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Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn is an American-based home furnishing store chain with retail stores in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

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Went into pottery barn for the first time today and all I could think of was the friends episode.
My neighbors lit up Nextdoor talking about the creepy guy in the mask loitering outside the Pottery Barn. . It's a s…
My friends think I'm a mom... but who doesn't love Pottery Barn and Bruno Mars??
My mom got a $4,000 couch from pottery barn for $1,800 because they tagged it wrong 😂😂💀
Pottery Barn Kids has so much elephant baby stuff! 😩😩😩
Yesterday I walked into Pottery Barn Kids for the first time ever and the experience was EXTREMELY overwhelming
Don't forget to enter our Artisanal Vintage for your chance to $500* in Pottery Barn products! 💖…
I dunno if this is a controversial opinion or not but I honestly don't think kids need their own pottery barn.
Oops, yes, but they aren't at Pottery Barn but I think you should get one complimentary!! What say you WS?
Been thinking of a really nice purchase for myself... 2026... ...when 13 graduates college. . Maybe a Pottery Barn r…
Interview: Monique Lhuillier On Her Collection for Pottery Barn Kids | Rue visit us also…
the only reason I don't shop at Pottery Barn is because I cannot figure out how to get inside of it
Use this code at Pottery Barn & save 15% on clearance items & get free shipping. Check out the amazing products her…
We are LOVING this Junk Gypsy Company and Pottery Barn collaboration!
My aesthetic is going to pottery barn and sitting on all the couches to take a break from my strenuous mall shopping.
My goal is to one day be rich enough to decorate my home with literally everything from Pottery Barn
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
It’ll be before you know it! Shop Pottery Barn Kids’ backpacks, lunch bags, and more. AD
Monday has been brutal but the highlight is probs when my spotify decided to blast "bubble butt" by major lazer while I was in pottery barn.
Trump is the political equivalent of an expensive Russian vase that GOP accidentally broke at the Pottery Barn.
We are popping up at Pottery Barn in Stanford Shopping Center! This Saturday, June 10 from…
Don't forget!! HYD will be at Pottery Barn @ West Town Mall tomorrow from 11 am-12 pm. We'…
Enter my March sweepstakes to win $600 in gift cards from popular retailers such as Pottery Barn, Home Depot and...
One day only! 25% off and free shipping at Pottery Barn! Check out the new lamps, rugs, bedding & kitchen items:
Shopping for rugs for the kids room & Pottery Barn Kids is kinda killing me right now 😩😍
Small space? You MUST check out this home line:
The lovely ladies at Pottery Barn Kids asked to help. . Me: "Why, yes, where can I pay the $50 non-refundable deposit just to look around?"
If you're still confused over the argument of gender, just go into a Pottery Barn Kids and you'll see why people get upset.
Check out this deal: Pottery Barn Kids Pink leather photo box holder with dividers New…
Alarm bell if McMaster is advocate of nation-building. But probably he's in Pottery Barn school.
Would you believe I made this cubby organizer in only 20 minutes? I did!! Here's how I did it:…
Check out this deal: NIB Pottery Barn Kids Girls Taylor Juice Box Containers Cups Pink Set of 4 NEW…
I liked a video from Pottery Barn Eagan Inspired Dollar Store Mirror
Check out this deal: Pottery Barn Kids Toddler Bed, Mattress & Bedding
Check out this deal: Pottery Barn Kids - Baby Hooded Towel Monogrammed, Mackenzie…
Free & cheap crafts & classes at Michaels, Pike Nurseries, Pottery Barn, &more
Got Reign his Easter basket at pottery barn yesterday 😬
Check out Margherita Missoni’s Tips for Kids Room. Works for Any Space in Your from
Check out this deal: Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter Pottery Barn Kids 3 wall hangings green ribbons…
Check out this deal: NIB Pottery Barn Kids Butterfly crib nursery mobile
Why tf did I walk into this Pottery Barn Outlet ... 🙄
Pottery Barn to add merchandise for smaller living spaces in spring 2017 . .
Set up your wedding registry with Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn at our Bridal Show this Sunday, January 29!…
Pottery Barn have great homely furniture dont they?
Dear Lord Baby in your Pottery Barn Kids Crib, you really won the popular vote.
Sized just for little hands, Pottery Barn toy kitchen small appliances are perfectly designed for creative play.…
Pottery Barn's latest collection just made decorating your small home so much easier:
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Style combined with storage -- exactly what we apartment dwellers need!
These space saving furniture finds from Pottery Barn are super chic AND help create more space! Browse the...
Time to update your outdoor space? Check out this table and chair set from Pottery Barn that just came in.…
Kyliee told Santa she wants lots of stuff from Pottery Barn & Kids 😉 We are so excited for Kyliee's 1st Christmas ✨…
Trump poised to learn the Pottery Barn rule of governing
17. I stole $20,000 in merchandise from William Sonoma/Pottery Barn (as an employee) fired & luckily no 7 felony charges
Found Ryan Merritt's wedding registry on Pottery Barn. Thanks for the trip to the World Series. You're welcome for the tw…
Found out I could use West Elm GC at Pottery Barn! Just finished shopping! Sweeping is so much fun!
Then & now. The Colony theater is now a Pottery Barn. history museum shows it when Johnny Went Off To…
Enter to a Pottery Barn shopping spree for the ultimate room makeover!. ~~~►
music in a Pottery Barn seems kinda strange.
Dubya takes the Pottery Barn maxim to heart; he broke it (Iraq), now he's gotta fix it (Bathist-enabled ISIS)
Why pay big bucks for Pottery Barn when you can DIY? For less than half the retail cost, we built a
Get your hands on our ToyCare product at these following sponsoring locations: Ikea, Nebraska Furniture Mart, Rooms To Go, and Pottery Barn.
SHAME ON POTTERY BARN et al... tearing its
Downtown Bethesda continues to urbanize. Merchandise for Pottery Barn, my first sighting of a hand truck delivery
So I asked Nicole (the girl from Pottery Barn) out,& she turned me down. But she said it was only because she has a bf... I ain even mad tbh
I just can't wait to get a house so I can buy all of pottery barn
I look at pottery barn dorm ideas for 10 mins and my cart is already at $400 🙂🙂🙂🙂
West Elm on If Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn had a baby, then it would be West Elm. There really isn't a…
I go to the pottery barn. I eat the pots
My goal in life is to have my house fully decorated in Pottery Barn. And be a good mom. I can tap out after that.
$500 gift card to your choice of Crate & Barrel or Pottery Barn. Enter our Spring Sweepstakes for your chance to win!
Yes, Pottery Barn Kids can accept returns for Pottery Barn items purchased online. Have a great day!
50% off sale starts tomorrow at 8am! Great bargains like this Pottery Barn Train Table ($400 retail) for under $90
Pottery barn. You're killing me. I just bought bedding and now I want this too. 😫💙
What do you say we go in my car for 15 minutes while my wife is in pottery barn?
Want to win Win $2,500 from Pottery Barn Kids for Your Dream Nursery!? I just entered to win and you can too.
At first I thought she was making Pottery Barn wall art, but I think i like this Dollar Tree project WAY better!
Pottery Barn to open at Bradley Fair this fall (+video) - Wichita Eagle (blog)
First Apple Store, then Pottery Barn, now this! PLUS Cheesecake Factory coming in spring. FANCY!
I just want to redo the Hearst Castle in Pottery Barn. Did you see those rugs? With the red couches?. HIDEOUS.
. and I are choosing our fave murder weapons in West Elm and Pottery Barn
They're opening Pottery Barn Kids in Green Hills? You know something kids don't need...a *** Pottery Barn.
Is 11:45, I've been drinking wine all night, and I'm just opening the box to the Pottery Barn Kids desk. 12:20 target. Go
To those of you who think you are more thirsty than me, I just walked into pottery barn bc there were attractive people i…
I just checked in at Pottery Barn with Download today!
yes I cannot wait for you to try out the new wicker chairs I just got from Pottery Barn!
Jazzy Christmas music really takes me back to those great holidays spent at Pottery Barn in the mall.
I can't wait to have a house of my own so I can decorate it all in Pottery Barn!
I didn't take much away from my time at pottery barn other than becoming a master at gift wrapping
This is my favorite Christmas decoration. Got it from Pottery Barn years ago.
For your little prince or princess. Does not include pea.
The day the Pottery Barn ornament designer said'F it I'm gluing fur and glitter to cardboard and updating my resume'
Benjamin Moore Creamy White: its old color name ... -
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Check out this Pottery Barn bedroom inspired look for less.
"If you declaw the cats theyll basically die if they ever leave the house". "yeah but one was digging their claws into my pottery barn duvet"
its going down.. or should I say up, price expires Sat. 12/26 think fast! POTTERY BARN ORGANIC SHEETS KING
Me: Do you like the pictures I put up? I feel like I live at pottery barn. Everywhere I look there's an inspirational quote
Hermes to relocate Toronto flagship to part of Williams Sonoma/Pottery Barn space.
Charlie: Uh, Ross, you just gave a B to a Pottery Barn catalog. Ross: It had some good ideas. Take off your shirt.
Apply now to work for Williams Sonoma, Inc as Manager - Pottery Barn in
Williams-Sonoma CC: Good response to outdoor furniture at Pottery Barn. Is seeing a good response to paisley for the fall. $WSM
Global - Pottery Barn needed in at Williams Sonoma, Inc. Apply now!
Pottery Barn was quite nice - felt like a cross between David Jones home section & Laura Ashley, only not as expensive.
NeuvooChesterUS: Check out this Manager - Pottery Barn at Pottery Barn in
Williams-Sonoma Inc. is looking for a Planner– Pottery Barn in apply now!
Art Director Q Caylor sets the tone for Pottery Barn's summer catalog.
Check out this II, Pottery Barn at Williams-Sonoma Inc. in
We come to the biggest outlet mall in the U.S, and the first place I go is pottery barn 😐
Williams-Sonoma Inc. is hiring a Barn Kids Global, apply now!
*walking around pottery barn*. Me: this is a rich white person store. Mom: I am rich and white you ***
Starting to feel as handy as Nate Williams. Today's Pottery Barn reclaim project. This thing is crying out for a shrimp boil.
My room is super cute, it could be in a pottery barn catalogue
Apply now to work for Pottery Barn as Manager-VIsual in
- Pottery Barn needed in at Pottery Barn. Apply now!
You can get a tiny tablecloth for a DOLLHOUSE from Pottery Barn for $18.99, or I could just come over and punch you in the face for free?
I found $200 Pottery Barn giant storage bins on wheels at the Goodwill for $20. That made my life tbh.
Pottery Barn Kids select luggage and backpacks~ 60% off--free shipping
Elizabeth Berkley and her family attend a Pottery Barn event at Gracias Madre! -
Pottery Barn Kids luggage and backpacks up to 60% off--free shipping
Best scam going is telling my wife I will put youngest down for a nap while passing out on the Pottery Barn Kids chair in her room.
Williams Sonoma, Inc is looking for a Barn Kids Global in apply now!
Spending the day web shopping at Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel and Restoration Hardware in preparation for the big move.
Being in Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn makes me so excited to have my own home someday ☺️
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Check out POTTERY BARN Brushed Nickel Clock with Three Faces for Three Time Zones via
Catherine S.'s Review of Pottery Barn - King of Prussia (1/5)
I heard train killed it on the pottery barn stage at south by southwest.
Williams Sonoma, Inc is hiring a Manager - Pottery Barn, apply now! (
My "Things" jar would be bigger. Much much bigger! @ Pottery Barn
Ok that's pretty funny. But me and Pottery Barn are in this together.
My grandma literally bought a bag of "purified sand" at pottery barn 😑 she lives five minutes from the beach 😅😂😂
You know you're a proper grown up when you buy homewares from Pottery Barn
Thanks BRW for the good news. Pottery Barn to open at 46 Janes St, Fortitude Valley. Can't wait. Pass…
With West Elm, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware and Crate and Barrel among others right at your doorstep, the...
The University Theatre on Bloor (now Pottery Barn) playing Return of the Jedi. Smash of 1983.
I mean, the stomach flu sounded better than going to Twelve Oaks Mall, registering at Pottery Barn & spending my Saturday with Jake anyways.
Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma to close next month on Lincoln Road
Enter the Pottery Barn Give Thanks Giveaway for a chance to win $2,500 from Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids and… http:/…
Pottery Barn sends catalogues with purchases, so I'm designing an imaginary $20k nursery. How do people have kids AND afford this stuff?
Boynton Beach Pickup XP Pottery Barn Kids Bakery Stand and Cover $50 The kiddos loved it:) Smoke free home
Movie idea: It’s a Wonderful Life except replace George Bailey with Pottery Barn... and a bleak glimpse of a world without it.
Cleveland-UGG boots, Pottery Barn crib set, lots of toys Great for Christmas gifts! Prices & sizes listed on pics.
Pottery Barn's Grand Opening is tomorrow, November 21st!!! The first 200 shoppers that visit the brand new store located near Macy's Men and Home will receive a gift with purchase. Enjoy complimentary beverages and snacks throughout the day. Celebration starts at 9:50a.m.!
Looking to dress up your table for T-giving? Check out my finds from Pottery Barn: -Rebecca
To celebrate Chuck Williams’ 99th birthday, Pottery Barn is giving you a chance to WIN a Calphalon Elite 3 -...
I heard Pottery Barn Kids has the best costumes which is weird but we gon have to get Chase together
Adorable overload at the Pottery Barn Kids pumpkin patch! Our treats were a hit!
Dying over the Pottery Barn Kids Halloween costumes! They're so cute! Jackson would never keep the…
I'm sorry I rammed your wedding cake with the new Pottery Barn candelabra and screamed, "The stripper needs to breath…
Well that was a fun back to school shopping experience. My favorite purchase has to be Vanessa's American Girl dolls plaid uniform. Too bad we couldn't even get Vanessa the matching uniform cause it was sold out!!! And so much for those Pottery Barn backpacks. They're still lost in the embroidery dept. Can't wait for Vanessa's first day of school!!!
Amazing offers at Pottery Barn Kids "50% off and 30% off on school bags at Pottery Barn city centre"...
Pottery Barn white kids trying to turn up
Mine is Pottery Barn, dude. So I can't judge. I saw Caroline Kennedy speak here a few years ago. She was great.
If I can't live in Pottery Barn, I'm moving into Williams-Sonoma.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Pottery Barn Teen twin canopy bed. $100 does not include mattress.
Pottery Barn Kids crib skirt. $15 no stains or rips. Just needs to be ironed.
Pottery barn is the most pointless store
Pottery Barn Kids bath rug no stain or rips $10
Hanna thinks Pottery Barn is a painting place
Pottery Barn Kids shower curtain green and white $10
Pottery Barn Kids nursery set brand new set. Includes: -Brand new bumpers -Brand new crib sheet in package -Brand new dust ruffle in package && brand new crib sheet out of package. The dust ruffle, crib sheet l, and bumper are brand new. Also have a brown polka dotted crib sheet that's been opened but not used that comes with it. I paid close to $200 for it all. The stuff still has tags on it. The bumper was $99, crib sheet was $19, the dust ruffle was $59 and then the extra sheet was $19. I will take $130 for the set. This is a very expensive set!!
ISO: Princess and the Pea quilt from Pottery Barn (discontinued)
Light pink Pottery Barn Kids rug 3x5 has a water stain on edge of rug. Have not tried to get it out. $20
My mom is dragging my dad and i around pottery barn and i just wanna go home😩
Does anyone have a 20% Pottery Barn Kids coupon they aren't using? I gave mine away before realizing I 'needed' it. Thanks!
Looking for a home office desk; pottery barn like style, corner desk.
Pottery Barn quilt, 2 shams, 2 lamps and window panels. Selling all for $75.00.
Join us TUES the 29th at and for their
FS: GIRLS CLOTHES. Sizes NB-3T Target, old navy, gap, nordstroms, mini Boden and some random boutique brands. All in almost perfect condition. ALL THINGS GIRL: pottery barn Haley crib bedding, shopping cart cover changing pad cover, burp rags, etc etc. if interested please let me know. Too much stuff to take pictures of but would love to have you stop by and rummage through it all!
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Brand new, still in package Pottery Barn blue gingham standard pillow cases. Retails for $26 each. On sale for $15 for the pair. Porch pick up.
Pottery barn crib quilt and bumper.. Excellent condition. $10.00 located in berwick.
Very disappointed with pottery barn customer service they lost a loyal customer.
Pottery Barn Sail Boat crib bedding. Includes bumper pad, crib skirt, and decor shown. Clean and smoke free home. $100 OBO
Just called pottery barn to check the status on my application. Hopefully they will have a job for me! Fingers crossed!
Went to Pottery Barn expecting pots. I was very disappointed.
Twould seem our esteemed MSM doesnt apply Colon Powell's "Pottery Barn Rule" to in Funny that. What bias?
Pottery Barn teen girls white trundle bed twin with mattress - Full read by eBay: Price 26.0 USD (31 Bids) End...
This Pottery Barn bathroom is so nice
Come on Pottery Barn... Keep it real-cinder blocks do not make "cool" furniture. Inexpensive dorm furniture-Go 2 IKEA
Pottery Barn has to be one of my favorite go-to places when it comes to finding unique entertaining pieces. From...
Take babe in Pottery Barn and find him fascinated with a pulley task lamp..cant take him anywhere 😉
End your week with big savings at Pottery Barn Sherway! Save 20% off one in-store, in-stock item…
Yeah although Pottery Barn have discontinued that line- ***
let's face it. All of our dogs have pottery barn "anywhere" dog beds. “beagle has assumed spot
The couch in the condo is the exact same Pottery Barn couch that my parents have. This is the best place ever.
Still dreaming of the furniture from Pottery Barn for my future home 😭
Beautiful nursery furniture at Pottery Barn Kids. Take advantage of their 20% off playroom and bedroom…
So many beautiful home accessories here at 😍😍😍 @ Pottery Barn Central Square
Want to design your home? Pottery Barn is giving away $50,000 in home furnishings, paint and paint c
Enter to Win $1,000 Pottery Barn Card to upgrade my Home for Summer. Realtor
Stole this one from Carrie! So much fun tonight at our beach bonfire party/pottery barn shoot! Thank u…
Furniture pieces, I like to buy from West Elm, Design Within Reach, Pottery Barn, etc. to ensure the best quality.
Pottery Barn is the same as Old Time Pottery, right?
The mall has a Chick-fil-a and a Pottery Barn. Woodfield needs to step up its game
Come learn about all the things you need to be prepared for this year's Hurricane Season this Saturday! HandsOn New Orleans will be near Pottery Barn from 11am to 2pm!
Ok so the wedding is all set. It is going to be just Drew Micklethwait and I in St Lucia on July 9th of this year (coming right up). No hard feelings, we just wanted something intimate and start out honeymoon right away. For those that wish to get us a wedding present, we are not registered anywhere since we pretty much have all we need. But if you feel obliged we prefer gift card to Williams Sonoma, Sur La Tab or Pottery Barn. I promise to post many pictures 😉
Mike Bloomberg has been spending a lot of money in support of Thad Cochran, because apparently Bloomberg couldn't find a hole in the ground or a bonfire. Chelsea Clinton earned $600,000 a year at NBC News, meaning she’ll never know the pain her parents felt when they were dead broke. And our invasion of Iraq and its current state calls to mind the Pottery Barn Rule: If you break it, you buy it *leave Pottery Barn*. This is HUFFPOST HILL for Friday, June 13th, 2014: Ok, to recap my day. I accidentally hit the star thingy on a story about Tinder. Sorry. LABRADOR JUMPS IN MAJORITY LEADER RACE - "A two-term Republican congressman from Idaho with a track record of challenging the House Republican leadership said Friday he would run for the No. 2 job in the chamber. Raul Labrador, a 46-year-old Mormon father of five, tea party congressman and Puerto Rican-born only child of a single mother, will challenge House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) for the position of House majority leader. It's a long sh . ...
I followed Melissa Harris Perry into a Pottery Barn today.
COOOL, so my mom just calls me & says "Okay so we're at University Village & we were walking & Macklemore was walking in front of us, and then we went to Pottery Barn because I wanted to show Ben some baby stuff but they were having power issues so they were closed. But then we looked & Russell Wilson was sitting on the couch." Me: *** ! "I hate you guys!! Did you get any pictures or anything?!" Mom: "No but Ben waved." Wow, okay jealously level on like 5000..
Pottery Barn Kids crib bedding Bumper, skirt, 2 crib sheets and pillow. $75 or best offer. Smoke free home and in excellent condition.
Anytime I see "PB Kids" I never think Pottery Barn. I always think peanut butter.
Pottery Barn, PB Kids & PB Teen: Free Shipping and up to 60% Off! via The Krazy Coupon Lady - ...
Pottery Barn Kids table and chairs , great shape asking $70
I recommend Pottery Barn paint colors by Benjamin Moore. :)
The entire staff at Pottery Barn, PB Kids, PB Teen and West Elm at the Walt Whitman Shops are cheering on our West Elm/Pottery Barn Team walking in the NYC Aids Walk today!
"I fell in love with a gorgeous tall headboard from Pottery Barn priced at $899. I loved the headboard. - didn't love the price! Using simple supplies and a little bit of work, I created a beautiful PB knockoff headboard for under $150." Look at her incredible results!
Come see how we live. Rejuvenate for the new season at Towson Green. Join us for model tours, live music by The LutherVillains, Blogger Fashion Show by Towson Town Center Shopping GURU, Home Decor selections from Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, and Williams Sonoma. You'll enjoy healthy treats from…
Welcome to the Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids and Pottery Barn Teen at the Walt Whitman Shops page!
Pottery Barn Kids twin 'Madras' quilt and standard sham. 2 sets for sale. EUC. Still available in stores. Link in 1st comment. $65 each
EVERYTHING'S $1 RUMMAGE-All name brand I'm not crazy I want it gone! Ready to Let it go...Let it go...Day 3 of this rummage and I'm ready to be done. Tons of little girls 0-8 all $1. Boys 0-8 $1. Jackets are 50% off of marked price. Pottery Barn Kids bedding all marked down but not a $1. Stop in and take lots home. 1322 Stirling Ct. West Bend 7:30-11 and we're out. Thanks.
Love love love the bedding from Pottery Barn Kids for the boys new rooms but NOT the Pottery Barn prices... sigh... why didn't I learn how to quilt... LOL
This guy wearing a just walked into the Pottery Barn! Even it's dark retail magic appeals to the hardest of hardcore kids.
$15 Pottery Barn Kids power tool set and tool box. The 3 big ones run on batteries so they don't break like some of the other friction brands;) Deer Valley and 106th ave PPU xpost
I remember this on my first birthday in Pottery Barn & Pottery Barn Kids Sahara team. It's been 3 years now but...   10% Off
When you walk into Home Depot with a Pottery Barn catalog, the Sales Guys don't take you seriously!!
Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma will open in the Shops at Stonefield this weekend. Both stores are taking part in a grand opening celebration this Saturday, May 3. The event starts at 10 a.m., and will include a number of presentations and a live cooking demonstration. For more information, click on the link below.
GARAGE SALE - MULTI-FAMILY @ 810 G Street in David City. Thursday & Friday 8-6 and Saturday 9-1. WE CLEANED OUR CLOSETS & CUPBOARDS & THE GARAGE IS FULL! Clothes Infant to Size 8 and Adult Small to 2X including Maurice's Plus Sizes; motorcycle jacket; Snow Buddies; Dreamsicles; Denim Days; Beanie Babies; VHS; DVDs; CDs; shop vac; deer stand; golf clubs; full comforter; boys' twin comforter from Pottery Barn; craft supplies; stroller; trike; scooter; lots of books & toys; Fisher Price items (house, zoo, tree house, kitchen); kitchen items; lamps; pictures; rocking chair; holiday items. Lots of won't want to miss this one!! NO EARLY SALES and I will not be near the computer to answer questions about individual items. Please just stop by and take a look. In addition, there will be new items put out on Friday.
Cecil C.'s Review of Pottery Barn - Santa Clara (5/5) on Yelp: Great service! I just moved here and looking for...
If you are looking to do some shopping on Easter Sunday, we do have a few stores that will be open including AMC Theatres! Banana Republic: 11am-5pm Chico’s: 11am-6pm Pottery Barn: 12pm-4pm White House Black Market: 11am-6pm Williams Sonoma: 12pm-4pm Rock City Grill: 11am-10pm
To the gangsta OG on BART: I totally saw you looking at the Pottery Barn site on your phone. American Arts and Crafts movement fo' life!
there's no such thing as "just quickly dropping in" Pier One and Pottery Barn with Momma Morgan.
Pottery Barn Kids Rug. Baby blue with subtle cream stripes. Good condition and smoke/pet free home. 5'x7'.
Pottery Barn Kids anywhere chair. $20 in Milwaukie. Cover comes off to wash/sew over name:)
Shopping for bedroom furniture for kids. Tight budget. I can either buy a Pottery Barn bunk bed, or send the kids to college. Decisions...
Pottery Barn Kids bathroom decor and accessories including a blessed cross and bird wall hanging... All for $50
hi all... this is a longshot probably... but just wanted to ask around if anyone has a beige or white or cream coloured chair cover for the Pottery Barn Kids OVERSIZE ANYWHERE chair... I currently have a red one but want to just replace the chair cover to go with our new décor... and Pottery Barn doesn't stock any of those colours anymore thanks
I love Pottery Barn. I also love Ethan Allen. That is my style. Some great stuff at World Market for good prices.
Just closed up shop, and this custom Pottery Barn inspired bench will be waiting to be sanded and finished in the morning!
Love the City of Light? Pottery Barn is giving away a trip to Paris, complete with a luxury hotel stay and $1,000
Pottery Barn baby first year frames. Two of them, both never used. $50 for both, $30 for one. In El Dorado Hills.
City Farmhouse is so very proud and excited to announce the fabulous Matthew Mead to the City Farmhouse Pop-up Show, October 17-18 in Franklin, Tennessee!!! Go over and send Matthew a friend request on FB because you don't want to miss all the amazing creative projects that he so generously shares with his readers! We LOVE YOU, Matthew! Thanks so very much for coming to celebrate will all of us! Matthew Mead is a stylist, writer, author, photographer, lifestyle editor, and noted style expert. The former style editor of Country Home magazine and Editor in Chief of his own magazine series with Time Inc. Home Entertainment, Matthew is the official food photographer for the Associated Press and is a regular contributor to Better Homes and Gardens and other noted national shelter magazines. Matthew has also written 12 books and produced countless magazine spreads and ad campaigns for noted companies such as Pottery Barn, Dove Chocolate, Target, and Stonewall Kitchen. Matthew is known for styling beautiful spac ...
Huckleberry Karen Designs is holding a fun spring flower workshop for Pottery Barn in their San Francisco Store on Market Street. Mark your calendar and save 2/8 for a store visit!
When it comes to his Eurasian Customs Union plans, Putin has obviously not heard of the 'Pottery Barn' rule.
I guess it is the retail leasing snob in me but when did Famous Footwear and Michaels go into The Avenue at East Cobb? Doesn't seem right next to Pottery Barn and Banana Republic?
Drinking hot apple cider wishing that I had the money to decorate the house like Pottery Barn!
Located in Bartlesville. Pottery Barn Kids, full size fitted and top sheet set. $8. There are no stains that I am aware of.
I think the sales people in Pottery Barn Kids think I'm expecting a child. I need to get outta here
Morning Notes: White Flint Store Closings — Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids in White Flint Mall will close...
Well in my culture we cherish cancer kids for the luck they bring+don't interrupt the nice people wishing on their tumors @ the Pottery Barn
Quilt holders by Pottery Barn for Kids: - Check us Out!
Awesome, thanks Pottery Barn for delivering my kids stockings TODAY. :(
Ok, who has a black hole like this one in my kitchen??? Not everything is straight out of a Pottery Barn catalog in Blog Land! We're keeping it real!!!
Pottery Barn Kids; blue gingham, black out window panels. 44x63 each. Used only 4 months. Smoke free, hypoallergenic dog home. Great condition. Like new. &60.00 for set. Resale is $59.00 per panel.
I have to give Pottery Barn at University Village a major shout out for incredible, above and beyond, customer service!! I was super impressed.
READER TIP: "If anyone took advantage of the Pottery Barn Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales, make sure to check your package when it arrives! I received mine today, and inside was a little envelope that contained three $10 gifts! One was for Pottery Barn, one for Pottery Barn Kids, and one for Pottery Barn Teen. All are valid for a purchase of $11 or more (on-line, in stores or by phone) until 1/30/14. A lot of items on all three sites are still eligible for free shipping (no promo code needed), so I was able to score some great deals for only a couple of dollars out of pocket after browsing the clearance & sale sections! -Erin"
For all you elf on the shelf lovers. Pottery Barn Kids has 40% off elf jammies, night light, charterers, and more.
Just met the sweetest Pi Phi woman in line at Pottery Barn!
Pottery Barn Kids Two dolls and one baby. The baby bed with no writing The box of doll Clothes, and the pjs and slippers. The diaper bag with everything it came with. And a baby seat for the car. $50 for everything. FIRM. Everything in excellent condition. Never played with. Doll sleeping bag and high hair not included..
Here's another gift for Friday the 13th - a $25 Gift Certificate to The Miller House! The Miller House is a hidden treasure in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. We offer furniture made in the USA and unique home furnishings that you will not find elsewhere. If you love the look of Pottery Barn, Arhaus, Restoration Hardware, you need to check us out first. We have a wonderful selection of seasonal items and also offer interior design services. Pop on over to The Miller House to enter to win! You have until 11 p.m. EST tonight. Winner will be announced tomorrow! Good luck!
Holidate is here! We hope to see you today at Piatti Seattle for our annual shopping event to benefit Ronald McDonald House Charities. $25 gets you 20% off at stores and restaurants including Athleta at University Village, Mrs. Cook's, Pottery Barn, Mercer, Kids Club, Sole Food and more! Check-in for the event today is at Piatti Ristorante. If you haven't purchased a ticket yet, you can buy one at Piatti today as well.
What a lovely view outside the Pottery Barn office:
What's up with holiday decorations? Whether its mom and pop stores in SF, San Jose, Los Gatos, SC or Marshall's , Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware, EVERYthing looks the same!! Nothing's unique anymore. Why cant I stumble on a scrap metal artist out there who makes big red "HoHoHo's" or something?!
New to the Store: Antique Victorian Sofa Beautiful Antique French Sofa with graceful curved lines and carvings. Hand painted and distressed in a soft pure white paint and waxed for protection. Upholstered in a bleached cotton canvas on the front for a classic french look with a natural burlap back for a more rustic appeal. Perfect for that Restoration Hardware / Ballard Design / Arhaus / Pottery Barn look at a fraction of the cost. It would look great in any room or as a photo prop.
Executive Vice President of Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma gives you a glimpse into her catalog ready home.
I feel this has been an epic day for Sarah! We went to TJ Max, Michael's, Marshall's, IKEA, Papa Hydns, Kitchen Kaboodle, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, back to Marshall's, Crate and Barrel, Apple store, Banana Republic, JCrew, McMenamins, and now we r waiting for the Hunger Games to start. Phew!
Nov 2013 Free stuff this weekend Posted by Amy at 4:23am under Free Stuff No Comments Are you going to be doing any shopping this weekend? Don’t forget to check the Coupons page before you go. Here are this weekend’s free events: Baby’s First Christmas event at Babies R Us -free $10 gift card if you have a baby born in 2013 Holiday Gifting: Make a Small Toolbox Workshop for kids at Home Depot Saturday Santa’s Wonderland Events at Bass Pro Shops Spot the Elf Game at Pottery Barn Kids Downton Abbey party at Barnes & Noble The Elf on the Shelf event at Barnes & noble Falling Leaves Mobile crafts at Lakeshore Learning Saturday Free Health Screening, $5 coupon and Tote Bag at CVS Decorating Your home for the holidays class at Pottery Barn on Sunday Free Hot cocoa for kids at Thorntons on Sundays Craft and class events at American Girl Stores Adult workshops at Home Depot Free sample events at walmart The post Free stuff this weekend ..
Saw a *** workin at Bass Pro? Shouldn't you be workin at the Pottery Barn?
Control your children. They're ruining Pottery Barn. Who brings kids there anyway?
Christmas Inspirations and ideas from Pottery Barn Kids
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Pottery Barn: Kids. Has science gone too far?
I hope everyone gets something from Pottery Barn this Christmas, even the kids.
I loved my Kate Spade diaper bag. Pottery Barn Kids has some nice ones also.
Ana B.'s Review of Pottery Barn - Santa Barbara (5/5) on Yelp: Melissa and Kevin are wonderful! They are both so...
Do you have an Apothecary Table from Pottery Barn in WHITE PLAINS? ("Friends" reference. Ask David Schwimmer.)
Went into this store today and they actually had Super Mario 3D World set up. Fun, plays like the 3DS game.
Up until 5 hours ago I thought pottery barn was a made up place just for friends
OMG that chair is from Pottery Barn Kids- I used to have it
Pottery Barn is definitely stepping up their game this season 👌
the pottery barn chair? OMG. My kid thinks it is a launch pad. It scares me. Lol. He is all boy though.
I am just now seeing this Pottery Barn demo thing Nintendo has
She worked at Pottery Barn or was a drug dealer? Confused because of setting.
Even McDonald's would make more sense than Pottery Barn. o_0 (
Can't decide whether to order Lincoln's Christmas stocking from Pottery Barn PBK...
Pottery Barn Knock-Off Hanging Ghosts - simple and easy knock-off craft for a fraction of the origin
Just saw the Nintendo promoting Mario 3D World at Pottery Barn thing *** NOA right on the ball with that Marketing .
In my spare time I like to go to Pottery Barn and hug women with my shirt off.
99% of kids in Pottery Barn catalogs will grow up to be huge ***
super mario 3d world at pottery barn. NOW i've seen everything
Wii = On display on TV shows, demoed at stores all over the country. Wii U = playable at Pottery Barn Teens
"Oh what I wouldn't give to receive a white person's mail for a day. Just a bunch of pre-approved credit cards and a pottery barn ad."
never to and Ci were in the mall today and crate and barrel and pottery barn both had Christmas stuff up
I don't know what's weirder, Nintendo setting up Mario demos in Pottery Barn Teen or Pottery Barn Teen being a thing in the first place.
I just found the cutest book about giving thanks at Pottery Barn Kids, of all places!
Tonight I am thankful for pottery barn magazines, big blankets, + gelato
Okay, Pottery Barn. I signed up for your e-mail list. When am I gonna get my freaking promo code? *groan*
Play Super Mario 3D World at Pottery Barn right now: Want to see first-hand why we're so enchanted by Super Ma...
Why can't I just live in a Pottery Barn magazine
Pottery Barn seems to make more sense for Zelda, doesn't it? SM3DW would be better at Linen N' Things
How many of you are already buying SM3DW? (Almost all of you). How many of you frequent Pottery Barn? Exactly.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
If I grow up and have my whole house be a Pottery Barn house I will be one happy lady
Nintendo demo-ing new levels of at Pottery Barn.. that's diff .
I've never even heard of Pottery Barn but there's a penguin on the front page so I'm in.
Who doesn’t go to Pottery Barn for all their Nintendo games?
I want EVERYTHING in the Pottery Barn catalog. Feeling like that episode of Friends.
*** you can test play Mario 3D world at Pottery Barn?
What the *** is a Video game demo doing at a Pottery Barn?
Be the first to play Super Mario 3D World at Pottery Barn. Yep
Play Super Mario 3D World before it releases at ... Pottery Barn?
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