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Praise God! Thanks Tony! Looking forward to helping people ♡
.of getting due praise from Big up to and rest of team too. http:/…
Farming seeds and herblore ingredients, instantly. Praise Zamorak! (And the Jagex team ;) )
Shiloh's Praise Team is blessing us tonight at KBT's Music Ministries Vespers
*IMPACT MEDIA TRIBUTE*. Apostolic Church of God Sanctuary Choir and Praise Team. Every Praise is to Our...
To City of Pentecost Church Praise Team, and Adult Choir, This Tuesday December 23 and Tuesday December 30 at 6 pm we will have Praise Team rehearsal, and adult choir at 7 pm. For the next two weeks. Thank you. Please make a note of it. If you have any questions you may call S. Joy Robinson.
Join us tomorrow at 9am, United Family Worship Center, 667 Hannah Street, Hampton, Virginia for a time of praise and worship. Our Children Church will sing and perform a skit and the UFWC Praise Team, with Brother Micah Chavers will lead us into the presence of the Lord through songs..Morning message: " MAN'S NEED FOR AN MEDIATOR".YOU DONT WANT TO MISS THIS, SEE UP IN THE MORNING...Bishop Lewis L. Stokes, Sr.
You are invited to a Thanksgiving Celebration at the Oasis Revival Center in Birchwood TN. This Sunday at 2:00 PM. Pastors David and Amanda Friddell invite you and your Family to this time of worship and giving thanks featuring the Oasis Praise Team, MercyPraise, and Pastor Danny Roberson. The Oasis Revival Center is located on Highway 60 just past Birchwood toward Dayton.
I can't get over how many praise the team's defense and it's not sarcastic
Let’s Just Praise The Lord!!! – The Worship Ministry invites you to help us praise the Lord in song, dance and with musical instruments on Saturday, November 22nd at 6:30pm. This year’s musical will feature our very own Worship Ministries: The NLCC Adult Choir, NLCC Men of Victory Ensemble, Lil Generation (Youth Choir), God’s C.H.O.S.N. Youth Mime ministry, NLCC Adult Praise team and the NLCC Worship Band. You don’t want to miss this night of praise and worship as we bring glory to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Jesus Jesus Jesus . Something happens when i call that name!. Headed to praise team rehearsal with that song on my heart
I guess I'm apart of the praise team now.
The Raiders win was amazing and hearing you praise God was even better. God is building you and the team to something great!
The Youth Council is thankful for all of our young people that serve in various ministries at New Life...choir, praise team, praise band, children's ministry, and sound/media. So, what are you thankful for?
Screening for praise and worship team later for district band 👆
Sometimes you gotta willie bounce during praise team rehearsal.
Video Friday - tonight we have a greeting from Paul and Kim (link below in post) and music from the praise team...
Bale praise Cristiano . Gareth Bale has hailed Real Madrid team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo as the 'best player in the...
Team sheet..we finishing it off.. 2 hours none stop praise and worship !!
I loved working with for the qualifier, everyone on the team played well and praise pain for sniping our nunu pick we almost hid
Just a normal day in Praise Team playing Charades. 💁😂
I was privileged to do a mime presentation while a praise team sang a song during a service held at…
Can't wait! 20 members of praise team coming to the house tonight. Tacos, toffee, peanut butter bars and pumpkin roll cake on the menu.
The Dolman Law Group continues to praise the effectiveness of the Infographic ads that we produce for them. No...
A team player is quick to take the blame in times of failure, not the praise in times of success.The team that loses together, wins together
""There has been much praise for Ms. Sandberg's book, which was researched by a team and written with Nell Scovell (whose name is on the >2
Should your choir or praise team hold auditions to join?
Vertical Life Praise Team blessing the city of Goldsboro! It isn't about the gift,…
"You look like you're in the praise team" 😂😂😂😂
Thanks for telling me you noticed praise team concert picture. Another one just for you, much appreciated
Great music from our new praise team during today's chapel
Been doing your Pure Praise study w/my new Worship Lead Team. Been so life changing. Thank you! //thank U
thanks for the praise Gill! We'll let the team at Swift Ward know. Have a nice weekend!
Happy birthday! 🎂. What location did you dine at? We’d like to send the high praise to the team!
and the Center of Hope team helping families at Long Beach Habitat event! Praise God!!!
Praise The Lord, we're Brighton's bogey team! About time a team hated playing us..
It is a glorious moment here in ZPC, as the praise team thrill us with wonderful songs and bring praise to an awesome end.
Negative people are a cancer to your environment. Eliminate them immediately. Praise your team players every chance you get!
On Sunday the morning service will be led by our amazing HOP team. We look forward to seeing you there to praise God together.
S/O to the one white kid who's serving on Praise Team today!
if he agrees 'when a team succeeds, the coach shouldn't earn any praise. We shld look beyond the coach for the Victory'
VIDEO: head coach Claude Julien talks with media & has praise for injury woes of tough team...
Good people of Tampa- praise you for the nicest team I have EVER encountered on a trip in the last 10+ years.
To engage your team in successful business try to- instill confidence, invite participation, encourage professional growth & give praise.
2 more baptized in Jesus name! Praise God for the great team working in unity for revival at COA in Vienna, Austria! ht…
That's because there are sometimes some people who get free praise that they didn't earn because of team work. My take on it!
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historically, when Wenger praise certain player before playing against his team, this player must score against Arsenal. Roony will
I need zero help praising God. Don't need a band, praise team or a preacher. All I have to do is look back. And then look forward.
I hardly ever listened to them, but we stayed playin' that Anniversary riff in every choir & praise team song possible.
Come out and watch members of our College Praise Team participate in this years Battle of the Bands event!
W Nat Team HC, shares her praise of former HC,
whatever. I'm here to watch hockey games and cheer on a team that wins. Not ask for praise for showing up to watch
Praise be for the draw. Team Misbah marches on.
U can now doenload our 1st from this link .
Pastor and praise team members after comedy show / service with Chocolate.
Team news ahead of trip to in Sky Bet League Two
Maddon is gonna get praise from a team that would have been great with Rick Renteria. You cant miss with Bryant, Soler, Baez, Rizzo, Castro.
you know that youre in a good team when they use TRILL MUSIC BROTHER 666 PRAISE SATAN
More love from another team's fan nice to get the praise, sad its for something which shouldn't be an anomaly
that's why I put so much praise about Faulkner and Wade/Haddin in the Aus team. They do it for Aus in those positions.
Thanks! If you think our NHS deserves praise, please enter a team/a person into our At Our Best Awards
Our friends at Endless Praise are starting auditions for new members. If you think youd like to join the team,...
Staff caring for dementia sufferers praise mobile apps developed and evaluated by a team
Kings Cross creative team getting ready to release a number of publications. Praise the Lord.
Brecon Mountain Rescue Team is an absolutely vital service in this National Park. We extend you a massive THANK... htt…
His Promised Covenant Ministry (HPCM). Praise Team and Min Brandon Williams. Come worship with us on Saturday morning
NCF Praise Team:. Here is a playlist that we created on youtube of most of the songs we have been singing for...
This is my absolute favorite song by Audrey Assad and I'm so happy that the praise team at One Place sang it today!
Praise from Head Coach for his team and particular praise for
I was shocked but it was funny how the praise team kept on singing
Headed to praise team rehearsal to sang for the Lord!!!
Stepped UP! Can't wait to see ESPN and the rest of media give the praise that this team deserves.
Congrats to & BBC team that won TV prize for report. Praise too to
No service tomorrow night @ Liberty. No play practice, praise team, or Sunday School.
My praise team has seemed to master the art of all scheduling time off on the same Sunday... It's a gift that they all share. 👀 lol
Guess what?!?!?! High Impact praise team will be bringing forth PRAISE AND WORSHIP tomorrow in the 11:00 S.W.A.T service! Mrs. Kerri is SUPER PUMPED!
Update your maps at Navteq
Good morning all my loved ones I am still singing to the songs from the concert last night Casting Crown wow how awesome it was my first concert ever in my life the presents of the Lord filled that place seeing all those people worshiping God in one place of all ages is awesome they did the song I played at Tony and my wedding they played the first song Tony ever played for me this is were you say awe it was great Tony was able to go the only thing I didnt like is it cost four fifty for a twenty ounce bottle of diet pepsi four seventy five for a bottle of water I know better for next time yes if I find another awesome concert like that around here again I will be there but Im proud to say our praise team comes pretty close to them maybe not like them but the annointing is as strong on our worship team I sure would like to see the whole church worship like that just not ones here and there but the whole church with there hand up worshiping wow if we did that we all might be slang in the spirit all over the ...
The praise team on our way to a friends kitchen party.congratulatuons to Brenda and Jonathan for a sucessful day.we are now looking forward to the big day on sunday.God bless you.
Thank u all for ur prayers i now belive that u love my present in the team A BIG THANKS to u all once again long live restoration voices long live praise team
I don't really like PV's praise and worship team. It don't get me turnt for Jesus smh
Praise Team practicing with Macy, Piper, Jillian an Pax this morning. Getting ready for Night of Praise on Oct 17th at First United Methodist in Brazil. ;)...♡ Jamie holding Pax, an he even started singing with them. I loved it! :-)
Top 25 teams should have to play one other top 25 team before conference play starts. Tired of seeing praise for SEC beating cupcake teams.
Had a great time @ praise team rehearsal today it's been a little while.felt good to be on stage with my friends in the house of the Lord! :-) Now getting ready for my great niece in laws 1st bday party!! :-)
Hey everyone we are selling fish dinners tomorrow for our praise team fundraiser. Come out and enjoy the service and help support our praise dance team. The dinners are $8.00 it will be fish, potato salad, and baked beans. I know there will be a word in the house also. So come out get a word and some good food.
SPC will be in church with The House of Prayer tonight in Lexington. Black and white folk coming together to worship God. This will be great. Church is at 6 and is located at 184 Holly St, Lexington Tennessee. I will be ministering tonight and our praise team will be singing.
Cooking for the praise team tomorrow is under way! Jerry Brunson Apple pie going in the oven here soon!
Like we lacked the cutting edge up top for which I'd praise Grimsbys defence. Wilkin still seems unsure of his best team so far
I honestly praise my team when they do well. But that Georgia side were shocking. And the amount of ball they let us have?
Praise or Grumble: Call 0114 279 66 99 Jonathan Buchan takes your calls on your team's result.…
This is so crazy I went to church this morning and lo and behold the praise team started singing the song I posted earlier 🙌
Big result for Scotland but not a big performance against a poor team. Which itself is worthy of praise I suppose.
know I came to realize today morning I've been taking things for granted. For example my mum regularly makes me breakfast & today was one of those mornings. I have an amazing mum. Then I attended a career talk on work ethics which was brill & learnt more about the Kenya market & how flooded it is. I then had lunch with one of my close friends Bantu & after it was praise team time which was amazing. I am blessed to be part of an amazing team really. Just favor from the Almighty. And the pianist, Pithon amenitoa mbali - I was so scared of singing when we started but now at least I can sing on the microphone. To God be all glory. Full day of joy with amazing people. My prayer today is to gain wisdom & discernment especially during this period Nightie lovelies
Praise God and support the Super Star Dreams team
Overflow Praise Team as they lead the Daughters of Destiny into the presence of the King.
A team dat praise together, stays together 🙏
Last night I reached another level in faith. It has become stronger. I was so blessed to dwell in The House of GOD. The Praise team family was awesome and we were on one accord. I love my family along with my spiritual mother and father.
From d best UV team of talented friends yesterday, to today's one place praise team, & hearing total praise in new life, to God be the glory
Made it for the last song in new life and found out in officially a praise team member. shout out to Bisi for keeping it clutch.
Thanks to the Net Team of for leading us in a great praise and worship prayer this morning!
My Praise & Worship team gives me ALL the Life this year. These fools be SANGING! ALL OF EM!
The praise team at True Deliverance Church of Christ at the Project Restore event at Southeast Park
Had an AMAZING rehearsal this morning with Praise Team. Excited for tomorrow's service. 🙌🎼🎤
Can we all praise Hrithik for being wonderful guy the way he expressed Salman Khan actually made me feel proud of Sallu mo…
Maybe we all need to go back and figure out what our purpose is for praise team
been critical of SD & team but deserve praise today, much better. Can't wait as long for next win though
In other news, our one place set was really good. Kuya David really knows how to lead a praise team.
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I testify to that IFCM Praise Team does it for me!!!
first time since tummy bug. hoping can do - Power & Praise in Team Beachbody's SuperGym. Join Me! Go to
Praise God for our October Fundraiser! Great job team! Check out the happenings this month!
Chile team has arrived safely with no major issues-praise God! Pray as they meet Chilean partners/hosts today.
was he the only player on the team? no. You cant keep bringing this up every time as a reply to the praise he gets.
Guys on right now are absolutely falling over themselves in praise of the Stars. “This team will be so much f…
Proud of our SF Canvas Team! . Happy 1-Yr Anniversary! Praise God for a great first yr in the City!
Great rehearsal with the Embrace music ministry team,fab praise songs/hymns planned. Have u learnt the Embrace Anthem
I give my praise to God for everything that I got! 🙌
I love orange for their praise team 🙌🙌
We often rightfully praise the crew but the guest team at our hospitality are also all stars 👍 http…
A "shout-out" to our CDBC team as they completely renovate the teachers lounge at Will Rogers Elementary today! Praise GOD for your witness!
Do you know who's on praise team today?
tnx, that's kind. I think each of us in the team gets a turn at receiving such praise!
Trying to make it before praise team, but your hair isn't.
A group becomes a team when all members are sure enough of themselves and their contributions to praise the skill of others.
His book doesn't tarnish that time, he heaps praise on the team of that era. But he just exposes the bad ways in which the...
Thank you, Kristine and Brian for the incredible review on our Yelp page! . "Nothing but praise!! Our recent...
Have to continue to praise Jensen Beach for an impressive team win over South Fork last night.
I talk junk but I really take this Praise Team serious.
It's so crazy seeing Ehret football team getting so much praise and hype. I'm not used to that at all 🏈🔵🔴💯.
Imran is just using his workers for personal obsession, remember in 1992 he forgot to praise his team.
Hope to see everyone who is interested in both Praise Team and Praise Dance / Mime ministry there. Come ready to Praise God !!!
Praise Dance/Mime rehearsal is at 1:00 pm meet in Robeson Today ! . Praise TEAM rehearsal has been moved to 2:30pm in Robeson also Today
HGP Media Alert. Meet our Where Eagles Fly.Jeremiah School of the Prophet Praise and Worship team..these are...
Other teams praise their drivers for their efforts - last team principal who gave driver complements was Ross Brawn!
Why don't they put people who can actually sing on the praise team.then they put it on live stream smh
Better a day in HIS courts than a 1000 elsewhere. Enjoyed the presence of God. praise team awesome job.
lovely to see you in the praise team Hun! Praise and worship was 👌 today. ❤️
“Classic - a book which people praise and dont read” -Mark Twain   10% Off
Not denying he was a poor team manager, but we should praise him highly for his youth set up work.
IFI Team. Lord "we thank You for this explosion!. Use it to increase the paranoia. of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards"
Pastor Gary & I are so proud of our SSM Praise Team for using their talent in Service tonight. Thank you Haley...
JP2 Alum and former members of the school's Praise Team join forces with members of the St. Mary Church Confirmation Class to form the new High School Youth Choir & Church Band!
Hey high schoolers! So I just wanted to let everyone know we are going to have a Praise Team meeting for club. It will be this Sunday at 2 at the food court. So anyone who is interested, please come!
Reminder: because of the upcoming 4th of July holiday, there will be no Coffee Break ladies Bible study tonight, no Family Night activities tomorrow and no Praise Team rehearsal Thursday night. We hope you enjoy time with your friends and family as we celebrate our nation's birthday.
Rebekah Mills is on the Praise Team at Church of the Harvest in Oklahoma City! I'm so proud!
This Sunday, Dr. Doug Harris is excited about two special guests joining the Praise Team: Alison Nystom (pictured...
Ready for Small Groups and Worship tomorrow at Union Grove Missionary Baptist Church in Albertville. Small Groups begin at 10 AM, Morning Worship Celebration will begin at 11 AM. Praise Team members and instrumentalists, meet in Sanctuary at 9:45 AM for a brief run-through. Worship tomorrow night will begin at 6 PM. Ryan Battles will be preaching his first sermon. Gonna be a great day! Union Grove Loves Albertville!!!
With my good friend Pastor Tayo Salako in Worship at "The Mantel For The Next Level Conference." RLWC Praise Team...
Greater Emmanuel Temple Church Buffalo, NY Praise Team took us back singing "is…
Sat with Abigail this morning so Leigh Ann could attend a meeting. She goes back to work on Monday. This afternoon, got the cake part of a dessert done (to be topped tomorrow) and the Buffalo Chicken Dip ready to be put in the oven tomorrow as well. Celebrate Recovery at White's Ferry tonight and Praise Team fellowship tomorrow afternoon.
Calling ALL current & past members of the Moreno Valley FAFC Music Department. This includes everyone who has been a member of the Macedonia Gospel Singer's, Pastor's Choir, Youth For Christ Choir, Angel Choir, Macedonia Youth Choir, Praise Team, Youth Praise Team, Musician, Director, Directress, or funtioned in the Music Department in any way over the past 50 years. This year the church is celebrating our 50th Year Anniversary we will be having a Musical featuring some of the annointed songs we have sung down through the years. Now we just need your participation!! This 50th Anniversary Jubilee Celebration Musical will be held at the church on Sunday, June 29, 2014 at 6:30 pm and your are invited to join in!! Please help spread the word by liking this page, sharing this post on your FB page & telling your friends & family. In box me your address & phone number so I can send you more information & keep you posted. Thank You in advance!! ~Debbie
Sunday June 8 6 PM special praise service with Johnnie Burnham, Praise Team and The Men of Faith
Just now unwinding from this Amazing Awesome Sunday! God show out today at New Harvest Christian Center! The Holy Spirit Plays no games! Try God and You will Find Out!!! Praise Team was powerful and the worship was from the heavens. Ivan Pastor Lee brought forth a word So Great on Wisdom! I'm So Glad "I GET TO" serve under his leadership. God has started a New Thing at New Harvest! To God Be The Glory!
Pastor Larry Crockett is preaching on How to Pray for friends and influence others. Scripture James 5:16-18. Praise Team singing Best days of my life & I love you Jesus. Choir singing So Amazing by Ricky Dillard and Total Praise by Richard Smallwood
Empowerment and running with Praise Team from No Limit Teen Ministry from Reid Temple.
Everyone is invited to the 10th Annual Raise the Roof Rally at the Oak Grove High School auditorium tomorrow night (Sunday- 5/18) at 6:00 PM. Youth groups from OG 1st, Liberty, Bible Comes to Life, & Smithville will perform dramas, skits, give their testimonies, and sing. Smithville's Children's Church will sing, as well as Smithville's Praise Team. Ricky Allen & the Revelation Riders will speak, and Oak Grove's Head Coach & Athletic Director- Coach Tom Hannah bring the Word! We will have Bible trivia & give out door prizes. The event is sponsored by students in the FCA. Please share this status & come out to support our youth & children. Unity in the Community: It's not about us- it's about Him!
Prophetess Tara N. Williams will be preaching at: NEW ST. MARY MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH 13800 N.W. 158TH. AVENUE ALACHUA, FLORIDA 32616 Sunday May 18, 2014 at 4:30 p.m Rev. Daniel H. McNish, Lady Roberta McNish and the New St. Mary Missionary Baptist Church Family will be celebrating their Annual Dual’s Day Services We will depart NBRC at 3:00pm. Additionally, we will conduct the service as like NBRC, so the Praise Team will follow Intercessory Prayer then Prophetess will speak. Bishop
Watch this minute video at Revolution Church, the Praise Team is Awesome! Brad Faulkner, Sally Griffis, Trent Glisson, Brandon Dean, Brandon Peavy, Evan Luke Denton
Hey everyone!! If you're looking for a home church, I strongly recommend that you come visit Word of Life Tabernacle, located at 4870 Maryville Rd in Granite City. This morning, our Youth Pastor, Adam Grace, will be delivering the Word. Folks, this young man is truly ON FIRE for JESUS and he is going to lead many to Christ!! So I urge you to come on out and enjoy yourselves and hear the Word of Life!! We also have a very anointed Praise Team, led by Director Lisa Cochran and lead singer Andria Leicht!! Once again, come on out!! Sunday School starts at 9:30 am and service starts at 10:30. Hope to see you there!!
I'm playing and singing at Columbia Community Center of Seventh day Adventist Church this Sabbath! Monique Griffiths is leading the Praise Team, we gonna do some hand clappin, foot stompin, Praise Singin to God Almighty! King of Kings! And Lord of Lords! Y'all Better come on out and Praise the Lord with us! Happy Sabbath!
What a weekend. The kick off to women's month was phenomenonal. I am still in the posture of praise and worship. The Glory of God was upon us at Women in Worship Friday night was a marvelous demonstration of what happens when women come together on one accord to worship the Father; a night of pure worship. Thank everyone who came to share their gift: 3Ci Praise Team, Toshia Lane-Coleman , Soniya Thorpe , DeMario N Tiffany Bailey, Jada Cain, Anne K. Taylor , Renae WalkinginFavor Clay . Words really can not express my heart felt appreciation for each of you. Because of you lives were changed and will never be the same. I thank my friends and family who came out to worship with us. Sherry Mackey , all I can say is Sherry Mackey; all I can do is wave my hand. You were beyond phenomenonal. Thank you for yielding to the spirit of God in so many ways. I thank all my committee members for your dedication and hard works. As we say in the house, many hands make light work. Last but certainly not least, I thank my P ...
Wow.what an awesome day!!! God is so very good to me.and I have been fed.not only physically today but also fully spiritually fed today!!! The day started at 8:30am with Morning Worship at Koinonia of Grace Church.Bishop Julian Lott and Elder Nancy Humphrey Lott.what can I say.every time.God is in the midst.Worship and Praise with Minister Elliot and his wife Sis. Jennifer Elliott and the rest of the Praise way the Holy Ghost is going to miss His invitation. So much love at Koinonia.I always feel like family.Sis. Angela R Snowden, Mother Joy and everyone just makes me feel so great.I would recommend a visit to Koinonia just for the hugs.not to mention the preaching/teaching. Today's lesson was a continuation of "Have You Received the Holy Ghost Since You Were Saved?" Bishop Lott never tires in his teaching...he truly is led by the Holy Spirit.which is why the planned lesson sometimes takes longer than he originally planned. When God is in the lead.He will let you know what pace to go at.if yo ...
I would just like to say to Joshua Green a job well done! He really challenged the youth tonight through the word of God and his testimony. We are the Better because of the wonderful sharing of the message on HYPE NIGHT! Also, the Divine Voices of Monroe High School did an outstanding job ministering on tonight through songs and ... Hats off to the Home Team VLC HYPE Praise Team and Youth Choir for setting the atmosphere! HYPE Night Part II Coming Soon.
Fearless Leader, Budg, or whoever makes these decisions: Paul is living with us now and wants to be in Praise Team. He plays Tenor Sax, and I think you know how well he can sing. Is that alright? I think we have a Hymnal for Tenor Sax, but might need more music. Dan Vernon
What an awesome Resurrection Day Celebration! From a spirit filled Praise and Worship session led by the LCE Praise Team where we gave God praise in the Sanctuary and cried Hallelujah because Death could not hold Him down...3 days later he rose again! There is no greater love! The spirit filled the place as The LCE Adult Choir along with Mime Ministry ( Torrance Rease) let us know that His Blood Still Works! And to top it off , there was a mighty word from God "Following Afar Off: Peter and Judas...Same Man different name. Matthew 26:47-50, 56-58" Through PastorDarold Montgomery God instructed us to " Be careful what you say while the sun is shining, because the weather has a way of testing your words!" Jesus! Praise exploded in the building today! Souls saved and lives changed!
The Feast My Soul had HAS me burping!! See, on the Weekdays, the building John Adams High School is Nationally Known for Hellraising! But on Sunday, Mt Pleasant Baptist Church comes with the Holy Spirit and God changed Family... With a mighty move and the talented Praise Team led by Q and the talented young people dancing and Praising the Resurrection!!! Then at altar the miracle of having the doctor tell you say Goodbye, but said Hello...the men surrounding him as Jehovah had him encampment of angels to save the man..wise enough to join the church along with his family..And many other Families, dedicating themselves to Serving
Well, we are GEARING UP for IMPACT 2014 this Saturday night in Columbia, MS...Join Pastor Toby and the HGC Praise Team as we celebrate the grace and healing power of the Lord Jesus Christ. The service begins at 6:30 P.M. at the Columbia Expo Center..The public is cordially invited, but we certainly want as many of our FB friends and ministry partners as possible to be there. Just for fun, if you plan to be there, like this post! :-)
Getting warmed up - wonderful time in the Lord! GT Praise Team at W. Forrest United Methodist
I want to thank God for this beautiful day. We had am awesome service this morning at Hope Community. Pastor Rip preached a good message about what happened the week before our Heavenly Father was crucified and our Praise Team sang some touching beautiful songs. The ole devil tries his best to open the door and come n our lives and destroy us all the time. But I just call out the name "JESUS" and the ole devil can't stand it. Thank You Lord for shedding Your Precious Blood for me and saving my soul. Without You n my life l often wonder where I'd b. Thank You Lord for Your Blessings on me. Hope everyone has a blessed week and remember to thank God for what He has done for you every day...
Calvary Advent Christian Church Family and Friends: Yesterday you could see many signs of spring: the sound of lawn mowers, the crack of a baseball off the bat, dogwoods blooming and robins trusting the weather! We welcome to our church our newest addition who happens to live in Raleigh! Nolan Jack Duggins came into the world around 5:30 Wednesday morning. He was 6 lbs.3 oz. Proud mom and dad are Amber and Luke. Proud grandparents are Mark and Beattie and Donna and Wayne. Cheering cousins and their parents are Brayden and Zia! Lots of folks are rejoicing in the Lord! Lookng forward to a wonderful day of worship tomorrow! Sunday School is at 9:30 and worship at 10:30. Our choir(solo by Cheryl Miller in one song),Praise Team and Monica Martin will lift high the name of Jesus in song. Samantha and Nathan Byrd will dedicate Levi to the Lord. Our message is, "Why the Cross ?" based on Ephesians 2:8. Please remember there will be a baked sale sponsored by our ladies following service. All proceeds go to Penny . ...
Kingdom Embassy's Mass Choir and Praise Team sounded the trumpet of worship and praise at Monumental AME Church tonight. Keep giving God glory. Thank you Pastor Jeff and Leading Lady Toshia.
Celebrate Palm Sunday with us as we remember Jesus's triumphant entry into Jerusalem. This Sunday. Our first service starts at 8:30 AM in the Sanctuary. This service is more traditional featuring our choir and beautiful hymns. Our second service begins at 11:00 AM in the Faith and Fellowship Hall. This service features our Praise Team and a more contemporary feel. Pastor Mike speaks at both services. There is childcare available and Children's Church. Contact us here or at the church office if you have questions.
PRAYERS ANSWERED! WE ARE SO FORTUNATE TO HAVE OBTAINED A GREAT KEYBOARDIST/VOCALIST! Her name is Ann Campbell Miller. She has been playing Keyboards for almost 40 years now. Ann is a very talented and wonderful vocalist. THANK YOU ALL FOR THE PRAYERS! Some of you may know Ann, as she was previously employed at the Yadkin County Clerk of Court's Office. She currently works at the Surry County Clerk of Court's Office as a Deputy Clerk of Court! We are so fortunate to have her joining our Praise Team at Yadkinville United Methodist Church.
Praise Team singing at the Community Yard Sale. Come by today 8-3 pm. At 11 Hula Dancers. At noon Face2Face. At...
Valencia Lacy & New Life Covenant SE Praise Team were on the Steve Harvey Show today with Ruben Studdard. I was so proud to see them. YES!
Praise Team will be singing April 6th @ Pleasant Ave. Baptist Church.
Great job this week at practice First Baptist Church of Marianna Sanctuary Choir & Orchestra! Looking forward to Worshiping our Lord especially at EASTER! ...April 06,2014 10:45 a.m. is one of our Easter Services (Choir & Orchestra!) ...April 13,2014 10:45 our Children's Choir Musical and also our Pre-K! ...April 20, 2014 EASTER SUNDAY! He is Risen! Pre-k, Children, Praise Team, Choir & Orchestra will all be part of this wonderful day!!!
Come worship with us. At the Light In The Dark Church we: * Enjoy Live Worship Music * Celebrate The Lord’s Supper Each Week * Benefit From A Dynamic And Practical Message * Reach Out To The Lost And Develop Relationship * Love To Fellowship With Each Other * Join us on Sundays, our service time is 10:00am. * If you are out of state or otherwise out of driving range, check out the live stream at 10:30am accessible from our website home page. If you miss it altogether and would still like to see message, you can catch it on our Archived Services page on our website. It is posted weekly on our website: or you can catch them directly on Youtube. Search "LITDchurch" and all of our services will come up. * Be sure to join us on Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm for Bible Study taught by our friend and guest Pastor Paul Anobile who has taught for years at Davis College and Mid-America Seminary. Stick around after the study to worship with our Praise Team as they rehearse. * On Saturday mornings ...
Great worship service at Concord Baptist Church with Greater Vision and Concord's Praise Team
Reminders: Gospel Fest tomorrow night at 7:30!! Please come out and support! Featuring choirs from Twinsburg High, Maple Heights High, Heights High (of course) and the groups: Elegie and The 300 Praise Team both groups which feature Heights Alum! Free! We know it's cold outside, but come in an feel the fire! Secondly, Thursday, March 6th at 7:00 at the Heights Main Library (Lee Road) we will meet to begin planning the Reunion Extravaganza. Come and share your ideas!!
Another great rehearsal last night with the phenomenal Karen S. Lee Memorial Gospel Choir and the Praise Team (DIVAS) of the St. Mark United Methodist Church, 8441 S. St. Lawrence, Chicago. What a family! I love these groups, this church and this Pastor. These folks are raising the praise every time they get together and impacting the congregation like never before. The United Methodist Church is doing some great things for the cause of Christ and doing them very, very well!!! Sunday services at 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. You should check them out!!!
The Southwest Regional Summit for Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship starts on Thursday night at 7pm at New Hope Full Gospel Baptist Church. No registration fee. Presiding Bishop Elect Joseph Walker of Nashville, TN will be the speaker on Thursday night. With special guest soloist and the Regional Mass Choir and Praise Team under the direction of Elder Kenneth Mosely. For additional info go to
Thank you A.C.T for your support tonight at Greater Parkview Church. What a great time we had in the Lord. Praise Team, you did a great job ministering in service. Bishop Carl Jones, Sr. and the Greater Parkview Church, thank you for the love you expressed towards us. Message: Love demands a response! Luke 14:23, Romans 13:8
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Well, hello and well wishes to all who read this page. We had another more than exciting day at RSMBC today. Sister Stacy Lovelace and the RSMBC Praise Team lead us deeply into the presence of praise on this morning. Our musical brethern with Brother Donald Clements on the keys helped to set the tone for what was an inspirational and instructive time of teaching by our Pastor. Pastor Lovelace today shared with us from the Old Testament book on 2nd Samuel 11:1-3. The subject was called, "The Process of Temptation." Our eyes came open to much more than the story of King David taking the wife of another man; we were instead instructed on how temptation drags us from one point to another. In the message, Pastor Lovelace lifted several points of what should be recognizable behavior that gets past us because we often over endulge with our eyes while watching very little with our minds. Temptation doesn't just take us, in reality we follow HER to a place of defilement. The lesson said that King David tarried sti ...
TOMORROW MORNING @ FELLOWSHIP CHURCH! 9:00am Early Worship: Since I'm a believer in Jesus Christ, the enemy knows he does not, and cannot have my soul! He will, however, do any and every thing to tear me down! Tomorrow morning, Pastor Garry Clark shows us how to be... A SIX SHOOTER! 10:30am Worship Service: In part two of the brand new series on LOVE from the book of Malachi, Pastor Garry will lead us to confront neglect, laziness and selfishness in our relationships. Tomorrow... NO QUIT IN LOVE! The Fellowship Band and Praise Team has some fantastic music in store for you on Sunday morning. We would also love for you to visit the Hospitality Center between the two services, for some friendly smiles, warm hugs, fresh pastries, cold juice and hot coffee ~ All Free Of Charge! God Bless! Roger Johnson (7447) roger
Come join us at Living Water Fellowship 120 BLACKWOOD STREET NITRO WV Sunday morning at 10AM Sunday night at 6Pm Wednesday night at 6PM Thursday at 6PM for JAVA JEANS and JESUS great fellowship come Join us childrens church also Praise Team great singing Bishop Michael Martin great preaching
Praise the Lord, I am so glad I know Jesus this morning. I just don't know about Him, but "Know Him". We had an awesome service at Living Water Church 1st service, 3 baptized, Praise Team done an outstanding job leading in worship, Pastor Grant had a great anointed message, and fellowship was fantastic as always. My oldest son Mark and three of my grandsons Branden, Bryce, and Braden attended with us along with three very good friends Kelly, Jennifer and Kasey. Thank all of you for visiting us. Then 41 one of us from LWC went snow tubing at Perfect North Slopes. What a blast but most of all just being with a great group of godly people. All I can say is; Praise the Lord, I'm ready for some more. Bring it on!
The children of Fairview Baptist Church worshipping with the Praise Team.
Whew! Worship was off the chain tonight The Lighthouse Church of Chicago! Kudos to Stephen Anderson, as well as to the Praise Team: Annette Love, Jai Smallei, and China Stewart for allowing God to use you in a mighty way. O and this: So often we think that transition will destroy us, but sometimes transition can be the very thing that blesses us. Onward Lighthouse! We got work to do. --Pastor J
Pastor Tim Sands and Camp Hope African Methodist Episcopal Church are grateful to God for the Church School facilitators, the Praise Team, the Choir as well as the Youth that participated. God gave one of the Youth, Sister Nicala Williams a tremendous testimony. Hence, God provided the Reverend Libya BaaQar with a passionate sermon: Scripture: Genesis 37:12-24 Topic: “My Destiny is Bigger than this Pit”
Pastors/Ministers of Music. If you wipe out your entire music program and replace it with a Praise Team and hot band you've signed a death sentence for your music ministry. Musical gifts are developed in stages just like in Sunday School or Christian Education. A functional music ministry is the "pool" for growth within the church from the little Sunshine kiddie choir, to youth, young adult, to seniors. The senior choir needs their spiritual needs met too and it ain't with Tye Tribbett but rather Clay Evans and Shirley Caesar. Likewise we must accept music of this generation for this generation. Our heritage is being devoured and that's not right. One should not cancel out the other but add dimensions and harmony. Our kids must learn theory too if they want to play with symphonies or if one day you want a orchestra in your church. Black History Month demands that we know hymns, spirituals, the *** National Anthem, etc. You can't just act like we got where we are without someone paying for it.
What a great night worshipping at University City UMC! Choir, Praise Team, Youth Choir and Interpretive Dancers, Handbells, Xylophone, and Percussionists. Thanks to all, including tech team, who showed us what Christmas is all about-Jesus!
Had a WONDERFUL night with our Praise Team / Media Team. We are so blessed at Destination Church to have a Kyle Wilson and Abby Hitchcock Wilson as our Worship Pastors.and we have a great team of people to support them. 2014 is going to be a great year! Thanks for coming everyone. Those who couldn't make it, we missed YOU!
Join us in the morning for the message: "The Three Stages of Christmas" Also as only FWC Praise Team & Band can do... "LITTLE DRUMMER BOY" We also a have a gift for all our families in attendance. Worship Begins at 11am.
Pastor's Perspective Wherever you are as you read this greeting, I imagine you may be working your way through a full calendar on the way to Christmas. May God help you in your plans to include worship on Sunday mornings throughout the weeks ahead. This Sunday, December 11, our choirs will present a powerful Christmas Cantata at the 8:30 and 11 am sanctuary services. Our Praise Team will be sharing more joyous Christmas music at the Way. Please extend our welcome to friends and acquaintances in our area to join us for these holy moments in anticipation of Christmas. On Tuesday, Christmas Eve, our 5 p.m. service (in the sanctuary) will include some celebrations and stories that are especially for children and their families, with help from the children's choirs. This service will conclude with glow sticks and candles and then with the Shepherds' Run. Our 7 p.m. Christmas Eve gathering is a contemporary service (in the MAC Hall) led by our Praise Team and Rev. Kim Ethridge, concluding with glow sticks, ...
Barbra this is Steve Cortinas. Thanks for being the POC on reaching our parishes past ACTS retreatants and team members. I have a request to ask of you, could you please forward this to all of the MPB community. Hello this is Steve Cortinas. I am the music director for the 12:15, 5:30 & 8pm Masses at Most Precious Blood Church. I would like to invite ALL MPB ACTS (Men, Women, Teens) to join us up in the loft to sing as a mass (big) choir at the Mass that you attend. I am trying a new direction of musical worship that is call Taize (tie-zay). Fr. Bob has been requesting this type of music at our liturgies and I feel we can provide it, with your help. It involves the style of Christian worship practised by the ecumenical Taizé community in France, characterized by the repetitive singing of simple harmonized tunes, often in various languages. The MPB Praise Team have a website that you can go to and listen to and see the music I have selected for the next weeks of Advent. It is: just go to ...
Hi Folks! Ready for Christmastide? May we suggest you celebrate with us at Village. Here is a sample of opportunities: Sunday - December 1 we will be Hanging The Greens. You should join us as you begin your personal walk toward Bethlehem. We will be decorating the Sanctuary at 5PM, having a potluck dinner at 6PM (Ham provided-please bring a dish to pass), and following dinner there will eb interactive Advent activities for all ages. Sunday - December 15, during our 10:15AM worship our combined Music Ministries will be presenting our own cantata "Celebrating Christmas Through Our Music. This will feature our Praise Team, Chancel Choir, Youth Singers, Village Voices and teh new Village Brass. LIVE NATIVITY! Friday and Saturday, December 20 and 21. This is the 33rd consecutive year for this tradition that walks us through the Birth of Christ. Arrive at 6:15 for singing and cider. the performance begins at 7PM. Sunday - December 22. Join us at 6PM for a A Classic Christmas Concert featuring your fa ...
Celebrating 21 Years On Sunday October 20th, Jehovah Jireh Ministries will Celebrate our 21st Year Of Ministry. We will gather in TWO SERVICES AT SPECIAL TIMES ON THAT DAY: 10:00AM Will be our regular Sunday Morning Worship Service, which Starts a half hour earlier than normal. We will be out of that service by 11:45am… 4:00pm Will be our 21st Anniversary and Pastoral Appreciation Celebration. We will have several invited guest Pastors and Congregations, guest choirs and Praise Team, and a Guest Speaker, as we take time out to Celebrate the Goodness of the Lord over these last 21 years… “1’M 21” “Striving Towards Excellence… Reaching Perfection” (Spiritual Maturity) Col. 2:6-10 & Eph. 4:11-13
Together. I'm looking for a new church home. 5 weeks of classes to join the praise team all for nothing.
New discussion group for The Story! Thurs after Praise Team rehearsal (approx, 8 PM). Contact Christine Eid for info.
Listening to worship music, tuning the spirit and mind, getting ready for the final rehearsal with the All Men Praise Team tonight.
Laaah laaah this praise team practice is niiice!! Am at church y'alls will catch u later..
Somebody tell any person that the RCCG's praise team is in the building.
BREAKING NEWS* Word of Life Praise Team located in the beautiful city of West Palm Beach, Florida under the Leadership of Pastor Ronald & Queen Hinkle will be releasing their single Mighty Righteous God. Stay Tune for more updates and where to purchase your CD. God Bless!
LOL yall aint want me on the praise imma sit my non singing tail down in the BEK
I hope the praise team pick up the harmonies for this song quickly.
Preparing for a great time of Worship with and Praise Team.
praise team warming up for singing "JESUS HOPE OF THE WORLD" by
Prepare yourselves for the debut of the greatest praise team in cchs history
Tristan is low key excited about college Sunday lol I have no choice but to listen to the college praise team music over and over.
William.McDdowell yes I love that song MtOlive praise team be killing this song.
What happened to Francis Adjei and the Pentecostal Praise team?
A praise team member of fountain wow! I love praise & worship
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I have a dream for this praise team i'm working on. But it is so hard living way over in Taft.
Mark T. Jackson & The word church praise team going hard @ tye tribbet concert!
Part of our SRBC Youth praise team leading in service tonight. So proud of these folks!
Applaud and Praise Team Fury for giving Haye 2nd chance!
Tonight Rehearsal with Demetrius Tollfree and the hosanna praise team was epic! 👌
Come out to the drop ins tomorrow at 7:30 with the amazing $5 or $2 with donation!!!
My praise team director looks like Adam Levine , if Adam Levine had brown hair , it's kinda weird lol
Gonna start a Graham Kendrick cover band and call it a "Praise Team".
That person in the choir or praise team that doesn't know the words to the song so they go into worship.>>>>> lmbo
had a great time playing with the BCM praise team tonight! can't wait until next week ☺️
gul Vivian kicked me off the praise team, lmao
Ya. He seems A LOT different than when he was leading the praise team lol
lol last year I went home & sang with the praise team, my god dad was like starting to sound like an …
Ever since I got sat down from the praise team at church, I've been feelin my walk with God ain't as close anymore
tanae I hope you could sing for praise team
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I want to hear the praise team do the Meek Mill intro during praise and worship
Things to memorize for this week: praise team & choir song harmonies, song for my guitar class, micro. & anthro. lectures & drama cues.
You do not want to miss LU Praise team leading us in worship on Wed at 6:45 pm in the sanctuary!!
Just made my famous spaghetti. Praying for our Scouts, ELC board and Praise Team who are all meeting tonight.
Concert band. Also, I made the junior praise team!
Praise Team leading us in congregational worship.
Getting to be apart of such an awesome praise team is such a blessing!
I tell my praise team we have a responsibility BUT the CONGREGATION has a responsibility too!!!
On a weekly basis whether I'm leading/ playing on the organ or in the background w/ the praise team I see people:
because many times U have to almost sing your voice out, preach & do flips to get people to respond/participate with u & the praise team!
I have average people on my praise team w/a heart for God. No studio, bgv, tour experience. Just average 9-5ers who want to sing praises.
my throat hurts. i think its cause directed the praise team. *IM GLAD IM GLAD IM GLAD*
No clue what our Praise Team will be singing today.
RAKB will provide pizza at 6:30. Service starts at 7! N'side praise team will be playing and Jordan Jeffers will speak.
I am AMPED about college choir and college praise team
A member of my praise team was on the Today show this morning after she gave birth to her twin boys!
When church planting among the global poor if you want a praise team you have to reach them & teach them to play
Still so happy & pleased with how great rhe youth dis yesterday! Singing all day! And special S/O to my faithful praise team members!
wheel chair praise team?? Im done!! Lol. Hey, God will honor any praise :-)
Baptist AllState Chorus, Orchestra, & Praise Team nominations are being accepted now thru October 14. Visit our website to send your list.
UNB praise team- The blood still works by Irene Russelll -
40 Days of Worship at Faith Church Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 · 7:00pm – 9:00pm 40 Days of Worship at Faith Church Join us to exalt the Lord together Wednesday, Oct. 9th at 7pm Faith Church: New Milford Campus Worship led by Ryan Masse and our Praise Team
On our way to Washington DC to worship in the black caucus assembly. The Mt. Zion Praise Team will represent the state of GA. What a humbling spirit we all share to be apart of a wonderful event. Thank you God for the opportunity to praise and worship in Washington.
Info on Gary Tremper wake/funeral Gary F. Tremper Sr. of Maybrook, NY, a retired Police Captain for City of Newburgh Police Department, and a lifetime resident of the area passed away September 11, 2013, in NYC. He was 62. The son of the late Eugene and Beverly Drake Tremper, he was born April 28, 1951 in Newburgh. He was a 50 year member of Moulton Memorial Baptist Church where he was a member of the choir, the Praise Team, and The Messengers, Board of Trustees and Church historian. Gary graduated from Valley Central High School, Class of 1969. He always told his children that his first job was as a speed bump. Gary was a member of FOP Mid Hudson Lodge, Orange County Shields and Goodfellowship Dartball League. He wrote articles for Area Auto Racing News out of Trenton, NJ for over 30 years. He enjoyed watching any type of car racing from dirt tracks through NASCAR. His favorite driver was Carl Edwards. Hew was a Yankees fan and a NY Giants Fan. Gary loved history, especially WWII and the Civil war. He a ...
Praise Team will be playing and singing out side of St. John's tonight--for the Orchard Park ice cream social--music starts at 7p.
Join us tomorrow at 5pm for the "Sound Of Praise" Concert at Roy Wilkins Park. We will have Guest Choirs, and artist including our own Evangelist Valerie Boyd, 2013 McDonalds Gospelfest Winner Sheener Bailey and the NGBM Praise Team. In addition our Founder and Apostle John H Boyd Sr . Will Be honored. Were asking everyone to come celebrate with us the night Before the Big Gospel Tent Opens. We Look Forward To Seeing You :)
I have had a wonderful weekend. Went out last night with a awesome couple thank you Kevin for a Birthday and Thank you Heather Cheever McCormick for inviting us. We walked around down town until the rain started again. Went to an absolutely wonderful service at Monticello Christian Church where Pastor Chris hit a home run again with Call to Fall. Ended a great service with the Praise Team bringing Jesus front and center. No better way to have a weekend!! I am very blessed thank you Jesus!!
Praise Team and "Orchestra"; you did a wonderful job this weekend. Thanks for your efforts and keeping up when we needed to add a chorus or two during the times of response. Many made decisions for Christ this weekend!
Why did my twin just say that Pastor Hezekiah Walker needs to stop by TG and hear the Praise Team rip his latest single,"Every praise"! She's a little biased, don't you think!!!
Yes, it's been a long week but it was also a great week! I want to first thank our CKMK Presiding Prelate, Bishop Charles W. Harris, Jr . and our Assistant Presiding Prelate, Bishop Calvin N. Singleton, Sr. for allowing me to serve in this great reformation. To all our CKMI family and friends we thank you for your love and support all this week. To all of our CKMI Pastors and Churches who came out in awesome numbers to support and serve during our entire convocation - we say "thank you" to you as well. We could not have done it without you. Also a Special Thank you to all who served and ministered this whole week: to Melissa C. Bethea & the CKMI Praise Team, Tiffany S. Rasbury and the Convocation Choir - what an amazing week for our music ministry! Thank for the opportunity you gave LC as well - he will never ever forget that! Oil of Joy & Send Up Judah were fantastic all this week as usual. Thank you for ministering to us in such a powerful way! To all our ushers, to all our greeters, deacons, security, ...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Willie “Mann” Brannan, Willie “Mann” Brannan, age 50, passed away Saturday, June 22, 2013 at his residence under the care of Southern Care Hospice after an extended illness. He was a native of Toombs County living the past 15 years in Appling County. Willie was a member of the Baxley First United Methodist Church and also a member of the Praise Team; enjoyed fishing and playing music and loved his family very much. He was preceded in death by his parents, Robert and Juanita Tootle Brannan; one daughter, Linda Marie Stapleton; two brothers, Robert Willie Brannan and Fred Rosco Brannan; two sisters, Geneva Rountree Phillips and Nellie Dean Fish. Surviving is his wife, Kathy Rich Brannan of Baxley; three daughters, Hannah and Rocky Lynn, Christie and John Smith and Amber “Tootie” Rich all of Baxley; adopted children, Robert and Amanda Phelps, Jonathan Vasquez and Amy Rich; adopted mother, Marie Brunner and husband Charlie; two sisters, Betty Phelps and Melina Englett both of Baxley; three brother ...
Greetings in the Precious name of Jesus Christ! We pray you all have had a blessed and safe weekend! Join us today, June 23rd, the Fifth Sunday of Pentecost YOUTH EMPHASIS Day! Please join us at both our 8am and 11am services where our YOUTH will take part in the worship services. Our 8am Praise Team will render Ministry in Music at our 8am service and Mr. Johnny Walker, our Youth Choir, and StJ Sons of Allen at 11am. We also invite you yo join us for our weekly fellowship breakfast at 9am. Sunday School start at 930am where we offer classes for ALL ages. We encourage you to come worship with us as we support our Youth! Share this post, call your family and friends, or inbox someone and invite them to church. Remember God loves you and so do we!
Once again, I and The Inkster Community Choraliers must thank all of our special guest(s) this past Sunday for our 3rd Sunday Musical. Thank you to Supt. Dwight Walls (Pastor, Greater Shiloh COGIC), Elder Kenny Walls, The S.L. Roberson Chorale, Mr. Roger Banks, Monte Thomas and The St. John Baptist Church Mass Choir, Dancer Joie Richardson, Dancers Shirley Elmore, Regina Elmore-Stevenson, Ronetta Elmore, Raiesha Elmore, both Psalmist who were incredible in their own way, Judy Thurman and Hazellette Robinson (both of you were phenominal) Maestro Michael Mindingall and The Greater Shiloh COGIC Praise Team, (and the Walls Family). Lastly, I must always thank The Inkster Community Choraliers for their dedication and committment to the Lord, Thanks to you all! God Bless Each of You.
GOSPEL SINGING & GREAT FOOD! How can you resist that combination? There will be a gospel singing at Black Zion Pentecostal Church in Pontotoc, Saturday, June 22, at 5 p.m. featuring the group: "His Instrument" - Michael Taylor, Lori Franks, Randy Gray, Nicole Gray - from Nettleton. Also featured will be soloist Michelle Wright Carrier as well as the BZPC Praise Team. Following the singing, IGNITE Youth will be selling food in the Fellowship Hall as a fundraiser. For more details, photos and directions to the church, visit
Good afternoon fam! My my my what a time of worship we had at the Olive today!shout outs to Praise Team the 7:45 service and to the Youth Choir and Drill Team, band at the 10:45 service!And OMG..what a word from Pastor William T. Glynn..Ex.1:8 A Forgotten Man.. Thank God for the Joseph's in my life..yall had to be there!song:If He did it before, He can do it again..same God right now..same God back then! Tye Tribbett..
Sure, I miss the beach but hearing the Praise Team practice Christ Is Risen Indeed & reading over my sermon notes before Midway Baptist Church gathers to worship fixes it.
Shout out to the BEST CHURCH IN THE UNIVERSE The Potters House of Dallas Inc...the baddest band Jamar Jones Thaddaeus Tribbett Aaron Delossantos Marcus Dawson Myron Butler Jarriel Carter Antone Amalbert Jay Lawson, Steve Bruton, the baddest choir/Praise Team (too many to tag) and the best Pastor/Bishop this side of gloryland, Bishop TD Jakes..I am blessed, honored and humbled to work along side greatness each week...I believe the best is YET TO COME...the church is on FIRE!!
I just got home from Macedonia Baptist ch. who hosted G.M.A.C.[Gosple Music According to Chicago, it was on jam. Chicago filled up Macedonia's choir loaf. and sanged like Angels. Flint Musicians, Directors,and Choir members you should have been there you Might have learned a little something. these people sanged. no little I's and Big You's. our reprensation's were very low. H.B. Dixon, Rasheen Coverington, Albert Strickland, Myself, Elder John Callahan, Elder Seon Thompson Bro. Leon Martin. were the only Flintstones that's in the music field were present. More of you should have been there. Doris Sykes from Maceo Woods church in Chicago was in attendance, along with Luella Evans Reed, Rev. Clay Evans sister from Fellowship Bapt. in Chicago were also in attendance. such a Glorius time in the Lord we did have. You Missed it. And Macedonia's Massed choir was in the House, they sanged. the Praise Team of Macedonia is on jam. Ellen Hamilton sanged with the anointing, which she should because her mother and f ...
Had an awesome evening at East East Immanuel Lutheran Church (Amery, WI) with confirmations students and the Praise Team. Thanks everyone for the fun!
We will NOT meet for Praise Team anymore until September 15th. I will miss my kids and look forward to a full class when we start back up! I am looking at a swim party for them in July...possibly 20th or 27th. Please let me know ASAP if there is a conflict or if one of those dates works better than the other. Thanks! 󾰀
I am so glad that I got to partake of the overflow of the Spirit at the Sunday afternoon anniversary service for Pastor and First Lady Florence. Awesome WORD from Dr. Kenneth Moore, blessed music from the Praise Team, Sharon Baptist Choir and (my, my, my) those young musicians playing under the ANOINTING!! God is doing marvelous things and may HE continue to bless them and Galilee GIP Holiness Church!!
March 6, 2013 Joshua Mills ministered to pastors and to the Praise Team + Day 2 of Glory Conference! Jesus worked wonders last night- a leveling up in the GLORY realm. It literally rained down gold dusts at Church So Blessed-QC! It was like a "habagat" (monsoon) of gold dusts everywhere! JESUS IS SO GLORIOUS! Thanks, Joshua Mills, for being a very faithful ambassador of heaven. =) - Pastor Hiram G. Pangilinan (c) CSB MEDIA TEAM
Those of you who attended our "Youth" Sunday last week expereinced the beauty of what we are accomplishing with our youth group. Great job kids and special thanks to Mike and Sue Freeman! Our youth meet on Wednesdays ay 6:00 p.m. - come and join in!! As well, our "Kidz Klub" meets at the same time and is geared toward elementary aged kids. Lots of fun and lots of great activities are planned. This Sunday, March 10 we return to a more normal schedule. Our traditional hymns will include: "Victory in Jesus" ("Showers of Blessing" (and "People Need the Lord" (as well as some outstanding praise music compliments of our Praise Team and Leader Greg Smith. Our message will come from the 13th chapter of Genesis, "Abraham and Lot", and will focus on the importance of following God's will, as He states it, not as we may interpret it. Come worship with us; gives a look. If you're one of those who have been here before, give us another look and see how we've grown. In the meantime, may our God bless you richly a ...
Anticipating a great time of worship this Sunday. We will welcome guest musician, Chris Thompson and will debut our Children's Praise Team. Special music is a new song by Chris Tomlin entitled, "Thank You God for Saving Me". We invite you to come and worship our amazing God.
Benefit Program Saturday March 2,2013 @ 7:00 PM 2555 Lacassas Pike Murfreesboro TN. Murfreesboro Community Church. For Earica Odom native of Murfreesboro who has been Diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma (bone cancer). Earica has four children. She is 42 years old. Earica Odom has been out of work since July2012. Since then she has under gone a bone marrow transplant. We are inviting the community as a whole to come together and be a financial blessing to Earica. Duran Buckingham and New Creation,NewHope Praise Team, Carrie Stern,New Covenant Praise Team, Hamilton Family and many more. Thank you in advance for your prayer and support .
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Wonderful Praise & Worship w/ Aaron Mark Harper and the Praise Team, spending time with my sister Sherry Hayes-harper god-daughter Trinity Harper, niece Ja'Me Liz Hayes, Pastor Michael Edwards Eugeneia Simmons & Edward R. Simmons. It has been a truly wonderfully blessed morning. Thank you Pastor Edwards for ur message and most of all Thank You God!!!
Blake Matson, Michael Panik and the Praise Team will lead us in some exciting contemporary, and heart-warming traditional Christian music as we praise the Lord. Come join us at New Hope Baptist Church. Sunday School - 9:30, Worship - 10:30. 950 Stephen White Blvd., Talladega.
A night of Worship with Israel Houghton @ Lakewood Church featuring Lakewood's Praise Team, Choir and Orchestra!!! Great time in worship!!
Because YOU are living proof of God's love! Beth Moore's life-transforming Bible study challenges and inspires women of every age, everywhere. Joining Beth at this weekend event is acclaimed worship leader Travis Cottrell and Praise Team. April 12th-April 13th in Greensboro NC. TICKET COST is $69. P...
Common Ground has the absolute BEST instrumentalists on our Praise Team! They really know how to Rock The House in a very professional capacity. Thanks guys for giving it your all; Brian Shubert, Adam Andrews, Jeff Boolman (Momo), Randy Lee O'Neal (Rolo), Jerome Isch, Gary Rue, Gary Seitz and Terry Bowling.
Wednesday night Word Church live is getting better & better! Awesome job Pastor Belinda Scott & Praise Team.
REFUGE tonight 6:30pm at Shoal Creek Baptist Church. We will look at "The Mystery of the Gospel." Bring $3 for Pizza and Drink (1st time guests eat free). Video from Drama Team, Awesome worship from Praise Team, High Five from Servant Team, and best of all you will meet with God. Why wouldn't you be here? Who are you gonna bring?
Join us for "Mic Night". Our guest will be Sister Henrietta Doswell and the New Jewels; our own The Fantastic Goldenaires; John Fox & Fellowship-Praise Team; Brenda Chambers & Unlimited Praise; our own Tammy Baxter and our own Dionne Lee. This worship service is Saturday February 16, 2013 at 4:00 p. m. here at Gospel. There is no admission and a free will offering will be taken. This event is to raise monies for the upgrade of our sound system and musical equipment. The Youth Music Ministry is sponsoring a trip to Six Flags Great Adventures June 22, 2013. Trip Costs: $90 per person. Admission for children 2 and under to Six Flags: free. Transportation for 2 and under $42. Price includes admission to park, roundtrip transportation, lunch in the park (at your leisure). First payment due: February 17: $22.50; 2nd: March 17: $22.50; 3rd: April 21, $22.50: final payment: May 19: $22.50. Deposits non-refundable. Children 14 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Please see Cathy B or Tammy Baxter for more . ...
What a wonderful few days of ministry in Ohio - in spite of the frigid temps and snow! We started in Florence, KY on Thursday night at Mission Church of God. Pastor Wayne Guilliams, his wife Lori, Paul, and the entire congregation were ready to worship! We had a wonderful time there, especially during prayer and altar service. On Friday, we visited Go Ministries in New Paris, OH, where Pastors Doug and Sharon Townsend welcomed us with open arms. What a powerful ministry! God is truly working in that church. We have already been invited to return there in June and hope to work it into our schedule. Saturday, we had the privilege of singing a full concert at Mt. Moriah United Methodist Church in Cincinnati, OH - and then Sunday morning the church welcomed us to bring special music for both services. Wow, worship there was wonderful! We had the awesome opportunity to see the Liturgical Dance Team and the Hands of Praise Team perform to several of our songs. It was a tremendous blessing to see these young peo ...
the counselor shares, "We, the Congregation for Cornerstone Community Church/COGOP 8003 Old Greenville Hwy, Easley, SC. Experienced a glorious time in the Lord this morning. We Opened with the Reading from God's Holy Word. Then anointed Praise and Worship from our Praise Team. We then Worshiped in Giving of our Tithes and Offerings. This was followed by two wonderfully anointed Special songs. Pastor Lain, our senior pastor, brought forth a very anointed Morning message, the Holy Spirit seemed to rest on the Congregation and people were visibly moved as the pastor preached a message entitled, "Never the Less!..." (Lk. 5:1-11. Blessings, Church Family for Cornerstone Community Church
Thank You too everyone that helped with The Courageous ladies of Faith Event . Staring with The Holy Spirit all the way to our new friends that helped move chairs and dress the tables or just picked up wrappers out of the floor. I want to show my love and appreciation to you by listing everyone that helped. It takes a whole team to pull off a great success like this... if i forget your name please post it so i can add you to my event notes This list is in NO order. Sheryl K. Randolph Randolph and Sparka , Jeana Pitts Willis, Sheila Wolfe, Betty Tidmore, Chad Hallcox and Boaz COG Praise Team, Tammy Stricklen Cooper, WesleyandRachel Cooper, Jessica Bearden, Duane& Jamie Lankford Hodges, Stephaine H., Allen & Teresa Gibbs Turner, Jeff & Shona Bright, Mark McDuffie, Ray Ray & Patsey Linsey, Yvonne Jones, Keena Lori Mashburn, Regina Kelley Clark, Ryan Banes, Ashton Dalrymple Banes, Thank you to all my cooks.. Ryan Mcelrath, Tim Schaffer, Jeff Cooper, Daddy Cooper, Ryan Bristow, Ryan McElrath, Lisa Isreal,Br .. ...
The Waylin Grace Prayer Service was held on January 19, 2013 at the First Christian Church in Paducah, Kentucky. Starting with an opening prayer for Waylin by Todd Belt, Heather Swingler told us the story of Waylin's fight. An awesome song was sung by the F.C.C. Praise Team. They sung a beautiful song called Hold Us Together. Special thanks to all who came and prayed for Waylin, CJ and Corey to a candlelight service. In the end releasing 500 ballons in hopes God would hear our prayers for this precious family. Please pray for Waylin who is fighting against this cancer Neuroblastoma. You have many who love you Waylin and pray for you daily. We are fighting with you kido!!!
Typhoon Pablo Relief Concert / SNL's Praise Band performing This Saturday, Jan. 26, 4:00pm at Vista Church 4200 S. Chickasaw Tr, Orlando, Florida 32829 A group of five churches in Orlando are coming together to host a Benefit Concert and prayer time to raise funds to help with the victims of typhoon Pablo in the Philippines. The event will be held at Vista Church this coming Saturday at 4:00pm. Our own SNL Praise Team, "One Take", will be one of the performers. After the show will be an opportunity for fellowship with members of the hosting churches.
IN FROM FRED 13 HOURS AGO: From Fred: This is a Prayer and Praise reminder. While we are experiencing the very first baby baby baby steps in Kris' recovery, we need prayer all the more. Our battle is "not against flesh and blood" and we must remain watchful and increase our commitment to be prayerful...and please be Worshipful.we still need to hear about times of refreshing and uplifting worship and praise that you all are having for Kris...maybe some of the suggestions we need to repeat: go to your Praise Team's practice..crank up the tunes everywhere.even sing by yourself in the car (thanks RD LARSON!).please some of you write a new worship song, even if it's like a prayer...the Psalms were just that.we want to hear from you, who was in your prayer group...who prayed what.and, did anyone listen.what did Jesus say...we need to know.we love you all so much.some of you we will only meet in Heaven...Wibby and I are going in to sing to Krissie again...Wibby will hold Kris' hands up as we do our best...she ha ...
:-) Sing it, Chris Tomlin... or UPC Praise Team! :-)
Did you get a chance to hear our weekly announcements? If not, be sure to come out to Solid Rock on Sundays at 11am and Wednesdays at 6:30pm to hear the WORD! Our Sanctuary Choir and Praise Team will rehearse tonight, and our Children's Choir will have the evening off. They did a wonderful job singing on Sunday morning! We are STILL looking for Ushers, Greeters, Morning Set-Up Crew and Retail Sales Assistants to volunteer for "A Night of Hope" on Friday, February 8th with Pastor Joel Osteen! Call the church or stop by to sign up! wWw Wednesdays are ON FIRE! Come out this week at 6:30pm for two power-packed mini-sermons and a worship experience! Have you heard? We are "Receiving the Promise" at Solid Rock! GET YOUR INHERITANCE!
Today has been a great day. This morning I had a battle within myself about driving the 70 miles to church. At one point the devil almost won, but the car just kept going toward Beckett. I am so glad that I didn't turn around and go back as I really wanted to do. I am tired. Moving was harder on this only man than I though it might be. The fellowship was so great this morning. I have some true real friends at Grace Church. Although I wasn't able to sing all the songs that the Praise Team sand, I loved the words. The morning ended - as it always should - with a great message from God's word. Bro. Steve, I have sometimes felt very close to what Jonah did. It was a truly inspiring message. The rest of the day has been good - two loads of laundry (Man do I miss that washer and dryer in the apt), emptied a couple more boxes, and washed two loads of dishes. Some day it will all be done. GOD HAS BEEN SO GOOD IN MY LIFE!
What a blessing today at the Spiritual Leadership Prayer Breakfast. All I can say is Thank You Lord! God really spoke through Rev. Roscoe Perry and Rev. F. C. Henderson. They have really started off our year with some fire from Heaven. And the Praise Team really ministered to us today. And we ate good to!! :) Thank you Popular Spring for coming and making this a blessed time. Mt. Pleasant thank you for showing up strong, now let us take what we received and put it into action. Love you all much and God bless you all!
Had a wonderful service today at Trinity Baptist. Pastor Bob Wilson shared another wonderful message (with perfect timing, I might add), Brother Danny Brown and his sweet family were back from their vacation and the worship service was amazing, and we welcomed a beautiful new member into the church through baptism. (Sorry we had to freeze you, Marley!!) All in all it has been a great day! Now I'm looking forward to singing with my hubby and getting back to practicing with the Praise Team and getting ready for our Easter Cantata practices with the choir.
did the title track with the Praise Team at church
REMINDER: Only one service tomorrow and NO children's church. 10:00am is GO TIME!!! See ya there! Praise Team will be jammin!!
Beautiful Mosaics Family, On The Second day of Christmas. our C5 team gave to me, a rest from Wednesday night Church. This is the second day of Christmas and our C5 directors want everyone, including me to have a rest tonight. So we will not have Praise Team rehearsal or Hour of Power Worship and Teaching Service tonight. Take a rest and rejuvenate your body body and soul. Advent has been such a beautiful and fruitful time. We worshiped Christ in the Unity of Love and prepared the way for Christ to be born in us this Christmas Season. We want to thank everyone who decorated, organized, provided music, prepared food, gave children's gifts, visited hospitals, visited nursing homes, shared their finances and volunteered in any way. The generous contributions of Spiritual Gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality and Experience (S.H.A.P.E.) you share enable us to reach out to our world with LOVE! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Every act of service and kindness matters! We are all in this together! This is the s ...
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