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Postman Pat

Postman Pat is a British stop-motion animated children's television series first produced by Woodland Animations.

Fireman Sam Mrs Goggins Peppa Pig Royal Mail Tree Fu Tom Harry Potter Rupert Grint Jim Broadbent Alton Towers

Think we've watched every Miffy,bing and postman pat on today
postman pat is a let down since he got a Segway
Please note change of time for Saturday @ lodge Gill. Now 17:00 start due to postman pat having to feed Jess 😸
Annoying when Postman Pat leaves a parcel with a neighbour but the neighbour isn't in🙄
there is a postman Pat display with model in Kendal Museum. But not him walking around. And long way from Streatham...
Not really. More like postman pat time. . I've never been to a rave. Don't really want to. . I'd rather postman pat...
When I analyse where I'd like to live and the simple life I'd like to live it appears I'm Postman Pat. .
Royal Mail starts to deliver on Hortonworks’ ‘data in motion’ promise says Postman Pat at Royal Mail.
One of the cakes from this weekend... Postman Pat with his van and Jess the cat for little Mason's 1st birthday ~...
I had a marathon of old Postman Pat episodes yesterday..
What did Postman Pat bring you today?. . Here is our selection:
just wondering if postcards posted at Mrs Goggins place near your postman pat ride actually do get delivered?
disgraceful. I have heard that my greasy envelopes regularly do not end up with the intended recipient. Postman Pat lookin porky
2 Things I've learned today. Jess was Postman Pat's cat. Postman Pat isn't the guy who works for Parcelforce.
Hope she doesn't send her doppelganger - Postman Pat - probably nake as much sense.
Morning walk through Forge Valley with F. O is sick today though, so we're back home now watching Postman Pat.
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S O'Cs profile on every prog from Postman Pat to Newsnight is hardly unpredictable any more
Delving deep into the archives. Postman Pat in Still On TV Shocker
- postman pat giving us advice after the disastrous WC he put us through
Postman Pat is late delivering mail
There is no way I'm 18 in a week, I'm sure I still drink tea from a bottle and play postman pat:(
I hope to see you all in Leicester Square Sunday for the prem of Postman Pat on Sunday afternoon!
do they still show Postman Pat ? I love those!! I ordered so many of them on DVD years ago.
Pastor Maldonado's first day as teammate to Postman Pat doesn't end well.
Anyone know if there's somewhere little ones can "meet " Postman Pat? Boy is desperate to. Googling not providing solid answers
There's nothing patriotic on turning your back on the British people either Postman Pat.
Big shout going out to me spending my 2nd birthday in hospital in my postman pat PJs.
I heard if you work as a postman you make big stacks look at postman pat and where he is today
. Can rap the postman pat theme with 9 maltesers in my mouth. Yes, I'll marry you.
You have some harsh critics. Especially considering your skill with maltesers and the postman pat theme
🎤Postman Pat, Postman Pat and his black and white cat 😁🎤🎼
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🎼 Powstman pat, powsmtan pat, powstman pat he drivs lyke an *** 🎶. 📬
Everyone waiting for Postman Pat to deliver the real "reprimand" 😅
Thank you to all you lovely people who have now SOLD OUT Postman Pat or Gary will be delivering them this week
i'm watching this with my niece. i feel young again :)). Postman Pat's New Video [VHS] (1991) via
Just channel flicked through modern Postman Pat. How is Mrs. Goggins still alive?
13. Postman Pat (and his black and white cat of course)
My favourite question in the Tipping Point question bank is 'What is Postman Pat's surname?'. I get excited every time it comes up.
Watching Postman Pat with Lil, I feel like a child again
am I really sat here watching postman pat though??
That useless *** postman pat broke a ladies table this morning whilst skiving off work having a coffee and biscuits and then blamed her
Being slightly OCD about things, when toddler put his octonauts on a spiderman bike, and postman pat in Fireman Sam van, i start to panic.
It's the uniform. Postman Pat had a black and white cat.
I've got the postman pat theme tune stuck in my head now...😂
When the evil fraud is found out in Postman Pat: The Movie "I'll just move to America, I won't even be considered bad there".
. 'Come on Eileen 'always reminds me of Sunday nights at The Aviary. The DJ use to play rudely edited Postman Pat videos.
Postman Pat when you're hungover ain't the thing to watch 🔫 x
The dude sitting next to me on the train just started singing postman pat, I've never kept my eyes on my phone so much in my life.
every morning I sing 'Postman, Postman Pat, can you guess what's in his pants?'. The wife sighs.
A usual Saturday. Only difference, instead of SpongeBob, Postman Pat's playing in the background.
and postman pat but all I can remember is "postman pat and his black and white cat" so im just singing that over and over
BREAKING NEWS postman pat and his black and white cat early in the morning to be subjected. to zero hours contracts
Postman Pat doing a good impression of Andrew Strong on the there
Postman pat. Postman pat. Postman pat and his black and white cat. 🎶
I thought Postman Pat (& his little black cat) were unhittable in their little chariot?
is Miffy on in the morning anymore? Tuned in yesterday but it was Postman Pat
Hands up who's loving having Postman Pat on Tiny Pop! Ease into the weekend with some colouring in fun 😊
yeahh i was vaguely aware of it when i was a kid...was more into Noddy/Postman Pat though
great show last night I especially liked the PostMan Pat medley :D
amazing show in Manchester last night the artists are all amazing talents even Scott bradlees version of postman pat 😂👏🏻
I lent someone my Postman Pat books when I was a kid and he never gave them back. Victor, if you are reading this, you're still a ***
Not the most creative shot, but today I am postman pat with 9 orders going out 󾌵 Hong Kong, USA & around the UK,...
Fabio Capello in title role as Postman Pat, Willie Thorn as Ted Glen, and David Beckham as Mrs Goggins
The post man in the hospital has a postman pat teddy on his cart 😂
I literally love the postman that comes to work, so cute in his little red postman pat van 🔥
. Dame Julie Mellor watch out. If you go on holiday you might find yrself replaced by Postman Pat.
Postman Pat crid:sihn5 ... rope to the tree, Pat? I'm going to abseil down. Is it safe? Don't worry, I ...
Terrifying Ep of Postman Pat this morning. The man who often struggles with recorded deliveries had to abseil down a cliff to rescue a sheep
Postman pat proving to be factually incorrect again there.
I'm glad Postman Pat turned out to be a rounded family man. Bloke living alone with a cat, popular with the kids... Wasn't looking good.
I added a video to a playlist Postman Pat and the Cheeky Sheep
Postman Pat, David Bowie, Drake, Pokemon, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé. Means only one thing - epic night Manchester. Come again please!!
Life is going wrong when the day & night SpRs sing a duet of the Postman Pat theme tune at 10pm handover & the consultant thinks it's normal
great performance but we actually shouted Fleetwood Mac, not Postman Pat...!
.love this! Still get a buzz going to the flicks. Even if it is to see Postman Pat, The Muppets or Peanuts the movie nowadays!
X. What do you call Postman Pat when he is retired?. Retired?.
Not as terrifying as the transforming postman pat.
Postman Pat the movie. It was basically X Factor, but with Pat.
. Postman Pat should be top of the list😊. I mean; who didn't want to rally that Van on country back roads when they were kid😁
Came across showbiz postman pat today, I have no idea why this exists but ok
don't get me started on the ineptitude of Postman Pat...
I'd like to see a more postman pat style recreation
I had a postman pat, a Harry Potter and a cat from 'my cat likes to hide in boxes'. Face paining at 7:50am is too much!
Why can I hear my mum singing the Postman Pat theme song in the kitchen...?
WOW! A Postman Pat youtube poop how original!
Much more importantly, today I authoritatively concluded Jacob Rees-Mogg is the illegitimate son of Postman Pat.
Nicky Byrne is singing the Postman Pat theme song on 2FM. His career is really going places since Westlife broke up.
Ivor Wood the man was a genius. Magic Roundabout, Wombles & Postman Pat amongst others.
What a fun packed world it might be - Donald Trump and Boris Johnson as world leaders alongside Putin. If only Postman Pat was Chinese ...
Good to see that Mrs Goggins is still an integral part of the Postman Pat narrative.
Yep!! Although I always thought you were more Postman Pat than Fireman Sam 😉
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90s British kids' TV was the best EVER! Loads of great stuff like Postman Pat, Fireman Sam, Pingu and many more like that 😊
I liked a video Postman Pat and the Big Bob Bell
Spare a thought for Postman Pat's Jess on not seen since privatization of Royal Mail
Are you looking for Postman Pat Pj's for your Christmas Eve Box?. 󾍖 󾍖...
Lol, now I have Postman Pat theme song in my head...Dammit Scouser!! Why you do dis???
I think Postman Pat is kinda creepy, his nose is just weird.
have you seen this? Whole new meaning to Postman pat and his black and white cat.
Postman Pat needs a pay rise, he don't just toddle round delivering letters, he saves trains, flys helicopters, herds sheep! 👮🏽📮
Meet Jess. Mischievous, like Postman Pat's cat, but wouldn't change him!!
How we made Fireman Sam: ‘There was a gap in children’s TV for a hero like Sam. Postman Pat was around, but *** ..
Postman pat is on the TV. . That's how you know your up too early
Just found myself asking questions of my 4 yr old to clarify the plot of postman Pat.
Postman Pat always seems to make life difficult for himself
Since when did postman pat have a fecking helicopter.
Wonder what mishaps Postman Pat will have today.
Ahh, so Pat is an expert Ice Sculpter too. There's a surprise! More that just your average Postman!
Thoughts on last night's vote... written with Postman Pat in the background...
Postman Pat hitching a lift on the back of this
Isle of Man 1994 Postman Pat visits the IOM, SG614-619, used
you know Dylan's into postman pat at the moment. 🦄
Mrs Goggins wasn't this clever on Postman Pat, she just ran the post office
postman pat , Milky bar and Jeff from the gym
One busy day here! This little lot is now with postman pat, I have prepped the next batch of orders ready to sew...
Just giving postman pat a bit of loving at Blackpool lights last night💌
did you get a picture of Postman Pat and Noddy?
A biological chemistry lecturer is a pretty good one when they intersperse the content of the lecture with a picture of postman pat
'Postman Pat and his black and white zero-hours contract'
Surely made in the same factory as Postman Pat'a bright red van (pre-privatisation version)?
Constantly singing "70s Pat, 70s Pat, 70s Pat and his 70s Cat" to tune of Postman Pat. Blaming you for this
Video: Road rage on Postman Pat ride at Alton Towers. takes after me obviously
Get your iPhone insurance today!
7 different locations to pick stuff up from today. All over glorious Yorkshire. Going to feel a bit like Postman Pat in reverse!
We're compiling a Kids TV Show Pop Top 10 with your help.Postman Pat & *** maybe?? Rob
Lovee postman pat omg the whole series it's just so cute 😂
I'm not voting for Autobots or Decepticons, I'm voting for Postman Pat!
Can't help but think Mat looks like Postman Pat
It helps that I have a 3-year-old little girl who likes shows a bunch. I don't just watch Postman Pat for fun on my own.
We didn't know if our American audience would know Postman Pat but there you go! It's on
Even Postman Pat is hitting the EPO... Postman vs Cycling Team Rabobank via
Postman Pat and his black and white cow.
my 1 year old nephew likes that TV show aswell, he likes Postman Pat and in the night garden aswell!! Xx
Gotta be honest and say that the Postman Pat movie is actually pretty funny. Nothing overly special though but a good laugh!
Postman pat either has no neck or a really big chin
I never knew how much I wanted to punch and then eat a Postman Pat cake until now.
or a Redhead delivered by a (hot) red-head...not thinking ginger Postman Pat, obviously! 😳
Sorry about no streams I have no internet. :( this is postman pat
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
According to my 4yr old son, Postman Pat has a terrorist cat!!! Lyrics must have changed since I was a lad.
Postman Pat springs to mind in this photo 🐱
Want to share my lovely postman pat inspired cake x
Spending the afternoon watching postman pat the movie. Getting quite into it really and I still know all the words to the theme song 😆
We've just watched an episode of Postman Pat, & are surprised to see that he now has a helicopter. No wonder stamps cost so …
non of it is all the postman pat an Thomas and my favourite Fireman Sam all got messed up
Life imitates art when Real-life Postman Pat befriends a black and white cat.
same as, I watched bob, postman pat, thomas the tank engine, noddy, thunderbirds and now they're all animated and WRONG!
Postman Pat the movie.TBH it's pretty good.animation is nice, the humor, the story...all pretty good :P
I'm sitting on a sofa with a two year old watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He just asked me if this is Postman Pat.
"I thought Postman Pat was a fireman",
Child in bed and I realize I'm still watching Postman Pat: The Movie... Must at least finish it now.!,
Postman Pat, May I ask you to check my Profile? Because There's a Limited Secret to 1500.000 Coins FIFA 15
Oomf sent me this yesterday and I loled for hours. Love Postman Pat and his black and white phusi
A fine day in the spiritual home of postman pat, complete with a post van zipping over the bridge it was inspired by!
Jim Broadbent alongside David Tennant. I'd watch that, you think- until you realise the film in question is 'Postman Pat- The Movie'.
Also, Archie Panjabi, despite being excellent in everything I've ever seen her in, will forever be the voice of Mira on Postman Pat for me.
The first category on today's is "Famous Pats". They didn't include Postman Pat, Pat the Baker, Cow Pat or Pat Kenny.
Growing up, the local vicar was called Tim; The Simpsons had Reverend Lovejoy and in Postman Pat there was Reverend Timms
Guess With Jess - 5:15am: Everybody's favourite black and white cat from the much loved Postman Pat ser...
Breaking - are considering bidding for Fireman Sam and Postman Pat to bolster their midfield options
"A Peppa Pig event has nothing to do with trains but a Postman Pat or Fireman Sam event is totally alright"
Me: Why is the same producer involved in every programme in the Postman Pat movie?. Ali: Maybe it's Richard Osman.
Relieved our calendar magnet from to which Miss 3 regularly points at & tells me it's Postman Pat 😆 (take it as a compliment!)
Postman Pat has finally dropped his mixtape!
Check out my photo from Postman Pat at Alton Towers Resort! via
Fireman Sam is over and now Postman Pat is on. This day just got interesting!
Random fact about me: I love the Postman Pat theme more than the original Thomas theme.
For some reason Amazon prime instant video has Postman Pat listed under comedy.
Writing 'posthuman' as 'postman' never fails to make me giggle. Although images of Postman Pat as a Valeria Lukyanova-esque postman... :S
Saw a red mobility scooter with a Wendy house style cover on. said it looked like Postman Pat's van as it pootled up the hill.
Folk still watch - bemuses me weekly - there's more political sense in an episode of Postman Pat
I liked a video from Campfire Burning! Fireman Sam and Postman Pat. New Toy Episode
Newsflash: Postman Pat in public spat with Amazon. The children's entertainer claims, "rainforest inhabitants" came over here to steal jobs.
Now I am watching Thomas the Tank engine, All I need is Fireman Sam and Postman Pat and I am living
Ugh! Postman Pat, Fireman Sam & hideous video of real trains going in & out of stations.Evil. Thank god for 15yo still in bed now
Postman Pat, Fireman Sam... And now, Stalwart Jim! It'll be a smash
Postman Pat Bike.. Comes with parent handle and a postman pat bag.. Like new £10 ovno need gone..
His little face when postman pat reunited him with a brand new woody!! Thank you Aunty Christina and uncle Richard!! 🎄🎅🎄
Get your Postman Pat name by taking an occupation and a slang term for excrement. . Mine's Cashier No2
Convince your kids that when a dead mouse falls down the chimney, Santa like Postman Pat, takes his cat with him to work
Am now reduced to watching bloody postman Pat help!
Postman pat electronic hide and seek hear the clued to find pat through the interactive remote, suitable for 3+ years never been played, with comes with batteries , fantastic condition bargain just £15 collection from Burnley
How the *** does postman pat have a helicopter AND a motorbike that outruns a train? Wages must be good in Greendale
Watching Home Alone 2. The story of my life. When I grow up I'll be like Postman Pat. At least he gets around.
Update your maps at Navteq
Royal Mail may let me become a post man aye 😏. I'll be the Asian version of Postman Pat (Postman Shah) all I need is a black & white cat 🐈
Here's the Postman Pat film you didn't even know you wanted:
Postman Pat is really ineffective and keeps making mistakes. Not sure my 2 year old should be watching. He needs performance management!
Video: Pat: The Postman Rises - Official Trailer. Postman Pat has patrolled the streets of Greendale for...
Hurry up postman pat , got to sign for my cd and I'm going out later
Thank you Mr Postman Pat for dropping of my super special birthday presents. Viva Msizaville La Arabia
Pleasure. We're building a zoo watching Postman Pat
The modern postman pat is better than the original. I feel it should be on at a more prime time slot.
Snuggled up with my 2 little 'uns watching Postman Pat in our PJs & sipping tea. Let the Christmas holidays commence! :-)
has to be the the catchiest UK theme song since postman pat!
Okay first I will draw Postman Pat and his car. Also Jess the cat :3
I watched two episodes of Postman Pat tonight so...
Video: Pat: The Postman Rises - Official Trailer. So apparently they are doing a dark/gritty remake of...
I liked a video How to clean a van...the postman pat way
play the Postman Pat one where you do nothing but wait, the one they designed to teach kids how to wait for the computer to load
Pat: The Postman Rises - coming to a cinema near you this winter.
Postman pat brought us some good & positive news today ☺️ That will do us, thank you very much 🙏
Set postman pat as ma alarm... Probably going to regret that decision at half 5 tomorrow morning.
with Iron Maiden playing on the radio? . Now overdub with Postman pat. Ha ha. . Love it.
Ordered my packs yesterday, been despatched as well so cant wait for Postman Pat to bring them xx
If attending college has taught me anything it is that Holly Gatward is the queen of Postman Pat Top Trumps 💁
postman pat 😂😂😂 I can just picture you writing that
- has Postman Pat obliged with your tickets?
Theres alot of old British shows being rebooted into movies or tv shows recently. Dad's Army movie, Postman Pat...
not sure why we watched postman Pat in history😑
please sing the following to the Postman Pat theme tune: Movies&Booze, Movies&Booze, Movies&Booze with their Movies & Booze
What's going to get cancelled with this hack business! Postman Pat!
Check out what I found. Postman Pat SDS At Your Call Kids Backpack / Rucksack via
writing a new cartoon series, a cross between the Jungle Book & Postman Pat, calling it Mail Kerhimp. Hoping the campaign worked.
Lol you can't go wrong with that we all know postman pat right? [Simon]
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Postman Pat is no longer what the normal postman aspires to be. Calamity Pat
Miss actually put on postman pat...😵🔫
A postman with Tourettes in Andover is the funniest Pat I've ever seen 😂😂
Postman Pat was actually an alright movie. So many references
A musical! After all, Kim Kong-un does rhyme quite nicely with the Postman Pat theme tune...
Listening to Rudimental Feel the Love and Mol said "Mummy, Postman Pat is dancing"
I've loads to do but this is a very exciting episode of postman pat !!!
Postman pat I do not appreciate you banging my door down at 7.10am
Postman Pat delivers to a tiny village. Why the *** does he need a jeep, quad bike, van AND helicopter? This is why stamps h…
When did Postman Pat get a helicopter?! Royal Mail flush with cash now?
So totes going to see the new Postman Pat film just because Rupert Grint voices in it :) LOL
TODAY: See & Postman Pat in Ashford High St for the Christmas lights switch on from 2pm. Christmas lights switched on at 4:30pm
Sure Mrs Goggins off Postman Pat is sitting next to
Last night, the excellent Alan Johnson. Tonight, Postman Pat: The Movie. This weekend courtesy of the Communication Workers Union! :)
It was Postman Pat's last day on the job after 35 years of carrying the mail through all kinds of weather to the same villages and towns. When he arrived at the first house on his route, he was greeted by the whole family there, who all hugged and congratulated him and sent him on his way with a gift cheque for £50. At the second house they presented him an 18-carat gold watch. The folks at the third house handed him a bottle of 15-year old Irish whiskey. At the fourth house he was met at the door by a dumb blonde in her lingerie. She took him by the arm and led him up the stairs to the bedroom where she gave him the most passionate love he had ever experienced. When he had had enough they went downstairs, where the blonde fixed him a full Ulster fry: Bacon, Eggs, Sausage & Tomato, potato bread & soda with freshly squeezed orange juice. When he was truly satisfied she poured him a cup of steaming coffee. As she was pouring, he noticed a £5 note sticking out from under the cups bottom edge. "All this was ...
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
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Everyday for Rocket is all about Peppa Pig, Fireman Sam & Postman Pat. . All that bri'ish… (at Balensiaga) —
The unholy love child of Postman Pat and Optimus Prime.
Me and my lil man watching Postman Pat on dvd's.(again!)
Postman Pat and it's black and white cat
BREAKING: OBE's for Roary the Racing car, Peppa Pig &The Octonauts as Postman Pat is knighted in Prince George's first birthday honours list
I have a face like an obese Postman Pat and the people skills of a hammerless Peter Sutcliffe.
One for the Ireland's Own: what's the only word with 27 letters? A postman!
mmm I wonder what Postman Pat has in his sack hehe x
I saw the Postman Pat movie today. Thought it was great. Funny, moving (I cried three times) & profoundly anti capitalist. With good songs.
my son saw the advertising when I took him to transformers age of extinction and he said postman pat didn't look right lol
Cried at Postman Pat: The Movie. This is a new low for me.
Don't panic! There's still chance to see Postman Pat: The Movie (U) today at 3pm for FREE if you're an active life member!
still remember terror meeting Postman Pat "in the flesh" years ago!
It must have been postman Pat delivering it.
the highlight of that day is definitely that postman pat will be there. Can you get his autograph for me!!
does know that Ronan is in Postman Pat The Movie?
yeah because I should sit with the babies for liking postman pat
Postman Pat The Movie ( U ) is. our Reel Kids Club film for today. Showing at 11.10 and only £1.50 each.
POSTMAN PAT the big-screen stop-motion animated movie about everyone's favourite postman is releasing nationally...
Nice little nod to Monty Python in Postman Pat there.
Looking at the hair of the characters on Postman Pat, I’d say Greendale needs a hairdresser more than Pat & his postal helicopter
B laughing at Postman Pat: this is the video from 3 years ago!
post accent uno. As though you're postman pat with a black and white cat. All the birds are calling.
Ya why not see new postman pat movie :D
Postman pat , postman pat, postman pat and his black and white sacks . ☺️
Come outside, Rag Tag and Bobtail, Lendends of the Lost Temple, Brum, Postman Pat, Drake and Josh, Two of a Kind
looks like my Minou. Lovely cat ! Please adopt ♥ Also looks like Jessie, Postman Pat's cat !!!
big enough. It's an SDS drill. Ruined by Postman Pat tho.
Danny Dyer on Postman Pat: "Lovely little cat, great postman, but he's a busy c**t, isn't he?". Genius. He's so funny.
Imagine my disappointment playing Postman Pat 2 after the first one. Speccy clone as well!
There's a Postman Pat ride at Alton Towers? Woah- we'll have to go!
Alton Towers with the boy! 45 mins queue to go on the Postman Pat ride, 0 mins queue to get on the Smiler Roller coaster!!
"...Pat thinks he's a really happy man". The Postman Pat theme is weirdly existential. Can any of us say we're *truly* happy?
you're lucky: Postman Pat follows you! x'D
sorry thought Morecambe, Ill deliver, bit like postman pat although ive got blue car and a cat called fredo
Gollam leaves and now has been replaced with a grumpy Postman Pat lookalike ha! 😂
'Postman Pat: The Movie' at Dome Cinema - Postman Pat: The Movie (U) is the Saturday Morning Movie at the Dome...
new or old postman pat bc new ones are crap just like Fireman Sam
Do trains attract the weirdest people or do people just become weird on trains. I think I'm in a parallel Postman Pat univ…
Is it bad I started to sing Fireman Sam to the Postman Pat tune? I've lost my roots.
Latest: Marsh Farm gears up for Kids Fest: BOB the Builder, Postman Pat and Fireman Sam will join a host of ot...
There's a Keith Lemon movie, Postman Pat movie, Mrs Browns Boys movie, and now a Pudsey the Dog movie. *** British film industry… ***
THREE THINGS YOU'RE WAKING UP TO... Foreign Secretary William Hague has announced he's standing down ahead of a government reshuffle later today. David Cameron's expected to replace several high profile Tory MPs, with more women being promoted to key roles. Shaun The Sheep has been voted the best children's character of all time, beating Postman Pat and Sooty and Sweep. Cheryl Cole plans to drop the name of her ex-husband Ashley and take the surname of her new partner Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini. Join Matt Hutchinson for the KCFM Breakfast Show this morning.
Hurry up postman pat I've got stuff to do!
We .. Erm I mean Ava our 1yr old can't wait for our trip to tomorrow. Postman Pat better be ready for us!
Look what postman pat just dropped through the letterbox !!
The AWESOME really DELIVERS in his new film! See it NOW with 2-4-1 tickets!
 Thanks to Pinnacle Films, the QVB are giving away 50 family passes to Postman Pat: The Movie, in cinemas nationally from Saturday August 16th.Postman Pat The Movie features the voices of Stephen Mangan (Postman Pat), Jim Broadbent, Rupert Grint, who achieved international fame as Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter film series and David Tennant of Dr Who fame, the movie is set to enthral a whole new generation of Pat fans of all ages.Postman Pat: The Movie is the perfect family movie - the much adored children¹s TV icon, Postman Pat hits the big screen for the first time and is faced with challenges he's never met before. With super powered pop songs (voiced by Ronan Keating, X Factor Australia), brand new sets and a host of new characters alongside the beloved favourites, Postman Pat: The Movie will have audiences on the edge of their velvet cinema seats.Click here to view the trailer  
Help me and Jess find Postman Pat. St Margaret's school fair today until 3. Gameseley. Glossop.
thanks Heather, have a good w/e, I'm taking Sam to see Postman Pat - hope it's not too frightening :o)
En route to see Postman Pat and friends at CBeebies World. Let the mayhem commence :)
Couldn't sleep cause I had the Postman Pat theme stuck in my head last night. Why it was I don't know, but I now hate the little ***
Have you watched Postman Pat lately. It's not failure any more, it's basically terrorism now.
Watching postman pat in bed with my gorgeous boys :-)
Postman Pat needs locking up. Tree Fu Tom has a SUPREMELY misplaced sense of smugness.
Peter Rabbit is a *** Mike the Knight an irritant, Tree Fu Tom and Postman Pat are constantly screwing up. How are these role models?
Postman Pat needs to hurry up with my things
Heading to the Showcase in Linwood with Abby to see Postman Pat
Child has blagged me into making postman pat fairy cakes at this ungodly hour. The thought of cake for brunch is helping.
Huge ("hooge") week for this little muffin. Nothin a snuggle with Daddy and a Postman Pat session…
Job's a good 'un Postman Pat still needs a bleedin' slap though ☠
So away+I am on daddy duty this morning.Managed Postman Pat, but scraped through on breakfast+failed miserably at Chuggington
Woken up to these 2 beauties watching Postman Pat, Archie with his Pat glasses on :)
Every character in Postman Pat has a different regional accent but the village is clearly a dump. Religious cult? Witness protection?
The ONLY time my child will ever sit still is when postman pat or Peppa Pig is on...deffo buying them on DVD 😂🙈
Postman pat and bob the builder at 7am. The joys of letting an 11 month old have control of the remote
Watching Postman Pat on my wedding morning. Got to be done
postman pat is just starting on CBeebies
so, Thomas the tank engine... I can't think of many... Postman pat?
C's absolutely obsessed with a Postman Pat DVD from the library - honestly one of the nicest tv shows for kids
Someone come with me and let's go watch the postman pat movie
Postman Pat and Sally are at Forest Lake Shopping Centre for one last show at 12noon today 😃 come on…
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