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Praising God

New Year Jesus Christ Sigma Alpha Pi

Praising God for the movement of the Holy Spirit among the churches of the Pioneer Valley Baptist Association. (@ Z…
Love the warmth of Christmas! Praising God for all he has done, brings that cozy feeling like sitting in front of a crackl…
Rod Parsley : Praising God with all of those whose lives were touched at the One Conference…
This is the man y'all were praising like a God a few nights ago.
Praising God for my Bishop Samuel L Blakes who doesn't just pray for the nations but also covers his church...
Praising God for His grace & blessings!. Joining the team at Rhode Island College in July as the Vice President for…
Praising God with our friends. — attending Randy & Gigi Burgess at FBCGH at First Baptist Church of Glenn Heights
Praising God with you and for you, Pastor Matt!!!
Praising God for all our blessings on this Father's Day. — feeling blessed at Bayside Community Church
"Praising God helps us recall His goodness that never ends.". -Our Daily Bread Ministries
Praising God this Sunday morning!! For those of you thirsty for HIM...join me in singing..."I wanna be where you...
Praising God for the lives of these [four] youth who publicly confessed their faith in Christ yesterday — To God...
I added a video to a playlist New!!!Bishop Eddie Long Dancing and Praising God
Family and friends, in Maryland/Pennsylvania, this is our church. Praising God for His providential protection!...
Praising God with Heidi Baker and her team in Pemba, Mozambique, Africa for getting the permit to build a Christian university after 14 yrs!
Great day at LCC today! Praising God for our new beginnings! Be generous, we serve a generous God 💕🙌
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Praising God that and voted overwhelmingly to merge this morning. Now Kenwood Baptist Church at Victory Memorial.
Praising God all Day Long - . One of the best things we can do throughout the day is to praise God while we work.
Praising God this morning through our offerings and tithes. Nueva Vida / New Life Baptist church
Praising God in ilorin with the first lady of kwara state youthalive
Praising God!! Luke passed his Eagle Scout Board of review tonight. Woo-hoo! We are so incredibly proud of our...
Praising God for 1 Profession of Faith & another family joining the Fellowship this morning. To God be the Glory!
Praising God for my first offer from Mercer University!! WEAPON..."
Praising God for who He is, Alpha & Omega Lord of Lord and King of Kings!
Praising God every day for volunteers who share their talents with us. Roger Barnett saw us struggle with our...
Praising God for Darryl Jones. Check out his testimony! . "“Who do you say I am?” Mt 16:15...
Praising God for a powerful prison ministry service and most of all for saving another young man today!
Praising God for eternal life through His Son, Jesus Christ!
Praising God for who He is - ADORATION. Praising God for what He does - THANKSGIVING. Blessed Sunday 😇󾮗󾍛
Praising God. This is what we do. Join us tomorrow & every Sunday 11am Fairfield Halls,
I'm thanking for you Pastor Rod Parsley and the WHC Ministries. Praising God for your complete "Healing."
Praising God with a song and dance during a visit from the Franciscan Friars!
Praising God with all the kids in today's service. Thanks Kidz Blitz team for how you serve our kids each week.
Praising God for a GREAT day at Victory Baptist Church!
Praising God for $2,060.00 raised at our first annual SHBC Finishing Tournament! Thanks to Adam, Lee, and Clint Stephens for all your work!
Praising God with Calebs Crossing, Rocky and Gail Smith, and Paid For at Creekfest, Rockcreek Baptist Church, 6262 Abernathy Rd.,Whitsett, …
Praising God in a celestial way with the celestial church of Christ council parish.
Praising God today in my home church Assemblies of God, Lewe church 2 Eastern Rivers District. it was wonderful
Praising God for the outpouring tonight! 31 Holy Ghost and 6 physical healings! Revival is happening in Kenya! Glory to …
I'm so blessed by my two little bundles of joy. Praising God that he has blessed Kelley and I with…
Praising God for another name added to the Book of Life! "He will bless them that fear the Lord, both small and...
Praising God for 153 years w/The Rev. Dr. Derek King, nephew of the late MLK, Jr. Sunday 11/15 at 10 AM.
Praising God is not something you do because it's's something you do because your lungs just borrowed His a…
Praising God for a healthy mother and son! God is so good to give us two healthy children-praying they love Christ! htt…
Rejoice and be glad in this day God has made. . Praising God because he is Jehovah Rapha, the Lord God that heals us.
Praising God for great worship & ministry at TC on yesterday... I am so amazed at what God is doing…
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The Blvd looking and sounding GOOD online. Enjoying our youth praise God ! Praising God!
Praising God — A mission for the whole congregation
Praising God's 14yrs of faithfulness to Pastor Manao & PBCI Family. Thanks to Barry-Beth Whitworth of
Praising God for the one who gave her life to Jesus today at Thank you to those who…
Praising God for our team and the way God used them to bring people to Jesus!!!
Praising God and lifting hands as children raise their hands to their parents.
Praising God for continued building of this team. They are encouraging and serving one another. They love because Jesus 1st loved & redeems!
Praising God through song and Scripture in our third service this Sunday morning during our annual San Onofre...
Praising God after our Community Group Leader brunch for Amazing unity & love amongst this leadership community.
Praising God as he blessed me to be inducted in Sigma Alpha Pi chapter National Society of Leadership and Sucess at HU *hair …
Praising God for the change in me — ♫There's Been a Change by Henry Green, John P. Kee, from
God is the solid rock.everything else is fleeting.Praising God for the foundation that never falters
YAY Joell!!Praising God for that new job still!!! HUGS!
Praising God for 4 new candidates over the past 4 days! The Lord of the Harvest is still calling.
Praising God that my daughter's team has arrived safely in Estonia for their ministry to youth over the next 10...
Praising God for his goodness in providing words. Thank you Jesus!
Praising God for everything. Even the rain. (@ Bacolod Adventist Central Church)
GREAT SERMOM! Praising God there are men like Pastor Chuck still standing!
Praising God for the birth of Robert Judah! Congratulations Eric &Miriam Young & Villanueva family!
Praising God for our new members! The Lord added to Anointed Life Fellowship Church daily!
Praising God opens the prisons of our hearts: via
Praising God moves your spirit and heart in line with His spirit and heart, and moves you into a position to access His …
Praising God with ldciple and my gccofsc family! @ Orange County Convention Center
"He who finds a wife finds a good thing . and obtains favor from the Lord. " - Proverbs 18:22. Praising God today for the gift of my wife!
Happy Birthday Pattie! What a praise party you led this morning! Praising God for you on you on your day! Love...
What a wonderful day @ Creation Museum today. Praising God!
Daily Devotional for March 1. Praising God for your Eternal Inheritance . “Blessed be the God and Father of our...
Praising God for two more precious souls! One filled with the Holy Ghost and water baptized in Jesus name, the...
2:47, Praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who wer…
Praising God with each He's the one! All Glory to Him. Father, Son, & Holy Ghost
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Praising God for souls deciding to follow Jesus at Destiny church Glasgow.And in morning service in Aberdeen.Hallelujah
Praising God always activate our Miracles and pleases The Lord Almighty
Praise is powerful. Praising God is a determination of value you place on the most high.
Today is begins our 5th year of marriage! Christian is sick today :( but we got new pics of Margot this morn! Praising God for a healthy ...
Praising God for yet another days Journey, a New Year, a new me, and a New Season @ Grace Apostolic…
If you did your part then you need to be praising God right now! If you have not finished your work then get busy...
Sharing the joy of praising God through dance. Favorite line..."I guess that makes me royalty.". Yes!
Our hearts are sad and weary from the loss of our dear friend and pastor. Our loving pastor, Bro. Kenneth Montgomery has gone home to be with our Savior and to his heavenly home. Bro. Ken is no longer in pain and has a new body that will never grow old and never get tired, sick or weak. I can just see him walking with Jesus and seeing his dear mother and all his loved ones that has gone on before him with a huge smile on his face, singing, laughing and praising God. Bro. Ken will be greatly missed. We love you Bro. Ken and we will see you again someday.
WOG is booked! LOL. Praising God for every open door for ministry! 2015 will be even bigger…
Thanks to everyone for there thoughts, prayers, calls, and text to check on Johnny. He was scheduled for a carotid stent on the right side of his neck for a 90% blockage. When the dr got in the blockage was only 30% and on the left side 50% and does not require a stent unless it's 75% or more. So Johnny & I are believing and praising God. We did however get some other bad news but I believe that God cleared up the neck blockage so that the dr would find his other medical issues. The dr performed a heart cath and found that one of the hearts main arteries is 100% blocked and his heart has rerouted the blood flow through 2 smaller arteries and he will be treated with several medications. He found a 75% blockage in the main artery in his leg which will require repair and Johnny has significant hip & leg pain when walking any distance and as you know he is a carpenter and builder which requires lots of leg work. The dr says he can fix this. The other significant finding is an aneurysm in his abdomen. They did ...
Mrs McConkey, the family and I returned to J-ville Sunday night. We spent yesterday doing projects around the house, cleaning out the van, doing laundry, grocery store, etc.. Today, we got back to the office/church to finish strong out the New Year and look forward to the blessings of 2015. I also, got to call on some visitors and Jon Smith and I knocked on 20 Doors. Concerning the New Years Service, Tomorrow, Wednesday night at 7pm- Come planning to pick your favorite congregational song. We will spend some time singing and praising God. We will also have a testimony of 2014 blessings and goal setting time were we can encourage each other with what you are praying about in 2015. We will have a game time following the message and refreshments from 9:00pm to 9:45pm. This is optional but we would love all to stay!! FOOD AND REFRESHMENTS: Please bring refreshments preferably sandwiches, finger foods, casseroles as we have been short on these items and heavy desserts lately. A good reminder if we hav ...
DAILY READING and REFLECTIONS For Tuesday, December 30, 2014 6th Day in the Otave of Christmas - Psalter Proper (White) Readings: 1 Jn 2:13-17; Ps 96:7-10; Lk 2:36-40 Response: "Let the heavens be glad and the earth rejoice." Rosary: Sorrowful Mysteries Verse: "The child grew to maturity, he was filled with wisdom; and God's favour was with him." SAINT OF THE DAY: Saint Anysia Birth: 284 - Death: 304 Martyr of Greece. She was a wealthy woman of Salonika, in Thessaly, who used her personal funds to aid the poor. A soldier accosted her in the street and tried to drag her to a pagan sacrifice. Anysia resisted and was killed when the soldier attacked her with his sword. READINGS FROM THE NEW AMERICAN BIBLE: READING 1, First John 2:12-17 12 I am writing to you, children, because your sins have been forgiven through his name. 13 I am writing to you, fathers, because you have come to know the One who has existed since the beginning. I am writing to you, young people, because you have overcome the Evil One. 14 I ...
Music and You Beloved let's meditate on these 3 vital questions:What kind of song do you enjoy the most?.What kind of song usually come to mind?.Does the song you listen to give glory to God?(1Corin6:20).In Isaiah6:1-3;Rev4:8;19:4 briefs us on the duties of angels in heaven and praising God to be precise.Then also in Ezekiel28:13-17 states it vividly that the devil was the anointed cherub who covers and again talked about his workmanship being created the very day that he was made.These workmanship were musical instruments which concludes that the devil was the director of music in heaven even though scriptures does not specifically says it.The devil became envious of the praises and worship that were made for the Almighty and sin entered him(Eze28:15-16).The devil deceived some of his fellow angels to help him overthrow God and the bible says in Rev12:7-9 that ...war broke out in heaven and the dragon and his angel fought but didn't prevailed and no place was found for them in heaven.Beloved has the had ...
Listen to me when I say no matter what comes your way keep praising God!!
While some people will be turning up tomorrow, my aunt will be at church praising God...
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Never stop praising God, 2015 here it comes...
Good morning ALL Gods ppl Up listening to Prophet Doc "This Preacher here goes hard in DA Paint" for all you .Gospel rapper's. If you repent & go back to your mess you ain't trying to change. Praising God on Sunday cursing me out Sunday evening... false prophets on the land watch your facial expressions they prophesying off ur emotions. Ain't no different between a pimp and a false prophet they both lie,scheme,and hsustle to get ur money outtcha pocket 🙈🙉🙊
Praising God for victories, big and small.
THE SECRETS OF SERVING GOD (PLEASE READ THIS) "Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need." Hebrews 4:16 The truth is that, you either serve God or you serve the devil; you can not serve both together. To many, serving God seems difficult, while to others, it is like impossible or unattainable task. But when we do it right and realize the secrets, it becomes easy and successful. THE RIGHT START! The only acceptable way to serve God is through Jesus Christ, you need to experience genuine salvation through Jesus Christ. Many are having it hard in their Christian lives because they have it wrong or they are taking it wrong way. Christian life without genuine salvation makes it terribly difficult and impossible. If you want to serve God acceptably and successfully, you need to start well. Genuine salvation starts with repentance; many are starting their Christian lives with confession, and they find it hard to overcome sin and Satan, th ...
Saying thank you to god for missing a flight that crashed is like praising a serial killer 4 killing the guy next door instead
Performing at our year end Watch Meet Night Service New Years, can't wait to go into the New Year Praising God
Praising God for giving me another blessed year., truly you are amazing!
THANKSGIVING : PATHWAY TO PERFECTION AND INCREASE. Hello Friends, i got inspired on sunday to put this up... Read and be blessed. Luke 17:11-19 Now on his way to Jerusalem, Jesus traveled along the border between Samaria and Galilee. As he was going into a village, ten men who had leprosy met him. They stood at a distance and called out in a loud voice, “Jesus, Master, have pity on us!” When he saw them, he said, “Go, show yourselves to the priests.” And as they went, they were cleansed. One of them, when he saw he was healed, came back, praising God in a loud voice. He threw himself at Jesus’ feet and thanked him—and he was a Samaritan. Jesus asked, “Were not all ten cleansed? Where are the other nine? Has no one returned to give praise to God except this foreigner?” Then he said to him, “Rise and go; your faith has made you well(whole).” Friends more than ever before, Heaven is in search of the remaining nine as 2014 park up. What is Thanksgiving? It is the attitude of gratitude show ...
Praising God for another important step on our journey as a community of faith. NUC takes ownership of a 5 acre... http:…
Ending this year with amazingness! My mom had the best PET results she's had in for so long. The cancer that was showing in her liver is now gone- and the spots in her lungs are still non-cancerous. Some small other changes here and there- but overall great news! Praising God and all he has done for us and the doctors this year right now 😁😁😁
Last Day of 2014. Walking into my New Year smiling and praising God for 2014!! thank u 2014 Hello 2015 I'm thankful you're here!!!
LUK 2:20 NKJV. Then the shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things that they had heard...
Come on family let's end the old year with praise and thanksgiving! Entering the New Year with a mind set of loving praising God and no matter what situations looks like, trust God through the process! No, we may not have reached our goals but thank God we will have another chance. 2014 I decided to not complain, this 2015 I want to know Jesus more and more. I want to be a bettet servant. Thank u Father God for all the blessings of 2014 and I am stepping into the New Year looking to receive all that God has promised me. Come on somebody and just give God the praise and glory!!!
Unanswered Prayers Part 3 13.Stingness in Giving One of God's principles is that I don't receive until 1st I have given. The measure are used and giving to others is the measure God uses and give into me. If I sow nothing I reap nothing. If I sow much I will read a bountiful harvest. Also if I don't listen to the cry of the poor. God will not listen to my prayers Luke 6:38; Colossians 9:6-11; Galatians 6:7-10;Proverbs 3:9,10 Proverbs 21:13. 14.Repetition Repeating the "Lord's Prayer" in the worship service or reading a printed prayers is not praying. Prayer is communication with God in my words or specific request, with ththankfulness for specific blessings and praising God for specific things He has done. Too often I prayed the same general prayer, repeating them daily, weekly, monthly, or as often as I pray. This is not a prayer see clearly see Ecclesiastes 5:1-8; Matthew 6:7-8. 15.Believing God is obligated Some Christian believe that God is obligated to answer their prayers they are faithful in attend ...
only a partial thank injury. Seriously praising God for protecting my canks. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers
My buddy Jim Gillikin is home from the hospital. Thank you for your prayers. Praising God over here...thought for a while there I might actually have to WORK! Whew! Close call.
I just met God. This heart surgeon really thinks he's God. Praising himself & all these med students kissing his ***
Praise Jesus, I took out $240 from the bank to pay for a bill that I thought was going to be over $200 But God, it was $140. I was praising God at the window, Saying God Is So Good, the lady taking my payment said Yes HE Is!!! My God, He gives me more then enough!
Pope: Spending time with the sick & infirm is holy time.It is a way of praising God who conforms us to the image of his Son.
SCREEN SAVER A rich man died and immediately found his soul at the gate of heaven. The angel at the gate told him, “Now you are dead and you are here for judgment. You didn’t serve God well with all your heart, but because of all the great and good efforts you made for humanity when you were alive, I will give you uncommon privilege. You have the chance to choose where you want to go, *** or heaven.” The rich man asked the angel to permit him to have a look of both heaven and *** before he could make a choice. The angel permitted him, so he allowed him to first view *** When the angel took the rich man to *** he saw beautiful ladies wearing swimming kits, dancing and having fun with glasses of wine. Then the angel took him to see heaven, there he saw angels singing hymns and praising God. So the angel asked the rich man to make a choice. The rich man said, “I will prefer *** it is fun and more exciting there, let me go to *** Then the angel said, “According to your decision.” The r ...
Today I celebrate my spiritual birthday! As a young boy on a Sunday night, December 30, 1973, I made my way to the altar and gave my life to Jesus! That night is forever in my heart in all its detail! Thank you mom and dad for always taking me to church and letting me experience the presence of God at an early age. There were times I remember falling asleep in the pew as I heard the people praising God! Priceless!! Thank you Jesus for saving my soul!
Good day fb family and friends, for those who have nothing to do tomorrow night at 10:00 pm, we the Tabernacle M.B. Church,1611 Arlington Ave. will be Praising God and bringing in the New Year together. You are more than welcome to come and fellowship with us. God bless you all!
I can't stop praising God for his goodness and mercies in my life. Thank You God for the new thing You have just done in my life
We're bringing in the New Year praising God! Worship night tomorrow @ 8pm at katie tort's house! Text me for details!!
New Year Eve. A time when many African-American bring in the New Year praising God at the churches. Understanding the meaning of New Year Eve for African-Americans Population one must reflect back on the historical event that became a law. Freedom for the *** Slaves.. New Year Eve, also known as "Freedom Eve"black folks came together awaiting patiently to receive news that the Emancipation Proclamation had became a law. At the stroke of midnight, January 1,1863; all slaves in Confederate States were declared legally free. When the news of freedom was revealed, there were prayers, shouts and songs of joy as many fell to their knees and thanked God!!! Some of us had a very challenging year. Finances, loses, love ones passed away, bitter relationships, horrific life issues, families broken, health challenges. However, when we reflect to the freedom for slaves. Their endurance, their courage, how many lives were taken at the hands of the master. The punishments, the hard labors, families sold apart, uneduc .. ...
Good evening!! 2014 is about to come to a end. Thanking and praising God for keeping me through this year!! Please do not take grudges with you into 2015..if someone has done anything to you forgive them and move on. Greater is coming in 2015. I'm not perfect but I've learned to forgive and let go of things. Enjoy your evening and remember spread LOVE and not HATE!!! Learn to forgive and forget!
I'm just warming up to the noise found in all belief and not enough singing coming from Home to satisfy our wants. God's talking about a cleansing process on such a oil-ridden bunch. I said, hold on, dude! There's much to be answered for by you! Instead of scaring the crap out of everyone, likely even me, let me warm them up for your much needed and overly long awaited dance! If it is anything like "your" book on how to praise God, foolish right there, so if your story ain't known, and I'm arguing with God and Love to give it to Me and they misinterpreted, I meant the God of my own belief to share with the whole of kinship, fate, home, nature, God, praising God, the echo of many. (I certainly hope it's prepared for this change?) Many its...
This is a righteous focus to want to be alongside the righteous praising God and His Prince of Peace always.
Bring in the New Year praising God! You are cordially invited to come out tomorrow night, Wednesday December 31, 2014 at 9pm for our Year End Celebration! It will be a spirit-filled time in the Lord! Bring a friend, bring a loved one! God is not through, blessing you! See you tomorrow!
TO THOSE WHO HAVE EXHAUSTED THEIR 2014 TO-DO LIST... "What's the use of another day in 2014? 365days are already done, so why the extra? Ok, it's a leap year?" I guess praising God for the past 365days would be the best use of the 366th day!
DAILY DEVOTIONAL GUIDE: Tuesday 30th of Dec., 2014 TOPIC: THE POWER IN PRAISE BIBLE PASSAGE: Acts 16:16-32 MEMORY VERSE: Suddenly there was such a violent earthquake that the foundations of the prison were shaken. At once all the prison doors flew open, and everybody's chains came loose (Acts 16:26). Paul had a vision from God that invited him and his companions over to Macedonia for the spread of the Gospel. Being sensitive to God's leading, they obeyed, and God blessed their missionary efforts with instant spectacular manifestations of His power that resulted in Lydia's conversion. However, things turned upside down after God used them to cast a demon out of a girl who was formerly profitable to those cultists. They subsequently imprisoned Paul and Silas after stripping and beating them. The devil is never relenting in his efforts to tackle God's people in order to stop them from winning the world for Him. Our joy is that, we have the battle long settled in Christ; the devil has been defeated. All we n ...
There's nothing like cleaning your house worshiping and praising God for his wonderful works that he has done all year long thank you Jesus hallelujah thank you!
It's some folks in my circle got me all FIRED up right now!! I may as well prepare for an all nighter!! Can't stop PRAISING GOD!!
What else than to keep praising God!!!
Brain-Thinking Eyes-Seeing Ears-Hearing Nostrils-Breathing Mouth-Speaking Teeth-Chewing Tongue-Tasting Throat-Swallowing Heart-Pumping Kidneys-Filtering Intestine-Working Spinal Cord-Flexing "John Terry"-Charging Legs-Walking Skin-Feeling Blood-Flowing Water-Flowing They say the only qualification for praising God isnt bread,but breathe.Ps.150 You owe me nothing hitherto Lord,You've done all things well again in 2014...and am exclusively grateful. Whoso is wise,and will observe these things,even they shall understand the lovingkindness of the Lord.Psalm 107:43KJV
I'm just praising god you didn't tag him in this crazy conversation
The Lord is on the throne,I conquered O'level at last after a long battle. Join me in praising God
End your year by praising God for his faithfulness, patience and grace!
keeping me company while doing sewing studio re-do.. enjoyable& God& King, better.
God is sooo good! Praising Him now for a great medical report on my hubby!
Satan will leave you alone, once he knows he cannot take you away from Jesus Christ. Just go on praising God, he will fl…
Praising God that exists with my boys
Praising God for 103 reviews on Thank you.
2 new families welcomed into membership praising God for all that he is doing in and through his people.
Be in God's present praising Him for what He will do throughout 2015
Thanking God for prayers that went unanswered. Praising him for the ones that have been 🙌
Have you ever had a moment where God BLOWS YOUR MIND with one thing then once you finished praising...
Last of the year Service.. and God for all He has done for me…
Church tomorrow! There's nothing better than praising God!
2015 election is going to be bloody. But by December 2015 am going to be praising God.
Please join me in praising God for blessing the Archdiocese with yet another priest! Fr. Andrew Cordonnier was... http:…
God forbid Rodgers accidentally steps on Suh. All media would be praising Rodgers for being a hero
"The ONLY time to stop praising God, is when "God" tells you to be quiet; otherwise, "Keep raising Praise!" LOL
The shepherds went back to their sheep, praising God and thanking him for everything they had seen and heard. It was…
The ONLY time to stop praising God, otherwise "Keep Raising Praise!" LOL
Luke 2:13 Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying...
How will you celebrate New Year's Eve? — At church... praising, worshipping, and hearing a raiment Word from God.
"Tomorrow my boo and I will be in church praising God, no other way to bring in the New Year"
Praising God for because she bought me much needed coffee when I left my wallet in my room!
so proud of you and praising God with you for all He is doing in your life !
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Y'all, my brother threw a pillow at me while I was praising God! 😂😂😂. The foolery!
It's easy to lose our focus while worshipping. Alistair Begg explains how praising God can reset our priorities:
Praising God for a Savior who forgives and heals my wicked heart...and continues to love me.
Join us! Tomorrow a special praise & fellowship service to celebrate the New Year by praising God! Doors open at...
Praising God for all the blessings He has already given me and those He's throwing my way
10. Kanye the Only one that got classic songs that got White people saying *** and Atheist praising God. And it's cool
From Nadene on Doug Sunday - Doug is holding very stable. They removed his monitor from the brain today. They said he had stayed so good since surgery he no longer needed it!! Praising God for another step. This afternoon, they took him off all heavy sedation meds.. Even though it was a low dose, still heavy duty. They ask me if he took any pain meds and I told them only an Advil when needed. Our nurse said he must really be looped on all that they had given him!! And it could take longer for him to fully come out of it because of this. He is now on a light sedative for comfort but would leave his system quicker. Respiratory team said he was pretty much breathing on his own and have now set the ventilator only to assist as he needs it. No trouble breathing on his own!! They said it would have come off today altogether, but internally, his throat is swollen some from the trauma. Wouldn't take any chances because having to replace it would be much worse. Prayer: Swelling in throat to reduce so that tube cou ...
I was blessed to be raised by loving and generous parents.Dad it has been eleven years since your passing and I miss you dearly. Your tenderness ,caring , and love were unparalleled . Praising God with your angelic voice was your passion. Thank you for being such a good role model , and for working hard to provide the best for us . You were loved by all the people who knew you, and you'll remain in our hearts for ever. Thanks to you and uncle Fayez for visiting me in my dreams even though I'm assured that you're resting in heaven.May your memory be eternal!
Praising God for that our Senior Pastor is preaching for the first time since his stroke!…
Over by Joplin, MO this week. Praising God for the miracles he did. On the road again tomorrow. Can't imagine...
Hour of Grace : 8 Dec THE REQUEST OF OUR BLESSED MOTHER FOR THE HOUR OF GRACE : 1. Day and time of the Hour of Grace: December 8th, Feast of the Immaculate Conception, to be started at 12:00 noon and continuing until 1:00 p.m. for one full hour of prayer. 2. During this hour, the person making the "Hour of Grace" either at home or at Church must put away all distractions (do not answer the telephones, or answer any doors, or do anything but totally concentrate on your union with God during this special Hour of Grace). 3. Begin the Hour of Grace by praying three (3) times the 51st Psalm with out-stretched arms. (Psalm 51 appears below) 4. The rest of the Hour of Grace may be spent in silent communication with God meditating upon the Passion of Jesus, saying the Holy Rosary, praising God in your own way, or by using favorite prayers, singing hymns, meditating upon other psalms, etc. Please copy and distribute this message. Remember to pray for your country during this hour. The Blessed Virgin has requested ...
I couldn't make it to church this morning but I found myself praising God with different songs that I heard, I am blessed to have such a wonderful friends that cares about me because today I received multiple messages in my inbox checking to see if I'm ok. Thank you all so much just keep me in your prayers as I continue to do the same for you.
This features an old clip of James Cleveland kicking this drummer off the set! Dude was just praising God the best way he knew how... they didn't have to do him like that, lol ►►► LIKE Church Funny FOR MORE ◄◄◄
Sunday, 11/7: Praising God for his many blessings and thanking Him for answered prayers! After attending church as a family, Sunday was a day of rest. Colton ate lunch with Gerald, Debbie, Taylor and me in the cafeteria for a change of routine. He then took a much needed (and deserved) nap. Tonight's activity - building a gingerbread house. . .
True Love Church International, Pastor-Prophetess Robinson, celebrating and praising God with the Sofar.
And this is unrehearsed!! I'm making lunches and she just starts praising God out loud! Amir joins in! I'm running to get the phone to record!!! But what's crazy is this was the Word today in BOTH churches I went to!! God's presence was so real in those places today!!!Fresh Start and Greater Grace. As for me and my house. We will serve the Lord!!! Choose THIS day!!! Aye!!! My God!
with Sarah Simpler Glover, Thomas Glover and Worth Glover WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOUR BABY IS NOT EXPECTING ANYMORE – Diary of a New Grandfather – December 7, 2014 I am a Grandfather. I am pleased and thankful to announce the arrival of Thomas Worth Glover V (“Worth”) today at noon. Worth and Sarah and Thomas are all doing fine. I am overwhelmed with emotions and grateful for so many undeserved Blessings. When he wrapped his hand around my index finger, it knocked me to my knees and I felt such a sense of redemption that proves the existence of a loving and benevolent God more than any sermon I’ve ever heard. There is nothing better than a Christmastime baby to remind us all of the miracle of the greatest birth. “And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddli . ...
What an awesome celebration for my husband's 5th Pastoral anniversary with the preaching from the number one Pastor known across the 50 states and abroad - yes Pastor LJ Gillespie Sr. Of course we think my Husband is his favorite son lol. Cuero, Corpus Christi, Menehula, Greater Love and Macedonia showed up and showed out!!! Ain't no fluff in their stuff when it comes to praising God! To God be the Glory
Question: "Is speaking in tongues evidence for having the Holy Spirit?" Answer: There are three occasions in the book of Acts where speaking in tongues accompanied the receiving of the Holy Spirit—Acts 2:4, 10:44-46, and 19:6. However, these three occasions are the only places in the Bible where speaking in tongues is an evidence of receiving the Holy Spirit. Throughout the book of Acts, thousands of people believe in Jesus and nothing is said about them speaking in tongues (Acts 2:41, 8:5-25, 16:31-34, 21:20). Nowhere in the New Testament is it taught that speaking in tongues is the only evidence a person has received the Holy Spirit. In fact, the New Testament teaches the opposite. We are told that every believer in Christ has the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:9; 1 Corinthians 12:13; Ephesians 1:13-14), but not every believer speaks in tongues (1 Corinthians 12:29-31). So, why was speaking in tongues the evidence of the Holy Spirit in those three passages in Acts? Acts 2 records the apostles being baptized in ...
Glory be to God I'm late been praising God all day To my Husband Clarence Thompson the road have not been easy and if it wasn't for the Lord on our side don't know where we would be I Love you and um not going no where truly God has given us Grace and Favor and I thank him for making us one so Happy Anniversary baby I love me some you.,.
Always do your best praising God. If its wasn't for Him my pics wouldn't have beenhere, I would ve been dead or disgraced by now..Thanks Jesus
We visited the market in Antigua and Rene introduced me to a family with a vendor space. He has known this Christian family for several years. They were beaming with joy and thanksgiving. Just days earlier, they had finally completed a 10 month adoption process and welcomed little Lily into their home. The new mother had been unable to have children. Lots of hugs and kisses. We prayed together, praising God's work, inside their small, cramped market shop as people past. Our languages were different to our ears, but God understood every word of praises! God's grace is everywhere. We just have to open our eyes and seek him.
Begin your Christmas Season and come enjoy wonderful voices praising God. The Milwaukee Circle Choir will be...
"Faith is praising God during the storm" but HE speaks too through supernatural revelation - so we could utilize our supernatural wisdom to discern truth in a situation and use our common sense(s) that will provide us good judgment in what to do about the truth. (May our govt. leaders stop floating around all day on clouds of glory and face real issues needing real answers.) :-) Have a happy weekstart, everyone ♥
Luke 24:53 And were continually in the temple, praising and blessing God. Amen.
Reflecting on the word of God preached today. Then being around my family I thought about the word preached during service "It is Good to be Here" and yes it was indeed. Praising God with my church family and then going to be with my great great nephew for his birtday celebration and my blood family i just want to say thank you Lord for letting me be here present with my family one more day. Family I love you. You got my heart.
Great Service at New Covenant today. They dedicated their baby today. Our Pastor preached at Redemption Rd Tonight. Wonderful Service. Luke 17 New International Version (NIV) Sin, Faith, Duty 17 Jesus said to his disciples: “Things that cause people to stumble are bound to come, but woe to anyone through whom they come. 2 It would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck than to cause one of these little ones to stumble. 3 So watch yourselves. “If your brother or sister[a] sins against you, rebuke them; and if they repent, forgive them. 4 Even if they sin against you seven times in a day and seven times come back to you saying ‘I repent,’ you must forgive them.” 5 The apostles said to the Lord, “Increase our faith!” 6 He replied, “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it will obey you. 7 “Suppose one of you has a servant plowing or looking after the sheep. ...
Please join me in praying for this gal that just lost her mother to cancer. I do not know her personally. I copied her post and am pasting it here: Kristina Whaley 1 hr · Mesquite, NV My mother passed away this afternoon after battling cancer. While I am sad to see her leave this world, I know she is no longer in pain. She is in heaven with her husband, daughter, son in law and others. I have no doubt she is praising God and sharing with him her way of doing things!! Please pray for our family in this time.
This is what they see prayer and praise!!! This is what they do!! They love praising God!!
The Birth of Jesus - Luke 2:1-20 (NIV) 1 In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world. 2 (This was the first census that took place while[a] Quirinius was governor of Syria.) 3 And everyone went to their own town to register. 4 So Joseph also went up from the town of Nazareth in Galilee to Judea, to Bethlehem the town of David, because he belonged to the house and line of David. 5 He went there to register with Mary, who was pledged to be married to him and was expecting a child. 6 While they were there, the time came for the baby to be born, 7 and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no guest room available for them. 8 And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night. 9 An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified. 10 But the angel said to them, “Do not be afrai ...
My uncle was baptized this morning after years of loneliness ad addiction. Praising God for his pursuit of his people
So the Typhoon heading for the Philippines has now been downgraded - Praise the Lord! So sad for lives lost, but praising God that the danger has lessened for the people there.
We left yesterday afternoon & went to lindale to Santa land. My babies & grand babies had a great time Weston & maddy even drove thru some of it, in mammies lap of course. Stayed in a not so nice motel. Our family outgrew a regular hotel room long ago but we pinching pennies so we made do. As I lay on the blow up mattress with my baby in my arms, my two middles were talking & laughing, hubby snoring in a bed to his self, my oldest & her family in the next room, I was praising God, rather it be in a cheap motel or the ritz Carlton I don't care as long as I got my family. Today we went to yester land farms for Christmas trees, which I didn't get lol, but the kids had a great time. Blessed
Time alone with God. Nobody can grow spiritually without a continually developing prayer life. If you want to reach spiritual maturity prayer is the best way. It requires strict discipline and regular practice. Don't think that your prayers are effective only when you are in the mood to pray. It is often when you don't feel like praying at all that you should persevere. Make sure all your prayers are focused on God. Many prayers seem to glorify problems, instead of praising God for His ability to deal with them.
Praising God that in 2 days I will be on my way home. I am also praying for the strength and wisdom to face these next two days head on. A lot of change is happening all at once, and I don't know how to react to it. This is my last time sitting in a classroom as a student. Everything I have known here at school, all of my regular routines will change when I come back. Not sure if I am ready. :( Prayers would be appreciated.
Charity this evening...2 professions of faith. 17 year old mother saved this evening. A gentleman who has been attending for several services made a profession of faith this evening too. 1 profession of faith this morning. Praising God.
Nothing is more handsome than a young Catholic man in church praising God😌
The CYR was such a blessing yesterday! I love going into the house of God and praising him in the old fashion way!
"Mom!! Our Christmas lights on the outside tree are shining and they are praising God cause their lights are shining up and out toward Jesus!"---JWSANDERS
My baby praising God earlier today at church. You can't see it but her hand is raised and her eyes are…
e feast for seven days, offering peace-offerings and praising the Lord, the God of their fathers. Chronicles 30:21
she's praising God she hasn't been handcuffed yet. At least not by cops.
Wonderful day, Praising God, & Fellowship with my church family all day.
Praising God gives Him authority to reign over us individually. What a concept!
"And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying:…
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HI GUYS sorry I have been inactive for almost three days. I went on a retreat praising God and I just feel so empowered and enlightened. ☺️
Take a minute to SHARE how God has demonstrated his love and faithfulness in your life.
PRAISING GOD! Love it when HE shows off His stuff. Glory to GOD
I love worship at CRAZ. There's nothing better than teens singing out and praising God.
My people praising God in the latin flavor. "Check it." :)
isn't Christ awesome? It's amazing what fellowship and praising our AWEsome God can do!
Without God we r nothing!. With God we can do many amazing things for Him!. Inspiring others to join together in praising our heavenly Father!
Do you hear what I hear? Hopefully the sound of joyous voices praising God with all their might.
Aint been seeing nothin but Mula. Thank and Praising God.
THE READING THE BOOK TRYING TO FIX THE TRANSMISSION LEE ANALOGY OMG praising god for that today! So thankful you're my pastor!
A weekend spent praising God with my friends is a weekend very well spent
have I said anything to you? I'm just praising my forefather. Remembering what accolades were given to him by Muhammad & your God
Praising God...for my future...and celebrating even in my now.He's the author and finisher of my faith!
I spent my morning praising God with the kind of girl moms pray their son's will find. Happy Birthday love you minion!
Giving God Praise for 8 weeks in a row with not an empty seat in the building. Altar Packed & People Praising God.
Glad to get stress off my mind by praising God ❤️
how you go from holding a 9 and being bout that life to praising God?
Overton High and Colonial Middle choruses praising God together for 1st time
unless you mean Eastern Rite in which case sorry bro all about "Oh God Beyond All Praising"
So I am still trying to figure why Christian say that our love ones is up in heaven praising god.? 😒
Leave my bae . It's Sunday when Yall suppose to be praising to God not minding his business 😴
These finals on Monday, let me start praising God in advance cause He is going to have to take the wheel.
Praising God through my good and my bad
Why do you wait till Sunday to start praising god
Don't miss the experience 2014.thousands of people praising God with one voice all night long .
but don't let that stop you from praising God and giving him the Glory. Keep you eyes focused on him and your destiny.
Excess of EVERYTHING got a negative effect except praising GOD
I need some friends that don't mind praising God with me sometimes. Oh but it's coming one day
nevr gets tired of praising God it's like when he picks up d mic he never wants 2put it down
Praise Him under open skies. Everything breathing praising God in the company of all who love the King
First time in church in 16 years. It felt amazing. My hands praising God me a sense of light I've never felt before.
ladies & gentleman. I'm in church this morning praising God for this mans life and thanking God that...
James Street Minister Whitehead praising and worshipping GOD to Michael Hollis with "Bout That Life"
Dancing w the devil Sat night Praising God Sun AM is like setting urself on fire expecting not to B burned.
Christmas break means praising God, Harry Potter on repeat, and laughing over frustrating puzzles with my sistas. So yeah, it's my favorite.
psalm20:5 Then we will shout for joy over your victory and celebrate your triumph by praising our God.May the Lord answer all your requests.
It's hard to sit in a rut when you're on your feet praising God!
Praising God delivers the unusual favour you need to be EXCEPTIONAL. - Pastor Sam
Praising God and thanking Him. Continued positive thoughts and good health to you dear man.
Derrick Carr, that's a real dude. Praising God for everything he did tonight!
Some encouraging news today from Dr. George! Instead of chemo treatment I will be taking a new drug treatment for stomach cancer. It is called Ramucirumab and it will be taken twice a month through IV and will be long term! Side effects are high blood pressure, diarrhea, and headache in about 29% of patients. I will be taking only chemo pills along with it! I am excited about this and it has renewed my faith for complete healing. I give God the credit for this new option. All these prayers are being answered. So much love and support from everyone! Praising God for all these blessings!
It is good to be home in Missouri. I missed my honey and my babies. I missed great friends and my church family. I'm so thankful for God's promises and protection during this time away. I'm so blessed to have a Christian family surrounding me. So many people who have prayed and called and texted me while with my parents during this time. Praising God for His favor and blessings of healing. Mother has had a very trying time with this surgery. Special thanks to Pastors Ryan Bristow Doug Baker Chad Hallcox T.V. Burroughs Clarence Wilson Houston Billy Blancett Michael Knight who are all great friends and leaders of the family. Also to Paula Holt Bristow Gina Gillilan Meglinda Price and neighbors Ann and Barbara for their gift of food. What is blessed friendship! Thanks to family members who came to visit and cheer us all. Moms sisters Judy Murray McBurnett Carolyn Murray Wilson Luvena Bellew and brothers in law Wilford Wilson Richard Price Marlin Gillilan Jack Mcburnett. Sisters in law Meglinda Price ...
“Broke, busted, and disgusted” is how Frank described himself before he requested a prayer cloth. His business was collapsing, he’d lost his home, and when he could, he stayed with friends. The rest of the time, he lived in an old jeep. Today Frank is praising God for giving him his life back and opening the door for a new career. Request your prayer cloth now and send me your prayer needs: Pastor Benny Hinn and I will prayer over your needs in our Worldwide Miracle, Healing, and Victory Prayer Cloth Service - Sunday, November 23, at 7PM ET.
Praising God!! Rhonda Bishop is doing fine. The doctor believes that they got all the cancer and it was not in...
Learning to have a spirit of thanksgiving in the midst of life's disappointments is possible. Think of the Apostle Paul in prison praising God in...
Praising God under pressure, Will confuse the enemy, let the devil know it ain't work... Declare victory over your situation!! 😘🙏
Korn praying and praising God??? I was not prepared for rocked me at my core! I think this would be a good video to share for folks who are hurting or struggling in their life...I don't go to church, but after this, I'm going tonight!!! I took this right after the concert is the YouTube link for easier sharing or just type "Korn leads prayer" in the search box
"Keep praising God from whom all blessings flow."
Some of the best preaching and praising in Phoenix! God bless Pastor Ty Ivy and ! Go check em out...
Finally passed my CDL test, after three attempts! Praising God for it.
Praising God takes worshipping in the Spirit and in Truth... Watch our National Convention live at
After many health issues for Erin (totally in awe of her strength and courage), and challenges with our baby boy in utero, God has allowed her to make it to 37 weeks and our Doctor is now ready to induce labor. We covet your prayers as we are not out of the woods yet. Thankful to and praising God during this awesome time.
Hello to all of you incredible prayer warriors!! We wish we could share this news with each of you in person, but here it is... JORDI'S AML IS AT STANDARD RISK! We just came back to the beach house from Jordi's clinic appointment at the hospital. The test results from her bone marrow aspiration showed that she has 0% cancer cells! This means she will NOT need a stem cell (bone marrow) transplant!! We are praising GOD, feeling grateful for all of your love & prayers, and crying a LOT of happy tears!! Jordi is technically in remission, however she still needs to complete the final two rounds of chemotherapy. They are now called Consolidation 1 and Consolidation 2. Here are Jordi's blood counts from today; Friday, 11/14/2014: White blood cells: 2.9 Hemoglobin: 9.8 Platelets: 670 ANC: 870 Since Jordi's ANC jumped up to over 500, she doesn't have to wear a mask while she outside this weekend...Yay!! Round 3 (Consolidation 1) will start this Monday (11/17) at 9 am. It will entail 5 days of a medium dose ...
Praising God and always having a thankful heart results in positive attitudes ...
Day 14 of praise month. Praising God today for rain. JA was getting too hot and God as usual in His mercy since yesterday decided to cool it. Showers of blessing. Thank you Jesus. Every area of your life that has become demonically hot and uncomfortable: I speak divine coolness to them in Jesus name.
Thanks for the prayers. Mom is recovering nicely. Surgery was a success. Praising God & thankful for great care & Jesus' healing power.
Great way to start a Friday morning! Praising God with our Fellowship of Christian Athletes!
November 15, 2014 For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith. Romans 1:17 The Greatest Satisfaction by Kenneth Copeland Several years ago I was snow skiing down the back side of a mountain when suddenly, I hit a patch of ice and went down like a derailed freight train. My goggles flew one way, and my skis, poles and hat flew every other direction. By the time I landed, it looked like I was having a yard sale! I landed on my right shoulder. Man, it hurt! After I finally stood up, gathered my stuff together and started to ski again, I hit another patch of ice. Wham! I fell, hitting that same shoulder. By the time I got back home to Texas, I could hardly use my right arm properly. I couldn’t even raise it high enough to comb my hair. But every time it would hurt, I’d say, “Praise God, forever, I am a well man. This injury is not the perfect will of God for me, so I don’t have to have it. I am healed.” Then I’d read the Word ...
The more time you spend praising God for the doors that are about to be opened, The less time you'll spend questioning God about the doors that have been closed.
We are praising God for another clinic worker to leave an abortion facility in Florida. She is the SIXTH worker to leave from this ONE facility! Follow our work at And Then There Were None - Prolife Outreach!
Sounds like love starts its wonderful work tonight preparing for worship this weekend! You will not want to miss this weeks worship experience. Hundred of kids praising God!
Set and ready to go for the Katelyn's Fund auction! Praising God for this wonderful organization and…
My name is Sandra Pierce and this is my Thrive experience. If ever anyone was just not interested in trying another "this will change your life" product, it was me. I have been dealing with bodily discomforts, and it was affecting my ability to sleep soundly. The discomfort in my knees and back affected my overall quality of life. I was not able to clean my house as I used to or drive long distances to see my parents, without having to stay and rest, before driving back home. Before the discomforts I used to walk 8 miles five days a week. I was also emotionally and mentally stressed. Then came Thrive. My husband had a wonderful experience with it relieving the discomfort in his shoulder. So I thought I'd try it. It was the best move I could've made. First thing in the morning I took my 2 capsules on an empty stomach. Waited 20 minutes then took my probiotic drink in 8oz of water (or milk if you prefer), and put my DFT Foam on my arm. I was finished for the day. Within 30 minutes I felt a burst of energy t ...
Join me in praising God, I have seen his goodness, join me in praising God. I av seen His goodness
You should NOT be in our church's. You wouldn't allow Christians in your mosque praising the LIVING God. Get Out!
It's funny how in control God is but how much we worry still. He's got it. Don't worry about it. Praising Him right now for His provision
Top of the Morning to all my F/B family and friends, Pray you had an awesome night rest and got up thanking and praising God, for the wonderful opportunity at life once more, to Him we give all the glory and honor. There are doors that need to open for you to reach the fullness of your destiny, but you can’t open them in your own talent, your own ability. It’s going to take the favor of God. When you put God first in everything you do, you’ll be amazed at what happens in your life. When you show up for God, He’ll show out for you! Make spending time with God a priority and watch what He will do for you and anyone that seeks Him diligently. Scripture says that man makes his plans, but God directs his steps. Be open to what God wants to do in your life that may not be what you had planned! The Scripture says in Isaiah 59:19, “When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will raise up a barrier.” In other words, that difficulty, that injustice, that sickness, it gets God’s atten ...
Don't be surprised or discouraged by the testing that comes before the blessing. Keep praising God and thanking Him for the great blessing that is coming your way. See the testing as a set up for greater blessing!!!
The bible speaks of "making the sacrifice of praise". This says to me that it's not about "feeling" like praising God. But rather praising Him regardless, because He is simply worthy. Sometimes it will be a sacrifice of our feelings, emotions and preferences. He is worthy to be praised! Be the one willing to do so.
Even though I have move on I am still praising GOD and will continue
Lord, I return all the glory to you for the success in my part 1 exams. I am absolutely sure that i couldn't have done it without you. You spoke to me on over 3mths ago that you will give me success that will give you glory. You reminded me of Gideon whom you gave victory over the Midianites, but you had to cut down the number of his troops so they will know that only you did it. Judges 7:2. That's just what you did with me. Shortly after I received your word, daddy became ill. I went for the first stage of the exam with him in the hospital. I went for the 2nd stage few days after his burial. Through it all you showed yourself strong on my behalf. I didn't read as much as I did during the April exam which I failed, yet I passed this one. Only you could have done it. Daddy, thank you for your prayers. Through the exam period, one thing I held onto was your words on your sick bed saying to God on my behalf "you will never fail your exams again". I wish you are alive to see your daughter become a senior regi ...
This song is great and i have been praising God with this song all morning!
There is no better way to spend your day than thinking about, praising, and worshiping God! I just can't get enough of Jesus!
Guyz join me in praising God,He haz considered me on de short list 2 pursue a course at Domasi colleg of education. I've seen God lifting me frm thousands of people who sat 4 dise entrance.KOMA YESU AMENEYO-Aaa! No idea.
@ lake Livingston. with Richard Ervin. Spending the weekend reflecting on the past 4weeks, & praising God for our blessings. GOD is GOOD, ALL the TIME !!! BELIEVE !!!
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Cuz of my M.S. I have exaggerated reflexes. They say when I get scared it looks like I'm having a seizure or praising God.
Join in me praising God as my Sis Alice David Onome celebrate her brtdae can't wait to see Nov 15. Lots of cake
Before Frank Got a prayer cloth, his life was falling apart; now he is praising God!
New Blog Post: Thankful for the hard times >>
can't make the show tonight but I know you'll be doing a great job praising God. Have a great night in Youngstown Ohio
God bothering with Phil Wickham and Rend your kingdom here we pray...yes I'm dancing and praising again!
Be the type of woman with a humble, meek, gentle, classy spirit. Praising GOD in all that you do; never conforming to …
Praising God every time I walk under the heater in the hallway
Praying for Liberia and praising God for the break-through with the Ebola virus.
...BELIEVERS agree with the word of God by faith. Ignoring what it looks like & praising God the more, praying in the spirit the more...
Some of u dont even listen to a track then u mention the artist praising his album for RT!! How will God bless ur efforts in life?
"The prayer of a righteous person are powerful and effective." Praising God for answered prayers today. He is SO good.
Praying for hope and courage to rise up in God's people worldwide. Praising God for his overcoming Spirit.
I use to waste most of my day worrying about what God is going to do for me. Now I spend most of day praising God...
Just cuz times are hard doesn't mean God doesn't love you! He cares & will make a way! Be patient, stay prayerful & keep praising!
Hi, everybody! Praising God for my blessings & request prayer for all the people without shelter.
There is this older man walking outside praising God very loudly and that's cool and all but I'm walking to class and it's very awkward
Just because I miss summer, the beach, and the daily bonding time and the time spent praising God with…
thank you for walking upright before God!! Thanking & and praising God for the example
Fellow believers in India are praising God! Find out why & how your giving is involved: via
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