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Praising God

May God Holy Spirit Jesus Christ Easter Sunday

ladies & gentleman. I'm in church this morning praising God for this mans life and thanking God that...
James Street Minister Whitehead praising and worshipping GOD to Michael Hollis with "Bout That Life"
Dancing w the devil Sat night Praising God Sun AM is like setting urself on fire expecting not to B burned.
REMEMBER THE STORY OF THE 10 LEPERS?. One of them, when he saw he was healed, came back, praising God in a loud...
Christmas break means praising God, Harry Potter on repeat, and laughing over frustrating puzzles with my sistas. So yeah, it's my favorite.
psalm20:5 Then we will shout for joy over your victory and celebrate your triumph by praising our God.May the Lord answer all your requests.
It's hard to sit in a rut when you're on your feet praising God!
Praising God and thanking Him. Continued positive thoughts and good health to you dear man.
Derrick Carr, that's a real dude. Praising God for everything he did tonight!
Some encouraging news today from Dr. George! Instead of chemo treatment I will be taking a new drug treatment for stomach cancer. It is called Ramucirumab and it will be taken twice a month through IV and will be long term! Side effects are high blood pressure, diarrhea, and headache in about 29% of patients. I will be taking only chemo pills along with it! I am excited about this and it has renewed my faith for complete healing. I give God the credit for this new option. All these prayers are being answered. So much love and support from everyone! Praising God for all these blessings!
It is good to be home in Missouri. I missed my honey and my babies. I missed great friends and my church family. I'm so thankful for God's promises and protection during this time away. I'm so blessed to have a Christian family surrounding me. So many people who have prayed and called and texted me while with my parents during this time. Praising God for His favor and blessings of healing. Mother has had a very trying time with this surgery. Special thanks to Pastors Ryan Bristow Doug Baker Chad Hallcox T.V. Burroughs Clarence Wilson Houston Billy Blancett Michael Knight who are all great friends and leaders of the family. Also to Paula Holt Bristow Gina Gillilan Meglinda Price and neighbors Ann and Barbara for their gift of food. What is blessed friendship! Thanks to family members who came to visit and cheer us all. Moms sisters Judy Murray McBurnett Carolyn Murray Wilson Luvena Bellew and brothers in law Wilford Wilson Richard Price Marlin Gillilan Jack Mcburnett. Sisters in law Meglinda Price ...
“Broke, busted, and disgusted” is how Frank described himself before he requested a prayer cloth. His business was collapsing, he’d lost his home, and when he could, he stayed with friends. The rest of the time, he lived in an old jeep. Today Frank is praising God for giving him his life back and opening the door for a new career. Request your prayer cloth now and send me your prayer needs: Pastor Benny Hinn and I will prayer over your needs in our Worldwide Miracle, Healing, and Victory Prayer Cloth Service - Sunday, November 23, at 7PM ET.
Praising God!! Rhonda Bishop is doing fine. The doctor believes that they got all the cancer and it was not in...
Learning to have a spirit of thanksgiving in the midst of life's disappointments is possible. Think of the Apostle Paul in prison praising God in...
Praising God under pressure, Will confuse the enemy, let the devil know it ain't work... Declare victory over your situation!! 😘🙏
Korn praying and praising God??? I was not prepared for rocked me at my core! I think this would be a good video to share for folks who are hurting or struggling in their life...I don't go to church, but after this, I'm going tonight!!! I took this right after the concert is the YouTube link for easier sharing or just type "Korn leads prayer" in the search box
"Keep praising God from whom all blessings flow."
Some of the best preaching and praising in Phoenix! God bless Pastor Ty Ivy and ! Go check em out...
Finally passed my CDL test, after three attempts! Praising God for it.
Praising God takes worshipping in the Spirit and in Truth... Watch our National Convention live at
After many health issues for Erin (totally in awe of her strength and courage), and challenges with our baby boy in utero, God has allowed her to make it to 37 weeks and our Doctor is now ready to induce labor. We covet your prayers as we are not out of the woods yet. Thankful to and praising God during this awesome time.
Hello to all of you incredible prayer warriors!! We wish we could share this news with each of you in person, but here it is... JORDI'S AML IS AT STANDARD RISK! We just came back to the beach house from Jordi's clinic appointment at the hospital. The test results from her bone marrow aspiration showed that she has 0% cancer cells! This means she will NOT need a stem cell (bone marrow) transplant!! We are praising GOD, feeling grateful for all of your love & prayers, and crying a LOT of happy tears!! Jordi is technically in remission, however she still needs to complete the final two rounds of chemotherapy. They are now called Consolidation 1 and Consolidation 2. Here are Jordi's blood counts from today; Friday, 11/14/2014: White blood cells: 2.9 Hemoglobin: 9.8 Platelets: 670 ANC: 870 Since Jordi's ANC jumped up to over 500, she doesn't have to wear a mask while she outside this weekend...Yay!! Round 3 (Consolidation 1) will start this Monday (11/17) at 9 am. It will entail 5 days of a medium dose ...
Praising God and always having a thankful heart results in positive attitudes ...
Day 14 of praise month. Praising God today for rain. JA was getting too hot and God as usual in His mercy since yesterday decided to cool it. Showers of blessing. Thank you Jesus. Every area of your life that has become demonically hot and uncomfortable: I speak divine coolness to them in Jesus name.
Luke 24:53 - And were continually in the temple, praising and blessing God. Amen.
Thanks for the prayers. Mom is recovering nicely. Surgery was a success. Praising God & thankful for great care & Jesus' healing power.
Great way to start a Friday morning! Praising God with our Fellowship of Christian Athletes!
November 15, 2014 For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith. Romans 1:17 The Greatest Satisfaction by Kenneth Copeland Several years ago I was snow skiing down the back side of a mountain when suddenly, I hit a patch of ice and went down like a derailed freight train. My goggles flew one way, and my skis, poles and hat flew every other direction. By the time I landed, it looked like I was having a yard sale! I landed on my right shoulder. Man, it hurt! After I finally stood up, gathered my stuff together and started to ski again, I hit another patch of ice. Wham! I fell, hitting that same shoulder. By the time I got back home to Texas, I could hardly use my right arm properly. I couldn’t even raise it high enough to comb my hair. But every time it would hurt, I’d say, “Praise God, forever, I am a well man. This injury is not the perfect will of God for me, so I don’t have to have it. I am healed.” Then I’d read the Word ...
The more time you spend praising God for the doors that are about to be opened, The less time you'll spend questioning God about the doors that have been closed.
We are praising God for another clinic worker to leave an abortion facility in Florida. She is the SIXTH worker to leave from this ONE facility! Follow our work at And Then There Were None - Prolife Outreach!
Sounds like love starts its wonderful work tonight preparing for worship this weekend! You will not want to miss this weeks worship experience. Hundred of kids praising God!
Set and ready to go for the Katelyn's Fund auction! Praising God for this wonderful organization and…
My name is Sandra Pierce and this is my Thrive experience. If ever anyone was just not interested in trying another "this will change your life" product, it was me. I have been dealing with bodily discomforts, and it was affecting my ability to sleep soundly. The discomfort in my knees and back affected my overall quality of life. I was not able to clean my house as I used to or drive long distances to see my parents, without having to stay and rest, before driving back home. Before the discomforts I used to walk 8 miles five days a week. I was also emotionally and mentally stressed. Then came Thrive. My husband had a wonderful experience with it relieving the discomfort in his shoulder. So I thought I'd try it. It was the best move I could've made. First thing in the morning I took my 2 capsules on an empty stomach. Waited 20 minutes then took my probiotic drink in 8oz of water (or milk if you prefer), and put my DFT Foam on my arm. I was finished for the day. Within 30 minutes I felt a burst of energy t ...
Join me in praising God, I have seen his goodness, join me in praising God. I av seen His goodness
You should NOT be in our church's. You wouldn't allow Christians in your mosque praising the LIVING God. Get Out!
It's funny how in control God is but how much we worry still. He's got it. Don't worry about it. Praising Him right now for His provision
Top of the Morning to all my F/B family and friends, Pray you had an awesome night rest and got up thanking and praising God, for the wonderful opportunity at life once more, to Him we give all the glory and honor. There are doors that need to open for you to reach the fullness of your destiny, but you can’t open them in your own talent, your own ability. It’s going to take the favor of God. When you put God first in everything you do, you’ll be amazed at what happens in your life. When you show up for God, He’ll show out for you! Make spending time with God a priority and watch what He will do for you and anyone that seeks Him diligently. Scripture says that man makes his plans, but God directs his steps. Be open to what God wants to do in your life that may not be what you had planned! The Scripture says in Isaiah 59:19, “When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will raise up a barrier.” In other words, that difficulty, that injustice, that sickness, it gets God’s atten ...
Don't be surprised or discouraged by the testing that comes before the blessing. Keep praising God and thanking Him for the great blessing that is coming your way. See the testing as a set up for greater blessing!!!
The bible speaks of "making the sacrifice of praise". This says to me that it's not about "feeling" like praising God. But rather praising Him regardless, because He is simply worthy. Sometimes it will be a sacrifice of our feelings, emotions and preferences. He is worthy to be praised! Be the one willing to do so.
Even though I have move on I am still praising GOD and will continue
Lord, I return all the glory to you for the success in my part 1 exams. I am absolutely sure that i couldn't have done it without you. You spoke to me on over 3mths ago that you will give me success that will give you glory. You reminded me of Gideon whom you gave victory over the Midianites, but you had to cut down the number of his troops so they will know that only you did it. Judges 7:2. That's just what you did with me. Shortly after I received your word, daddy became ill. I went for the first stage of the exam with him in the hospital. I went for the 2nd stage few days after his burial. Through it all you showed yourself strong on my behalf. I didn't read as much as I did during the April exam which I failed, yet I passed this one. Only you could have done it. Daddy, thank you for your prayers. Through the exam period, one thing I held onto was your words on your sick bed saying to God on my behalf "you will never fail your exams again". I wish you are alive to see your daughter become a senior regi ...
This song is great and i have been praising God with this song all morning!
Luke 2:8-20Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV) 8 And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. 9 And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid. 10 And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. 11 For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. 12 And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. 13 And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, 14 Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. 15 And it came to pass, as the angels were gone away from them into heaven, the shepherds said one to another, Let us now go even unto Bethlehem, and see this thing which is come to pass, which the Lord hath made known unto us. 16 And ...
There is no better way to spend your day than thinking about, praising, and worshiping God! I just can't get enough of Jesus!
Guyz join me in praising God,He haz considered me on de short list 2 pursue a course at Domasi colleg of education. I've seen God lifting me frm thousands of people who sat 4 dise entrance.KOMA YESU AMENEYO-Aaa! No idea.
@ lake Livingston. with Richard Ervin. Spending the weekend reflecting on the past 4weeks, & praising God for our blessings. GOD is GOOD, ALL the TIME !!! BELIEVE !!!
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Cuz of my M.S. I have exaggerated reflexes. They say when I get scared it looks like I'm having a seizure or praising God.
Join in me praising God as my Sis Alice David Onome celebrate her brtdae can't wait to see Nov 15. Lots of cake
Before Frank Got a prayer cloth, his life was falling apart; now he is praising God!
New Blog Post: Thankful for the hard times >>
can't make the show tonight but I know you'll be doing a great job praising God. Have a great night in Youngstown Ohio
God bothering with Phil Wickham and Rend your kingdom here we pray...yes I'm dancing and praising again!
Be the type of woman with a humble, meek, gentle, classy spirit. Praising GOD in all that you do; never conforming to …
Praising God every time I walk under the heater in the hallway
Praying for Liberia and praising God for the break-through with the Ebola virus.
...BELIEVERS agree with the word of God by faith. Ignoring what it looks like & praising God the more, praying in the spirit the more...
Some of u dont even listen to a track then u mention the artist praising his album for RT!! How will God bless ur efforts in life?
"The prayer of a righteous person are powerful and effective." Praising God for answered prayers today. He is SO good.
Praying for hope and courage to rise up in God's people worldwide. Praising God for his overcoming Spirit.
I use to waste most of my day worrying about what God is going to do for me. Now I spend most of day praising God...
Just cuz times are hard doesn't mean God doesn't love you! He cares & will make a way! Be patient, stay prayerful & keep praising!
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Hi, everybody! Praising God for my blessings & request prayer for all the people without shelter.
There is this older man walking outside praising God very loudly and that's cool and all but I'm walking to class and it's very awkward
Just because I miss summer, the beach, and the daily bonding time and the time spent praising God with…
thank you for walking upright before God!! Thanking & and praising God for the example
Fellow believers in India are praising God! Find out why & how your giving is involved: via
Just spent 4 hours in my church praising God, reading and worshiping with my friend. I truly can not get enough of His presence.
It's a beautiful day ... I just decided, that I will spend it praising . God ... thank you Jesus !!
Praising God for his blessings over my life! Thankful he has entrusted me with carrying his most precious gifts.
A child of God must live its life praising the Most Holy one of Isreal; not to be muted at all.
Praising God this morning for pursing my wandering heart constantly. His love is relentless. Take a minute to think about that sweet truth!
Antinomians know if your presentation of gospel music is culturally stifling to some, to remind they’ll be praising God for eternity.
I'm praising God for the nurse who is caring for my FIL in the ICU as though he is her own father
Glory to God on this Blessed Friday!!! I don't need a reason to praise Jesus!!! Praising Him just because!!!
Get caught up in praising God instead of worrying about your problems
I definitely miss Romania already! Still praising God for what he accomplished last week...
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Went to sleep stressed out woke praising God for the blessings he's given me!
Praising God!!! There were SO many technical issues BUT now everyone can hear and see at our Virtual Retreat! Woohoo!
Praising God because some how I managed to actually get into my all the classes I wanted for next semester🙌
Praising God for all that is to come
Why was the heretofore blind man of Acts 3 walking, leaping, praising God INTO the Temple? Because NOW he was allowed to go.
Missing my baby girl today. Days are lonely & heart is broken. Praising God 4 the time she was in my life, she def impacted it a lot. 👼👼💔
When you see a fully endowed lady anywhere, appreciate God through her, that's praising God not cheating LOL JoshAdeshina
Love spending time with my friend Praising God for this dude and his friendship!
How can I stop praising God Almighty when His Glory is revealed more when we pass through hard tests. My heart rejoices 4my God loved me so.
Kim schedule...Surgery is at Gwinnett Medical, Dr. Chung is the surgeon, 1030, 1st reports of biopsy tumor is benigned, Praising GOD!
Praising God for the successful campus crusade! About 300 grade 6 students watching short-gospel film, listening...
Praising God for all He did at Victory Baptist Church's Charter Service! To God be the glory!
I love FLY night, the youth I get to meet, their witness in the world, and the encouragement to each other. . Praising God for this ministry.
Praising God for the AFBCM Family. You all did an outstanding welcoming and ministering to our guest families...
Praising God with no bother about tomorrow - Join at - 31st Oct. at 48/50 Oluwaleimu Str. Off Toyin…
These are from our trip to Greenville the other day. So grateful for this hospital, the roadrunners(the drivers) and the shriners who helped has get everything lined up to get the appointment. Praising God that we received great news. Quint Shrine Club Jamey Gates
Praising God that my grandson showed me some unexpected new tricks tonight. He was fussing louder tonight than I have ever heard him, he lifted and turned his head, and was pushing his feet against my arm. Please continue to pray for God to place his healing hands on this precious baby. He is hearing our prayers and we are seeing evidence that God is at work.
Praising God for the work being undertaken in the Benin Republic
Starting your morning off with some worship music can easily change your mood. Praising God & lifting all my burdens up to Him. ☝️🙌🎧
Dog vomiting, toilet explosion, pay-per-view style 3yr old fight, forgotten checks, and fall boogers, Praising God for an adventurous day
Praising God for 25 in our 1st worship service in the Worship Center!!
Channel 257 - SBN - Family Worship Center Sunday - Praising God, before drifting off to sleep, thank you God for everything!
Tomorrow I get to see Mt Rushmore! It is something I've always wanted to do. One of the biggy things on my Bucket List and I figure I better start crossing some of those things off. I'm not getting any younger. The Black Hills of South Dakota are beautiful! Praising God for making such cool stuff!
Praising God for the baptism of 12 friends at Faith Wesleyan Church on Sunday, September 7, 2014. Continuing to...
Headed to It's been awesome week so far! Tonight takes the stage! Praising God in advance 4 the Overflow!
Thank u for praying for our pastor Tom Craig went to his Lord this evening. Praising God for His infinite wisdom even when we hurt.
Save the Date: Praising God for Grace Gospel Concert, Sat. Oct.4, 2014 @ 4 PM, Greenwood Baptist Church, Brooklyn. Concert is free.
Praise God for what He has already done! For what He is going to do and even when you don't see any evidence of it yet! Praise Him in advance! Praising God unlocks doors that have been locked in your life! 'Let everything that has breath Praise the LORD. Praise the LORD' Have a Blessed Day!
Praising God. How often do we forget, or leave it until church? with
Praising God for the wonderful service at Olive Tree Church, Yarnton last night.
Praising God for answered prayer. Marissa is doing fine. Feeling back in all extremities, put knee back in place, scans and X-ray's clear. Dr said she is pretty stoved up and will be sore for awhile but nothing broke. Thanks to everyone for your prayers. Thank you to squad members who prayed as she was being loaded into the helicopter. May God bless all of you. Mostly THANK YOU JESUS!!!
Praising God gives you access to leverage on his authority,ability and power.
Praising God is acknowledging God. His working is beyond human ability.
This is inspiring. To see a young boy praising God right where he is - the school cafeteria! He is showing us we can praise Him anywhere we are and at any time of the day. If God has been good to you, like this video and share with others.
At the age of 24.If you got your own place, your own car, paying your own bills, Got a job. got a college degree... Miss Buckhead USA... Directed,produced, written and act.not asking for a hand if you want to. Healthy, beautiful and talented. Have a awesome and amazing boyfriend .yep,I better be praising God!!! ;)
Psalm 134:1-2 (NIV) - Praise the Lord, all you servants of the Lord who minister by night in the house of the Lord. Lift up your hands in the sanctuary and praise the Lord. Today’s commentary by Dave Whitehead, Senior Pastor, This Psalm of praise reminds us that worshiping God is the right posture in all circumstances at all times. Praising God will renew our perspectives and bring light into a darkened soul. This kind of praise is not based upon feelings or moods; it is an intelligent response to the realities of life. Praise can lead us through difficulties, humble us in victories, and empower us when we feel weak. Let praise be your compass and watch how much better you can navigate the path before you.
Praising God for his blessing of FAMILY!! PRAYERS ANSWERED!
While y'all praising titties and *** and busting nuts you better drop down on your knees and praise God for your life.
Through partnerships in the local we are seeing people growing socially, spiritually, and financially. Praising
Smh African musicians be talking abt praising God and having sex in the same song.
Please tell me why woman say they are a child of God they forgive the person that they said did them wrong but have the kid's to grow up with hate in there heart but you say you over him but the kid's tell a different story in the end it's your fault that you all aren't together and get mad when he move on if you believe in God like you say you do one thing about God people it shows on the outside as well as the inside and you reach out to the one that you say that hurt you get over it stop looking at there page a getting made at what you see you wouldn't let the kid's be a part of his life because he moved on without you tell me why is it so hard for you to let go all you is doing is making him hated you holding on to the past in church every Sunday praising God but still got hate in your heart by Felicia
Fb...When I tell u I wakes up every mrng Praising God n Cussing da devil.I promise u No matter wat u going thru or wat ppl are saying.God will prevail n make all the Impossible sooo Possible.Wtbs.. I have truly learned from my mistakes 4rm dealing with ppl... I now tunes in with da righteous and tune out completely the unrighteous hypocritical ones.Cutem off n kp it movin.Oh how I blessed I remain.
I'm praising for healing a Congregation members family member from What are YOU praising God for?
Miracle&Salvation Revival! I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be! Thank/Praising God in advance for what He's about to do in His ppl
Praising God for Gregg's scheduled eye surgery Oct. 26th. He can get it fixed, and he has a good Dr., that he trusts and has waited to see after going back to Ca. Thank you Lord.
First, it was SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome ). Many were reported dead. We are here, unshaken. * Then came Bird flu. Many people and animals were reported dead. We still dey kankpe. * They came with Lassa Fever. Many were said to have died. Even, innocent rats were also killed in cold blood. We are here praising God and grooving. * H1N1, Swine Flu or whatever they call it also came, Spreading and killing wildly, yet the Lord fought for us again. * Don't forget that HIV/AIDS, the silent killer, has gained ground and fame with its killing method all over the world, yet it can't come close to us, Halleluyah! * Now they called this one Ebola Virus. They even advised us to wash our hands or take a bath each time we shake or hug someone (Can you imagine 200 hand washings and 15 baths a day?). Hm... But the truth is we are "untouchable". He has assured us that no evil shall befall us nor any PLAGUE come near our dwelling. How do you understand this, ".Even though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow ...
Praising God for my husband today! I love you Mark for who you are and what you do for our family. Thank you baby! Love you. (:
Praising God for mom's surgery results...NO CANCER!! The enemy is under our feet...thank you all for your many prayers thru this journey God be The Glory
Even if god was real I wouldn't be interested in praising an egotistic *** who wants everyone to fear but love him 😴
The deepest level of worship is praising God inspite of the pain, thanking god during the trials, trusting him when we're tempted to lose Hope AND LOVING HIM when He seems so distant & far away. At my lowest, God is my Hope. At my weakest, God is my strength, At my darkest, God is my light, & at my saddest, HE is my comforter --Good morning, Happy Sunday❤
Always stop and take a really quick glimpse at your past, just so you remember how far you have come! I took a glimpse and I am praising God!
The only pleasure i see in this life is praising God. Other things you think as pleasure might later turn to be a sin.
Praise is Gods hotline. You can pray amiss, but you cannot praise amiss. So, keep praising God, he work out your miracle. Gud nite
Update on alyssa,shes doin ok she did have a seizure,however the drs don't know what caused it,praising god and thankin him for seein me thru this tough time to all my friends and family,thank you for the many prayers im so thankful!!
With friend visiting her church tonight. Praising god all the way!!! No matter what hours of god im in!
Remember when Jesus was asked the most important testament? THAT'S what religion is. Loving one another. Even more so than praising God
Can not wait for church tonight being in my element praising God is what I need!
Just worshipping God with no worries . No matter the circumstance, praising Him in advance
Missionaries why are you outside my front door?? When you really should be at BK praising God for bringing back Chicken Fries.
thanks. You too bro! Praising God for your online influence in my life, as well as the great work God is doing thru u at CP.👍👊✌️
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Check this dialogue out between me and one of my older sons (Adonis)? Adonis: You worry too much Me: Son I don't worry Adonis: I can tell by your face that you worry about me. Me: Son I will always be concerned about all of you children. Adonis: Yeah but you worry about me more... Me: True but you have turned it Adonis: Mommy I may not act like it but everywhere I go I take God with me. Me: Tears flowing! Water works gallore, praising God! trying to hug him... Adonis: Mommy you doing too much now!
Praising God for our blessings should be an obvious thing to do every day. What is stopping you?
Today...Oowee another Blessing!... I Went to school to purchase my book for class this semester. I was told one price a week ago and was prepared to pay what was quoted to me and the book ended up being $14.00 cheaper...Praising GOD because if ANYBODY know college books are expensive even the used ones! I Thank YOU GOD for the Blessing!
One of best weekends of my summer!!! I LOVE MY YOUTH FAMILY.never get tired when it comes to praising God
I give thanks to god for letting me live another year on my birthday. Turning 21 isnt only about going to clubs and drinking, its about praising God and being a good role model to my god daughters and younger brothers showing and teaching them that turning 21 isnt about drinking, its about putting God first and doing the right thing.
Some nausea but premedicated and controlled. Steroids keeping me up all night but that's normal. Having some pain but manageable not the severe throbbing pain I experienced last treatment, praising God. They changed my medication around and it's working much better. I've been resting most of the day. Wanted to share this update.
Getting ready for Church and praising God that the power of prayer changes things. From the situations in life no matter the size all the way down to people. .
Just a random thought-it's been a tight week for funds in our house... But I'm keeping faith cos we have ALL we need- maybe not all we WANT- but we both woke up this morning, have good family and wonderful friends and church, and jobs we both love, and a God that blesses us more than we ever deserve... Max, you just have to have faith... Remember where we were almost 2 years ago...praising God with every breath🙏
Anastasia (Annie) Adele Enfiedjian, born August 13th, 2014 at 1:36pm. 7lbs 1oz 20 1/2 inches long. Praising God for His good gift to us!
FOUR REASONS PRAISING GOD SHOULD BE OUR LIFESTYLE Praising God is beyond singing songs. We should begin to move from the realm of praising and thanking God for what he gives to us or has done for us - this is kindergarten praise to praising God for who he is. 1. For the breathe of life - the word of God declares "let everything that has breathe praise thy LORD. 2. For his Excellent name. "How excellent is your name O Lord in all the earth" 3. For the integrity of his word, the authenticity and potency of the word of God. It doesn't fail and lie. Thy word O Lord is settled in heaven., thy word is truth, yea and Amen. 4. For God's ability to answer prayers. " Unto you that answers prayers shall all flesh come". My ears are open to the cry of the righteous. Whatever I hear them say to my ears , I will do. 5. For his commitment and obedience to bringing his promises to pass. God is too faithful to fail Lets start praising God as a lifestyle and watch how the spirit of yielding of harvest of strange favors wi ...
Amen! Amen! Praises and glory, wisdom, thanksgiving and honour and power and might be unto our God, forever and ever AMEN.
I don't know how to stop...I don't want to stop...I won't ever stop...praising God!!!
When will y'all stop praising people that don't know y'all exist? Praise God instead.
Just give God a few more moments. I feel like praising God!
Praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to the Church daily such as should be saved - Acts 2:47
Praising God all day. This Is the day the Lord has made and I AM rejoicing and glad for it. tomorrow isnt promised to me
Praising God for a wonderful phone call today!
God is working it out hunni. When you become Dr. Myrtil you'll be praising Him for leading and guiding you every step of the way.
Stop praising these celebrities as if their God.
Extremely in Spirit, which is most important and achieved by recognizing, pointing out &avoiding evil while Praising GOD🙏
Praising the Lord. God inhabits the praises of His people.
The kids have been captivated by the sheepfold drama this week! Praising God for His faithfulness as…
Feeling God's hand on me. 1st time in awhile. Can't tell if I am being pulled up, held, or slowed down from the descent. Praising anyway!
Praising based god because we actually have nice bathrooms 😭
People are having a hard time with overly-praising a suicide for a simple reason: We do not wish to encourage copycats, for Love of God!
When it comes to the issue of praising God, your emotions or circumstances must not have the last say
The door way to our blessings...praising God now.
His testimony is what keeps me strong. I thank God every day for helping me go through these trials. Keep praising the Lord no matter what!
I can't and I won't stop praising God!
Whom the son sets free is free indeed!! Praising God for my family in Iraq
Today 3 individuals at New River Valley Biker Church prayed and ask Jesus to save them. Glory to the Lord of Lords, and King of Kings ! Praising God for loving us so that He gave His only Son to die on the cross for our sins ! AMEN AMEN & AMEN
Praising God together at Depot park on Sanford! Come on out!
Big birthday wishes to Praising God for ur sweet, compassionate spirit!
Praising God for 70yrs of Sisk Memorial Baptist Church serving Fort Mill,SC.
What a great service yesterday at White Oak Church of God. The Lord lead in a message of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. The alter was flowing and six received the Holy Ghost Baptism with the initial evidence of speaking in tongues. Praising God for His continual out pouring!!
Praising God even on our toughest days. When I look into my lil Emma's eyes I see one tough lil fighter! God is truly shining through my lil princess! I was told today that looking back my sweet girl was hours from death. Just a lil over a week ago. Yes I cried all morning! Cancer is mean but we will continue to fight! Emma still has weakness on her left side but she's as happy as can be! We truly have so much to be thankful for. Instead of focusing on what Emma can't do we are looking at what Emma can do! Emma is off of TPN IV feedings and is now eating and drinking. Steroids definitely help with that. Please continue to pray for Emma's use of her left side to return. I will be calling St Jude tomorrow and hopefully will find out when they want to schedule the next MRI. Doctors here say the swelling that Emma has in her brain could be where the chemo is attacking the tumor or it can be tumor progression. We will continue to trust God completely on where He is taking us on this journey. ...
Happy Sunday... Praising God everyday! :) ramadan Kareem!! It's been a week since i left home. I miss going to church, d balde baldeng sweat specially when working out, d conference call with my family, i miss singing d hul day, i miss watching ethan. Happy Meh, i'm with my hubby Ian thou!
Praising God this morning in anticipation of the powerful and provocative preached Word of my Pastor
Grace and peace to all on the Lord's Day (15.6.14). Today's Worship Meeting Highlights * Part I: Lord's Table: Psalm 147:1-7. Praising God is Pleasant - Prayers are often emphasized and so many are spending a lot of time in prayers. Some pray whole night and with fasting too. Usually prayers are made for some problems, needs or blessings. The Psalmist urges us to praise God which is good and pleasant. Praising brings our focus to what God has already done and given to us. So our minds are filled with gratitude when we sing praises to God. Praise has to be offered as an evening sacrifice that is like a sweetsmelling savor to the Lord. Praise exalts and glorifies the Lord. Praise is powerful and empowers us to move forward in victory. As we come near the Lord's Table, let us praise Him and thank Him abundantly. Amen. Part II: Ministry of the Word: 2 Chronicles 1:1-13. A Prayer that Pleased God. - After David, his son Solomon became king in Jerusalem. In this passage, we read Solomon became great, what are t ...
I'm so Glad that trouble don't last for long and Joy does come in the morning. Spoke to my sister n law and she is already Praising God for the 22 yrs. she and my brother had their son (Donte) on this planet. Debra Wilson-Kent assured me that her sweet and gifted son knew the Lord and that he believed that he was born of Virgin Mary, died on the cross for our sins , was dead and buried on the third day so that we might have life Everlasting ! Hallelujah !! Thanks for all the prayers , phone calls and cards and monetary support .
Praising God for the awesome time we had in His presence at the New Revelations Womens Conference this evening.
Praising God with my sister April of Hilltop Dominion enjoying Empowered Church revival w/Bishop Noel Jones
This video brought me to my knees in tears bc this is the inside untold story and suffering of so many black women... Never taught how to cope so they have covered up the pain with crack, drugs, alcohol or violence... God Help us All!!! People on the outside think it's an attitude problem, but we know differently!!! Praising God right now for MY OWN DELIVERANCE from child molestation and abuse...
Praising God for the 20 years I've been married to Steve Bennett, I love this man more today than I did that day, we've been through a lot, great times, sad times, great adventures, loving and laughing and talking all the way, thank you my love for all these years and I pray we have many many more, and again I praise God for allowing me to share time and space with the BEST husband a woman could ever have. God Bless and Love to All
Woke up Thanking and Praising God for being so good to me. Thank You Jesus   10% Off
I love singing to My God and Praising him
Literally praising God that tomorrow is my last class period with Ms. Markowski and that I only have her class for 40 minutes 😁🙏🙌
Matty is praising God Philly doesn't play the Vikes this year.
Praising God for the stamina to exceed my personal best and break the 1,000 km barrier in 28 days.
Everyone is complaining Austin's too tall... I'm praising god
Don't wait until it's to late to start praising God.
1st day at my new job today. God is amazing yo! I've been praying for this job and he sent it right on time. But here's the thing, even before I got it, I was grateful for the job that I had. I kept my faith, remained patient, never gave up on the Lord, and I was happy with less before I was blessed with more. See, having less makes you humble. Complaining is like praising the devil, faith is praising God. Stop complaining and have faith!! "Get Dizzy"
If there's a god worth praising, he'll undrstnd why I don't believe in him
"Prayer Thoughts" will help u to start praising Him Daily. God will be with u more.
Considering the circumstances, this should have been the worst day ever. But it wasn't. Praising God for how well it all went. :)
Super awk in a group message & all of a sudden everyone in it starts praising god & I'm just like😳🙉🙅 bye 👋🏃💨
Praising God for drs, able to partner with Him to bring us back to health!
Praising Him in spite of my circumstances. I trust God's's always sunny on the other side of my dark days.
After a day scattering email-seeds as God's farmer-writer, he's going to give me a break praising my Creator with HD television.
Praising God for new members of the family.
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I wake up praising God everyday.. I wanna smoke some weed and roll me a J.
Check out my new album the Churchs One Foundation - Praising God Vol. 9 distributed by TuneCore and live on iTunes!
Sometimes we go through things in life that we don't understand, but God is always there! .
'twas a rainy November night. I was reading my bible and praising god on the timeline...
“"come as you are" said The Lord”but I'm not about to be praising God w. My dress flying up you know my butt big😒
Praising God for my phone being okay! 🙏
They praising God before slandering the other party.
Congratulations to and his wife on the announcement of their new baby boy! Praising God with the Mason family.
Praising God!!! Cancer free finally! He gives you nothing you can't handle, so I handled it!
Mockingly and stupidly praising the devil b/c you think someone's religion and god are stupid is highly offensive and you suck.
.We are praising God with you and for your awesome new job! (
Wanted to go on about how people praising god level will just continue this yeezus era kanye but those drums are craze...
glad to hear you are safe and fires under control! Praising God w U!
Lol time to pray Ive being praising God all day long to stop in my time of trouble
A supernatural outpouring occurs when God sees your faith. When He sees your heart, mind and soul praising Him.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
And 2nd service starts... Praising God for the hit... I love this job sha! Cc
Woke up this morning praising God and declaring victory. Underwent my daily prayer rituals and did a little...
Praising God for Master Torchbearer on a successful surgery today and is on her way to recovery. Thanks for updates🙏
Praising God for answered prayers that are on the way! God bless!
I praise God for His blessings and love. The goodness of God is so great. By the grace of God, I'm the author of book:(Not in Water nor in Sand)God answers prayer the whereabouts of Natalee Holloway. This girl Natalee Holloway disappeared on the island of Aruba in 2005. On the month of March 2006 a year after she disappeared, the Lord revealed to me where this girl was buried. Years of praying and waiting on the Lord. I know that in God's time Natalee Holloway will be found, exactly in the place where He said her remains were left that night. I never stop praising God for revealing this mystery to me. Soon when this girl Natalee is found , God be exalted and praise in many places, all over the world.DANIEL 2: 20-23 WHAT A GREAT GOD WE HAVE!! AUTHOR: ELENA RONDA VIDEO ON YOUTUBE (NOT IN WATER NOR IN SAND)GOD ANSWERS PRAYER
Praising God for who He is is always the appropriate response, no matter what is happening.
Praising the universal God of creation
We won't be silent , our chains are broken , and the walls are falling down.
praising god that I didn't get Baekhyun
O Lord of vast armies, my king and my God, how happy are those who dwell at your house. They’re constantly praising yo…
Praising God for young virgins like this...
's consciousness of God is one of the things that makes me like him. Keep praising bro
The media ripped to pieces for giving God the glory, but are praising Where do YOU stand? h…
Thinking about my girls as I go about my day praising God for who He is. Holy Spirit you are welcome here.
May our hearts be filled with joy as we realize we are joining others from around the world in praising and thanking ou…
Job 1:21 must be the hardest lesson for Christians. Praising God when he takes things away from us.
If you feel frozen in your problem it's time to offer up red hot praise. Nothing thaws out cold seasons like praising God.
You need to know that God heard you the first time you prayed. He answered you the first time you prayed but the angel delivering your blessing is not always the angel that is equipped to fight. You gotta call the warring angels. You call them by praising God. (Day 1, Evening session) 27/05/2014 Area 1, Garki, Abuja, Nigeria. JOIN us NOW on DUNAMIS TV or ONLINE @ INVITE EVERYONE AROUND YOU!
Previous Next The Victorious Christian Life August 4, 2013 BY JOANNA SZE Renew your minds by aligning your thoughts with God’s Word and see Him transform your life. Jesus promised us an abundant and victorious life in Him, but often these biblical truths seem like an elusive dream. Life’s challenges and our own weaknesses seem to get the better of us, despite our best intentions and efforts. How do we take hold of those promises and walk in the newness of life that Jesus died to give us? In her bestseller, Battlefield of the Mind: Winning the Battle in your mind, author Joyce Meyer shares how the key to victorious Christian living lies in the renewal of your mind – aligning and submitting your thoughts to God’s. There are many insightful truths in the book that would be helpful for anyone seeking to experience God’s power and good plan in their lives. God’s truths never change. However, Satan, the father of lies, is on a mission to make us doubt all that God has said and to keep us in bondage ...
Good morning everyone! Have you ever said, "I can't think of anything God has done for me. How can I praise him?" This psalm gives two reasons for praising God: His great love toward us, and His faithfulness that endures forever. If He did nothing else for us, He would still be worthy of our highest praise. Read: Psalms 117:1-2 1 Praise the lord, all you nations. Praise him, all you people of the earth. 2 For his unfailing love for us is powerful; the lord’s faithfulness endures forever. Praise the lord and have a wonderful day!
In Acts chapter 2 the day of Pentecost had arrived. There came a sound as a great rushing wind that filled the house where they were staying. Tongues that looked like flames of fire came and descended on each of them. They were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other languages as the Spirit gave them the ability. There were Jews living in Jerusalem that were from every nation on Earth. They gathered together in confusion because they heard them all speak in their own languages. They knew the men speaking were Galileans, but they were hearing them in their native languages. People from every area and region were hearing them speak the things of God in their own languages. They wondered how this could be and attributed it to wine. Peter then stood up and told everyone that he would explain. He said that these people are not drunk; it was only nine in the morning. This is the fulfillment of the prophecy of the prophet Joel. Joel wrote about God pouring out his spirit in the last ...
I know some parents get frustrated when their child talks back to them. But I am praising God because 2 years ago all Ryland would do is have a screaming fit and spit. Now he talks back and tells me how he feels. I see miracles every single day! I see God in everything my son does :( don't tell me their ain't a God :)
Time to go back to California :'( Thank God and CBANA for inviting me to sing and your appreciation upon my presence! May God bless CBANA ♥ I miss my friends from Atlanta and other states! See you all again hopefully! It was great praising God together with you all.
"Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." - John 15:13 If you have not found a flag to "remember the day" then I guess you have not been outside yet. This morning, as I was riding my bike, I so enjoyed seeing the flags and again remembering what they stood for and continue to stand for. Just a simply thought today and really the rest of the week. I pray that each one of us can put aside any bitterness we might have toward the past, or present government, battles, or wars and truly appreciate what the men and women have done for our country. As John wrote and our Savior spoke so long ago, there is no greater love. They did this great act of love for us and they didn't even know most of us, a few of us maybe, but not most of us! Praising God for these folks! Bro. Grant
I often think of these words on Memorial Day, written by our 16th President to a Boston mother who lost her sons in the Civil War. Praising God for our freedom, preserved for us by many who gave their last measure of devotion. A beautiful Memorial Day to all of you CODers! Pastor Bob Executive Mansion, Washington, Nov. 21, 1864. Dear Madam, I have been shown in the files of the War Department a statement of the Adjutant General of Massachusetts that you are the mother of five sons who have died gloriously on the field of battle. I feel how weak and fruitless must be any word of mine which should attempt to beguile you from the grief of a loss so overwhelming. But I cannot refrain from tendering you the consolation that may be found in the thanks of the Republic they died to save. I pray that our Heavenly Father may assuage the anguish of your bereavement, and leave you only the cherished memory of the loved and lost, and the solemn pride that must be yours to have laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar ...
Wow we have been all over the world for the funk and I am truly thankful and humbled to find the most peace and beauty in my backyard! Stillness and motion. Praising God and meditating. Thanks for the prayers for safe travel. We made it home!
To all our friends and family, you are invited to my husband's (Rev. Bruce Bonner) installation at the church on Wednesday, June 4th at 7pm at St. Cuthbert Episcopal Church!! Praising God for all that He has done and continues to do!
Praising God while sitting by the pool enjoying Sam Adams Summer Ale = summer in the south
Just copied this from Daniel Johnson's page. Praise the Lord for All He does for His children!!! Court went better than I could have imagined! Praising God!!! Will not get into the details now, but two things that lifted my spirit... 1) the judge started off with "If you did not receive an invitation, you need to leave the courtroom now" referring to the press and APLE staff. The APLE director was outraged and said "Why aren't we allowed in here?!" The prosecutor spoke up and said "this is a sensitive case, and Mr. Johnson has done a lot for this country." 2) the captain of the guards hugged me when we left the courtroom and said "you really are a good man" Thank you all SO much for your prayers! Should be on the way to USA in about 3 weeks.
Relaxing in my hammock, listening to John Mayer station on Pandora & the tears are flowing down my face as I think about how the past 18 years have moved by at warp speed. Ten days away from Megan Barkers graduation...Praising God for her, the special people in her life, and the young woman she is becoming. Blessed!!
As women we are blessed to do and be so many things. But one important thing we will never be able to be is a willing father to our sons. If you don't get along with the man, don't deny your son of having his father. He may not be on Wall St., but could be on Faith St. If this man WANTS to be a part of his sons life don't get in the way. It could cause your son issues later in life. I thank God that my grandson has a willing dad and that my daughter didn't allow the relationship to get in the way. Praising God for the willing and wanting dads. It's not always just about money.
Baptism Day @ Calvary Chapel Tucson. It's a hot day, but God is good. Praising God for this step of faith for believers in Jesus Christ. Rejoicing with others renews my spirit and faith as well.
Praising God with the youth at Mt. Olive Baptist Church in Cleveland, Ms. This kids are sanging!!! Yes, I did mean sang.. .!
i can imagine heaven where Pastor Ayo Babalola, Bishop Oyedepo and other Generals for Christ would be It would be great and i pray and desire to be there If I don't mention a Pastors name, God knows them and we shall all be there in Jesus name Praising God!
Sometimes I wish I was given the "I don't care" gene. The one where I don't bat an eyelash at the thought of betraying someone, or give a second thought to, pardon the term, screwing people over. The gene where I get a nasty response from someone and can move on without reflecting on the situation. It seems to come too easy for too many. Then I remember that God gave me the ALWAYS CARE gene. Always care for others. Always do my best to help who I can, when I can, no matter what. Always put others first. Always go out of your way for others. Always give the benefit of the doubt. Always give a second (and third, and fourth..) chance to someone, even if they may be so undeserving. Always go above and beyond. I realize what I have is a GIFT from GOD! I will always be bothered by people who say they will do something and never follow through. I will always expect the best from others and myself. God is my conscience. These feelings allow me to never give up on people. Praising God for this gift.
New church building location complete and ready to move in. Praising God!
I had a great day today. It started with a pink White Sox cap from my friend Sherry, then some of my family came to church (my 2 brothers and sister-in-laws and cousins). Most of all I was able to have a picture taken with my Aunt Jessie. The day was then topped off with an ice cream cake! Praising God for the gift of LOVE. Happy Mother's Day!
Praising God!! Oh God - oh God!! Is only hard when we are going thru it, that's were we Are tested as true worshipers. Where our true song should b born. We shouldn't just praise I n the pretty and colorful - that's all!!
Today's a Great Day! Woke up w/ a song in my heart, Praising God. In IND w/ family. Niece home safe, sound & happy. Mom's mobile home sold. Pizza King & Flying Toaster's tonight w/ Friends. Trusting, Loving & Understanding Husband at home..what more could a woman ask for?!
Praising God! All of his exams have been completed and passed, I saw a dream come through as my son pledged Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated this semester, his summer school classes have been registered for and my son is now destined to graduate at least a semester early! The life of a Mom with a college kid!
Praising God tonight for another student saved at God has truly used this ministry to pierce the darkness of this generation.
If you haven't been with us for the last two Sundays, you've missed out!! Praising God for all the…
Over 2 years and FINALLY the Department of Veterans Affairs gets back to me.. Praising God because right now...Every little bit helps and maybe I won't have to work the entire summer to make ends meet!
Praising God for a wonderful weekend with the Bible Club in Zona 11! Three people accepted Christ as Savior :) please pray for Silvia, Steven (Silvia's son) and Sharon!
The delegation from Metro Manila CFC East A Sector joining kids in Praising God during the KFC 17th IKV in Dasmarinas, Cavite !
UPDATE on my brother, Michael. He has been now moved to the Baton Rouge General Butterfly Wing Room 36 Mid City. This is the Hospice Unit that has approx 8 beds. This is the ONLY place in BR that will allow 15Liters of oxygen. He will be able to stay there for a few days and they are trying to stabilize him so he can go home with Hospice assistance. He is doing ok for right now. Praising God and thanking each and everyone for your prayers. For now, we are continuing to ask everyone to keep him in your prayers continuously. This is a terrible disease. Praying for continued research for Pulmonary Fibrosis so a cure for this ugly disease may be found soon w Mitch Granier
First, I give God almighty the praises for my existence, my life, my being here today; because without Him, I'd be nothing. Yes, I say, "Praising God is what I do." I do praise Him for only the Lord knows what he has brought me through and to. If, anyone should write my life's story, make sure they use my quote "Praising God Is What I Do." You better believe in this too, I heard it a many nights at Christ Temple Apostolic Church. I don't recall the elderly brother with the wooden leg that sat right front third row back first seat, as to keep his wooden leg stretched out. But, he stood up every time and said these very words. "I guess I'll praise the Lord, while I have a chance I may not have this chance anymore. " Some things we grow into in our adulthood. Amen. .
Took a trip Monday to Northland International University to hear Albert Mohler and Andrew Peterson, two personal favorites. But while the special guests were even better than I'd hoped, I never anticipate how much more blessed I would be through the convos had with former students preparing to move on from the academy and into a lifelong ministry of gospel-centered, missional living! Praising God!
PRAYER REQUEST...FOR KENNY... from his sister Mary Mitchell Stewart Urgent prayer request my Brother Kenny has a temperature over 104...Please call his name out to God when you pray,God is not slack on his promises,He ask us to remind him of his word,By his (JESUS) stripes Kenny was healed over TWO THOUSAND years ago...Agree with me I can see him walking, talking,Praising God for all he has done for him.God bless each and everyone of you!! LOVIN AND TRUSTING MY JESUS!
It felt so good today to get back to being "myself". After being stuck inside with my bum leg, being on the mend now it is simply rewarding to get up and get around! Praising God for church this morning, pampered chef party this afternoon, then back to church again this evening for baptism and church meeting! And Beau got some quality time with his daddy while I partied this afternoon. :)
Paxton is officialy Feline Leukemia Negative!!! BIG SHOUT OUT TO LONG BEACH ANIMAL CONTROL AND STRAY CAT ALLIANCE FOR GIVING HIM THE SECOND CHANCE HE DESERVES!!! Praising God so much right now!!! Now we can get him his forever home!!
Praising God for the 1st night of our 10th Bishop's Anniversary service. I feel so humbled by all of the love shown to Apostle and me.Our son brought the Word tonight..."Do you Believe that You have been Chosen for God's Army...Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. Songs of Deliverance and New Jerusalem Youth Choir...GREAT. OUR GRANDDAUGHTER LEADING "YOU MAKE ME HAPPY". Missionary Smith and Teacher Annie Gardner leading the Anointed Prayer & Testimony service...and Missionary Myers Presiding under the Power of the Holy Ghost. GOD IS TRULY AWESOME.
Praising God this morning for all the blessing in my life . Wonderful Easter yesterday. so good to get back to Cornerstone Community Church - Bamberg. Out 2 Sundays and missed my home and family there terribly. Thankful for our cultural diversity and all we learn and share with each other. Thankful for our praise team that led us in opening our hearts to the Holy Spirit's movement and our unrestrained joy was infectious. Our full house raised our voices in worship and the walls couldn't contain the emotion. I felt God smiling down on us as it reached His Holy realm. We honored Jesus, without His pain and suffering there would be nothing to be joyous about. Thankful for the strong male leadership in our church. A church is only as strong as the men in it. Michael Reid and John Sharpe never fail us. They speak God's truth with the wisdom and understanding only God can provide. Truly grateful for their supportive wives and families. I was able to attend 3 churches yesterday and received blessing from Philli ...
Hey family, Our Mt. Hope family is having their fellowship day next Sunday 04/27/2014 said that we can fellowship with them and eat at church after Worship next Sunday, no need to go to buffet. Thanking and Praising God. We're leaving Owings Mills mall at 8am on the side of Macy's next Sunday 04/27/2014 for all who will be following down to "Pastor & Mother Olivers" expecting a great Worship!
Praising God for a very fruitful trip among the Bugkalot/ Ilongot Tribe in Sierra Madre mountains of Nueva Vizcaya, where I shared for about two hours the exposition of Romans 12:1-21 in the opening day of their conference. (They actually gave me 4 hours slot ). Thanking God for the brother who allowed the free use of his helicopter that made our trip very short and comfortable. Land travel will be at least 10 hours one way, but with air travel it was only an hour each way!
Time for a nice Sunday stroll then weightlifting and a swim. Praising God for the strength to keep moving. Happy Easter to all of you. Love to all of you my family
Praising God for salvation through the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus. The Elyria Cogop choir was beautiful. It sounded like a mass choir of angels and the teens did two super amazing anointed drama presentations. Beautiful day and the best part 6 people gave their hearts to Jesus. Great is Thy Faithfulness o God!
Praising God at Greater St. Mary. These kids are our future. So let us train them up the right way
Praising God this Easter Sunday at Bunker Hill Church! We got the word from the Queen Mother!!! Luv this Woman!!! Amen!
Praising God this morning for my biggest blessing, my salvation. I am so unworthy but because of the grace of God I have eternal life through Jesus Christ.
On my way now getting lost in worship and crying as I drive. This is going to be an amazing performance! Praising God!!
Praising God for His mercy to have Jesus crucified for us. :'( Thank you Lord for giving Tina such a beautiful voice.
Praising God for my brother Donnie Helms' call as Interim Pastor of North Wadesboro Baptist Church. May our Lord...
Royal's funeral and memorial service went well today. Andrew gave the eulogy, and did a fabulous job! Kathy's kids sang a quartet, sang beautifully! The pastor took Royal's last sermon (which he didn't get through) and used Royal's notes to finish it. And everyone heard the Word of God. I think Royal would be proud of his grandkids!!! A certain person (who has also removed all the other kids and grandkids' pics from Royal's FB page but his own) tried to change the military funeral around. The Marines responded, "Stand aside, Army!"LOL! Praising God that He was watching over today and thwarting those efforts, and that the day wasn't disrupted. You can judge a tree by its fruit. Can't recall who said it though. Thank you all for your prayers over the past few weeks! I appreciate it, my dear friends and family!!
Very blessed I gave it to The Lord my air conditioning went out on my rental property and I am getting a Tran from a very reputable company for $2,000 w/ 5yr warranty on parts and labour and 5 yr manufacture. Whew! Praising God for taken care of all my needs.
Hello, FB Friends! What a day it has been! Praising God for all His blessings. I hope all of you are finding joy in all that God has given you in your life...even through trials and pain. The one thing I am learning more and more each day is that God will always make a way when there seems to be no way. When I can't walk, I kneel. It is the only way I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that I will be able to STAND...and not only stand, but I will be able to RUN! Speaking of running...That elliptical is calling my name on this rainy night! :-) Going to put in some good old style Covenant Love Church music and get my running on! :-) Have a wonderful evening!
April 13, 2014 The Lord used Pastor Dennis W. Bishop delivered me out of a place that I had been living in for a long while. Saints I just want to share that today my water broke and I am about to deliver. Praising God right now because I remember when my water broke naturally with two of my sons DeCarlos Brown and Sherman Brown there were complications with my births, the doctors were trying to tell me that I was going to lose them(S/N they also said they were girls and guess boys are alive and kicking, screaming and developing wonderfully!!!) then I had the third son Brandon Brown and this young one was coming out right before they could get me on the table. Why am I telling you all of this, because today I am celebrating new life! I am celebrating the death of my old man and God's renewal of "Me"! I am so excited about what I'm birthing. I know that God has a plan for my life that is greater than anything I could ever imagine and today I am waiting to see what she looks like.
Praising God on tax day? While some taxes seem too high, and some tax money is misused, I want to give God praise today that I live in America; THE greatest country. I drive on paved roads, enjoy safety because of our military, and see many programs that create great change. I choose to thank God for these blessings, and to pray for our leaders. Maybe you could join with me in this today. VIA BRO MIKE
Praising God tonight. I had an appointment at Bethlehem Breast Cancer Center today. The doctor said there are no abnormalities. So thankful.
This is Holy Week starting tonight, Tuesday and Thursday nights at 6:00 p.m. we will be having prayer and worship! Come out and join us! Praising God has we get ready for an awesome Good Friday at 6:00 p.m. and Resurrection Easter service on Sunday at 9:00 & 10:30 a.m.! See you at Faith Tabernacle Church 230 E. Galena, downtown Aurora
This is the final week that he walked this earth! He paid the ultimate price for us. He was beaten and nailed to a cross for you and I. Praising God for such an awesome Savior!
Praising God right now for THE most amazing gift of His Son Jesus yet
Praising God for bringing to individuals in God can save marriages! Lord, open the heavens and rain on us!
Don't forget u can still come see the play tonight at 6:00 .. Egypt Pentecostal Church Radio Broadcast – Sunday Morning 10:30 on 107.9 or PRTC channel 9 A great big THANK YOU to the youth and all who have worked in anyway to make “The heart beat of Jesus” a great success, More than anything Praising God for his blessings and Spirit in this play. 1. Be in much prayer for all these events, the church, and what God has in store for us. Invite someone, and for sure the lost. PTL. 2. Egypt Pentecostal singers, and the pictures “Journey Through Bethlehem” CD’s, are all for sale, $5.00 each, see Eldon or Shirrie Turner to order. Proceeds for the cost of the church radio broadcast 3. Laurel Creek Nursing home visitation, Clay co. Tue. April 15th. 4. Egypt Pentecostal Church will be having a communion and foot washing service on Wed night, April 16, 5. Easter Sunday, April 20 , there will be a sunrise service, with breakfast following, and church service after the meal, Easter egg hunt for the childr . ...
Praising God for the "Missional Living" training that our Chestnut Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church family is participating in right now.
Praising God for the hard-working and fun-loving students at Catholic Central High School, who spent their service day at the PRC today! Many hands made light work! Thank you!
Praying for things go well for my job application for next year. I give it all to God! Whether I get this job or not is all up to God! There will be reason if I get it or not! (: Praising God for giving me the opportunity to apply! (:
Praise The Lord! Just sitting by the window here in my alone time, just me and The Lord. I began to here the birds singing, and Oh' what a beautiful sound it was. Realizing that they are up early singing praises unto God. I noticed that each one had their own unique sound that they were singing. They did not care if their tune sound different than the other, they kept right on singing. Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord and with that being said, sometime the preacher have to tell us to praise the Lord somebody, tell the Lord thank you or we have to have a voice like Whitney Houston in order to sing praises, but whatever, however and to whomever, let it all be done to the Glory Of God. We don't know when it may be our last time to give Him all the honor, glory and praise. Tears began to flow down my face thinking that we being made in the image of God and we were created also to praise God, how much more should we be Praising God. Let thy people praise thee O' Lord, let thy people praise the . ...
Praising God. All is well. Thank you prayer warriors!
How do you respond to God's Word? Let the godly sing with joy to the Lord, for it is fitting to praise him. Praise the Lord with melodies on the lyre; make music for him on the ten-stringed harp. Sing new songs of praise to him; play skillfully on the harp and sing with joy. For the word of the Lord holds true, and everything he does is worthy of our trust. He loves whatever is just and good, and his unfailing love fills the earth. Psalm 33:1-5 NLT Praising God's Trustworthiness What does it mean to be trustworthy and true? In a society that insists that all truth is relative, many people have given up looking for truth, much less basing their lives on it. But Scripture declares th at there is something that is completely true — no matter what angle you look at it, no matter what perspective you come from. God and his Word will always remain true. That facet of God's character is what this psalm celebrates. It encourages believers everywhere to shout for joy, for their lives are securely established on ...
Praising God! My friend got to meet her biological father for the first time! It is transforming her relationship with her heavenly Father!
Praising God for the day! The good folks at Bible Baptist Church West Union, they so blessed me today. They went...
Praising God for a pretty great 23 years, a really awesome birthday, and all my fabulous friends. Thanks for all the well-wishes and for those who came out last night! Bring it on 24.
Praising God for my new brother, Matthew who gave his life to The Lord this morning at the 9 am service moments ago!
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