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Power Ranger

Power Rangers is a long-running American entertainment and merchandising franchise built around a live action children's television series featuring teams of costumed heroes.

Power Rangers Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Rita Repulsa Amy Jo Johnson Green Lantern Angel Grove

Thanks TWD, StarWars, Cobra Kai, Bruce Lee Roy, Power Ranger, GOTGV2, and Dark Crystal walk into a bar. heard this one?
At least he could of worn Power Ranger pajamas on "sheesh" instead he chose to wear tinker bell pajamas.
When you're destined to be a Power Ranger ever since you were 3. @ Angel Grove
When I was in grade school, Amy Jo Johnson played the pink Power Ranger, so everyone called me Amy Jo and it stuck. .
One time for the first Black girl Power Ranger. . Aisha - played by Karan Ashley .
So is actually the black Power Ranger?!
Whether you're last name is Dorf, if you're a Power Ranger mid Morph, enjoy the sea and great tucker at 71 Wharf🤘
Red, like your favourite Power Ranger, or egg yolk yellow? Pick your favourite colour as part of a projec…
I wasn't going to watch the but now that I heard is the yellow Power Ranger. I'm in there like gym wear!
I voted yellow because it reminds me of my favorite Power Ranger, Trini.
Becky G, the new yellow Power Ranger, on Latino USA talking about her childhood...
The original red Power Ranger - Austin Saint John (Jason) is downtown at Comic Con. Thinking about going
If there's ever a gold ranger which there is in Power Ranger history it's
This power ranger says Jesus is his hero. Frank, who has appeared in several roles in the Power Rangers series,...
Peter Watergate also had paranoid nut job Pres and power ranger secret WH squad and extra points for Viet Nam.
Ex-Power Ranger Ricardo Medina is sentenced to six years for killing his roommate
Every time I watch smth about the new Power Rangers movie I'm distracted at how I have the same shoes as the Blue Ranger
Watching Power Rangers and hearing them say trini got me feeling like a power ranger, I am the yellow ranger that's a fact.
I found out yesterday that Thuy Trang, the original Yellow Power Ranger, was a Vietnam War refugee. She put a face to that crisis.
I say compromise and just make the Green Power Ranger a transsexual.
Could WCVB-TV have permission to use your Green Line Power Ranger pix with credit? Thanks in advance!
I knew that the yellow power ranger was named trini for a while but hearing them say it made me feel all special IM…
Power Ranger date night with my red ranger
Red Lion Wild Force Ranger ?! Former Power Rangers actor sentenced to prison for killing roommate with a sword
Ex-Power Ranger sentenced to 6 years in fatal stabbing - Breitbart
Kelly from saved by the bell or pink power ranger if I'm honest
Its been a dream do come true for a reboot as born in 90's & raised in a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger cultural lexicon.
Former Red Ranger Ricardo Medina Jr. faces six years in prison after using a samurai sword to kill his roommate.
lol remember the Power Rangers episode where Aisha the yellow ranger was the only ranger immune to rap-based music attacks…
Minxy Minx Yellow Power Ranger imthebeckyg shot and filmed by our lovely for…
That man Quavo looks like the black power ranger
features the first autistic superhero - Billy the Blue Ranger!
Yall call me trini now so I can feel like a power ranger
I've been watching way too many power ranger series lately
1.0.5 is out for ios. Also has the Power Ranger Skin pack featured. Changelog:
I want them to put the cars together like Power Ranger Zords
I believe he is violation of rule 2 of the power ranger code. Zordon is not gonna be happy.
he's a Power Ranger. The DA is probably a fan.
Do not sleep on Ludi Lin who plays the Black Power Ranger.. already a fashion icon
Wow ok the red power ranger is a solid 12/10??
When my mom finally let me dress myself, I would wear the green Power Ranger uniform
Billy the Kid explains the difference between the Red Power Ranger who killed his roommate with a sword and the...
If you're grown and talking bout that power ranger movie I've already made my mind up about you.
I mean, the more MECHA stuff the better, IMO. I didn't like Voltron's music tho. Power Ranger's power metal theme w…
What an awesome Saturday. Power Ranger movie, lunch date with the baddest woman alive, hoop session, now KU gonna roll over Oregon.
Simon Cowell honours Power Ranger creator Haim Saban at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. LOTS more pics and video:
Meet Black Singles 300x250
It's morphing time the original Rangers at the Power Ranger movie premiere tonight so cool. Jason . Zack . Tommy . Billy http…
D-League team wears pink Power Ranger uniforms
D-League team wears pink Power Ranger uniforms.
The red Power Ranger admitted to killing his roommate with a sword via
Ex-'Power Ranger' star pleads guilty to killing roommate - Woman's burned body found in Vegas is ID'd;……
Just paid for a lipstick with me power ranger watch because FUTURE
So the guy who played the Red Wildforce Power Ranger has just been arrested for stabbing his roommate to death. Rita Repulsa got to him.
Lord zed set the red power ranger up
How is stabbing your roommate multiple times in the abdomen with your sword = 6 years for manslaughter. ??
A former pleads guilty to killing his roommate with a sword:
This new Power Ranger film feels like they're taking hints from the DC Cinematic Universe, and not the MCU like they should.
When someone offers to buy you and your fellow power ranger drinks at
Topical story you might find interesting.
One of the 'Power Rangers' got off with manslaughter for doing his room mate with a sword.
Haven't seen these before though. Power Rangers Movie walkie-talkie with red and blue ranger
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"I want to say I am very, very, very sorry for what occurred".
we need a rich friend to buy us replica suits! I genuinely would love to go out for Halloween as a power ranger 😉
Ciara Hanna is selling her Art Work for charity!
TIL that the Red Power Ranger form Wild Force, Ricardo Medina Jr., plead guilty to murdering his roomate with a sa…
this guy fights like a power ranger I'm out
He real live was a Power ranger ..smh
Former ‘Power Ranger’ admits killing roommate with sword
Brings back memories of when I used to be the "yellow power ranger" lol
I suddenly am the number one stan of the yellow power ranger
Rita Repulsa tries to turn a Power Ranger into a monster with a beam but hits her purse instead, creating The ImPURSEanator. My word!
Can you imagine having to change your entire wardrobe, just because you became a different color Power Ranger?
Super Samurai Power Ranger pleads guilty to killing roommate with sword
I'm honestly so excited about this movie I still wanna be a Power Ranger to this day! 🙂
So funny, go watch it, go go Power Ranger!
Dating A Power Ranger is another great video by the one and only
I liked a video from Dating A Power Ranger
TBH!!! the sailor scouts out here moving literal planets. they'd have no trouble beating some power ranger ***
I can't believe Seyong from Myname is the Red Ranger in the new Power Rangers series.
It means so much to me that My Fave Power Ranger The BLUE POWER RANGER is gonna Be Portrayed as Autistic in the New Film !…
All this Power Ranger love goin' around! Meow's favorite was always the Pink Ranger, but I liked Trini better than…
❤2003 Jimmie Johnson power of pride ranger boat
A former Power Rangers star has admitted killing his roommate with a sword
Ex-Power Ranger pleads guilty to murder
Power Ranger jewelry celebs will be wearing - New York Post
We had a vote in college to decide the best Power Ranger. neither green/white were an option. Please tell my lecturer he is wrong
I liked a video from Power Rangers Ninja Steel Blue Ranger Morph
What did you wanted to be when you were a kid? — Power Ranger
it's true. He once dropped his pants to prove that he indeed had Power Ranger underwear when meeting Ted's classmates.
"One, you're gonna have to refrain from calling me Power Ranger. And two, Alfred told me he sent you some a while…
Is there a possibility of movie skins or pop culture gear coming to I2 (Example:Power Ranger gear for Robin.)
(1/2) Apparently, & even though I posted this photo before, it seems that my mom likes this photo of my “Power Rang…
Call to all Power Ranger fans!!. Adam Tuominen is currently in talks…
I liked a video from Power Rangers 2017 Pterodactyl Battle Zord with Pink Ranger
"Okay power ranger I'm a little annoyed to see my variation of the bat symbol on that chocolate when I didn't get a…
Conversation included making her wear the Power Ranger outfit without the pants, and filas
I liked a video from Power Rangers 2017 - Zordon foi um Power Ranger?
flashpoint is indeed very good. And stars the original pink power ranger!
Just swiped right on a power ranger. Fingers crossed ✌🏽
I liked a video from Power Rangers 2 - Rise of the White Ranger! Power Rangers
Exactly. Let a blue Power Ranger be a black guy, he's goin' die the first season
It been nice spending the whole day with the red power ranger. We went to the mall and to five…
Like u can't imagine how much I wanted to be a power ranger, I wasted my childhood on these dreams
I'm tryna show up to the Power Ranger Movie premier with a White Ranger Communicator to be THAT much of a badass/dweeb
Im just watching power ranger because im bored
. Zack Taylor, the first black power ranger,. Worst lining in the history of mankind
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i wanted to be a power ranger when I grew up
Has aneyone seen a monkey running down the road dressed as a power ranger if u have let me know as i have lost mine an…
no one told me the Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger was in this ep!! 😉😆
Only 46 days till the new Power Ranger movie comes out
I was think sox opening day dress up a black power ranger to get sox advantage
Are you kidding? I always wanted to be a power ranger growing up. (That or on Captain Planets squad. 😊)
♡♡♡♡ said to MonchoGraff: "Welcome follower, to the church of the power ranger! Always remember to spread the ♡"
DCUO:Power ranger series lets go new toon: via
Perfume should be looking like this full-time. I'm not here for Perfume rocking Mystic force Power ranger outfits into their…
10/10 would date. Depends on what Power Ranger you are tho
REALLY HOPE it's not a Power Ranger. Matthew Lillard or Ethan Embry would be fantastic!
Sean McVay is young enough to think a Power Ranger is something they say at MSG when a hockey player has a good game
The cannon on the back of the Power Ranger toy looks like part of the Space Jockey from Ridley Scotts
Cybertron: Original VR troopers pilot from JDF hiatus from Power Ranger...he was Ryan Steele before Brad Hawkins
Looks like a cross between either a Power Ranger or Ultraman and a male version of Samus Aran from Metroid. :-/
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Motion capture is amazing. I prefer it. You wear a 'Power Ranger'-esque suit, you have tape bal
Yo that video of the blue Power Ranger in cowboy boots dancing on the side of the road to Future "Married to the Game" is my mood forever
I gotta get me a Power Ranger and a Batman Beyond. Maybe some type of Spider-Man also.
The fact that who I used to go to school with knows a Power Ranger makes me jealous.
You are my best Power Ranger! You inspired me to be really smart. Because of that I have a 4.0 GPA in high school! Thanks!
Why didn't anyone tell me they dress you up as a Power Ranger at trapeze school?.
Starting to regret taking work experience at my old school, just got woke up at 8:45 to some kid shouting "Power Ranger!" Over and over...
Steve Cardenas a Power Ranger liked 2 of the photos I took at the Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth show on IG.
but here came the name of "Power Ranger" with American actors :( . I would have liked to see original Super Sentai in those years
Pending success we may get 7 Power Ranger movies. Will Lord Zedd make an appearance? We do know Robert Axlerod is...
Amy Jo Johnson was always my favorite Power Ranger
The new Power Ranger suits also look like they are transmetal characters from a Beast Wars Reboot. 😂😂😂
Theory going around that in this one Rita is supposed to be a former Power Ranger: 🙄
Gents night out ★ Captain America: Civil War (with Andre, Power Ranger, and 2 others at —
I tend on becoming the first real Power Ranger. Taking Martial Arts and ordering a cosplay. You'll see me on the news.
When the children get born you need to make them Power Rangers like SPD because I fix Angel Grove alone an I'm not a Power Ranger
I'm a power ranger I don't need protection 😎 but I'm dying so ily guys
The Yellow Power Ranger has been dead for 15 years.
I can finally use the Power Rangers gifs from the movie now since Tommy I'd turning into White Ranger. Yasss.
this *** Adrian hit him with the power Ranger, ninja flip lmao
Hella tough outchea when you're trying to live your best Power Ranger life.
Black panther looks like a power ranger in civil war
I showed up as a power ranger on career day
My dad just told the CFA girl he wanted Power Ranger to drink instead of Powerade 😂😂😂😂
He was also a Power Ranger. Flynn in RPM.
Anything Power Rangers lol I had so much Power Ranger stuff it's crazy
I was just asked what my favorite superhero design is. I'd have to say OG The Green Power Ranger. I always liked Green and Gold. $
I always wanted to be the red power ranger knowing *** well it was a guy.😭.
pretty sure I do. I have a lot of old power ranger stuff
Hot wheels cars and power ranger action figures.
Tie between Barbie boombox & power ranger gun that morphed into a sword
Anything Kevin Sullivan in WCW is like an episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I can't believe they never had a Green Rang…
Thanks I got one or two more ideas about new Power Ranger saesons 😉
Looks like an edgy power ranger, like Caius, which is another design by him for FFXIII-2.
How exciting is it to be the Black Power Ranger? I'm so excited for you!
I think Ludi Lin will be my fav Power Ranger in the film Ludi has the physique to be a Power Ranger he will be great.
Oh great, let's shift the balance of power completely over to New York values
Story of my life.. in my power Ranger helmet 😂😂😂😎
I think you've been called out as the Purple Power Ranger, Krista. It's morphing time!
currently remembering the day I threw my red power ranger into the air and it didn't come back down *le sob*
I told Noel I love you and his response was, "I want the blue power ranger"
“Everyone had their favorite Power Ranger as a kid. For me, it was Kimberly Hart.”
Just dropping by to say that would make the perfect pink power ranger:
I really enjoyed the Power Ranger action figures that used to turn into the mega power ranger when you put them together.
I guess my table in 4th period is now a power ranger table.
Trini Kwan is the only asian that become yellow ranger in Power Rangers History
My son wants all the power ranger toys now 😑😑 I swear he is such a boy! Lol The toys are like $30 each!
Everyone can't wait for graduation. I can't wait for Zordon to call telling me I'm a power ranger
Theres always that one kid that wanted to be a power ranger so bad.😔😔
I always knew Max Steel was a Power Ranger
Right?? It's funny too, looks like he's a kid? So it's like if Billy Batson had Superman's job and turned into a Power Ranger
One of the recent Power Ranger series in Japan had a cheeseburger Morpher you guys
Yep, this looks to be about blue jeans - now it's all [ black jorts | slacks | Power Ranger costume ] but God bless Dean Ambrose.
who's the better Zack? Zack the black Power Ranger or Zack Morris from SBTB?!
Few things bothered me more as kid than the fact the black Power Ranger's zord was called a mastodon but looked like a mammoth.
The black Power Ranger is on the Light Rail right now. He's put on some pounds since the '90s
He looks like Lord Zedd… why do all the new redesigns look like Power Ranger villains? .
five hero ¬¬ not only batman 4 hero ¬¬ not only power ranger 3 hero and 2 projects :D
A2: Xena, Gabrielle, the cast of Charmed, Willow, Tara, the Australian Pink Power Ranger was a crush of mine...The list goes on.
I see you met in their Power Ranger costumes, today they're Harry Potter. Glad you enjoyed   10% Off
Available to preorder at comic shops from Mighty Morphin Power Ranger: PINK! https…
gains a point, but could have had 2 points of not for ex-Ranger Brad Richards scoring on the power play with...
My mother almost turned into a power ranger in Home Depot today. I walked away...
I feel like when that-the green power ranger? when he turned into the white one.
How can someone say I look like power ranger 😩😩😭
in the video there were people in red power ranger looking suits in a desert so keep that in mind. but cooler than Rangers
Georgia shooting *** 61%!!? Excuse me while I go start a fight w a Power Ranger at the comic convention.
I go dumb off of two packs of now and laters then fight *** like i was the black power ranger
1. So I was at Lexington comic con and there were these three chill friends in rly cute fursuits and diff power ranger shirts
Power Rangers trubo is not one of mine favorite seasons but i want that Yellow trubo Ranger key
Red power ranger was always the coolest to me.
Welcomes Power Ranger Walter Jones. Power Ranger Walter E. Jones will be attending our... ht…
To assistindo power ranger no cartoon network 😍
I'm sure the kids liked the Power Ranger look.
"Hi I'm MJ the power Ranger how are you doing? My super power is to save the woled(world). I…
Update your maps at Navteq
I seen the yellow ranger from the mighty morphing Power Rangers. The thick black one 🙏🏽
Blaize's Power Ranger, gifted by Tequila Gary and Anne, is watching over us while we play at…
hey I don't remember asking a red power ranger to photobomb my selfie 👎🏻
If ever you're in doubt, just remember: Licking an electrical outlet won't turn you into a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger...
Found the green power ranger he told me "stay in school" ... Ok
okay *** Tanzanian Miley Cyrus power ranger, go and win this thanggg kay
When you try to call a Power Ranger and get away with it
If she can wear a power ranger shirt in public > . 😍
My son is on this new Power Ranger wave thing smh
If Leonardo DiCaprio was a Power Ranger he would've won an Oscar a long time ago.
fun fact: when I was younger i wanted to be a pink power ranger odmdjsknskd
My ultimate dream 3way is the yellow ranger from Power Rangers lost galaxy and Harley Quinn
Last night I dreamt that I bought a green Power Ranger suit and thought it was so awesome. - I'm 28.
New Dino Super Charge titles from FallingFree on Ranger Crew. hear anything? https…
Did it seriously take 23 seasons to have a Power Ranger named James. And yet in the first five years we had Theodore Jay Jarvis Johnson
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
So today I talked to Jason David Frank's daughter on the phone today. He's the green Power Ranger.
It's not but everyone should follow - Green (& Black) Power Ranger extraordinaire and a *** nice guy.
Also, you should take the Power Ranger approach and convert your entire wardrobe to green.
did u knwo that in 1989 there was a Power Ranger hot dog available at mcdonald's that was only available for a week in june
had my eye on a Power Ranger mobile for a while. '68 Barracuda, 383 cu in motor.just a bit on the pink side of purple...
There are mighty morphin' Power Ranger hoodies. I want the white and green one 💪🏾
I saw a Power Ranger in a blue suit on the highway just now.
it reminds me of Billy Goats, Billy Wagner and Billy the blue Power Ranger that wound up sucking *** & turning
Power Ranger confession: I used to wear blue undershirts because the blue ranger was my favorite.
📷 lunarskye: Your fav and only Black girl Power Ranger actresses for the Ashley as Aisha...
Having a heated argument about which Power Ranger you were going to 'be' at playtime
Custom power ranger shirts for Halloween. Custom designed with logos.
If you were a Power Ranger, what color would you be?
Test the dope with yo pinky finger.. Now he feelin lins a power ranger
We just keep locking them down. How about a little Power Ranger experience for you! Powerrangers Powerranger...
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If you're in magaluf this summer and see someone dressed as the pink power ranger buy that player a drink because it's me
Never trust what you read on the Internet. Green Power Ranger, over and out.
Is it too late to be a power ranger?
When I was 5 I thought I was going to be a Power Ranger.. But I was 5
Why are there 23 different Power Ranger shows on Netflix
S/o to the blue power ranger bc I just scorekept his basketball game tonight lol
nothing like making friends over your mutual hate of the Blue power ranger
Happy Birthday (from the east coast) to my Power Ranger birthday twin Hope to meet you at if you're there!
Hockey is happening. So is Episode 0 and Episode 1: David Bowie Power Ranger Ball are all yours.
sweetheart I love your DP!!! you're so pretty!! uo team replay kayo ni power ranger! charing!
Olive was my first major foray into channeling the green power ranger.
No lie season 1 of Power Rangers kind of goes down hill after the green ranger loses his powers
One Movie Done and New Improved Power Ranger Movie has Begun Filming with a great Creative Team and cast!
Everyone in my real life thinks I'm a *** Power Ranger. It's refreshing to come on here and be humbled 😭
Green Batman was my favorite Power Ranger guys.
Also I found a power ranger hoodie! I need it! But my sister didn't let me buy it cause I embarrass her doing Kung fu at Hastings 😔
Former Red Power Ranger has been charged for killing his roommate with a samurai sword
Heard some kids touring the Capitol Building call the Oregon Pioneer statue the "Golden Power Ranger." Perhaps a fitting name?
March 24, 2017 the power ranger movie coming out 😌
man the new power ranger movie looks amazing! Can't wait.
I met a guy in Disney World who used to be a Power Ranger in the parks, and he still had his morphing sequence memorized.
I just spent like 4 hours watching power ranger episodes what have I done
Power Ranger choice to be the Green Lantern.
Power Ranger choice to be the Green Lantern. David Wilk: But now, I have one question for all of you green lan...
I do! That was when Zayn told me his favorite Power Ranger was Tommy (the Green (and later White) Ranger)!
The moment you wish you can to the blue Power Ranger from and kick someone's butt.
6) I wanted to name my 1st cat Rosedust after the MLP but my mom told me I should give him a "boy name" so he was Jason the Power Ranger
I bet the pink power ranger is a sexy *** bi$h.
which is your favorite Power Ranger lol
So, what Power Ranger color are you supposed to be (or would like to be)?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
She lookin like the pink psycho ranger from Power Rangers in space
My green case for my laptop makes me feel like the green power ranger lol
Sage Northcutt is like a real life power ranger
Movie News GuideiZombi star Rose Mciver advices cast of new Power RangerMovie News ...
Happy birthday Baby J!🎉🎉 i love yo *** May yo 7th bday be blessed with Elmo and power ranger toys
A Power Ranger was in our school yesterday! 😂
I actually bought one last week because it was $3 on eBay and was listed as "Fire Power Ranger Loose"
my life goal will ALWAYS be to become a Power Ranger! If I never achieve this goal in my life, I will have accomplished NOTHING!!!
Blue power ranger isn't cool if I can't wear the mask.
I know the feeling bills are never fun.I always have a Power Ranger figure on my table when i pay bills.
Do you ever feel like a power ranger bc me rn
Would be the illest potato gun that would go power ranger blast it could mash it up, fry a fool…
Watchn Turbo: A Power Ranger Movie... I remember seeing this in the movies 😂😂
Not gonna lie. I would LOVE a Power Ranger Legacy Megazord. Yes, I am 28, and I am going to buy it...if I can ever find it!
called him a real life power ranger. He's 19! I didn't look like that at 19. ***
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Will there be a Green Ranger in the Power Rangers movie?
Thank you for my short story reference of The Forgotten Ranger Marvel who recently read my screenplay. Power Rangers
as a power ranger is the best thing I've ever seen
Mack called the Secret Warriors the Power Rangers. Everything is perfect.
go go Power Rangers.. It's the black ranger.. The MF *** RANGER..
Female Power Ranger in Melbourne to save us all
Was so tempted to get some Power Ranger or Zelda shirts but I held back a bit. Call Tiny Rick a test bed size wise.
Ivan Ooze better be in the new Power Ranger movie
Ann Curry is drinking her third martini, listening to Matt Lauer tell "cool" facts about the Power Ranger float, and she's smiling...
My name is Billy because my brother named me after the blue Power Ranger
Power Ranger. Nile Ranger is plugged into the mains for no real reason. Comedy.
“He was ready to morph into a Power Ranger 😂
To the girl at the gym using the elliptical machine in a red Power Ranger outfit, I admire your dedication to Halloween.
Wait.. so the spanish chick from Empire is playing the Yellow Ranger in the new Power Ranger movie?
This one guy in poli sci is dressed as a green Power Ranger 🆗🆒
I love my little Iron Man, Astronaut, Jiminy Cricket, and Power Ranger. P…
My mom bought me a pink power ranger shot glass, which is pretty sexist. I am a girl and I will be the red ranger!
Mari uses her gymnastics skills to do sick power Ranger moves when fighting
They cast an Asian guy to play Zack (Black Ranger) from Power Rangers. Time to get the popcorn.
PLS RT!! The Power Rangers movie has its Red Ranger find out more at written by https…
The new black ranger for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie isn't black anymore.
lol it can go from the pink power ranger or "ITS MORPHIN TIME" or "pterodactyl" so it depends lmao
Ima be the blue power ranger again 😌
The Power Rangers movie has cast its Black Ranger
Watching a compilation of all the Power Ranger theme songs and i swear I feel like a kid again.
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