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Power Rangers

Power Rangers is a long-running American entertainment and merchandising franchise built around a live action children's television series featuring teams of costumed heroes.

Power Rangers Samurai Super Sentai Samurai Jack Invader Zim Black Ranger Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Naomi Scott Amy Jo Johnson Micheal Bay Super Megaforce Krispy Kream Hardy Boyz Dino Thunder Jason David Frank Steve Cardenas

shift into turbo and make your way to the Teen Center on Tuesday! Watch the Power Rangers on the big screen…
Amanda and Ellen Ripley. Take your pick of the girls from Power Rangers.
I liked a video Jason David Frank on being kicked out of Power Rangers premiere
Haim Saban doesn't like Power Rangers being killed off? These guys would like a word then.
Power Rangers fans, You guys probably know Steve Cardenas more than I do.
I liked a video Super Hangout Bros. - Ft. Steve Cardenas and Jason Faunt - Power Rangers and Battle
I love every actor from Power Rangers,. Becky G?Marry me. Dacre Montgomery?Marry me. Naomi Scott?Marry me. Ludi Lin?Marry me. RJ Cyler?Marry me
I liked a video The Best of Power Rangers | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim
Elizabeth Banks in Power Rangers is not my cup of tea
Just saw Power Rangers at the behest of Great stuff. RJ Cyler, Naomi Scott, Dacre Montgomery, Ludi Lin, and Becky G are
Dino Thunder, Mystic Force, S.P.D & Ninja Storm were the best seasons of Power Rangers.
Just watched the Power Rangers movie for the first and all I can think is YES! !!! Krispy Creme is a very special place:)
SPD were the best Power Rangers. Swiftly followed by Mighty Morphin, Dino Thunder and Mystic Force.
I think Lucas should do a Power Rangers animation with him as the Black Power Ranger Adam
Heads up for those going to Wal-Mart to buy the Power Rangers movie, this is what you need to find.
I feel like Power Rangers Dino Thunder was the best Power Rangers season.
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Dino Thunder & Mighty Morphin the best Power Rangers ... don't @ me
Michael Bay worked on Power Rangers at some point?!
Character of Color of the day : Kimberly Hart | Power Rangers (2017)
Just got done watching Power Rangers for the second time. I would die for Kimberly Hart too.
The makers of the Power Rangers and the new Civic (Type R especially) are the same person
Why the Power Rangers movie ain't make the black dude the Black Ranger tho
I didn't realize was the Yellow Ranger in the Power Rangers movie 😍😍😍
It may be Power Rangers but legit Ooze is a good villain. Intimidating, entertaining, and shockingly dark for a power ranger villain.
me, at 1 in the morning: GO GO POWER RANGERS
This Power Rangers scene is a perfect example of why J&L cuts are necessary when editing dialogue. Cutting abruptly be…
Power Rangers is BA! Was the second best show when I was a kid after Scooby Doo
I just watched the power rangers with the deleted scenes im-
I don't even know if I can survive this comeback.
// Green Ranger was always my fave. Man.. I was around when the original Power Rangers made its debut.. not reruns. Smh I'm old 🤣
Raise your hand if you're the real leaders of the power rangers but white het men always get the credit
the decision to watch the new Power Rangers movie has probably been my best decision of 2017 so far
Ok the power rangers theme song while they walking out the tunnel is dope
Finally saw this movie. I liked it. Made me feel old, but it was good. — watching Power Rangers Movie
...relies more heavily on Japanese filming concepts, then see just how Americans realize how closel…
I liked a video Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - End of the Dino Zords (The Mutiny Episode)
we should be saving Power Rangers: a thread. 🏳️‍🌈
Good question. The only thing with enough girth and determination necessary to get the…
The Power Rangers movie was so good!😁🍿
Super Sentai is the real deal. Saban was licensed to rip off Super Sentai and there you go, Power Rangers.
Still unable to watch the new power rangers movie on xbox one. *** never had problems with any other preordered releases
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & the Power Rangers live in a shared universe, as revealed in one episode of Power Ran…
What do you fascinating about the story of the Power Rangers?
"Did I just hear you say we're the Power Rangers?"
I know every thing she's been in in the history of her life! She is power rangers! & 2nd the girl who…
The power rangers movie really deserved better it had a cast of all colors and included a LGBTQ ranger
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I may be in the minority, but I think a film in which they embraced just how campy Power Rangers re…
Just got my nerd on and watched the new power rangers movie.I can't lie it was awesome! 😍pink ranger 😍
That Power Rangers movie was good yea .
Watching this new Power Rangers movie rn, Billy really is a legend
Power rangers with a strong entry for worst call-back of the year
Hella late, but I finally watched Power Rangers and it was gooder.
Join the Power Rangers in Angel Grove as the destroy the ancient threat forever!
Issue of the Justice League/Power Rangers comic sees both teams trying to get to Angel Grove.
"The Ginyu Force is Young Thug's version of the Power Rangers" 💀💀
Free Ride has a great spot on the original Power Rangers movie soundtrack
Power Rangers actor RJ Cyler and other up-and-comers join Interview Mag's list of rising stars.
Are the Power Rangers the Perfect Model for Team Dynamics and Leadership? Workshop
92) My least favorite Power Rangers seasons are Megaforce, Operation Overdrive, and Samurai
Meanwhile in Tokyo...No terror, No body bags, No Military presence...just a dude in Power Rangers outf…
Two bros next to me at the bar laughing a lot and sounded familiar. Just realized sounds like Bulk and Skull from the original Power Rangers
I'd like to thank everyone who got me to this point. God, my mom, Amy Jo Johnson from the Power Rangers... everyone.
Just got done watching The Great Wall it was a good movie mixture of Starship Troopers, Power Rangers, and The Last Samurai
I liked a video Power Rangers Samurai - Test of the Leader - Power Rangers vs Moogers
We are having on HawkTalk this week!. He played the Blue Ranger in Power Rangers: Dino Charge!. Send u…
Dino Charge/Super Charge complete! . I've finally finished a series!. Just a million more episodes of Power Rangers to go!
[Ukiya] The 5th issue of the Justice League/Power Rangers crossover comic gets a new release date.
Dino Charge was the season that got me back into Power Rangers since Zeo.
Power Rangers star Ludi Lin has joined the cast of Aquaman. Deadline reports Lin, who played the Black Ranger Zack…
Ludi Lin, who played the Black Ranger in the recent Power Rangers movie, has been cast in DC's 2018 superhero film…
Ludi Lin, who recently starred as the Black Ranger in Liongate’s Power Rangers reboot, has landed the role of...
can't forget Amy Jo Johnson from the Power Rangers tv show.
I added a video to a playlist Power Rangers Samurai - Sticks and Stones - Power Rangers vs Negatron
talking about their superhero careers & they're only superheroes until they grow up, then they're gonna be Power Rangers & Samurai. 😂🤗💪🏼
Power Rangers must master the ancient Samurai Bow to defeat the dark forces of the Netherwo…
I liked a video Power Rangers Samurai - The Blue and the Gold - Power Rangers vs Antberry
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The same blue power ranger that dies in Saban's Power Rangers (2017)
Watching the original Power Rangers with my son. The only Asian character is the Yellow Ranger, the only black character the Black Ranger
So this *** who was a big fan of Power Rangers stopped talking to me when I came out. When I heard that they made the yellow ranger ***
Just saw Power Rangers. Y'all ain't tell me the yellow ranger was fine?
After finally getting to watch Power Rangers at the cinema (3rd times the charm) I can safely say my love for the yellow ranger is back
'Power Rangers' breaks ground with first *** big-screen superhero
I'm binge watching the original Power Rangers series on Netflix and the Pink Ranger Kimberly still gets me as hard as she did when I was 8.
When someone is talking about Power Rangers/ Super Sentai and/or Kamen Rider. I'm always like this!! :)
I liked a video 5 times Power Rangers toys were better than Super Sentai toys
I liked a video Super Sentai characters that appeared in Power Rangers
Power Rangers!. Jason David Frank and Amy Jo Johnson cameo at the last part is so green screen, like an after thought 👀
Also why do Steel Panther make me think of what it would be like if Power Rangers formed a band...
They will not except that Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and the one true Power Rangers and all others are 🚮
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (also known as Power Rangers: The Movie) is the 1995 American superhero...
I've watched so much Power Rangers over the longest bank holiday ever and without a doubt, Mighty Morphin Rangers are still the best.
Saw the new Power Rangers movie last night and it was good but it still wasn't touching Mighty Morphin or Turbo power ranger movies!
I have waited for my Maniac Mansion nostalgia for years. Beauty and the Beast, Power Rangers and now this 😭🙌🏻💕 so much fun
The are the Power Rangers. And the are Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd and Goldar combined.
I need to see the Power Rangers movie bc Naomi Scott
I'm thinking about what the sequel Power Rangers movie can have... Green Ranger? Lord Zedd? Thunder Zords? Ninja Powers?
In the Power Rangers sequel, can the female Tommy Oliver please be played by ??? ✨✨✨…
Thuy Trang (1973–2001) was a Vietnamese-American actress. She was best known for her role as the original Yellow Ranger in Power Rangers.
Not me, but that AoSTH, featuring Long John Baldry Robotnik - THEE depiction of the Dr! - and Power Rangers boxes a…
It's been revealed Trini will be *** in the Power Rangers movie... a moment for Vietnamese actress Thuy Tran who originate…
Ok but the Power Rangers movie is so good?!?
Who want to go see the Power Rangers movie with me tonight?
Anyway. Saw the Power Rangers movie today. Not gonna lie. It was really really good. And it had an Easter egg I loved.
Tonight, I a grown adult, am seeing Power Rangers the movie and I am thrilled to death about it. 😀😰😈 🤢🐷
I don't have that much affection for the Power Rangers, so I have no idea if I'll like the movie or not.
Did you end up seeing Power Rangers? I thought it was so fun. They really make Billy the heart of the whole movie.
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Wanna hear me gush about the new Power Rangers movie? Then tune into now!
Overheard Millennial conversation about Power Rangers movie:. "Yeah I'll go see it. It's cheesy, I know... but it's a part of your childhood"
Power Rangers with Braden, Cole, and Tate! Ps I didn't pick the movie
Power Rangers, what a movie, thoroughly enjoyed it, even the kid in me was happy
When OG Power Rangers 💖 🐲 collides with the new generation. Don’t miss all the Easter eggs in http…
Yo I just saw the Power Rangers movie and it was pretty dang good, would recommend.
As an aside, while searching I *finally* found the name of the Power Rangers like show I forgot the name of: Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad.
some Power Rangers just hurt my soul they're so cringey! Power Rangers Samurai is the only Power Rangers my soul can handle...
Samurai Jack is back, they released a new Power Rangers movie, and now Invader Zim is making a return. My childhood is all coming back 😫😫
Dave Chappelle back. Samurai Jack back. Power Rangers got a movie. Invader Zim coming back. 2017 not so bad🕺🏾
Power Rangers is in theaters, Hardy Boyz are in WWE, now Invader Zim is coming back. REALLY starting to question what ye…
Samurai Jack and Toonami are back on TV, Power Rangers is in theatres, now Invader Zim is coming back to tv? WHAT YEAR IS IT!?
This year is such a weird nostalgia lottery ?. Baywatch, Beauty and the Beast, Power Rangers, Samurai Jack, Invader Zim
Power Rangers, Ghost in the Shell, Beauty and the Beast, Samurai Jack, new Invader Zim movie... Did we go back in time or something?
Samurai Jack, Power Rangers, DuckTales and now Invader Zim. Did we go back in time somehow to my childhood?
Power Rangers, Samurai Jack, and now Invader Zim??? This is unreal
I added a video to a playlist Does continuity no longer matter in Power Rangers? (Samurai, MegaForce,
Samurai Jack is back, Power Rangers and Beauty and the Beast are in theaters... What a wild ride.
Power Rangers, Samurai Jack, Gorillaz.and now the Hardy Boyz. Just wondering if *NSYNC will completely seal the deal.
After seeing Xavier Woods do a 14 intro as a Stormblood Samurai cosplay I think I've realized that WWE was just Power Rangers for adults.
Never watched an episode of Power Rangers (until Samurai due to kids), but the new movie was pretty entertaining. Well acted, great casting.
If I had a penny for every time my friends started talking about Samurai Jack or Power Rangers, I could afford not to be around them anymore
'Power Rangers' actor sentenced to 6 years in prison for killing roommate with samurai sword - NME via
We live in a crazy time. JL, Nightwing & Batgirl. Power Rangers. Samurai Jack is back. StarWars is back. Hey Arnold coming back. This is insane -G
This power ranger says Jesus is his hero. Frank, who has appeared in several roles in the Power Rangers series,...
Every time I watch smth about the new Power Rangers movie I'm distracted at how I have the same shoes as the Blue Ranger
'Power Rangers' actor sentenced for killing roommate with samurai sword
lol remember the Power Rangers episode where Aisha the yellow ranger was the only ranger immune to rap-based music attacks…
It's payday tomorrow!. Hit up the HiFi Power Rangers to secure one of the final paper Richy Ahmed tickets. We can'…
Maybe I'll buy a ticket to Power Rangers and sneak into Ghost in the Shell. I might need to see this train wreck.
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I feel like Power Rangers was just a giant ad for Krispy Kream. I could've pick a better movie to watch on my day off.
The Krispy Kream in the Power Rangers movie wasn't even a real Krispy Kream?. Thats.actually really funny
How would change the world If she had super powers
Found this video about kids today reacting to the original Power Rangers. Makes me feel old!
Anyone who saw power rangers and said it was bad didn't grow up watching it lol
All these Power Rangers avis. we all haven't grown up one bit
- Every Megazord in the history of the show:
I get that the Power Rangers cast wants to be inclusive & different by casting a girl as Tommy Unless you hooking her up with Zack
yes it does for Power Rangers but either way the gold and white goes to the best. Tommy is the greatest of all time 😤
Yeah I gonna see Power Rangers for my third time with my friend if she came back from Hungary!
just watched the power rangers movie... let me tell you... I'm the pink ranger idgaf lol
Your song at the end of Power Rangers= 🔥🔥🔥
Power Rangers of the West starring. as Warrior of KEK.
Check out my live stream: 'My Power Rangers Stream' at
I'm not even gonna go watch Power Rangers, since it got announced I knew it wasn't a good idea
Can't get enough 2017 Power Rangers? Check out Aftershock, written by - out tomorrow!
Me: Im about to go see the new Power Rangers movie . Tomi: YOU should be emPOWERing our Army RANGERS to track down all…
Yo, the power rangers movie was dope! I'm feeling all nostalgic, glad I saw it with the Familia. 💎
Clinton and i just got done watching power rangers and now we're at krispy kreme demanding all the power rangers donuts
I fw power rangers. lol I liked that the Black Ranger wasn't automatically the cool guy. I DID NOT FW THEM KILLING HIM. But did fw bhb.
watching the power rangers movie brought back soo many memories of when Alex and I used to wake every Saturday morning for cartoons😂
Literally judging you if you watched Power Rangers all the way through and didn't get mad at a certain scene at the docks. All im saying.
watched Belko, Power Rangers and Life with 2 of my fav people & . 🎥
I showed my nephew the Power Rangers I knew growing up compared to his Rangers. He said our Rangers looked *** I'm so hu…
Saw my girl in the new power rangers movie! So proud of her, too bad she wasn't as cute as the yellow ranger 😏
it's good? (I mean, in a power rangers, childhood, nostalgia way)
I liked a video from Why Bootleg The Power Rangers?
Since almost everyone is in Power Rangers mood it's a good time to remind everyone that Jason has always been better than Tommy.
This is the best Power Rangers morph.
can't speak to CHiPS but I had a surprising amount of fun watching Power Rangers.
Tempted to join this wave of power rangers avis on my TL
Did you know the creator of Power Rangers is an Israeli-American Jew?
Suggested soundtrack for the ride: Brian Tylers Power Rangers 😉
If chris martin scores al become a rangers fan for the rest of the season
Can't wait for Friday, it's payday imma go see Power Rangers and then fishing after
Just watched a 2 hour and 4 minute commercial for Krispy Kreme Donuts, aka Power Rangers movie. 6/10 too serious, not enough power rangers.
The Legends in the alternate reality look like a bunch of Power Rangers.
Just got done watching the new Power Rangers movie and I have this sudden urge to go get Krispy Kream
Is this photo from Power Rangers or Mystic Knights of Tir-Na-Nog? (Have fun googling that one)
Not in the new Legacy line, yet. That's the new Marvel Legends of Power Rangers.
Beauty & the Beast & Power Rangers' movies both out in 2017. So much nostalgia...this former 90s kid is loving it!…
Two former Power Rangers kids see the new reboot (and kind of love it): via
Former 49ers/Browns QB Jeff Garcia's thoughts on the new Power Rangers movie:
Power Rangers Super Megaforce or Power Rangers Megaforce is the most 'fun' season of Power Rangers. It's a homage to Power Rangers.
Those were Super Sentai suits that were never used in Power Rangers. The Megaforce production team was super lazy.
Dood is Super Megaforce the most OP season of Power Rangers ever? This stuff is cray.
Kinda sad the Newer Saban era of Power Rangers goes so fast. They're already knee deep into Super Megaforce
Well, here we are, one of the absolute worst all around Power Rangers seasons, part 2, Super Megaforce
So is RPM the last good Power Rangers season? Samurai was trash and Megaforce seems also trash.
When I was little, I mailed the p.o box to join the Power Rangers fan club. I got free vhs episodes and a lunch box.
Power Rangers was AMAZING! killed it. The whole cast killed it. 4 year old me is screaming inside.
my son want to see Power Rangers again!
Rewatching Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and it has a lot of fat jokes, it's pretty weird
*** even Power Rangers SPD has better fighting than Iron Fist
for a chance to win a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers tpb from http…
Oh. Power Rangers was just as good, if not better, the second time around. Eager to keep seeing it for as long as it's in theaters 😏
Power Rangers lived up to the hype & skyrocketed my expectations 💞💞💞
Movie theater was packed for Power Rangers 😂 Lit movie tho🔥🔥
My day consisted of naps and watching the Power Rangers & Friends, almost a perfect day 🙃
Yo I was happy af watching Power Rangers lol recommend it
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I havent seen any power rangers cept whats on twitch, the original from tv and a couple of the movies
Low key wanna see the new Power Rangers movie.
"IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!". Have you guys seen the latest Power Rangers movie? I'm gonna catch it next week maybe!...
I just watched Power Rangers it was awesome
Hmmm the Power Rangers Time Force Rangers teaming up with the Lightspeed Rangers
Really believe Power Rangers could be one epic anime.
power rangers was lit and I'll gladly go see it about seven more times
The new power rangers reboot looks lit
The new Power Rangers movie looks amazing
Oh, one more thing... The new movie of Power Rangers is cool :v
I just saw the new Power Rangers movie. So awesome!!! And now I want to watch the original movie.
Hopefully I can see the Power Rangers movie tommorrow.
Anyone wanna go see Power Rangers To get in Clackamas?
If you've watched the power rangers as a kid I'd watch the movie. Isn't everything, but good enough
I should have taken myself to the movies I wanna see power rangers lol
George Strait songs in the power rangers movie >>>>
Power Rangers was fire, just went by super quick
Word up to the homie for the Power Rangers recommend. The movie was fu*king 🔥🔥🔥
I was never really into Power Rangers like that
Power Rangers didn't disappoint 😍 interpretation of Rita was amazing! Loved the whole cast!
Power rangers was terrible and I loved it
Power Rangers was everything as a kid. Good? Bad? Seems to have mixed reviews.
Power Rangers is the Breakfast Club update we all so desperately needed.
Power Rangers has a mid credits scene, so don't get up and run out.
Need someone to go see power rangers with when I get off
I added a video to a playlist New Power Rangers Try to Name Original Series Monsters - IGN Daily Fix
Relive your youth with these new toys + gear.
did Michael like the new power rangers?
Power Rangers movie was just as dope the second time seeing it than the first time.
I mean knowing that I'll be able to relate to atleast 2 of the Power Rangers makes me even more excited to watch it now!
Of all the people that go to see the movie, at least 1.86M people, excluding duplicates.are interested in Power Rangers.
New Power Rangers touting they have the 1st *** superhero. Not SO!! Captain Jack Harkness is omnisexual & totally bad as…
I showed my 4 yr old the power rangers we grew up on compared to his new rangers. He said our rangers looked *** Nvr felt so…
Our Rapid Reaction to the Power Rangers is up on Youtube. Check it out, and don't forget to like and subscribe...
Ludi Lin, the actor playing the Black Ranger in the Power Rangers movie, is almost too beautiful.
I really want to go see the power rangers movie :(
The reboot Power Rangers movie is like Micheal Bay running for Oscar
I liked a video from Power Rangers: Super Megaforce - Legendary Battle Super Extended
Russia gives new Power Rangers film 18+ adult rating after it's revealed reboot features LGBT ...
//The joke is the fact that Super Sentai makes an equal amount of movies a year then Power Rangers has it's whole existence\\
. oh yeah there's a lot of older people that still watch Power Rangers and Super Sentai (the JP originals)
Spencer won't stop talking about the new Power Rangers and Kentucky basketball winning tonight
The AVGN's recently released Super Sentai/Power Rangers episode is just simply glorious.
Fridge Logic works for Micheal Bay so it will work for Power Rangers.
Basically have a Power Rangers show based in the 80's and use that old Super Sentai footage. Just a idea.
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I had no idea Super Sentai, the show Power Rangers gets footage from, is so old. Why not make a retro show using old footage?
What do you want to know about Super Sentai and Power Rangers? I have literally ALL THE ANSWERS in terms of plot and characters
I have the original Japanese Super Sentai series the 1st Power Rangers season was based on; it's really neat...and violent.
let us not forget that Power Rangers is only an adaption from Japan called Super Sentai..
is coming up at 10E with a look at the show that would become the Power Rangers.
Power Rangers or Super Sentai? — I've only really watched Power Rangers. I have plan...
It's morphin' time! In honor of the new movie, you can save BIG on Power Rangers and Super Sentai releases today at https…
'Power Rangers' and 'Wilson' fail to impress; 'Beauty and the Beast' breaks the box office.
When you realise that Power Rangers is an American adaptation of the Japanese series Super Sentai
Woke up with a swollen 👁 after dreaming that I had a street fight with the Power Rangers... maybe it wasn't a dream?
Power Rangers was just Amazing, that's how our childhood should be done, thank god Micheal Bay had no hand in it.
Naomi Scott in Chanel Spring 2017 & Tamara Mellon sandals at the 'Power Rangers' LA Premiere
Things I thought I'd never say, "Hi, one student ticket for Power Rangers, please."
Go! Go! Power Rangers! Thank you for getting your POPs ant Big Boys Toy Store.😄. regrann from…
.Trying to be excited, but chest looks like a Power Rangers mask, shoulders Lk like one of Cybill Shepherd's Moonlighting outfits
Molly Sims, Skai Jackson, Willow Shields & more attend the 'Power Rangers' LA Premiere .
I always dream to watch Power Rangers movie in theater cinema. My dreams finally come true.…
Leaping when you're excited just sounds like really early bad power rangers acting
Overheard: My Grandmother: Did you hear that one of the power rangers is *** in the new movie? Me: Good...
Who's down to see power rangers heard it wasn't bad
tbh the new Power Rangers movie looks bad ***
Accompany me to the midnight premiere of Power Rangers if you're tryna catch this heart and not these hands
Ready for that Power Rangers to come out this weekend
Who tryna squad up for power rangers
Cant wait for power rangers the movie tmr and also coldplay concert nxt weekend. 👍🏽👍🏽
I want to go see Power Rangers but I want a date 😥
Some more pics of Lil from the Power Rangers premiere she's so beautiful goodnight 😍😫
I wanna see power rangers for the childhood i once had
I know a to old for this... but I want to see power rangers and captain underpants!!! Childhood return 2017
I'm so confused on how this Baywatch movie seems to have a better understanding of its source material than Power Rangers??
Enter 4 a chance 2 Win A Trip To San Fran, CA to see the home of the Power Rangers. NPN 18+. Ends 4/2/17. Rules
I gave my nephew to watch Power Rangers, but his sister came in the room, so I unplugged it. He plugged them back in so only her can listen😂
But how don't you like power rangers ? lol they was lit back in the day
I think I'm gonna watch that power rangers movie
Power rangers tomorrow opening night can't wait🎉🎉
*already know I'm gonna see power rangers at least 3 or 4 times in theatres* fight me
I actually wanna see the power rangers movie, idc lol
why the heck is the Power Rangers' theme song stuck in my head
All the Power Rangers reviews are saying it was a really fun movie. Can't wait to see it!
Me avoiding spoilers about power rangers all day
Me, Friday heading to the movie theater to see Power Rangers
Get your tickets so see the new movie Power Rangers from
It's morphin' time as Vancouver actor suits up for new Power Rangers movie
Objective review of Power Rangers: Fun, with some obligatory cringeworthy moments, but a surprising amount of heart. 2.5/4 stars. Banks is 🙌
Might just wait till next week to see power rangers. I'm a fan but reboots can wait.
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New Power Rangers come out this week.hmmm lit
So my family was coming up with new power rangers my son is Blue Otter Ranger, is Pink Owl ranger & I got Purple Ape Ranger
First time using the new Power Rangers filter that dropped at midnight 😂😂
Tim was right. Power Rangers IS a remake. Please Gregg, get help. Not yourself.
It's morphing time the original Rangers at the Power Ranger movie premiere tonight so cool. Jason . Zack . Tommy . Billy http…
I'll be watching the Power Rangers movie tomorrow. . This kid is excited. ITS MORPHIN TIME.
What if you were given the opportunity to be part of a team to save the universe? This is the Power Rangers.
This trailer audio added to the original Zyuranger series is hilarious:
So we're sitting RIGHT behind all the original Power Rangers .
Movies I need to see ASAP: Logan, Beauty and the Beast, and now Power Rangers😩
Who trying to see power rangers with me Friday?👀🤔
& follow for the chance to win a set of exclusive morphing Power Rangers Pop!s!
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