Pound Puppies & Jim Parsons

Pound Puppies is a toyline sold by Tonka in the 1980s. It later inspired an animated TV special, an animated TV series, and a feature film. James Joseph Jim Parsons (born March 24, 1973) is an American television and film actor. 1.0/5

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Man I got a good ear sometimes...this also drives my husband nuts. Sofia was watching Pound Puppies today, in another room, and all I could hear was Sheldon Cooper/Jim Parsons. I thought for a second TBBT was on. Checked out the show and it was him, doing a voice for one of the characters! If anyone finds this kind of talent useful, and needs hired help, let me know, and for a large fee I'm all yours! ;)
Daughter's new fixation with Pound Puppies is made much more enjoyable by the tones of and Jim Parsons.
Watching Pound Puppies on The Hub right now, and Jim Parsons (aka Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory) is the voice of the new militant dog shelter owner. No mistaking his voice! He was on an episode of Super Hero Squad yesterday too. I adore him :)
SWEET! Just realized that Jim Parsons is in this episode of Pound Puppies :)
Ellie & I were watching Pound Puppies on HUB and whose voice should we hear but Sheldon Cooper! Jim Parsons is a guest star. :)
For you Sheldon freaks out there (Adrien), I just heard Jim Parsons voice on Pound Puppies.
Waiting on the bus and watching...Pound Puppies. Jim Parsons is on this ep. His character sounds just like Sheldon. Before I saw what was on TV, I thought I was watching an ep of Big Bang Theory that I hadn't seen before...
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