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Power Rangers

Power Rangers is a long-running American entertainment and merchandising franchise built around a live action children's television series featuring teams of costumed heroes.

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Power Rangers movie review: What's with all the Krispy Kremes?
I think one of the things which is detrimental to Power Rangers' (and Super Sentai's) coherence is how many zords they try to pack in now.
He was from Power Rangers: Dino Force or something like that. Like the Stephen Baldwin of Power Rangers shows.
LGBTQ 'Power Rangers' lead is a first for a mainstream superhero movie (
Power Rangers muna kasi bago Beauty and the Beast enebe!
I'm just kidding I'm sorry its such a nice gif the power rangers are a very iconic group
Wait is no one excited about The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers?
'Power Rangers': Film Review - Dean Israelite ('Project Almanac') directs this reboot of the teen superhero fil...
Why my dad and his friends out here looking like some pimp Power Rangers in their fur coats
The original Power Rangers were the only good ones.. Who cares if he was a "power ranger".. HE'S A FAKE! He doesn't…
I kinda REALLY wanna go watch the power rangers
I was excited for Power Rangers for like 5 minutes because of some positive reviews but then I saw David Ehrlich's review
Uhhh Power Rangers out Friday? I'll be in those movie seats front and center Friday at noon
This is the exact opposite of what a power rangers movie should do though lol
LoL... They're blatantly comparing power rangers to Zack Snyder... Smfh
I want to go see Beauty and the Beast or Power Rangers this week
EXCLUSIVE: joins as the new Gold Ranger!.
dang I missed 2 entire seasons of power rangers lol
Ricardo Medina - 38. Power Rangers. Pleaded guilty to fatally stabbing his roommate with a sword. Plea deal for Manslaug…
I'm Finna watch this power rangers movie idgaf lol
The new Power Rangers is in theaters NEXT WEEK! So to celebrate it's history, we ranked our TOP 5 original Rangers! Who's…
The Power Rangers are BACK and ready for action! ⚡️ See them in cinemas March 24.
Im surprised that the first Power Rangers reviews are actually good
I guess let's watch power rangers, starting with last week's ep.
Growing up, Power Rangers was like a live-action JRPG.
this power rangers marathon is nice - it's like a buffet where I can sample different series and watch in full the ones I liked
i gotta go to school tomorrow and im staying up watching power rangers cuz its way more fun than doing hw. I hate school
Oh so. Power Rangers guy gets 6 years for murdering his roommate but this guy gets 40 for getting revenge for his d…
Power rangers will either be a 10/10 or a flop there is no in between
1.0.5 includes the "Power Rangers" skin pack DLC, which will be available to purchase when full release hits all stor…
Start it up Thursday bc they'll all be watching Power Rangers
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Growing up as a die hard fan of MMPR, I looked at the trailer for the upcoming Power Rangers movie and I am questio…
Former 'Power Rangers' actor pleads guilty to killing roommate with sword. Ricardo Medina, 38, pleaded guilty to...
"Power Rangers" star admits to killing his roommate with a sword
Former "Power Rangers" star pleads guilty to manslaughter via
A 'Power Rangers' actor has pleaded guilty to stabbing roommate to death with a sword:
"Power Rangers" Star admits to killing his roommate with a sword via
One of the 'Power Rangers' got off with manslaughter for doing his room mate with a sword.
I can't believe Seyong from Myname is the Red Ranger in the new Power Rangers series.
A former Power Rangers star has admitted killing his roommate with a sword
Sentencing is scheduled for March 30, with Power Rangers star Ricardo Medina Jr. facing up to 6 yrs in state prison
'Power Rangers' actor admits to killing roommate .. Never mess with the Power Rangers...ever
New header , u cant tell me Power Rangers aint have Sauce 🤔💀
The Power Rangers were *cough* mine and I ban Hugo Weaving in yellowface.
Power rangers: there's a *** girl !. Power rangers 2 secondes later: one of the Power rangers die :). Me:
.and are both featured on the Power Rangers soundtrack!
I'm going to be in the next "Power Rangers" Movie and the next Assassin's Creed Movie💯 I was there from the beginning
"If you can really earn the moment that they become Power Rangers, that is an enormous victory for the movie." -...
Enchroma and Lionsgate are giving free glasses to select color blind fans. More at:
I enjoy watching power rangers with twitch chat because it makes me feel like i have friends
Power Rangers star Ricardo Medina Jr. has pleaded guilty to killing his roommate:
"You ooze, you lose!" My ★ review of Mighty Morphin' The Movie (1995) on
Tomorrow, I'm gonna do my top ten Power Rangers. I've never actually taken the time to think about this, but I think I should
When is the villain gonna make the Power Rangers bang the MegaZord?
*** I missed the Green Ranger arc of the OG Power Rangers.
GO GO POWER RANGERS!. On March 14th, watch the ENTIRE original series with the rest of the Twitch community!
This month has been killing it for movies. Can't wait for Power Rangers & Ghost in the shell. 👌🏻
Not really that tired but gonna try and sleep anyway because everyone is sleeping. Falling asleep to Power Rangers
and I had a long conversation about Power Rangers and then some. What you think about the movie?
I can't wait for the power rangers movie!
REVOCATION'S "Communion" to appear in upcoming 'Power Rangers' movie! via
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
I liked a video from MY POWER RANGERS AUDITION with the 2017 MOVIE CAST
its gotta have that tho, or its not Power Rangers
'Power Rangers' actor enters plea after allegedly killing roommate with sword
"Power Rangers" star Ricardo Medina Jr. pleads guilty to voluntary manslaughter after killing roommate with a sword https:…
I don't remember the power rangers movie being this horny
"Power Rangers" actor pleads guilty to killing roommate with sword in 2015
The are actually wearing Power Rangers-themed jerseys on Friday night.
Today on Power Rangers, an evil Ethel Merman monster forces the Power Rangers to dance.
I wanna go see Logan, Get Out, Power Rangers, and King Kong over break lol
I always thought Power Rangers was some trash, you in high school fighting puddies(sp?) that look like *** in canal st tech fleece, nah
New Avengers, Power Rangers and Popeyes cherry pie the only reason I haven't went to jail this year
Free Advance Movie Screening of Power Rangers (in Victoria, BC via (Contest) -
Free Advance Movie Screening of Power Rangers (in Peoria, AZ via (Contest) -
Free Advance Movie Screening of Power Rangers (in Vancouver, BC via (Contest) -
Free Advance Movie Screening of Power Rangers (in Tigard, OR via (Studio Code) -
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Free Advance Movie Screening of Power Rangers (in Tucson, AZ via (Studio Code) -
Free Advance Movie Screening of Power Rangers (in Winnipeg, MB via (Contest) -
Free Advance Movie Screening of Power Rangers (in Esquimalt, BC via (Contest) -
Free Advance Movie Screening of Power Rangers (in Chicago, IL via (Studio Code) - https…
Free Advance Movie Screening of Power Rangers (in Halifax, NS via (Contest) -
This Friday 1st outdoor track meet at U of A (Willie Williams!), Next Friday the Power Rangers movie! Life can't get any better than this
Kong was so good but a word about the previews:. 1) Power Rangers looks amazing?. 2) Lowkey Tom Cruise is aging nicely (The Mummy)
I think Lord Drakkon will be the villain in one of the Power Rangers movie and he's revealed to be played by Jason David Frank.
It feels like the 90′s are making a come back. Power Rangers? Samurai Jack?? I’m waiting for fruit gushers to make a come back!
Dragonball Super, Samurai Jack, Power Rangers... Get me some dunkaroos and re-enroll me in Karate, baby. I am officially 12 years old again.
Kids Choice Awards pre-empt. Only time Power Rangers aired on KCA Sat. is when Alex Heartman was nominated during Samurai.
Does continuity no longer matter in Power Rangers? (Samurai, MegaForce, ...
Hope you've enjoyed these big movie-review projects. Oz, Power Rangers, Kong. Now that they're finished, I'm auditioning…
I don't wanna start something, but personaly i just think Power Rangers is a bad adaptation. RPM and Samurai as my example.
Samurai Jack and the new Power Rangers movie are both coming out this month and I am way too hyped right now.
Breast Cancer Awareness
We have Power Rangers, Beetleborgs & VR Troopers. When will we see Mystic Knights Of Tir Na Nog on DVD? One of my favorites.
Wow, Rita Repulsa from the new Power Rangers movie looks like a lady Loki and nothing like Rita. 😑
Get Out.. Logan .. Power Rangers , I need to see all 3 before the month is over 😤.
Ster Kinekor is chowing this month Logan, John Wick 2, Kong, Power Rangers!
Samurai Jack, Iron Fist, & Power Rangers in the next few weeks. Y'all *** ain't een on the radar.
Hey! I am an expert samurai, I learned from the Power Rangers!
New Zelda game . Brand new season of Samurai Jack . Power Rangers reboot. March 2017 is definitely trying to bring my childhood back.
I liked a video The Legend of Korra (Power Rangers: Samurai Style!)
I'm watching this Power Rangers movie and they are pirates. It's pretty dope and their megazord turns into a pirate samurai it's sick af
"Power Rangers 2017 Movie: Megazord" Pt.1. Biggest project yet, and it's come to an end. Hope you all enjoy it . (RT's app…
Trailer reviews from the kids sitting behind me…. Power Rangers: don’t want to see. Emoji Movie: want to see. Valerian: want to see
Power Rangers In space saved the Power Rangers franchise from getting canceled. Every single last Ranger played...
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't stoked for the new power rangers movie. Judge me if you want but that was my childhood😂
Makes sense: the power rangers are just as real as his alleged flat earth🌚
Your younger self is going to kick your *** if you don't agree that the Power Rangers movies is all your dreams coming t…
domain names
Introducing little brother to Super Sentai before he watches Power Rangers.
Power Rangers and Beauty & the Beast both come out in March... talk about 90's flashbacks.
That one time the Ninja Turtles met The Power Rangers...
Weapon debacle aside, this is the only thing that bothers me about the Zeo figures personally. Otherwise let's go!!…
The final trailer can't decide if it's or -
I wanted to hate the Great Wall movie. I wanted to hate it real bad. But guys? It's real fun. Its an army of medieval Power Rangers!!
Coming Distractions: The new Power Rangers trailer shows off its superhero side - William Hughes
Really just waiting on Power Rangers and King Kong to come out
Who gonna see the Power Rangers Movie with me! 💪🏾
So Lord Zed isn't the villan in the new Power Rangers film.
Saw some trailers last night. Ghost in the Shell looks *** 2nd Power Rangers trailer was decent! Logan looks kinda stupid. Pirate 4 sure.
okay I need a date and time when are we going to see power rangers
Id be lying if i said the Power Rangers movie didnt look poppin
Watch this killer, action-packed new trailer for the upcoming Power Rangers reboot. .
What do you think of the new Legacy figs? Galleries by
JOHN WICK has trailers for FATE OF THE FURIOUS *and* POWER RANGERS, what a double feature
Gotta go see the Power Rangers movie.
Beyoncé makes an appearance in Power Rangers
It’s morphin’ time as Lionsgate releases new Power Rangers trailer and TV spot
Power Rangers entrance > your entrance. Prepare to get mighty March 24.
ok but you're lying if you say the Power Rangers theme song doesn't get you pumped up
dude the Power Rangers movie looks really cool gotta say I'd be happy to see some cameos :) p.s it feels like Hunger Games etc
CeeLo at the Grammys looking like a Power Rangers villain
I liked a video Pat Jr. and the Power Rangers [Two Best Friends Play]
A 'dark' Power Rangers reboot series is in the works Rangers ♥➡️
These new 'Power Rangers' posters are incredible
There's no way Saban Brands would ever approve an R rated Power Rangers.
This doesn't even sound real to me. Would Saban Brands really allow for R-rated Power Rangers? That's a huge leap from the brand.
With this, Power Rangers, and Samurai Jack, i am welcoming back my childhood with arms wide open...
"Power Rangers" actors have shared our petition for a 25th anniversary reunion next season:…
Order Miche Bag Online!
Bill Nye coming back, Samurai Jack coming back, Power Rangers movie coming out, I can't take it.
Logan. Kong on Skull island . Samurai Jack S5. Iron Fist Netflix series . Power Rangers movie. OMG March has got very…
Next month is gonna be lit. Power Rangers, Kong: Skull Island, Logan, Ghost in the Shell, Samurai Jack, NFL free agency, and March Madness.
Between Logan, Samurai Jack, Iron Fist, Kong, and Power Rangers, March is looking *** good. Even if two of them suck it'll be a great month
If you're sad because you have no Valentine date. Just remember. Iron Fist, Samurai Jack, Power Rangers and Logan come out next month 😏
I liked a video from Power Rangers 2017 Pterodactyl Battle Zord with Pink Ranger
Saban Brands, Nickelodeon: Please create a Power Rangers reunion in 2018 for the show's 25th annivers... via
Power Rangers has showed us before it can be better, but I think Saban Brands is just not interested on doing better.
I had no idea there were so many different Power Rangers. We are now watching Super Megaforce.
Im hyped AF for John Wick 2 and the new Power Rangers movie coming out so lets go see that too lol
We have a new trailer with a first look at Bryan Cranston as Zordon!!! FULL TRAILER:
In other news you guys seen the new power rangers trailer? Maybe they can save us
・・・. Did you guys see the new Power Rangers trailer yet? We liked it,…
Power Rangers. Are you not entertained? I'm entertained. Andre is entertained.
The Doggie Kruger mask from Power Rangers: SPD looks so much better.
It looks so mediocre. There's too many tones when Power Rangers should just be campy.
Transform yourself with these stylish Power Rangers outfits
My inner child is going crazy over this new Power Rangers trailer 👌
Been up watchin old school power rangers with Lil Jr 😂
Ngl the new Power Rangers trailer looks lit
I liked a video from Power Rangers - Official Trailer REACTION!!!
And by action, not smashing windows and scaring townspeople. You aren't a power rangers monster. Do something produ…
No one will ever take them down. The power lies on their side . You, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers 🎶
Am I the only one who thinks the new Power Rangers movie looks like trash?
For those who don't know me, Power Rangers is a huge part of my life. It was my childhood, and…
Check out the new trailer for 'Power Rangers'
Btw, the Power Rangers movie is going to suck major balls.
I'm hyped for Logan and Power Rangers movies
New Article from our newest Staff Member! "6 Possible Sequels and Spin-Offs! "... htt…
.and are getting MORPHINOMINAL in Part 2 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!…
I liked a video from What Ya'll Think? | Power Rangers Trailer 1 | Reaction
Mighty Morphine Power Rangers. They put on costumes and lay around in a stupor.
Be on the look out later today for a Power Rangers Trailer video on my Channel
Power Rangers...when that movie drops in theaters we pushing everybody kids out the way
I've never been a fan of power Rangers but this trailer has me hookes
Instead of dwelling on this dismal inauguration day, let's focus on the positive—at least we're getting a "Power Rangers" movie. Wait. o__o
The trailer was amazing. And here's why:
They finally decided to make another one after 20+ years! John Wick 2 & Get Out in February; Power Rangers in March 😌
Nah fr though, im really thinking bout seeing that power rangers movie😂😂. Dont @ me
I rather watch the Logan and Power Rangers trailers over and over again instead of the inauguration.
"Pumped by the Power Rangers trailer? Because I am! March better come soon enough!" 😁
Power Rangers trailer 😭 fam i'm gassed the way i'll be doing flykicks on the Odeon staff
90's kids are aghast at the new Power Rangers. 2017 kids will love it. And me, who grew up with Transformers, is pointing an…
New Power Rangers... Needs Mr Motivator to introduce it though.
Power Rangers movie actually looks like something I will go in Limegrove and watch 🔥🔥🔥🔥
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I didn't know that Power Rangers can go Super Saiyan
Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! (Saban’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Mega Battle) live at
The new power rangers game is out today.. And I have some...Opinions. expect that some time tomorrow
I love the remix of the opening theme that is used! via
oh look a Power Rangers movie is being produced
Can't recommend enough. Fall in love with Then, grab All-New Wolverine, Justice League/Power Rangers, T…
oh yeah Power Rangers Mega Battle came out today I wonder how that is
Hey, that awful-looking Power Rangers beat em' up just dropped today
I'm 100% about to buy that new power rangers game
Tonight I'm streaming the new Power Rangers game on the Game Edition Youtube Channel. I'm turning up!
I added a video to a playlist Let's Play Power Rangers Mega Battle Part 4 | A trip to the Mall =
Tommy: "What do you want Metalhead?". I dont know Tommy. I dont know. Power Rangers with the real questions.
I don't remember this episode of the Power Rangers
Only 2 hours until our stream of Power Rangers: Mega Battle! Here's a glimpse of the toys you can win on Twitch! https:…
Henri do you feel about the new power rangers movie coming out soon
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
no PC version of Saban’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Mega Battle?
Here is a new review for you guys sorry its been a long time Power rangers 2017 movie megazord Review via
HOLD THE PRESSES...Why didn't anyone tell me the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Mega Battle Game came out today?! *
Meet the 'Meower Rangers,' a Furry Parody of the Power Rangers via
Sabans Mighty Morphin Power Rangers head into a Mega Battle on Xbox One and PS4
That moment you realize Power Rangers was on Fox Kids for 9 years, and now it's entering it's 7th year on Nickelodeon.
I wait all day for fifa 17 and you give me power Rangers. You the man😂😂
"Trump seems to have the emotional range of a Power Rangers villain and the social skills of a teenage Minotaur" strikes gold
I'm shooting to get all the power rangers at some point
Power Rangers SFX are ahead of their time. I did these same cuts in 6th grade projects
I liked a video from THE RANGERS ARE HERE!! | Power Rangers: Mega Battle Walkthrough
Not even ashamed that I downloaded Power Rangers Mega Battle on the PS4 today. Not ashamed, but very understanding of why I am single.
I liked a video Pirates of the Caribbean (Power Rangers: Super Megaforce Style!)
We know Nia Jax is a big girl.. but why have they gotta dress her up like a bad guy from Power Rangers.. they could…
Super Megaforce. What was/ is your favorite apparel to wear relating to Power Rangers or Super Sentai?
Told a friend of mine who's Vietnamese about the new Trini in the Power Rangers movie and he was pretty mad
okay but the fact that La La Land is from Lionsgate and so is the Power Rangers movie
I know that this is not something a typical "reviewer" does, but with all the talk about the Power Rangers movie failing or not...
so psyched for Jeff Bezos to play Zordon in the new Power Rangers movie
I really hope the new Power Rangers movie is great
I gotta go watch the Power Rangers movie for my bday 🎉 It's 3 days after but I'll still watch it lol
Btw The new Power Rangers movie comes out March 17th I think.
the more recent seasons of Power Rangers use more American footage and don't rely as much on Japan like Mighty Morphin.
Up late doing interviews with for our upcoming Justice League/Power Rangers series. Mighty Morphin Coffe…
The Disney seasons were the best of Power Rangers. They cared about the show then. I only brought up Megaforce because it is in the
Jonathan Tzachor, a director of Power Rangers. The best thing about Megaforce was when he got fired lol…
If 2016 was a season of Power Rangers, it would be Super Megaforce. Started with great expectations, but but ended with disappointment
The Blue Ranger from Power Rangers was *** & left the show because he was being harassed for it.
Bay produced those films, but he certainly didn't art direct them. They also look nothing like the Power Rangers designs.
Everything I read about the Power Rangers movie sounds fantastic. Everything I SEE, however, looks like a dumpster fire.
Remember that time when the power play was struggling? Neither do we. go 3-for-5 on the PP to put the Range…
Look how serious the Power Rangers look in those photos. Can't they be happy to be heroes? I blame the DCCU.
Babysitting my cousin who is home sick from school. I fell asleep watching Ninja Turtles and woke up to Power Rangers. Is this MY childhood?
I turn 31 today. I'm wearing a Mastodon Power Rangers shirt. Never change who you are.
It al started with power rangers for me
Still looking for a Power Rangers beta reader, mostly to proofread and spellcheck. Any takers?. details here:
I liked a video from Power Rangers Dino Thunder- Freak You Out
ICYMI: Has JASON DAVID FRANK's appearance in the Reboot been confirmed?
One of my regrets: . Takde gambar power rangers KR 2008.
I grew up watching 'Power Rangers,' 'Ninja Turtles', 'Batman.' You ...
bih i want to watch power rangers so bad it's my childhood + LOVE OF MY LIFE 😭😭😭
More Power Rangers movie toys offer a closer look at the new Zords
Lowkey really hype about the new power rangers movie
hey be like the Rangers let your goalie get drilled and do nothing 👍 there you go ..power play = enforcer
Predictably – given what is known about the movie so far – the new Zords are far less cartoonish…
If only Power Rangers were doing anything that didn't make me want to commit suicide a hundred times over while watching it.
Check out the exclusive first look of Movie Zord Poster. http…
The writting and acting in power rangers has Seriously gotten bad
& follow for the chance to win TEN Power Rangers Pint Size Heroes!
Power Rangers looks to VR experience to help kick off promotion. Read more: $LGF
Boy CK you are the best and I think u should watch Power Rangers samurai am I always S S. S SAMURAI SLICE that like button.
Fun Fact: Samurai Pizza Cats was dubbed by Saban, the company responsible for Power Rangers
Hi Dan, thanks so much for following me! I wish you luck getting that second controller for Power Rangers! Keep Being Awesome!
When I'm done with this work I'm watching all the Power Rangers again except Dino Thunder. I've seen it way too many times.
I stopped watching after Dino Thunder but Time Force is probably the best season of Power Rangers
Photo of the show's third panel with Power Rangers: Dino Thunder's Kevin Duhaney and Jeff…
Rita Repulsa in the flesh. Yes, I was a Power Rangers kid!
Dino Thunder was the last time Power Rangers was good? lol
Kyuurangers has wrist morphers. Last wrist morphers is in ToQger for Super Sentai. Last wrist morphers is in Dino Thunder for Power Rangers
. Ah, Power Rangers;. Dino Thunder was the best. Not that I watched it.
Hamilton Collection
Fans and friends, a young fan of Power Rangers, John Marrs III has passed away. Please keep his family in your thoughts.
I liked a video from Power Rangers: MegaForce Panel - RangerStop 2016 - Cameron Jebo,
Here is the video for those of you that missed the Power Rangers: MegaForce Panel from Enjoy!...
Really glad more Star Wars movies are coming out. Just the milk the franchise dry I don't care :(( . (Same with Power Rangers huhu tenks bye)
Power Rangers, as of the season finale of Super Megaforce, was ALL in the same Universe, except for RPM, which was excluded.
I'm getting sick of the "Why does Power Rangers have to have continuity?". THIS JUST HAPPENED TWO YEARS AGO. . Get off your…
I just use Netflix to watch Star Trek and Power Rangers shows.
-my memories of PR Dino Thunder begin to fade- oh no. something has happened to the airtight Power Rangers canon and timeline
When he says he likes Power Rangers, but doesn't know the difference between the Megaforce Dino Sword and the Mighty Morphi…
Sure, it is. And I know about Megaforce. I watched a bit of it. Like the ep where they had like 95 Power Rangers on screen
Toronto. Please share this casting notice. Looking for kids 11-15 for an American Ninja Warrior meets Power Rangers new ga…
Idk how the upcoming movie will be, but Power Rangers has been dead since Samurai because the seasons have gotten worse.
Can we use Power Rangers to fight the Russians and The Middle East.
I liked a video from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Season One - History of Power Rangers
Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder where at the tail end of my Power Rangers obsessions. Never got into them.
Marquette King:. - Taught himself to punt. - Dances on the field. - Wore a Power Rangers helmet to camp. - Should be your favorit…
PSA!!!. Netflix has literally our entire childhood of Power Rangers! I've never been this excited!
Never got why the Power Rangers, basically the tope people, got with the dirty turtles from the sewer.
He's probably the best Tommy since Tommy from the Power Rangers.
"Do not buy it if you have the individual sets. They have the exact same content as the 4 blu-ray sets." Aw man. :p
Rangers officially more dangerous on the penalty kill this season than they were on the power play last season.
If there was a power rangers course in school (for who knows what reason) I'd probably get 1000% 🙇🏼
Me while watching the new power rangers trailer:
My future boyfriend has to be down to watch Power Rangers w/ me js
Spoiler Alert! Melbourne will feature in the Power Rangers Justice League Crossover!
5 times Power Rangers toys were better than Super Sentai: via
I watched the same power rangers VHS every day I lived in Mexico and wore those pajamas every single day, don't @ me
That's an episode of the Power Rangers that I'm really sorry I missed!!!
Watching Turbo; a power rangers' movie and noticed some very interesting things.
Presenting the Power Rangers movie Dragonzord, with mini Megazord ;)
I liked a video from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink Boom! Studios Comic
When you think you've been really productive but you're just thinking of the 21 episodes of Power Rangers you've managed to watch this week
It's pretty great when you rewatch old Power Rangers episodes and recognize locations in Japan you've been before ...
Was humanoid Zordon from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie based on maskless Vader? 😳🤔
Current goal: finish all 150ish episodes of the original power rangers before the movie comes out
Almost cried when i saw Power Rangers trailer
Tom Taylor on the Power Rangers Batman crossover Comic huge logistics involved but stupidly fun
There's a new Power Rangers movie coming and.. *** !
When you find out Netflix has the classic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
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