other here and living in the moment. We have such an awsome family and friends! The family is taking my father in law "Andy" Dad - to the train museum in Duluth Saturday - AND the family is going to Jekyll Island for a get away in honor of Alan's birthday! Praise God through the storms and Celebrate Life! Love all of you!
A special prayer request for my family and friends. I just got off the phone with Dwayne King of Kingdom Air Corps.a fleet of pick up trucks were making their way to Books Range Bible Camp with supplies when a double "loaded" tractor trailer truck went out of control, coming straight at them. The first two loaded pickups in the convoy hit the ditch at very high speed and over the bank. The trailer truck narrowly missed them, coming at them sideways. No damage (Praise God) but they are in Fairbanks now, cabs of pickups are full of snow .. engines are not running ... they are trying to dry out. Praising God for His protection and needing continued prayer for what the Lord has ahead for them.
Stream live with Jubilee this morning. Home yesterday from the hospital, admitted Friday to Stanford from fainting a couple of times. I had the best of care and tests, released yesterday on Saturday. Staying close to home today. Praising God for all my blessings have and are by only his design. He has positioned me for the best care to be healed and cured, he has provided me a new christian residential address with a wonderful woman who is also a cancer patient of Stanford Hospital and the Cancer Center, he has positioned me to live and work in the heart of the Silicon Valley. I am blessed to live only down the street from the Silicon Realtor Association, so I regularly now attend their marketing meetings too, and tour new listings with new Realtor-Broker friends. God only by his design has positioned me to restore my income and real estate sales earnings using my skills for his purpose and for his Glory. God never fails, and by his Design, I am so very Blessed. He has my beautiful daughter and I co ...
Praising God in all his glory! (@ Lake Providence Missionary Baptist Church)
Praising God is a form of spiritual warfare. The enemy doesn’t know what to do when you’ll Praise God THROUGH the storm.
If God allows me to have just one more Summer I will live it all out - and I won't leave any thing on the table. It's time I live it all while I am still able! I guess it's true: we enter into this world alone and into this world we are cast without a boat or even a sinking canoe Forced to sink or swim for our lives. And as I keep treading water, I realize what I must do: I'm living for God, as best as I can There's not much of me that's left. But HE's got The Plan!. I will find that Faith that use to suround me and held me far above the fray. I'll forgive those who've hurt me and cannot find their own way. If we do leave this world alone, I'll do so unafraid. Praising God for not letting this wicked world, my ways, to change! Bard - Terri Bradshaw ++
The Women of Hope invite everyone to visit Hope Chapel and hear an anointed message from pastor Mike Davis. Service starts at 10 AM. We will be there Praising God. Won't you join us?
A powerful, blessed & anointed March Prayer Breakfast this morning. Praising God for what HE is doing in the Marketplace of Chicago for the Kingdom of God!
Praising God for Premier Designs!!! I need new tires for my car that cost me $388..Guest what I made over $450 at my show last night!!! God is so faithful!!! I'm paying cash for my new tires today!!!
Third Day concert with Colton Dixon and Josh Wilson was amazing! Praising God and thanking my hubby for his thoughtful gift of a super fun night out with my sisters.
Praising God for another beautiful day! (@ First United Methodist Church Troup) [pic]:
Praising God for a wonderful time in Haughton, LA tonight. Wonderful service. God is good and He's better than that!
Praising God with a few thousand of my closest friends. @ Elevation Church
Praising God with my sisters in Christ. Supporting Pastor Jamal Bryant
Praising God and feeling extremely grateful. Dave and I had our offer accepted today on a home in Danville. We met these folks at church and they were getting ready to put their home on the market. Long story short, they let us look at it early and accepted our offer as is... No counter. If you know anything about the market here in the Bay Area you no the inventory is extremely low and people are making offers way over the asking price. This is such an answer to prayer. Thank you Lord!
Praising God for answered prayer! Even though we don't have all the answers on Pastor Cox's condition, the prognosis is looking better. The drs have pretty much ruled out bone cancer and MS. They have tested for leukemia and lymphoma, but have suggested he could have a benign condition that is fixable. We are praying for that! I am also praying for a dear friend from my school days who is having biopsies tomorrow. Thank you to all who have joined us in prayer and for your continuing prayers! God is still on the throne and we place our cares in His loving hands!
I am Praising God being in my life. I am happy there is a forgiving,awesome.Loving God
Psalms 28 This is a beautiful Psalm of King David crying out to the Lord. He is crying for Mercy for himself and Praising God at the end. He is also crying to God that his enemies receive according to their works and their Evil deeds. David also pleads with God not to be dragged off with the wicked. But here is the verse i had to read a few times over. 8 The Lord is the strength of his people; he is the saving refuge of his anointed. The reason this hit me so hard is because of my dad. He lost his physical strength, he had Lou Gehrig Disease and lost his muscles and had no strength. If the Lord is the strength of his people, many are like my dad was, and it is heart breaking and makes me realize those with the strength of the Lord has to do more. We cannot sit back and let others rot or go around with no strength. On top of this we need to build up our strength everyday. Going to the gym one a week will not help you too much in the long run. You need a workout everyday, and you need to take car ...
Monday's ramblings: Today I am 52 days smoke-free! Praising God for each day. Sometimes you just have to find something to praise to get you out of the dumps.I had to come home early from Texas due to severe shoulder pain (Both shoulders) back around the 1st of the year. And it has not let up more than a few hours here and there.It is much better than my bout 12 years ago, because for that 3 months I could not use my arms at all.this time I have a limited motion of about 2 feet, so I can brush my hair, and bathe, but I can't fold clothes that are big or hang up anything, or do much that is not waist high. Yesterday I had our little Jadibug over and we painted, worked some puzzles, watched a movie then I took her outside (BIG MISTAKE) She was set free! She ran, she jumped, she fell down, then would get back up, all about 2-3 steps ahead of me.for about an hour, until she tried to crawl in the doghouse and upon backing out hit her head on the roof! I was able to catch her then, and of course I had to pick . ...
It's amazing how some songs can bring back good memories. Some can also remind you of a bullet you dodged. Praising God for this terrible song and for helping me dodge that bullet . That's God.looking out for me for a long time now.
God was surely present this morning at Hawk Creek Baptist Church. I witnessed something today that I NEVER thought I would.Medus Woodyard got baptised! He is a very special friend of my family. That is proof that God is working at Hawk Creek, or as Medus calls it, "the cult" lol. Praising God for this!
Thanking and Praising God for another spirit filled, soul searching, heart/life altering Messages from the Lord; by way of Dr. James Doggette Sr. and his son Pastor Doggette. Lives have been touch in ways they may never know. I myself have not just been been filled up, not just Blessed but I feel saved. (knowing in the past that I was saved just because) but I now know I'm SAVED! as a result of each Sabbath Sermon in the month of February; at the Ephesus Seventh-day Adventist Church in Columbus, Ohio. If you were not there or did not skipe each Sabbath, Please contact Karen Williams at (614) 471-9552 and order and or pick up your very own CD or DVD. May God Bless each of you and your families.
.home from Houston, Texas.MD Anderson Cancer Center takes wonderful care of their patients!!! Praising God for the good report and the opportunity to be a part of a wonderful person's journey!!! I love you... Lleslie Wilson
Praising God for the awesome birthday week! Josh ran and got first in his first track meet then got 2nd in his weight lifting meet! Kyle blessed us with tickets to Kidd Rock whole new list of folks to pray for sorry religious folks Jesus loves them too even Josh Todd very sad fellow. Then we were blessed with Laura Story, Brandon Heath and Mandissa tickets. Then Hannah comes home for the weekend! Whoo Hoo so blessed!
Praising God today for my past, present and our future. God has given us a path of change. God is great.
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Praising God for all the blessings seen and unseen today. He allowed my brother George Calderon to be by my side for all of this. He is my Inspiration plus our Mom made her delicious Cheese Cakes and who can resist that. Today was a great day filled with wonderful surprises from our amazing supporters. Wesley Chapel Nissan...thank you once again for your continued trust and support. Troy Stevenson and Iris you are a blessing to me. I thank God for all you do in our community. God is so good! All the glory goes to him. Sweet dreams and God bless all.
Praising God for His blessings and for my not letting it be ovarian cancer!
Did you know God will show up even when you're working on a junky ole truck? Today I was given an almost 100% guarantee by a mechanic that if he tried to change my exhaust manifold the bolts would break off in my head. Well mine has a hole in it so I have no choice. I get home and say a prayer before I put a socket to the first bolt.Boom finger tight. Same story for all the manifold bolts. So then I look at the flangr bolts. Now these I know ALWAYS break. So I start figuring out how Im gonna cut them off. At that moment God spoke to me. He said didnt you ask abd have faith? So I stuck a wrench on one side and sicket on the other. Chaching comes loose no problem. So Im layin there on my back Thanking and Praising God. As I thank him I look at the last bolt and think to myself yep theres always the one that you cabt get. I put the tools on it.wont budge! So I go get my cut off wheel.wont fit! I got angry and God spoke to me again. He said dont You have faith in Me? So I put my socket and wrench back on it.g ...
..Praising God! Praying for my family and friends (@ St. Martin's Church)
(xi) A Muslim believes that all prophets were sent by God and that no distinction should be made among them in this respect. B. ISLAMIC ACTS OF WORSHIP We have read earlier that Islam requires its followers not only to believe in certain things but also to carry out certain duties. In the present section we will deal with those duties that relate to the worship of God. Worship of God, in some form or another, is common to all religions ofthe world. The purpose of worshiping God in Islam is to evoke His help and guidance in leading a purposeful life in this world, and to acquire His attributes. When we praise a thing, we wish to acquire it and appreciate its attributes. Praising God is appreciating His attributes and awakening a desire to acquire them. To be merciful when the situation demands, to be firm when the situation requires. The Holy Prophet said, "Create in you the attributes of God". Mere recitation of God's praise by the tongue, therefore, is not sufficient. In the broader sense of the word, wo ...
"Praise as One" Praise and Worship service is this Friday at 7:30 pm at New Hope Presbyterian Church in China Grove on Stevens Street! Everyone is welcome! Praising God as one community for this community!
Praising God for his blessings upon me. Thank you Jesus for all you have done and will do from this day beyond. Lord, continue to grant my Father, David Ibiyeomie Divine Grace and Wisdom. Use him to perform more Miracles in your Name. I thank you Papa, you're the best. I love you
Praising God for His faithfulness last week with Journey opening--and the immense blessings of Christian friendship and support in the birth of a new ministry. All I can say is WOW! The overwhelming support, donations, beautiful antiques donated to benefit the ministry, office supplies given, bird wind chime given, gift cards given, surprise interviews and places in the paper given, friendships, new friends, partnerships made, ideas shared, flowers and plants given, financial donations given, food and fruit given, pizza delivery surprise given, decorations given to bless our new space--the love and generosity was overwhelming. Christine/Ryan, Jim/me--didn't have enough time to really visit and "thank" everyone. Sorry if we missed visiting with you as long as we wished last Monday--please know we truly appreciate your friendship and covet your prayers as we move forward strong--seeking God each day--to make a difference in the life of someone that may be struggling with a life choice. That maybe just ...
At work... (On 1/2 hour break.) Was napping in the afternoon, and they offered me a switch: work 2:30-9:30 instead of overnight... YES!! What's better, is they thanked me for coming in on short notice and asked if I'd like the Sunday afternoon shift regularly! (It pays time and a half.) They said they need a 'reliable' person for this shift. Just so happens, that my husband is home that day... Praising God for favor.
Praising God today with the Class of 83 @ Salem Institutional Missionary Baptist Church guest of Emory Coleman
Praising God for His faithfulness to the MWC. God is so good. Looking forward to being with everyone at the banquet next friday. It's not too late to get your tickets!! Hint, Hint.
Praising God for the life & legacy of my Uncle Luther L. Carter. Stand with me in prayer for my family, my Auntie Martharee Carter, my cousins, Pastor Wayne, Pastor Bruce, Bishop David, Attorney Martin, Dr. Gena Carter & the entire family. Praise The Lord for His faithfulness!!!
The debut meeting of Unyoked (Single's Ministry) was held at Jonathan Creek Christian Church tonight and I was blessed to witness the birth of this community singles ministry led by Dixie Arthur. Way to go Dixie and team! Praising God for this vital work to serve the singles in our area.
Hey prayer warriors! Here are a few Prayer Requests for this week: - Pray as I speak and we share our ministry at Colon Baptist Church in Colon, MI this coming Sunday, Feb. 17. - Pray for traveling mercies. - Pray for me as I contact churches and individuals that new meetings can be scheduled. - Pray as we plan and prepare an event fundraiser on Friday April 19th to share how you can give hope to orphans at Bethesda by praying and giving. - Praise God for the additional prayer and financial partners that have joined the team this last month. Praising God for you; message us how we can be praying for you.
Praising God this morning that Shooting Park Road Baptist Church decided to partner with our ministry!
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Praising God for his covering. Thank you God for Turning Off The Tap with Bishop Paul Morton.
Today our little blessing turns 17. Where has the time gone? Praising God for all He has done in her Kaitlyn Knight life and in our family ( Keith Knight). Very thankful today for the gifts God gives! Happy Birthday Sweet girl I love you! ❤
Ok so. Colton Dixon. So you know he was in America Idol. Well he just released an album. Called A Messenger. He's amazing. He's so deep and passionate man. Praising God with each lyric. Go listen to him! YouTube, spotify, or whatever you use. Just do it!
thank you everyone for prayers for my gr-daughter Aundrey.doctoer said her lungs were cleared up.Praising God.all that seems to be wrong is tummy hurts.we told her god could take care of that too.pray for other two.Hailey and says owen has flu Hailey has cough.God is still in the healing buisness.
Sitting here at the Flight Hotel finishing breakfast with the rest of the team. Pr.Philip Tenywa is getting ready to bring a word from the Lord for us this morning, and then we head to Jinja. Praising God for His hand of protection on our travels and for His will to be accomplished while we are here. Thank you all for your continued prayer support.
We enjoyed singing at Homeland Church of Christ in Christian Union this morning. Praising God for all the wonderful new ministries they have in their church. Love all the good people at Homeland! God bless you all.
I feel it in my heartbeat! Praising God everyday! The second i wake up, all day and the moment i fall asleep. Im definitely a new person! And I've never been happier!! my old me is dead! And i am one person! A warrior for God, shinning a light in this dark world!! Jeremiah 20:11 But the Lord is with me as a dread warrior; therefore my persecutors will stumble; they will not overcome me. They will be greatly shamed, for they will not succeed. Their eternal dishonor will never be forgotten.
Great time at Calvary Baptist Church of Joplin. Blessed by some great people. Praising God for the couple who...
Praising God for my Church but would also like to Praise God for all the other Christian Churches in Hall County. We are not in competition. I celebrate with you today for every Salvation, every Rededication and for every Praise. May Hall County be consumed in worship of our Savior today.
Praising God for his love..mercy and grace..waiting on morning service with pastor Hagee and Cornerstone church at heart...
Rough morning. After bible study I was heading home and was involved in a car accident on the expressway. My car is not drivable and was towed ;( Thanking God for good friends like Marcia Grandsko and Andrea Tomaszewski who were right behind me. They waited with me until the State Highway Patrol arrived. Also thankful as I waited at Bob Evans for my mom to come pick me up for the generosity of Michael, the manager, who had pity on me and gave me a free hot chocolate as I waited. It certainly pays to be a regular at Bob Evans. :) Praising God no one was hurt.
Praising God for his idea of marriage and for creating Katherine Fitzwater. I've longed for and prayed for a companion since I was a kid and now so blown away that I get to have Katherine as my wife :)
I think Bob Corker has lost almost every Republican vote.praise the Lord! If you go to his wall hundreds have posted! If your senator voted to supply Egypt with F-16's and you are smart enough to realize they will use them against Israel and against US, please go to your Senators page and SHOUT out they won't get your vote next time! Oh, by the way, all you Texans don't have to worry, NOT one of yours voted for it! Praising God for Texas!
Nothing like a gathering of Kingdom Men to embolden you to take more territory for the Kingdom. Praising God for David DeWayne Barker, Tremaine Combs, Carlos Howard, 'Antwon Doc James, Amos J. Young Sr., Michael Neal, and Craig J. Boykin. So much work, but the elephant will be devoured one bite at a time!
Praising God that Hailey Stone's brain tumor has shrunk by 1.5 cm! Continue to keep her and her family in your...
Wow!! Cassi Davis frm House of Payne won a NAACP award n she startd Praising God and was told 2 wrap it up!! Didnt care hw much time she had she Praised God on stage n walkin off stage! Askd who all wantd 2 join her n a Praise Break!! bt wen it cmes 2 Obama no1 is told 2 wrap it up. Obama aint God and much love n respect 2 Cassi Davis 4 not bein ashamed of God!! All she talked about was God!
Day 4: Was "struck in the cheek" and "gave him my other cheek so to speak. Matthew 5:39 "But I tell you, Do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also". God also blessed me with the insurance claim and I'll be back on the road Saturday! Praising God and praying for courage today.
Ok Douglas bend we have damage 2 uprooted trees Praise God did not fall on my home fell side of driveway . Gutter gone shutter gone I'm praying no more damage . I'm Praising God we are ok .
Surgery is finally over. Rick is back in his room. Surgeon said things went well and there were more signals down his cord than before surgery. Now we just have to wait and see. No changes yet but surgery just got done at 2:00 Denver time. He looks beat up because he laid on his face for 4 hours and they had his head bolted!! He has a busted lip, a bruise on his noise, and it looks like he bit his tongue :•( Pray Rick starts getting fast results so he doesn't get discouraged. Praising God for a successful surgery...
Praising God for the activities here on campus this weekend. Friday & Saturday Discipleship training for Life Net Church. Saturday afternoon Samaritan Purse Shoebox handout for Grace Baptist Church. Sunday morning Grace Baptist Church Services were held here. Grace has been having church services here for 2 1/2 months. All GLORY to Jesus!
Praising God for the one who was saved during our services at Bethel Baptist Church yesterday. God is so good and I am thankful to be called one of His and to be blessed enough to be of some service to Him. Thanks goes out to our youth pastor Scott Russell for leading this young man to the Lord. Praise God
January 27th, is the only day that matters. Church, nap, and now babysitting 2 little ones. Dinner in oven, Captain America on the TV. Life is good today. Praising God for this day!
Praising God for spiritual multiplication among athletes on various campuses. Students are loving the Word and sharing with teammates!
Praising God this morning with Pastor Joel Osteen. Great message: The Shift is coming with God's favor And blessing. Amen and Amen!
HIGH 5!! Congrats 2 Bo Langley BS Homecoming King n Shelby Lennox Queen!! We had Royalty in our gym @ BS...! He made us sooo proud! N May he will bgraduating...jus cant say enuff bout him ... Even n church he is always Praising God!! We Thank God 4 having Bo n our lives!!
SHARING FROM A FRIEND'S WALL Am I a good worship per? Does God listen to me when I worship HIM? How do I worship? Do I WORSHIP on my knees, with a song, with my life? Do I Praise God with my life, my words, and my actions?... Do I PRAISE and WORSHIP HIM both? Is there a difference? PRAISING GOD is a time for reflecting on His goodness and for things He's done in our lives. David, the Psalmist was good at PRAISING God! Just reading his songs causes PRAISE to rise in my own heart! We actually Praise God with the way we live our lives. PRAISING is more than testifying or singing... it is joyfully proclaiming God's existence in our daily living. As Christians we should walk in continual PRAISE, because God is worthy of our PRAISE! When we Praise God in word, deed, and songs we bring our focus to WHO God is! Praising God benefits the me, the PRAISER, When I'm praising the LORD, my eyes are taken from off of myself and focused on God. The point of PRAISING is to bless the receiver of the PRAISE.GOD! Sometimes, ...
Good morning! Praising God for this day! I have decided to attend NKU for my next 2-4 years of school! Hopefully I can start in the summer! Be blessed!
After 5 long weeks of dealing with Brayden's poison ivy we have resorted to putting him on prednisone. Praising God he is also on Benedryl as it counteracts the extreme hyperness. I can't wait to hear the school behavior report tomorrow. ;)
Praising God for giving me a message for this Sunday to deliver at Baptist Men's Day at my church
Happy 60th Anniversary to The Orchard Evangelical Free Church, Arlington Heights, IL!! Praising God with you for...
GMorning Holy Spirit, Thanking you for another day.344 more days of Blessings for me & ALL who Believe 2013 is the Saints year!...Thanking God for the little things...I don't know much about interpreting dreams, but I had one of the best dreams last nite. I dreamt I was in a New House & I went to my mail box and checks were just falling out I was sooo excited I was just Praising God & Thanking him for my 2013 Blessings! I tell U it seem so real I woke up Smiling & Praising God I'm Believing, Naming, Claiming & Receiving ALL GOD has for me on 2013...Any way YOU Bless me Lord I'll be satisfied! Like I always say we have to be Thankful for the Little things & God will Bless US for our Faithfulness with the Big things. Just like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, I too have a dream & a Heart Desire that one day I'm going to walk those Streets of Gold & tell Jesus how I got over Life's Heartaches, Aches & Pains in my body, People stabbing me in the back, being talked about by So call Friends, Being Persecuted for Nam ...
On the WORD CHANNEL 294, right now, is The Pre-Inaugural Praise Service. Rev. Dr. Jamal Bryant, Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jessie Jackson, Rev. Marvin Sapp and soo many more are there Praising God.
Wow! What a morning. Praising God with the good people at Oak Grove Baptist Church . Now on to the Grand Opening of out new office in Lake Placid. Open on out we will be here from 2-4 today. 225 E Royal Palm St!
Praising God for the baptism at Grant Evangelical Free Church, NE!
The lady in the van has suspended liscense...she pulled out in front of the girls (Megan driving). They were goin about 40. Praising God that everyone is ok! Girls will be sore...airbag didn't deploy :(
Praising God for the "re-opening" of Mound Evangelical Free Church...after faulty sprinkler damage!
Praising God with Deitrick Haddon on this thing called myspace radio. I'm jamming! Hallalujyah!
Friends_ Heading down to Hermosa Beach this morning for our Friday morning outreach to the poor and needy, those homeless, living on the street and beach near the HB Pier. I am Praising God and very excited to report that we continue to see God moving in this ministry, to which when we started it, about 15 months ago we would be seeing the transformations we are now seeing. Several of our men have been making steps to a healthier place, now off the street what maybe phase two in God healing and recovery, as men are getting right with God, the law, some now sober for the several weeks after forty years of street life. I recently, reported several showing up at Sat. evening service at KHC. Last night, three came to our Life Group where this ministry began from, as we wanted to believe God to simply love these on the street, helping, as we could, being volunteers as the hands and feet of Jesus. Please continue to pray for those coming both the new ones, as well as, the older ones and particularly, these ...
Praising God that my girl came home safe and sound today after the bomb threat at the middle school. Outside for more than an hour, sent home on the buses without phones, book bags or coat.SAFELY home. :/
Tom and I just got back from a wonderful spur of the moment trip to Anna Maria Island, Florida. This little island is one of Florida's secrets. It was unusually warm for January, so we felt very blessed. We had a condo on the ocean, and walked out steps to the beach. I looked at wonder again at one of God's great creations, the sea. The sand, salt air, and sounds of the waves crashing are implanted in my mind especially coming back to the fozen tundra. It is good to be back with our girls, and Matt. We missed them alot. Praising God for his goodness as always.
Had a wonderful time a Barbwire Halo Cowboy Church yesterday! The Holy Spirit was in the house for sure. Great sermon and a great jam session afterwards of all the great praise and worship songs and old hymms! Praising God with the Word and song! No better way to spend a Sunday morning and afternoon. Just love our little church! What did you do yesterday?
This is my one and only beautiful sister.God blessed me to have her share this life together .how gray and empty my childhood would had been without her in it and even now she has brought me so much comfort being there when I need advice or just someone to listen .Now she is standing in the need of sincere prayer...I'am asking all my Christian FB. friends to join hands with me and her small family in honest continue prayers for right decisions to be made concerning what surgeries needed..and also for her physical and natural needs be met.Thanking you all advance ..for your prayers and Praising God for his .blessings. God Is Good ...
Oh the perks of being part-time again: more time in morning prayer, delivering breakfast to my husband at work, and volunteering in my son's classroom before I teach my half of the day. Praising God for His many blessings!
5 years ago Greg bid cancer adieu. Got the news today it looks to be more of a permanent nature adieu based on five years of clear PET scans. Praising God for his many blessings! Remembering with gratitude the friends and family who walked the cancer trail with us! Funny too how Kirby, our Dane, walked up in our lives at that time of diagnosis and left us this year when all is well. Just remembering and ever so grateful.
Praising God for watching over our Daughter Tiffany Elaine Hollingshead today and her successful Thyroid Surgery...She's spending the night at St. Lukes Downtown! Her oldest Sister Tara Lee is her guardian Angel & second Mother to her Two Daughters, Addison & Kaylee! Families are Forever For Sure! Get Well Tiffer--We ALL Love & Miss YOU! ~Mom & Dad~
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What's on my mind? Praising God for just ONE in diapers at the moment! Over the last month of being home, we have 2 new successfully potty trained little ones! :) Enjoying these moments of celebrating accomplishments with my children! God is so good, all the time!
Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary.REVELATION ... 19:1-10 Praising God for what we have, is praying for what is yet further to be done for us. There is harmony between the angels and the saints in this triumphant song. Christ is the Bridegroom of his ransomed church. This second union will be completed in heaven; but the beginning of the glorious millennium (by which is meant a reign of Christ, or a state of happiness, for a thousand years on earth) may be considered as the celebration of his espousals on earth. Then the church of Christ, being purified from errors, divisions, and corruptions, in doctrine, discipline, worship, and practice, will be made ready to be publicly owned by him as his delight and his beloved. The church appeared; not in the *** gaudy dress of the mother of harlots, but in fine linen, clean and white. In the robes of Christ's righteousness, imputed for justification, and imparted for sanctification. The promises of the gospel, the true sayings of God, opened, applied, and sealed . ...
It's funny how we some time take the small thing in life for granted. Went to church this morning and couldn't get out my car, it took me about ten minutes to get out. My leg was hurting so bad and wouldn't function and above all there was no one in the parking lot to help me but God. Being able to walk, run, move or just being mobile is a blessing that we some time take for granted until it happen to you. Got a pinched nerve in my back that is deteriorating my motor skills on the lower left side. Please Fb Family Pray for us as we prepare for getting this surgery done soon. Getting ready to go to go to LSU to get it fixed. I know God is a healer, and he's gonna work it out for me and Brother Amos Graham for our good. Praising God and thanking him in Advance.
Praising God for everything even hardship and all for all things not some things wil work together for Good.even when satan thinks we won't make it thru all things but all I mean all works together for good,if the Lord permits it surely he wil give triumph and the grace to overcome it all yea he wil carry for he said call I wil answer.he said I never live nor forsake you,he said he wil be a good Shepard he said in my lack he wil supply he is the bread of life.he is the living waters he is the tree of life the real vine if he everything surely he carry me thru it all!hallelujah,holy is the Lord God almighty who was who is stil to come!abba father!!thank you
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