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Praise The Lord

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Praise God Holy Spirit City Harmonic Perry Stone Kaley Cuoco Jan Crouch Happy Easter

Goodness!! and just blessed me on Praise The Lord!!! & I never watch TV, but that was for me!! Praise God!!
Just got home from the boot camp at the prison. 9 men came to know the Lord.including a Jehovah's Witness! Praise The Lord!
Praise The Lord for all the people groups like the Budik who now have the Word of God in their own language!!
Hey all you Kenny Chesney fans. "Praise The Lord and Pass Me a Copperhead".
Plz watch the reality ! The truth will Prevail ! Open Option To Mr Prime Minister Sincerely !If nt now then never ! ☆ Christmas is World Wode Celebrating woth all our fellow brothers ! all over universe ! atleast act the former was said dump ! Present Acts ! Praise The Lord ! shama chata hu ! maniya Pant Pradhanji , Mai Pradhan Sevak huin! Thank u sir !Dont be blind folded after reading over this message , Plz ! realize in ur tenure ablack mark has remained for ever !.
Praise The Lord. ÕH My soul 2x. Worship HIS holy name. Sing like never before. Oh my soul. I'll… (at —
Praise The Lord. In HIM our heart rejoice for we trust in HIS holy name.
Praise The Lord, we're Brighton's bogey team! About time a team hated playing us..
Oh God bless us as well as Pope Francis . Praise The Lord.
Billy Graham is Tullian's Grand-dad.He is 96 today.Praise The Lord for his life & all the people The Lord used him to share the Gospel with.
Praise The Lord, Greg Abbott is the new Governor of Texas. Hopefully we can get a Godly man with moral convictions for President in 2016.
Praise The Lord for three great services Tues. at Erie Christian Fellowship Church for Pastor Jim & Pam Dumont in Erie, PA. Two services on Prayer and a service speaking to the 6th -8th grade students on the subject of missions. An awesome day for the Kingdom of God. Looking forward to the service tonight.
...Praise The Lord, we had Pastor Lindell Cooley and a full house for service this morning. Thank you Pastor Lindell and family for your awesome ministry to DRC today.
OBEDIENCE AND PRAISE Praise The Lord! Happy are those who respect The Lord, who want what He commands. Psalms 112:1 NCV Oswald Chambers, the author of the Christian classic devotional text My Utmost for His Highest, advised, Never support an experience which does not have God as it's source, and faith in God as it's result. These words serve as a powerful reminder that, as Christians, we are called to walk with God and obey His commandments. God gave us His commandments for a reason: so that we might obey them and be blessed. We live in a world that presents us with countless temptations to stray far from God's path. But, when confronted with sin, we Christians have clear instructions: Walk-or better yet run- in the opposite direction. When you suffer and lose, that does not mean you are being disobedient to God. In fact, it might mean you're right in the center of His will. The path of obedience is often marked by times of suffering and loss. Today take time to think about how obedience to God may not al ...
did Caroline really just move the test to Wednesday and cancel labs? Is this real life!?!? Praise The Lord! Hail State!
9th offer to the University of Nebraska! Praise The Lord 🙏
Thank God for the guest on campus. The food this evening actually had taste... Praise The Lord! Yas Glory
Praise The Lord! He gave me strength to survive NHS Homecoming Week, Weekend, and First United Methodist Church UMW Celebration Worship and Annual Meeting, ONLY because He surrounds me with so many hard-working, talented people! It is so exciting to watch the NHS Student Council members work so hard and be so responsible! How far they have come in the 2 1/2 years I have worked with them! An EXHAUSTING privilege! But one I am so happy to have.
Pastor Carl will be on TBN with Pat Boone tonight on the Praise The Lord show. The program will air at 10 PM ET...
Her Tammy Faye was spot on-I know as NC had her b4 larger audience through the "PTL Club" -(Praise The Lord vs.Pass The Loot!)
Happy sabbath everyone! Praise The Lord, praise The Lord. great things he hath done.
Praise The Lord, ready to seve him with a smile & help someone I don't know, it's not about me, GOD is good, all the time.
Kaley Cuoco had her pictures leaked too 😍 Praise The Lord 😍😍
What awesome services we had today at Family Worship Center! Wow! Loren Larson this morning, and John Rosenstern tonight! I am so blessed. It was so uplifting and just what I needed. soul is fat tonight:) Praise The Lord!
Hockey is back. Praise The Lord. MT “Teams are on the ice for warmups.
Please join me October 9th as I attend a recording of Praise The Lord on Trinity Broadcasting Network…
There's wifi and service in here praise the lord
That time when the Gods hand touches you.
Psalms 147:1 Praise the Lord! It is good to sing praise to our it is pleasant and right to praise …
Praise The Lord I have data back again 👏
Thanking The Lord that I can wear hats to school... Praise
Breast Cancer Awareness
hey praise the lord, Wud love a follow back following u thanks
Praise the LORD. Praise God in his sanctuary; praise him in his mighty heavens. PSALM 150:1 GOD bless you Tweeps.
"Let sinners be consumed from the earth, and let the wicked be no more! Bless the LORD, O my soul! Praise the LORD!" ~Ps 104:35 (ESV)
praise the lord Bishop Wud love a follow back following u
Praise the LORD! How blessed is the man who fears the LORD, Who greatly delights in His commandments. (Psalms 112:1 NASB)
In God, whose word I praise, in the Lord , whose word I praise—
ThanK you amen praise the lord “i love teen wolf so much but idk to be honest i don't like season 4 at all sorry”
Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Psalm 150:6
Lord, open my lips. And my mouth will proclaim your praise. Come, let us worship the Lord, our mighty God.
Praise the lord my CT Scan of my head came back clear I can finally breath!!
The high on Saturday is only 79 praise The Lord that the heatwave is almost over.
Praise The Lord JESUS I do NOT have a blackeye
praise The Lord beK. U said it honey! 🙌
"For great is his love toward us, and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever. Praise the Lord." Psalm 117:2
"praise the Lord that I have friends who reminds me to pray" - Yazeed Wong, 2014
Praise the lord .Families are a blessing .
"Praise be to The Lord,to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens.". -Psalm 68:19
My student finance has finally changed my uni, praise the lord
No matter the trial or test, your default should be praise. Psalm 34:1.I will bless the Lord at all times:...
1 Chronicles 23:30 (NKJV) 30 to stand every morning to thank and praise the LORD, and likewise at evening;
We Praise You Oh Lord for the love that You give. And the time that You spent on this world for our sin. We lift...
Praise the Lord, is back on I hope she becomes a regular, she's a perfect fit to Brian & Steve
Let everything that has breathe praise the lord
Hallelujah! Give thanks to the LORD because he is good, because his mercy endures forever.
Lord, I have no idea what I did for You to look at me with so much favor. You alone deserve all the glory, honor, and praise.
Glory to you, Lord God of our fathers; *. you are worthy of praise; glory to you. Glory to you for the radiance of your holy Name; *. we w...
I just finished Making Wise Choices Bible reading Plan at another one finished praise the Lord
Praise the lord, CVS is officially done with selling tobacco products 🙌🙌
Girlfriends Pray intercessor is praying allowing the Spirit to use her to cover the school children! Praise God! Tk u Lord!!!
Awake, my soul! Awake, I will awaken the dawn. I will praise you, Lord, among the nations; For great is your love, Psalm 57:8-10
Praise the lord that Lou is home tomorrow. These withdrawal symptoms r starting to get the better of me👭❤️✨
Lift up your hands in the sanctuary and praise the LORD - Psalm 134:2
Because the actual MTM is too *** expensive... Praise the lord for replicas!.
I'm blessed; better than blessed; Praise the Lord. I may not have houses and wealth, and I may not have all of...
Praise the Lord for Gen. 25:33-34. Praise God for His sovereignty.
Passed my first two assignments of Uni, praise the actual lord🙏
P brought me a pineapple and pomegranate candle and oh praise the lord it smells like heaven
“The Lord lives! Praise be to my Rock! Exalted be my God, the Rock, my Savior!
Praise the Lord! Sing to the Lord a new song; sing God’s praise in the assembly of the faithful! Psalms 149:1 +admin love+
Passion for Praise. Tuesday, September 02, 2014. Jacksonville, Florida USA. The LORD made the earth by his power,...
I am not standing in the gap in vain, because the Lord is watching over all His house. Praise to our Lord God!
Special Thanksgiving in Church giving God praise for our Award. Giving glory to The Lord for what He did..! h…
Just copped the praise The Lord 7's
Psalm 46:2. I will praise the LORD as long as I live; I will sing praises to my God while I have my being. Give...
The lord that create the ancients hill, to you alone I offer all my praise
With all my heart I praise the LORD! I will never forget how kind he has been. -Psalm
Praise The Lord for this new anxiety medicine my psychiatrist gave me. I haven't had a single panic attack this morning😊
Praise the Lord first day of school.
warning - my sense of humr--- An elderly lady was well known for her faith and for her boldness and talking about it. She would stand on her front porch and shout, "Praise the Lord!"Next door to her lived an atheist who would get so angry at her proclamations he would shout, "There ain't no Lord!!"Hard times set in on the elderly lady and she prayed for God to send her some assistance. She stood on her porch and shouted, "Praise the Lord!! God, I need FOOD!! I am having a hard time. Please, Lord, send me some groceries!!"The next morning, the lady went out on her porch and saw a large bag of groceries and shouted, "Praise the Lord!!"The neighbor jumped from behind a bush and said, "Ha Ha!! I told you there was no Lord. I bought those groceries. God didn't."The lady started jumping up and down and clapping her hands and saying, "PRAISE THE LORD!!! He not only sent me groceries, but He made the devil pay for them!!"
Praise the Lord with the breath He gave, give glory 2 Him 4 the Way He paved. Because of Jesus we can have eternal life, I'm thanking Him 4 making me right! We r only made right by His Blood
The Use of the Law (Law Bible Study part 4) In Christ, we who believe have been delivered from this curse of the Law (see part 3) simply because we have accepted that HE took it upon HIMself to receive its curse on the tree on our behalf! (Galatians 3:13). Praise the LORD! Keep falling in love with Jesus, our Only Redeemer! (Please see Part 1 thru 3, previously posted)
Grateful to have concluded another season, arguably our most successful, of the NightQuest League. Fortunate to have the TOP basketball players in West Michigan, many who compete professionally over seas. We were treated to an incredible display of diverse skills by Jamell Mell Duney Hatchett, who scored 26 STRAIGHT points, 44 overall, to drag his his team to the Championship. "Praise the LORD, who is my rock. He trains my hands for war and gives my fingers skill for battle. (Psalm 144:1)"
thank u my dear God JESUS CHRIST for today You've done to me. . .:) praise the Lord
Good morning too ALL: Praise the LORD for a safe trip and a safe return home. Thanks for ALL my friends and loved ones for praying for me as the LORD heard ALL the prayers and brought me safely and in great spirit. SOOO have a blessed day in the name of CHRIST our LORD and if it be possible HELP someone today that is standing in need of something that they need to survive in this world and get to the next HEAVEN where we WILL abide with JESUS for ever and ever. LOVE you ALL and again I say THANKS from the bottom of my heart, soul, and my mind. Have a great day. Bro. Red.
It is a good thing to praise the Lord because He's given us another day and His mercy endures forever.
We practiced hard for experience, but we did not expect to win xDD But praise the lord for all his blessings
Good morning to all my brothers and sisters in Christ I thank and praise the Lord for waking us up another day any situation that you run into in the course of the day the Bible has the solution using God's Word keeps the enemy at bay
Thanks Rachit Upadhyay for nominating me and giving me chance to list down books that have influenced me. I have not read many books though, but would still like to list down a few. The fountainhead - Ayn Rand Reading this book once ain't enough. It has something new to offer with each iteration Mahabharat (Eng translation) - C. Rajagopalchari For my passion for religions and mythology, this was the must read book. The Lost Symbol - Dan Brown Of all the Dan Brown books, this is my favourite book. Praise the Lord. Shiva trilogy (All 3 books) - Amish Tripathi Again mythology, mixed with fiction. I enjoyed all the 3 books equally. The Da Vinci code & Angels And Demons - Dan Brown A&D was my first Dan Brown book and I got introduced to Robert Langdon. Dvc made me realize why one should not watch a movie on popular book but read the book instead. 3 mistakes of my life - Chetan Bhagat Well it was certainly not a mistake to read this book. It was my first book :) The Distant Echo - Val McDermid It was my first f ...
MawMaw had a great night! Definitely on the road to healing! She is moving around pretty good and looks WONDERFUL, Praise The Lord! Thank you all for your prayers!
A nurse went to church to testify that she attended to ebola patients and one of dem bit her but later died, but she doesnt have ebola. Praise the Lord!! Church shouted halleluyah! The nurse wan shake pastor but pastor no gree, he moved back n said sister u are blessed, the nurse turn to women to embrace her, dem shift go back. She returned to her seat, people clear commot 4 d row. Pls dem be good christians or not?
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Let everythng that has breath praise the lord! Praise the lord! (psalms 150:6)
I may seem okay, smile, laugh, and greet, yet I feel like an angel with broken wings. I may have told you how I felt, loving, caring with some guilt. I pray for strength to heal my broken wings, to guide me through what life can bring. You may not hear my silent thoughts, of how I really feel. Yet look at what you have brought, a better life for me to steel. I Thank You Jesus for what you do, our loving God that loves me to. I wish you would understand, of what I said, will make me grand. For all the struggles I have now, issues, misused, I will take a bow. To praise the Lord up above, to fix of what I call Love. You will come to understand, my way of living, is not so grand. It will get better from time to time, so please just let me do my shine. GoodNight to each an everyone, with SweetDreams, that are not yet done!
A successful ministerial meeting,praise the Lord!!
good morning I'm so thankful and grateful to God! so bless watch God move stress-free remember everything have breath praise the Lord be blessed!
I woke up this morning ready to praise the lord once again. I've had some good days, I've had bad days and some weary days but through it all "I Want Complain"Thank You Lord
Praise The Lord today and be thankful it's his will for you! Every body be Blessed!
Praise the Lord, today is the first day of school blessings to all the kids and teachers.
Psalm 150:6 (NKJV) "6 Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD! " Start your week off with Praise, thanking God for new mercy! God Is Love!!
Feeling blessed to find a card at my front door this morning to find £50 in it. Praise the lord.
Praise God for what He has already done! For what He is going to do and even when you don't see any evidence of it yet! Praise Him in advance! Praising God unlocks doors that have been locked in your life! 'Let everything that has breath Praise the LORD. Praise the LORD' Have a Blessed Day!
Praise the Lord Jesus :) Thanx to Bro. Bright's Jentle.. May our Lord Bless u a lot :)
The Phillies had never had a combined no hitter until today, Praise The Lord our Foles!
In the last 2days history has been made. Blake Lively, Victoria Justice, Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence nudes were leaked. Praise The Lord
We party, dance, and celebrate after church service, Praise The Lord!
Luke 4:18 The Spirit of the Lord is on me, Bishop Donald on TBN Praise The Lord. SING William Murphy, minister, worship!.
I might be growing slowly but day by day I'm growing! Praise The Lord !
Praise The Lord!!! I just got our blue cross blue shield statement that we only owe $184 out of $1023 from our ambulance ride!! That's HUGE!
Praise The Lord! Tune in to our Sunday Morning Service! (Broadcasting live at
The PICU Drs and BMT Drs rounded and Kenzie's bilirubin went down over night~Praise The Lord~ the meds appear to be working~she is still about 3 liters positive in fluid so they are going to give her massive amounts of lasix to try and get her kidneys moving again and pull off all this excess fluid. If this doesn't work they will have to resort to dialysis~pray for this fluid to come off and for her liver to start correcting itself and her bilirubin to continue to fall and get back within normal range. So far our warrior princess has avoid the vent and dialysis which Drs thought she would be on before the sun came up today! God is good and Kenzie is one heck of a fighter! I will update later today!
It takes a lot to offend me but that so called bombaleo came close! Praise The Lord for the gypsy kings!
Praise The Lord, keep everybody in prayer that God give us a safe trip to the National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina
SO EXCITED! I will be taping TBN Trinity Broadcasting Network's Praise The Lord with my friend Jason...
Coco is at the port humane society! Neighbor around the corner found them in her driveway but Oliver wasn't having nothing to do with it and was skidish. Now I need to figure out the town hall of lumberlands number and get her licensed and they will release her. Praise The Lord! So they weren't taken. Well if he didn't come back he might have but the neighbors around here are so nice and won't keep someone else's pet.
Who could ask for a better night...Misty Edwards and Hookers for Jesus, Praise The Lord!
We had a great time at Providence Baptist tonight in Lowell IN. It is a 3 yr old church and had 30 in the evening service. Praise The Lord!!
We had an awesome time singing the National Anthem with an all USMC Color Guard. Semper Fi! Praise The Lord.
Jan Crouch wearing pink boots that aired on several TBN Praise The Lord programs from the late 1990's to today
Praise The Lord. I am off to the creative hub of Sussex today, er, Haywards Heath. :(
Got thinking about our little Sunday School lesson and the kids memory verse after I got home from church... Psalm 150 instructs us to Praise The Lord... With stringed instruments, with horns, with dance. Regardless of where we are or what we have we can Praise The Lord. Even when we have nothing it is then that we can Shout triumphantly to The Lord all the Earth! Come before him with shouts of joy!
The Spirit of Truth will remind us of everything that He(Jesus) has told us. Spirit dynamics on steroids! Praise The Lord!
. Thank you, my friend. Happy Sabbath to you, too. Praise The Lord and have a glorious afternoon brother
What a great day, yet another pervert, Rolf Harris, gets his just desserts today, let's pray it's long and painful and with a bit of luck he'll die in prison. Praise The Lord.
and on the third day, The Lord said, "praise the Booty, an thou shalt receive the Booty"
After two planes and a three hour bus ride, we are here!! Praise The Lord! 💙
Sorry I forgot some people cant see Wendys page the latest update from this afternoon "Drew's out of surgery and all went well, praise The Lord! Please continue to pray that his kidneys will start working. They have a drain placed to empty his bladder. Also pray for no infection. Bleeding has stopped, no need to repack his abdomen. The bone fragment has been taken care of with no spinal fluid leakage. God is good!! Thank you for your continued prayers."
Revere the Lord God and serve Him. Hold fast to Him, for He is your praise; the one who performs great and awesome wonders!
Libertines ticket sold. Praise the lord.
how about instead of lorde or Lana you praise The Lord
O praise the Lord, all ye nations: praise Him, all ye people. Psalm 117:1
Watching the BET awards because work made me miss it yesterday. Praise the Lord for encores
“Stand up and praise the Lord your God, who is from everlasting to everlasting.” ...
Of course I praise the lord,i don't support Satan
See what happens to your mood if you take a few moments here and there throughout the day to thank and praise our Lord and Savior.
It was shortly after that the LORD BROUGHT ME TO FAITH!!! Praise God!!!
The darkest timeline is over! Community is back! Praise The Lord for yahoo screen, whatever the *** that is!
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I found a jump rope in my house. I DON'T HAVE TO RUN ANYMORE. ^_^ praise the Lord.
Awesome Acapella by PT … Accept, O LORD, the willing praise of my mouth
"I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth." Psalm 34:1
Family is so important - congratulations to Tim (Nova) and Grace on their recent engagement on Saturday, June 28, 2014. Praise the Lord!
Byron Cage - I Can't Hold It: via Praise the Lord Listen to this one!
"Nicklas Bendtner has now officially left Arsenal! Praise the Lord!
Praise The Lord my hands are so cold 🙏😪
Praise The Lord for June! Praise The Lord for July! His mercies and goodness endure forever.
Praise the Lord and give me some naked nuns !!
Praise the lord and pass the martinis
The Lord is my strength & song, He has become my salvation; He is my God, I will praise Him; My father’s God, I will exalt Him Exodus 15:2
Praise The Lord everyone was ok. Thankful you had a good jack, and spare, and a Shawn, and wife to support you and help out!!
At the top of my lungs I will sing Hallelujah. I'm not ashamed, I'll praise Your name. Let the whole world know, I love You, Lord
My arm is finally getting better praise The Lord 🙌
31:30b-31 A woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. Honor her, & let her works bring her praise at the city gate.
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Praise the Lord! Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!
Each new day gives us new reasons to praise the Lord. Thank You Lord!
Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done.
Praise the lord for we have been saved. What a game.
Last night in Glenwood hospital, praise the Lord.
Ain't no little sithas' running around for me. Praise The Lord. The Lord is good 🙌😁😂
Getting ready to Praise God almighty this July,7 days praise for Nigeria start from 1st July to 7th July 2014.Any body can participate from any where in the world,let us use our praise to chase evil out of our land now to the glory of Jehovah. Some body praise the Lord.
wait it's only 5:50pm i thought it was like 8pm OMG praise the Lord hallelujah
For the Scriptures say, As surely as I live says the LORD, every knee will bend to me, and every tongue will confess and give praise to God.
Deuteronomy 32:3. I will praise the name of the Lord and his people will tell of his greatness.
praise The Lord. Hopefully we get it together before Friday so France doesn't wipe the floor with us like they did Nigeria
When you discover who you are and that you've been bought with a price, you would naturally use every breath you have to Praise the Lord!!!
"Why Tremble?" — Passion for Praise for 06/30/2014. The LORD is my light and my salvation — so why should I be...
My mom finally tuned on the AC first time this summer. Praise The Lord 🙏
We just Praise The Lord, Bro Craig. God sure is good to us!   10% Off
Interesting day today...not real sure how to feel about it. So praise the Lord for all things both great and difficult.
"Praise the Lord for a First Amendment victory won by Hobby Lobby today, and praise the Lord for strong Christians like the Green family (great name!!)
see Mark Hollingworth it says it in da bok :) cant argue with da bible :P praise the lord and make a brew lol
Wow!!! I cant believe it 2014 is half year done.praise the Lord..
Through prayer and supplication in everything give thanks, praying without ceasing and using God's Word to propel us unto the mark of the High calling of Jesus Christ our Lord...let everything that has breath, praise the Lord...remember, with what judgement that we judge, you and I, we shall be judged, and with what measure that we give it out, we shall be given back...Matthew 7:2...this is the unchanging and eternal law of God, working from God's throne down to us on earth...retribution or retaliation, there is a difference...a critical spirit is within us all in our carnal nature, but God! He has not given us a spirit of fear, but He has given us a Spirit of love, a Spirit of Power and a sound mind...let the mind of Christ dwell within you as the law of grace cleanses and purify's our hearts today and everyday...till Heaven and earth pass away not one jot nor tittle shall pass from the law, till "all" be fulfilled..just a passing through; the PrayerNetCorner in Spirit and Truth...
We are a people called to praise the Lord at all times
Here's just one among many awesome testimonies that we received daily from our Social Media Friends and Family: Good Day Pastor Ramson, You don't know me my name is Rebecca from South Africa. Your daily prayers helped me during the difficult times my only son was diagnosed with a colon cancer age 25. He recently went through a major operation which the doctors were even doubting to but the amazing God has made miracles he is on his way to recovery. Reading your prayers kept me focused and renewed my faith. Thank you Praise The Lord for His limitless LOVE for us!!
What a glorious time we had in Church today, GOD just came in an blessed us with his presence. Bishop Regina Taylor just let God used her according to his will, Amen Praise the Lord, Glory to God hallelujah. This is just a little bit of the Lord moving on us today.
PRAISE THE LORD! The Song of A Warrior! 2014 ICJWM LTI Graduation! 6.28.14, Nagcarlan, Laguna! - Isaiah 6:8-9, "Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, 'Here am I. Send me!" He said, 'Go and tell ..." [NIV] Therefore, Go! Go! Go, Soldiers of Christ!
This absolutely made my day!! Everyone worships and praises the Lord in many different ways, and that's completely okay but are you ashamed to praise and worship Him for who he is and what he's done for you? I challenge you today to tell someone how real, how good, how kind, how merciful, how loving, how forgiving, all-powerful, how dependable, how gracious, and how wonderful God is to you! If you are alive, if you have breath in your body, then you have much to be thankful for! God is good!!! Tell me, what do you want to praise the Lord for today??
Im so proud to say that my princess surprised me today when she when up and sung a song I want to praise the Lord for letting me be her father.
Praise be to the Lord, the God of Israel, from everlasting to everlasting. Let all the people say, “Amen!” Praise the Lord. —Psalm 106:48 (ESV)
Praise the Lord everybody .and shout unto God with a voice of triumpth...make it a blessed Sunday ...
"Peace In The Valley" Sung by Leila Ortiz Lopez Accompanied with guitar by my husband Odi (Babe) Thank you Babe!! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!! PRAISE THE LORD!! (Rev.21:4) "He will WIPE EVERY TEAR from their EYES, and there will be NO MORE DEATH or SORROW or CRYING or PAIN. ALL these things are GONE FOREVER."
Praise the Lord I got Him out of the toilet before He went down in the drain..ha
Let everything that have breath praise The Lord !
Welcome our new sister in Christ Angela Angela Meyers! Praise the Lord! And small news about vlogs with questions!
Praise The Lord the AC in this bus is on full blast 👏👏
Praise The Lord for Greek Row and the hot guy running shirtless just now 🙌😏
Praise The Lord! inspiring worship with Sandi Patty let's give praise to our Lord
Praise The Lord... Today We Shall See About David Brainerd-Missionary to the Indians at Twenty-Four. Do you know how it is possible to live a very long life in a very few years? Perhaps you have heard the secret told in these words: "He liveth long, who liveth well." The young missionary to the Indians of long ago proved this to be true by his short, heroic, useful life. Please read it N share it many. In 1718 the little village of Haddam, Connecticut, [United States] was indeed a small one, but there, in April of that year, a baby was born who grew up into the man and the missionary that all who know anything of missions today, love to think about. When David Brainerd was only nine, his father died, and five years later the death of his mother left him a lonely orphan. For a while he became a farmer's boy, and earned his living by his work out-of-doors. Then he went to live with a good minister, who gave him a chance to study, for the boy was very anxious to go to college. To Yale he went, while still q ...
I bought 2 cathy cassidy books and paper towns by john green :3 from asda! Praise The Lord for 3 for £10!
Great week of VBS. 17 saved 1 rededicated life. Praise The Lord. Great youth rally tonight to end the week. Many in the altar.
Listening to Vampire Weekend at the governors ball on alt nation while on my way to Minneapolis. Praise The Lord.
Praise The Lord for 28 years at Lancaster, CA and for the grnd breaking of the student commons building
64 years ago, I was filled with the Holy Ghost, and like the Energizer bunny, am still going, Praise The Lord!
Praise The Lord for His leading. We at the Lighthouse are happy to share with you that Greg Bush is our new assistant director. Please bless and pray for him in this.
Praise The Lord. Thank you fbf&f for your prayers during my rehab. Six weeks ago I had knee replacement & have a hard time, not like last year. Today I was released from therapy, hooray. Still have my schedule to continue on, but I will do it. Ready for a fishing trip soon.
Wed night 4/6 - Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Foundation of Life Assembly - God healed many emotional wounds and filled others with the Holy Spirit speaking in tongues - Praise The Lord, all glory to Him!
Wow! Teens showed up in force for Soul Winning! Great Crowd! Praise The Lord! Sure am proud of their Faithfulness in S…
Major, Major accident on I-10 West, traffic has come to a Completely Stop! At one point the Local and State Police was looking for bodies in the tall grass with search lights! Please pray with me for all persons who are involved in this tragic event! Thank God for Traveling Mercy and His Sweet Grace that's with me now, it could've been me! It Could've Been Me! So I'm yelling at the top of my lungs and with all my might, with tears of Joy and Sadness rolling down my face saying, Thank You Jesus! Thank You Jesus for sparing my life! When I get to MorningStar Church in Memphis, Tennessee I'm going to show you how to Praise The Lord with Thanks Giving!
This Lord's Day we watched a message from the Memorial Day Conference titled "Consecration." I wanted to share a bit with ya'll from that. I really enjoyed that Christ is the only One who can live a life perfectly and absolutely for God, and so our becoming a people absolute for God is not a matter of imitating Christ outwardly but taking Christ daily to live Him. Praise The Lord! (Summer Supply)
Hi friends!! Wanted to share a great testimonial with you all. A friend of mine has struggled with rheumatoid arthritis for years. She's been on a lot of medication in the past especially pain meds. She only has one kidney and was in stage 4 renal failure. She began using the oils because of her sister Betty Alexander Cash. Betty and I worked to put together a program for Linda. She saw her doctor yesterday and she is now in stage 3 renal failure. Praise The Lord!!! She's off the pain meds and only using Doterra oils and supplements. GREAT NEWS!!! We are looking for more improvement. She's only been using the oils for 3 months!! 😎
Praise The Lord for John Burnett. Don't know how he puts up with me, but I am sure glad he does!!!
Praise The Lord for the sun of joy when it rises and for the gloom of evening as it falls. There is beauty in both sunrise and sunset. Sing of it and glorify The Lord. Then believe the night is as useful as the day. The dews of grace fall heavily in the night of sorrow. The stars of promise shine gloriously in the darkness of grief. (Charles Spurgeon in Morning by Morning devotionals)
Needing prayers pls. Luke is improving more each day (Praise The Lord). They had to administer more meds they the chest tubes again today (3rd time). This breaks up any blood clots r scar tissue from the surgery to clear up the rest of the lung. It is extremely uncomfortable for him!!! He's really trying to not get frustrated & discouraged but he's been thru so so much. Enuf is enuf and it's time for this lung to clear of anything & everything holding him back from 100% restoration in his lung. I believe God wants him to have 100% use of it bc he is Gods child. We serve a loving God! Pls be much in pray for him, today esp, bc he's in a good bit of pain. Also pls pray for NO infections, NO bleeding, NO damage to any part of his body & that this med does only & exactly what it is suppose to do. That he will gain back 100% use of his lung & that this is it for him. He's been thru enuf!!! I luv u Luke Wooten & I continue to pray FULL healing & COMPLETE restoration to ur WHOLE JESUS MIGHTY NAME! *This ...
Another testimony: God's word is so true. We went to the post office to get some mail.I told Dennis...ok...let's get our miracle money.and what was in the Po box...a check of $41 that we didn't know about ...Praise The Lord. Previously before when we stayed in a apt...Dennis always use to check the mail and say one day we were going to get miracle money and we did of $1500 that we didn't know about... Speak it into the atomosphere!!!
PRAYER FOCUS FROM "SONYA" Praise The Lord , I am requesting prayers . I need prayer that God will open a door to a well paying full-time job for me . Thanks and God bless everyone !!! Amen
Arsenio Hall Show Simply Amazing Tonight! Little Willie who was taken from his home sings "Every Praise" with Hezekiah Walker and shares his testimony. Praise The Lord:)!!!
Jay, a waiter at Ryan's in Alexandria, LA, accepted Christ as his Savior!!! Praise The Lord!
Praise The Lord for one lady who was saved this morning. A family had prayed for her for a long time. Glory!
Early for service for once. Praise The Lord! (@ New Creation Church w/ 4 others)
2014 E.P.C. At 2nd baptist Mt.Vernon great turn out Praise The Lord for men such as Preacher Miller and Dr. Hershael Yor…
Praise The Lord everyone, tonight we have our midweek Bible study at 7pm. We invite you to come and join us in worship and praise of our Lord Jesus Christ.
A newly current enhanced face of Jan Crouch was debut of TBN's Flagship program Praise The Lord back in mid-late 1997
SB's Spring Care Health Fair at South Bay Pavilion Mall is in full swing! Praise The Lord for this breakthrough -...
Did anyone watch the news this morning about the mayo clinic curing cancer in a human with the measles virus?? They are going to try to get this approved through the FDA within 4 years! They have been testing it on animals with success and now the 40 minute treatment that is much less painful has finally been tested on a woman. I think they said after 3 treatments her cancer was gone!!! Praise The Lord!!!
Praise The Lord! Jeff Rench is awake, sitting up in bed and talking. If all goes well they will have him walking later today. Still in ICU for another day or so.
I am thinking of how my desire of so many years has now come into being in my life. Praise God! I have always longed to be a part of a people who pray. People who have been called as intercessory prayer warriors. People of like-minded faith. As of three weeks ago I have entered into such a place,a place of such people who pray believing that Christ in us, is more than able. This desire I had mentioned in times past and was told by someone in leadership,"Not in this Church." Sad? Well,I guess that I thought so at the time,but looking back,I know now,that this person was speaking revelation knowledge. For God has opened a door for me in this Body of Believers,to give me the desire of my heart. Praise The Lord! This Body of Believers where love,faith and prayer walk hand in hand. God is so good to His people! I recall a couple of years ago how I had attended a healing heart seminar,there were people assigned to pray for those who needed prayer. I so longed to be a part of that prayer group,but I knew th ...
Sitting for hours today while they put the finishing touches on my Bust. for the HOF!Praise The Lord!
Praise The Lord and Good Morning, I want to take this time to Thank God for his Grace to Blessed my wife Nicole Kimble-Sims and I on our One Month Marriage Anniversary an we are excited about what God has for the future in our Marriage & Ministry in the Kingdom of God. I Love you my BBTN:)
Lyric Video for "Praise The Lord" by The City Harmonic. From the album "HEART" - available everywhere! LY...
Mom told me I could get my nails done and start tanning the day after I get back. Praise The Lord this nightmare is almost over
"Praise The Lord, O my soul; all my inmost being, praise His holy name." - Psalm 103:1 Have a great day abounding in God's …
I love this song – Praise The Lord by The City Harmonic, from
Praise The Lord for the rain!! Some moisture for the farmers fields, yards, and gardens...our tomatoes will not go thirsty tonight!!
Our family has a new college graduate! Ryan Kiraly just walked the line; he now has a BS in Business and Economics from James Madison University. And in just 9 days he's off to Mozambique for 2 months! Congratulations Ryan, and GREAT WORK! Praise The Lord!
What a Fellowship.that's right Praise The Lord anyhow. When we fellowship with each other it's like one big happy family with my Brother and my Sister and the Holy Spirit are our Father and Mother and we can look to our heavenly parents and say "Yes Sir and Yes Mammm" cause we were raised up yo respect all follow me? AMEN
Praise The Lord ! Jesus keep your hand on all my family and my best friend as she travels today! It's not by chance that my daughter was not hurt yesterday , Her guardian angels you sent protected her! Lord keep. Your angels around all I love in Jesus name , Amen
*** yol work fast, yol got a video already! Praise The Lord... You know it!
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Today is such an easy day with kindergarten gone practicing for graduation & 1st grade being gone on field trip. Praise The Lord.
Damon Thompson on TBN's Praise The Lord on Oct 5th 2010 with host Perry Stone.
Praise The Lord! I real a wonderful Idea and made vlog is smooth wise about show off about Cincinnati: Spring grove cemetery, will add be will mid-video little talk about What happens after you die? that all! and I will travel to Cincinnati by tomorrow. Reason I be there at bible conference night.
Spent a wonderful night last night at the Rock Church listening to preacher Perry Stone preach he's awesome he has a show on TV if you ever get a chance go on TV or look on your computer , look up Perry Stone what a great message we enjoyed last night!! Praise The Lord !
Praise God, I made it safely home tonite after ministering at the Holmes County Jail in Bonifay Fl. My wife was fearful about me having to return by boat in the dark so it told her about a post that I think John Jones made about a picture of a hummingbird hovering in flight. The caption read something to the effect that if we were pushed so hard about something that we might fall, God would either catch us or he would teach us how to fly. I told her that if I fell out of the boat, God would either pick me up and put me on the porch or teach me how to walk on I got a laugh out of her and calmed her fears, Praise The Lord ! Had I been fearful and not have gone tonight( and no one would have blamed me)the two young men who gave their hearts and lives to Christ Jesus might not have made this decision. God loves obedience better than sacrifice, praise His Holy Name! Keep on praying for more of these precious souls in this jail to come into the true light of Jesus Christ, please. This flood has caused ...
We have 75% of our building campaign pledges in less than a month. Praise The Lord for the cheerful givers of Fellowship Baptist Church Maryville TN. “You can’t take it with you, but you can send it on ahead.” ~ Oswald J. Smith Matthew 6:19-21
Praise The Lord everybody!! What an awesome two services we had yesterday for elevation day!!! My God! We Praise God for Pastor Ronald Walker coming and bringing us an on time rhema word for the house for our morning service. God's presence was truly in the house!! What an awesome elevation service we had! God truly blessed and was in the house of God!! Congratulations to our very own Pastor Damien Powell, and True Worship Pastor, Pastor James Pressey on being elevated to the office of Overseer last night! God is doing a new thing!!! We Praise God for what he is about to do in both ministries and for His people.
Praise The Lord! Turns out the committee meeting was held last Thursday, and my package to hire was approved! The chief was told to hire. 8 open positions. I still have to do my polygraph, but I'm not worried about that. I'm praising God for letting me move forward in the process!! Almost done!!
Praise The Lord!!! Our Prayers were answered today! My family is living Proof of God's Miracles! Never Give up on your faith! Trust in The Lord and he will see you through! Thank you all so much for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers! Love God Love People! Pay it Forward! Teach your kids the same! If I've learned one thing in my life it's that God never fails me!There is a reason for all he does!
Praise The Lord!!! The Supreme Court just sided with prayer!!! They said that its not unconstitutional for city halls and legislation sessions to have prayer before they begin! There's still some since left in government!
Praise The Lord! My landlord mowed my yard lol can't wait til Thursday! 🙌
Getting ready to go to rolling hills baptist church! Praise The Lord on this beautiful Sunday! Yay! Church always does the job and I so can't wait to here bro Barry Lee speak this morning
I FINALLY did what I said I was gonna do and my sunroom is officially a wicker furniture and primitive cabinet are still in there but we took out the fireplace and moved it up to the bonus room, plus I went through all of her books, toys and stuffed animals...I am EXHAUSTED, on the upside the kitchen is about done being painted. Praise The Lord!
Talked to Rev. Larry Gantt, pastor for First Presbyterian Church in Baxter Springs, and though the tornado passed within a block of the church, there was no damage and all members are safe as well. Praise The Lord! Now the clean up begins. If you are interested in helping, please make sure you have a contact in the area.
Finally getting ready to leave this place and go home! Praise The Lord. I can't begin to thank every single person that called, texted, checked on me, and most importantly the many prayers and prayer requests every one sent up for me. Thanks to Alison Moss Alisa Odom Sanderson and Brian Sanderson for only leaving my side when they had to. Thanks to Steve Howard's post that made me laugh, I'm a lot cleaner now. Thanks to Leroy Moss and Jacob BigKountry Grimes for getting me to the chatom ER as quickly as possible. Thanks to Gerrett Laton MaKayla Seabrook Jacob Reynolds Ashton Moss Dustin Roberts JJ Crouch Lisa Moss and many others that came to see me. Special thanks to Janice Grimes coming to the Chatom ER and taking care of me. Thanks to the many doctors nurses and ambulance workers workers that took care of everything.
Praise The Lord! God just gave us another opportunity to share our missionary journey! Thanks to my friend, Pastor Barry M Goodman, at First Wesleyan Church in Hope, IN! We will look forward to being with you and getting to know your people on June 8th!
I just want to stop and Praise The Lord today, my husband was able to fly to New Bern this week so that he could drive me home. I'm so grateful for all of your prayers and have a doctors appointment as soon as I get back to decide where to go from here and make sure that I'm ok! Also thank you Sarah Kale Langham and Steve for your hospitality and Tabatha Denton Mann for all 3 of you spending the night with me In the Emergency room! May God bless each one of you! Thank you Jeff Olson for the wonderful surprise, we all enjoyed hanging out...just PLAIN BLESSED... is
All I Have To Say Is Thank You LORD!!! Please join me in thanking the Almighty God for saving my life, I had an accident right on the Agbor bridge. While I was coming back from the cabinet meeting in Benin. My car was sandwiched between a parked trailer and another car. To the Glory of God no life was lost. I'm very strong and doing good. Praise The Lord!!!
had an awesome move if the Holy Spirit at our church in Baxter today!! Two were saved!! Praise The Lord!! Blessings to you !!
I'm a little late on this but THUNDERLUJAH! Praise The Lord for Reggie Jackson!
To all my friends who are basking in the sun as Summer begins, we have a mixture of snow and freezing rain here in Nevada. Praise The Lord anyway!!
Praise The Lord all that's within you, praise his Holy Name!
Amen, may as well get naked before Him, He sees it all any way. Praise The Lord.
Praise The Lord my mother in law Threasa responded this morning! The doctor said thats not possible this early in the game. My Pastor was there and told the dr. I know you deal with science and facts, but we deal with and serve a supernatural God!! Praise His Holy Name!!
JMT with Jay Jones and Linda( my Irish Catholic buddy) TBN before the Praise The Lord shoot last night. Jay is...
Good morning and Praise The Lord for the great First Lady celebration last night. Hats off to my husband and Pastor Thomas Scott, the 34th Street COG Family, my children, grandchildren, friends, Pastor and Lady Banks and the St. John Progressive Baptist church for a job well done
Praise The Lord no surgery for my dad, waiting now to take home home.
Praise The Lord!!! Moody Radio WMBI-Chicago 90.1 FM ROCKS!! And it's not just because I won tickets to Leadercast for May 9th! woooho!!
Lifeline Connection of Indiana is close to open the Doors of its office in Fort Wayne, In. Praise The Lord for...
The Easter Cantata at Belmont was amazing. Praise The Lord for that. 🙌😊
Update your maps at Navteq
Awesome service at Church! Praise The Lord for all He gives us!
Happy Easter! Thank you God for Jesus, the ultimate sacrifice! Isn't it amazing that the ultimate sacrifice ended up overcoming death?!?!? This shows that God always only wanted the best for us! Praise The Lord for His mercy on us and for the prescious blood that washed away our sins, transgressions, and everything!
5:30 am sitting at Grand Rapids waiting for our flights out. Happy Easter, everyone! Praise The Lord, Jesus has risen! What a glorious day!
Praise The Lord for Zach Kurzawinski. Let me borrow 2 xboxs just so I can play Titan fall. Appreciate it man!!
Praise The Lord for nice kind random boys in Chelmsford getting me home. X
Near the cross, a trembling soul, Love and Mercy found me; I sang that lyric last Sunday morning and it hit me as never before. That's exactly how I felt the moment I came to truly know Jesus as my personal savior. I grew up knowing who He was, but at 25 I came to know Him. Many of you know I'm not a timid person, but the thought of sharing my testimony, especially here, has been something I've struggled to do. You see some on here have made it very clear what they think of my God, and those who choose to trust in Him. I've seen pictures of Him as a God of vengeance, wrath and unanswered prayers. While I've been depicted as weak and uneducated. Today I say ... So be it. I don't know the God you talk of and clearly neither do you. You see love and mercy found me. A love and mercy that will not let me go - that says no matter what is done or what I've done nothing will separate me from it. Praise The Lord! My prayer when I see those hurtful things ... God help me to show the love and mercy I've been ...
As we speak, LIVE FROM JERUSALEM, the holy light coming out of THE LORDS tomb to lighten all the candles in the Holy Sepulcher.. Praying to The Lord to lighten up our hearts and souls on this annual Holy ceremony... Praise The Lord..
We saw 27 salvations and 10 rededications at last night's Good Friday Service at Calvary Church! Praise The Lord!
Saved by the blood of the Lamb...Let the Redeemed of the Lord say so. I'm redeem praise the Lord!!!
This is the day that You have made Lord. We will rejoice and be glad in it. Praise to The King of Glory.
If i die before i wake i praise the lord my soul to take ✖️
Thank you for all our Prayer Warriors near and far. Sydnie Mitchell has been feeling great all day. No sign of pain!! Praise the Lord!! She is on meds daily to try to prevent her migraines but at least for now she is pain free. Thank you for loving on my baby with your prayers!!!
it wasn't part of the plan for Jesus to stay long in the grave. God always has a better plan. Praise the Lord.
ॐ ॐ ॐ Praise the Lord and praise the Saint Bapuji
I am home and I have wifi praise the non-existent lord
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Mams took my laptop to get sorted with her today! Praise The Lord ❤️
Playing Praise The Lord, Marlo Moore on WIAG, click link to listen
Praise Your name, Jesus Lord I give You all my highest praise Praise Your name, Jesus You deserve the honor, the glory And my highest praise
Not in work today praise the lord cos boxecise made me ten times worse
Let them praise the Lord for his great love and for the wonderful things he has done for them.
Praise The Lord for cool spring mornings.
“do you have faith in The Lord? 💕3” yes, I recently found it. I used to diss his name but now I p…
One love! One heart! Give thanks and praise to the Lord and I will feel all right; Let's get together…
Its Easter & it's a powder day! Praise The Lord winter has been resurrected
May our Lord Jesus Christ have praise for all ages of the ages - Gal 1:5
All praise be to Allah, the lord of the universe
"Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort." 2 Corinthians 1:3
Those who are being called to the lord on this glorious day
YAY im so excited Praise the lord. I be like
"Declare HIS Glory among nations and HIS marvelous deeds among the peoples ,For great is the LORD and most worthy of praise"psalm 96 3-4
I'm actually socializing on here. praise the lord
Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord! #
Praise the Lord and praise the Saint Bapuji
Passover is a time for hope, love and compassion! We received the GREATEST gift in all time! Praise the Lord!!
I know you're weird 😏 kidding. But it's the most accurate thing ever. Praise the lord for your rant. 🙏
"All the praise and Thanks is due to Allah, the Lord of al-‘alameen"
"Come let us sing, Let us praise the Lord" God Bless us all later in the Easter Vigil. :')
Praise The Lord! This may not be proper grammar. Oh, but ain't I had a time in The Lord in my dream! And child I'm accepting it! And standing on His Word! Hallelujah! Well Glory to God!
GOD MORNING FB WORLD!!! Enjoy your day and praise the lord!! Y'all have a good one...
Praise the LORD! Thank you JESUS: Good morning Everybody, and welcome to the Daily Bread. Thank you Heavenly Father for waking us again this day, to love you and to praise you, to share your Word and breathe your air. (THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO MATTHEW) (MATTHEW 21:23-32) 23) And when he was come into the temple, the chief priests and the elders of the people came unto him as he was teaching, and said, By what authority doest thou these things? and who gave thee this authority? 24) And Jesus answered and said unto them, I also will ask you one thing, which if ye tell me, I in like wise will tell you by what authority I do these things. 25) The baptism of John, whence was it? from heaven, or of men? And they reasoned with themselves, saying, If we shall say, From heaven; he will say unto us, Why did ye not then believe him? 26) But if we shall say, Of men; we fear the people; for all hold John as a prophet. 27) And they answered Jesus, and said, We cannot tell. And he said unto them, Neither tell I you by wh ...
Spending some quality time with my princess. Mommy/daughter time is so beautiful to me. I praise the Lord I have my princess to help and support me.
Charlie Hebdo George Zimmerman White House Boko Haram New Year Golden Globes Mad Men Ched Evans Mitt Romney Middle East San Francisco David Petraeus Al Qaeda Better Call Saul Java Sea Fifty Shades Bill Cosby Las Vegas Abu Hamza Man City Aer Lingus Six Nations Justin Bieber Internet Explorer 8 Islamic State Jason Puncheon Nicole Kidman David Cameron North Korea Golden Globe Bill Maher Barbara Boxer Frank Sinatra Katy Perry Saudi Arabia Tom Brady Breaking Bad Crystal Palace Manchester United Boy Scout Chris Christie Andi Dorfman Di Maria Bruce Rauner Josh Murray New Zealand Benedict Cumberbatch Justice Department Trayvon Martin Iowa Republicans James Bond Jimmy Fallon President Barack Obama Don Draper Jennifer Hudson Fidel Castro David Oyelowo Ben Morgan Happy New Year Celebrity Big Brother Amy Poehler Matthew Weiner Barack Obama Vince Gilligan Colorado Springs Daily News Universal Music Group Jennifer Lopez Mutual Fund Oval Office Christmas Day Tina Fey Palm Beach Sue Perkins Jeb Bush Real Estate President Hollande Republican Party Liam Neeson Choice Awards 2015 South Park Roy Tarpley Prince Andrew College Football Michel Houellebecq Pope Francis Covent Garden Rita Ora Jimmy Savile President Obama Rod Taylor World Cup Alan Pardew Eric Garner Van Persie State Department Arsene Wenger Stephen Hawking Kanye West Richard Linklater

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