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Potomac River

The Potomac River flows into the Chesapeake Bay, located along the mid-Atlantic coast of the United States.

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Nothing motivates a man dies, he does not die just of the Potomac river ? A start. -LL TEMPE
Lincoln said he could wade ashore, because the Potomac River, over which the "pontoon bridge" was built, is just 2-4 feet deep in D.C.
tfw you can't tell if the Potomac river is icy or if that's another mysterious oil sheen
Explore the South Branch of Potomac River as part of John Smith Chesapeake Trail Riverview Virtual Tour…
Our actions have an impact on river health & this map shows you why! Thx
Sunrise on the first day on Winter, Potomac River at Brunswick MD. Next stop first day of Spring. Jer…
This crazy MTV Cribs house was on the Arlington side of the Potomac opposite my great aunt's house in Palisades, DC
she's the type to dump the plastic rings that hold soda cans together in the Potomac River smh
mr.trump I have solution to Potomac River, Bay, Litter reversal. i live next c.o canal u need set up meet me
Man who built a $24 million mansion along Potomac River loses his battle to... by via
Getting some quality daddy daughter time in @ Potomac River at Seneca Park
WASHINGTON - A man has been rescued from the Potomac River. The reports that the Metropolitan Police
Good Samaritans in Old Town heard a dog barking in the Potomac River. And then they saved him.
Came across an old stream gaging station on the Potomac River in Turkey Run Park.
Woman saved by 3 Harbor Patrol officers training on Potomac River yesterday when woman jumped from Roosevel…
One couple rl was boutta fall in the Potomac River and I told them to come back over the fence and u know what the guy said?
One of the articles say Ohio Dr near Parkway Dr in the Potomac River near Roosevelt Bridge
Stonewall Jackson Dam 5 on the Potomac River west of Williamsport MD.
A Great Blue Heron standing very still on a rock in the middle of the Potomac River at Great Falls
Capital Wheel last night on Potomac River lit up in *** Pride colors...
has finally arrived in Take a morning run across Key Bridge & along the scenic Potomac River. https…
My reaction from the Ferris wheel overlooking the Potomac River. Never was a fan of heights.…
Frederick County man's body recovered Tuesday night in Potomac River near Great Falls
Lansdowne Resort's new interiors are inspired by the Potomac River & Virginia’s Wine Country.
Views from the Potomac River. Views from Greenbriar. Views from Concord Mills. Views from Sylvia's.
Bald Eagle over the Potomac River viewed from Riverbend Park in Great Falls.
Picture this: sitting on the piazza, overlooking the Potomac River – just like Washington did.
the only water near Woodbridge is the Potomac river and it looks nothing like this lmao
It was too nice a day not to so we're walking on the again @ Potomac River at…
The Potomac River is so beautiful at night...I need to go back to Washington
Potomac River, Chesapeake to Piney Point Nautical Chart printed on sailcloth ... via
Happy Enjoy a walk at the C&O Canal Towpath stretching 184miles along the Potomac River
April 29,2016: Spectacular 3 BR/3 BA Potomac River home on 1+ acre. Colonial Beach, VA. All the amenities and...
A beautiful tributary of the Potomac River, the Occoquan River provides nearly 15 million gallons of drinking...
Always taking feedback. River Rd around Potomac Village has shared use paths. As does MacArthur. Click on the road links.
River, immediately west of Potomac Village and also most of MacArthur is labeled too comfortably. Do you plan to take feedback?
Watching a Potomac housewife interviewing potential assistants and honestly why would you need your PA to know how to river dance ?
Native Brookie from North Fork of South Branch Potomac River. Scooped it up with my net.
Gorgeous downtown and the Potomac river! @ Alexandria, Virginia
The weather needs warm up to stay warm because I'm trying to go snakehead fishing in the Occoquan and Potomac river asap
Don't forget! Send a letter to repeal Dominion's permit at Possum Point
You hear the Potomac river, your record it! Then share it with us here:
No HOA fees, no cookie-cutter homes, walk to your PRIVATE BEACH on the Potomac River, watch the…
Nice of the Read about our work on the river >>
wow one thing fallout 3 gets completely right about DC is the amount of radiation you'll get if you set foot in the potomac river
Look out onto the Potomac River from the 4 public piers by and Madison Marquette. Avast!
Instagram pic by 📷: 🌎: Potomac River US For more epic SUP photos visit my FB ( link …
Cold and wind be damned! It is well worth both for this view.
The yesterday was just amazing. Best I've seen in D.C so far. @ Potomac River
My weekly series at the Potomac River Gorge.
Why can't we eat fish from the Potomac River?
Potomac River Cherry Blossom Boat Tour for Two, Four, or Six with Capitol River Cruises (Up to 56 Percent Off)
Making a fire on the Potomac river across from golf course 😂
View of the Potomac river from back porch of mount Vernon
Part 3 of the new Potomac River sunset collection - artwork for sale -
Another great overlooking the Potomac River in DC. - Part of the new sunset collection - artwork for sale -
I love the sunsets down at the Potomac River near the tidal basin in Washington DC - new artwork for sale -
Put your hands together- MPD Harbor Patrol rescued 16 people from Potomac River!! Read more: http…
HB 577 - provides for General Assembly member of Interstate Commission on Potomac River - passes 189-0
Just wanted to say that all Nats/Expo fans will be in my prayers for the remainder of the summer. Take refuge in ur disgu…
Canoers on the Potomac River pause to watch the sunset in Washington
Becky, Joy, and Cassidy in line at Mount Vernon, overlooking the Potomac River.
Thomas Jefferson Memorial - right of the Potomac River to honor one of our Founding Fathers.
Police divers searched the Potomac River for evidence in murder of former World Bank economist
Great Falls Park on that Potomac River. Gotta selfie obvi @ Great Falls…
ITAP of some watermen pulling crab pots on the Potomac River in Maryland via…
And parting the Potomac River while I'm at it! Uh oh! Just let the TrumpTrain get across to the White House first.
I liked a video from Mystery Tackle Box SMALLMOUTH Slam Challenge - Potomac River (September
Potomac River whirlpool, be careful on this mighty river!
went hiking at Ft. Washington National Park.. Great vistas to Potomac River and DC
OUR NATION'S RIVER Journey through the nation's history in an aerial trip along the Potomac River Mon 10:30pm
One of the things I love about teaching the Civil War is hearing the various pronunciations of the "Potomac River"
"Winter in the Potomac River Valley was unpredictable."
Stunning colors along the Potomac River captured by
We're waiting for actual live ospreys to come back to our stretch of the Potomac River, is what we're doing.
ticket purchased. Hotel room secured. All done from a gas station parking lot before crossing the Potomac river on trip.
Ghost Moorefield, West Virginia: I live in a mobile home and the Potomac River flows a short bit from my home.
my spouse can work from home. Also travels some. So, we live in a dmall town in the mtns along the Potomac river.
Hidden along the Maryland shorline of the Potomac river is a ghost fleet of dozens of shipwrecks…
The Potomac River and Georgetown Waterfront on a overcast day. @ Georgetown Waterfront
The Potomac River offered distracting views today.
I need noise but I love escaping to peace. @ Potomac River @ Point Of Rocks
Stay pretty, DC, I'll be back for you soon @ Potomac River
Chloe leaned over the railing and threw the revolver. It slid along the surface of the frozen Potomac River.
Few views beat the Potomac River with Maryland in the background.
I just saw a bald eagle looking over the Potomac River and wow I can feel the freedom 🇺🇸
Awww! My cousin bought us tickets for a cruise on the Potomac River to see the cherry blossoms 🚢 🌸
As we're landing... . Girl in front of me - "The ground look really wet!". Guy in from of me - "That's the Potomac River...". …
Live Eagle cam is pretty cool. Watching awhile. Located in West Virginia 1/4 mile from the Potomac River. 2 eggs.
This is the Long Bridge over the Potomac River between Virginia and Washington, D.C. in 1861.
Coast Guard Commander Mike Keane on Potomac River oil spill: "the sheening from Gravelly Point has ceased"
ARLINGTON, Va. - The U.S. says a negligible amount of oil remains visible in the Potomac River after oil
Dominion get permission to dump coal ash in the James and Potomac rivers:.
MD: Preparation saved fishermen who capsized on Potomac River.
Sea level rise impact: stands to loose 24% of developed land along the River by 2100, 5% by 2030
LutzLures: Kayak Fishing for The Deadly Potomac River Snakehead This was the result of our trip to Aquia Cre
Potomac is an indian word for river there are a few different local tribes.
Really missing this right now. I've got the winter blues 🌨😨🌨 @ Potomac River @ Point Of Rocks
"I want to live in a White House, down by the (Potomac) river!" Chris Farley for president! /
In case you're wondering, Kate didn't jump 😂 @ Potomac River - Dam 5
Simple color. I took this photo on a quiet section of the Potomac River after a snow storm.…
crews patrolled Potomac River last night in support of the State of the Union Address in DC
Breaking News; Toxic water will be treated, released into Potomac River.
Toxic water to be treated, released into Potomac River: Dominion Virginia Power was given a green light this m...
Strolling along the Potomac River this gorgeous afternoon. I get the sense that this scenic spot…
I'd have to guess one of the FleetFeet locales down there would. Either that or Potomac River Running.
All purpose parts banner
Proud of the great job our IAN grad students did on the Upper Potomac Report Card!
ARTIFACTS of the WEEK: recovered in 1976 along the Potomac River in Morgan County.
Greg Buppert of addressing State Water Control Board to defend health of Potomac River from
Why didn't they call Real Housewives of Potomac the Real Housewives of DC?... It's catchier! The only Potomac that matters is the river
Kudos to Senator for acting to protect his constituency & Potomac River from pollution
Wow, 34 years ago today, Air Florida Flight 90 Crashed into the 14th st bridge & River.
Correction: Potomac River, I know this was yesterday/forgot to post it. Here is link 2 voice recorder at time/crash.
I spy four fighter jets flying over the Potomac River near the Pentagon.
Trip Report: South Branch Potomac River (WV): This is a fairly easy stretch of river with lots p...
18 USC §1865 & 36 CFR §7.96(e) make it a crime to enter the Potomac River from a national park in DC, except to save a drown…
Chic Oyster Picnic Rehearsal Dinner - With a family home along the Potomac River, Paige and Matt are big fans o... http…
1982: U.S. - shortly after takeoff, a Boeing 737 jet crashed into Washington, DC's 14th Street Bridge and fell into th…
It's not too late to make a 2016 river resolution!
Random but. I think I ran most of my first Marathon with you. Potomac River Run 2008.
The drinking water provided by Fairfax Water comes from both the Potomac River and the Occoquan Reservoir.
Come on in, welcome to our new world. Today we are moving South on the Chesapeake just passing the convergence of the Potomac River. :)
The Norman course has some of the prettiest views of the Potomac River & the valley. https:…
The Potomac River played such a big part in our American history. How can some people claim they haven't heard of it??
Georgetown University is situated overlooking the Potomac River just a few minutes from downtown Washington. .
Sun setting on Potomac River, DC via /r/pics
John Quincy Adams, 6th president of the US, loved to skinny dip in the Potomac River.
-Thanks Doreen, saw your earlier post!!! Appreciate the warning as we live bear Dulles/Potomac river and have heard them b4
These lovely turtles were found basking along the Potomac River in Washington, D.C. on a sunny autumn day. Take...
Why not allow 10,000 Syrians to resettle with a river view of the Potomac in Washington DC where they'll be monitored & vetted?
A pair of bald eagles watches vigilantly over the Potomac River.
A majestic soars above the river today in
Great Falls of the Potomac: A Mighty River along the mid-Atlantic Coast.
Video shows water being released into the Potomac River from WSSC's filtration plant
An incredible site in the Potomac River, which is home to the “Ghost Fleet of Mallows Bay”, has been nominated as a natio…
That moment I was rolling over the Potomac River headed back to the office and just keep thinking-- what happens if I just go home?
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Also there's a wrecked Nazi U-Boat at the mouth of the Potomac River?!?!
Lovely photo, Read about our work on the River >>
Would you rather hang out with a giant, a giant peep, or a giant wheel? We'll take all of the above
I'm on a bike ride along the Potomac River.
Potomac River Fish Pollution Case Study This past August of 2014, we did something interesting which was
Homeless community on the Potomac River being destroyed ~
well when they set up a beachhead on the Potomac river, call me.
Early morning light along the Potomac River. So beautiful!
Samuel Pierpont Langley attempted to add power to a glider. Failed twice when glider fell into the Potomac River.
Cruising down the river ... not the Maid of the Potomac.
View of the Potomac River from the behind the highest wall of Fort Washington. Washington, D.C. is to the right
Quick breather before we tackle meetings 6 & 7 of the day @ Potomac River - Georgetown
The cherry trees in fall along the Potomac River
Discover rich history on the banks of the Potomac River in beautiful VA:
It's such a nice day in D.C. Looking at the Potomac River from Francis Scott Key Park.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
2015 Parade of Lighted Boats is happening Dec. 5th on the Potomac River! .
about to defend her thesis, which investigates ichthyoplankton trends in Potomac River tributaries
I've done ~noon Fri - Mon AM, got dressed for a couple hours to then spend the day part of the Potomac River.
My Biggest Smallmouth Bass Kayak Fishing the Potomac River . This is the biggest smallie to date I've
American millionaire, Joseph owned a large swath of land on western banks of the Potomac River in what is now Langley, Vi…
has formed an "advisory committee" to study airport noise issues for residents along the Potomac River.
Reflective sunset and sun dog on the Potomac River at Violette's Lock this evening.
Today I saw the pope but I also fell in the Potomac river... You win some you lose some 🙎
MDE notifies Interstate Commish on Potomac River Basin re drinking water in MD, WVA and VA
10,000 gals of latex spill into Potomac River, CTN's Mike Sawyers reports.
Latex used by Verso source of Potomac River spill.
The Maryland Department of the Environment is investigating a discoloration of water in the Potomac River.
excellent -- blow them outta the Potomac River ...*KA*BOOM!
I still don't understand why "Bottom of the Potomac River" is not the preferred option for relocating this statue.
Black smoke over the Potomac river, what in the world is happening?!?
Update your maps at Navteq
And I guess next he's going to say Kirk Cousins can walk on the Potomac River.
Enjoying the fall weather with my human - Nicki 🐶💕 @ Potomac River at…
- Officials investigate weird color in Potomac River
Source of NB Potomac discoloration upstream of Rawlings being sought. Here is a video.
Interesting to see LA River always compared to Hudson, Potomac or other eastern rivers (which it is nothing like ecologically).
Sawyers is following investigation of weird color in North Branch Potomac River. We'll soon have a story on
While she was at the ASTA conference, Tricia visited Arlington National Cemetery across the Potomac River in...
A Weekend Full of Smallmouth; Kayak Fishing the Potomac River This past weekend, I took my personal trainin
Md. Dept. Environment on way to North Branch Potomac in Rawlings area to investigate river's white/yellow coloration.
A great egret is spotted on the banks of the Potomac River by the National Mall
Today's trivia: Which river flows into the Potomac River at Harpers Ferry?
Just before it flows past Washington, DC, the Potomac River...
Beautiful evening on the Potomac River Boat from Alexandria to the National's game.
Virginia wants to talk about Potomac River crossings. But where? - The Washington Post
Volunteers cleaning the Potomac River in Virginia! Happy 4 their help, but sad there is so much trash.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
An 8 foot bull shark was caught in the Potomac River in Maryland yesterday.
Clean H2O coming out the other side at the Potomac River! Looks just like tap water. 💧
"The river now bears little resemblance to the Potomac." This is the goofiest article
Crossing the Jordan River while walking to work reminds me of crossing the Potomac when we lived in VA except 1 billion% less awesome.
Fiorina lives in gated community. $6.1 million house sits on five acres, with unobstructed views of the Potomac River
Nearly empty Yellow Line train over Potomac River. commute better than normal.
More Potomac River Kayak Fishing and Smallmouth Bass Videos Last week I made 2 trips out to the Potomac
Sitting on the balcony watching sailboats on the river @ Alexandria Old Town, Virginia
Hanging out with our friends at Potomac River Running - Tysons Corner Tuesday Night Fun Run! Get your run in...
Ship graveyard at Mallows Bay on the Potomac river.
Sean meets Gooby on metro to DARPA techshop. Gooby trembles in fear. @ Potomac River
[PHOTO] Harpers Ferry and the Potomac River in 1865 click=>
Here is a nice shot of the Potomac River at Harpers Ferry National Park.
Aerial Stills from Harpers Ferry, will be finishing Aerial Video of this beautiful historic city that sits on the Potomac River.
A body was pulled from the Potomac River just after 9 a.m Monday in Cumberland.
Cespedes just through the Nationals' collective dead bodies into the Potomac River
8-foot bull shark caught in the Potomac River in Maryland
8-foot-long bull shark caught in the Potomac River
Symbolic shots of American Bald Eagles at Arlington National Cemetary. They use the Potomac River as a migration...
John Quincy Adams, sixth president of the United States, loved to skinny dip in the Potomac River.#
Clark Wendlandt Previews 2015 Forrest Wood Cup - Fresh off a victory at the Potomac River, Clark Wendlandt is hoping…
I got asked to drive the duck tour boat on the Potomac River today.
Potomac River: Because Latin was more important than understanding Greek to the American "founding" fathers
Fun time walking through the park by the Potomac River in Historic Old Town Alexandria, VA.
Literally went to the park & walked a trail that led to the Potomac river, watched the sunset, & smoked with this guy. It was perfect.
View of the Potomac river from the VRE. 🚉
Very basic layout, but killer location in the middle of the Potomac River in the shadow of DC.
looking for a unique and glamorous activity for friends and family? had the BEST idea!
A record breaking has been caught in the & certified by
C&O Canal near Green Ridge, Maryland 2015 Here we get a chance to see the Potomac River as we bicycle ride on the C…
Lots of American rubyspots (Hetaerina americana) along the Potomac River in Great Falls Park this week. Gorgeous!
We sincerely thank for donating a Potomac River Tour for 4, for our silent auction on 10/23! Visit:
Everyday is a training day - Spec Ops Swift Water Rescue crews to be on Potomac River this afternoon drilling
how long did it take to clean the Hudson River, the Potomac?# doomed for failure from onset. Now is a fine time tone outrage.
Old school canoeing on the Potomac. @ Potomac River
If one morning I walked on top of the water across the Potomac River, the headli - Read full quote @
Nice cool night besides the Potomac river and it feels good.
What do you call 500 bureaucrats at the bottom of the Potomac river ?. A start.
Vegetation, Flora, and Ecology of the Potomac gorge @ Potomac River…
I told that I'd move across the Potomac River to Virginia so I could vote for him if he runs for office!
Overlooking the Potomac river, the Jefferson memorial and the tidal basin 🇺🇸🔝 @ Washington…
😓 🚲 Pedaled 12.39 miles with - check out my route along the Potomac River!
VIRGINIA View D.C.'s monuments from the unique perspective of the Potomac River
Kayaking in the Potomac for the second day of fun in DC @ Potomac River
Photoset: sixpenceee: The bright green water in the Potomac River estuary is result of a dense bloom of...
Paul Begala - the Democratic strategist extraordinaire - opens up on the secrets to his success during a day on the Potoma…
Smiling now but abt to jump in Same river that gave me pink eye in college
Quantico..A U.S. Marine Corps base &development &education command in NE Virginia, NE of Fredericksburg on the Potomac River
Thank you for also reiterating the need for a northern Potomac River crossing.
started at Arlandria area to Potomac River. Left after circling Bev Hills to Masonic Temple. Red helo not coastguard. No lift.
Check out our video of SUP on the Potomac River!. @ Active Nature Adventures
boat found in middle of Potomac River btwn Aquia Creek & Mallows Bay but no boaters
From the banks of the Potomac to reserves by the Sand River, your summer is insta-worthy. . Share your…
Frank O.'s Review of Potomac River Running - Fairfax (1/5) on Yelp: I will never visit this store again. I fi...
Not rocking with sharks in the Potomac river
Day 2 FLW tour on the Potomac River. Failure is not an option !!! Boat 22 due in at 3:15
The Potomac River and its tributaries are running high after record rain fall. Use caution while out and about.
FLW Potomac River last week, had 17.5lbs and a 6.2 for big bass on day 2! Flippin docks was better on day 2 using plastics or jigs!
And next to the river Denial: Athens on the Potomac | Ricochet
Photo: This bridge is part of the Appalachian Trail. It crosses the Potomac River - right to the right of...
I'm on a boat!!! Touring the Potomac River with family!! So glad to spend time with them.
They’ve done a good job offering up quality food choices and in keeping…: The tavern over the Potomac River is...
The Potomac River viewed from George Washington's home at
Happy Presidents Day! George Washington, our first U.S. president, was an avid duck hunter, often hunting fowl on the P…
Want to give my good buddy Jason Meninger a huge congrats on his finish on the Potomac River. Him and…
Pivothead Durango's running at 1080p/30fps - Just a little fishing on the Potomac River at the old beaver lodge.
Doe and fawn, South Branch of the Potomac River in the Smoke Hole Canyon in W.
Dump the government's atheistic civil religion into the Charles River, the Potomac, the Mississippi...
Can you recommend anyone for this Barista (US) - 10116 River Road, MD
I took this picture on the final day of the FLW Tour event at the Potomac River. Each and every day…
Photos of the Walmart FLW Tournament at Potomac River are available at our album at
Can you recommend anyone for this Shift Supervisor (US) - 10116 River Road, MD
By impounding Dominion Virginia establishes a permanent pollution problem, leaching into the Potomac River.
How you get a top ten at the Potomac River.
This high water mark is about waist high
Ya'll think the Ohio is nasty... The Potomac River is disgusting lmao
Just another beautiful day on the Potomac River, the drinking water source for millions of people living on the...
Artist Maremi Andreozzi displays the splendor of the Potomac River
I-81 Potomac River bridge project to begin in summer 2016, take 3.5 years to complete.
great to speak to son late last night his day was canoeing the Potomac river just outside DC - sounds great😀
Photo: George Washington's home, Mt. Vernon, located in rural Virginia along the beautiful Potomac River.
What's going on? Adrian Avena leads pro bass event on Potomac River -… Get found ->
Did Washington actually throw a silver dollar across the Potomac River? Find out:
Looks who's training on the Potomac River near tidal basin... Wash DC
6th place after day 1 on the Potomac River. I had a great day on the water, and need another big bag tomorrow!... http…
where are you now Mary Lee. Near Potomac River. Chesapeake Bay?
Powerful storm approaching. Get out of the way. About 5:15 pm in Arlington looking S to the Potomac River.
Snow + salt + elevated sodium chloride in Potomac River = brown tap water in
President John Quincey Adams loved to skinny dip in the Potomac River.
Even the catfish in the Potomac River can't resist the fusion jigs. They can't be beat
Great day to blade the Virginia side of the Potomac River across from Washington DC.
4/12/15: Virginia Bluebells at Riverbend Park along the Potomac River in Virginia. They're still not…
The George Washington Masonic National Memorial stands on a 36 acre tract of ground high above the Potomac River...
DelFest is a family-friendly, fun-filled, bluegrass music festival along the Potomac River, May 21-24 in Cumberland:
Today in 1632, Lord Baltimore was granted proprietary rights to a region east of the Potomac River - aka modern day Maryland.
Sec. Rahn said new administration is not interested in building a new Potomac River crossing west of the American Legion Bridge
White House Ghosts The White House has seen much history and tragedy. Construction began in October of 1792 when George Washington was president. It was completed in 1800 and John Adams was the first president to reside there. Many presidents have lived there and some never left .The ghost of Abraham Lincoln , our sixteenth president is seen in the halls of the White House. His presidency was known for the civil war and his assassination in 1865 , by John Wilkes Booth. After his death, his footsteps were heard by White House staff, pacing on the second floor. He was first seen during the administration of Calvin Coolidge . The First Lady saw him standing in the Oval Office looking out the window overlooking the Potomac River. He has been seen in the same spot by many others since that time. He knocks on bedroom doors in the White House at night and has been seen by those who open the door to their rooms . He is seen in times of national crisis and seances have been done to contact Lincoln. He was asked .. ...
I traveled from my house through Adams Morgan to Beach Drive (Rock Creek Park) out Rock Creek Park Way pass the Water Gate on pass Kennedy Center, Potomac River, Martin Luther King memorial, World War || memorial, the Monument, Hangs Point, the Wharf to get 20lbs of Crab Legs and was cheated out of about 10lbs of legs We let the worker steam them for us he said come back in 5 minutes we picked our order up $160.00 worth 2 (10lb boxes) when we got home we only had about 12 clusters in each 10lb box BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE WHARF CHECK YOUR ORDER watch them when the guys say it will be ready in 5 minutes stay right there and watch your order what make it so sad we tipped them Big Time those thieves stole beware don't get ganked check your order before you leave .
Field Trip shared a post. American Civil War soldiers are pictured here across the Potomac River from +Georgetown...
SUNDAY BOOK REVIEW THE NEW YORK TIMES ‘The Georgetown Set,’ by Gregg Herken By JEFFREY FRANKNOV. 25, 2014 Gregg Herken had what must have seemed like a terrific idea — to revisit the large drama of the Cold War era by setting it on a small stage: Georgetown, the former port town on the Potomac River that became a celebrated Washington neighborhood. After all, its inhabitants once included such central figures as Dean Acheson, W. Averell Harriman and Allen Dulles, as well as journalists who not only got scoops from their neighbors but sometimes influenced and even participated in the events that they covered. Although the Cold War ended (if it has ended) with the collapse of the Soviet empire, Herken’s focus is on the period between the conclusion of World War II and 1975, when the United States pulled out of Vietnam. During those years, America was engaged by a world at least as unnerving as today’s, facing crises in Berlin, Korea, Cuba and elsewhere, along with various domestic red scares. Herk ...
Ghosts of Antietam Sharpsburg, Maryland The small town of Sharpsburg, Maryland lies in the narrow strip of the state between Virginia and Pennsylvania. Just east of the town winds a small stream known as Antietam Creek bordered by farms. This patch of farmland would forever change when the Confederate and Union Armies clashed one September day in 1862. The Battle of Antietam became known as the bloodiest day of the Civil War with over twenty three thousand men dead or wounded in a single day and many those souls, still linger. The Battle The battle began in a cornfield north of Sharpsburg, where hundreds of men were cut down after the tall corn did them no good as cover as it was mowed down along with them. The fighting then moved southeast just to the east of town. A sunken road which divided the Piper farm from the Roulette farm served as natural earthworks for the Confederate soldiers, so they dug in. They held this ground fiercely for hours. They were confronted at one point by the Irish Brigade, scr ...
In the second part of my report on the services of Hitches in the Civil War, I present those who fought for the Union Army. The following members of the Hitch family are known to have served for the North in this bloody affair: Thomas J. Hitch: Records in the National Archives state that he was a Union soldier who joined for duty & enrolled on September 15, 1861 for a 3-year term. He mustered-in in Baltimore, Maryland at the Pikesville Arsenal on September 18, 1861 at age 34. He mustered as "present" through June 30, 1862, however was listed as "absent" for the muster of June 30 through October 31, 1862 as he was sent to Alexandria as sick on September 4, 1862. He was discharged at York, PA on December 16, 1862 by a Surgeon's Certificate of Disability which states the reason as "Phthisis Rubmonalis & deformity of sheat(?)". The certificate also states that he was part of Capt. Samuel A. Graham's Co. D of the Purnell Legion Maryland Regiment of the U.S. Volunteers and gives his personal characteristics ...
Kinda need running shoes for a running race tomorrow morning. Better late than never. @ Potomac River…
Last day of packet pick-up! Come see us at Potomac River Running in Arlington from 3PM-7PM.
a mobile friendly information source covering 115 miles of the Upper Potomac River Cumberland, MD to Shepherdstown WV
It is cold tonight on the Potomac river. Hope it is warm where you are.
what is the Potomac river level at Little Falls gauge?
Throwback to saalehah's surprise half birthday party next to the Potomac river, to senior pictures,…
On one side of the Potomac River you have a Field of Valor and filled with Hero's, on the other side, a cabal of Liars & Thieves w/no Honor
You probably read that took on Here's what the was like for me:
View from my on the Mt. Vernon along the River VA to the left to the right
Taking his talents to the Potomac River
I LOVED the Idea of the TEA PARTY But I am still waiting to see some TEA Floating in the Potomac River!! So Far Nothing! Throw it Overboard
Potomac Conservancy President talks about coal mining and draining issues affecting our Nation's River. “The...
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